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Have fun with the Worms double pack together on one disc! Enter the bizarre and fantastic cartoon world where you wreak havoc on your rivals in a game of revenge and petty-minded cruelty. Get ready for an all out strategy game...are you up for the challenge for Worms Armageddon and Worms 2?

This action-packed, laugh-filled game takes the popular Worms 2 to the next level. You lead a pack of heavily armed worms into action. Sheep explode, mad cows fall from the sky, old ladies detonate spontaneously--you get the general idea.

  • Also compatible with Windows XP & Media Center editions.

Customer Reviews:

  • really fun
    whoa, this game is so fun. sometimes the sound effects get a lil annoying but who cares you should provide your own soundtrack anyway with a 8 track....more info
  • WORMS Armageddon
    I love this game you have to get it! If you cant get the best one (A Worms Armageddon) you should get the second best wortms2!...more info
  • pretty good
    This is a pretty fun game with humor and really creative fun....more info
  • It's Worth It
    This is an excellent game. I bought this after I had bought Worms 2 and I was a bit dissapointed with it. The added weapons are a blast and the added single-player training and missions are good. I only had a problem with the new roping method(it goes much slower than Worms 2) and the lessened options menu. Worms 2 was a hard game to top and I think that Team 17 felt they had to change some stuff around to make it feel like a sequel. This is too bad. Worms 2 had an almost perfect design and I suggest buying that before you buy this one. This is still a good game....more info
  • Worms Armaggedon
    This game is a true tactical mind-throbbing game that is very entertaining. I think this game is a classic that will live on for a long time. It reminds me of one of the older games called Scorched Earth which was similar, but not graphically, this game has it all. It has wicked graphics, awsome gameplay and unbelievable smart Artificial Intelligence that makes the 1 player mode a challenge. The multi-player is very smoothe and you can play against other people on the internet. Well, that's it, this game is a must have for anyone. :)...more info
  • Best party game ever for pc
    This is the greatest game ever.. thats probably why i'm finialy buying it after its pretty darn old. Good times have been had with this one, but it if you are thinking about buying it....more info
  • Worms and Explosives! Does it get any better?
    This game is simply hilarious!!! It just doesn't get any better than worms and large explosives rolled into this amazing turn-based game. The object of the game is to command your team of worms in either causing the other worms to lose all of their health points, or (which is much more fun) blowing them of the land into the water. Using a wacky arsenal of wepons,this game was full of laughs. Some of the weapons you can use include the incredibly powerful concrete donkey, self guided flying bombs called "super sheep", and the French Sheep Strike, which causes a large amount of burning sheep the fall out of the sky and bombard your enimies. Along with the laughs comes the great gameplay and graphics. There is a need for practice and skill to be good at the game. When using many of the weapons you have to factor in wind and precise aiming that lets you hit enimies in even the most protected spots. On these maps you are never safe. A liitle practice with a super sheep and the is no "out of range" for your worms. There is also the ninga rope that lets you swing around the map and drop dnyamite or other calamaties on you enimies and retreat for cover. The campains are not the high point of the game, but I helps you practice basic skills. There is a training option, so you won't be completely clueless in your first game. The best part has to be a free game where you can customize the weapons, options, the number of worms, your team, and the map. One of the neat parts of the game is customizing your team. You can name the worms, their special accent for the funny comments the make during the game, give your team a name, out what music you want when they win, the gravemarker for dead worms. It is all very funny to see what kind of the you can come up with. And then there are the great graphics. As many of you must know, worms armegeddon isn't a recent development, but even the the graphics are bad. It is very clean, and the landscapes look good. I would have to say this is a good game for anyone with a trigger finger and a sense of humor!...more info
  • Worms Armageddon: The best worms games ever
    I've been playing Worms since the original Worms game came out, they are great games. I really love this game though, it has so many improvements over Worms 2. Options for increased resolutions, inhanced single player support, and better Internet gaming! Some say it is less customizable but that can be easily remidied with a free program on the Internet. Don't pass this one by!...more info
  • Great Game
    Worms Armageddon ROCKS! I played this game at a friend's house for hours, then couldn't resist buying it for myself. If you're going to get this game, I'd suggest getting it for computer, so it's easier to load and control. I like using the banana bombs and carpet bombs, and the unique weapons make the game great. You can also create a team of worms, design your own artillery, and create a map to battle it out on. You can go on missions and name your worms, while bashing the guts out of other worms with weapons like shotguns and baseball bats, along with Worms classics, such as the banana bomb or the holy hand grenade. This game rocks, and you should buy it if you like action and strategy. All around GREAT game....more info
  • Gotta LOVE it
    Worms has always been my favorite computer game series. Family and friends laugh together to this hilarious game. It's funny because you have cute little worms batleing it out with heavy arsenal such as: bazooka, shotguns, and even nuclear strikes! They are all good but Worms Armageddon is the best. You can have wars with the computer at different skill levels or friends. Laughs never end when you play this with others. If you wanna get a family game this is the one. I may be making it sound like a childish game but its not. Get this game! Trust me....more info
  • Awesome Game
    Worms Armageddon is one of the best games of its class. It has alot of stuff to conquer. You can play online with anyone in the world with wormnet. You get to play many difficult missions and training levels. The game is alot of fun and I would recomend it to anyone!...more info
  • A great game, except...
    This is a really cool game, except for the weapon editor. Worms 2 weapon editor was cool, you practilly made your own weapons. Also, I went to the officail site and it said that this is the last worms game. Since its the last, they shouldn't have made it easier. All in all, I think this is a great game to get if you've also played Worms 2....more info
  • Not for everyone, but I love this game!
    This turn based strategy/skill game keeps me amused for hours.

    As a testament of how good this game is:
    There are still large amounts of people playing online....more info
  • Great Game - Beware XP Compatibility
    As the other reviewers point out, this is an hillariously addicting little game. The game works find in the Windows 95/98/ME environment, but I've yet to get it to work in XP (I just use a dual boot system to play this game)....more info
  • Ultimate Party Game
    This game is a terrific investment. Because the whole point of the game is to play with other people, it doesn't get old. What makes Worms so great is that it can be played "hotseat", that is on one computer. I've introduced many of my friends to this game. Once they've made it past the cute exterior, they're hooked. This game is incredibly approachable and addicting. I've probably played well over a thousand games of it. This is one game that is fun to play, not just win.

    I'd like to respond to two criticisms of this game:

    1. The interface is too simple. It doesn't allow much customization.

    The interface is designed to get you into a game as soon as possible. If you just want to have some fun games with your friends, there are more than enough custom settings. In fact, some of my friends complain about all of the settings that I play around with.

    2. The rope is down-graded.

    This is a pretty specific complaint. What I've seen in most of the changes from Worms2 to Worms:Armageddon is that the game has put new players on a more level playing field with veterans. The ability to handicap players is obvious. Reducing the utility of the rope, however, makes the game a better test of strategy rather than dexterity.

    I beg you, if you want to have a good time with your friends on the computer, buy Worms. You have the immediate face-to-face interaction as well as a rediculously fun, simple, and deep computer game....more info

  • True Classic
    It isn't every day that one stumbles across an umbeatable idea for a game. But that is exactly what the folks at Team 17 did with Worms. The creators of this game took the ancient artillery style of video game (a style older than pack-man!) and added an attitude that just couldn't fit on any other game. Its great fun to watch the worms kill each other with all the weapons of the game. Plus, it is easily one of the most custumizable games I have ever seen. You edit almost every feature of the game, from weapon detailes to player hitpoints and more. Given the artillery style of gameplay, however, which is what makes all the action possible, I believe that Worms is one of those games that can only be ruined by a 3D engine.

    This game is a gem, and unbeatable within its realm....more info

  • Nothing compared to Worms 2
    This game is not as fun as its predecessor, Worms 2. I thought the user interface was too childlike and the gameplay didn't feel right (The Wep. and Opt. schemes are less editable). I highly recommend Worms 2 over this game....more info
  • Strategy Fighting at it's Best
    This game has everything any gamer would ever want. I don't have the game yet, (it's coming in the mail) but I've played at me cousins house a countless number of times. Worms Armageddon is so customizable you can pick the voices, names, and flag of your team. You can create a seemingly endless amount of teams. The only problem is that the 1-player missions may be a bit to hard for an unexperianced player, but overall this game may be old but is certainly one of the greatest games out there, you have to have it....more info
  • Awesome Old School Memories
    I used to play this game years ago, and bought it just for kicks.
    It is just as much fun as I remember! A decent single player mission mode, training that challenges even the best player's skills, and AWESOME multiplayer. I used to sit around for hours playing this with 3 or 4 friends, and have enjoyed multiplayer just as much recently. The crazy weapons and funny worm voices make it very amusing!
    All in all, definately glad I bought it!!!...more info
  • Artillery Gaming at its best
    When I got this, I had been looking for it for almost a year. I was expecting the best that the genre has to offer; Worms Armageddon exceded my expectations.

    Almost everything about the game is flawless. The voice files, the deathmatch, the multiplayer, the music, even the training excersizes. The campaign, despite being almost too hard, is almost more of a puzzle game than a strategy war, with each map forcing you to use all the resources at your fingertips in creative ways to accomplish your goals.

    The special training excersizes are a perfect touch of surrealism. Collecting crates with flying sheep, hurling grenades at elderly women... This game is ridiculous, and it knows it. If you like games and/or have friends, Worms is a must....more info

  • Outstanding
    The single most adictive and exciting multiplayer game ever. I fyou don't own a copy, your missing out on something great....more info
  • Wow, amazing....
    Worms, worms, worms, worms! This game is amazing. Some people get pissed the first time they play it, it is very hard, but after you get full ranks and do all the missions it is very easy, unless you hack it and make your CPU a unlimited rank, lol jk... Anyway time to talk about it. It is the kind of game that keeps you playing, like a MMORPG, you want to be the best. You gain rank and unlock to features, such as The Full Wormage (Mega cheat) and some new weapons. The single player is amazing, but dont get me started about the multiplayer, it is ABOVE average, what you do is this:
    You use the team you made, which can have different worm styles, languages, grave stones and flags. You can chose up to four human players. Each team has 1-8 worms. Then you select a map, you can even make your own! Then the battle begins... Boom bang the battle rages with up to 34 worms! Different places such as U.S. or U.K. etc battle! The game has massive physics and mechanics. Wind affects shots, worms get blown away if they drip on a mine, or "battle the mine" by wacking it at another wormer. Play normally, or press pause and click sudden death, boom your amazing slowly killing effects happen! You can make the water rise, make the worms health go down to 1... Or do anything... Fight until the death or surrender.. 1 player includes, customizable death match, death match to get higher rank, missions, training and more! I HIGHLY recommend this! ...more info
  • One of the Best Computer Games Ever!
    When I first heard of the Worms series, I thought "What is so great?". It's like Scorch but focused towards kids. Well to my surprise, it is nothing like that. The gameplay is great, wanting you to come back for more. It's even better playing another opponent over the "WormNet". The music and voices are excellent too. There are some funny one-liners in this game. Do yourself a favor and buy this game! If you want to play over the WormNet, make sure you visit Team17's website for the necessary patch....more info
  • I'm gonna get this soon
    I've played this on my friends Playstation, and it is one of the most fun games we've played. Sure the graphics aren't great, but that adds to the style. The gameplay is super fun, and the weapons are FUNNY!!!...more info
  • The game rocks for ever
    I own the game and it rocks i play it about 3 hours a day
    my favorite part about this game is that you can play tornements whith my freinds. if you like stragedy games then you will love this game!...more info
  • For those who want a fun and non-stressing game
    Too many games are hyper button jittering stressful things. (kill kill kill - game over) This is not. With worms you can create teams, change options, and make your own ways to play the game as you go. Play with friends (with even odds) or by yourself, or over the net. This game is FULL OF HUMOR - it will keep you laughing throughout. The weapons are hilarious, and while you still "kill kill kill" these cute little worms, there really isn't the whole "I have to hurry or else." feel of other killing games. You'll laugh at your own demise and come back for more. (none of that sighing with relief when it's over) Only one warning - don't get offened by the British v/s American worms. The British honestly think we all sound like John Wayne, so all of the American worms sound like they belong in westerns. I've bought the original "Worms", "Worms 2" and now this one. They all keep me comeing back for more and are utterly charming....more info
  • The Best Multiplayer Game I've Seen
    This has got to be the best multiplayer game and the most addictive one i've seen. It involves two teams of cortoony inch worms fighting it out over funny battlesfeilds that are all large islands surrounded by water. You can either choose the biggest weapon you have blast away at the worms in a turn-based rage, or take a more streategic approch, watch your wind meter, aim at the place that would cause the biggest and most health-depleting spot, charge up the grenade, bazooka meter at just the right distance, and watch as an infenite range of possibilities open up. Depending on the place you shoot at, diferent events might occur, ex: Aim the bazzooka at the cliff lip where an opposing worm is standing over, shoot the bazooka a full force and the worm will fly left or right into the sea, Aim at a oil crate and as it explodes, it will not only damage any worms near it, but smash a great crater in the ground, too, if there were any land mines around, they might fall in the crater along with the worms that fell in too, as one worm dies from all this mess and he explodes himslef, the explosion will reach the other worms around him, causing more deaths and explosions. When using straties like that, the game becomes an endless mess of mastering the physics of where the rockets/worms/mines will fly, predicting what Mouse Trap (the board game) like chain-reactions will take place, and gathering all the worms into one place where you can easily throw one grenade and watch as all the worms blow themselves up and many more along with them. There is an endless amont of srategy and tactic in this game, and its even more fun testing it againt a freind from down the block, or an out of state stranger from WormNet. This is a must have for anyone who likes strategies and chain reactions that involve death and exlosions....more info
  • Pure fun
    The first time I played this game was on Nintendo 64 and I just loved it.Watching these little worms trying to kick each others butts was so funny and cool.I just got a Nintendo 64 and Worms Armageddon is one game I really need to buy....more info
  • Earthworms Attack
    I owned Worms armagedon for my gameboy, but i sold it. A couple weeks later, i played the game on the computer. It was six times better!!!!!!! I realy like how the ground can cath on fire. I also like the homing misile....more info
  • Best Multi-player there is...
    This is one of only two games I can come back to again and again. Single-player is decent, but Worms is all about multi-player. It's turn-based, so you end up doing a lot of "switching chairs" with your friends while playing, but it means you can play 3 on 3, 4 on 4 [you're limited to total worms, not players; i.e., 10 on 10]

    Well, the only way to equate the hours of laffs to be had -- I mean, the real fun comes in creatively dispatching a rival team OR from screwing up repeatedly -- is to give you an example:

    This is a typical turn. Drop a holy hand grenade [the makers are British, yes, it's taken from Holy Grail fame] on your bestest buddy's worm. Huge explosion. Hit the "R" button for instant replay, then "S" for slow-motion, and laff as your pal's cartoon worm does his best slowwwwww-voiced Exorcist impession, then flies into a mine, then off the edge of a cliff into the drink, taking 2 other cute lil' worms with him. Problem is, those other 2 were on YOUR TEAM, not his! [So you just wasted 2 of your worms and one of his. D'OH!] To add to the hilarity, you can customize what the worms will say [using simple .wav's] as they're being hammered.

    Totally addicting and worth every penny.

    As far as Worms 2 vs. Worms 3, they're almost the same, buy either one. Armageddon has more options and is "harder" to play [i.e., Worms 2 let you get away with more "cheap" stuff]....more info

  • Freaking amazing.
    Wow this game is so awesome. The scenarios are awesome. This game has all of the best elements of video gaming ever. It has all the greatness of a platformer (minus fluid speed, there's certainly no mario-esque running about without stopping), with some hardcore strategy. Not only are the mechanics incredible, but the look and feel of the game, combined with the sound effects and the voice banks available for the worms, create an incredible comic feel to the game. You'll be pulling hairs trying to figure out how you're supposed to get through a map with only three bazooka shots and a ninja rope, while at the same time laughing your ass off at the fact that your worm sounds like James Brown.

    Also, I'm running XP, and have been able to run this game with no problem....more info


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