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In a genre that often lacks originality, APE ESCAPE shines, as it is one of the most innovative games ever to grace the PlayStation console. APE ESCAPE is an adventure platformer like no other before it. Your goal is to try to capture as many apes as possible throughout the various levels. Offering some of the best controls ever, APE ESCAPE utilizes every button and stick on the PlayStation controller. However, don't think you'll be getting through this game in a breeze, as many of the levels pose a great challenge.

What's more fun than a barrel of opposable-thumbed simians? How about the silly--but challenging--Ape Escape? While not the first game to offer enhanced control with Sony's dual-stick analog controller, Ape Escape is the first game to require either an analog or dual shock controller to play. That requirement ensures that players will have full control of their hero, Spike. One stick moves Spike in any direction, while the other swings his monkey-catching devices.

In Ape Escape, a circus monkey named Specter stumbles upon a scientist's prototype intelligence-enhancing helmet, turning him into an evil monkey genius. As Spike, the professor's young friend, you must travel through time to clean up all of the monkeys Specter has sent back in his attempt to repopulate the world. If that's not enough to make you laugh, then chasing his goofy monkey minions as they scurry from your clutches will certainly tickle your funny bone. You'll discover a variety of gadgets to help you in your quest, including monkey radar, a slingshot, and a propeller for flying. Spanning 25 huge levels, Ape Escape is approachable for novices, and offers added challenges for veteran gamers. One such challenge is to lure a dinosaur near a rocky cliff, and then jar the monkey off his back and into your net. Note: no monkeys were harmed in the creation of this game. --Jeff Young


  • Unique control scheme brings new challenge to the PlayStation
  • Massive game has plenty of replay value
  • Unique control scheme requires some ramp-up time
  • Sony Playstation 1 (PS1) video game
  • Tested & Guaranteed to work!
  • Return within 30 days if you are not satisfied!
  • This item is genuine & authentic (not a copy or bootleg)!

Customer Reviews:

  • monkey madness
    Ape Escape is the best platform game for playstation.It is one of the funnest games ever. You must beat a number of fun and challenging levels wall you capture tons of mokeys.You also get gadgets that unlock bonus levels and help you during your quest.There are lots more cool stuff in this game.You need a dual shock controller to play....more info
    This game is definitely the worst game I have ever played, and believe me, I've played hundreds!! This game is soooooo boring and I don't understand it at all!!!! The graphics are blocky and the music is sooo annoying!! I set this game aside as soon as I played it for five minutes!!!! This game is NOT worth the money! If you want a good game, I'd recomend "Final Fantasy X" expecially, or "Harvest Moon."...more info
  • Just one more ape...
    Ape Escape consists of more than 20 3D levels based on a variety of time zones. To clear a level, Spike (played by you) must capture a set number of monkeys. After filling that quota, you must access the next level. Reaching the monkeys will require you to jump, sneak, swim, climb and fly through a variety of situations. To help you on your way, you are given a net and a lightsaber type stun club. Throughout the course of the game, Spike will collect six additional gadgets. In addition to providing the means of completing future levels, returning to previous levels with new gadgets will allow Spike to capture any monkeys he left behind. In addition to monkeys, each level has tokens to collect. Collecting enough tokens will open minigames. This game gets addicting pretty fast....more info
  • It was good in the late 90's, its still good now.
    The source of the Ape Escape series, the game that started it all. And pretty much the best of the lot.

    We know the story, a Professor builds helmets for the monkey's at a park to increase their IQ's but the first monkey to try a helmet on not only grows smater, the evil in his heart surfaces and so the maddness begins.
    The monkey, Specter, then uses the helmets to control all the other monkeys and begins his first step on world domination. They break into the Professor's lab and use his latest invention to travel through time and space and rewrite history so monkeys rule. Though on the same day the young 10 year old friends of the Professor, Spike and Jake come over to see the invention but are sent into the past along with Specter's followers. Jake's lost for the time being and so its up to Spike through the help of the Proffesor and his helper Natalie to catch all the apes and save the earth.
    Armed with gadgets from the Prof., Spike will travel through time catching the monkeys and exploring many historic views along the way from the dawn of time, to the ice age, midevil times, it goes on!

    The game came out in 1999 so of course the graphics are a little dated and the voice acting wasn't the best, but the game was just to much fun to nock off points for that. The game's difficulty ranges from normal to hard from time to time, and you have plenty of replay value with catching those little guys and getting 100%
    One thing I also thought was cool was the control set up they chose, it actually makes for some pretty cool game play control.
    For 10 bucks or less, I recomend this. ...more info
  • Monkey Catching Greatness
    Ape Escape is a very VERY fun game. I mean, how many games can you think of that let you hit monkeys WITH A LIGHTSABER? The real fun of Ape Escape comes with just how easy it is. A seasoned platform gamer can blow through the story of this game with just catching the bear minimum of monkeys in about a weekend. Going back and using all the gadgets that you get to capture tougher monkeys is where the game gets its longevity.

    If I had to be picky about some things in this game it would have to be the controls. While they were innovative for there time and still are innovative, it will take you a while to get used to using that second analog stick to use your gadgets and R1 to jump.

    I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a fun game that isn't full of blood and gore, swearing or decapitations, etc. Ape Escape would get a 9 out of 10. And now there is no excuse not to buy it since you can get it for less than [...]bucks. ...more info
  • Good, but kind of easy
    I saw this game, and it looked amusing, so I got it. I soon found out that it had unique gameplay and was unlike any game I had played in the past. It's really fun, and you get hooked on it. Plus the unlockable mini games are a cool bonus. The problem was the camera (which could really be annoying at some times) and the challenge. Here's my tip: If you're an advanced gamer, 12 or older, rent this game, but do not buy. Most 11 year olds, and even some 10 year old have found this game easy. But if you're younger than that, you'll go ape over this game....more info
  • Awesum
    Great It is a very fun game with exciting levels that are difficult but not to hard...more info
  • Great Game
    Great game with many levels and additional arcade-like games. Each level has many present surprises. You really have to explore every corner to locate them. I like it that you have to go back to complete the previous levels after you get additional gadgets. The only thing I don't like is the choppy and occationally buggy graphics. But the fun of the game is more than enough to make up for it. You should try to begin a level and then keep your hands off the controls for a while, you will see spike doing some funny things! I highly recommend this game for all ages. You will have hours of fun!...more info
  • Awsome game, for a game about monkeys
    This game was so cool it nearly gave me a heart attack... literaly! The mad man none as Specter who puts on blinking red, yellow, and blue helmets with sirens. The blue sirens mean they don't hear or see anything. The yellow sirens is when they hears something. And the red sirens is when they see you or if your chasing them. So Specter put the helmets on them and formed a monkey army to destroy Spike and Jake. And you can get thounsands of Gatcha Gagets and I'm not telling you what they are. And Gatcha coins and Specter Coins. YOU HAVE TO PLAY THIS GAME!!! Also play these games Ape escape 2 & Ape escape 3. ...more info
  • challenging and fun= really great game
    This game is very challenging, you have to dodge foes, travel through time to stop an evil monkey genuis from sending monkeys to the past and destroy our future. Swim through swamps in the time of dinosaurs, explore a forest filled with enemies, and much more. use stun clubs,time net,slingshot and other gadgets at the right time. It's a really fun game....more info
  • very fun
    One of the best PS game ever. It is just plain great! Definetly get it if all you have is a PS....more info
  • My Review
    Well personaly I think "Ape Escape" is one of the best games to ever come out for the "Playstation". Unless I am mistaking it is the only game that full utilizes the analog control,and well over all it is a really fun game to play. There is so much for you to do on the game,you'll never want to stop playing it! Trust me I know. Now keep in mind this is one game that you'll want to buy not rent. Beacuse you might not have enough time to fully enjoy the game. (unless you catch on to games real quick)heres a little tip on the game DO NOT CHEAT OR USE THE STRAGITY GUIDE,unless u really need to,it could spoil the game. P.S the controls are [hard] to get use to. but,when you do......more info
  • Lot's of Fun
    I purchased this game for my seven year old and he loves it. I also enjoy playing. There are many lands to explore and weapons to earn. Its a great game....more info
  • I'd like to shoot the "camera man"
    To wit, this game quite fun. Since my game play style tends towards using the analog controller whenever I can, this game seems to be custom made for myself. And of course it is. It's a pretty neat concept having the monkeys (I don't think the manual writer did a lot of research on monkeys since the book uses "baboons," "apes," and " chimps" interchangeably) escape from the zoo and having your job to chase down and capture them. Nice non violent plot really, one of the very few games that I buy and my girlfriend is willing to play.

    And while the game has a nice plot, the programmers also spent a little time on the graphics in the game. Since the PSX is showing its age there is only so much any programmer can do. But the programers did a very good job. The smooth graphics, "large" worlds and a grand variety of scenes make this game a delight to explore (Never mind the obvious use of some of Sony's stock SDK files, usually evident by the "Pa Rappa" look in some areas). Throw in a huge variety of weapons and usable "tools" make this a winning formula indeed. In fact it is likely that after the PSX goes the way of the Atari 7800 that this game will be one of the reasons that die hard fans of the PSX will dust off that gray box (Or blue if they upgrade to the PSX2) and play a few levels. However, I have one major gripe.

    It shocks me that many people consider the Ape Escape camera to be nice and well behaved. This camera is one of the most ill-behaved I've come across in a long time. Just what are some people comparing this camera to? Super Mario 64? If that's the case, then that's a hard judge. SM64's camera was pretty bad but at least it was aware of walls and didn't go behind them too often. Ape Escape's camera not only goes behind walls but it goes through them as well! Haven't the programmers at least heard of a "Jelly Cam"? C'Mon, there are numerous examples out there of what to do and what not to do with the camera. Ones with decent (mind you, decent, not perfect) camera's include Spyro 2, MDK 2, and Zelda 64. All of these games had cameras that were somewhat well behaved (although none show the classic "Jelly Cam," A Jelly Cam is a camera that when it goes through a wall turns the wall, or anything else, into a semitransparent entity. You know it's there but at least you can see what's going on on the other side.) AE does not fall into that category. I can't tell you how many times I've run back and forth in a level looking for a way out only to discover the camera wasn't "swinging" in an appropriate direction. Some pundits may tell you that only adds to the difficulty of the game. Someone should remind them of the difference between skilled difficulty and annoying frustration. Never, Never should any one ever lose a life because the camera wasn't doing a good job of showing what is happening around you. "How about blind spots?" Some may ask. What about them? It is very possible to design a game and camera to allow the classic "leap of fate." My gripe lies with the camera refusing to shift at appropriate times so that I can at least survive the darn jump! Or Shifting to an appropriate angle to allow a fair fight against a baddie. All to often I'm getting pummeled by a monkey with a machine gun or rockets simply because the stupid camera doesn't know enough to swing around a column. And using buttons to "fix" the camera's faults is a cheap trick. Sorry Sony, A big company like your self should know better.

    This game gets three stars due the rotten camera work. If the programmers spent more time with this crucial element then the game would certainly win five stars. Too bad Sony, the frustration with the camera is simply too high. For those who think the camera works "perfect" play a few more games for comparison....more info

  • Hey it made Greatest Hits
    Great game, I dont really think its a little kid game...im 14 and i still think its tough.

    The controls are very hard to get used to.

    Besides the goofy storyline and tough controls, its still an awesome game....more info

  • You'll go ape for this wild platformer!
    Ape Escape is the Mario 64 of the playstation. In this game, you play as Spike, a guy who is trying to catch monkeys and in my opinion, kinda looks like a monkey. This is the first game that takes full advantage of the Dual Shock controller. The controlls are tricky at first, especially for someone who isn't firmilar with a playstation controller, but they're easy to learn, about a 15-20 minute learning curve. Just to warn you, you NEED the dual shock to play this game, hear me? I find it somewhat easy, but I'm so far from beating the game I couldn't tell you. There are huge variety of weapons to use, plenty of mini games, and vass landscapes to explore, yep, I'd recommend it to anyone with a PSX. It's almost worth it to buy a PSX for this alone, but the key word is almost. Have fun :)...more info
  • great action game
    this game was very interesting and brings about a challenge that you can enjoy. the graphics are great, and the inventions were cool. you can't beat the price of this game for how good it is. it will take a long while for kids to beat this game. and that is a good thing because you don't want to finish the game too fast....more info
  • Hurry and catch the monkey
    Ape escape in my opinion is a great game.There are over 200 monkeys to catch so I advise you not to rent it. It has great music and backgrounds,and a wide variety of levels.There are many gadgets that you can use such as:a remote control car, net,stun club,and many more!Don't think it is a easy game on some levels you really have to use your head.Also the monkeys fight back some have: laser guns,machine guns,bats or just use their bare fist.These monkeys are really smart so watch out.It also great mini games,so Ape escape is really worth it....more info
  • Way Cool!
    This game is one of the best in my collection! It has great ideas, awesome gadgets, and all the diffrent monkey abilities are shown in a very creative way! Great buy, good price, lots of fun!...more info
  • Monkeys on the LOOSE!
    Ape Escape is an awesome game with amazing graphics and great storyline. The game has over 200 different monkeys, each with hilarious attitudes. This was (no doubt) my favorite game of all time, cuz I just love playing adventure/platform games. This game is not easy to beat if you want to complete it 100%. There are time trials for almost every level and cool mini-games. It took me over a month to beat the game 100%, but I'm just an average gamer. I recommend this game, cuz it's fun, exciting, cool, and CHEAP $$$!...more info
    I love APE ESCAPE. It is the best Playstration game ever. Just look at the other revues if you do not believe me. You need a dual shock controller to play this awesome game. the mini games are really cool....more info
  • Ape chasin' fun!
    I have only had my Playstation for a few months and this was one of the first games I bought based on lots of good reviews. This game completely addictive. Being a new gamer, I love the training room where you can practice your "moves" with the different gadgets. The apes are so cute and such fun to stalk, stun, and scoop up in your net. Fun for all ages - buy it!...more info
  • Great fun for kids and adults alike
    I've had more fun playing Ape Escape than any other platformer. Hunting down monkeys with the various gadgets is a blast! I like the fact that you can get to the next level without having to catch every single monkey, so if you can't figure out how to catch one particular monkey you can just go on to the next. I also like being able to go back to levels I've already played - it's a nice way to take a break from some of the harder levels. This game has enough variety to ensure it will be played for a long time to come....more info
  • Too much fun
    I was bored one day, and was watching my mother-in-law play Ape Escape 2. Looked like it was fun, and less stressful than some of my other games that I like tend to be, and borrowed her copy of the first Ape Escape.

    It starts out simple enough. You catch a few slow monkeys and learn your gadgets thru tutorials. But then it gets difficult. My 3 year old daughter loves to sit on the bed with spare control in hand and help catch monkeys. The graphics are nice and the storyline is fun. The gadgets are cool too.

    Only one complaint, and that is that the camera angle loves to change when you are at the most challenging parts. Anytime you need to use your flying thingy and it's for going somewhere difficult, the camera changes and you can't see where your destination is. It gets a bit annoying after you die a few times, but I did eventually get past the frustration and finished the game. This game is great for young kids and adults alike....more info

  • Awesome Game!
    This game is awesome. The dual shock makes it even cooler and just when you think you beat the game, you go to a secret level. I give this game five stars for quality and adventure....more info
  • One of my favorite games!!!
    This game is so cool!! You play using Spike and youy go through time catching apes. Although the graphics aren't the best I've seen, and one of the mini games is lame. This game is still one of my favorites along with Spyro 2, and NBA LIVE 2001. Get this Game!!!...more info
  • Great Game!
    This is great! I got it for Christmas and couldn't put it down since! It's long enough,not hard enough to fit,not easy enough to punch,and fun! I recommend to get it! Do I make myself clear? Buy it!...more info
  • awesome game
    Just got the game last night. My dgtr and I both love it. She is 7 and loves capturing the monkeys. She is does not have the control of both joysticks on the controller like her dad, but loves the graphics and the storyline.

    This game will hold a high place right along with all the CRASH Bandicoot games....more info

  • Lots of fun
    It is a lot of fun trying to cath those monkies!,plus,I love their characteristics,like "Misses his girlfriend" or "Likes to meditate"....more info
  • Ape Escape sets the pace
    the original Ape Escape set the standard for all that followed. Great entertainment, games, and movies are embedded. Fun, fun, fun....more info
  • This Game Rocks
    Bored with those old games? This game gives you the best stuff in the universe. You don't just sit there staring at the screen with your mouth wide open and your eyes like goldfish's, this is plain fun. Some levels are challenging and some of the monkeys are tough, but it's an extremely good game. I'm pretty far, myself. Don't worry, you'll get those monkeys like eatin' pie....more info
  • Ape Escape rules the Dual Shock kingdom....
    I got to admit, I know the game is aimed more towards kids but I'm 35 and I had a blast with this game. I never even heard of the game til it was shown to me in someones' collection. Being bored one day, I put it in the Playstation to check it out and, lo and behold, I played that game til early the next morning. The object of the game is to catch all the monkeys lose in each level. Trust me, it isn't as easy as you might think. It takes some smarts to get them lil critters. Armed with several different gadgets, you're a one-man monkey catching machine. I know it might seem like a silly game to you but it's one of the most fun games I've played in a long while. You definitely owe it to yourself to see what it's all about....more info
  • More fun than a barrel 'o' monkeys
    I first saw this game, like most people in it's odd advertisements of apes hi-jacking a bannana truck. I thought how could this game be good? But when I actually got the game I could not believe how wrong I was. I am not a fan of funny, animated games, but this is an exception.

    The game smooth easy controls that can be mastered in seconds. Even throught out each level of the game, helpful hints are given to help you through tricky situations. There are even training courses that are easy, like learning how to use a certain gadget, and hard like the colloseum training courses.

    As expected the game does have weapons. Though they are very kid friendly. Hoola-hoops and comic- extendable punching gloves, are jut a few of the laughable weapons in the game. Now, some people may also worry about two things that my folks worried about. Those things are blood and cruelty to animals (the apes). 1. There is no actual blood in the game. All enemies will fall to the ground and turn into an item that can be picked up. 2. As fro animal cruelty, none of the apes die! A big aspect of the game is catching the apes. (You start the game with a net as one of your gadets) Also, this is the first game to use both of the joy sticks on a controller called a Duel-Shock Analog Controller. This makes the game allot easier if you think about using the same joystick to move, look around, and use your gadgets! You couldn't do it! All in all, this is a great game, and I highly reccomend this game to all. I do hope you found this useful. Goodbye!...more info

  • Ape Escape
    I love the game I have been playing it for about 6 months I start from the beginning and end up play to almost the end haven't gotten there yet. But I love it...more info
  • Fantastical fun
    Graphics: 9/10 - Nothing is ugly in Ape Escape, it all looks totally fabulous. The character movements and designs are extremely nice and the attacks and training scenes are all beautifully put together.

    Sound: 8/10 - A groovy score and neat sound editing techniques make Ape Escape's sound thoroughly plausible.

    Value: 9/10 - Endlessly fun to play. Ape Escape is a game you will start once and start again, start once and start again. You'll play it so many times; you may take over 10 whole memory cards!

    Overall: 9/10 - This shouldn't be overlooked because of its frankly silly plot. It's stunningly enjoyable to play and really gives a good use to the analogue controller....more info

    I read alots of review about this game,alot of people said that Ape Escape was good,so I decided to buy Ape Escape for myself.Geez they were right,this game is great and fun.This is a fun game I mean I have to catch those monkey on different level and sometime each land have 4 or 6 or over 10 that each of the land that the monkey stay.There about 8 weapon/gaget that I can use to kill the enamy and to help me out on some hard place to reach.This game have 25 level and 200 monkey to catch,this game can be play for everyone,"like the esrb rated said on the front".Ape Escape is mild animated violence,there no gore or bad word on it "just wanted the parents to know it".I never get tired of playing Ape Escape,this is a really fun to catch the monkey.Get this game you won't be dissappointed,I haven't too!...more info
  • 1999's best platformer for the Playstation!
    While I regard the Crash Bandicoot series the premiere platformers for the Playstation, I was pleasantly surprised with Ape Escape. Hunting down monkeys is such a hilarious concept it makes we wonder why nobody thought of it before. Overall, I found the game to be very well-designed, fun, and addictive. The graphics, while not as pretty as Crash Bandicoot or Spyro, grow on you after a short amount of time. The developers made optimal use of the Dual Shock controller, more so than any other company. Control is perfect. I also found that, compared to many other 3D games, the in-game camera caused me very few problems. To make it easier for younger players, the game levels are littered with helpful hints. While not a huge game--it can be finished in about a week--the three mini-games that are eventually opened up are a ton of fun and add longevity to the title. What I found most amazing is that each of the game's 204 monkeys has a unique name and personality. A tremendous amount of creative energy went into this title. You want to complete 100% of the game just to see every square inch of each level. If I can find any fault with the game at all, it's that you must complete the levels in a linear fashion. Other than that, it's an unusual and highly enjoyable platformer. Highly recommended....more info
  • A really fun game!
    A great game for kids. Although I'm 13 I really enjoyed this game a lot. It has cool gagets and exiting new stages. Beating up mindless mokeys is the best part....more info
  • Game enjoyed by all
    Completely fun. I have to say chasing these darned monkeys is such a relief, the colors and fluid actions do not disappoint, and the puzzles, while not overly challenging, will hold one for a sufficient amount of time. Each level has enough places to go (almost too many, and multiple places you can find the monkeys you need) you may miss something in your pursuit of the monkeys, making repeat play possible to enjoy. My only beef with the game is with the soundtrack which gets repetitive and dull fast. I'm 27 and I would recomend this game to anyone looking for pure fun, puzzles, and good graphics in a game....more info
  • Awesome Game!!!!!
    This game is awesome. The dual shock makes it even cooler and just when you think you beat the game, you go to a secret level. I give this game five stars for quality and adventure....more info
  • Ape Escape
    One of the best games for psone....more info
  • Makes Your Mind Think
    When I first got it I didn't think it was going to be fun. My friends told me it was fun but I didn't belive them. Then I play for once and it was very fun. I get stuck in some parts and I give it a few trys and then I leave it alone if it didn't work. It does Make your mind think on some parts. Also it you don't pass a leave in a "SNAP" you got to take your time in this game. You have to have Anaolog on your control to have Dual Shock. I think it's time to buy the game now....more info
  • Very Nice Game
    This game is so cool.Although the graphics aren't the best out there they aren't the worst.The gameplay fun runs out after the you beat it the first time.Spector (the villian who is actually a monkey) is very challenging and is very fun to beat over and over.(My brothers act like a freak of nature over this game).I would definitley buy this game....more info
  • Ape Escape is very enjoyable
    Ape Escape has pretty good graphics, especially for PlayStation. The game has lots of special activities and tools which make it very interesting. The controls are hard to use at first, but you get used to it quickly. The game has a creative plot, and it has no gore and very little violence. Several levels are frustrating, but it is a pretty good game overall....more info
  • Ape Escape is great!!!
    This game is great.If you want a game that is fun, challenging, but not so challenging that you cant play it, Ape Escape is the best.

    Toward the end you try to save Spike's best friend Jake who has been captured and turned evil by the evil mastermind Spector. He has plotted to change history so he can take over the world.

    Collect specter coins to unlock cool minigames to play, one time I played the first minigane for a whole hour.Some monkeys including Spector hide and are hard to find, while others are out in the open. You dont see Spector until you are closer to the end.

    The Profeser gives you gadgets to help you play. Natily helps the Profeser, but is kind of snoty to you.Make sure you buy a memery card for this one. Now it is time to save man kind as we know it!!!!!...more info
  • Ape Escape is Awsome
    This game is awsome if u dont have this game... buy it it takes a long time 2 beat the game it also has fun mini games its fun to look into the monkey and c the monkeys leel and all their info this is a awsome game!!!...more info
  • Whoo Hoo!
    Here's the premise - you're this little guy with a net and a light sabre running around trying to capture these monkeys. The monkeys wear different colored pants, and have little sirens on their heads. The pants tell you how tough they are to catch, and the sirens tell you if they've caught on to the fact that you're trying to capture them.

    In addition to the trusty tools I mentioned above, you get a whole slew of other gadgets you can use to capture the monkeys, including an r/c car, slingshot and monkey radar. Unfortunately, the monkeys are also armed with everything from grenades to machine guns to canons.

    In addition to being hilarious (the commercials for the game were great, if you got a chance to seem them on TV), the joy of the game is using the analog controllers to move and manipulate gadgets.

    The game was the perfect difficulty, not too hard as I had suspected it would be. I still haven't completely finished, and look forward to hours more fun netting those pesky little chimps!...more info

  • awesome game!!!
    this is one of the most fun playstation games ive ever played!
    it also keeps you busy for a long time. you get gadgets to help you catch the apes like the time net,RC car,stun club,and much more. if you get it you wont regret!...more info
  • Pretty Good
    This game is alright. The way you can get new gadgets and need to go back through the levels is okay, but after you finish that there's zip to do. You can olny resort to the bad arcade games, which have unbelivably bad graphics. This game is compltely 2-D in some parts, which can get annoying. It's better to rent this game than buy it....more info
  • A surprisingly good action game.
    Ape Escape is on one of the sleekest action games on Playstation, which is, in theory, a pretty low-power console. The graphics, despite being rather choppy, are colorful and well-textured. Most of all, the game has a high frame rate with no noticeable slowdown to speak of, which allows things to move quickly and smoothly. The control scheme is intuitive despite being complex at the outset. Fortunately, no action you can take requires pressing more than one button. Right shoulder buttons are jumping, left shoulder buttons center camera and bring you into a first-person lookaround mode, digital d-pad moves the camera, left and right sticks move the character and the selected tool respectively, which the X, triangle, circle, and square buttons select your tool. Also, the controls are quite tight, which will save you much frustration from falling over cliffs and such. The camera is one of the best I've ever seen. It rarely swings around the character, although at times I did experience a few odd, glitchy perspectives, such as from behind walls and from under floors. Fortunately, the camera is spring-loaded to auto-center on the character.

    The level selection is the usual cliche pretty meadows/volcanoes/robotic factory fare, but in order to fulfill your quota of monkeys (capturing anachronistic, and very agile monkeys is the point of the game) you will have to navigate your surroundings in all of the three dimensions and utilize all of your equipment (monkeys are caught with a net, enemies are disposed of with a "force club", you can glide with a hand copter to reach higher ground, or swim via help of a motorized sub), which is part of the appeal. The levels are large and complex.

    The game is relatively easy, but the frantic excitement it creates will make you play it over and over again....more info

  • Hey it made Greatest Hits
    Great game, I dont really think its a little kid game...im 14 and i still think its tough.

    The controls are very hard to get used to.

    Besides the goofy storyline and tough controls, its still an awesome game....more info

  • MONKEYS !!!!!!!!
    What can be more fun than running around chasing monkeys? the are plenty of levels and gadgets to play with. The only downside is that the paddle boat is impossible to control in my opinion. Each monkey has its own charateristics and weapons. just trying to run up and snag the monkey doesn't always work. special gadgets must be used first. Pretty much run around the world getting rid of monkeys using gadgets. The game is pretty explanatory but is loads of platform fun. also includes minigames that can kill some time with friends....more info
  • monkys
    the main problem with the game is that its just too hard and dificult
    it will take a time to finish it 100% and catch all the monkeys
    but the graphics are are very good and its pretty funny and fun game...more info
    This game is a lousy, sad waste of time, money, and more time. It was a waste of the 5 min. I spent boring myself. Do not by this game, if your looking for a game that is actualy worth opening that good for nothin' plastic wrapper stuff find something else....more info
  • This is a good game!
    This is a very good game for all you got to have video gamers.I think the age rank should be about 9-20.This game has many different challges.That way it makes the game all lot funner to play.The only thing about this game is that you have to have a duleshock controller to play it.This is a barrle of fun!...more info
  • Super Simian Game!
    This game is great!

    The storyline is excellent, graphics amazing-- one heck of a cool game!

    I do feel that if you are six through eight you may need a little help mastering the control but you will learn with ease. Smooth controls, voice-overs really fit the characters, it's good fun for the whole family. Also, the little minnie games are fun. Four games in one! Ape Escape it's self, a sking game, a boxing game (with kid-friendly graphics) and a spaceship game. This game is great... I higly recomend it! See ya gamers!...more info

  • I love this game!
    this was a very fun game. it was a challenge yet i never got stuck ad gave up....more info
  • I love this game, it's so cool!
    I like this game because there are so many things to track apes down and capshure apes. you will have a hole lot of fun with this game. I would say it is good for ages 7 & up. so if you get this game I now you will not regret it!...more info
  • Really Cute!
    I bought this for my four-year old and he liked it. I guess the idea of catching monkeys really appealed to him. I tried it and I liked it. The game is fun and challenging. Only, it is a bit fast paced when catching the little fur-balls. Fun for all!!...more info
  • Finally a game with real control.
    Why Mario wasn't ever equipped with a slue of plumber's tools I'll never know. However, in Ape Escape the hero has every single time-traveling monkey-capturing contraption a kid could need. And each monkey to be captured in the different time lines is like a mini puzzle. Best of all you can repeat any level at any time, without having to pass the game first, or a code or some gaming nonsense. This game explodes with character. Ape Escape perfects the character driven platform game with its fun and engaging style. Once you put it down, you'll look forward to capturing those rascally Escaped Apes....more info
  • Ape Escape
    when i first looked at this game i said it was stupid, I mean catching monkeys but once I played it I quickly changed my mind. I guarantee you will love this game no matter how old you are, hardcore gamer or causul.You must have a DUAL SHOCK controller to play this game and that is the best part of the game the control is unmatched and after playing this game you will wish all the games were controlled like this...more info
  • I am not sold. . .
    While reviewing this game, I was surprised to see in the opening scenes, monkeys carrying clubs and machine guns. I will not pay for violent games. There's no need to encourage guns, hitting and violence. It's being returned to the store tomorrow!...more info
  • This review is deditcated to my Ape Escape disc. 1999-2008
    Ah, the year was 1999. While Sony and Nintendo were clashing, people thought that 2000 would be the end or at least the end of their computers. SpongeBob SquarePants began to reign to over kids, along with Pokemon. And some people were wondering why their Ape Escape game wouldn't work as they threw their non-Dualshock controllers down on the floor, while I was hating the game for not knowing how to play it. However, when I got it together, it became one of my favorites until its demise in 2008, when, wanting to make an ISO of my aging disc, I found it with a huge crack on it, under unknown circumstances.

    So, now that I've got a little of my nostalgia out, onto my review of this unique little game.

    GRAPHICS: Blocky, polygonal, and furthermore, colorful. In other words, it is the typical PS1 game. Nothing like a PS3's, but who cares?

    MUSIC: A big kudos to the people who composed to the music, because even after ten years it is still fun to listen to. Catchy, synth-like riffs fill this level, each level having a unique soundtrack. What's also cool is when you crouch, some of the instruments cease.

    SOUND/VOICE ACTING: The sounds, while sort of primitive, are also catchy. The swoosh of the net will be music to your ears, along with the footsteps and other stuff. The voice acting, while so-so, is actually the best voice acting in the trilogy. I wish the cast would have stayed for 2 and 3, but oh well.

    STORY: Simple, but pretty original. Specter, the most popular monkey in the monkey amusement park, finds the Professor's Peak Point Helmet, which enhances intelligence. Once he puts it on, he wants revenge for being locked up in there, so he makes more, gives them to all the monkeys in the park, and he raids the Professor's lab to use his time machine to rewrite history so apes can rule the world. Now only Spike, who kind of looks like Yu-Gi-Oh, can capture the monkeys, defeat Specter, and save his friend, Jake, who is under Specter's control.

    GAMEPLAY: Now here's where the game truly shines. Before I talk about the actual gameplay, however, let me discuss the controls.

    The Dualshock controller had been out for a while, but was still unneeded to enjoy the game. All it provided was vibration, and the ability to play with the analogue stick, the right stick as useful as wisdom teeth. Then Ape Escape came along and changed everything. Those without DS controllers had to get some to enjoy this game, whilst many tried to figure out the layout. The directional pads were only used for the camera, while the triangle, square, cross, and circle buttons were just used to change gadgets. It was then where the right stick, the L3, and the R3, (the latter both not having a title yet. It was just `push the left/right stick down like a button,) finally got their chance. This paved way for more functions for the Playstation controller.

    As for the gameplay itself, it is a blast, even if it's your 10th play. You time travel to many eras, your mission being to catch the apes. You also got gadgets, which help you solve puzzles and catch some out of reach monkeys. You start off with a stun club and a net, but you later get a total of nine gadgets, each having their unique function. The apes themselves are diverse, with each color of pants they wear representing their abilities. Some move so fast that you must catch them via stealth. After all, this was made a year after Metal Gear Solid came out. You don't have to catch all the monkeys in the level (some you can't until later when you got a different gadget,) but if you do, you can play the level with a time trial, which gives you nothing, but is fun. You also need to catch every single ape if you want to catch Specter. Your health is represented by cookies. You can also get Specter Coins, which allow you to play three different mini-games once you get the required amount. There's a skiing game, a boxing game, and a space shooter game, the last one the best IMO. There are also two racing levels where you race the brainwashed Jake for Specter coins.
    As for bosses, there are none until you get to Crumbling Castle. It's a shame, because the bosses are fun to fight. Instead, the game relies on enemies to keep you at bay besides the apes. You can't kill the apes, but you can kill the enemies and get goods. You'll have to search everywhere for those damn dirty apes, from the ocean to the Ice Age to even inside a dinosaur.

    Ape Escape, overall, is quite a fun game. It's not too hard, but it's still entertaining. This is a must buy. They also remade this game for PSP, but I never tried it. But I think AE is best on the big screen with a controller.
    ...more info
  • this game has not just the icing but the cake as well
    I truly believe Ape Escape has alot of great game play. the graphics are great, it doesnt get you aggravated with the 3-d spins (unlike toystory 2), and it is worth the time and price. Ape Escape is one of my personal favorites....more info
  • Only ok
    This game to me, wasnt that much fun. Pretty much all you do is try to catch monkeys, and after a while it isnt fun. I would highly suggest you try out this game before you actully buy it.This game just starts to get a little bit tired. Thanx for looking at this review. Hope it was helpful....more info
  • Very fun game.
    I have a huge library of games, Syphon Filter, FFVII, Spyro, Metal Gear Solid, Tomb raider, Parasite eve, Legend of Kain etc. This game is the only one that is just difficult enough to keep you want come back for more, yet not difficult enough to keep you stuck at one point for hours and hours like some games: Tomb Raider, Syphon filter, Parasite eve, FFVII, so on. I am not a very patient guy. If I am stuck at any point for more than three or four tries, I do not want bother it it any more.

    Ape escape is extremely fun, a lot of variety of game play: row a boat, swing a net, swim, sling shot. Especially the sling shot felt so natural. Spyro is pretty easy but the play isn't as varied....more info

  • This Is A Great Game!
    I thought Spyro The Dragon was great,but when I was done,I was looking for some other great action/adventure games.Ape Escape took the place of excitment,and it didn't fail.You'll love this game!...more info
  • Very Original!
    There are no games like this so far, and it's enjoyable for anyone (and especially for those who like these little creatures and anyone with spiked hair.) Many items are yours after completing levels, such as the monkey radar, which gives you stats about your next capture and where to find it and the RC car, which is way cool because you can drive it around and have it destroy annoying enemies for you and it can drive into places Spike would never be able to go. This is very useful to chase out the monkeys so you can capture them. In the game, there are rowboats and tanks. The rowboat paddles are controlled by the left and right analog sticks and the tank is mainly the same thing except it's on land and it can destroy nessicary walls Spike could never destroy. This is a great game and I reccomend it to everybody!...more info
  • Possibly the Best Adventure Game for playstation
    I had just glided through a bunch of good games, and was looking for something to provide a real challenge to great gamers, yet not exasperating. I stumbled upon Ape Escape, and it was just what I was looking for. The play control is unique, and will take a litte while to get used to, the camera is not too bad, and the game in general ROCKS! There are no apes in the game,(Just monkeys)but who cares! This is great, nonviolent fun for someone who wants a challenge similar to Zelda games for N64. Unless you don't have an analog control, BUY IT!...more info
  • My poor eyes....
    I'm sorry but I regret getting this game. First off, no more playstation one games for me. The graphics are subpar, the game play glitchy, and I cannot get the hang of using all the tools. This game is NOT enjoyable, not clever, and just plain miserable. I think if they did a ps2 version with better graphics and game play it would be interesting. There are far better games (PS TWO) if you shop around....more info
  • Greatest game ever!!
    I cannot say enough good things about this game. It provides tons of entertainment unlike games that are easily conquered. It has sooo many levels. The further you progress it includes exciting new features, but also combines some familiar things from along the way, too. It definitely makes full use of the controller, using every button available for game play. I would not recommend it for children under 8 or 9 because it takes alot of coordination to control, but the coordination is not difficult once you get used to it. Some levels are quite hard, but not so much so that you get annoyed and feel like smashing it, but it is definitely challenging in a good way. It does say "this bites" when you get killed, so if you care about your kids hearing it you will not like that. there are also three mini games that you can access after you have attained certain goals within the actual game. this is such a great game! i have had so much fun playing it, and i still haven't beaten it. it is really intense and fun. highest recommendation!...more info
  • Great,But could be better
    I like puzzles.But the games puzzles are a little too easy. Sony should make the puzzles harder....more info
  • Video fun
    This game was fun for my kids for a little while, but they quickly grew bored with it....more info
  • Ape Escape
    This game is way overrated A mediocre game at best poor graphics fair gameplay. Overall nothing special Nothing horrible...more info
  • The years worst platformer!
    This game is-TERRIBLE! The puzzles are easy, the gameplay is too slow, the graphics are not as good as I expected them to be, considering the amount of excitement surrounding the game's release. The game expects you to be to precise in your movements, for example, in a part where you have to paddle a raft down the river, if you don't move the analog sticks at the EXACT SAME TIME you just go around in circles. So, do yourself a favor and buy Tomb Raider or Spyro instead! If I could give Ape Escape 0 stars I would!...more info