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  • This game is good!
    I love this game! The fighting system is awesome and the graphics arent no joke either. If you like games with good story lines then this game is for you. You can decide how the game ends. There are over 70 endings to this game. The possiblities are endless. If you love RPGs like I do then this game is for you....more info
  • The Best Battle and Skill System EVER!!!
    This game has possibly the best battle system there is, it is completely real time. I don't mean like real time as in you attack and you have to charge up, I mean completely real time. You can attack as much as you want and so can your enemies, so you can go through a battle without getting hurt at all! During battle you control one person and the rest are computer controlled, you can switch during battle if you need to, there are certian settings that you can choose for computer controlled charcters such as, run, heal friends, protect friends, attack enemy, conserve MP and so on. During Battle you can also move anywhere on the screen.
    Along with [the great] battle system there is also the skill system which is very good. Every battle you get skill points and those can be used to level up and get new skills, if you get a certian combonation of skills you get a command that can be slected from the item menu. The skills can be used to identify items, make new items, make new armour and make new weapons. There is one skill that is called pickpocketing, if you get a certian item you can got around and steal items from people (some are very, very good).
    This game also has a very good story line, although it's gameplay graphics are like Dragon Warrior (2D sprites) it's cinemas are up there with FF8 and FF9....more info
  • One Of The Best RPG Games I've Ever Played In My Entire Life
    This game rocks! The graphics looks blurry or something, but the main thing that I really like about are the bosses, their moves, the characters, and the "Heraldic Ruins". The Heraldic Ruins are an additional place for you to go. Strong enemies, rare items, and new killer moves awaits you. If you're interested in getting there, follow these steps. First, at Nede planet, you have to get on the last level on where the Ten Wise Men is. Then go back again and go to Fun City. Go to the tournament arena and you have to find an old man there. He has green cloths, a green cap or hat, and he has white hair. Talk to him and he will say "Shall I recover your memories?" Then Claude or Rena will say "You're joking, right?" Then the old man will say something further on. Then he'll ask you if you really want to try it. Keep saying yes. Then he'll say, "Now, close your eyes." Then you'll be transported to Expel at Arlia. Go out of Arlia then you'll see your Synard there. Ride on it and go to an island that's like colored sand or tan all over. Then you'll see a small pyramid which leads you to the Heraldic Ruins. There are 13 levels and mostly you have to figure out what to do in each level in order to open and fight the bosses and go on to the next level. If you want to get back to Nede, you have to go out of that place, ride your Synard and go back to Arlia. Then go to your right and you'll see a penguin at the fence. Talk to the penguin and he'll say something to you that you don't understand. You have two choices. One is, "I don't understand." And the other one is "You silly Vern Vern!" Pick the second choice. Then the penguin will get angry at you and kick you out of the planet. Then you'll arrive back at Nede. Keep doing this process so you can go back and forth anytime. Thanks for reading this! ...more info
  • A real sleeper hit
    I've been an RPG fan for longer than I can remember, and have played around 70 of em.

    Despite the VERY harsh review of, I thought this game was actually really good. A nice breath of fresh air from the very linear, but nonetheless brilliant, Final Fantasy games.

    Hell, sure the story wasn't to die for,but beautiful music,acool combat system, and tons of replay value make this one that every fan of the genre should own....more info

  • Just buy it!!!
    This game is one of the best out there!!!

    Graphics: Really nice 3D backgrounds and cute li'l 2D people!

    Battle System: Really cool! You have a few choices that have to do with how you fight the battle, you choose each character's strategy and the battle formation, you can control any character you want, attack your enemies in three different ways- by casting one of numerous destructive spells, using a "killer move", wich is a strong physical attack that uses up MP, like magic, or just run up to your enemies and slap 'em silly with whatever weapon your character has at their disposal. Oh, yeah, and you can also use a few items to win battles.

    Enemies: Not extremely hard to beat if your characters are at reasonable levels.

    Music: VERY good.

    Special Features: The PA (Private Action) system is very original. If you press square when you're near a town, your group will split up and you can talk to the members of the party (and sometimes the villagers will ask for your help or say different things to you). How you respond effects your character's romantic/friendship values with the other characters, and sometimes wins you an item or two or some money. At the end of the game, your characters will be paired up according to their romantic/friendship values with each other.

    Other than that, it's really funny, somewhat romantic, and has an interesting storyline with a variety of characters!...more info

  • all time favourites
    i think that so2 is one of the most enjoyable experience on the has a unique skill system,very lovable charcters,interesting story,nice graphics..i love it and i'm still playing it till now.perhaps the worst thing about the game(although it's not that bad and some like challenges)is the dungeons ,sometimes they seem a bit long and altough i like battling especially with can be a little bit tiring I recommend using the gameshark code for saving anywhere and beating the game will be a piece o cake^_^...more info
  • Easily one of the best RPGs out there
    Star Ocean 2 is an excellent game that did not get as much attention as it deserved... but, I suppose that's a blessing in its own way since it kept the prices down and allowed me to get it extremely cheap.

    The storyline is not cliched or unoriginal, as some might think. I hate it when people take a completely unique story, ignore all of its distinctive features, dumb it down into a bunch of sweeping generalizations, and then call it unoriginal. The characters are far more likeable than the heroes Square has been churning out lately. This story is a lot more lighthearted than Square's latest stories too, which will be seen as good by some players and bad by others. I personally like the brighter and more heroic overtones of this game since it reminds me of Squaresoft's SNES titles, back when they truly did their best work.

    The sound effects are decent, though there aren't many of them except for special attacks and impact sounds. The voices are good... not perfect, but good. Sometimes their dialogue can be rather cheesy, but I haven't found any cases of bad translation or poor grammar. Whoever said this game had poor translation needs to take a closer look at some of Square's latest titles, especially FF7 ("Don't give her it"). And, it's a cool effect to have characters who speak during battle, and will say things in response to what happens in the fight. The music is excellent, definitely reminiscent of the inspiring tunes of the SNES titles. Each town has a different song with it, and the music in dungeons and the like will easily set the atmosphere. The battle music is also fast-paced and catchy, as battle music should be.

    The battle system is awesome, combining some of the best aspects of action and strategy. The fights are real-time, but the action is paused while you use menus, much like the original Secret of Mana. Also, like Secret of Mana, you can assign your AI-controlled partners different things to do in battles, and they are very good when it comes to following your commands. If you tell your healer to heal and stay away from the enemies, she will do just that. You can choose various formations for battles. Another interesting feature is that special attacks will use different effects depending on your range from the enemy. For example, one attack called Air Slash will slice a circle around you if you are close to enemies, but will send a cutting shockwave across the field if they are at a distance.

    The character development aspects are wonderful. You can to some extent control which characters will like others and how well they get along. And, the closer they become, the more interesting things can happen. This can even effect battles. These aren't major things, but they certainly add a lot more depth and personality to the game. You control which skills the characters learn as well. Not only battle skills, but also metalwork, alchemy, cooking, art, photography, music... all sorts of things. And, all of the skills actually have some good use to them, rather than just being there as a gimmick.

    The graphics in this game are good as well. They are rather cartoony, but the cartoon style conveys personality and emotion far better than polygons do. There are also more subtle touches that add to it, such as birds flying over, seeing your character darken when you walk through a shadow, and seeing your reflection on water surfaces.

    All things considered, I don't see any major bad points to discuss in this game. It's a great one to own, especially for anyone who likes the superior quality RPGs from the SNES days....more info

    You won;t want to stop playing this game!You can be anyone in battle and has cool graphics!GOTTA BUY IT!...more info
    When I play this game a few choice words come to mind,innovative,beautiful,and wow. I love the item creation though it may be random it still is very cool. The graphics are very lush and well green. The battle system is one of my only complaints, you see the battle system no matter how seasoned you are in the world of RPG's(I personally have been playing RPG's since I was 6 yrs old.) all those skills are now useless. You control one character while the CPU controls the rest of the people on screen kinda like Tales of Destiny. Now as soon as a battle begins you have two options [1.Go into a button pushing frenzy and hope for the best.] or [2. Try to think logically and lose the fight.] You see the game does not reward game skills like FF's or other RPG's instead you have people like my brother who press random bosses and succed where I failed.Other than this one disguting flaw I feel no reason to really play anyhing else....more info
  • Speechless....
    This game is one of the best games ever invented...i know you hear that all the time but it IS!!! The graphics are alot like perosonal favorite...The sound is great...The story line is a one of a kind. You can choose between 2 charactors. You run around battle instead of turned base. And there are over 80 differet endings.....more info
  • More bad music.
    The music in this game is just awful... and the dubbed voices are rediculous and horrible. I can't believe they hired those people... and despite the fact that the story isn't that great and the graphics are bad... it's like a train wreck... I couldn't look away and so I played almost all of it... funny how that works some times....more info
    This is by far the worst game I have ever played! I rented it, thinking that it was gonna be so great I would have to buy it later. It was just so boring, the dialogue was not translated well, the story is stupid, the characters are morons, the jokes are awful, and it takes an hour just to get into a battle. Don't get this game!!!......more info
  • ocean
    WARNING:This is a game with annoying music. The plot is alright but a little confusing.The graphics are bad also.This game is 2 cd's long and has lots and lots of different endings.In general the game is okay, but there are better games....more info
  • I would have paid more for it
    I have been shocked to see the low prices for this game on most websites that sell video games. I have one memory card dedicated to just this game, and it is well worth it. I have one saved game with Rena and Claude as my main character, and played them through until Claude saves Rena, then I move on and save somewhere else as I continue to play. This allows me to avoid starting over and having to sit through the first, linear part of the game over and over.
    The ability to create so many different items, and to steal from people in towns (including your own party members) as opposed to monsters like in most games is a unique aspect of this game that is really enjoyable. You gain skill points by leveling up, or you can have characters who have those skills write books about them so other characters can learn the skills by reading instead of alloting points. There are limitless items that can be used to heal party members, including tons of food items that you can create. There are certain items and abilities that make it easier to create items or make better items, and you can even duplicate most items by taking pictures of them.
    I enjoy disc two much more than disc one because that is where all of the fun and increased abilities really begin, but for the most part the fun of the game for me is the item creation and the mini-games as opposed to the endings. There are over 80 endings, but after all of the private actions work on getting characters together, those endings leave a lot to be desired. They are just too short in my opinion.
    The voice collection part is another intruiging part of the game, making it better to level up all characters in different games as much as possible and to escape and use "Provocation" with all of the characters. You can replay the game at harder levels with the voice collection, and you can listen to more music. You should have a strategy guide when playing this game at least the second time through, or you will miss a lot, including "Mischief", and there are plenty of strategy guides available for free on the net. Oh, and don't forget to make sure that your main character has DEXTERITY or you will have serious problems pickpocketing.
    If you like to just get through a game, or don't have the patience to try to create the best weapons and items then this game might not be for you, but to me this is the best part. The battle system can be difficult at times, but the ability to make the forged medals and reproduce them to level up your characters with every battle will rapidly provide you with stronger spells and abilities. Another nice touch is that you can reload a game if you don't steal the item you want or make what you want, or even if the treasure box item doesn't give you something good. In most games you have to restart the game in order to do this.
    This game is one of my all time favorites, right up there with FF3, 7, 8, and 9....more info
  • learn to spell editor guy
    star ocean 2 is great. end of story. my only beef is that the the editor guy above said "Crawd" when the main character's name is "Claude". Otherwise the game is major fun. The game can get a bit difficult on the second disc, and i would have liked to see more voice overs. other than that its great....more info
  • wow
    This is the best game of all time. Nuff said....more info
  • Good, but would have been better if there was no Motoi
    This games rocks, good stories, good graphics, good characters, and good realistic features. The music was AWFUL, because this Motoi guy is no professional, I wish they could throw him out. I could play better music than he can with my keyboard. One of the best RPGs I ever played on the Playstation....more info
  • Worst game I ever played
    This game is the worst game I have ever played. It seems like it takes over a half an hour just to do somthing interesting in the game, you just walk around this stupid town and talk to people. And thats about all you seem to do for most of the game is talk to people. It gets old real fast. I admit that I thought this game was cool when I got it. That was a year ago. And I havnt even finished it yet, and I really dont want to. Its so boring watching them talk for hours at a time. I found another problem with the game as well the battle system is hard to use, I thought so anyway, and the items you need for battle are just way to much money, and usually you cant afford to buy them, atleast thats how it was for me. Im a huge RPG fan, actually those are the only games I will play, but this game is just so bad dont bother to buy it. If you want to see how bad it is rent it first, dont waste your money and buy it, you will wish you haddent....more info
  • Great Game
    First of all, if you're one of those people who absolutely NEED good graphics to enjoy a game, stay away. If not, chances are you'll really like this game. It is, in my opinion, as good as (if not better than) most Final Fantasy games. It is also a game designed for completion, with all the available skills, items, and so on and so forth....more info
  • Too Big
    This game was immense. The sheer volume of options in character development was overwhelming. If you want a game on a grand scale, this is the one for you. The storyline is very good and the skill system was a very good idea. Characters are not developed enough, but interaction between them was interesting, especially the way that it affected the game. The final battle is unfairly difficult. It requires more skill than luck to complete. Replay value is probably this games greatest attribute. Because the game is so affected by your actions, it can be very different. Also, there are a wide variety of characters that you can use. These things combined with the skill system can make this into a somewhat different game each time you play it. If you are not short on patience, this can be a very fun game with a lot of replay value....more info
  • Hands-down, best RPG I have ever played
    The sequel to the game of the same name(which unfortunately was never released in America), Star Ocean 2 is the perfect RPG.

    The skill system is one of the things that sets it apart from any other game. There are around 40 skills to learn with 10 levels of profiency each(each of which requires a certain number of skill points to learn, which are gained when you level up). Combat skills are automatically executed, with the frequency depending on how many levels you have invested in the skill(examples, "flip" lets your character quickly move behind the enemy, where his defensive power is lower. "parry" lets you block attacks, "motormouth" lets you cast spells faster).

    The other skills have 2 purposes. They have an initial bonus to investing in them, and they can combine with other skills to produce specialty skills. For example, "kitchen knife" adds a huge boost to your strength stat, and if you add "recipe" and "good eye", you will acquire the "cooking" super specialty skill, which allows you to create very powerful healing items out of base components(you can even make french toast this way!). If multiple characters have a high cooking skill, the super specialty skill "Master Chef" becomes availible, letting you make even more powerful healing items. There are similar skills for producing weapons, armor, and accessories. Other skills, like art or authoring, lets you make pictures to sell or books to publish, which can result it huge amounts of cash for you. There is even a skill that reduces the experience requirement for levelling up. This is the "tip of the iceberg" so to speak, so I will just say that the skill system is above and beyond any other game that I have played.

    The combat system is also excellent. You have 4 characters(out of a maximum of 8 in your party, which is out of 12 characters in the game) fight in real-time combat against enemies. You control a single character at a time while the rest follow the tactics that you set, and the AI for this feature is also well done. Your fighter characters have an assortment of "killer moves" instead of spells that let them unload a series of special attacks against the enemy. Words can't describe the flawlessness of this combat system; you would have to watch a trailer to get a real feel for it.

    The basic game is sufficiently challenging, but once you have played through the game you will be able to access higher difficulty settings(which are very very hard), which, combined with the variety of characters you can recruit, make for lots of replay value.

    Also of worthy note is the voice acting. Your characters will strike, yell, taunt, and basically talk during combat. They cry out a character's name who has just fallen to the enemy. If you have played Grandia 2, you will have an idea what I am talking about. The sound quality is clear and easy to understand, though when Claude yells "Tear into pieces" it sounds like he is saying "Pear into peaches!".

    Plot is excellent, with a huge thing at the end of disk 1 that rivals Aeris in Final Fantasy 7 in terms of its impact on the plot.

    Overall fun factor is very high. This is the perfect RPG....more info

  • Super-Ultra-Perfect-Mega-Must-Have-Great-Game
    I must say, this is possibly the best game I have ever played. Good graphics, interesting characters, great battle system, really cool item creation, tons of endings, etc. You must buy this game....more info
  • A Fine Example of a Bland Game
    From the get-go I knew I was in trouble for buying this game... it was 20 bucks & I bored. This game didn't remedy my situation. Our hero is sucked away to a far off planet just because he's suffering a heavy dose teen angst. As I continued to play I relized that for any RPG to be good it has to excell in something worthwhile. Save for a nice battle system, everything else seemed to have been done before, resulting in an awfuly bland and boreing gameing experience. I shouldn't be so critical of the story, I've read that others have loved it, but lets face it, its bland and nothing new. The characters are, as with any RPG, over dramatized and whiny, making for two points of disintrest: bland story, whiny characters. Was I still bored? Yes. But at the same time...disgusted. Why? Because of the realization that I blew twenty bucks on game that offered nothing more than polished up annoyance. I say polished up because the game did offer a few +'s: the villages were nice to look at, the musical score was somewhat moving,and even as few as they were, the FMV's were crisp and entertaining. But, because of the story that managed to have a character I hated from the beginning and having him go on tedious missions that resulted in encounters with other characters that managed to annoy me just the same, the game was, and is, an endurance test. One not at all recomended!...more info
  • Terrific fun, great story, great music.
    This game is wonderful. You can play as one of two people (something I really like in games), skills are actually terrifically *important*, the graphics are good (not great, but good), and the music is outstanding.

    One of the best features of the game is the Private Action, where you interact one-on-one with your party members or NPCs, or both. every choice you make affects how your characters feel about each other. This is the best way I've seen of getting the role-playing back into RPGs. Some of them are just plain funny too (Ashton and barrels ... there might be reasons Gyoro and Ururun picked him ...)

    The difficulty levels are well-set up too; there's not much of 'I must run around and fight random battles to survive my next dungeon'. The fight system is rather odd, but learnable.

    The story and the music are the best things about the game, though. The story is well-thought out, well-written and planned - things happen for reasons, you find out what those reasons are, and you *want* to save these people. And the music ... man, the final boss music *alone* makes me want the CD ...

    I finished the game, and went through to play it *again* right away. That's how good it is....more info

  • WOW
    I love Final Fantasy, it has everything other games have, story and gameplay, but something on it wan't right, battles. Star Ocean, surpasses in every way, the conection of the story with Earth and not only imaginary world. Thect that humans have such an impact in the universe, the detail of the UP3. I'm not that far yet, still going to Aquios, but DAMN. its awesome, easier to control your health, of course if u use certain special moves u lose HP, but only makes an impact in the beginning while ur still weak. His character in the beginning seems kind a retarded but i'm starting to see a change, into a more competitive, no-rule-stuck up guy. I approve it, manufacturing, real battles, MAZES, HUGE... not like Final Fantasy that all u have to do is follow the trail... BUY, u wont regret it,
    sorry this is for the new one......more info
  • One Of The Best RPG Games I've Ever Played In My Entire Life! (Edited Review)
    For those of you who are reading this review, this is the edited review, not the previous one of mines.
    This game rocks! The graphics looks blurry or something, but the main thing that I really like about are the bosses, their moves, the characters, and the "Cave Of Trials". The Cave Of Trials is an additional place for to go. Strong enemies, rare items, and new killer moves awaits you. If you're interested in getting there, follow these steps. First, At Nede planet, you have to get on the last level on where the Ten Wide Men is. Then get out of that place and go to Fun City. Go to the tournament arena and you have to find an old man there. He has green cloths, a green cap or hat, and he has white hair. Talk to him and he will say, "Shall I recover your memories?" Then Claude or Rena will say, "You're joking, right?" Then the old man will say something further on. Then he'll ask you if you really want to try it. Keep saying yes. Then he'll say, "Now, close your eyes." Then you'll be transported to Expel at Arlia. Go out of Arlia then you'll see your Synard there. Ride on it and go to an island that's like colored sand or tan all over. Then you'll see a small pyramid which leads you to Cave Of Trials. There are 13 levels and mostly you have to figure out what to do in each level in order to open the blockage and fight the bosses and go on to the next level. If you want to get back to Nede, you have to get out of that place, ride your Synard, and go back to Arlia. Then go to your right and you'll see a penguin at the fence. Talk to the penguin and he'll say something to you that you don't understand. You have two choices. One is "I don't understand." And the other one is "You silly Vern Vern!" Pick the second choice. Then the penguin will get angry at you and kick you out of Expel. Then you'll arrive back at Nede. Keep doing this process so you can go back and forth anytime. Thanks for reading this! I hope it's helpful....more info
  • good game
    This is a really good game. There are over 80 possible endings, so it has excellent replay value. I really like the 3-D backgrounds, and all the things you can do in it. There is blacksmithing, art, cooking, music, and much more. There are so many things to do that it is just a great game....more info
    this game is great the first time you play it!! although the second and third time you may lose intrest. the battle system kicks! you have free control of your characters and have awesome special abilities called "killer moves" that you learn as you level up your characters. the magis is pretty cool too,
    which you can also get from leveling up your characters. you can have a total of 8 characters and 4 on the battle field. the easist combination of characters is 3 fighters and and a healer like rena. for me it was easier to start the game with rena. you may also start out as claude a swordsman. either way you meat up with the other. overall this was probably the best game i've ever played....more info
  • Real life game play
    Few games let you do things that might be done in real life, this is on of those. You can pickpocket people, forge your own weapons, make your own herbs, write and publish books, compose a symphony, and many other actions. in the end, the love factor that decides the fate for your character puts the cork on this realistic fantasy. Even then its not over Try the other scenario and try to compleate the voice collection for a special prize at the end....more info
  • My Favorite Game
    I love this game because of its great battle system and the characters you lern to love! I beat this game twice once with Claud and Once with Rena. Rena is a far better choose since u get Diaz. But the best charocter is Ashton. The story is sort of slow at first but once you get into things you should love it to. I am waiting for number 3 to come out and i just hope it's just as good as this one and i don't want to be disapointed....more info
  • The best rpg of all time
    This game has so many items (over 11000)! the graphics are really good for the time period it was made. the story is easy to understand. there are many characters to unlock while you travell around two vast worlds! you can always choose your battle type which makes this game more fun. there are three battle types full control no control and semi-control. these make the battles suit the person playing the game. once you start playing you wont want to stop thats a guarantee!

    ...more info
  • Challenging and entertaining - tremendously good fun
    This is undoubtedly one of the best RPG's I have ever played. Your choices are almost limitless - you choose the main character, which characters to include in your party (some are not compatible with others, and some you can only get playing as a certain character), how to assign your skill points, and what specialties to develop in each character. The skills that the characters can build are varied and useful. A character might learn cooking, metal working, weapon customization, alchemy, photography, music, painting, writing - it's all up to you. And the results of these skills affect the gameplay. For instance, a character good at cooking can create a dish that will restore HP or MP to whoever consumes it, while a character skilled in alchemy can turn a rock into a precious gem that can be used to customize an ordinary weapon into something spectacular.

    You also affect the final outcome by which characters you place together in battle and how you choose to have them interact while not in battle. There are so many choices, and so many ways to affect the game, that its possibilities are staggering.

    As the game is so multi-faceted, I do recommend the strategy guide. Knowing which characters are compatible with others, what foods are needed to cook specific dishes, which good weapons can be customized into great ones, etc. can help you make good decisions.

    I think most RPG fans would find this game to be outstanding in its field....more info

  • A very different game
    After the linear-style of Final Fantasy and other similar RPGs (Which I love BTW), I found Star Ocean 2 a wonderfully refreshing experience. There are just so many options - starting from the beginning, you can choose your main character, which other characters you want and take it from there, eventually leading to one out of 86 different endings. It's true that the endings stem mainly from the different combinations of characters that get together in the end...but 86! What other game can boast so much replay value?

    The item creation system is very unique - cooking, art, machinery, authoring,'s all within your power. You choose the skills and specialities the characters learn. They write books for the other characters to read, make better weapons, compose music and create delicious (or not so delicious) dishes. They can even combine their skills to make super specialities, which allow you to get better at cooking, publishing, etc, and my favourite - where all the characters sincerely call Barney, a giant white rabbit to cart you around the countryside. Hilarious.

    The graphics IMO are pretty good. The 3D backgrounds are lovingly rendered, even including really cool minor details like your reflection on a pond or in a mirror. Nice. The characters themselves are 2D sprites, which looks better than it sounds - no hassles with fuzzy polygons or anything like that. And Links has done a fine job (as usual) on the FMV - great eye candy.

    The battle system allows you to take a much more active role in combat situations. In active mode, you basically dash around and try to konk the enemy without them hitting you. Fighting characters have Killer moves, which are special attacks that are assigned to the L1 and R1 buttons. They look cool and wreak havoc on the battle field. For magic users, the spell animation is nice too, and there is the interesting possibility of combining spells by casting them at the same time, which can lead to greater damage if done properly.

    If I do have any complaints, they are generally not the fault of the game, rather the people who were supposed to be checking for bugs. Firstly it crashes - no game has ever crashed on me like this one. So save a lot. And there are little things, like the character voices getting mixed up - it is so funny to hear Precis yelling 'Parabola Beam! ' while Claude is doing Mirror Slice, and the wrong word appearing for spells. I guess I'm nitpicking.

    As for the game itself, I find some of the character's voices rather irritating. But that's a personal thing. The music _is_ rather repetitive...they play the same tracks over and over, but even so, they still sound nice.

    [I do have one large complaint, and this is that I had to import the game to play it, since it hasn't been released in Australia and doesn't look likely in the near future. There _are_ serious RPG players here and it would be great if the distribution companies recognised that.]

    Star Ocean 2 is a really good game, offering so much - a great battle system, memorable characters, beautiful graphics and a pretty darn good story. A must for any RPG fan....more info

  • A Master to rule all RPG'S, and a few FF'S
    I only borrowed this RPG for about one month and I was hooked. The reasons are the music is better than any game (even some non-video game music) ever. The options are more varitied in choice than any RPG ever, such as skill, abilities, magic, characters etc... And the battle system is the best there ever will be, with free movement, give commands to AI controlled characters, choose the starting posistion before any battle and up to four characters on your battling party. As opposed to some Final Fantasy games this one's by far better. There's just one con, the story isn't so well thought of, but it's hard to change the story when there's 86 possible endings. Though I never beat it when I borrowed it I must have it.

    PS- The strategy guide together makes a game with just the right difficulty. And if want to get the secret characters, it's nearly impossible unless you have the stretegy guide along side....more info

  • I was......taken in
    I must say....this game is alot of fun, there are many many many endings so replay value is great. I thought I would hate it, I don't care much for the "sprite" type char but after playing for just a hour , making your own weapons, food, goods........ well it was a blast. I would buy this !...... an well I have :)...more info
  • A great idea that needs a little more work.
    The concept behind Star Ocean 2 is great. The plot is long and involving. Private actions offer a lot of flexibility in the plot as well as determining the type of ending you get. How many other games can say they have 80 endings... NONE! I like the real time battles where your allies act on their own. Unfortunately, sometimes your allies act dumb and you have to tell them everything to do, which gets mind-numbing quickly. If they souped up the graphics just a little bit more and did a little more with the music (which wasn't bad to listen to, but wasn't exciting), the game would rate right up there with the Final Fantasy games. I love the character interactions and the voices....more info
  • This game was truly enjoyable
    I must say that this game is one of the most interesting and fun games I've ever played. I loved the Private Actions that affected the ending of the game. The PA's were little side plots that you can watch your characters do. The interactions would vary depending on which characters you had chosen (Some characters you can only get if you are a certain main character, others you can get one character, but if you select them, you can't get another. It can be pretty confusing, but it's fun.) I really loved this game, and would reccomend it to any RPG fan....more info
  • One of the best RPG's in a long time
    You start out as one of the two heros of the game, on Renas home planet Expel. Something strange has crashed on Expel and is causing chaos. You now need to go learn more about it and discover what it is. But that is only the beginning. Your travels takes you to several villages and towns, meeting several party members you may choose to go along. Earn skill points to boost your skills such as Cooking, Writing, Alchamy and Reverse side (forgery). As you continue through out the game you can increase or decrease party members attitudes twards each other, in result earns you special endings. You can see up to as many as 80+ endings.

    Pros: Smooth fighting style, Beautiful music, very high replay value and interesting story lines. Not to mention frequent save points. PA (private actions) are one the the highlights of the game, where you can intereact soley with another party member.

    Cons: Some mage scenes in combat can take a few seconds to finish, easy to over look. ~sometimes~ Will lock up after a fight. This is very rare but can be a pain. The grapics are alittle old style, but nothing to really complain about.

    All and all I think this is a wonderful game, I myself has played it 3 times without getting sick of it because the story can change so much depending what you do....more info

  • The best RPG of all time
    New to RPG games? Start here...
    Star Ocean the second story is my favorite game of all time. (and I've played some of the best games like Halflife2, Final Fantasy Series, Zelda series and many more) The most memorable is Star Ocean the Second Story.
    It was my first RPG and I played it at the age of 15 (I'm 25 now), ten years and still can't get over it. I can't even name a movie, book or any other form of media that I've admired for so long. Just to show you how heavy an impact video games have.
    I can't mention how the game works as it has been a long time, but I know that I finished the game three times as a kid and it took me about 50hrs each time, but it will last a lifetime in my memory.
    This is the best game, and it will be the best to me, it has a special place in my heart and forever will....more info
  • Most Innovative RPG in Ages!
    Star Ocean was absolutely amazing. Despite "ancient" graphics, innovation and story make this the best RPG I've played since FF7. First, innovation. The battle system is refreshing and active: you actually take control of the characters and physically attack the enemy, using just your "boring old sword" or a variety of special moves. Although enemies may not be state-of-the-art, they are intelligent enough to use what defenses they have to stop you and counter, often requiring you to actually base your attack around your judgement. Item creation is extremley deep and involving and the Private Actions allow you to get to know the characters a bit more, transforming them from little pictures into people. All this is backed up by a solid story. Wheater you choose the little boy who's stranded on a strange planet or the girl that finds him, you are surrounded in mystery that motivates you through most of the story. Graphics and sound (namely the character's "voices") may outdated, but the story and characters take you along for a mysertious and grand adventure that you won't soon forget!...more info
  • An RPG with something that many lack...
    All gamers have had the experence of playing a game (be it an RPG or anything else) they felt had its fair share of flaws, but has that one, very bright redeeming quality that makes all those flaws take a backseat to that one positive.

    Star Ocean: The Second Story is one of those games. Star Ocean's appeal (at least in my case) can be summed up in a single word: combat. Star Ocean's combat system is probably the game's most notable feature. The real-time battle system, which has a very arcade-like feel to it, is a very enjoyable change than your standard-fair RPG battles. It's just so much fun to destory enemies with a volley a special attacks from you and your allies. The skill system is also a plus as well, increasing characters stats and developing other usefull, non combat skills.

    Unfortunately, the rest of Star Ocean's elements aren't quite up to par when compared to the hustle and bustle of battle. Graphically, Star Ocean is behind the times no matter where you turn (excluding the FMV's). Actually, the game's graphic engine is very simular to a 1998 Square-Enix title, the often overlooked and bashed-to-no-end SaGa Frontier (one of my favorites - yes, I'm serious). The fact the game uses most of the same graphical tricks empolyed by a game two years earlier underlines this fact.

    Storywise, Star Ocean 2 suffers another, slightly smaller blow. While the story is generally good, it seems to drag on until you reach the second disc, where you do more exploring and fighting and the story begins to unfold more. Characters aren't as developed as well in Star Ocean compared to other RPG's such as Final Fantasy or Wild Arms, though the game tries to make a very obvious effort to do this though the use of the private actions system (where you enter a location and your characters split up and you can talk to them on a one-on-one basis to discover more about them - this affects the outcome of the game in various ways). I will give the developers credit for trying though.

    Musically, Star Ocean 2 has it's ups and downs. Some of the tunes can be quite annoying, but no game score is without it's duds. However, when you hear the battle themes played near the end of the game for the final bosses, which mainly are of heavy rock/metal variety, all is foregiven. Soundwise, the characters various soundbites during battle are cute at first, but become annoying really quickly (how many times can you remember Claude saying "that's around 50 points" after a battle - too many to admit when I'm sober).

    Even with it's flaws, Star Ocean: The Second Story is an above average RPG. While I'm not sure if I would call it a "classic", I would recommend it to anyone who had the time or showed interest in the genre.

    ...more info
  • GREAT!!!!!
    This game is one of my most favorites. I haven't made it all the way through yet, but I simply love it.

    The game has a few flaws. The voice acting is kind of lame, the story is WAY too boring at the beginning, and it seems pretty difficult at times.

    The item creation part is the coolest. You can get tons of great items, foods, and weapons through this. In fact, the skills are so great that it's surprising the whole thing could fit on one disk long with the rest. Truly a great game....more info

  • great stuff
    This is an incredible game. It is insanely deep, has a great storyline with plot twists and such, and over 80 endings. The item creation takes a lot of getting used to, but soon enough you'll be making incredible weapons, armor, food, instruments.... pretty much anything you want. The only 2 games I'd rank above this are Xenogears and FFVII....more info
  • RPG fans MUST play this game!
    What is an RPG? Simply put, it's a role-playing game. However, when you apply the term RPG to Star Ocean, you must realize that it's more than just a RPG--it's a new world of role-playing. This game is one of the best I've ever played (and believe me, I've played quite a few). I love the whole idea of multiple endings and the spacious character development. It's kind of reminiscent of the fabled Chrono Trigger in the fact that there's more than one ending, depending on how you play the game. You know, when you sit down to play a Final Fantasy game, you know within one hour of gameplay who's gonna end up with who, that you're small party of (sometimes odd) friends are going to save the world, blah blah blah. Now, don't get me wrong. I love Final Fantasy. It's just that, in Star Ocean, you have a lot more control over character development. Not only that, but it's worth playing. The plot isn't all that bad (corny? mushy?), the battle system is alright, and it's a good game all around. I recommend this one to anyone that likes RPG's. ^-^...more info
  • Better than Ever
    This Game is the bomb man. If your looking for an RPG game with a nice visual backgroud and 2D characters, you went to the right place. In the begining you can pick 2 characters. Names: Claude or Rena. I prefer Claude because he raises a level at the begining. Well I hope this helped you to understand more about Star Ocean The Second Story....more info
  • An Original Game
    This game has an interesting plot, unique game play, but sometimes the bosses are so powerful, you have to go to a previously saved level and do some major level building.The FMV's are great but there aren't too many.Private Actions are awesome and there's a wide variety of characters to chose to be in your party. Overall, a good challenge and must have for determined diehard RPG fans!...more info
  • When you start you'll never stop!
    Oh my God. I have never played a more addicting game. If youhave to play any game, THIS IS IT! You can be any character in thegame in battle but out of battle you can be only two main characters, Claude Kenni ( a strong fighter) or Rena Lanford ( your only good healer). The battle system reminds me of a Link game. Except you can use heraldic spells or Killer Moves. Out of the battle, you have to adapt your skills to make awesome items and weapons. You can develop battle skills out of battle with skill points. Every level you get skill points for those skills. You can ingage in private actions with your own teamates to boost their feelings. You can't say enough good things about this game. I haven't beaten the game but I'm told there are 86 different endings (no kidding)......more info


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