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Spyro is a cute purple dragon in a bit of a pickle. Each of Spyro's dragon friends has fallen victim to the nefarious Gnasty Gnorc, who has turned them into crystals. Accompanied by Sparx the dragonfly, Spyro sets out to free his buddies, while collecting gems and dragon eggs. Sparx also serves as Spyro's health-o-meter, glowing gold when Spyro is healthy and turning dusky green as he tires. To boost his energy, Spryo can blast docile creatures with fire, turning them into butterflies, which Sparx transforms into much-needed fuel.

This title has bright graphics in six well-developed worlds, each with several subworlds, including bogs, deserts, and ice worlds. Unlike some action games, in Spyro the Dragon the enemies are more fun than frightening. In the Peace Keepers world, for example, Spyro must burn down the monster soldiers' tent, sending one of the minions running out, quaking with fear or, if you're lucky, dropping his drawers and shooting a moon.

Spyro's movements (fire breathing, gliding, jumping, and climbing) require entry-level gaming skills. For this reason, Spyro the Dragon is an excellent title for youngsters or less experienced players, who want to play without having to master complex movement combinations. --Kasty Thomas


  • Large worlds provide hours of game playing
  • Variety of scenarios
  • Engaging graphics
  • Low game skill requirements may prove less challenging for expert players
  • 3D GAME

Customer Reviews:

  • Great game for the kids!!
    Spyro the Dragon is an interesting and entertaining video game for the Sony Playstation console. Spyro takes full advantage of the Playstations' full 3-d environment and allows the player really easy controller movement in the game.

    There is plenty of fun and challenges that awaits. And each level provides a great adventure. This game is definitely perfect for entertaining the kids as well the little kid inside each of us!!...more info

  • Imaginative, challenging and fun game.
    Graphics: 10/10 - All the Spyro games have amazing graphics and this one is no exception. Fabulous, beautiful, eye-catching! Check `em out!

    Sound: 7/10 - Spyro's usual flapping wings, splashing water, swishing buck sound and great editing satisfy, even if the overall sound could've improved.

    Value: 7/10 - Fun to play at the time but you won't go back to Spyro to go and play it again and again too many times. But it looks great and is still entertaining so it's worth the money.

    Overall: 9/10 - This blew me away with its creativity and amazing graphics. The ultimate original 3D platform game! If you liked this I recommend the Crash Bandicoot games and the sequels to Spyro the Dragon which are even better than this tasty candy....more info

  • Weakest Spyro game
    This game is a really good game. There is a good storyline to it and challenging. But isn't Spyro's best. It's a good game in the end....more info
  • One of the BEST games ever!
    This is one of my favorite games ever. I highly recomend it. I spend about 2 hours everyday playing Spyro. I'm a big Spyro fan. Its the hardest Spyro game but its fun....more info
  • A gift the whole family enjoys
    We bought this game for our grandson for Christmas hoping this would be a game he could enjoy since he is only 3. He loves it along with his 5 year old sister, his mom, and dad. They all rave about the game being very enjoyable and easy enough for the kids to play without supervision or help. I would have passed this one by if not for the on-line reviews. Thank you, happy grandparents....more info
  • Cute Purple Dragon
    This game is challenging and fun. While being the easiest out of the PSX Spyro trilogy, it will help you conquer the other games.

    While the "mooning" (yes, some characters moon you, but you don't see anything) is uncalled for, (it's funny anyways though)
    I give this 5 stars!...more info

  • Spyro is the CUTEST!
    That said, the game is really fun. Not too hard that you rent it and after a while throw the controller down in frusteration-not too easy that you breeze through it. No, there are gems to collect and characters to meet. This was the beginning of Spyro. He only got better and better in future games. Check this one out first though or it'll drive you crazy(everything improves SO much in the next game)Did I mention how CUTE Spyro is??...more info
  • i lUUUv this game!!!
    I absolutely love this game. I fell in love with the whole story line and characters. I just finished it 120%!!! I had such a blast. It's challenging and makes u think and wonder where things r. The music makes u get into the game and makes u feel like u R Spryo. I would reccomend this game to anyone who likes animation and adventures....more info
  • 4.5 stars! Classic!
    Ah, Spyro! Released in 1998 for the PS1, Spyro is the first entry of many. [Although, only the first three were any good, because the newer ones were owned by an poor company.]

    Graphics: 9/10: Horrible by today's standards, but very good by 1998 standards. Colorful and clear old-school 3-D graphics.

    Music:10/10: Pretty catchy, nothing really grinds on your ears.

    Sound: 8/10: Pretty good.

    Gameplay:9.5/10: You control Spyro, the PO'd dragon, through many worlds. There he must collect gems, rescue dragons, fight enimies, bosses, and other dangers, and also use his trademark flame and charge moves. This game is a bit easy, but it's very entartaining.

    The game costs about 10$ about now, so buy it!...more info
  • i wish they made spyro games like these
    i first got this game when i was about 7 or 8 i heard about gnasty gnorc but i never seen him in the other games exept for a hero's tale but but i got this game before a hero's tale came out its really fun but the bosses are only talke about 2 or the attacks and there dead on the last level before gnasty's loot is where you fight gnasty gnorc you haft to chase these 2 green theives and there running around with golden keys and it unlocks the thing where gnasy gnorc is standing on the thing lowers down and you chase gnasty gnorc where you can fall into this purple stuff and then he stands at this spot thats where you flame him and he runns into this room of hot lava and spyro and gnasty is jumping on these platforms and theres a little room where spyro flames gnasty and spyro saids your gnorc! and he dies...more info
  • No cuteness, just kickin' ... !
    The first time I saw Spyro, all I thought was, `Aww, how could a game be so hard with a character like that?' I was wrong. Spyro The Dragon is a fast paced, adventure, roll playing game. When I started to play Spyro I realized how cool it really was. Spyro The Dragon, starts off as a normal easy game, but over the course of 30 levels it does get much harder. The basic plot is explained by the dragon Nestor. He explains that your job is to go around the dragon world and free all of the dragons. A dragon looks like a sculpture that has an outline of a dragon. The structure is made of crystal. To free a dragon step, or flame the figure, then the dragon will come alive and talk to you. The second most important thing in the game is the treasure, which I call gems. To get gems go around the worlds and you will see them everywhere! Also there are dragon eggs, they look nothing like the eggs in Spyro Year of the Dragon. The eggs have been taken from the dragons, therefore thieves have them. You must catch the thief to get the egg. Your ultimate goal is to get everything in the game. But for the rest of the game here are some tips and some recommendations. In this game it is really different then the other two in the trilogy. For instance in this game, you don't have special powers. You have basic controls. As Spyro you can flame, charge, walk and glide. You cannot fly, anyone who has told you that is crazy. All of these attacks you will learn as the game goes on. Remember, in Spyro you must think things through before you do your task. There are many hard tasks in this game and if you can't think fast and logically, I don't suggest you play this game. It will be extremely hard for you. Spyro The Dragon is different kind of game. Don't miss out!...more info
  • Thank you for releasing me
    I think this was a great game. One of the best I've played actually. It's good for any gender, any age. I'm not a big gamer myself and I'm still attatched to it. The graphics aren't the greatest because it is for PS1, but that doesn't matter once you start playing. Spyro is an awsome game and you should really try it!...more info
  • Dracling amusement
    I have recently come across this wonderful little game that is just absolutely perfect for darklings, seemingly tailor-made.

    First of all, the flow of the 3D graphics are quite realistic. The character is an adorable baby dragon, with all the mannerisms of what a baby dragon might be, as if the creators modeled him from puppies & kittens, which is probably what they did.

    So little Spyro is set to explore in his homeland, where he derives sustainance from sheep, & questing for gems & treasures, perusing into archways & temples, & fending off sheepherders armed with staves. The Satanic implications are obvious. A dragon insinerating sheep for food...? Sheepherders protecting their sheep? Predator vs. prey...

    In certain situations, such as when killing a charging ram, smashing into walls, giants attacking, you will note the joystick vibrate, thereby making the gaming experience a bit more tactile.

    So the player is Spyro the Dragon, helped along with the advice of ancestors. It is remarkable how noble these mentors are, their voices echoing their arcane wisdom unto their young.

    In travelling, we also embark into Stone Creek, & the more aesthetically-pleasing Dark Hollow, where new creatures wander to be defeated, & more treasures to be plundered. Bit by bit, little Spyro learns to glide, then eventually fly.

    Gaming tip: Avoid water! ...more info
  • Wonderful!
    This game is byfar my favorite Spyro game! I am hoping to beat it in the next few days and I am saying it is king of hard but VERY VERY fun!...more info
  • Awesome Adventures in Spyro the Dragon
    I've beaten this whole game, and it was all great. From the deserts of Peace Keepers to the mountaintops of Magic Crafters, there is Adventure everywhere.

    In this game, Spyro the dragon and his friend Sparx the dragonfly must rescue the dragons that were turned to crystal by Gnasty Gnorc. There is also tons of treasure to collect-1400-and a boss to beat at the end of each level. There are Speedway Levels where you can fly the whole time and all kinds of secret places to get into.

    This game will really boost your imagination with all the creatures and adventures in it. All in all, this is truely one of Playstation's Greatest Hits!...more info

  • i played it with kasty thomas in arizona and had a ball.
    it is easily contrloed and i am inexperienced ,lol.but i played it and thought it was funny.i miss kasty too....more info
    I'm very reluctant to try the new Spyro game for PS2, or to buy the Spyro games available for Xbox because Spyro games have stooped to such a low quality I'm afraid to play them. But for the old Spyro games on PSone I have no fears because these ones were developed by Insomniac (Ratchet and Clank, Resistance: Fall of Man), the studio that made the good ones, but sadly no longer makes them. The story is about how Spyro has to rescue all of the dragons who have been imprisoned in crystal cocoons by Nasty Nork. The gameplay functions very well for an old platformer, and never really gives you much trouble because of how smoothly it handles. The flight mechanic works well, but you can't use it all the time. The graphics look nice for the time, but are feeble by today's standards. The environments are bright and colorful and still have a great feel to them. You will spend your time defeating lots of enemies, rescuing your dragon friends, collecting jewels, finding hidden locations, getting health by letting your dragon fly buddy eat butterflies, and have a lot of fun doing all this. As much as this might sound terrible to some gamers, it's actually not repetitive and boring, but in reality a lot of fun. The biggest flaw of the entire game is the camera. The camera is a bit difficult to handle, and will unfortunately cause a few cheap deaths. Also, this game in some ways feels a bit too easy because within a twenty minute period I located 14 dragons. Plus this game simply isn't as fun as it's sequels Ripto's Revenge or Year of the Dragon. But this game is too much fun to really complain about, and I can guarantee no matter what demographic of gaming you fall in you will have a lot of fun on Spyro's PSone adventures....more info
  • A great game.
    A wonderful game, and I believe that it is a lot better than the second. In the second the graphics are solid, but the bad guys aren't the greatest bad guys and plus the levels look alike. Anyways, in this game you'll jump off prehistoric glaciers, face giant enemies, glide across cliffs and free enslaved Dragons, and collect gems and treasure. Sure, some parts of this game is a little frustrating, and sure, the camera angles are a bit awkward, but you get used to it and get the hang of it. It's a lot like RP games, where the first time you play it, it is incredibly hard, but once you beat it, you'll play it hundreds of times. I must have beat this game atleast thirty times. Probably forty. Anyways, buy it. It's worth your money. The graphics are fluid and spectacular, and at times this game can have some humor in it. It's worth the money, believe me....more info
  • Fun For Both Adults & Kids
    Initially, I wasn't that interested in playing this game. I prefer strategy and puzzle games (i.e., Tetris, Tomb Raider). I purchased Spyro The Dragon for my 5 year old daughter who had been begging for the game for months. After a couple of weeks of watching her, I played it myself. To my surprise, it was FUN!

    What attracts me most to this game is that it appeals to both kids and adults. It's easy enough for the younger crowd, yet it does provide enough stimulation for grown-ups. The graphics are good, the gameplay is exciting, and the various worlds (there are plenty) will keep you immersed. I don't recommend this for those that like weapons, blood, and/or violence.

    The only drawback that I experienced was a nauseating effect the 3D game had on me. The first few times I played it, I ended up dizzy and sick to the stomach. The constant spinning when Spyro is chasing the creature with the egg can be utterly displacing.

    Overall, it's an enchanting game that offers tons of enjoyment....more info

  • The First Spyro Game!!
    I own all the Spyro games that Play Station has ever made. I would have to say that this game has advanges and disadvanges. Some good things about it is that this is the only Spyro game where you free the dragons. In the rest of the games, you help other people... It is funny and very interesting. ( Sorry, but I won't give the funny parts away. )

    The disadvanges is that you can't swim. In the other to games you can but in this game, if you touch the water you will die!!
    Another bad thing is that they don't have the cute characters like the other two games. I would buy Spyro 3 first and then buy Spyro 1. I think Spyro 3 has more stuff to do and has a better story line. I even think Spyro has a better voice. If you like all three Spyro's, try buying the Spyro pack. It is much cheaper than buying all of the games seperatly. Then you can decide which one is better!!...more info

  • QUITE EXCELLENT. 15th dec 2004.
    Not boring, not geat either. I like how they have designed it and how good the graphics are but this isn't the best out of the three. I prefered the 2 nd most but really enjoyed the 3 rd too. If you are looking for a lot of adventure, try out this. BRILL....more info
  • dragon madness!
    Spyro the Dragon: the game that SHOULD have been Sony's mascot instead of Crash Bandicoot.

    The original Spyro the Dragon is probably the best platform/adventure game you can find for the Playstation. I can't give Spyro's first adventure a 5-star rating, though. Let's get the problems out of the way before moving on to the positive things about Spyro (and believe me, there's a LOT of good things about this game).

    People have compared Spyro the Dragon to everything from Crash Bandicoot to Banjo-Kazooie to Nights, and... who knows what else. Well, I think the first Spyro game is JUST as good as all those games. In fact, Spyro the Dragon is better than the first Crash Bandicoot game. Now THERE'S a game that disappointed me. Spyro came out of nowhere and RULED right from the beginning. I never would have guessed back in 1998 that Spyro would have went on to become a classic.

    Spyro's debut does have a few problems, though. Seeing as how this is Spyro's very first adventure I won't be TOO harsh. Am I the only one who thinks the play control could have been better? It's not that I have a tough time controlling Spyro. Well, to be honest, I DID have trouble controlling him at first. Spyro doesn't QUITE take off when you hit up, down, left or right on the directional pad. There's a split second delay before moving forward. Maybe the creators of the game thought this was part of the realism since, after all, you're moving a DRAGON. A BIG creature like a dragon won't move forward right away. Then again, Spyro is small compared to the dragons you have to rescue.

    Controlling Spyro was definitely a problem for me at first. For example, attempting to properly jump on top of the three round platforms you encounter at the very beginning of the first world was NOT an easy task. I kept sliding off. By the way, I recommend you take advantage of these round platforms to get to know the controller. Master the controller before exploring the world. This will cut down on any possible frustration you may encounter in the future.

    I have to consider that my inability to control Spyro may have been due to the camera angles. Even though the camera in this game is *drastically* better than many other games, you have to admit it isn't flawless either. If you hit Pause and go to the options, you will see an option for a second camera view called "active". This view is better because the camera immediately follows behind Spyro at ALL times. The other (default) camera view is more of a hassle trying to figure out where you're moving, and you can't get a good view of what lies ahead. You may want to change it to "active" if the other camera view is difficult for you. Thank goodness for this option!

    Some people have a problem with the lack of challenge. While it's completely true you won't have much trouble making it to the end of any stage in the game, prepare to die 4 or 5 times in each stage before you understand exactly what you have to do, and where you have to jump. I think the most challenging thing about Spyro the Dragon are the times you have to jump onto a far-away platform, and many times you just BARELY make it. Many times you will fall to your death. Be patient, though. The game NEVER messes with you by throwing in any impossible jumps. Sometimes it's about finding *just* the right spot to jump and glide, and if you're off just a *little bit* you won't make it. The creators of Spyro are smart not to make the game frustrating, seeing as how it's supposed to be a game for the entire family. Good work.

    The biggest challenge comes at the very end of the game when you face the main boss. He's really easy to beat, however, GETTING to him is a whole other story. You see, right at the very end before you face him, you have to jump over a series of disappearing platforms and if you fall (and you WILL fall the first few times because it's hard) you will land in burning lava and have to do the whole stage over again. Not that the stage is really that long anyway, but this is by FAR the hardest part of the game. The other 99% of the game only offers a slight challenge here and there.

    With that said, don't be fooled into thinking the game will be a cakewalk because of all the easy obstacles found throughout World One. It DOES get harder. You see, many of the enemies you face in the later levels can only be defeated by either smacking them with your head, or shooting fire at them. You won't know which of these tricks will be most effective on them until you face the enemy and experiment. You also have to dodge fireballs, sword-swipes, dogs jumping at you, and tons of other enemy attacks WHILE you try to find the best way to defeat them. So it's not pathetically easy after all.

    A minor complaint is that sometimes while you're walking or running, the path will suddenly end, and you'll fall to your death. Doesn't happen often, but I thought it would be worth mentioning.

    I hate the way Spyro talks. He sounds like a bratty teenage rebel with a nasally voice. Not exactly what a dragons voice should sound like. Also, when you rescue the dragons, sometimes they say important things you might want to pay attention to. The problem here is that many times the important tips they say aren't really helpful because they say them right AFTER you've already had to do them! For instance, in one case after you glide to a far-away platform and rescue a dragon, the dragon will tell you how to glide. Obviously, since I needed to glide in order to rescue him, I already KNOW how to glide! So I didn't NEED his help! This happens a few times during the game. You just want to scream "Thanks for nothing, bonehead!"

    The music was done by a member of the rock band the Police, Stewart Copeland. People may not realize it, but certain themes in Spyro the Dragon are *very* close to some of the songs that made the Police such a legendary rock band. Stewart Copeland may have intentionally created the music in this game to match that of the Police, specifically the songs "walking on the moon" and "message in a bottle". You'll soon realize that the same guy who created the music in this game also played a big part in creating those Police songs. The music in Spyro the Dragon is also very catchy and appropriate for the level you're in. No complaints. The music is fantastic.

    I think the creators made a mistake. When you hit L2 the camera rotates clockwise, and R2 makes the camera rotate counter-clockwise. It should be the other way around. Another thing that needs reversed: the way Spyro flies in the bonus stages. When you press up, you fly down. When you press down, you fly up! Strange mistake. This makes it harder to complete the flying stages, however, you don't have to finish them.

    In fact, despite what people may tell you, you do *not* have to collect ALL the gems and ALL the dragons. Finding and collecting all the gems and dragons will only give you a better percentage and open up a bonus stage at the end of the game. The gameplay in Spyro the Dragon can actually be compared to Yoshi's Island- you don't have to find everything, but doing so will open up rewards and give you an overall better score. The creators did a fantastic job hiding gems and dragons, increasing the challenge. More often than not you will see a treasure chest or a dragon statue up high on a platform and not have a single clue how to reach it. It's fun to run around and think about how to reach it. Some of them are cleverly located. One word to describe it- *awesome*

    Anyway, Spyro the Dragon is tons of fun and may possibly remind you of a 3D Donkey Kong Country, what with TNT barrels and the jungle levels you encounter later on. Spyro is much better than that overrated Crash Bandicoot game, and you should pick up Spyro the Dragon today. ...more info
  • Made me Puke...Literaly!
    This game had graphics that were really bad. The perspective was very frusterating to me because it would change and have funky angles, which made it hard to play at times. It was so bad that this game made me sick...Literally. After probably 5 minutes of playing this game, the perspective and bad graphics made me motion sick! And I am not a person who gets motion sickness! Anyway, even if I could have gotten over my sickness, this game is boring anyway. I found it very unchallenging and redundant.
    You should definately rent this game first and play it to see if it'll make you sick when you play it. Also, you'll know then if its challenging enough for you....more info
  • the best platform game of all time
    i got spyro a couple years ago and i didnt really think i would like it. the box made it look cute and unworthy of my time. i was dead wrong by the time i got up to gnastys world i realized that spyro was easily the best game i EVER played. and as for all you closeminded people who think its childish heck jak and daxter is more childish way more childish and i ask how long did you play this fantastic game before giving up on it. but now into the main part of the reveiw. spyro has beautifal polished and colorful graphics with animations so deep in texture. and anyone who says it has bad graphics well it dosent. this game is for playstation 1 and it was released in 1998 so the graphics really are excellent. and spyro still has some of the prettiest graphics of any game. this game has fabolus wonderful music probally the best overall soundtrack in a video game. each wonderful portal has beautifal sound and its not childish like the tunes in jak and daxter. this game has magneficint audio and visauls we covered that so lets move on. spyro will keep you busy because it has lots to do you basically there are 6 homeworlds in the game each with 3 portals 1 boss and 1 of what they call a speedway. a speedway is basically an arcade style minigame where you just try to collect everything there in the timelimit. now in the beggining of the game an evil emperor gnasty gnorc freezes all the dragons into crystal except spyro now its spyros mission to go trough the worlds unfreeze from there spells and travel trough worlds to get to gnasys hideout. what you do is unfreeze dragons. but youll also have to collect stolen jewels which are generally known as gems several hundred of these will be located in the levels you visit. youll also be collecting eggs from the blue theives and collecting keys to open up gemboxes. i will be the first to admit spyro dosent look all that impressive in the beggining but play it trough and youll understand why its supposed to be such a great game. itsa a wonderful well rounded classic magic tale turned into a solid platformer with plenty of action and graphics and music that crush most platformers spyro should be a welcome addition to anybodys game collection....more info
  • Oh Spyro... how I miss you lol
    Okay I first played this back when it first came out and back when the graphics were good. Now, it is almost 11 years later and I still absolutely love this game although its graphics are old-school compared to say the Wii's graphics or PS3's. But this game was good. It was not easy for me but with a little practice I got better. There is only one egg that still is a challenge for me to get and I don't remember the name of the sub-world it is in but it's the one with a whole bunch of trees. I always forget where to turn/jump to get the height and speed I need to reach the egg. But big deal, this game is how I remember Spyro and brings back fond memories.
    One reviewer had a good point when he said the dragons you release from the stone do give you some pretty redundant advice such as telling you how to glide after you just finished gliding to reach the little booger! But you can interrupt them which I always do so no biggie. The mini-games are fun and even though you don't have to complete them to finish the game there is a part of me that always has to complete the game 100%. I will hunt down every gem, every egg and every pink egg from those annoying blue things you chase.
    This isn't the best Spyro game but it is among the top three. The other two are the two that followed this one. Insomniac knew how to make these games and I wish they'd make any others that come out because frankly, Universal, Vivendi, etc. ruined this series for me....more info
  • Spyro: Already a Classic
    This game is already a classic to me. The graphics may not be as impressive as the PS3 or Xbox 360, but this old school game will never be passed up by another. The bright environments are intriguing, and the whole game is fun! I was very much impressed by the storyline in this one, the worlds, colors, characters, and bosses. The sequels have not matched up to the original yet....more info
  • too easy
    i cant beleive how easy this game is. dont get me wrong spyro is a fun game with a decent plot but the game is so easy a 8 year old can beat it. its still a fun and intresting game though youll go trough about 20 levels with good graphics excellent sound and solid activity. all around it is acceptable but it falls short of good. i have to say it is way too easy i only played for 2-3 hours and i was already up to the last boss. if youre really young or dont demand any challenge at all in games this ones for you. but as for you tougher gamers you may wanna select from the next two spyros riptos rage or year of the dragon which are much better games....more info
  • Spyro The Dragon For The PlayStation
    Well, with a million reviews already, this makes it even easier for me. One of the original and best action/adventure games for the PS, you can't go wrong with Spyro (and the proceeding sequels). Owned the game a while back but my nephew somehow lost it. I completed it fully, an I'm about to play through it again, even though it's been like 8 years. Never got the sequels but I'm getting them from here now. Got 5 more PlayStation classics to go, including Spyro 2 and 3. ...more info
  • Spyro is so cool!!!
    Spyro the dragon is a totally cool game! I love the graphics and Spyro is just the cutest little dragon!!! It's really fun! Even for girls!!!...more info
  • Spyro
    We like this one for beginners and more experienced players. There isn't the frustration with aiming and steering like there is with other games. Good for all ages and skill levels....more info
  • worst SPYRO GAME!
    You should think Spyro is amazing.But,this game bothers me a lot.He does not swim!He drowns and Drowns even if its clear.
    And,to spice things up every time you go to the home world the eniemes are always there.In Spyro 2&3 that does NOT happen.There are even no enimes in the home world.But,Start with this game(sometimes spyro will menchen about the olden days,even Hunter.In Spyro 3 he said a trick was called Gnasty Gnorc.The leader who turned the dragons to statues.And in Spyro2 Spyro said "I did not go to Dragon Shores since I kicked 'Gnasty Gnorcs'butt.and so on.)This is the worst Spyro game.But,certinlty
    not the worst game.Still it has adventure and fUN that is why i put 3 for the score....more info
  • classic!
    a great game,in my opinion even one of the best that ever came out
    on the classic psone consule,tough i dont own it anymore,(mistreatment,i scratched it as a dumb little kid)i still cant forget the hours of fun the game gave me,the outstanding soundtrack,
    the colourfull graphics,and that innocent humor that always made me smile-no metter what.

    ...more info
  • Save the dragons!!
    Gnasty Gnorc turned all the dragons into crystal and all their gems into his workers. Spyro ( the only dragon not turned into crystal ) must save the dragons. Defeat your enemies by flaming or charging them. Charge enemies with sheilds and flame big enemies. You must get many jewels, dragon eggs, and save many dragons to get to the next level. There are 6 levels called worlds. The graffics are colorful and the characters are funny. The only bad thing is that there isn't any bosses. If you like this game I think you should also get the other two Spyro games....more info
  • Spyro
    This game is one my favorites. The graphics and detail are good and quite entertaining. It seems that the game was innitially created with younger people in mind, but I'm 22 and I enjoy playing. It starts out easier at the beginning like most games and gradually gets more challenging as you work up the higher levels. There are some levels which still kick my butt--I'm ashamed to admit. What I like about it is there is a lot of free range adventure where Spyro is able to roam about seeking out hidden treasures and places. Not everything your looking for is readily obvious. I would recommend this game for anybody who likes adventure and level type fantasy games without all the blood and guts. It's also a really great game for kids as there is no profanity or anything of the like involved. ...more info
  • The Origin of Spyro
    The is the first Spyro game and it paved the road for all the other Spyro games. The story: When the evil Nasty Norc turns all of the dragons into statues, it's up to Spyro, a small purple dragon, to set them free and defeat Nasty Norc. You travel with Sparx, your dragonfly companion and also your health gage, as you collect gems and go through six gigantic worlds with over 25 levels in all. This game is great, although it's not very challenging, it offers hour of entertainment. My favorite world is the Beast Makers world. It's a creepy place and almost all the levels in it take place at nighttime, which to me is the best type of level in Spyro. My favorite is Tree Tops because it is a gigantic level that gives you that creepy feeling, even the music is creepy in it's own way. Another minor flaw in this game is that it has no mini-games in it. Those always provide extracurricular fun, but I'm happy to say that they are introduced in a later Spyro release. I'd recommend this game today if you don't already have it. If you not into Spyro, this is the place to start at....more info
  • THE BEST GAME I EVER PLAYED(well,at least up to this point)
    This game is fun. I just recently got my Playstation, and the game is so great! The graphics rock! The sound... IT'S IRRESTIBLE! This game is challenging. So challenging, in fact, that I have - myself - made it up to Beast Makers (when I say made it up to in games like this, I mean I have fullfilled the requirements) and have aced the Artisans world.
    OK, it's time I said a bit about the sound. The music of Artisans enables me to think about the green rolling hills there(no, I am NOT a robot). The Peace Keepers music.. is a war-like tune.
    (...)...more info
  • Three words: Fun, Fun, Fun!
    This game is fun, adventurous, and challenging. When you free a dragon, it gives you tips on how to do things or just a "Thank you." The tips are usually about how to defeat an enemy, or how to get someplace, like to a cliff. It's way worth your money. I love this game....more info
    Everything changed in video games when we were introducted to Spyro the Gyro Dragon, as we call him in our house, was found by my eldest son who is (eight) 8 years old. No longer would my seven (7) year old wait his turn. My youngest son who is (six) 6 years old would grab the joystick to show his brothers that he could be as cunning and smart as they are. Spyro is exciting, amazing, reveting, HE IS THE DRAGON. Since we met Spyro we decided to collect every Spyro game that is sold. Now everybody's turn is put on half-hour increments. We are now so satisfied and so happy to know our dragon, who is good enough to eat!...more info
  • A game that makes you feel warm and tingly!
    Hey! Anyone who is looking for a great game that is lotsa fun but challenging, you've got to get Spyro! The wonderful graphics, the oh so adorable dragon, and the funny comments from the frozen dragons will have you laughing and curious to know what the next one will say. It's also a really great way to unwind and use your thinking skills. I've played this game five times, and have still yet to master the flight levels. If you like castles and fairies, I strongly recommend this game for anyone with a fried imagination. Just turn on the game and your in a whole new world! So, give it a try, you just might be surprised......more info
  • There is no better
    I have not yet found another seriers of games to replace the spyro collection. I have beaten all of the games on the playstaion platform and still find myself enjoying them time and time again. There is just enough to do that you can't remember every exact detail, and the guide books in the game keep you from getting lost. I have played "newer" and "better" games, but there is so much to do I always get lost. Spyro is the only game that I beat without a players guide and online help....more info
  • alas,spyro , flame me in my face
    spyro in this game rocks! the cute puny little dragon is ticked and wants to kick gnroc butt. gnasty gnroc is so easy it's not even funny. speedways are hard. xy me. game's easy. game's hard. LJ it's a fun game. so is the demo......more info
  • This game rocks!!!
    spyro is a cool little dragon off to defeat nasty nork and save the dragon relms while reclaiming the gems nork stole on the way. Explore the different worlds and defeat bosses which range from a giant robot to a sheep on stilts! ...more info
    I played this game years ago and somehow lost it somewhere while moving. I have looked for a while to tryand replace it. It is a great game to just relax and enjoy with a lot of difficult moves required. Although it will test our memory skills. ...more info
  • Spyro on PS
    Spyro the Dragon is a classic. The original owner was very kind and notified me that he was shipping it the next day after I made the order online. The product was delivered as promised in the condition as promised, and for that I award the owner 5 stars....more info
    I absolutley love this game! It has incredibly detailed worlds and characters, and is completly 3-d! It is fun, sometimes challenging, and just a blast in general. I prefer this over spyro 2 and 3. If your looking for a fun adventure game, this is a must have! Here's a tip: spyro 2 and 3 are fine, but start with this one. No household should be without it. It is my favorite playstation game and probably will be untill I die. Any place trying to match this in quality is in for the challenge of their lives!...more info
  • Feel the Burn
    Spyro the dragon is easily one of the best Playstation games. The graphics are fantastic. The best the Playstation can go. In fact in looks better then many N64 games. The game is a very long game that takes you accross several epic worlds and gives you multiple enimies to flame and jab your horns in there but. Bossess are a bit too easy but the game has so much for it any platformer lover will go for it....more info
  • My favorite of.. How many are there ?
    Of how many games there are, this is by far my favorite. I love that you don't have to fight the bosses, and that you have several differnent goals(instead of collecting orbs in 2 and eggs in3)....more info
  • Spyro the Dragon
    My son (4yrs) loves this game so much that it has become a great bargining chip. And one knows that when you have a 4 yr old you need that. It is so cute to watch him play although I think he would play all day if he was left to his own. I am not a pro TV or video game Mom so he has a limit of time. But I do think that it is interesting how he remembers where the rooms are and can work the controls. Plus the little Spyro is darling....more info
  • Great Game!
    This game is really good, but not the best of all my games. The best is Spyro, Year of the Dragon. ...more info
    This is, according to me, THE BEST PLAYSTATION GAME OF ALL TIME! It's wonderful, and hours of magical, flame-filled fun! BUY IT!!!

    This was the third game I ever got for Playstation, and it was for my birthday. I remember sitting in school all day waiting to play it when I got home. I literally ran through the front door to the Playstation!

    I never get tired of this game. Every time I play it I remember that captivating music and cute, (though not the best,) good graphics. I showed the game to my dragon-loving friend recently and she was hooked! She kept asking to play.

    If you ask me, the second and third Spyros are good too, but not as good. If you don't really care about music, and would rather Spyro is able to headbash, swim, and do other stunts, buy the second and/or third.

    I recently bought the Spyro Gameboy Advance game and was pretty dissapointed. It's, to say it straight, too HARD!! But buy it if you want, doesn't matter to me. :)

    So... er.... BUY SPYRO THE DRAGON! Beleive me, it's GREAT!!...more info

  • I love this series!
    Spyro is the best! I'd say this is the easiest so far. I'm already near the end! And I stink at games! Of course I usually die like a million times before I finish a game, but it is so fun usually! I highly recommend this game!...more info
  • Ok, But being a Spyro fan, the other 2 I played were better.
    Lets just say, the other 2 are better (jmo). I borrowed this game from a friend and it was okay. The first warp room was good but once you got farther through the game I didn't like it. I know alot of people liked it but in my eyes Year of the Dragon was much better....more info
  • Spyro
    I'm not an expert I'm more of a rookie.On Spyro 2 Ripto's Rage I couldn't defeat Crush on world one,on Spyro Year Of The Dragon I couldn't defeat Spike on world two.So from the review's I've read It's a meeeeega awesome game....more info
  • Spyro the Dragon Review
    Do not be fooled by the fact that dragons are more suited to little kids and that the game appears like a cartoon. This is a very fun game in which an evil creature called Gnasty Gnorc scatters gems all over the dragon world, turns some into his minions, lets blue thieves into the dragon world to steal their precious dragon eggs, and encases all the dragons in crystal. He missed Spyro, so it's his job to turn the dragon world the way it was. The graphics are colorful and the sound and music are also nice, and as for replay value, it has a fairly good amount. If there is one thing to complain about, it is the difficulty level. The enemies don't put up too much of a threat, and finding gems and dragons is usually fairly easy, and even the bosses are pretty easy to toast. But it can prove quite a challenge to some people, and may include some testing with some things. But besides these two facts, Spyro the Dragon is a nice, colorful game that is well worth the money....more info
  • Spyro is awesome!!
    This adventure game gives you hours of fun(even though you have frustrating things in it.)I swear you won't have a bad time. The
    content is dazzling,the levels are filled with fabulous surprizes ,and other stuff that makes it live up to its reputation.Do you have a knack for adventure?Well this game will appeal to you....more info
  • Spyro: The Dragon We Use To Know...
    Awww, good times! I first bought this game when it first came out, when I was around eight-years-old. I played it non-stop, battleing against the Gnorcs, aquiring treaure, ramming through thouse nasty blue thieves for the pink-spotted eggs, getting more life for poor Spyro, and resqueing the dragons locked in stone, of course.
    Now, I'm playing more mature games. Resident Evil 4 is one of my favorite games for the Gamecube counsel. Along with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarine of Time/Twilight Princess, and Hitman 2. But after playing thouse games on the sparkling Gamecube counsel, I turned my gaze to the dusty, gray Playstation, and out popped Spyro again!
    I'm actually replaying the game, I already beaten both of the two first worlds in under an hour. But it is a really good experience to play this old jewel again! I also own four other Spyro games: Spyro: Ripto's Rage, The Year of the Dragon (Both of thouse for my old Playstation and are VERY fun!) along with the alright, but not the same: Hero's Tale, and the crappy game some idiot thought up: The Legend of Spyro: A New Beggining. I despised thouse two games for what they had done to that cool, little dragon we use to know.
    But, alas! At least I saved my original game for times like these! Please, if you still have your old gray Playstation, (or a Playstation 2) than fish out Spyro from the attic or the closet and replay it! Or, if you are new to the first original Spyro games, go out and buy them! (that is, if you don't mind an extreamly easy game) The game is fun, nevetheless it being easy, it holds that sparkling air that Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64 holds!
    [Sparks, The Dragonfly]
    Gold = Full Health
    Blue = Medium Health
    Green = Low Health
    No Sparks = One More Hit Left
    -To correct anyone that got Sparks color coded health wrong. ^-^
    [Spyro, The Dragon]
    Able to glide short-distances
    Can run/ram with his horns
    Can jump
    Can buck
    And can do the roll to avoid enemy attack (Why didn't they remake that move for all the other games, I ask?)
    And of course, flame enemies!...more info
    Everything changed in video games when we were introducted to Spyro the Gyro Dragon, as we call him in our house, was found by my eldest son who is (eight) 8 years old. No longer would my seven (7) year old wait his turn. My youngest son who is (six) 6 years old would grab the joystick to show his brothers that he could be as cunning and smart as they are. Spyro is exciting, amazing, reveting, HE IS THE DRAGON. Since we met Spyro we decided to collect every Spyro game that is sold. Now everybody's turn is put on half-hour increments. We are now so satisfied and so happy to know our dragon, who is good enough to eat!...more info


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