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The StarCraft Battle Chest is an incredible package of the great StarCraft games, on one DVD!

The full versions of StarCraft and the acclaimed expansion pack Brood War, as well as complete strategy guides for each, make StarCraft: Battle Chest a treasure chest for real-time strategy fans.

Instead of two similarly powered enemies facing off, the three distinct races in StarCraft have unique capabilities and strategies. Everyone still competes in the RTS genre's typical race for resources, but that's the only shared trait. Terrans can move their bulky mechanized bases as necessary, while the reptilian Zerg grow their colonies and warriors from mutating larvae. Meanwhile, the noble Protoss warp in equipment from their home world using psionic powers.

Not only does game maker Blizzard juggle the races' playability and match it with superb art and sound effects, it also weaves together an engrossing three-act plot. Early on, as a Terran magistrate, you spend a breathtaking 30 minutes defending against a Zerg onslaught. As the story unfolds around you, you'll experience the Zerg's hive mentality and decipher the mysterious Protoss by the game's dramatic conclusion.

Missions vary in scope and are effectively framed with dialogue, chapter screens, and in-mission exposition. Multiplayer games are also very well represented by Blizzard's own free service. If you'd rather play over a local area network, StarCraft will generously "spawn" up to seven copies so your friends can join in.

In keeping with StarCraft's groundbreaking design, Brood War presents you with three sides of a galactic conflict. Scheming humans, insidious Zerg, and proud Protoss collide again, with stunning new cinematics setting the stage. Old friends and foes and ominous new arrivals give the story a breakneck pace, while a handful of additions to each race's arsenal makes for tense battles. Brood War also features stellar new environments and ambient art, as well as more than 100 additional multiplayer maps.

Some missions require a bit of finesse, breaking the resource-gathering routine while making good use of the new units. Humans now have Valkyrie missile frigates as well as medics who automatically try to heal your grunts. New for the Zerg air force is the acid-spewing Devourer; the new Lurker unit provides heavy-duty (under)ground support. Along with the Corsair fighter, the Protoss reenter the fray with Dark Templar, which can merge to form the devastating Dark Archon. Unfortunately, units old and new still suffer from weak artificial intelligence in path finding.

Real-time strategy games don't get any more epic or any more satisfying. --Jack Gardiner

This package includes both Starcraft and Starcraft: Brood Wars plus Prima Publishing's Official Strategy Guides, which offer you strategies, statistics, and details about new worlds to give you the upper hand in gaining control over the galaxy's resources.

  • This includes the hit StarCraft, the incredible StarCraft - Brood War, and two official strategy guides, for hours & hours of space-based action and combat
  • Play through 56 mission in 6 unique campaigns, to decide the fate of the galaxy
  • Over 175 player maps over a wide variety of battlefields
  • Play multiplayer battles over
  • Battle for control of the galaxy with the StarCraft Battle Chest!

Customer Reviews:

  • An all time classic game
    Star craft is one of the all time best real time strategy games. even though it is lacking in graphics by todays standards the advantages such as only needing two resources needed to build anything and customizable maps are a major plus. The only disadvantage of the game is the races are not completely balanced. in my opinion, the protos are much superior than the terran. this is a great LAN game because of the minimal requirements, any recent computer will be able to run it. ...more info
  • Best Game Ever
    This game is simply put the best game ever. don't let the crappy pics behind this case make u not want to buy it..if u've never played starcraft before, go look it up on youtube and see some one the games. you'll realize how much more strategic and fun this game is compared to most rts. since today is 2008 and this game was made like a decade ago, you'll probably have to get use to it before your realize how great this game is. ...more info
  • The Best RTS of ALL TIME!
    This is one of my favorite games, right up there with Neverwinter Nights and Counterstrike 1.6. This and those two games are about the only video games I ever play anymore, and with good reason. They are awesome games. The campaigns are fantastic, but what is possibly my favorite is the online play with other people. This is a must-have for any RTS lover....more info
  • Simply one of the best games ever made
    "Starcraft: Brood War" is possibly the best game of all time. I'm definitely not the only person that can support that theory.

    "Brood War" is an expansion pack to the original "Starcraft," meaning you need both installed on your computer to play it. It came out in 1998 for the PC, but it's still as fun as it was upon release. It's a real-time strategy game (RTS), which means you manage your units, resources and buildings while strengthening your army, locating new stockpiles of resources and crushing your opponents, all seen from a "bird's eye" view. There are many RTS games out there, but the "Starcraft" games struck a perfect balance between complexity and simplicity.

    The story is one of the most compelling in all of gaming. It is set several hundred years in the future, with humans living all over the galaxy. In a nutshell, some chance meetings occur and a war between humans (or Terran), the Zerg and the Protoss aliens erupts. From the beginning of "Starcraft" to the end of "Brood War,' there are six full campaigns to play. Collectively, they combine as an epic space opera along the lines of the "Startship Troopers" movie from the late 90's. You get to see the war through the eyes of the three different species, which keeps the narrative from ever becoming boring. There are also different factions within the races, so awesome twists and surprises are commonplace.

    The campaign is lots of fun, even if the challenge eventually becomes insanely difficult. Fear not, as there are many cheats to help you through the journey. The story mode is extremely satisfying from beginning to end and it should be experienced by every gamer, especially if you have even the slightest interest in sci-fi.

    As good as the story is, all gamers know it wouldn't be worth it if the gameplay isn't fun. Fortunately, "Starcraft" and "Brood War" both excel. "Brood War" has an edge because of more balance, new units and new environments, which is why it is the best game ever and the original game is not.

    Managing your army is very intuitive after playing for a little while. The tutorial should give you some good advice, so you'll be having skirmishes with the enemy in no time. It plays similarly to other RTS games, but it's hard to explain to anyone who hasn't played "Starcraft" or "Command and Conquer" or the "Warcraft" series. It takes lots of thinking and awareness of the situation, along with efficient use of the keyboard and mouse. Your best bet is to go to Blizzard's site and check out the Starcraft page.

    The gameplay experience can vary greatly depending on which species you choose. Each of the three races play completely differently, with special ways of constructing buildings and acquiring warriors. They have their strengths and weaknesses, and new strategies are being developed even today. The gameplay moves along at a brisk pace, so scouting the terrain and thinking up a game plan is extremely important early on. After all, "Starcraft" is all about knowing your terrain and enemy and adapting to it in order to conjure an efficient combat strategy. Though in campaign mode, you are somewhat restricted since you have to complete objectives that can only be finished in a few ways.

    The free-for-all online portion is what keeps people playing after all these years. You can play with up to seven other computer controlled armies, and no two games ever play out the same. Some can focus on small battles, others on mass destruction with nuclear bombs and siege units, "starving" your opponent of resources through quick expansion and solid defense, hit-and-run raids with stealth units or giant all-out wars with hundreds of units that can literally go on for hours. Of course, this can all happen within one game, too. The depth and variety makes this "Starcraft" incredibly addicting.

    The feature that makes "Starcraft" so replayable is the very user-friendly Map Editor. With it, anyone can build a map from scratch. You can put in mountains, rivers, trees, mineral deposits, creatures and lots of other details, including your very own story elements. Throughout the years, countless downloadable maps have been posted online by Blizzard and gamers alike. Some of the most popular ones are role-playing games (RPG's).

    In many of them, you select a class of character (such as warrior, spellcaster, shaman, etc.) and go around completing objectives or killing things for experience while. As you level up, you get stronger and acquire new abilities while uncovering the homemade story. There are hundreds of RPG's available online, so you can probably play forever by yourself or with others. Surprisingly, many of them can be as fun as the main campaigns. If you don't like them, make your own.

    If you worry that playing online will be a dreadful experience because of technological hiccups, you are stressing out over nothing, since online play is smooth and plays like your competing offline. This can't be said for many of today's online games, which slowdown and lag because of the crazy 3D graphics that require expensive hardware. This makes "Starcraft" and "Brood War" enjoyable for the Average Joe. The graphics aren't jaw dropping, but they get the job done. Slowdown is rare and everything is easy to spot. It's also got an appealing artistic style and isn't too cartoony or too realistic and gritty.

    On the audio front, you get some great music. The battle themes help suck you into the game. The species all have different music. The Zerg even have one unlockable techno song. None of it seems to ever get repetitive, even if you play for over nine years. The sound effects and voice acting are both equally terrific, as well.

    The gameplay, story, nice graphics, and wonderful sound combine to make these games great experiences. Can Starcraft 2 top this? Well, let's just say Blizzard has a monumental task ahead of them......more info
  • The definitive classic.
    I've given up on Starcraft, due to its addictive nature and my own inability to practice 6 hours a day, but the world hasn't.

    Even today, 6 years after the original Starcraft was released in 1998, this game is played obsessively worldwide and has practically become the national sport of South Korea. Millions are recreational gamers, though there is an elite class of professionals who actually make their living playing Starcraft tournaments and often practice up to 10 hours a day.

    The game is extremely enjoyable without that kind of dedication, of course. It is without a doubt one of the most impressive Real Time Strategy games ever made. Starcraft is considered sheer genius by its legions of fans, and not without merit. The fascinating, carefully balanced and differentiated interplay between the 3 distinct and realistic races is by itself a brilliant achievement. Starcraft's smooth gameplay, with an exciting and challenging single-player campaign, not to mention the incredibly popular multiplayer, makes it an epic of the computer-based RTS genre....more info
  • This game is awsome
    This is not that new of a game but it is still good. The oringinal is good but the expansion is much better plus free battle net and for single player the guides are nice...more info
  • Great game!
    If you haven't played this game, you must! It's got great balance between the three races and, unlike most RTS games, the story is good too!...more info
  • Such a Brilliant Game
    This game is one of the best games ever, in my opinon, and maybe the best for the computer. It had brought me hours of fun, from the day i got it to now. I drift away from it for a while, but end up coming back to it. The graphics may not be the best, but are great considering it was made in 1999. Campaign is great to play, as are the normal games. If you want to play online (for free), it's even better. After so many years, it still has many players. I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys RTS games or who would like to play an easy-to-pick-up, hard-to-master one to start....more info
  • Good old-fashioned shoot-em-up fun
    After being disappointed with several of the newer games out (Mideival Total War 2, Neverwinter Nights 2), I re-purchased an old favorite. It's not fancy and the graphics are nothing special, but Starcraft is a solid, fun game. The AI is limited but sometimes I like to set it to "melee" (everyone against me) and see how many computer-players I can fend off. If you're looking for unsophisticated shoot-em-up fun, nothing's better than Starcraft for the price.

    ...more info
  • StarCraft Battle Chest
    I got StarCraft Battle Chest as a present for my husband and he loved it and was immediately "hooked". This was one of the first video games he's gotten and by reading the reviews on Amazon, it seemed like a great choice - it was....more info
  • Classic game, well worth the $
    Great game no matter what anyone says. A little dated but solid story and game to match....more info
  • Starcraft is such a cool game.
    The game Starcraft is one of my favorites. I like playing as the Protoss. They have really cool characters even if they look weird. I play this almost every day when I'm bored and play some custom games. The strategy guides are really helpful. They give unit stats, mission help, a counter list, and even cheat codes. In Starcraft there are thirty(30) missions and in Brood War there are twenty-six(26). There is a Campaign Editor where you can make your own Campaign but it does not run on my Mac OS X. ...more info
  • Great GReat Great
    I love this old game...famous cause everybody has it..
    The gmae is a masterpiece and is good//
    U s hould buy it..its not even expensive......more info
  • Best computer game of all time
    In my opinion, Starcraft is and was the best computer game ever made. I played it religiously 8 years ago, and even now I pop it in to play every once in a while. There's so many thing you can do, online and off. The custom games on [...] give this game years, if not decades of replay value.

    The price is cheap, the computer requirements are low- Buy this game!...more info
  • Awesome
    Definitely worth the money I had spent!!!! One of many great games that I have purchased!! ...more info
  • Why Starcraft...?
    There is nothing I can say about Starcraft, and it's award-winning expansion Brood Wars, that hasn't already been said a million times over. Starcraft is to Real-Time-Strategy games what Boeing is to 747 airplanes; Neither invented the particular item they are known for (Starcraft - RTS PC game, Boeing - Commercial Airliner), but they both created the perfect specimen in its category, one that could very well stand the test of time.

    Originally released in 1997-98, when it was deemed the "RTS game of the year", Starcraft is perhaps one of the only RTS games that you can still find on shelves at stores, close to a decade later! Although new RTS games have invaded the market, bringing with them cutting-edge 3D graphics and unheard-of computer requirements, Starcraft still, to this day, stands alone as the finest specimen of RTS ever created.

    It's Sci-Fi universe holds legends, stories of survival, heroism, and evil. Every single individual in the game, be it Zerg, Protoss, or Human, is created with such extreme depth that you would swear their tales and experiences were real (as impossible as that may sound). The story of the game, and it's expansion, is the stuff of prize-winning novels! (Starcraft actually did spawn a Trilogy of novels, all of them set in the game's universe, and all of them a great-read)

    The game has spawned countless websites, fan-clubs, mutli-player tournaments, championships, novels, DVDs, action name it, and Starcraft has been there at one point in time or the other...and it has reigned supreme. Good, even Great games come and go, but Starcraft is the one RTS game that you will forever remember.

    I have bought over 5 copies of the game since it came out (lost some CD's, some got scratched-up), and it is the only game that I have had installed on my computer for over 5 years. I may not play it as much as I did before, but the assurance that the universe of Starcraft is only a few clicks away is worth it.

    If you have never played this game before, you will NOT regret buying this box-set. And if you once played it before, trust me, this trip down the memory lane will be just as addictive as the first time around.

    Starcraft to this day has not lost it's charm......more info
  • One of the best games ever made!
    This game is without a doubt one of the best games ever made, and what a DEAL at 19.99 for the whole set! This game's single player is very enjoyable, and you'll also enjoy countless hours of free online play (provided you have a decent internet connection).

    Blizzard's free online gaming service is fantastic. Simple and easy to use, and it has everything from competitive 1vs1ing as well as team games of sizes anywhere from 2vs2 to 4vs4, massive 8-way free for alls and more! I really enjoy playing this online with my friends.

    If you like real time strategy games, this is a must have. I'd also like to say that of all the games I've played so far by this company, I've never been disappointed. They're all high quality in my opinion, and Starcraft is certainly no exception. ...more info
  • Still one of the best RTS games to date
    This game still sets the standard for RTS games. It was ground breaking when it was released and remains one of the most current games being played.

    Apparantly this game is eaisly compatable with Vista, although I can not verify this myself.

    If your an RTS fan you have to pick up this game if you have never played it. ...more info
  • Greatest RTS ever made
    The "Starcraft Battle Chest" is such a bargain and the amount of material included in the package is staggering. Not only do you get the original "Starcraft" with 30 single player campaign missions as well as online play over Bilzzard's [...] servers, you also get the expansion pack "Starcraft: Brood War" with an additional 26 campaign missions, 7 new units, 3 new tilesets, and dozens of multiplayer maps. My only gripe about the package was the somewhat shoddy quality of the strategy guides. They were shrunk to DVD case size and were printed in black and white. The strategy guides also have typographical errors abound, and some cases where the wrong map is shown for the mission at hand. As the strategy guides wer enot made by Blizzard, I still give the product 5 out of 5 stars because the game is, simply put, the best real-time strategy game ever. Starcraft reigns king almost nine years after its release....more info
  • freakin awesome
    they still make bug fixes for this game after how many years?? that is freaking awesome....more info
  • Starcraft Great!
    you know.. I am not the one playing this game, my son is.. but he is enjoying it and has friends who also play, so I think this is a thumbs up!
    ...more info
  • My opinion, not my 11 year old son's opinion
    We bought this one and WoW at the same time. This seems to be more kid-friendly with doable quests. I have seen him playing with several of his friends andd they all seem to enjoy it. Not overly graphic in the violence, and the instructions are very clear. This is just a review of observation, I haven't played the game, I just watched them playing and no one seemed bored or frustrated, which is the goal as far as I'm concerned....more info
  • Don't bother if you have a widescreen monitor or laptop.
    I'm not saying Starcraft is a bad game- but Blizzard has repackaged and resold this title to run on new PC's, but they fail to tell you that game only runs on a small resolution that cannot be changed, and that there is no way to run it in a window mode without using hacks that will not work with the "new" version of the game. This means that if you use a widescreen monitor or a laptop, the graphics are distorted and nasty looking, to a point where I couldn't play it. Shame on blizzard for not adding windowed mode in the latest patches- people have been trying to hack in this feature for years and the request seems to fall on deaf ears. If they don't support the game, they should stop selling it too....more info
  • The only word that can describe this game is legendary.
    Starcraft originally came out on the PC nearly a decade ago, published by Blizzard entertainment, which had previously been noted for the outstanding Warcraft II and it's expansion. Warcraft II and its expansion both were superb, and had many fans, myself included. When I heard that Blizzard was producing another RTS, I had to check it out. What I found was a masterpiece; I found a game with addictive and challenging gameplay. I found a game that was not restricted to one way to play it effectively. Now, nearly a decade later, I still see this game as the one greatest games ever created. Now, a decade later, this game stands out as one of the only RTS's that is still alive and kicking.

    Starcraft is a Sci-fi RTS that takes place in the far off future. In this world, their are three different races that you will play; the war-torn, strife ridden Terrens, the nightmarish Zerg swarms, and the noble, psychic beings known as the Protoss. All three of these races behave very differently, and no two races will be played (most effectively) the same. All three races require a vastly different play style if you don't want to find yourself getting stomped time and time again. This is a nice touch that even some modern RTS's can't quite seem to grasp.

    The game is, for the most part, very easy to pick up and learn. To master the game however, could very well be impossible. Their are so many different tactics that can be used with each of the three races, it's astounding. You can use a certain unit extensively and win, but a player who uses multiple kinds of units simultaneously will have a much better chance of bringing home victory. And the same tactic won't always work twice.

    The campaign for Starcraft is an epic story that spans 30 missions, (ten for each of the races) and tells the story from the perspective of a few main characters in each of the factions. The story is gripping, and will suck you in and never let you go until the end. The characters are reasonably unique as well, and they stand out as one of the best character casts ever in a RTS.

    As if the single player weren't already good enough, Blizzard also provides a free way to battle other people online through This allows you to test the skills you will have gotten going through the single player campaign on your fellow humans, who will provide a much different challenge from the games excellent AI.

    The expansion is also included in this chest, and its every bit as good as the first game. A new story, and 26 new missions await in the expansion, as well as a host of new units for each race, which even further necessitates the need for solid tactics. These new missions are difficult, and will require you to become very skilled just to finish the campaign (I would suggest finishing the first games campaign first before you start the expansion, or else you'll miss out on half of this games epic story, not to mention the valuable skill and experience it will provide.)

    The strategy guides for both Starcraft and Starcraft: Brood War are included in this chest as well. The guides are decent, and while some of the information is wrong, it does provide solid tactics for defeating each map, as well as detailed information about every unit. The guides are helpful if you are really stuck, and can't figure out how to defeat a certain mission.

    Starcraft was a masterpiece when it came out, and it is just that today. If you are a RTS fan, you owe it to yourself to experience the world of Starcraft, and there is no finer way to go than with this Battlechest.
    ...more info
  • StarCraft is a CLASSIC!
    Personally, I think StarCraft is one of the best RTS games of its type, ever made! At the very least, it is definitely the best one I've ever played (though people say WarCraft is even better!). I haven't even made it through the entire game yet, but the missions not only get harder as you move on, they also get more interesting.
    The way the game is structured, there are three campaigns in the initial part of the game: Terran, Zerg, and Protoss, and you play them in that order. Because of the three different distinct species, the game stays very interesting because the way you build your armies changes drastically between species. Each of the campaigns also has an interesting story line to go with it as well as extremely well rendered eye popping space cinematics. Ultimately all the story lines tie together into one big epic tale of multi species galactic warfare.
    I haven't even tried the more advanced features of the game, like online play, and customized campaigns, but I'm already hooked. This game is well worth the money, and if you are new to it, the Battle Chest is perfect because it comes with a strategy guide, both the original game and the expansion set, play guides, and a World of Warcraft demo, all at one low price. The only thing you have to worry about when playing this game is the fact that it's a time blackhole. I can easily drop four or five hours into this game at a single sitting, and the time just flies by! So be careful, it's a wonderful game, and it's also extremely addicting!

    Nick ...more info
  • A fun RETRO game
    This is a retro game - no way around it.

    However, I actually enjoy retro games. I actually just got done playing Another World and Fallout 1 & 2 on my laptop.

    Having been playing alot of Desktop Tower Defense games lately, I thought I would upgrade to a true RTS game. Starcraft kept coming up high on everyone's favorite list, so I thought I'd give it a try.

    The Good:
    - This really is a fun game. I'm only on level 9 (out of 30) on the original, but it's fun. Level 8 took me about 4 hrs to finally beat. But some of this is because there's no instructions in the game (see The Bad). After reading the strategy guide for the level I finally figured out what I needed to do. However, I had fun playing the whole time without getting discouraged.
    - The graphics aren't all that bad. I was expecting much worse. Though they're not bad, they're not great either. About the same as Fallout 1. I am surprised they haven't been improved by a patch.
    - No Easy/Medium/Hard setting. I actually prefer to NOT have an Easy/Medium/Hard setting. On some games my first instinct is to pick Medium, but then I will often get stuck or find it's too easy. And then I wish I had picked something different. This game, you have to really be strategic. Some levels may be too easy and some may be pretty darn hard. If they're hard simply refer to the guide. Which brings up another point. you don't have to keep playing a level until you demolish the CPU. You just need to win. I tried out Middle Earth RTS and your people carry over. I got a few levels in and couldn't beat the level. After hitting a forum, I found out it's impossible to win if you didn't max out your army from the previous levels.

    The Bad:
    - Video. I run this on my laptop and the screen turns black and the game starts in the upper left part of the window consuming only about 25% of my widescreen laptop. The rest of the screen is black. It's pefectly playable, but awefully small. However, I noticed that when I put my laptop in my docking station connected to an external monitor it goes full-screen. Of course full-screen on a 24" widescreen monitor is not good for this game either. No amount of tweaking to the shortcut seemed to help. The only option is to change the desktop resolution to 800x600 before starting the game which is a major pain. Some Googling and it seems most everyone with a widescreen laptop experiences this. They all refer to a freeware download that let's you run Starcraft in a window. This actually works VERY nice, and was surprised at how much I liked it compared to the smaller screen in the upper left. However, there's comments from some users that after using the program, some people have been banned from Battle.Net since it saw they were using a 3rd party program with Starcraft. I'm not interested in playing SC on so that's not a huge deal for me. But really, if you're going to actively sell a game at the game shops, you would think this would be fixed by Blizzard. It's one thing if I found this at a used/discount store, but I didn't. Also, I'm surprised Blizzard hasn't released a patch to smooth out the graphics a bit. It's not horrible, but it's hard to imagine that it would be too hard to fix it up a little better with a patch. Many other games have patches that improve the graphics. Doom, Quake to name a couple.
    - No instructions. Really. No instructions. The strategy guide helps, and the first levels help give you a feel for the game, but really? No instructions? This is part of what hurt me on level 8. I wanted to beat it without having to read the strategy guide. In the end, the guide told me what units I should have before I attack, and some of them I had never used, let alone knew HOW to use.

    End rating: 4 stars. I'm having fun, and that's what counts for a retro game. Minus 1 star since I have to use 3rd party freeware to get it to run in a window or proportioned correctly on my laptop....more info
  • Still one of the best RTS games ever made.
    Trying to find a game that will run flawlessly on your netbook but still immensely fun? This is that game. Not only fun single player action, but fun online too. Starcraft also has an amazing storyline to it as well. ...more info
  • Great Gameplay, Best RTS game ever
    This is the best RTS game I've played, but I gave it 4 stars because it's a 10 yr old game with rather crude production values and I hated the ending of Brood War. I didn't feel like I got the kind of payoff I wanted for completing 60 freaking missions. There wasn't really any conclusion. I liked the end of the Protoss campaign in Brood War much better. Also I don't like the artists that Blizzard uses. Their 3d computer art is weird and retarded. The gameplay is the best thing about it. It'll keep you playing for hours and hours. I heard a Korean died from playing it too long. I definitely give the gameplay 5 stars. There are 60 missions total, and each one takes hours to complete, sometimes a day. Some of the missions are very hard, especially in Brood War. I used strategy tips to help me complete some of the hardest missions, because I have other things to do besides spend all my time playing star craft. Well I'm glad I'm finally done with it and I look forward to Starcraft II, the videos of which look breathtaking.
    ...more info
  • A Masterpiece of Game Design
    Simply put StarCraft is to RTS computer gaming what Chess is to board games.
    Its endless. The game is so well designed that even after years of playing you can still learn more and get better at it.As far as computer/video games go most games that are a few years old are usually at best a fond memory, 10+ years later and people are still addicted to , or are being introduced to StarCraft. I will always have it installed on whatever PC I own....more info
  • Superb Ending to A Superb Story
    I want Raynor to either kill Kerrigan or save her, but the only disappointing thing about the continuation of this story is that this question is not answered. Other than that... the game is perfect....more info
  • Good old StarCraft
    One can't go wrong with StarCraft. It has dated graphics by today's standards, but I can boot it up today and still be amazed at its clean-cut, mysteriously cool feeling. A simple RTS and with few units compared with today's 8- gigabyte monsters *cough-SupCom-cough*, but a game nonetheless which I have never tired of. Even as a gamer who plays all the new, big name RTS's, RPG's, and FPS's, I still say that this game is among my favorite of all time.

    [...]...more info
  • Any Game That's This Good For This Long Deserves 5 Stars
    I purchased this game within the week it was released. My Dad and Brother, and several friends also purchased it. The Battle Chest gives you the Starcraft Game, Brood War Expansion, and Strategy Guides which I do not rely on. We still have LAN Games even now (in 2006) with it. Some games never fade or get dull. Those Familliar with Warcraft and Warcraft II, this is basically a 'modern' version of that game with 3 Fully Different races (unlike the Warcraft Orcs and Humans where the only differences were the spells), and is a 'space' setting (most games are actually on the surface of a planet however). Those that aren't familliar with it, basically in a nutshell it is a war game where you build up a base, gather resources, create defenses, and build an offense and plan strategies to take out your opponents, while they are also doing the same thing at the same time. You have a single-player mode where you can play through the games detailed story of the 3 races (Terran, Protoss and Zerz), which is very interesting and full of surprises (and continues in full in Brood War too...which adds new units to the game). Multiplayer...well, doubtful that 2 games will ever be the same, as you can play over a LAN (or Battlenet with players worldwide) with up to 8 players in Free For All, Team Play, and even Player vs Computer. The artificial intelligence is better than that of Warcraft II but still once you know what to expect you can predict the computer opponents. Still single-player campaigns can be tough as you are usually quite outnumbered...especially in Brood War.
    This game also has very low (compared to nowadays) system requirements so can run on just about anything (Mac and Windows PC's and even is updated for MacOS X through versiontracker's website) and is truly a 'family gathering' game as it seems to happen around the Holidays a Lot...LAN Gaming with the family, can't beat that!...more info
  • One of the best games ever made
    Whether you enjoy playing solo or going against other human beings online, Starcraft is one of the finest games you will ever find for either type of gameplay.

    There are three races: the Terrans (or Earthlings), who look human and have human technology (such as infantry, tanks, land mines, nuclear missiles, fighter planes, etc), the Zerg, who resemble the creatures from the "Alien" movies (their technology is all biological. It is "grown" from seed-like workers. All of their buildings regenerate health. They are able to create huge armies of creatures with little resources) and the protoss (an extremely advanced alien race, which uses force fields and psychic energy to power up their units).

    The game teaches you to manage resources, how to overcome obstacles and how to build a military base in such a way that it is both practical and defensible. Do any of these things incorrectly and your forces will be overrun. You will also need to learn how to deal with tight situations, such as when enemy infantry are suddenly dropped in the back corner of your base where you have few defenses. You have to deal with threats like this quickly before they tear your base apart.

    The online play is fantastic. You can have up to 8 players battling it out, in huge 4vs4 matches, everyone vs everyone or you can have say 3 human players vs 5 computer opponents (or any combination).

    I must have played over 2000 games online, and have become skilled in the use of all three races. I must say, however, that I still come across several players whos skill dwarfs my own. It's always challenging to play online, because there are so many skillful players.

    If you're just browsing for a new game to check out, this one will not disappoint you. If anything, this is one which will addict you and draw you in for hundreds and perhaps thousands of hours....more info
  • THE consummate RTS.
    Forget the fact that 30+ thousand people still play Starcraft every day on Battlenet. Forget the fact that this game helped revitalize the economy of South Korea. Forget that there are books, music videos, T-shirts, action figures, comics, lunch boxes, entire TV channels (!!) devoted to this. Forget that there is still a huge pro circuit that feverishly plays this game day in, day out and is still coming up with new strategies 8 years after the game was released.

    All of that is amazing, but aside from being complex, deep, fast-paced, exciting and all, this game is just a hell of a lot of fun. Faking a drop so you can run your army up your opponents ramp is fun. Executing a perfect flank on your enemies seige tank line is fun. Sending a token force to an expansion so your arbiter can recall your massive army in his main base is fun. Nuking your enemies headquarters is a hell of a lot of fun.

    Some people have compared this to real time chess, and its not entirely unwarranted. Each side has a limited number of "pieces", and an enormous potential combination of movement. Unlike chess, each side is fundamentally different. People like to talk about the minor differences- zerg have creep, protoss have pylons etc.- but the differences run so deep that the Zerg have a geometric production model, while the other two have the standard linear model. Along with this there are the different philosophies of each side (Zerg swarm, Terran micromanage, Protoss use sheer power). There has yet to be an RTS which has as successfully produced such a balanced and deep asymmetry. Compared to this, Warcraft 3 might as well just have one race. Even on the highest levels, the win percentage difference between the matchups is on the order of 0.5 - 2%- incredible, given the differences. In Warcraft 2, despite nearly identical sides, no one plays human heads up. In Total Annihilation, no one looking to win plays Core.

    I still play about one or two days a week. Its the only game I still play, which says something, for an 8 year old game. If you haven't tried it, you should.

    ...more info
  • A legend that will never fade away..

    This game is a legend, no less. Blizzard has completely changed the RTS genre forever by publishing this game, and millions of people still play this game even though so many other RTS games have been released since then, including all those acknowledged, nominated, award-winning games with full 3D graphics and even including Blizzard's own creation of Warcraft3.


    It's just that good. There is no other stragety game that stands up to the level of Starcraft when it comes to gameplay.

    The balance and uniqueness of 3 races that are in the game is just as beautiful as it can ever get. So many strageties are available, according to situations and the map you play on...

    Whether you're a RTS mania or just some casual player, you will definitely love this game. Have I ever met anyone in r/l that disliked this masterpiece. (My parents not included)

    This game should be in the Hall of Fame. It is a shame that RTS isn't a popular genre and so many people missed this greatness, (but still millions of people bought it =P)

    Until the day that it earns the fame and respect of games like Pac Man, Tetris, Ping Pong....Starcraft will live on.

    Millions of people that you can meet on say so.
    ...more info
  • sheer pleasure
    this is the fourth time i have bought this product...
    between my grandson and three other computers...
    i have been playing this game since it came out..
    i am waiting for the new starcraft 2 to come out..
    and it looks like it's going to be better... but this one i have enjoyed for many year along with other players online for along time...
    ...more info
  • Why is there no ten star option?!!?!?!!?
    Ok. If you are reading this, I presume that you don't own Starcraft. Now, follow these directions.
    1. Go to a store
    2. Purchase Starcraft (preferably SC Battle Chest)
    3. Go home
    4. Install it
    5. Play it
    These are very important, because if you don't play Starcraft, you are missing out on one of the best games in the whole (bleep)ing world. Seriously. It's versatile, it's beautiful, it's excellently planned, it's one of a kind, and it is a CLASSIC!

    Yes, it's an inductee. It's that good. (Note: go to the 2005 inductees). Now, I would start going on a really really long rant on how to play, how to fight off rushes, and how to kill your enemy, but I don't have time to type that, and you shouldn't be reading this. YOU SHOULD BE AT THE STORE BUYING STARCRAFT!! Now GO! GO! EN TARO ADUN!

    And if you play protoss, please build photon cannons....more info
  • StarCraft Revisited
    I remember when Starcraft first came out originally. I was thrilled to play each scenario and finally, after many hours of play, I conquered the final level of each race. I replayed the game so much I ruined the original disk and couldn't reinstall after a computer crash. It's been a few years and true, the animation is a little old school but I found to my delight after purchasing the Starcraft Battle Chest that as soon as I started to play it, the enjoyment began once more. I'd have to say that even if it's your first time playing Starcraft, you'll enjoy figuring out the strategy to win each level,as I did. Two alien race levels give a different perspective than playing the human scenarios, for many more hours of playStarCraft Battle Chest. ...more info
  • Just paying tribute to the best RTS ever
    I doubt that Blizzard will make a better game than this. It's indeed the work of a genious, who left the company shortly afterwards. Thus, I don't expect much from the sequel.

    If you haven't play this, then it's probably because you are 13 or less year old, or because you don't play computer games in general. In any case if you are looking for RTS than stop: this is the one!...more info
  • Classic Game With Tons of Replay Value
    This is a great game with a lot of replay value. The core essentials of any great strategy game are in StarCraft and the Battle Chest is a must have for any fan of the series. ...more info
  • Wow!
    This is quite possibly the single highest rated product on Amazon. 250 reviewers with a nearly unanimous 5 star rating? I can sit here and plug this product with great detail but I would just be covering another person's tracks. As hyped as I am about the release of SC2 (whenever that may be) SC1 is simply the greatest RTS of the past, present and future....more info
  • Starcraft is awesome
    I've been playing this game since 1998 when the original came out and i've always and still do love it and play it. Great campaign, great custom games, and great online play. Endless entertainment. I highly recommend this game, especially the battle chest because it gives you strategy guides to both the original and the expansion, as well as bonus catalogues and strategy pamphlets....more info
    I have no words to describe this game, it's just the best strategy game ever made!...more info
  • Get It
    I dont need much of a review get this game great graphics storyline.I love the units.A G!R!E!A!T! GAME GET IT!!!!!!!!!! ...more info
  • Starcraft 1 Review
    Starcraft 1, despite it's longevity in the gaming market, remains one of the top three RTS games ever made. While the graphics are still a product of the late 90's, the gameplay, in both multiplayer and the singleplayer campaign, is impeccable and still unrivaled in the RTS genre. A must-have for any gamer....more info
  • Timeless classic still makes an awesome gift.
    I bought this pack as a gift for my girlfriend who really needed to kill some time and wanted to figure out what the game was all about. She loved it and we play on every once in a while.

    Honestly, this is a game that was released in 1998. Even a full decade later, there are still tens of thousands of players battling it out online. That is simple testament to how amazing this strategy games is. With special campaign editors and special maps online, there are infinite possibilities that gives this game practically unlimited replay value.

    GET THIS GAME!...more info
  • Now's a great time to get this classic
    Now that Blizzard has announced that it is developing Starcraft 2, this is a great time to go back and pick up this classic real-time strategy game. It's pretty much accepted amongst serious RTS enthusiasts that Starcraft is the gold standard of the genre. As many other reviewers have mentioned, this game is polished, incredibly well balanced, and a lot of fun to play. Both the single-player and multi-player features are enjoyable (pretty amazing that you can still get games on, considering that this is product is ten years old), and Blizzard still provides patch support for the game. The included strategy guides are rather small, unfortunately, and are difficult to read, but they aren't particularly good anyway, so it's no big loss to not read them.

    What makes this game so great? This game doesn't have the flashy graphics of modern games, but that's not an issue, since the units are distinctive and possess clean, crisp animations. The unit count for each faction is less than most RTSes - but every unit (this is no exaggeration) has a distinctive role at every phase of the game. No unit is obsolete in the end-game, not even the lowly zergling. As a result, this game makes you seriously think about what kind of army you want to field and how you use it in combat. The mix between battle tactics (micro), base management (macro), and strategy is unlike that in any other game.

    Incidentally, this game is still incredibly popular in South Korea, with the top professional players earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. It is primarily due to the enthusiasm of the Koreans that this game has had its amazing longevity. Not only has their support kept this game on the international gaming stage, but has allowed professional players to develop new and innovative strategies. As a result, it's impossible to ever master this game. There's always something to improve on, and better players to compete with - which are both marks of a truly great game. Even though casual players will never directly interact with the top professional players, the pros keep the game fresh and exciting for everyone.

    This really is a great time to buy Starcraft - the price is reasonable, there are still many people who play this game, and the community has been revitalized by the announcement of Starcraft 2. Long story short, if you don't own Starcraft, and have even a passing interest in strategy games, you owe it to yourself to buy this product.

    ...more info


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