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It's the game that started a revolution, but it's not just the fad that convinced gamers to "catch 'em all." This deceptively simple and child-friendly roleplaying game design is a far deeper game design than it looks. Pokemon features way more strategy and gameplay than it leads on, offering gamers almost infinite gaming possibilities even after the main adventure ends. Pocket Monsters Red was released in Japan in 1996 by mail-order only (the two launch titles were Green and Blue). The franchise arrived in the west in 1998 as Pokemon Blue and Red (Roald Dahl holds the copyright for "Pocket Monsters" in the west, so the title was changed to the Japanese colloquial name). The games could be linked up with each other and with the N64's Pokemon Stadium titles for creature trading.

Welcome to the world of Pok¨Śmon, one filled with wild Pok¨Śmon and the people who attempt to tame them. You are Ash Ketchum, a boy on a quest to become the best Pok¨Śmon trainer in the world. Professor Oak, the leading authority on Pok¨Śmon, has given you your choice of three tame Pok¨Śmon in exchange for your helping him catalog and document every Pok¨Śmon in the world.

But to catalog a Pok¨Śmon, you have to capture it, by first beating it up with one of your trained Pok¨Śmon, and then hitting it with an empty Pok¨Ś Ball. As your tame Pok¨Śmon gain experience in battle, their abilities improve and they earn access to new attacks. Sometimes they even evolve into more advanced Pok¨Śmon.

Aside from capturing wild Pok¨Śmon and evolving your own, you can catalog new Pok¨Śmon--the only way to gather some Pok¨Śmon--by trading with another Pok¨Śmon player using either a link cable or the Game Boy Color's infrared system. Pok¨Śmon gained through trades learn and evolve faster, and trading is the only way to capture all 151 Pok¨Śmon, since each Pok¨Śmon game (Pok¨Śmon Red, Pok¨Śmon Blue, andPok¨Śmon Yellow) has certain Pok¨Śmon missing. So if you own Red and want to have a complete set of Pok¨Śmon, you must find a friendly Blue or Yellow owner and arrange a trade.

Pok¨Śmon Red is packed with interesting characters, an ingenious story hook, intriguing strategy, and of course plenty of cute Pokemon, and it's easy to see how it started the Pok¨Śmania that is sweeping the world. --Michael Fehlauer


  • Gameplay and strategy that are fun for all ages
  • Fantastic replay value
  • Brilliant game design encourages players to meet and trade
  • Hours of looking at the Game Boy's little screen may hurt neck
  • Only 1 saved game per cartridge--2 people can't share a single game
  • No difference between Red and Blue except for distribution of Pok¨Śmon
  • Collect up to 139 Pok¨Śmon with this game
  • both Red and Blue versions are required to capture all 150
  • use the optional Game Link cable to trade Pok¨Śmon and play against a friend;
  • for one to two players

Customer Reviews:

  • Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow are the best Pokemon games.
    Pokemon RED, BLUE, and YELLOW versions are definately better than all of the newer versions. Red is my favorite. It's really not any different than Blue and Yellow. Except on Yellow you start out with PIKACHU. This game is all about catching and fighting using your little monsters. Proffessor Oak gives you the choice between Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. Charmander is my favorite. He is also the strongest. Especially after he evolves into Charizard( who is so powerful that even water type Pokemon can barely stop him). Squirtle is probably the weakest of the three. It's final form Blastoise is pretty strong for a water type however. Bulbasaur is the most popular.
    Most people pick him because of his final form Venasaur( who could get knocked out with one attack of Charizard's Fire Spin attack). I picked Charmander and he is level one hundred. Of course he is Charizard now. I have all three legendary birds. Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno. The best team is Charizard, Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Mewtwo, and Gyarados. I have all of thes Pokemon level one hundred. Here's a little secret to get unlimited Rare candy and Master Balls. Put the item you want to copy in the sixth item spot then talk to the guy in Viridian city who says Ah I had my coffee and I feel great then watch him catch Weedle or whatever else it is then fly to Fushia city surf down to the Seafoam islands and surf up and down the side where the land touches the water. When MISSINGNO appears run away and you will have unlimited Rare candies or Master balls. Well I hope my review was helpful....more info
  • If you like pokemon this is for you!
    This game is great if you like pokemon but if you don't I think you shouldn't get it. The game has tons of battles,Capturing pokemon,and badges.It gets pretty boring if you don't really enjoy it! In the game you have along journey like the show. IF you hate the show than don't get it. If your getting it good luck on your journey!...more info
  • Charizard, I Choose You
    The red version is my favorite game. I like this product because the game can be fun and because of the MissingNo. trick and because you can catch a lot of cool and powerful pokemon. I started out with a Charmander and boy does it rock! Its like the powerfulest one in the game. It gets a little hard sometimes when you are battling a gym leader but you know you can defeat him/her. Pokemon red is the hottest one I ever played. My pokemon are Mewtwo, Gengar, MissingNo., Golbat, Pidgeot, and I forgot the other one. There all at level 255 from the MissingNo. trick. Apperently, MissingNo. doesn't actually mess up your game. It only messes up the pokemon league hall of fame. Or it can sometimes mess up your graphics when you are using it.

    Tip: Have strong and a variety types of pokemon.

    I sugest eeryone should get pokemon red. It's fun and the money is worth it!...more info

  • A good game- if you still like pokemon.
    I'll admit, probobly 2 years ago I'd be giving this game 5 stars because it was fun. It was the first gameboy game I got, it was challenging(at first), and I always had fun. I used to be a hordcore fan of Poke'mon. But lets face the facts, THAT WAS 2 YEARS AGO. People who like Poke'mon today are living in the past. I do not like Poke'mon anymore. As a matter of fact I recently sold this game and all the other Poke'mon stuff I had like cards and other games. Poke'mon was once the hottest thing around. But after they made that movie, Poke'mon went down. This game is challenging, it took me two and a half months to beat it then slowly it started to get boring. So if you like Poke'mon get it but if you want to live in today's world don't buy it....more info
  • The favorite game series in the house!
    My 8-year-old's favorite game series. And if you're worried about video game time taking away from reading time, make sure you get your kid(s) into roleplaying games. That way, they get both... and though Pokemon won't solve it all... you'll never have to nag them to go play Pokemon!...more info
  • Can't beat the original
    For us old pokemon fans, we fell in love with red and blue. I personally was a charzard fan in third grade, and this happened to be my first rpg. Everyone seemed to have some version of pokemon. You could even trade them with other people, providing you had the correct linking device. After pokemon fell out of fashion, no one seemed to want those really new games (except for the new third graders of course). The original set of pokemon were the greatest, even the strange ones like jynx. I hated the pokemon show after about a year of watching it everyday and owning all the pokemon merchandise. But I still buy the games and play them, because you can't beat the game play. It's quite simply amazing.

    I'm sad to say my red version was stolen from me a few years ago, but I hope to purchase it once again at a used video game store.

    Don't be expecting good graphics. This game has terrible graphics but it's still a wonderful game. Many old rpgs are :]...more info
  • This is an excellent game!
    Several months ago I thought that the Pokemon game and telivision series was a complete waste of time. Then, my five year old brother bought the Pokemon Red Gameboy Game. I picked the game up and immediately started to enjoy myself. You will have great fun experimenting with different types of Pokemon. I thought it was very interesting working with Pokemon of different types, such as fire, water, etc. I disagree with a previous review stating that the game will get boring. The game will only get boring if you experiment with the "Gameshark" features of the game, it will lose its fun. The game is not about having these electronic creatures as your friends, it is about showing them off to your friends, impressing them with your training ability using the link cable. In this sense you can continually replay the game using different types of Pokemon, finding out which you like best. In this sense the game never gets boring and old. It is a fabulous game....more info
  • I loved this game!!! Well, maybe in third grade.
    This game is a classic, and really good considering it was released in 1995. I think this game revolutinized RPGs for Gameboy, but it's not very interisting after the first time you beat it. You start as Ash in a race to defeat your rival and become the greatest Pokemon master of all time. All in all,I think this game is great, espically for kids still in grade-school....more info
  • A 13 year old female's thoughts on this game.
    I bought my Pok¨¨mon Red version 2 years ago when they first came out, (before all the Pok¨¨-hype), I fell in love with the cute(and some of the not so cute) characters of Pok¨¨mon as soon as I started to play. It really is a great game, it does teach kids little lessons, and they must have the abillity to read to play, so it's not just some un-educational fighting game like you may think. It uses some rather large words in fact. They do fight in the game, and they do battle it out to the end, but not to the point of bloody-ness and death. But over all, it is one of the better video games out there, with lesson teaching, a must of reading skills, and EXTREMILY little violence. Pok¨¨mon Blue, Yellow, Gold, and Silver all have the same good quallities....more info
  • GET THIS GAME BACK IN STORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great game needs and has improved
    This game is great! The problem is it needs more adventure. Sure it has the intese moments when you first start. I have had it not even a year and have beaten it 16 times! I am so glad that Nintendo has come out with new versions. If you are first starting this is good to start out with then get into gold, silver, crystal, ruby, and saphire versions. Those are not in order. Please do not rely me me only even though you probably wouldn't dream of it. I myself have the red version and that only....more info
  • I like this one more than Blue or Yellow
    I have no idea why I still play Pokemon from time to time. I was into it before it became popular, and I still enjoy the games (not the cards... ...) more than 2 years after the fad breathed it's last. Yes, new titles have been coming out, but no one seems to like them very much and they are not changing the game enough to make them worth buying.
    Anyway, about the game. You start out as a young boy living with your mother, and set out to become the world's greatest Pokemon trainer. When you try to leave town, Professer Oak will give you a starter Pokemon (the only real difference between this one and Yellow is that in Yellow, you MUST start with Pikachu). Once you have picked one, you must battle your rival, and then you can leave. The rest is obvious...
    The main reason I still like this game is that it has amazing, Zelda-esque depth to it. Many puzzles, and 15 element types of Pokemon. Certain types are stronger against others, while each type has its weaknesses, too. There are a total of 150 Pokemon to be caught. However, some only appear in the Red version and some only in Blue. You must link to the Blue version to catch all 150! (To make this easier, some people buy a Red AND Blue AND a Game Link Cable so they could complete the game on their own).
    Overall, this game is surprisingly fun and amusing, and has a great depth to it which will please many RPG (role-playing game) lovers. Great game, so if you like RPGs or adventure games, get this one, if you don't already have it....more info
    If you like pokemon, then get this game!! Although it is an old game, it is very fun and exciting! It is definately a worthy game to buy. Oh yeah-and there's even a glitch called GLITCH CITY and MASSINGO. Glitch City is a cool place to catch glitched pokemon, but you need to go to www.supercheats.com to get the cheat for it. And Massingo can evolve into any pokemon if you use the right items. It's a really confusing, but fun way to play with your game!
    When you have to choose between the 3 starter pokemon(bulbasaur,charmander, or squirtle), I always have a fight over Squirtle and Charmander. But I usually choose squirtle. We pulled off quite nicely in the pokemon league along with my fearow, nidoking, rapidash, dragonite, and Jolteon.
    If you are planning to get pokemon yellow....umm...how should I put this....DON'T!!!!!! It's a TOTAL RIP OFF! You don't even get to choose a good starter pokemon! Only a dim wit little rodent!
    Also, don't buy gold, silver, or crystal, either! They have cute starter pokemon, but they stink! Pokemon Red or Blue is the way to go!
    This game will provide days of entertainment for people of all ages! So go to a game shop near you and buy this game new or used today! (Go to game crazy, game stop, or game zone, and the used game will way cheap....Mwa ha ha ha...)...more info
  • Boring
    when i played this game i beat it in an hour it sucked it was so easy i hated playing it . I am going to get a game boy advance sp which is so better ...more info
  • Another Pokemon Review by me..
    This game was a good start for the Pokemon franchise but to strictly say. Very straight forward game and not very difficult. In my opinon this is the kinda game you would play in your free time or for old times sake. The controls are identical to Blue and Yellow and gameplay is simple....more info
  • Red and Blue are easy to master, but it contains errors.
    This type of RPG was easy to master, because at the start of the game, I chose Bulbasaur for this type of match. I used him in the first 2 stages of the game, but sometimes the rest of the game. Whenever you use a fire-type attack on an ice/water type, it will either say "It's super effective" or "It's not very effective" Otherwise, this game's a blast to play, with 150 different pokemon characters to choose from. Go buy them both. You'll need them to link up to Gold/Silver....more info
  • Possibly The Greatest Game Ever
    This Game is G...ood...more info
  • My Favourite Game
    I like the game because the Pokemon characters are cute looking. I like to see the name I have chosen for the cartoon to appear on the small screen. It gives me a sense of power....more info
  • Gotta catch this game!!!
    In Pokemon Red, you play as a young boy trainer, and you have to help him be the greatest Pokemon Trainer among time! You must capture, battle and trade 150 Pokemon in the Kanto region, where your home-town Pallet is in. You capture Pokemon by throwing a Pokeball at them, and you even get to trade Pokemon with your friend with a Link Cable and two Game-Boy systems! You also must face many other trainers who are willing to be the Pokemon Masters too, and you must even defeat your rival! There's also Team Rocket, a trio of skilled thieves who steal things from many places to get money. You can also go to a Pokemart to buy many things for your Pokemon, and even heal it in a Pokemon Center! You must win badges from many gym leaders who practice battling over there!
    I loved this game! If you liked the TV shows, I reccomend this game!...more info
  • The one to reinvent the link to link cable
    By now every man, woman andchild has heard of pokemon, and it's reputation. The cute little animals you catch in a ball and then force to fight eachother has captured the hearts of kids in America, and the wallets of parents. Many people hate this game with out even giving it a try. Why is that, the overly priced, merchandice, the barbaric card game (banned in many elementary schools and pre schools nation wide) and terrible TV show and average movies... When looking at all the [stuff] it's easy to forget the concept, and enjoyment of the game itself.
    The game is an RPG, meaning experience building and random battles, all in a quest (in this case) to become the best. You have a rival (who you name) and the two of you compete through out the entire game.
    because this is on Gameboy (before Color) the graphics are dull, plain, boring. However after getting past that you have a very deep, very fun, and very addicting game. Catching 151 of the creatures (151 through either gameshark or Pokemon Conventions) and in these cases it is a little difficult to put the game down.
    Overall the game is worth playing because it is a lot of fun, forget the [stuff] that it spawned and play the first game, if you are an RPG Fan you will not be disapointed....more info
  • A game that doesn`t have all the Pokemon...
    This game really has a whole lot of Pokemon, but the Crystal version I have has more Pokemon. Compared to the Red, Blue and Yellow Versions to the Gold, Silver, and Crystal Versions, Red, Blue and Yellow versions, it has 150 pokemon while the Gold, Silver, and Crystal version has 250 pokemon. The Ruby and Sapphire Versions have 200 pokemon. So the Gold, Silver, and Crystal has more than Red, Blue, Yellow, Ruby, and Sapphire, even though Ruby and Sapphire replaced old pokemon and removed them for new pokemon....more info
  • Best Gameboy Game ever!
    THis game rocks! It is fun, it is continus and it can change eveytime you restart so you can play it for like forever. I've had this game since I got my Gamebay color back in 1997 and I even bought a Gameboy pocket to play my pokemon game on. This is the best game ever and I recommend it to anyone!!!!!...more info
  • Pokemon Red Version
    About a year ago I bought this game at a Toys R Us. I began playing, and it was fun. I started with a Charmander. This game is challenging at times, and luckily I have strategy books. I beat the game three times, and I keep started all over again becuase it's so fun....more info
  • Pokemon Red Version
    8/10 Gameplay (Mainly because of my bitterness toward the snail's pace leveling-up)
    7/10 Story
    8/10 Graphics (Especially for a 1998 Gameboy game)
    5/10 Sound/Music (Nothing special, but the consistent beeping when you're at low health could drive me to drink)
    7/10 Replayability

    Overall: 9/10
    I think this is probably one of the best Gameboy games out there. Definitely a great buy, I'll replay it every so often still....more info
  • Pokemon Red: A Must-Have for Pokemon Stadium and Your GB(A)
    Pokemon Stadium is the most addictive Game Boy game I've ever seen. You can catch Pokemon, care for them by taking them to the Pokemon Center, Explore the wild and catch pokemon, participate in Gym matches to get badges, and LOTS more!

    - Compatible with the Nintendo 64 game, Pokemon Stadium (Nintendo 64 TRANSFER PAK REQUIRED (sold seperately)! )
    - Explore the world of Pokemon
    - Participate in Battles to strenghten your Pokemon
    - VERY addictive
    - GREAT graphics (for its time, of course)

    - If you HATE Pokemon, I don't recommend this game to you
    - Doesn't contain ALL 151 Pokemon (You need Pokemon Blue (SOLD SEPERATELY!)+ this game to get all 151 Pokemon)


    If you like pokemon, want an addictive video game for your Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and/or Game Boy Advance SP, or just looking for an adventure game GET THIS GAME TODAY!...more info

  • I have poke'mania
    I love this game! It is a fun game that lets you catch most of the poke'mon.You can even trade with your friends....more info
  • Masterpiece of gaming, definatly the best Pokemon game
    Sometimes the first is the best! It may have only had 150 pokemon (excluding Mew), and that may not seem like enough now, it sure was back then! Pretty different, even though it has the same obsticales as its proceeders have. If youre starting out with a Pokemon game, this one is definatly recomended....more info
  • A good game for younger kids
    What the gamez about: You are Ash Ketchum and you are training to become a pokemon master. Luckily, you can change your name at the beginning. You also choose your Rival's Name, which in the show is Gary. When you start out, you have a choice of 3 pokemon. One is fire type, one is water and one is grass. After you choose your pokemon, your rival will choose a pokemon that is strong against your element. Right after you choose you will have to battle your rival. He doesn't have an elemental advantage yet, because his pokemon know no elemental attacks. Through the game you will encounter your rival and have battles. Each time you meet him, he will have more and better pokemon.
    But the game isn't only about your rivalry. In fact, this is only a little thing to make the game more exciting.
    After you choose your pokemon, you will travel through towns, caves, dungeons, fields, forests, capturing pokemon and battling trainers. The more battles you have the stronger your pokemon will become.
    At most major towns, there will be a pokemon gym. There will be a gym leader that you have to battle. If you defeat the gym leader, you will get a pokemon badge and a strong TM. TM's are attacks that you can teach your pokemon.
    Also, there are pokemon center's and Markets. You can heal your pokemon in pokemon centers, and you can buy item's that you will need on your adventure at Markets.
    When you have defeated all the gym leaders and you feel that you are strong enough, you can battle the Elite Four. If you defeat them, you will battle the current Champion. Finally, if you beat him, the credits will role and you'll think you beat the game. Wait for the credits to finish, turn of the gameboy. When you turn it back on, you'll be back at Pallet Town. If you have never seen the show or heard anything about this game, you may be stuck. Go to Cerulean City, and find your way to the Unknown Dungeons. Hint (you will have to surf to get to them). If you have defeated the Elite Four, the man standing there should be gone. You'll find yourself in a Dungeon that holds very high level pokemon. If you search through the dungeon long enough, you'll find something very important. I don't want to give anything away though :).
    Over all, this game will keep a younger kid playing it for a long time, especially with the goal to catch all 151 pokemon. You can't catch them all in just Pokemon Red or Blue, you'll have to trade pokemon with a friend to do it.
    The graphics are pretty good for gameboy, although the battle scenes are terribly pixelated.
    The music is pretty good, some tunes will stick in your head for a long time.
    So now it's up to you... are ya gonna buy it?...more info
    I gave my kids this game along with the blue version for Christmas in 1999 and they always pick the Pokemon games over all the rest when we take a long car ride. My two girls ages 8 and 10 have never played so well together in the backseat of the car. I don't know everything about the game but my kids are comparing pokemon they catch, telling each other what level their Pokemon grew to, and trading Pokemon they catch. They're constantly interacting with each other. I wouldn't want them playing it all the time because reading is much more important, but it sure is nice on a long car ride. A must for parents who enjoy peace in the car....more info
  • Not fun anymore...
    I'd have to agree with another reviwer here that a couple years ago, Poke'mon was one of the BIGGEST games/toys of all time to ever hit the market. Sadly, alot of people just aren't into it anymore. It's all just the same really. "OH LOOK, I CAUGHT A PIKACHU!" Well whoopty-doo! Back in the day I was a hardcore fan of the Poke craze myself, but it just started getting old and the first Poke'mon movie made REALLY killed the franchise. Final Fantasy will ALWAYS be #1!!!!...more info
  • Not a bad RPG
    First off let me say this: I'm 29, and in general I hate Pokemon. I think it's one of the most over-commercialized things I've seen in my whole life. But my kid loves them, and as a result I checked this game out to see if I thought he'd like it as a gift. As it turns out, it's WAY above his level (he's only 4), but in the process of checking the game out I really decided this game was pretty cool. As has probably been said about 50 times already, the main aspect of the game is battling your pokemon against others, in an attempt to capture as many of them as possible. Although it doesn't sound like that big of a deal, what I found most interesting was this: In the game you can have up to six pokemon with you at any given time to use in battles, and there are something like 150 of them throughout the game that you can collect and use. There are several "types" of pokemon, all of which have certain strengths and weaknesses against other types. So as a result when you go into battle not only do you have to think about how advanced your current "party" is getting (which is all there is to most RPG's I've seen on the gameboy), you also have to take into consideration which pokemon out of all those you've collected will do the best in that group of six that you can take with you on your quest. On the downside, unlike some of the RPG's on the gameboy that have been considered among the best such as Zelda and Final Fantasy, there doesn't seem to be a lot in the way of quests, side quests, or other things you need to do, other than just walk around an area fighting pokemon until they get strong enough to beat a gym trainer, which opens up the next area for you to wander around in fighting until you get strong enough to open up the next, and etc. This probably makes it a game that is good for younger players who might have trouble following all the different storyline aspects of some of the "bigger" RPGs, but still as a result it leaves me wanting a lot more story depth than there is. The game has a lot of interesting aspects, and it can be fun to find and train all the new varieties of pokemon as the game progresses, but I feel anyone who is a teenager or older would probably get more enjoyment out of one of the "heftier" RPG's....more info
  • Son likes it but not as much as Gold Version
    My son wanted the Red Version soooo bad, so he used some of his allowance to get it. He likes it but he'd much rather play the Gold Version that he's had for much longer....more info
  • Only fun with low level Pokemon
    Out of all my friends, I must have been the last kid to get this game. I was not regretting it when I asked for it and got it for Christmas, because this game was so cool at first. On Christmas day of 1998, I must have played this game all day. In three days, I had all eight badges, and enough to take on the Elite Four. It took me a little while to beat them, I did. And that's when I got sick of the game. The thing is, after you beat the Elite Four, what you have is a group of superpowerful Pokemon that can only fight wild Pokemon, and you need to catch the rest of the Pokemon. The game becomes a big nothing. It's fun to raise low level Pokemon if you still have trainers you haven't fought, but besides that, it's a pretty big nothing. All you can really do is fight wild Pokemon, walk around, get lost(Which is hard because the game's map is too easy to figure out), and go shopping for items you probably won't need. I have never gotten all 151 Pokemon, because it gets so boring at around 120 that I can't stand it. The game is fun if you use cheats like starting off with Mew and multiplying items, but besides that, it's pretty boring. I'd say to buy it, but the fad is over now, and nobody cares. Playing Pokemon these days makes you an outcast. Only buy this if you're not afraid of ruining whatever reputation you have.

    PS: Don't say my review was helpful just because you're an angry fan. I get that a lot. If you didn't find it helpful, that's when you criticize my review, but otherwise, just don't say anything....more info

  • Pokemon Red is Cool
    I love it. Its cool like Blue and Yellow....more info
  • lets face it
    the new games that nintendo comes out wiht has new and weird pokemon that is such a ..... Idea. if you like poke mon but but thinking this is the worst because its old. GET A LIFE!
    older is often times better. And besides Red and blue are the ONLY I repeat ONLY games you you can get the best starter pokemon. heres a tip if you get one,DONT GET SQUIRTIL!
    people often choose bulbasaur as thier first bcause of its awsome power in its evolved form Vensaur. Blastiose is cool but not the best,my recemendation is bulbasaur. but if you want a butterfree and try to take a short cut when you catch a metapod and evolve it, boy will you be sorry, it will only know harden,
    evolve it from caterpi,by then even in metapod stage it will know tackle and string shot.and heres a tip...DONT CAPTURE MISSINGNO. it is a virus and will [mess] with the game if you catch it, you can defeat it to get the lots of rare candys and master balls but dont catch it

    ........more info

  • Nostalgia overload!
    Man, this brings back memories! Even though the remakes, Fire Red and Leaf Green are better graphically speaking, you still can't go past where it all began. The red-tinted monochrome screen, the brief flashes of green, the fact that it took me over an hour to find a Pikachu!!! If your a fan, you should own this. If not, try it. Join us!...more info
  • The Best!!
    This game is the original Red version NOT the super hyped up FireRed version for the gameboy advance. Basicly your a boy named Ash Ketchem (you can give him any name you like) trying to become the world's greatest pokemon master!! In the begining you and your rival(Gary or anyname you want to give him) get to pick a pokemon for your adventure. I recommned charmander because he's a big challange compared to picking Bulbasaur or Squirtal. Once you catch all 150 pokemon you get a diploma for compleating it. I would get this game if you can find it. It may be dated and disigned for the GameBoy Pocket black and white system insted of color plus the sound and grapics are only 8 bits but that makes the game more fun in my opinion. Poke'mon Red version IS and ALWAYS will be better than the new Fire verison....more info
  • Way better than ruby 100%
    pokemon red was the first pokemon game I bought even though its the same as blue i prefer red version.You should buy this game!!
    Its sooooooo much better than ruby version,ruby is a big disapointment.If you want a good starting pokemon choose charmander even though people say bulbasaur is the best maybe at the begining but not in the end.
    ps don't catch missingno unless you want to glitch up your game....more info
  • Pok¨Śball Go!
    One word: PLAYBACK. My sister first owned this game in 1998, and since then I have owned MANY Pok¨Śmon games for both Game Boy Color and N64. And let me tell you, the original is always the best! Pok¨Śmon Red and Blue are the best games ever created for Game Boy Color! I still love these games, trading Pok¨Śmon, and battling other people with the Link Cable!

    First of all, people of any age can enjoy this game. It is cute and innocent enough to entertain children, but the strategy and the level of gameplay make it a worthwhile game for adults. Everyone will love this game.

    You start out as a trainer named Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town. Your mission is to become a Pok¨Śmon Master by catching 150 Pok¨Śmon (151 if you count Mew) and becoming the champion of the Elite Four. To do this, you must train and catch Pok¨Śmon, raise them, and even trade them between Red and Blue versions using your Link Cable or the infrared port on your Game Boy Color. This is both fun and time-consuming, which is great when you are at home sick or bored on a stormy day. Pok¨Śmon are raised by winning battles and/or using Rare Candy. Raising Pok¨Śmon may sound tedious, but you will change your mind about that when you actually play for yourself. Pok¨Śmon is addictive from the moment you start your game all the way through. You will meet many new people on the way, become a hero, and win new items and abilities as you go along.

    As Ash, you travel through the world of Kanto, which is divided into a number of cities and towns. A map will be your guide as you make your way through the vast world of Pok¨Śmon. Explore caves, oceans, tall grass, and rocky paths on your way. Each town or city usually has its own Pok¨Śmon Gym, with a Gym Leader which is something like a Boss. Each time you beat a Gym Leader you receive a badge. You need eight badges to battle the Elite Four and the current Elite Four Champion. There are different diversions in each city and town, for example, Celadon City's department store and casino, and one of my personal favorites, Fuschia City's Safari Zone.

    Trainers can be found everywhere, good and bad, from Team Rocket invading the radio station, to the gyms, in the water, on the road, and pretty much anywhere you go. Random Pok¨Śmon appear and battle you if you are in a cave, tall grass, or in the water. The wild Pok¨Śmon you come across are the ones that you can catch if you have Pok¨Śballs with you. Items such as the bike and repel can help prevent you from running into too many Pok¨Śmon if you are trying to get somewhere. If your Pok¨Śmon are tired or injured, you can stop at a Pok¨Śmon center and heal them for free! You can also store Pok¨Śmon via a computer terminal located within every Pok¨Śmon Center.

    The music is so cute! And there is a lot of different music, so it doesn't get repetitive.

    If you are lucky enough to own Pok¨Śmon Stadium, you can play Red or Blue on your TV screen using a Transfer Pak! You can also use the Pok¨Śmon you raised on your Red or Blue game to battle in Pok¨Śmon Stadium.

    Overall, this is one of the best games I have ever played. It is still fun after years of gameplay, as you never fully run out of stuff to do. If you want to get into Pok¨Śmon, or if you're an old fan that never quite got around to getting the game, this is the game for you! Pok¨Śmaniacs rule!...more info

  • Good, but not the best games out with which to start.
    Describing Pok¨Śmon's been done to death. I'll compare the different Pok¨Śmon games and series.

    Having only owned Red and not Blue, I can't fairly compare them. However, the only difference is the Pok¨Śmon you can obtain, and in that both seem equal. Comparing Red/Blue is different. Yellow tries so hard to match up with the anime, yet comes up sickeningly short. It adds a poor plot where there should be no plot, at the expense of gameplay. Red/Blue are superior.

    The puzzles and dungeons of the chromatics (Red/Blue/Yellow) are difficult, far more so than those of the metallics (Gold/Silver/Crystal) and the gems (Ruby/Sapphire). However, the final bosses are lacking compared to the Gems'. The Gems also have some decent plot. I would say that the gems and chromatics are equal, and the metallics are lacking. However, only buy the chromatics (which are incompatible with the gems) if you've exhausted the gems. Still, it's a better choice than the metallics....more info

  • I loved this game! Well, maybe in third grade.
    This game is a classic, and really good considering it was released in 1995. I think this game revolutinized RPGs for Gameboy, but it's not very interisting after the first time you beat it. You start as Ash in a race to defeat your rival and become the greatest Pokemon master of all time. All in all, I think this game is great, espically for kids still in grade-school....more info


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