Sondheim, Etc.: Bernadette Peters Live At Carnegie Hall
Sondheim, Etc.: Bernadette Peters Live At Carnegie Hall

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This live concert from 1997, a benefit for the Gay Men's Health Crisis, was Bernadette Peters's Carnegie Hall debut, and it's a joy. Peters has always had a special affinity for the music of Stephen Sondheim, and she spotlights some of his best songs, only a few of them from the shows she's best known for, Into the Woods and Sunday in the Park with George. The program is part career retrospective--including non-Sondheim selections from Mack and Mabel and Dames at Sea--and part wish list, which provides a forum for Peters's pouty humor ("In this movie [Dick Tracy], this song was sung by a blonde bombshell... not me. Although we both have religious names."). She's backed by a full orchestra conducted by Marvin Laird, who also directed Peters's similar program a year later at London's Royal Festival Hall (captured on VHS and DVD). The very appreciative and knowing audience (there's applause at the first words of Dames' "Raining in My Heart") includes Stephen Sondheim himself. No doubt he was very proud. --David Horiuchi

Customer Reviews:

  • awesome CD!
    This is one of the best collection of songs from Sondheim, and Bernadette's performance is beautiful!...more info
  • Live. Lively. Living. Being Alive. Truly Bernadette.
    Whether you're buying to support the fabulous GMHC or because you're a Sondheim fan or because you simply love Bernadette, you won't be sorry. Bernadette is in true form here cavorting with the audience, letting that infectious little laugh be heard more than once, and delivering her best. It's live; it's one on one; it's worth it. From her explosive "Broadway Baby" to her hair-raising "Being Alive," the sexy redhead sings her heart out. She can do so because she obviously loves what she's doing, and she obviously loves this material. Peters and Sondheim go together like "hand in glove." She handles his work beautifully and honestly (note especially "Sooner or Later" and "Johanna"). The audience is very much a part of the show. They are not overly loud or distracting as can be the case on other live albums. Bernadette loves her audience, and they return that love full-force. Their presence is just right here. This is a wonderful CD that is energetic almost 100% through, and a portion of the proceeds goes to a fabulous cause. Give it a try; you won't regret it....more info
  • Bernadette at her best!
    Bernadette Peters and the music of Stephen Sondheim is the greatest teaming ever! Bernadette is at her very best and this CD is able to show it all! There has never been a Broadway actress who can take a song like "Being Alive" and make someone cry, then turn right around and sing a song like "Making Love Alone" and create such hysteria that you fall out of your chair! Bernadette is the greatest!...more info
  • Wonderful!
    I don't usually care much for out of context "personal interpretations" of songs from musicals. I don't hate those, it's just that they don't interrest me much. This is an exception.

    Most of the SJS songs Bernadette Peters sings on this album are either definitive versions, or when they are too different from how they were written, they are at least handled with such skill that it doesn't matter to a SJS purist like me.

    My advice is to get the actual cast recordings first, to experience the songs in their real context, then expand the collection with this incredibly good album....more info

  • brenadete
    Bearnade peers is an outstanding singer and she will star in gypsy in 78 days. All i have yo say is this cd rocks....more info
  • Sondheim and Bernadette Peters - what could be better?
    Bernadette Peters is probably the best (and most famous) actress on Broadway today. She deserves every ounce of her reputation.

    This CD is a fantastic recording of her sold-out concert. The songs are interspersed with amusing stories -- Bernadette Peters is the consummate performer. With her classic breathy-yet-full tonal quality, she gives new life to these songs. From her coy rendering of "Broadway Baby" to the Ethel-Merman-worthy version of "Some People" to the somewhat bawdy "Making Love Alone" (not listed in the track listing for some reason), Bernadette Peters is in top form. It's really a treat to listen to her.

    All of the songs on this CD are enjoyable. But, it is when one of Broadway's best singers takes on Broadway's best composer that the CD becomes really stunning. She performs some of Sondheim's best songs, from "Sweeney Todd," "Into the Woods," "Sunday in the Park with George," "Company" and even the movie "Dick Tracy." The highlight for me has to be her performance of one of my favorite Sondheim songs: Being Alive.

    This CD is excellent from opening to closing rounds of applause....more info

  • Bernadette BAMS and WHAMS!
    Berndatee Peters give some of the most sunning and shimmering performances in history singing mostly Sondheim. I must say that she has changed my veiws on sevral of Sondheims works just with the fact that she performed them correctly... amongst theese is the shimering "Sooner or Later" from the motion picture "Dick Tracy"... if you have ever heard Madonnas version of this you will understand how grateing it can be to the ears.... but Bernadette shines on the song turning it from a lazy lounge number with to much flash into a seductive simple jazz tune.

    She crunes with amazing emotion in her heartbreaking renditons of "Time Heals Everything" (From "Mack & Mable") and "No One Is Alone" (from the stunning "Into the Woods"). She stuns and shines with "Johanna" (Sweeny Todd) and "Being Alive" (Company). But the performance that will leave you knocked off your feet and hitting the repeat button is her belty "Some Pepole" ("Gyspy").

    All in all if oyur going to buy one live vocalist cd in your entire life... it should be this one....more info

  • please include me
    I wrote a review before but you have not included it :-...more info
  • 3 stars for the voice and vim
    Who wouldn't/couldn't/doesn't love Bernadette Peters? Her voice, interpretation and all-around style signify star quality. I loved her in person in Annie Get Your Gun. I didn't "get" her as GYPSY"S Mom, or on this CD,either. It was on my wish list, but I could only stand listening to the angst-driven offering once, before I tossed it in a bin... The lyrics are that overwrought and maudlin. The background laughter and applause from the audience includes pauses & patter that are intrusive and annoying. The most tender song is Time Heals Everything, from Mack and Mabel. Please let someone revive this underrated musical; Bernadette could still pull it off..............more info
  • wonderful
    Bernadette Peters is essentially my idol. That being said, this cd was one of the reasons I fell in love with her years ago. With such wonderful source material to work with (Sondheim never fails) and her marvelous voice, it would be difficult to have a bad album. She puts so much of herself into every song that she sings, something that I can only aspire to do. If you're a fan of Bernadette Peters, of Stephen Sondheim, of broadway, or just of amazing voices coupled with amazing songs, you will enjoy this album. ...more info
  • A soon-to-be Classic!!!
    Bernadette Peters at her very best! She is an incredible performer and this CD ranks up there with other career defining live recordings by Lena Horne, Judy Garland and Shirley Bassey. Peters really comes alive when interpreting the sublime compositions of Stephen Sondheim. She gives vibrant readings of "Some People", "Being Alive" and "Move On". She really shines on the 'Into The Woods' material: "No One Is Alone" is heartbreaking and her medley of "Hello Little Girl" and "Any Moment" is masterful. However, her breathtaking "Johanna" is alone worth the price of the CD. I got this CD in summer of 1998 and it has not left my CD player since. Superb!!!!...more info
  • Sooner or later,this will drive you crazy
    We all know the great musical composers-Rodgers&Hammerstein,Lerner&Lowe and Andrew Lloyd Webber.Well,we're getting to know the world's worst composer-Stephen Sondheim.Sondheim's music is like fingernails on a chalkboard,and his "musical hits"(HITS????)are plotless and repititious.Here is another one of the bland CDs Sondheim has churned out.It's a shame that the wonderful Bernadette Peters wasted her talents in singing the songs from Sondheim's duds.Enough already,Sondheim!Isn't having to put up with bloodthirsty barbers,tacky ragtime and fairy tales slapped together enough?Must we suffer through THIS schlock and twaddle as well?...more info
  • I have one word for you; AWESOME!!!
    This by far is my favorite CD in my collection. I am a big Broadway fan, and Peters just launches all of the songs with her moving voice and jazzy style. If you want a CD that really full fills your every musical need, whether it's jazz, pop, comical, or just plain entertaining, this'll do it for you. Bernadette Peters' voice completely takes you in and moves you to the point of complete bliss. If you're looking for that special CD that keeps you singing, this is the one!...more info
  • What a Triumph!
    Probably one of the best "Live" albums of all times. Here Ms.Peters demonstrates why she is today Broadway's leading lady. Her singing and choice of material are superb and her occasional conversing with the audience shows off her well-crafted humour. The highlights for me are "Happiness" (such a moving love song without all the sentimentality and sappiness), "Broadway Baby"(such a 'diva'song), "You Could Drive a Person Crazy" ( a fun, quirky song that shows off her vocal skills)and "Making Love Alone" (risque and a sheer delight; don't know why it's not listed). But the whole album is classic, every song brillant. If you can only have one Bernadette album this one is surely it!...more info
  • Sorry....
    As a fan of Sondheim and Ms. Peters -- I have to say that this simply misses the mark. They should have gone into the studio....more info
  • Absolutley incredible.
    I have listened to this cd so much, I may just wear it out! Bernadette has such depth and emotion in her performance that she makes me feel as though I am in the audience enjoying it in person. My favorite song is "Some People" but then all of them are great....more info
  • Bernadette is Divine
    The coupling of Bernadette Peters and Stephan Sondheim has produced a simpatico seldom seen in the lifetime of any artist or composer. Her emotional interpretations of his music embody the full intent & spirit of the composer. A must listen for anyone who appreciates Sondheim or just a great concert!...more info
  • Superb! She has it all.
    Ms Peters is a SINGER/ACTOR in a world of singer/actors. She is not slick, just right on....more info
  • Bernadette Peters is Broadway's Baby
    Bernadette is fabulous! She sings every song with heart, soul, emotion, depth, feeling,and it truley shows especially in the Sondheim songs. Bernadette is Broadway's leading lady and this CD just helps to prove it!...more info
  • She is wonderful!!
    This concert was an unforgettable performance. I happened to be in the audience that memorable night. This CD captures the excitment of that night beautifully. Her voice is amazing and I don't think anyone has ever sung Sondheim better. Her interpetation of Being Alive and Not A Day Goes By, are unparelled. She sings with such passion and understanding of the music and the lyrics that she just breaks your heart. I thought it was an interesting choice for her to sing Johanna and boy did she pull it off.
    An amazing amazing performance and CD....more info
  • A lively twist of fun and entertainment!
    I only gave this CD 3 stars because, even though I like her voice, I wasn't "Crazy" about most of the songs she selected to sing. The audience absolutly loves her and it shows! Her voice is cool and she's a good actress (as far as I can tell)... in other words, she is talented.
    The beginning of this CD gets you excited and you feel like you're really there when a male's voice booms across the stage announcing "Miss Bernadette Peters" to the floor. After the classy entering music has stopped playing and the crowd has finally held back their cheers, a neat voice starts the show off by singing one note (with no music playing and no noise to ruin it). She sings, "I'm..." after a pause the audience laughs (no telling what she did to make them do so). Then after a long while of suspense, she goes on with "Just..." holding the "S" out long and clear and makes the audience chuckle again. Then after another wide silence, she sings a smooth, "A..." the audience doesn't think this is as funny though they still appear to be standing at the edges of their seats. "And after a silence you feel you could cut with a knife,..." - Cats, the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber (sorry, it just seemed appropriate), Bernadette comes back with the music sliding underneath her voice like a trained snake, "Broadway baby..." thus starting off the first song.
    She wins you over right there, but her songs go downhill about half way through until "You could drive a person crazy" which is obviously verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry hard to sing!
    ...And the best song on there! It is stunning how she handles it, and though the lyrics are not completely appropriate, it is a very, very great song.
    Which figures, since it goes with a very great CD....more info
  • fabulous
    If I was allowed to own only one Bernadette Peters CD, this would be the one. She sounds wonderful, and what she does with all the songs is priceless. This CD is a must-have....more info
  • caveat emptor (buyer beware)
    This is a great CD and I'd still encourage every Bernadette Peters (and Stephen Sondheim) fan to buy it.
    But for some reason, the song "Making Love Alone" is no longer included. It was there on the first pressing, but somehow it's disappeared! It's a song about, well....masturbation, and it was written especially for Bernadette when she hosted Saturday Night Live. Needless to say, she sings it incomparably (for some reason, the song also never seems to have been published in sheet music form).
    So, if you've been looking forward to hearing Brenadette sing this song, know that the current issue of this CD does not include it.
    Perhaps if enough of us complain to Angel/EMI, this situation will be rectified......more info
  • "Making Love Alone" - GONE
    I bought this for one song that was track 4. It has been removed. Needless to say, it is a disappointment....more info
  • A must have!
    An exquisite performance by one of the best at her Carnegie Hall debut. She is in perfect voice. And her banter is charming. I wish I had been there to see it live. But trust me.. this is the very next best thing....more info


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