10 Things I Hate About You

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Bianca stratford is pretty and popular and facing a big dilemma she has never had a date. Unfortunately a strict family rule dictates that her older rebellious man-hating sister kat must have a boyfriend before bianca will be allowed to date. So bianca and her wannabe boyfriend bribe a sullen young man. Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 01/11/2005 Starring: Heath Ledger Joseph Gordon-levitt Run time: 97 minutes Rating: Pg13

It's, like, Shakespeare, man! This good-natured and likeable update of The Taming of the Shrew takes the basics of Shakespeare's farce about a surly wench and the man who tries to win her and transfers it to modern-day Padua High School. Kat Stratford (Julia Stiles) is a sullen, forbidding riot grrrl who has a blistering word for everyone; her sunny younger sister Bianca (Larisa Oleynik) is poised for high school stardom. The problem: overprotective and paranoid Papa Stratford (a dryly funny Larry Miller) won't let Bianca date until boy-hating Kat does, which is to say never. When Bianca's pining suitor Cameron (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) gets wind of this, he hires the mysterious, brooding Patrick Verona (Heath Ledger) to loosen Kat up. Of course, what starts out as a paying gig turns to true love as Patrick discovers that underneath her brittle exterior, Kat is a regular babe. The script, by Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith, is sitcom-funny with peppy one-liners and lots of smart teenspeak; however, its cleverness and imagination doesn't really extend beyond its characters' Renaissance names and occasional snippets of real Shakespearean dialogue. What makes the movie energetic and winning is the formula that helped make She's All That such a big hit: two high-wattage stars who look great and can really act. Ledger is a hunk of promise with a quick grin and charming Aussie accent, and Stiles mines Kat's bitterness and anger to depths usually unknown in teen films; her recitation of her English class sonnet (from which the film takes its title) is funny, heartbreaking, and hopelessly romantic. The imperious Allison Janney (Primary Colors) nearly steals the film as a no-nonsense guidance counselor secretly writing a trashy romance novel. --Mark Englehart

Customer Reviews:

  • AWESOME MOVIE! R.I.P. Heath Ledger!
    I love this movie its awesome. Heath Ledger was a terrific actor. He will be miss!!! R.I.P Heath!!!...more info
  • Exceptionally good teen age movie
    This is a light hearted teen flick, based loosely on Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew. It has extra poignancy for us now since Heath Ledger's untimely death.

    As such films go, this one is surprisingly smart and held my attention from the beginning to the end (and I'm no teenager). The whole cast is good but at this point in time, one looks especially at Heath who was barely out of his teens when he made this. He had such sweetness and charm that it's hard not to feel deep sadness at his passing. In time we'll forget the sadness, hopefully, and be glad that we have this film to enjoy his presence....more info
  • My favorite of the teen comedies!
    This teen adaptation of 'The Taming of the Shrew' is histarical and a great watch. If your fans of the teen comedy genra you'll love it. It blows films like 'She's all That' and 'Can't Hardly Wait' away (although the latter is one of my favorites as well) ANYWAYS...the premise is two young girls, Bionca and her older sister Kat, live with a very strict father who says that they can't date or party or anythign for fear that some scum of the earth will impregnate them. Kat is fine with this but Bionca wants to be popular and you can't be popular if you can't party and don't have a BF...Cameron is in love with Bionca, he's knew and shes hot and he wants her but because of her father he can't have her...so he sets her up with the school bad boy played by Heath Ledger. Kat is resitant by Patrick won't give up and she eventually falls for him and Bionca is free to be wooed...but she's not interested in Cameron who is just 'the nice guy' but not 'the cool guy' and so she picks 'the cool guy' and ends up heartbroken and leaning on Camerons shoulder...and then Kat finds out Patrick was paid to date her, but he really likes her but it looks like all is lost because of a pay-off...It's funny, predictable maybe, but funny and smart and the acting is quite good for the type of film it is...I liked it alot and think most people will as well....more info
  • howith I lovith thee
    Okay, so. You're probably sick of all those campy films in this genre, right? There's just so many of them out there, each one getting progressively worse and worse and stealing ideas not so obliviously from the endeavor before it.

    But what happens when you take a very likable group of actors and mix them with a sharp script, hip music, and a man called Shakespeare? You get this movie, of course! Finally, a movie in this genre that doesn't make you want to throw your DVD player out the window. The humor was so spot on and brilliant that I, at least, try and repeat many of the memorable quotes around just to see how many odd looks I get. If you want another reason to like this movie, let me just give you three words: Heath Ledger's hair.

    Not a fan of Shakespeare, you say? Think William Shakespeare is the manager of your local Taco Bell? No problem, you don't have to be a fan to enjoy this movie. Love Shakespeare to pieces and know every last detail right down to how many hairs he had on his head when he died? Perfect! You'll love this movie.

    Now, I'm going to go buy some noodles and a book and sit around listening to chicks who can't play their instruments....more info
  • Great Movie
    Even if you are not a teen you will love this movie. It is teen romantic comedy done in a smart, savy and entertaining way. You've got to love the scene where she reads that heartreaking sonnet and you have to laugh and smile when they have the conversation about the guitar at the end. Julia and Heath shine.
    This is a movie you will watch over and over again....more info
  • Cute movie!!!!
    I have this movie and I liked it. I showed it too my niece and she loved it too, so I bought her one. I will say that there is a lot of sex humor. If someone is going to buy it for a young teen, they might want to watch it first.
    The price was good and free shipping was great, too. ...more info
  • Not quite from the Bard, but it is a fantastic teen romantic comedy.
    Of all the recent teen romantic comedies, I think this one is my favorite. "10 Things" is (losely) based on Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew." The movie is about Kat (the Shrew) who is a anti social outsider. Unfortunately her younger and more popular sister Bianca cannot date until Kat starts dating. Various suitors of Bianca's conspire to free her by hiring the school bad boy Patrick to date Kat.

    I love the fact that both the lead characters are somewhat outsiders in high school, rather than following usual story arc for a teen romance where at least one of the leads is part of the "in crowd." The character of Kat is also very refreshing. She is a strong willed and feminist, but remains sexy and human rather than a Hollywood sterotype.

    I also loved the setting of the movie in Seattle, Washington. What a departure from the vast majority of teen movies which usually take place in California! I especially like the school where the film was shot, which is a real High School in Tacoma. Compared to where I went to high school, the school in this film is absolutely sureal and it definately gives a certain feeling of fantasy to the movie.

    Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles are perfect as the leads. Both were very young when this movie was filmed, but you could tell then they had talent and would go far. Julia Stiles really impresses with her ability to be sexy, strong and even vulnerable all at the same time. The supporting cast is also excellent. Larisa Olenik gives a great performance as the beautiful and naive Bianca. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Cameron, the boy who will do anything for Bianca. I also liked Andrew Keegan as the vain and vapid Joey who also is after Bianca, but for less than honorable reasons.

    The movie does have some cliche's of the teen comedy genre, but the story is surprisingly clever and engaging, the characters are charming, and the setting in Seattle is fantastic and fresh. I highly recommend "10 Things I Hate About You."

    ...more info
  • 10 Reasons to Watch This Movie
    1) Lots of wit and humor, especially in the scenes with Kat and Bianca's father.
    2) Very good music! There are new versions of songs that you'll be familiar with and songs that you have never heard before, so be sure to check out the soundtrack as well.
    3) Revenge is sweet! You know it is...
    4) Everyone gets what's coming to them, and a lot of fun is had along the way.
    5) Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Larisa Oleynik are very cute when they're in scenes together - they play Cameron and Bianca.
    6) It's funny to see just how much of a jack@$$ the character Joey can be - honestly, are there actually guys like him out there?
    7) The movie has a very cute scene with PAINTBALL in it...yes, paintball.
    8) Secretly, there are a lot of us out there who wish we had the guts to be like Kat.
    9) It's one of the better adaptations of Shakespeare's works. They manage to work a lot of Shakespeare into the movie without making it cheesy or weird.
    10) Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger are so hot - they light up the screen with their chemistry and make it so much fun to watch...it's so sexy and fun....more info
  • Cute Movie
    This movie is very cute, my teenage daughter loved it, and since Heath Ledger recently passed away, I purchased 3 movies that he starred in and that I adore. This movie is about teenage love, overcoming trials of past loves, and finding a new love, which will touch your heart, and learning to trust again....more info
  • Ten Things I Hate About You Review
    This movie is a really awesome movie. If you like Heath Ledger it is a real classic when it comes to remembering the great movies that he starred in. He sure came along way from playing in A Knights Tale to playing Joker in The Dark Knight... Heath Ledger is greatly missed....more info
  • Great flick one question why the title?
    I really don't have much to add because I agree with other revewers--this is a clever and witty movie (in fact most of the "teen" adaptations of classics are very good.) But why the title? It is not from Taming of the Shrew but seems to come from sonnet 141 which Kat's class has to paraphrase--what's the connection? Sonnet 141 "In faith I do not love thee with..." is a dense dense piece of work and I am still not sure what it is about. Can anyone offer an explanation of the title of the movie?...more info
  • I really liked this movie, and I wish I had seen it sooner.....
    This movie is without a doubt one of those movies that seems to "stake it's claim" sort of to speak within many peoples minds, including mine.

    I'm 23 years of age as I type this. I will be 24 years old in the next few weeks, and I finally seen this movie for the first time this past week, and I have to tell you, I'm sorry I didn't see it sooner. Especially when the movie was first released in 1999, when I would have been 17, and could have related all the more to the people in this movie.

    This movie, an adaptation of "taming the shrew", and is set in modern day times at a school in Washington state if I'm not mistaken. The cast really brings the characters of this movie to life, and the situations the characters find themselves in are very typical of those the teen-ager in high school finds themselves in.

    This movie has the teen romance story, which is typical of most movies, but involves a few more twists than the average plot. The plot also involves difference characters with different views and standpoints on life in High school, but they all come together to make the plot of the movie work in a fashion that is very likeable, I would imagine for anyone of any age. It really brings to life the teen-ager I think exists within us all.

    This is one of those movies you will enjoy watching over and over again, especially for certain scense, such as when Patrick (Heath Ledger) performs his musical to gain favor in the sight of Kat (Julia Stiles). Or the part of the movie where Kat, enraged at Joey(another guy in the movie) for pulling in behind her, and blocking her way, backs her car purposely into his Z28 Camaro.....OUCH! There is also some odd humor in this movie, such as when Patrick and Cameron are talking, and when Patrick, after being informed by Cameron that Bianca kissed him asks where Bianca kissed Cameron, Cameron responds by saying "In the car".....lol.

    I don't want to say anymore, as I don't want to give all the scenes away. I will simply say if you've ever seen any teen-movie that you liked, then you will LOVE this movie.
    ...more info
  • a decent introduction to shakespeare
    my daughter and i first saw this when it went to video, oh so many years ago, and really enjoyed it. i let her know that it was a remake of 'taming of the shrew' by shakespeare and she wanted to see more. from there she watched the commedia del arte version with mark singer (beastmaster) and couldn't get into it. i wasn't sure whether to suggest the version with elizabeth taylor and richard burton but she insisted and loved it!!

    these releases are kinda sappy but if your child starts asking to see more of it in the original verse then, by all means, let them!

    beyond that, it's a fun movie and my goth, emo teenager will always sit to watch it with me....more info
  • A Good Movie Loosely Based On The Taming Of The Shrew!
    I didn't see this movie in a movie theater but I borrowed someone's 10 Things I Hate About You DVD and I really liked this movie and that it was based on William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew,and I liked the movie so much that I decided to go out and buy my own DVD and I highly recommend the DVD! This is a modern twist on The taming Of The Shrew so if you are a Shakespeare purist don't expect it to be 100% faithful. It's just loosely based on it....more info
  • Still Funny!
    This is an older movied but it is still funny and I still love to watch it. The soundtrack is also great. So if you like the movie you should get the soundtrack as well....more info
  • trivia on the music
    I thought I'd mention that the club/prom singer and the band that appears in the movie (they call them "The Raincoats") is in fact "Letters To Cleo" with Kay Hanley vocalist. She went on to do the singing for Josie in "Josie and the Pussycats.
    Note lots of good shots of the band under the closing credits.
    Letters To Cleo has several CDs available on Amazon.
    They also have songs on "The Craft" "The Babysitters Club" and "Jawbreakers." ...more info
  • Rooftop Romance
    "10 Things I Hate About You" is a film I find myself renting every few years; so I should probably break down and buy a copy. As Heath Ledger's first major film in the US, it has become the starting point for one of Hollywood's most memorable careers. Ledger of course was nominated for an Oscar for Brokeback Mountain (Widescreen Edition) and seems likely for another nomination for his work in "The Dark Knight." As Patrick Verona, he's the hard-edged kid who falls for the girl least likely to be romanced.

    As Kat Stratford, Julia Stiles won an award from the Chicago Film Critics Association as "Most Promising Actress." With her work in the Bourne series and her new film "The Bell Jar," she's continued to be visible. She does a great job of walking that fine line between the shrew who disdains pretense and a girl to whom we can still lose our hearts. Her dance scene is hysterical.

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt who was a regular on TV's "Third Rock from the Sun" and who I have watched recently in Stop-Loss, Brick & Mysterious Skin (Deluxe Unrated Director's Edition) plays Cameron James, the love-struck teen who must get a guy to date Kat before he can go out with her sister.

    Larisa Oleynik who appeared several times on "Third Rock" plays Bianca as a superficial party girl. Their dad is played by Larry Miller who was on the "Joe Day Afternoon" episode of one of my favorite TV shows, "Medium." Andrew Keegan who was on TV's "Party of Five" plays the narcissistic Joey Donner who pays Patrick to date Kat. Allison Janey from TV's "West Wing" has a delightful cameo as the assistant principal Ms. Perky who moonlights by writing romance novels. Daryl Mitchell has a very funny role as the teacher Mr. Morgan who seems to dislike his students whenever possible. David Krumholtz who is the mathematician on TV's "Numbers" and who was in Superbad (Unrated Widescreen Edition) looks youthful as the brainy Michael who suggests to Cameron how to get a date with Bianca.

    Gil Junger directed the film. He has done extensive directing on television for series like "Dharma & Greg" & "Ellen" & is currently directing a TV update of this same film. While scenes like the rooftop concert may move this a bit far on the reality scale, I find this is a sweet romantic comedy that I enjoy revisiting. Enjoy!...more info
  • "How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways."
    I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. "Ten Things I Hate About You" is VERY LOOSELY based on William Shakespeare's comedic masterpiece, "The Taming of the Shrew." The film is set in a modern day high school. Kat (Julia Stiles) is an angry teenage girl who seems to loathe all men. Her younger sister Bianca (Larisa Oleynik) is a popular girl who can't wait to immerse herself in the dating scene. Unfortunately for Bianca, her overprotective father (Larry Miller) is incredibly paranoid and doesn't want to see either of his daughters come within 50 feet of a member of the opposite sex. In order to pacify Bianca's constant complaints, her father finally concedes that he'll lift the dating ban as soon as man-hater Kat shoes an interest in boys, which is unlikely to happen in the near future. Once Bianca's potential beau (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) finds out about this, he hires a mysterious classmate, Patrick (Heath Ledger), to feign an interest in Kat and loosen her up, thereby freeing up Bianca to date. At first Patrick is happy to oblige, but he is stunned when he begins to develop feelings for Kat, who isn't always as cold and collected as she appears to be.

    This movie is very entertaining. As a big "Taming of the Shrew" fan, I really enjoyed the occasional snippets of Shakespearean dialogue. This film does an excellent job of reinventing Shakespeare in a very modern way. Also, the young cast is talented and fun to watch. Stiles and Ledger have good chemistry together and make a very cute onscreen couple. Overall, I was very impressed!...more info
  • 10 Things I Hate About You
    This movie is a comedy romance. It is fun for the whole family. It has a lot of great sarcasism, and also in the end, you still get the little warm fuzzy feeling you get in romances. I recommend this movie to any who appreciate sarcasism for humor. ...more info
  • Better Than Clueless!
    Then Things I Hate About You is a good movie. I hear it is based on Shakespeare's The Taming Of The Shrew. I have never read The Taming of The Shrew but I did see this movie and I loved it. It is in the same vain as Clueless which they say was based on a book called Emma, by Jane Austen but I honestly think that Ten Things I Hate About You is better then Clueless which I found to be a little boring....more info
  • A very good teen romance movie
    I like this movie and have seen it several times. Like another reviewer, I would compare it to "She's All That" which I have also seen. This movie is a half star better than "She's All That".

    Kat and Bianca live with their father, an OB/GYN, whose wife left him. He is raising his daughters alone. He's very caring father, though very strick both because of his profession and his abandonment by his wife.

    Bianca, who is younger than Kat and a certified flirt, is not allowed by her father to date unless Kat is dating. But Kat refuses to date anyone. She is cynical and unhappy though it is obvious that she is very intelligent (much more so than Bianca). She's very unpopular at school; even her English teacher doesn't like her. Something has happened to Kat to make her cynical and bitter, but what? We find out much later in the film.

    Cameron, who has been tutoring Bianca in French, is infatuated with Bianca and wants to date her. He and his friend Michael (a geeky kind of guy) devise a scheme to find a date for Kat. No one will accept their proposal except Patrick who is the most unpopular tough-guy/loner at the high school (he lights his cigarettes with a blow torch in one scene). The school rumor is that Patrick was in prison at one time. Though frightened of Patrick, they approach him and convince Patrick to work on getting a date with Kat by tricking Joey, an egotistical guy with plenty of money who also wants to date Bianca, into bribing Patrick.

    It takes Patrick quite a while to make it through the wall Kat has thrown up to keep everyone at arms length. Kat hates Patrick at first but his persistence pays off.

    The scenes between Patrick and Kat, as their relationship develops, are charming. My favorite scenes are the book store scene, Patrick's tenderness to Kat after she gets herself drunk at a party, the paint ball scene, the music store scene, and most especially the scene where Patrick sings to Kat from the bleachers while she is in gym class playing soccer.

    Why did I give this movie 4 stars if I liked it so much? Because this movie is an very loose adaptation based on Shakespeare's play "The Taming of the Shrew". In comparison with "Clueless", another teen romance movie which is a loose adaptation of Jane Austen's "Emma", this movie falls just short of the perfection of "Clueless". If "Clueless" is a 5 star movie, then this one must be a 4 star movie.

    ...more info
  • Surprisingly excellent teen comedy
    The 80s were a big time for the teen genre; it seemed like almost every week there was a new teen movie opening, but with the end of the 80s and the end of the John Hughes era seemed to be the end of the teen genre. While there were still some teen movies produced in the 90s they didn't seem to get over as well. But towards the late 90s with the success of the TV series Dawson's Creek and the American Pie franchise suddenly the teen genre was back in a big way. What followed were mostly lackluster movie, but 10 Things I Hate About You is one of the better ones to follow.

    Clich®¶s are a very odd thing; sometimes they can do a movie in due to how predictable it is where as other times they help make the movie enjoyable. 10 Things I Hate About You is one of the movies where the clich®¶s actually help and make the movie a lot of fun. We've seen movies like this done back in the 80s and overall done better, but there is just something about this movie that works really well and it comes out very enjoyable.

    I have no problem with sexuality in movies it's a shame in these PC days everyone seems to complain, but it's kind of nice not having any of that. At first the sexual gags are fun, but then other filmmakers see that and try and up the ante and it's no longer fun. It becomes doing these gags for the sake of it. 10 Things I Hate About You goes back and does things more simple and simply just aims to make you laugh and entertain you and it very much gets the job done.

    The screenplay by Karen McCullah Lutz & Kirsten Smith was very well written with excellent and characters with plenty of depth; all the usual type characters are here; the jock, the pretty popular girl, the guy in love with the popular girl, the outcast and the bad boy. With all of that one would think this movie would probably fail, but to the credit of the writers they take the basic teen movie formula and work it well and write a very entertaining movie.

    Director Gil Junger pretty much delivers the text book teen movie direction and like the writing instead of hurting it really works well despite any clich®¶s. When doing a teen flick there are often silly and over the top moments; sometimes they work and sometimes they fell flat. But here the over the top moments are well done and believable.

    10 Things I Hate About You in my opinion is a much better movie than one might think. The movie has a lot of heart and a great message of just be yourself. This is the type of movie that is a great pick up if you are feeling down. At least for me it works like that and entertains me for 90-minutes and puts a smile on my face and despite any flaws that is all that matters. How the movie ends shouldn't come as much of a shocker to the audience. I think it's safe to know from the very start once the plot kicks in how this will all turn out. But again despite all this 10 Things really works so well and is one of the better teen flicks of the 90s and quite honestly would make my top 10 teen comedies, I really enjoyed this film a lot more than I thought I would.

    I'm not gonna jump on the let's all praise Heath Ledger, which due to his tragic death a lot of people are now doing. Heath Ledger was a very talented actor and despite being an Oscar nominated actor didn't fully reach his potential. I think the future was very bright for him and he would have lived up to that potential. But here in 10 Things he was really great. He played the typical teen movie bad boy with another side. And he does it so well and brings so much to the role. His character was one of the leads and honestly it could have been a boring clich®¶d character, but Ledger brought so much and almost makes it fresh. Julia Stiles I also really liked; her character was a lot of fun and any scene with her and Heath Ledger worked great.

    The rest of the cast is excellent as well, but in my opinion Larry Miller as the over-protective father steals the show. I've always liked Larry Miller; he's one of those guys that seems to always pop up. You might not always know his name, but you'll know his face. Even in the smallest of roles he always delivers and in 10 Things I Hate About You he clearly steals the show.

    Teen driven movies often hire actors in their mid to late 20s and even as old as early 30s. While that isn't old, but for playing a teenager it sure is. So it's really refreshing to see a movie about teenagers and all the actors very close to the ages. Most of the cast in the movie were very close to the ages of their characters at the time of filming.

    In closing, while 10 Things I Hate About You may not be the most original teen comedy what it lacks in originality it makes up in just pure fun. This movie is a blast from beginning, middle to end. The highlight of the movie is Heath Ledger singing Just too Good to Be True in the bleachers to Julia Stiles....more info
  • I don't get the hype
    The plot is fairly simple: Kat hates everything related to high school--the popularity, the dances, the immaturity. While her sister, Bianca, is popular, pretty and longing to go out on her first date.

    Enter the girls' father, who is extremely over-protective and forbids Bianca to date until Kat does--which will probably never happen.

    Meanwhile, a new guy at school--ranking far below Bianca on the social ladder--convinces Andrew Keegan's character to pay Heath Ledger to court Kat so that Bianca can date.

    This clears the way for many teen-movie related hijinks that we have seen over and over again in any number of films. Kat and Bianca spar repeatedly, while a simple explanation from Kat could solve the tension, she holds out until the last possible moment.

    All of the major high school stereotypes are evident in this film, but to an almost irritating level: Bianca and her bestfriend are beautiful, but stupid; the "hot guy" (Andrew Keegan), is stupid and arrogant; the guy Bianca ultimately falls for is dorky and somewhat lacking in social skills; and Kat, well, she gets away with being way more of a "heinous bitch" than any high school girl ever would.

    The humor is the type of immature nonsense that might appeal to a good denomination of the teenage masses, but in terms of romance, the sentiment is lacking.

    Bianca's romance seems to develop out of nowhere and she only learns her "lesson" after being backstabbed by her friend (but even her disillusionment with Keegan seems to come out of nowhere); meanwhile, Kat gives into Ledger's charms much too quickly, considering her sour attitude of past years.

    Then, we have the big dance that all teen movies seem to culminate with, Kat's public embarassment and Ledger's rather short-lived contrition.

    Not to mention the fact that no one ever addresses the fact that Kat and Ledger are both seniors and will inevitably end up at different school's (Kat decides to go to college in New York).

    But, I guess, for what it is, the movie doesn't really disappoint, per se, but it's definitely not a gem of the "teen scene." I'd recommend "She's All That," for a good teen movie with an actual plot...though that college thing STILL isn't addressed....more info
  • great
    This is a great movie, really well written and the acting in it is excellent. ...more info
  • One of the best teen romantic comedies
    "10 Things I Hate About You", an adaptation of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew (New Folger Library Shakespeare), is one of my favorite movies. Not only is the music great (so good it gets the 5 starts just for that, the 10 Things I Hate About You: Music From The Motion Picture is excellent) but the acting is also excellent. The movie has memorable, funny and interesting characters. The situation in which they find themselves are hilarious. I love when the father, a gynecologists, makes his daughters put on a fake pregnant belly to teach them the consequences of sex, or when Julia Style's character gets drunk and starts dancing. The movie is one of the top movies of the Teen Flicks Romantic Comedies....more info
  • another great julia stiles movie
    I thought this wouldnt be my kind of movie but i was amazed.It is really good. Wouldnt you be annoyed to have a spoilt sister like that?...more info
    i love this film, its one of my alltime faves, only partly because it introduced me to the scrumptious heath ledger (he plays patrick in this film). i first saw it at school a year or so ago, because it's like the only decent video they own which girls and boys can enjoy, and i haven't been complaining the other five hundred or so times they've shown it to us since then!I love everything about this film, heath, the music, heath, the plot, heath, the shakespeare references, heath, the humour, and did i forget to mention, heath!even if patrick was played by someone else i would still like it, i just think it has a great atmosphere and is a really fun film to watch with your friends. ...more info
  • ive never heard of this movie before
    I had a subsitute teacher one day and we were supposed to be doing a test that day, but he just put on this movie instead, and all I can say is it is one of my favorite movies now. (my teacher was pissed when she came back and found out we didn't do the test lol)...more info
  • A Classic Teen Movie
    "10 Things I Hate About You" totally overwhelmed me, I was expecting a lackluster teen romance, what I got was a re-working of William Shakespeare's "The Taming Of The Shrew" to modern perfection. This movie is amazing and boasts some huge stars: Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Gabrielle Union. The movie is actually really believable.
    The characters are well-played and crafted, the performances are superb. The script is witty and inventive. The soundtrack has some great songs but most of all the experience of watching this movie stays with you. My favourite characters would have to be Katarina (Julia Stiles) and Chastity (Gabrielle Union). The movie draws you in and you will find yourself watching it many times. It's probably good to buy a back-up copy as well, in case you wear out the first, in fact buy a third, just to be safe!!...more info
  • "10 Things I Love About This Movie" :)
    1) Epic cast.
    2) It's based on/a modern-day version of a Shakespearean play 'The Taming of the Shrew'.
    3) The music is quite lovely.
    4) Some parts/scenes are to die for.
    5) The plot is superb.
    6) I love how everything works out in the end for mostly everyone.
    7) I like how their clothes/fashion reminds us about what fashion was like in the late 1990's; it's like a historical documentary of the fashion sense.
    8) I like how each character has, well, CHARACTER. Not everyone's the same type of person and each person is very individualistic in their own way, unlike many other movies.
    9) It's witty and hilarious & not too girly and not too manly so it's right for everyone.
    10) It's BEYOND awesome!!!!!

    BUY IT.
    I highly recommend this film/movie. It is simply adorable & you will never ever get sick of it, never. :)
    ...more info
  • Who knocked up your sister?
    Regardless of whether 10 Things I Hate About You (from here on out referred to as 10 Things...)is based on a Shakespeare work or not, the end result has stayed relevent after all this time.

    10 Things... is the only teen movie I can think of that falls into every possible cliche situation but somehow comes out on top every time. From Patrick singing across the football field to Kat to Bianca ditching the pretty-boy Joey for the newbie, unpopular, Cameron, for some reason it all works perfectly. I'm convinced the reason this film is so good and is able to carry such a worn plot is because of the cast. Julia Styles and Heath Ledger are really convincing as a couple and, oddly enough, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Larisa Oleynik also seem to work wonderfully together.

    The plot revolves around five characters. Basically, Cameron and his school-showing guide/friend concieve this idea to get a rich guy named Joey to pay Patrick to date Kat, so that Cameron can date Kat's younger sister, Bianca. Cliches and chaos ensues!

    10 Things... is your average boy gets girl/boy loses girl/boy gets girl back movie, times two since there's two relationships blossoming. If you like those types of movies, 10 Things... is sure to please. For others, the comedy throughout makes all the 'chick flick' parts worth it. Not to mention the quote-ability that this movie's got. Just one gripe though, what's with skimping on the special features?! Release a special edition already!...more info
  • One for the Collection
    This fun little flick, a modernization of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, is definitely one of the better 90's teen flicks. Instead of using stereotypical cliques as a crutch like many similar films, this movie plays with the ideas of stereotypes in order to create this successful and highly entertaining satire that can work on both the straight forward level and the satirical level. All in all, it's a good watch. Definitely the best of the "guy gets paid to go with girl and ends up falling for her" movies.

    There's a lot going on in this movie. From the use (perhaps overuse?) of music, to the clever and self-aware references to Shakespeare, to the subtle turns the characters make, to the performances of these actors that, subsequent to this movie, would really blow up, there is pretty much something here for everyone to enjoy. It's a really light flick, with a lot of dialogue that will stay in your head for days. And I can't help but add how great Heath Ledger was, even then. It would be years later that he delivered the career defining performance as The Dark Knight, but the raw talent here is enough to impress so much that seeing the man perform is actually very bittersweet.

    I'd have to revisit all those 90s gems and flops to see if this was really the crown jewel of 90s teen-flicks, but it is at least AMONG the best. Definitely something that should be owned on DVD.

    8/10...more info
  • Shakespeare it is not, but it was good
    I had never heard of this film. I saw it and read some of the reviews and saw that it was supposed to be a takeoff of my favorite play of all time, TAMING OF THE SHREW, by William Shakespeare. That was enough for me to buy it.

    It must be admitted that the movie is very loosely based on TAMING OF THE SHREW but the operative words are VERY LOOSELY. Some of the names are right and the rough outline of the idea are there as is the shrewish nature of the elder daghter. After that, the divergance goes pretty wide. That didn't stop it from being a good show.

    The premise of the story is that there are two daughters with a controlling father. Everyone wants to date the youngest daughter but there is a catch. The younger cannot date until the elder does. Since the eldest is so hard to get along with, Pop thinks that the girls will be safe well into their 40's. That doesn't stop the scheming. A boy is paid to get the elder to go out with him, opening the way for the younger. No one couted on them falling for each other.

    Some of the elements of Shakespeare's play are not present. This is almost mandatory since the original is anything but politically correct. Kate, the eldest, is played as a shrew but she never becomes tamed. Her famous speech from act 5, or an analog, is not present. Neither are the identities of Bianca's suitors switched to fool the dad. As I said, it was loosely based.

    I never heard of either of the girls playing the leads but they do a good job. The father seemed familiar, though I don't know his name, and did a great job in his role racking up the laughs. Other minor parts also added magnificently to the whole.

    This is a great movie and lots of fun. Sit back and enjoy it. Aftwwards, check out Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's TAMING OF THE SHREW. Once you get used to the language, it too is a fun movie....more info
  • 10 Things I Love About this Movie
    I won't list the 10 things I love about this movie, but I can say that I love this movie. I have since I first saw it when it came out. I'm not one for mushy love stories, or chick flicks, which this movie does fall into. Nor am I a fan of Shakespeare, but this movie is just so fun you can't help but love it.

    It was the movie that introduced Heath Ledger to America and is a teen classic. It also stares Julia Stiles, who is no stranger to chick flicks, Larissa Olenik(from one of my favourite Nick shows The Secret World of Alex Mack) and a few other people we know pretty well.

    The movie is based on the play The Taming of the Shrew, but it's set in a high school which brings it home for many people, not just teens. The acting is pretty good for a teen flick, and the dialogue followable without relying too much on teenspeak. The ending is pretty much already known, but still rather cute.

    This is a classic. If you haven't seen it, you should. ...more info
  • I have yet to see Better movie
    Saving Private Ryan...no. Million dollar baby...No! This is a one of a kind movie that everyone can enjoy. I am serious. This is no chick flick. I have been watching this movie since I was about 9. Probably around 25 times in total (no exaggeration) and it just keeps getting better. There is the usual beautiful people, girly stuff but then there is substance too, that many others can enjoy. The dialog, song choice and casting are perfect! When someone asks me my favorite movie, I don't even hesitate. Buy your own copy of Ten Things I Hate About You TODAY!!...more info
  • Shrew it is Not
    This is a well produced teenage-formula film, and for the genre, particulaly entertaining for young adults because it touches on issues such as relationships, the frustrations of young adolescence with great looking actors and a great soundtrack.

    The screenwriter's suggest that the movie is a modern rendition of "The Taming of the Shrew", a Shakespearean comedy, a story about the taming of a bad tempered "in your face" young woman into submission.

    As far as the film's connections to Shakespear's play, there are few.

    Watching the film again, there are only a small number of connections and they are vague at best; connections one can count on one hand.

    We have a bad tempered young woman and a suitor with a goal. There is a bet, something about "taming" the Shrew, but really, that's about it.

    The theme of the film is about attaining "true love", against seemingly unbeatable odds. However, Shakespear's play is about "taming" a woman, a nasty shrew, bending Katharine to Petruchio's will! Altogether entirely different themes.

    In the original play, Petruchio sees Katharine as a challenge, and once given her hand in marriage, abuses her into submission through starvation and intimidation.

    At the play's end, there is a "bet" between the men on whose wife is the most obedient.

    Petruchio wins the bet because he has essentially bullied Katherine into an obedient, submissive wife.

    All said and done, this film is an entertaining teenage collection of clich®¶s' which really is designed to hold the attention of a young audience.

    Ten Things...is musically a good buzz, most the actors performing tongue and cheek with a typical, feel-good Hollywood ending.

    My only complaint, really, is the alleged connections to the 16th century play...because there is no substantial comparison...

    For a teenage movie, however, one of the better one's.

    ...more info
  • Great
    The best teen comedy of the late 90's. Theres something in there for everyone. If you're from the Northwest or you've ever wanted to go it gives you a great impression of what its like to grow up in Washington...more info
  • Definitely fun
    Cute, cute, cute.... How can anyone resist him? This was not a "deep" movie but it was still great, of course Heath was adorable. Julia Stiles' character was a riot. Good movie to laugh with!...more info
  • Entertaining.
    10 Things I Hate About You starring Julia Stiles is a clever and modern twist on Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew. This film is even sadder to watch now since Heath Ledger's passing, his performance made him a star. Ledger is very likeable and charming in this film, you'll love him in it. Great cast, fun comedy, and unexpected romance. Buy this movie today!...more info
  • Greatest Teen Movie of All Time
    This is one of my favorite movies of all time. Yes, it is similar to most teen movies, which have actors way too old to look like they're in high school, and plots that probably never happen in real life, but this movie has a lot of great humor, spectacular acting, a superb soundtrack, and that little something that makes you melt in your seat every time you watch it. This movie is definitely not to be missed!...more info
  • Remove Head From Sphincter, Then Drive!
    OMG. I love 10 things i hate about you. It's hilarious!

    Spoilers: This boy named Cameron moves to a new school and develops a crush on Bianca Stratford. Too bad popular guy already likes her. Too bad Bianca's not allowed to date unless her sister does. Too bad her sister's a b****. So Cameron devises a plan. He tries to find someone so extreme that even Kat Stratford would go out with him, leaving Bianca open for a date.

    They find this guy who ate an entire live duck and sold his liver on the black market for a new stereo. "Should you be drinking if you don't have a liver?" asks Cameron's dorky friend as they stumble upon said extreme guy. Kat falls for him, literally, after getting drunk at a party. At the same party, Bianca realizes she likes Cameron more. But she can't date him since Kat dislikes extreme guy after being turned down for a kiss.

    I'll leave the ending up to you. But buy this movie! I loved it!...more info
  • 90's teen drama at its best
    I saw this movie when i was about 12 and from that moment on i loved it. It doesnt take itself too seriously, the light pg-13 humor really reveals that.
    "So mr verona you exposed yourself to the lunch lady?"
    "I didnt expose myself it was a bratwurst."
    "Quite the optimist arent we?"

    Its dialog like this that really pushes the movie. It keeps you laughing but also you can relate with the characters. The soundtrack is great and overall of of my favorite movies ever....more info
  • Shakespeare Rom-Com
    10 Things I Hate About You / B00000K31Q


    Loosely based on Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew", "10 Things" is a very decent modern adaptation of this sometimes troublesome old tale. Faced with concepts that are difficult to translate to modern audiences, for instance why the desirable Bianca is off-limits until her abrasive sister Kat dates/marries in a world that no longer has bride prices and dowries, the film writers have created the clever conceit of a father obsessed with preventing his daughters from becoming grown, sexual beings. Tired of having the same argument with his social butterfly daughter Bianca, he childishly transfers the burden of parent onto the older Kat, saying that Bianca can date only when Kat does and trusting that Kat will continue to remain solitary and cloistered within the home.

    Neatly dodging questions of potential sexism in the original material, the abrasive Kat has been rendered as a superbly sympathetic character. From the beginning, it is clear that her tough exterior is not simply a factor of her being a terrible person, but rather it is a form of self-defense in the cruel world of high school politics. She is willing to open up to genuine kindness, but she refuses to be manipulated or used, and hopes to impart this wisdom somehow to her more vulnerable sister.

    Impressively, almost every character grows and learns something in this film. Kat and Patrick learn the value of trust and vulnerability in a relationship; Bianca and Cameron learn to judge when and how to be healthily selfish; and "Dad" learns to stop trying to prevent his daughters from growing up and to instead support them in such a way that he can still advise and guide them as they grow.

    Although this is a very good adaptation, it is arguable how 'timeless' "10 Things" is. High school is a naturally constraining setting, and high school rom-coms tend to age rather badly. Parents will want to note that this movie contains potentially objectionable language and situations involving alcohol and suggestive dancing. This version also contains captions for the hearing impaired. ...more info
  • 10 Things I Hate About You
    10 Things I Hate About You is what you would picture the typical upper-class family teen movie/chick flick to be. The movie that is set on a gorgeous school campus shows the different high school groups and how they are split. Although they are a little exaggerated, it shows what many high schoolers go through in trying to fit in. It is easy to relate to, not always being the most popular kid in class but still trying to fit in the "jocks" or "cheerleaders". Another great part of the movie is the stars. Heath Ledger is not only an amazing actor but easy on the eyes too. Heath's supporting actor, Julia Stiles, is also a good actor and they both fit their specific roles perfectly. After a game of cat and mouse between the two, the fairytale ending brings the two lovers together. The movie also has a wonderful sound track. Overall the movie is worth buying if you like the typical chick flick or Heath Ledger....more info
  • Artificial
    The movie is just a vehicle for Heath Ledger to do a hokey, unrealistic singing/dancing routine on stadium bleachers. Skip it....more info
  • Taming the shrew :)
    Excellent movie. Funny , love story. Filmed here in Tacoma and it wasn't raining , Imagine that ! Julia & Heath were fantastic....more info
  • 10 Things I Hate About You
    For all its hip dialogue and contemporary ideologies, "10 Things I Hate About You" uses a plot so ancient that the very thought of it conjures up images of studio executives passing out scripts made of papyrus scrolls. Amazingly enough, thanks to a few smart touches and a competent cast, the film retains an undeniable charm that is felt throughout most of the movie.

    The chemistry between Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger is the high point of the film. Their romance is genuine and effective and at times I wished that their characters would head out for the horizon instead of staying locked down to the conventions of the story, which remains frustratingly faithful to the traditional boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl formula. Simultaneously, the screenwriters have also found time to incorporate an assembly line of scenes found in almost every other high school romantic comedy including an obligatory party sequence and an emotional climax at the prom. The only moment of pure originality finds Ledger's character dancing across the bleachers of the school's football stadium whilst professing his love for the Stiles character.

    All of this is allegedly based on William Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew", but it is more or less used as a crutch and a platform for a series of not-so-subtle winks at the camera. For example, most of the action takes place at the fictitious Padua High School and the two leads are named Patrick Verona and Katarina Stratford. The whole effect feels contrived and the picture would have been better off without it.

    Nevertheless, we still have Stiles and Ledger at the center and complimenting their performances is a breezy soundtrack and a few praiseworthy supporting players, including Allison Janney as a horny high school counselor and Daryl "Chill" Mitchell as a passionate English teacher who raps the words of Shakespeare to great effect. Imagine if the writers had taken a cue from the Mitchell character and turned the project into a Shakespeare-inspired rap musical. That would have been interesting!...more info
  • Great movie!
    I have yet to buy this DVD, but this movie is wonderful! I have yet to buy this DVD, or to find it somewhere, but it truly is a inspiring movie! Me and my mom just love Julie now! I really gained respect for her, this movie is incredible! Me and my mother love laughing out loud by it, I'd truly like to see it again. Please, buy this DVD, it needs sudden support. K? Thanks....more info
  • 2.5 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    Another forgettable teen romance/comedy that moves swiftly along its formulaic, pre-ordained path, 10 Things I Hate About You tries for Shakespeare connections but belongs next to She's All That, not The Taming of the Shrew....more info
  • 10 Things
    This is an excellent, very funny movie. I reccomend it to anyone who wants to spend a night watching a light movie....more info


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