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Poor Mr. Boddy has been shockingly murdered in his own mansion. To win this game, you must become a roving detective, sniffing out the answers to the classic mystery questions: Who among Mr. Boddy's guests committed the murder? What was the murder weapon? (Lead pipe? Wrench? Candlestick?) Where did the murder happen? (Library? Conservatory?) Because the answers change each time, the game is constantly challenging. A gameboard map of the mansion, detective notepad, deck of cards, one die, wandering playing pieces, and a healthy dose of intuition will help players be the first to figure out the answers. This edition of Clue is a departure from the old faces and mansion rooms that were beginning to look dated after all these years. Sultry Miss Scarlett looks like Lesley Ann Warren from the movie Clue. Mr. Green looks convincingly sinister, Mrs. Peacock snobbish and potentially cruel. Colonel Mustard is still Pompous, Professor Plum still clueless. Mrs. White, the grandmotherly maid, is downright spooky. --Gail Hudson

Who' Where' Which weapon' For generations, around the world, Mr. Boddy has met his end at the hand of one of six infamous suspects in this family game. As you search the mansion's nine rooms and secret passages, be on the lookout for those murderous suspects. And watch out for those deadly weapons. The mystery changes every time you play. If you can collect the right clues and make the right deductions, you'll solve today's mystery... and win. This edition features a completely redesigned game board and cards. For 3 to 6 players. Game includes: game board; six suspect tokens; six weapons; deck of suspect, weapon, and room cards; confidential case file; detective notebook pad and a die.

  • For more than 50 years, this mystery's kept everyone guessing in this classic murder mystery board game
  • To win, you must successfully deduce the who, where, and how of Mr. Boddy's murder
  • With six suspects, six possible murder weapons and nine rooms in the mansion, there are hundreds of possibilities, and plenty of clues to investigate!
  • Completely redesigned game board and cards
  • For 3 to 6 players - Includes 19 1/2 x 19 1/2 Clue Gameboard, 6 Collectible Suspect Tokens, 6 Weapons Tokens, Deck of Suspects, Weapons and Room Cards, Confidential Case File, Detective Notebook Pad, 2 Dice, Instructions in English and Spanish

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Game! Lots of fun!
    I love this game! You could play it forever and you'll always find something different. I think this game teaches people (people not just kids) deduction skills. I play this game all the time. This is a perfect addition to your game collection....more info
  • Fun and Flexible
    I had never played this until my daughter got one for her birthday. It is very addictive as you try to be the first to solve the crime correctly. My only complaint was that after three or four games it became very easy to figure out the clues by marking what you think the other players have on your card as well, so we added a twist where the three cards (room, person, weapon) are put in the envelope, but then we shuffle the remaining cards and pick one and add it to the envelope. This creates a scenario where there might be two people, two weapons or two rooms involved in the crime, which has made it more difficult to guess. While Clue is very enjoyable and fun to play, it would be great to have a more challenging version with perhaps a motive card.
    This is a good game for kids to learn about strategy and deduction....more info
  • One of the best games ever made
    Clue is the classic game by Parker Brothers. In the game you stuck are in a mansion. The owner Mr.Boddy has been murdered and its up to you to find out who did it.

    There are six different playable characters. No character can do something others can't the only differnce in them is there starting locations and there actual names. Your goal is to navigate the mansion finding out clues as to who committed the murder. You have to guess who did it, where the murder was done, and what was is done with. You go by trial and error throughout the house until you gather enough clues to guess it right.

    The game itself is pretty durable. You have six token pieces, a six sided die, cards, a standard board, and paper sheets for you clue book. Unless something gets wet you should be set.

    The game is educational because it makes you think. You have to keep track of your clues that you collect. You can also pick up other clues by paying attention to other peoples clues and who is proving them wrong. You can be quite savvy in the game and this part is quite educational and fun.

    Clue is a classic game. People have been playing it for over 50 years. It's the classic game of who did it and it's a fun mystery. No game is ever the same and that makes it even more fun. No kid or adult should ever go there life without playing this game. So go get Clue and find out who did it....more info

  • I have no Clue how they do it!
    I don't know how they do it,but it's great!It's really cool because it seems like you are a dectective!The point of the game is:You try to see who killed Mr.Body,With what weapon,and who did it.It's great!BUY IT!:)...more info
  • Wow!!!
    This is one of the best games I have ever played. I am almost 13 and this has always been at the top of my game list. I know what I am talking about. I have played evey game from Pickup Sticks to Sorry. If you want a challenging game that is fun for everyone, this is a game for you.
    In this game you must find the killer, weapon, and place. You must collect "clues" to win the game. If you have many people at your place then you can play in teams....more info
  • Still a favorite after all these years...
    While spring cleaning this week, I stumbled upon an old classic: Clue. Intrigued, I dusted it off and challenged my husband to an enticing game of "whodunit." I was pleased to find that the game is still just as much fun as it was when I played it as a kid.

    Most people are familiar with the basic premise of the game: Mr. Boddy, a millionaire, is found murdered in his home. Six people were in his mansion at the time of the murder: Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet, Mrs. Peacock, Mrs. White, and Mr. Green. It is up to the game players to pinpoint who killed Mr. Boddy, what weapon he or she used, and what room the crime took place in.

    The game comes with a game board, six playing pieces, and a deck of cards-each with a suspect, a room, and a weapon. At the beginning of the game, one card from each category is taken from the deck and placed in a secret envelope. This envelope now contains the solution to the crime. The rest of the cards are dealt to the players. The players, using process of elimination, travel to different rooms of the mansion and suggest different scenarios in attempts to solve the crime. The first player to figure out which three cards are in the secret envelope wins.

    Clue, like so many classic Parker Brothers games (Monopoly, for instance) definitely stands up to the test of time. The game is every bit as strategic, fast-paced, competitive, and fun as it was when it first hit the market. There's really nothing quite as satisfying as figuring out the mystery ("Miss Scarlet in the Conservatory with the Lead Pipe!") just a few seconds faster than your opponents. Clue is great fun, and perfect for a night in with the family. ...more info
  • Detective Vandelay
    I loved this game as a child, I love it as an Adult!

    This is a board game that parents and children can play together...and both have fun.

    What's in the game? The game board is filled with different rooms (kitchen, library, billard room etc) and spaces that lead you to the rooms..there are also two seceret passages. You have game pieces (all different colours) which represent the people ...who are all suspected of killing Mr. Boddy...was it Colonel Musterd? Mrs. Scarlett? or perhaps Mr. Green. To add, you have different weapons that could have led to Mr. Boddy's demise...the rope, revolver, candlestic etc.

    All game players are given equil amounts of cards...each card has a person, weapon or a room on it. 3 cards (one room one weapon one person) are hidden in an envelope that cannot be opened until a player has decided he/she knows the answer. The player then looks at their cards and crosses off that person, room or weapon on his recording sheet...the player then can wonder about the other rooms etc

    The players start rolling the dice, going into rooms and making accusations....

    If you like detective work, try to find Mr. Boddy's killer!

    You'll have fun!...more info

  • All the fun of an Agatha Christie for 3-6 players!
    Ever since I first played this and saw the movie, I've been hooked, and so will you! Mr. Boddy has been found dead at the foot of the cellar stairs, and it's up to you to solve his murder! Who killed him? With which weapon? In which of Boddy Mansion's 9 rooms? 3-6 players compete to solve the mystery by making suggestions and proving other player's guesses wrong. With more players comes more of a challenge, but that's part of the fun! Was it the wealthy widow, Mrs. Peacock? Or the confused Professor Plum? The solution changes every time. And if you're smart, you'll solve it first! You might even sharpen those deductive skills a little. A definate must for family game nights!...more info
  • Over rated, imo
    It's not that I haven't had fun playing this game, it's just that it really isn't fun without the right number of people playing. There is too much dependance on getting lucky and if the skill level between playes is too great, it's a cake walk for the more logical thinkers.

    I also don't think this is the kind of game you can keep playing over and over like scrabble, boggle, or any number of card games that all have a lot more variance in play.

    I'm not totally knocking "Clue", but it's one of those games that gets tiring after a few times of playing it....more info

  • Pretty fun
    I've played this game literally dozens of times and it's still fun for me.
    I do agree with what one reviewer said...after a while, the combos can be the same, so they threw in another card to change it up...I've done that too and it totally adds a new perspective.
    I've loved this game for years, if you haven't played it yet, please do!...more info
    If you want a fun Clue board game buy this one.Especially if you like mysteries.If you have a baby or a toddler that sticks anything into her or his mouth then play it when she or he is sleeping because the weapons are choking hazards. I am 10 years old and the game says 8 and up but I play with my 4 year old sister,my 5,8 and 7 year old cousins,they love it! Whenever they come thats what they want to play.I've had it for 5 or 4 years and still in good shape.But make sure you have 3 to 6 players. ...more info
    This is a very fun game designed for all ages. This game helps develop childrens observing skills. This is a great family game. In this game you are trying to figure out who the murderer is, what weapon they used, and what room they were in. I really enjoy playing this game and I hope you do too. I hope my review helped you....more info
  • I played Clue as a kid -- now am play w/grand nephews -- still fun!
    This game is easy enough to entice younger children to join in and play with older brothers and sisters and adults. It holds enough interest for all ages. It's a good memory and deduction game, communication, etc. A favorite since I was a kid. It's a classic....more info
  • Clue - THE BEST GAME!
    Clue is absolutely the BEST GAME EVER! It's awesome because you have to think a little but still have fun, you can pair up with people, you can goof off, it's sort of like a detective/mystery game and I LOVE MYSTERIES, and all in all its just a GREAT GAME! It's pretty durable - my family has had this game for about 5 years or something and sure the box is getting a little worn but WHO CARES? I mean the board is still fine and all, and we still play this game A TON! And the best thing is I can play it with only 2 other people (so with 8 people in my family it isn't really hard to find someone to play Clue with...especially considering everyone loves it) the only bad thing is that when we have friends over we don't have enough of the player-pieces so we have to pair's still fun though maybe even more fun because you get to be on the same team as your friends instead of competing against them! Anyway...this game really is awesome and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a new game or who doesn't...there is NO WAY they won't love this game!...more info
  • ~*Clue*~
    Wow... who doesn't love this old classic. I personally love to play this with my family. Its also a really fun game to play with all ages. I can play this with old and young people.

    This is a 6 player game with a few differnt versions to pick from. The charcters are Mr. Green, Mrs. Scorlotte (?), Mrs. Pecack, Ms. White, Col. Mustard, Pro. Plum. This are all really great charcters and my favorite is Mrs. P (can't spell name).

    Check this game out if you haven't all ready tried this ausome classic. I loe it and I promise you will to.

    ~*Jesser2004*~...more info
  • How classic can you get?
    Clue is the ultimute mystery game. The object of the game is to find out who killed Mr Boddy (it changes every time you play) before the other players find out. How do you find out? Process of Elimination. Did he use the rope? No. It had to be...the crobar. Dont let anyone know what you picked though. Ssshhh....more info
  • Great Game
    Remember that you can't play clue the right way without a large group of people. In clue you have to narrow down the lists of suspects with the cards you have in your hand and the others that pepople hand you when oyu guess wrong. In this way it is excellent for younger children. Helps to remind them what they have done before. It is also very fun because of the different combinations of possible murderers that people come up with given the exact same information you have.

    One of those games that is fun for the whole family and will stand the test of time....more info

  • It was HIM!! Really!
    This is another of the classic games that have enjoyed enduring fame and popularity for good reason. "Clue" must surely be to detective games what "Monopoly" is to money games.

    The concept is pretty simple, really: you use cards with various weapons, rooms and people on them and try to work out who the murderer is, where they did the terrible deed and what with. These items are randomly inserted into an envelope that is in the middle of the board. You move around each room, and try to find out what is going on. Who knows: it might be you.

    While simple, the game is loads of fun and there are certain strategies to it. After the first few times of getting whipped, you will figure them out soon enough. But basically, "Clue" is just plain fun and it requires very little to set up and enjoy.

    Happy hunting! Oh, and by the way, the Butler didn't do it....more info
  • A great logic puzzle for young and old
    Clue was one of my favorite games in my youth. It still is, for that matter. Young players will most likely simply take guesses, but as their skills improve, deceptive questioning can add many more levels of intrigue. There is definitely more than one skill level on which to play this game....more info
  • Clue
    I have always enjoyed this game. It is very fun. If you don't know what its about, It's about a murdering (yes, murdering) at a mansion. You don't know who did it, you don't know with what, and you don't know where. You get a proportional amount of cards (3 people; 1/3-4 people; 1/4.......). These cards tell you a person, place, or room. You get a sheet with all of the names, all of the places, and all of the rooms. You can mark off the cards you have, since the actual ones are in a "confidential" envelope in the middle. You need to go into rooms and ask people a person, place, or thing. They have to tell the truth (they only give you one; if they have none, then you cross them off). When you get into it, it is very fun. This game is also educational because you use deductive reasoning. The board is fairly durable, but is essentially cheap paperboard. The box is impossible to not get creased. Thank you for thaking the time to read my review and feel free to leave me a helpful/not helpful feedback. God Bless America!...more info
  • Believe it or not, I never had played Clue....
    even as a kid, I never played this game. I got it for my son's 7th birthday, as we have Clue Jr. and he enjoys that very much. I don't know, maybe this game will grow on me more, but I actually like Clue Jr. better, I think it is more fun. I know this is a classic game, but the game play just seemed odd to me. It does get kids thinking about strategy and makes them have to remember details, which is why I rated it high for educational. Overall, this won't be one of the go-to games on our shelf, though, as we have many, many more interesting games than this....more info
  • Very fun!
    This game is extremely fun. It is good for all ages. I personally love mystery games like this but I'm sure that everyone will like this game. For younger ages there is a clue junior. I recommend this for all!...more info
  • Mystery Madness!
    Who killed Mr. Boddy? Was it Mr. Green in the Ball Room with the Rope? Colonel Mustard in the Dining Room with the Revolver? Miss Scarlet in the Lounge with the Lead Pipe? Professor Plum in the Study with the Knife? Mrs. White in the Kitchen with the Candlestick? Or Mrs. Peacock in the Library with the Wrench? If you love solving mysteries, then Clue is the board game for you! Six suspects, six weapons, and nine rooms are available in the game: Mr. Green, Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlet, Professor Plum, Mrs. White, and Mrs. Peacock are the suspects, the Revolver, Rope, Knife, Lead Pipe, Wrench, and Candlestick are the weapons, and the Hall, Library, Billiard Room, Ball Room, Lounge, Study, Kitchen, Dining Room, and Conservatory are the rooms. You are the detective and you must solve the murder of Mr. Boddy before another person does! The game includes six moving game pieces (green for Green, yellow for Mustard, red for Scarlet, purple for Plum, white for White, and blue for Peacock), six weapon pieces, a pad of detective notepads, the game board, a "CONFIDENTIAL" envelope, and rules for playing. Supply yourself with some pencils in order to mark your clues down on the notepads. Read the rules for gameplay. What I like about the game is that it is challenging fun for everyone. You can't stop playing this game, because it is SO much fun!! I totally love it!! I give it a five-star review, for it being such an excellent game!...more info
  • CLUE WOW! 1
    This game is one of the best games I've ever played. It is a lot of fun. I really enjoyed trying to figure out the mystery. It helped devolop my listening skills and helped me pay attention to things better. This is a great family game for ages 7 and up....more info
  • Scotland Yard Needs YOU!
    "Clue" by Parker Brothers....

    There's foul play amidst in the mansion.The owner, Mr. Boddy is the victim. It's your job to figure out who, where and how. "Clue" is a great game of deduction that the whole family can enjoy together.

    There are six suspects and weapons, and nine rooms that the job may have been pulled off in. Suspect everybody, but accuse no one until you are sure.Players travel from room to room on the board, make their guesses and rule out the innocent. If you are the first to narrow it down to one suspect, one weapon and one room...YOU WIN!

    The playing pieces consist of all the usual suspects and you know who they are by their color..Miss Scarlett(I always have to be her or I take my board and go home), Col. Mustard, Prof Plum, etc. The murder weapon could be a rope, a lead pipe or maybe even a revolver. The room could be anything from the "Conservatory" to the "Billards Room",and you must be in a room before you can even make a "suggestion" as to who, where and how. Sometimes it takes a little manuevering to get into a room, but like all worthy mansions, sometimes you can just go through the secret passage!

    Each suspect, weapon and room are pictured on playing cards. One from each stack is secretly placed in the "case file" at the beginning of the game and the rest of the cards mixed together and passed out. Beginning with your own cards, start eliminating on your very own detective pad. After making your suggestion,another player will show you one of their cards if your suggestion is wrong. Be careful, some people can be pretty cunning in the choice they make!

    The age range suggested to play is from 8 to adult, but even younger can play. Young kids can team up with mom, dad or big brother and share their secret clues. The game is for 3 to 6 players. The more players the harder it is(as each person is given fewer cards to start with).I have had my edition for well over 20 years and I can attest to it's durablity. The box is a little frayed, and the cards somewhat worn, but this game has seen alot of use over the years and has held up really well.
    One thing we have done, is just to make copies of the unused detective pads, so we have never had to order any more. And oh yeah..if the dog eats one of the little weapons(ehem..)just use a paper clip or something like that in it's place. But remember the playing pieces are small and young children should be supervised with them.

    The game is so much fun, that the kids won't even realize what a good work out their mind is getting as the make their own deductions! I have certainly got my money's worth from this game, it is a favorite of mine to give as a birthday or christmans present, and has always been appreciated.

    Quality family time and a nice break from the TV or Computer as well. You may be hearing from Scotland Yard soon...enjoy...and Thanks Parker Brothers for years of family fun!...Laurie

    check for best deal and availability:Hasbro Games Clue...more info
  • The Classic Game for Mystery Lovers of All Ages
    Mr. Boddy has been murdered somewhere in his mansion. Fortunately, the suspects and weapons are still there, so it will be possible to solve the crime. Now you must help one of the suspects search for clues to figure out what really happened. You never know, you might have done it as well.

    I've loved this game since I was a kid. The challenge of trying to solve the mystery before your opponents is wonderful fun. And I'm a sucker for a good mystery. Since the game changes every time you play, it never gets boring. The game can be as simple or complex as you let it, teaching logic and basic elimination in a fun setting.

    This popular game has been around for years and shows no sign of dying, for good reason. All generations can gather round and play for hours of fun. Just be sure to watch out for Mrs. White with the rope in the billiard room....more info

  • Completely clueless
    I used to play this game with my cousins way back in time. I won't say what year. It is just too much fun and the results are never the same. As an adult, I played it with my ex-husband (we were married to each other then) and our other friends. It was just as enjoyable as it was when I was a child. I still have the game from my childhood. It is still in good condition....more info
  • Don't be Clue -less
    This is a fun puzzle game in which players eliminate one room,one weapon and one suspect,after another to become the first to guess who is the killer....more info
  • A kid's review:
    Clue is a great game to play. I love how the pieces look like the character. The cards are very detailed. But the cards also tend to pull apart if you shuffle them like I do. The rooms on the board are also rich in detail. Clue is one of most fun game I have ever played....more info
  • Hard to find
    I had a hard time finding this game. The maker of the game (Hasbro?) has updated it, calling it Clue: Discover the Secrets, and changing some of the weapons and the rooms. I wanted the original, and I found it on Amazon through another vendor, who had the game listed at a lower price than Amazon. I soon found out why. The picture was of the original, but when I received it, they had sent the new version. When I contacted them, they said Amazon had made an error, errantly posting a picture of the original version when they only sold the new version. They accepted my return and Amazon refunded my money, and everyone I contacted was friendly and helpful. In the mean time, I ordered the original version through Amazon directly, and it arrived within a few days in good condition and as advertised - the original version. ...more info
  • I love clue
    I liked clue, it was fun. lot's of fun i would recomend it to everybody...more info
  • clue is the best
    When i first played clue i was so excited and i felt like i could have played it all day!I think that clue is a great game for all ages. Its fun, exciting and interesting for the whole family. The idea is brilliant. Its also really educational. Its my best game ever by far. I would recommed you to buy it to....more info
  • The classic whodunit game
    Known in Britain as Cluedo but in America as Clue, this classic game is based on a simple idea but your enjoyment of it (or lack thereof) will depend to some extent on what sort of brain you have. The game is basically a logic puzzle so it is not a game of luck (though there is a little luck involved) so the most skilful player will win most of the time.

    With six possible murderers, six possible weapons and nine possible locations, there are 314 possible solutions to the puzzle. By a process of elimination, each player tries to work out the combination. Each player is dealt some cards containing names of people, weapons and locations, so is able to eliminate some possibilities immediately.

    The main skill lies is in knowing what is the best combination to guess when it is your turn to guess, and understanding the implications of your (and other people's) previous guesses. When you guess a combination, you announce it aloud for everybody to hear. Going round in a circle, your opponents have to either say they haven't got any of those three or they show you a card. Nobody else sees this card but they know that this person has one of the three you guessed. Of course, that person may have more than one of the three but as only one card need be shown, you don't know that. If none of your opponents is able to show you a card, then either you have guessed correctly or you've got one of the cards in your own hand. In the latter case, it seems like a wasted guess although there are occasions when bluffing might be useful. In any case, those players who can make most use of clues offered by all guesses, not just their own, have the best chance of winning.

    Yes, this game can be a lot of fun, but you need a brain suited to solving logic puzzles to really enjoy it....more info
  • Great Fun!
    I bought this gameboard for my best freind who is a mystery thiller freak.
    We have played the game several times, and it is fun. Just another game that we have added to our boardgame collection. Totally the best price for the money. You won't find it better priced anywhere else.

    Thanks ...more info
  • A Fun Game
    For children who love reading murder mysteries and are 8+ buy clue. It is also perfect for family fun!...more info
  • Good family fun, teaches logic & deduction
    We enjoy this game, and it is good for teaching our 9 yr old to use reasoning & deduction. It is still entertaining to us, as adults, also. Good addition to the game cabinet. Glad we bought it....more info
  • The Game Clue
    The game Clue is a detective game that entertains you and your friends by seeing who is first to solve the murder mystery. I usually play this game with my family and friends because it is a game for the entire family and we enjoy it. This is my personal favorite board game because it is simple and it perks you up if you are having a gloomy day.
    This game has some some positive things about it and some negative things about it. One poitive thing is that there are very few directions. Another is that it gets your mind thinking by using your knowledge or "Clues" that you have discovered and try to guess the person who committed the murder, where it happened, and with what weapon they did it with. But along with positive comments, there are also negative ones too. For example, it takes a long time to set the game up because you have to sort the cards, hand the out to each player, and without looking take three cards and put them into the confidential envelope.
    I have played this many times and I am only 11 years old. I would rate this game 5 stars! ...more info
  • Clue
    This is my all-time favorite game. It is very fun and durable. This game is very different from most other games and is an adventure for anyone who plays it. This is a great classic game....more info
  • Great family game
    We gave this game to our eight year old granddaughter for Christmas and it's a huge hit. She quickly learned the basics, and then realised there is more to the game than is immediately obvious. Lots of strategy and process of elimination. A good challenge for the mind! ...more info
  • Fun game for adults and kids
    Not sure what the new version will be like. We made sure to get the older version before they all disappeared. My eight year old loves to play it. It is a game we can play with her and enjoy. I like the thinking involved. There is strategy in the way you narrow down possibilities to figure out who to accuse. The pieces are small replicas of the character and murder weapons and are durable. ...more info
  • A family favorite
    The Clue game is one of our most played games, and has been for years!!!!! Love it!!!!!...more info
  • Clue is always fun and entertainment at its best!
    I still have the original Clue that all my children enjoyed. Now I bought this one for my grandchildren, who use it very often. Still the durability of this product and its attractive pieces are my garantee that probably they will keep their Clue just as I did!...more info
  • Whodunnit?
    Put your thinking cap on! Who comitted the murder? Was it the suspicious Mr. Green? Or the lovely Miss Scarlett? Or was it someone else? Find out by playing this fun mystery game! The game comes with a detailed game board, colored game pieces, small metal weapons, cards showing the different people, weapons, and rooms in the mansion, and mutiple grid papers to keep track of your discoveries. Although you can play with two people, the game is much more fun with at least three!

    I would recommend this game to older kids, and adults. As for the little ones, I recommend Clue Jr. ...more info
  • This game is SOOO cool!!!!
    I don't remeber when I first played the game, but it's my favorite! It keeps everyone entertained and if you play your cards right you can figure out someone's cards without looking at them. I even bought the PC version. Though it is difficult to get anyone in my family or my friends to play, once we do start they never wanna stop! It is easy to loose the pieces though, so be careful. If you listen very hard, and aren't watching 'Clue the Movie' at the same time as I do, you can pick up hints. If you like mystery games you will LOVE this one!...more info
  • Didn't get what I thought I was getting.
    I have played Clue since I was a child and I bought this product for my grandson. He had played it and liked it. I have an old game and I was buying him his own. Mine has the regular colored pieces to move representing Miss Scarlett, Col Mustard, etc... From the picture of the product,the play pieces of Miss Scarlett, Col Mustard, etc. should have been little statues which looked like the actual people. I was very disappointed when he opened the game and I saw cheap plastic play pieces. The old ones in my set would have been better. The pictures of the games are deceptive. You don't get what you think. I could have gone to Wal-Mart and only paid $10.00. This game cost almost 3 times that. Disappointed. ...more info


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