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As the military leader of our species, the player must gather the resources to train and expand the military and lead them to victory in a battle for land and power, as human exiles in the far-future struggle to survive on the rim of the galaxy. Engage in three different campaigns and 30 different missions in the battle for control over the fate of the galaxy.

Blizzard's release of StarCraft was eagerly anticipated by Real Time Strategy fans, and with good reason. Instead of two similarly powered enemies facing off, the three distinct races in StarCraft have unique capabilities and strategies. Everyone still competes in the RTS genre's typical race for resources, but that's the only shared trait. Terrans can move their bulky mechanized bases as necessary, while the reptilian Zerg grow their colonies and warriors from mutating larvae. Meanwhile, the noble Protoss warp in equipment from their home world using psionic powers.

Not only does Blizzard juggle the races' playability and match it with superb art and sound effects, it also weaves together an engrossing three-act plot. Early on, as a Terran Magistrate, you spend a breathtaking 30 minutes defending against a Zerg onslaught. As the story unfolds around you, you'll experience the Zerg's hive mentality, and decipher the mysterious Protoss by the game's dramatic conclusion.

Missions vary in scope and are effectively framed with dialogue, chapter screens, and in-mission exposition. Multiplayer is also very well represented by Blizzard's own free service. If you'd rather play over a local-area network, StarCraft will generously "spawn" up to seven copies so your friends can join in. --Jack Gardiner

StarCraft puts you in charge of a small group of humans exiled to the edge of the galaxy. Your mission is to acquire the resources needed to train and expand your military to defend against the Confederate Nations, who are also battling for control of the galaxy's precious resources. This game is designed for multiplayer use.

  • 30 unique missions will challenge you across 3 different campaigns as you control the fate of the galaxy
  • Control any of 3 different species, each with unique units, technologies, attributes, and abilities
  • Included Campaign Editor allows players to edit units and create their own campaigns
  • StarCraft boasts award-winning advanced control features, such as waypoints and training queues, to provide enhanced gameplay
  • Multiplayer games for up to 8 players over IPX Networks and, 4 players with Direct Cable Connection, and 2 players with modem Connection

Customer Reviews:

  • Another Blizzard Hit
    If you liked wrcraft youll love this game. Excellent story line, 3 unique, playabl races, multiplayer compatible, and brilliant online gaming.

    This is the best rts game out (except for WarCraft3). You can use Zerg, Protoss, or Terran. The Terran are basicly humans, they are second in expensive and technologicly advanced. The zerg are a race of animals. They have the cheapest units,least tecnologicly advanced, and are able to multiply three times as fast. The Protoss are the most technologicly advanced and most expensive. Each race has their own set of individual units.

    The best part of the game is Battle.Net. The online gamig ps you against other players from around the world. You can play free for alls, allied games and special scenarios.

    Overall Battle Net will have you playing for months to come...more info

  • It set the standard
    After playing this the first time with about six others in the same house, I could not get enough of this. I'm not a hardcore gamer but I am a sucker for a decent strategy. Starcraft definitley sets the standard for civilization/war simulation. Each of the three races are fun and have their strengths and weaknesses, I recommend playing all of them. What really impresses me most about Starcraft is after three years of playing similar games with beefed up graphics and ten times more options, I find myself still playing it. That's a great game for you. Buy it, worth it....more info
  • Suprisingly Yawnish
    Yes, 1 star. While there are some very commendable traits, such as the hugely varying species, and an OK upgrade system, I did not like this game at all. It was really boring. The plot was real good but it was the combat that drove this game right into the ground. How often can you find two guys in helicopters, hovering 12 feet apart exchanging fire. Units do not evade in combat, they do not really do anything exciting (with exception of a few units). I would recomend you borrow this game from a friend before touching it....more info
  • Starcraft
    This is the best most action filled strategy game in history...more info
  • The best game of all time
    This game is astounding. It and the expansion have blown me away for almost a year, and the fun doesn't run out.The reason no one ever gets tired of this amazing game is its diversity and re-playability. Each race is extremely unique. Unlike many other strategy games *cough age of empires cough* none of the races are similar. The Terrans are the most original. Some of their special features are the ability to lift off building, ability to build anywhere, nukes, and cloaking. The extremely advanced alien race known as the Protoss are very powerful. They have the most powerful units, even though they are expensive. They possess many powerful spellcasters and the mighty carrier, not to mention the probe's ability to open warp rifts then go back to work. The biological Zerg are a force to be reckoned with. Their hatcheries can produce 3 units at a time, so that they can create massive armies in a short amount of time.
    Another reason why this game is so great is StarEdit. With this, you can create your own maps. I really enjoy this and I have made a few of my own, one of which is quite popular with my friends.
    The final and probably greatest thing about starcraft is This allows you to play online with up to 7 other players. You can play normal games, ladder games to show true skill, and team games. You can even play Map Settings games. They completely change the game. Units, maps, and everything else are completely altered. Objectives change, making this very interesting.
    All in all, Starcraft and the expansion set are the greatest games of all time. Anyone would enjoy them....more info
  • Fun, from the start, to the never-end!
    Single player is very fun and most recommended for the very beginners. But, completing the single player is completely unnecessary, for it doesn't begin to prepare you for the EXTRAORDINARY online gaming experience. Although playing online is free, I would GLADLY pay the price of this game as a monthly fee if need be! A little about the game.. you start off with a single building for your base. As the game progresses you build yourself a bigger base and, depending on the game type(which there are plenty of), you make forces to attack and defend. Too much fun to be able to explain why!

    Graphics: (4/5) - Would be 8/5 when this first came out!
    Gameplay: (5/5) - Very smoothe, even with 56k(online).
    Online play: (5/5) - The best of the best!
    Overall: (5/5) - Get this game if it's the only game you'll ever own! I've replaced my CD 3 times now in 4 years because of extensive gameplay! The price is righter than right I would have payed 3x the price!...more info

  • best game ive ever played!!
    starcraft is the best mac game ever made! i would hily rekamend it to inebudy hoo luves action-stratejic tipe of games

    PROS-cool graphics and cool game play u can also play on b-net for free!!! (multiplayer)and single player.

    CONS- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    o, u can onle carry 12 guys at a time and its hard to tipe and control ur peeps.

    but it is the best game i ever played


  • Battle.Net is where it's at
    So this game is pretty cool on single player... actually nevermind its one of the best :) but it really pales in comparison to the online game. The whole Clan thing really is great fun. Not just the warring between game clans, but the 3rd party weapons of Clan War such as: Bots (does stuff for you online), mass messagers, channel attackers, name making, but its all great here... Clan x]De[x if ya ever sign on!...more info
  • Nice game, even with the old graphics
    "Starcraft" is a strategy game. It takes place in the year 2499, when humanity uses all Earth's resources. Humanity travels then to other planets to survive.
    But life in other planets is hard. The resources are rare and difficult to be obtained. To complete the disgrace, two others alien races keep attacking the small and limited human colony: the Zerg and the Protoss.
    Humans start to fight against them, creating a race for the conquest of the Universe.
    A problem comes up after sometime living in other planets. Humans' democracy starts to get worse and worse. A group of rebels is created, and conflicts in the already bad human society start to grow.
    And then, something totally unexpected comes up. A secret that would make humans get mad with the politicians and install the chaos in the society. The adventure starts then...
    The game is an action and strategy game. You are like a commander: you have to take fast decisions, make tactics and strategies before the enemies destroy you. It makes the game a bit tense, but also very exciting.
    It's not easy in the start; you lose a lot of times until you learn some things: how to be fast, tactics, what units you should train etc... You can play online with or against people. You'll never learn everything, because there will always be someone with new ideas, that can even beat the most experienced player. That's why the game is good; you'll always have to improve yourself. Besides, the best players get famous and even earn a reasonable amount of money.
    I feel a bit tense while I'm playing it, but I feel much more excited than tense. I really enjoy the game; it brings me a lot of fun. And I get very happy when I win, of course!...more info
  • Sweeeeeeet![.]
    This is one of the sweetest games ive ever played. I like the way that you can control an entire army and make them do almoast everything. I dont own it but I am SURE getting it. I think that you should get some cash and buy it 'cause its definatly worth the money....more info
  • Challenging, Genre-Defining Real Time Strategy Game
    Starcraft (in addition to the Brood War Expansion) is an incredibly challenging and engaging game. The balance between different races is great, and the multiplayer option adds an entirely new dimension to the game. This is defnitely worth ten bucks....more info
  • Very disapointing
    {YAWN} Very boring disapointing game. Terrible gameplay, graphics, bla bla bla. The cinematics run at an extremely slow frame rate. At least the music is kinda good. I don't recommend this for any god damn gamer. =[......more info
  • best RTS ever??
    STARCRAFT and TOTAL ANNIHILATION = two best RTS. TA was RTS of the year in 1998 (i think) and starcraft is probably the most popular rts of the past 5 years. These two are far more addictive and offer a lot more than aoe, ra and warcraft....more info
  • best game I played In years
    It has sweet graphics and cool species of different things such as the zerg race they are my favorite race...more info
  • Excellent Game, prompt shipping
    I've been a longtime fan of starcraft ever since it came out... which I'm sad to say is becoming a quite large body of time. The product was great, except that the cd-key I was provided with the software was muted on I'd never even seen that before. I'm having to spend a great ammount of time correcting that, but otherwise, delicious!...more info
  • An amazing game with a great storyline!
    Starcraft is one of my favorite games ever. It completely introduced me in the Real-Time-Strategy genre, but even now, years after its release, goes further than most games out there. Not only is the game fun to play, but the storyline regarding the clash between the three races was so complex and so interesting I couldn't stop playing to see what happened next. It's like reading a book! Actually, there are novels based on the world of Starcraft. It's no surprise to me.

    The only drawback of the game it's its poor waypoint system, which can be a little frustrating. Also, in the end, almost every strategy can be beaten by great numbers, unlike some other games of the genre.

    But in spite of all that, this is still a great game. A classic worth having....more info

  • Preetie DANG GOOD!!!
    Take note:BUY THIS GAME!!! you will not be dissipointed its a great game although this game may not let you create your own map sometimes it does...BUT OTHERWORDS ITS A GREAT GAME!!! u should buy it MULTIPLAYER ROCKS!!! as well hope you buy it!...more info
  • The best game of all time
    This game is astounding. It and the expansion have blown me away for almost a year, and the fun doesn't run out.The reason no one ever gets tired of this amazing game is its diversity and re-playability. Each race is extremely unique. Unlike many other strategy games *cough age of empires cough* none of the races are similar. The Terrans are the most original. Some of their special features are the ability to lift off building, ability to build anywhere, nukes, and cloaking. The extremely advanced alien race known as the Protoss are very powerful. They have the most powerful units, even though they are expensive. They possess many powerful spellcasters and the mighty carrier, not to mention the probe's ability to open warp rifts then go back to work. The biological Zerg are a force to be reckoned with. Their hatcheries can produce 3 units at a time, so that they can create massive armies in a short amount of time.
    Another reason why this game is so great is StarEdit. With this, you can create your own maps. I really enjoy this and I have made a few of my own, one of which is quite popular with my friends.
    The final and probably greatest thing about starcraft is This allows you to play online with up to 7 other players. You can play normal games, ladder games to show true skill, and team games. You can even play Map Settings games. They completely change the game. Units, maps, and everything else are completely altered. Objectives change, making this very interesting.
    All in all, Starcraft and the expansion set are the greatest games of all time. Anyone would enjoy them....more info
  • StarCraft- The greatest RTS ever made
    First of all let me say that anyone who said this game is unbalance should get there brains checked. The units are more powerful because they cost more in the game. StarCraft has many positive features.

    - For one StarCraft has 3 very different races that are very well balanced. The 3 races in the game are Protoss, Terran, and Zerg. In StarCraft each race has it's first infintry unit. Terran-Marine Protoss-Zealot and Zerg-Zergling. 1 marine can take 2 zerglings and 1 zealot can kill 2 marines. This may be the reason why some say it is unblance but 2 Zlings cost 50 minerals while 1 marine cost 50 minerals and one Zealot costs 100 minerals. This is what may make StarCraft seem unbalanced to people who have played it for less than 5 minutes but it is really very balanced.

    - The campaign is very enjoyable and cinematics look great even on 200mhZ with no MMX(like my computer). The storline is also great and will take you deep into the StarCraft universe.

    -Multiplayer is one of the greatest part of them game. You can play the normal melee like in the campaigns or play Use Map Setting for thousand of different types of games. The Map Maker in StarCraft has aloud people to make the great Use Map Settings Maps. There are game such as SCV Football and Zergling Blood. People have even made RPG maps such as Lord of the Rings or Dungeons and Dragons so StarCraft is far from only RTS on multiplayer. StarCraft allows up to 8 player per game on and there is rarely lag if running on 56K, DSL, or Cable.

    - Each unit has its own upgrade and/or special abilities. The Zerg Mutalisk, for instance, can mutate into Guardian that has a much longer range and more powerful attack. Terran Siege Tanks can upgrade Siege mode which allow the tanke to turn into a stationary artillery canon which uses the powerful shock canon. The Protoss Arbitor can transport and cloak unit instantly. These are only a few of the units in StarCraft.

    This is a great game and dont pay attention to those who say ther "is no strategy". If the game were bad there wouldn't be over 200,000 people still playing it after it's release over 4 years ago.

    Trust me this game is definatly worth your money! You won't regret purchasing StarCraft!...more info

    This game rocks. I don't know how to explain it but it's more than perfect! Better than the N64 one. More maps. Easier. And I recommend you get Brooadwar with it. I think it has been about 5 years now and I'm still playing it. It's still the game I love that really has stardegy. They might be releasing starcraft 2 but blizzard didn't make any annuncements. Just go to [the website]...I RECOMMEND YOU HAVE INTERNET ACCESS!! Play on [the battle website], you challenge a lot of people and there are games created by the map maker like there's even Grand Theft Auto, The Simpsons... The units are different but look the same though. Get it when it's still cheap and will always be. I expected this game to be more expensive because of how fun it is. Get it and you'll play it as long as me. The graphics for Warcraft III are better but who cares, it gets borin'! And it's expensive although I have it and I'm gonna sell it. Starcraft forever baby! Yeah! Get it!!!!!!!...more info
  • it is great
    When I first played this game, it was frustrating, but in a fun way: HOW CAN I DEFEAT THEM WHAT WILL THEY DO NEXT, kind of like a mind game or something. After u get the hang of it, its all fun! If MISSION OBJECTIVES arnt ur thing, then they have COSTOM GAME section, so u only need to destroy all the buildings. great game a mustHAVE for u "BIRDS EYE VIEW" kind of players....more info
  • Starcraft... Another RTS.
    Yes, we all know of the famous Starcraft. It's been hailed as one of the greatest RTS's of all time; and if you talk to almost any gamer in the world, they'll know of it. This game is wonderful; it has a great plot and allows you to play three different campaigns. All three of which you'll fight against as another one of the races. Plus, each race has it's own advantage, so no matter what you're playing a different game each time.

    However, there are downsides to this same game. The game is incredibly boring after the first couple of missions because they're all the same. Destroy a base, or escort a convoy... basiclly destroy everything on the entire map you're on. This game play gets horribly boring after a few times, and you'll find yourself clicking the same places over and over with your mouse. All you do is build troops up, rush, and slaughter. There's no real strategy to this game at all.

    Wonderful RTS
    Good Plot
    Each Campaign has different advantage and disadvantages.

    Same-old Missions
    Rush and Conquer Strategy...more info

  • StarCraft i didnt just get this game had it since i was 10
    This is a great game truly a great game very good very very good lovet the races and story and characters like Jim Raynor awsome guy and love the expansion pack and want a starcraft 2 sometime(not ghost!)...more info
  • Easy to learn
    i do not have this but am planning on getting it. I played it at a friends place and i learned to play it in 15 minutes. At the begginning i didnt even know how to move or build but after a while i got the hang of it. I got slaughtered because i only had 7 of those red dinosaurs (zergs i think) and the opponent sent a army of 25 marines to ake me out.

    This game is really fun to play...more info
  • best game I played In years
    It has sweet graphics and cool species of different things such as the zerg race they are my favorite race...more info
  • An Addictive RTS Game
    I enjoyed playing StarCraft, and could potentially do so for quite a long time. It's fun and addictive. However, in recommending this game to anyone else, I have to include a few caveats. Though it's got a lot going for it, there are still a few negatives which some gamers might feel they wish they'd known before buying. I'm sure there's not that many people out there who would like this game and don't have it by now, but it's held up to the technology boom over the last few years. So there may still be people out there saying, "What's all this I hear about this StarCraft thing?" Well, here's what you should know.

    A player can choose one of three races to command, Terrans and two alien races. The Terrans are ordinary humans using futuristic military weapons. The Zurg are a hive of "Alien"-like creatures whose weapons are all organic and grown with specialized purposes. The Protoss are highly developed aliens with Warp technology and force fields. All three races are very well-balanced, and if the player runs through the storyline included in the game, he will get a chance to play each one in turn. Though the player doesn't have to, it is recommended that he play the races in order. Doing so allows the player to get the full storyline as it is meant to be told. A player can run through the story, or play multiplayer scenarios over the internet. A player can also play the multiplayer scenarios alone by setting the opponents to computer players.

    The game is divided into individual scenarios, or battles, which are handled completely idependently from each other. These scenes are introduced in a pre-scene "communications panel" view, which sets up the story background and describes the mission objectives. The missions themselves are generally divided into those where you have to build and defend a base, those where you have to take the offensive and defeat the enemy in his base, and those where you have to run through a corridor.

    There are many good things I can say about the game. The first is that I thought it was a lot of fun to play. You get as many tries as you need to complete a scenario, and you can save at any point in the battle, so if you like your progress up to a certain point, you can save it there and any mistakes you make thereafter can be removed with a simple "Load Game" command. The scenarios generally build in difficulty, so as you get more practice in the game, the battles become more challenging to meet your growing skill. These things make it an enjoyable real-time strategy game.

    A few things keep me from saying this is a perfect game. One thing I found annoying is that there is no carryover from one scenario to the next. No matter how well you do in one battle, any benefit you gained over and above the mission objective is lost. Part of the basis of the game is harvesting minerals. If you harvest far more than you need in one scenario, they are gone when you reach the next scenario. There is a score awarded at the end of each scenario to show how well you did in comparison to the enemies you hopefully defeated. However, the score doesn't accumulate over the course of the game - it is just a score for that scenario, which the game doesn't even save for posterity. You get your score and then it's gone. If you didn't write it down, it's gone. Similarly, the scenarios have the player develop "new" technologies to build bigger and better weapons and fighting units. After a scenario ends, the player has somehow forgotten those technologies and they must be "researched" again in the next scenario. It helps with game play, of course, but it doesn't make a lot of sense the way they phrase it.

    Another thing that I was a little disappointed in was the fact that the storyline is set in stone, completely immutable by the player. Either a player completes a scenario and can go on to the next chapter in the story, or the player must repeat that scenario, but the story will not go on if the player does not pass each stage. Therefore, nothing the player does will affect the story. Even if they fail at a scenario they can just try it again.

    It would have been nice to see more variety in the types of missions. It seemed to me that most of the scenarios could be won by taking your time and building a big force, and attacking your enemy with a massive amount of troops after he'd run out of resources. In that way, it was a bit of an arms race at times, and it would have been good to see more cerebral ways to combat your enemy using more complex strategy.

    Still with all that, it was a good game. It makes a nice contrast to a lot of the turn-based strategy games or first-person shooters. And if you enjoy this, don't hesitate to get the Brood War expansion. But I recommend trying the basic game out first, unless you get the BattleChest (which has both)....more info
  • Real Time Strategic Slugfest
    StarCraft does fall into the RTS genre; resource gathering, unit creation, base building, ect. But it isn't as demanding for a strategic genius as games like Age of Empires or Rise of Nations. Nonetheless, it's an explosive game that will keep you busy for a long time. In a way, StarCraft is a great change of pace for fans of more complex RTS games (like me). Playing Rise of Nations all the time can start to get overwhelming because of the constant mass and micro management needed. In StarCraft, you don't have to deal with a ton of diplomacy issues or anything like that. A typical game has things set up kind of like an RTS death match. All of the resources you need are sitting right next to your base. Collect them, build defenses, then build an army. You can choose from three different races. The Terran, a human army of colonists, Zerg, a race of bugs, mutants, and everything creepy and crawley, and the Protos, a super intelligent race with psionic powers. Each race (Terran, Zerg, Protos) have their one advantages and disadvantages. The Terran are well balanced and are best for beginners. They have good infantry and a variety of defenses. One good advantage is that important Terran Buildings (command centers, barracks, ect.) can lift off the ground and fly to a new area for a quick escape. The Zerg rely on the masses. Their units are not as powerful but they are also less expensive and some are created in groups. One of their disadvantages is that they cannot build (mutate) on normal ground; only on a thick slime that covers the ground near their buildings. The Protos have very powerful units, but they are more expensive and take longer to build. A huge advantage for the Protos is that they don't have to sit at a construction site and waste time building it up. All you have to do is get one of your little probes to warp the building in. The second the probe reaches the building site, they actavate a portal and the building basically starts to build itself, allowing the probe to tend to other matters. As a side effect, they can't repair damaged buildings. The sounds are nothing to make a whole extra section about (zap, boom, kerpow, "gimme somethin' to shoot.") but they're what you would expect from a game like this. The music also fits the mood perfectly. The graphics are about the same as Age of Empires II with a slightly more animated look making everything look and run smooth. It's hard to tell how good the AI is because of the simple tactics they use; launch waves of troops at your enemies and destroy them all. The AI also loves to rush. Expect to be attacked about five minutes into the game. Along those lines, the computer does very well. The environments are very interesting and original, covered with black dirt, craters, strange animals and purple trees. StarCraft also has a great (and free) online multiplayer with an endless number of people to play with. ...more info
  • Best RTS Game Ever!!!
    I Play StarCraft All The Time -- It's Awesome!

    *Has A Good Map Maker
    *Sweet Multiplayer -- All You Need Is A Connection To The Internet
    *Made By Blizzard Entertainment -- The Same Company That Makes Diablo

    *Multiplayer On Has Banner Ads (Just For Blizzard Stuff Though)
    [No Other Cons]

    *"Brood War Expansion Set" Just Makes It Better.

    *I Suggest You Get "StarCraft Battle Chest" -- It Comes With StarCraft "StarCraft Brood War" And Strategy Guide(s).

    *Some Maps Are Really Easy; But Others Are HARD -- Giving A Large Opportunity For Many Skill Levels + Good Tutorials

    *Really Fun!
    *I Highly Recommend This Game To Anyone Looking For A Great RTS....more info

  • Disgrace to Bargain bins
    _I managed to retain enough interest to play for a few days. But the gameplay just wasn't interesting in the slightest. The dark setting and levels just depressed me after a while. The map editor was the only hope for salvation of this title... and it too turned out to be a flop. Maps were long and hard to make, with the controls and interactions way too complicated for it's own good. And despite many, many hours of trying to figure out how to actually make enemies attack (including going to FAQ's OL, asking friends who've played this, everything I could think of) I couldn't find any answer. At best, the map editor is for experimenting with units and target practice.
    _The lack of any sea units was dissapointing. And even the specialty units like airborne carriers didn't make up for no navy's to play with.

    _The funny thing: Warcraft II was better in every way. The game was a bit cartoonish and had BRIGHT levels and such, so I never got "game depression". The map editor was quick and easy to use, and to make enemies attack, you only had to CLICK ONE OPTION! In fact, the map editor to WCII is the par to which all other game editors should be judged. Nothing can compare to it's user-friendly interface and easiness to use.
    _Blizzard should be embarrased by Starcraft. Playing it just made me appreciate all that WCII had to offer. I ended up throwing Starcraft away and just playing WCII....more info

  • Its all about the multiplayer
    I really dont have much to say about the single player in starcraft, but i'll tell u this, I've benn playing the multiplayer for allmost 3 years now and I dont evan care about the single player. Ther are so many games out there on battlenet!!!! it is incredible. A lot of them are themed from tv shows like Dragon Ball Z, wars such as WW1 and WW2, and others are melee games such as "Golem Madness" and "Bunker Wars." in melee u have a bunker and u play against everone else. u are given an infinnate amount of units untill ur bunker is destroyed, which occurs when your enemies destroy it. U can also buy heros to help you. One of the best features is campagin editor which with its ez to use commands allows you to make allmost any game imaginable. i give Starcraft the best stratigy PC game award ever just for the multipler!!!!!!...more info
  • Good gameplay
    The best game since sim city but age of empires and others are better......more info
  • I LOVE this game!
    I played this game years ago and was hooked emmediately. Blizzard has never let me down as one of thier customers and I will gladly pay full price for any of thier games(as opposed to waiting for the game to hit the bargain bin). This game still holds true as an exciting experience, single player or multi. I just bought a new computer and cant wait to play over the LAN. This game is easily better than some of the games that are comming out lately. Blizzard has such a user friendly attitude that they give you the option to copy the games multiplayer data onto 7 other computers to play on the LAN, unlike another game I purchased last week that wants you to buy a whole new copy to play in your own house.
    Anyway, the replay value for this game is higher than any I have ever played. This is one of the first games i ever bought for my PC and I love it still. The gameplay is great with 3 diverse races that demand various strategies to master. New units are eased into your missions and the game is easy to learn. The game doesnt necessarily boast screaming 3d graphics like todays market, but then, todays market isnt all that great. The game is pleasing to watch and listen to. The developers have included plenty of unit responses and command acknowlagments that you will not get bored clicking on your units. Click on them enough times in a row and BLizzards crew have added funny responses or strange saying to the units, like in warcraft. The sound is awesome. The music is good, never gets boring, and keeps you in the action.
    To top it al off, I think that Blizzard is really devoted to thier fans and customers, unlike some other greedy corporate shmucks. Blizzard has always been on top of thier games online, trying to make DiabloII un-hackable so players could enjouy it more. Little things like that show and buyers notice these things. I will not hesitate to give them my money for Warcraft3 or any of thier new games because they have a perfect track record with me so far. Check out DiabloII and the expansions for Starcraft and DiabloII. Youll never be ripped off by Blizzard....more info
  • Starcraft
    Starcraft--this game will obviously keep you hooked on for hours! You are allowed to choose one of the the following races: Zerg, Protoss, and Terran. Each race has different techniques that you can explore and have fun with. When you sit down and start playing, you are stuck there for a couple of hours playing without knowing the time passing. I recommend this game for everyone (even though it's rated Teen.) Trust me, this game rocks!

    Thanks Blizzard!...more info

  • A Game I Highly Recommend For Your Santa List
    Space....the final frontier. In this final frontier, you embark on a journey to the outer reaches of the galaxy, where you encounter three races involved in a war for the future of the universe; the Zerg, the Protoss, and the Terran. At this time, the Zerg are invading everywhere and on every planet. Unfortunately, they have hit a couple of stops in the road of divide and conquer. On the planet of Earth; the Terran, future earthlings, are fighting to defend against the Zerg as they have been launching attacks without stop. However, the zerg are no match for the Terran unless the Zerg pull out the Mutalisks, flying beasts that can't be stopped without having great losses. In the meantime, the Protoss have also become a big pain in the BLEEP. The protoss seem bent on destroying their equals as the mission goes, but after the Terran put them in their place, the Protoss seem to want to leave them alone. Then, the Zerg have decided to launch one last offensive on the Terran people............
    On the Protoss homeworld, the Zerg are also taking over. The Protoss are on the brink of destruction when one of their kind, disobeying the directorate, have called on the Terran to come to their aid. With the aid of the Terran, the protoss have new hope and more time to rebuild their armies. Most of the time, the Protoss go on their own, asking for help on the way. Then, in their final hour, the Protoss have to call on the Terran one last time. With their final attempt at a counteroffensive........
    Now the Zerg, though they may be the "bad guys" in this game, are actually at war with the Protoss and Terran over a big misunderstanding. The Zerg only live to serve the cerebrate, to carry out the will of the Overlords, and just plain are slaves. The Zergs cannot exist without the cerebrate and the Overlords are the only reason the Zerg underlings can be created, to keep them in line. So, the Zerg are going to be on the brink of destruction as well until the Zerg capture Lt. Kerrigan, a Terran commander that now is infested with the Zerg parasite in their mind. She knows many of the Terran secrets and now the Zerg are planning to launch a MAJOR counteroffensive.........more info
  • VERY good game, especially if you do everything
    I am a huge fan of stradegy games. However a lot of stradegy games loose there fun after a while because you have mastered it and nothing changes. This game is different. In addition to regular gameplay and missions you can play online for against other people play. There is also games called map settings games. this is why it never gets boring. People are always making map settings games that have nothing to do with the accual starcraft game. Anything from SCV football to snipers, these can all be made and played online againsed other players, and since new and different maps are being made all the time, it never gets boring. Definetly a good game for any gaming fan....more info
  • Starcraft The Game Of the Centurie
    Starcraft is my favorite game and its really cool my favorite race is the terran but starcraft unlike a lot of strategy games all the races are totaly equal and plus you can play over the internet ...and there are more maps than on the n64 version and if you get brood war then its even better so i suggest you buy it now....more info
  • Wow
    This is a great game. It could do just fine with the strategy of "Melee" or "Top Vs Bottom" (settings in the game), but with the addition of "Use Map Settings" (another setting of the game)where you can play campaigns, survival games, all made by players such as yourself (yes, it comes with a "Campaign Editor" to make your own map), this game is years of fun. I give it 5 stars!...more info
  • A classic.
    Long term fun, I game I can keep comming back to. I love the multi-player....more info
  • Gret Stratagy Game
    Star Craft is a great stragey game involving three different alien races. Their is one campain for each race which means lots of playing time. The campains are interesting and the missions vary. The game also includes a map editor for creating your own maps, and the best part is that once you have completed the campains and begin to get 'bord' with the game, you can play online against other people. Overall Star Cract is a wonderful game and a must buy....more info
  • Very fun indeed!
    Just so you know, I am only going to discuss single-player version because I never tried multi-player.

    You have Warcraft, you have Diablo, and then you have Starcraft. Diablo and Warcraft have gone off to have #2 (and in Warcraft's case, #3) but Starcraft has nothing but a Brood War expansion. I can't see why.

    Starcraft is fantastic. You have three different races that are unique in their own way. Different buildings, different units, different ways of evolving... heck, just about everything is different between each race. I think that is pretty cool.

    I, personally, like the custom scenarios. I also like a really cool scenario that is kind of like a arcade game where you try to protect your nexus (protoss main building) from oncoming enemies. and get 'galactic heroes' if you survive.

    I found the actual campaign a bit too difficult for me, with some missions seeming just plain impossible. It also takes a while to master each race (I like the protoss, but the Zerg are, in my opinion, the easiest to fight with) But it is still fun and I really like some of the heroes, especially the Protoss heroes.

    Finally, I like making my own scenarios. It seemed difficult and a little confusing at first, but I eventually got the hang of it.

    Go out and buy this game!...more info

  • Starcraft, the best game ever!
    This game is really cool! The three alien races(Protoss, Tarran, and Zerg)are truly really well structured! The idea of the game is: the three alien races are fighting for control of the galaxy. Like the back of the box says,"The only allies, are enemys." The Protoss are aliens that are peaceful, but if threatened they pack a whollop! The Protoss home planet is Aiur. The Tarran are basically super, high-tech humans. They look like humans, talk like humans, even have the same body sructure as humans, but aren't. The have the gadgets, the weapons, and the super cool buildings! The Tarran home planet is Tarsonis. Last but not least, the (Evil) Zerg. These guys are no E.T.'s. These guys are true aliens! They look like mutated snakes! Every thing with the Zerg is living! Even the buildings! The Zerg look like something out of a horror movie. These guys are ruthless and daring. The Zerg home planet is Unknown, creepy huh? All in all this is a really great game! With it's amazing graphics, cool alien races, and a great story, this is a must buy!...more info
  • One of the best
    ... titles in real-time strategy games.
    Starcraft didn't really set a new standard when it was release for graphics, engine and gameplay. However, as people played it they realized how perfect this rts title really was. Easy to learn, difficult to master. It retains its flavor and fun even after all these years and so many other titles that came out after it.
    A great sci-fi rts game that should be in the collection of any fan of the genre. Don't miss out and make sure you also pick up the expansion back: Brood War....more info
  • One Word: GREAT!
    What else can we ask? A great game from the creators of the Warcraft and Diablo sagas. This game is pure strategy, you have to build your own encampment (because that's what they are, they are not cities or full-scales civilizations) in the middle of God-forgotten planet or on the remains of a long-lost space platform. This game is just like the classic Warcraft II, you control each unit, from the SCV (who basically are those who build your structures and gather resources)to the BattleCruisers.
    You control 3 races: Terrans (humans), Zergs (bug-like creatures) and the Protoss (Aliens); every race has its own way of living, they work in a different way, so you'll have to practice a lot to master them.
    It includes free access to BattleNet, where you can play great MultiPlayer matches, and test your skills.
    There's one glitch though, once you start, you won't stop; so, get some chips, a good soda, and get ready for Battle!
    Happy Gaming...more info
  • Excellent!!!
    If you're looking for a good strategy game, look no further. Simply put, this is one of the top 5 real time strategy games ever made!!!...more info
  • The Game of a lifetime of STINKAGE AND FUN!
    the game of building a lot of stuff...researching as much crap as possible...and BEATING THE CRAP OUT OF THE OTHER PLAYER.

    The is partly strategic....but...the game is basically about building as many units as possible and hoping that the other guy doesn't have as much as you do.

    if you are having trouble on the game...cheat...thats all there is to it...if the game gets so boring at times....Cheat.....thats all there is to it.

    The game of Starcraft is complicated as you advance in the game....but..if you have friends in high places(wink wink) should be able to do just fine. But....the game is so easy at the start that you wouldnt even need to have friends in high places when you are going solo on it.

    Now multiplayer........thats very are basically battling against other players who have more experience than you do and you are HELPLESS to an attack by the people you are against. My advice....dont go into any rooms that say noobs only. the people in there are basically setting you up for the BIGGEST BEATING OF YOUR LIFE......i happened to me too. This is the area in which you NEED friends in high places. My advice..again...join will be surprised in what help you get there.


    Now my review basically looks like its all about bad points in the game....but it just goes to show that what i am about to tell you may be helpful....or u cant do anything about decide that for yourself.

    1. The game has has it in multiplayer and single..nothing you can do about it accept that you have to wait for it to stop.
    2. You can get confused very easily as the game progresses further into the mystifying depths of starcraft.
    3. You also can get very frustrated...easily...jist keep a cool head throughout the whole game or else get off and walk away for a while.

    hope this helps you understand starcraft better...
    W.G.J.T....more info
  • Great Game for Old School RTS players
    Now if you have been playing games as long as i have you probably know about a good game when you see it. For non-veteran players you probably recongnize the power of this game. This game puts all of the elements of RTS and some elements RPG's in to a game legend.
    Three Races, Thirty Missions and a Great Story. This game is an adventure that takes you out of this world. Now this game is rated M for Strong Language (ex: they say damn hell and if you do certain things they [say other things]but they bleep it out thats only if your certain things that are hard to do) last but not least, there is bloody battles with gorey sequences. i wouldn't let any one under 13 play this game. But that is just me.

    TripleLook...more info

  • Not a War game
    This game excels in its map making ability. You can easily change unit stats and victory conditions. When it comes to War gaming, this game does not fair well. Where is the navy? It is easy to put tons of guns on a boat and place it in the water, then attach a engine on it and go shooting things, and blizzard has demonstrated its ability to have boats in WCII. A hovering terrestial battleship is illogical. The war strategy in this game is minimal. If you play on islands, you method of winning is 1. use aircraft. 2. use big aircraft. 3. use aircraft and land some troops. 4. use aircraft. With each side having ~4 aircraft that leaves little variety.
    After 5 years of playing this game, it has lost its luster. I only play it with custom scenarios, which is where this game shines. For a better wargame, get Total Annihilation with its expansion. It has been modified far more that SC, and with mods has about 5 different races....more info
  • THe best game ever!
    This game kicks...! Good graphics, incredible gameplay, and three completely different races! Theat is better than age of Empires 1 and 2 because all the units are the same. It is also better than Warcraft III, because it is Sci-fi, and the unit limit is 110 more. The best part is the multiplayer, over LAN or info
  • Best Strategy Game Out There
    This is the best strategy game I have ever purchased. It is 100 times better than all C&C. It let's you control any race and let's you bring in your own strategy depending on your style. The gameplay is extremely easy to control once you get to know it and it is a vital part to the game itself. You will be engaged in this game for hours nad hours of pure gaming joy from the various missions this game has to offer. This is a must have for any strategy gamer. Even if you are new to strategy games, this game will grab you on and you will find it hard to quit playing......more info
  • GO Starcraft!
    Wow!This game is the Civil war all over again! With the acception that the graphics [are bad], this game is an age of empire dad. This has most of the age of empires speacialties, and more. This also takes place in the future so there is some un-realistic feature. Well, pick up a copy today....more info


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