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Fallout 2 is the sequel to 1997's critically acclaimed Role Playing Game of the Year. This post-nuclear adventure takes place 50 years after the first game and features more weapons and character skills, fierce mutant enemies, and an intricate plot that places you in a dangerous world devastated by nuclear war.

Fallout 2 takes you farther into the desolate wastes of post-World War III California than you'd ever have imagined. Based on the most popular game of 1997, the new system retains the kitschy-cool look and feel of the original while expanding the game world by an order of magnitude (and fixing some problems with combat and ally interaction).

The setup is similar: you have been chosen to save your community (this time a straggly bunch of tribal descendents of the original game's hero) by seeking the fabled Garden of Eden Creation Kit. The game is slower going than the first, which makes building your character up from tribal hick to Nietzschean Ubermensch all the more satisfying. While movement, combat, and inventory are still essentially the same, there are so many more quests to perform and facts to learn and keep track of that you'll find yourself playing again and again long after you've won the first time.

Be warned: There is extremely graphic violence and some graphic sex parading through this game from start to finish. Though you can set the tone down a bit through the main control panel, developments that happen on this adult setting are integral--so if you want a G-rating, try elsewhere.

For those who want great action, intriguing puzzles, and hysterical interactions, all created with a deviously twisted sense of humor, Fallout 2 is a dream come true. As a special bonus, the user's manual is even better than its predecessor; for once you actually want to read the darn thing! --Rob Lightner

You are the Chosen One, the direct descendant of the Vault Dweller. The village elders have selected you to wear the sacred Vault-suit of your grandsire and, in time, to ascend to the leadership of your people. First, you must prove your devotion to your people. Your tribe needs help.

If you are truly the Chosen One, then you alone are capable of claiming the heritage of the Vault Dweller, to take back your birthright. Among the many wonders described in hallowed yellow pages of the Vault Dweller's Survival Guide is the Garden of Eden Creation Kit. The GECK is said to have the power to turn the harsh Wastes into a fruitful paradise. The Vault Dweller's Survival Manual promises the redemption of the GECK to all Vault Dwellers.

Your tribe has survived more than ten years of drought, but now their reserves are at an end. You must find Vault 13 and claim the technology that your tribe needs to survive. If you fail in this quest, your tribe will surely die. You must travel the perilous Wastes on a holy quest to find Vault 13, the same Vault that cruelly cast your grandsire out into the Wastes 80 years ago. The Vault owes you. The Vault owes your tribe. Now it's time to collect.

Customer Reviews:

  • Lots of Plot. Lots of Blood
    This Game........was.....Exellent. It is the best RPG to touch the face of the earth. I loved playing it. And I know it sounds dorky, but when i beat it. i started a new game, and It was totally different than the first time around. I couldn't beleive it! I beat it about six times before it got boring. Thats the kind of game this is!...more info
  • Fantastic game
    If you want a top-class RPG, look no further. Fallout 2's unique premise, plot, and combat system set it apart from other games.

    Your mission in post-apocalyptic California is to save your tribe by finding the fabled Garden of Eden Creaion Kit, or G.E.C.K. That's just the bare minimum for completing the game, however. Along the way you encounter gangs, mutants, slavers-just about anything you can imagine. All of whom want to come along with you.

    While all this is happening, you're having to fight tooth and nail across the seemingly endless wastes in search of your ultimate goal. The completely non-linear storyline lets you reach the G.E.C.K. just about any way you want, too. And the game doesn't end once you find it, either.

    "So how do fight all this way?" you might be asking. The Fallout 2 combat system, although turn based, flows amazingly well. Not to mention you can do almost anything you can think up. There is an assortment of countless weapons and armor to outfit yourself and allies with. And you'd better outfit your allies if you want to survive, too.

    Now the part that you've all been waiting for, the bugs. Sorry to dissapoint you, but I've had almost no problems on my archaic computer. I don't think that it's ever frozen or crashed once.

    All in all, Fallout 2 blew my gaming world apart and I'm still playing it after 2 years. If you haven't bought it yet, do so whenever you get the chance....more info

  • Great RPG
    This is possibly the best computer RPG I have played. The story is engaging and kept me hooked like a good novel. The game really shines in the area of character development. Fallout 2 creates very subtle interactions between skills and character attributes that made the whole process of building and growing my characters exciting and fun. I normally play fantasy RPGs but the post-holocost future theme worked well and I didn't miss the dragons and trolls after the first couple quests. This is a must have for RPG game fans....more info
  • Aptly named Fallout2, because there's NOTHING new
    I enjoyed Fallout, but I was disappointed in FO2. Sadly, it is so full of recycled material that the "creative" elements are completely overshadowed.

    Visually, it is identical to Fallout. Many of the building exteriors and interiors are straight out of the original game. Certainly the character animations are indentical to Fallout. The interface and engine are directly pulled from the old game, with the resulting graphics appearing fairly dated.

    Many of the same problems from the original game remain. Dropped items can be difficult to find, especially if dropped behind another object (like the car.) Many are so small as to be only a few pixels in the screen, and even when you can see them, they are difficult to pick up.

    Even the few new elements in the game make no difference to gameplay. Interface with NPCs has been upgraded, so you can supposedly change their combat performance. However, tweaking the various settings makes so little difference in their performance that one wonders why they bothered. After the first few levels, the NPCs are not much more than beasts of burden for the twenty shotguns that you can't sell because the shopkeepers have no money to buy your surplus. The box promises the ability to get married and...well...you can read the box. There are two people in the whole game your character can marry, and they are both in the same building. Furthermore, getting married makes no difference in the overall game except for a minute amount of comic relief. It certainly isn't worth giving it space on the box.

    The patch is essential, or you will end up with half of your car (the trunk) following you around, and will have frequent game crashes. Another patch is due, and it would be nice if some of the quests were completed, too. One of th first NPCs you are likely to encounter in the game joins you on the premise of finding his sister who was captured by slavers, but this quest was never completed. There's no further mention of it in the game.

    As for the lack of originality, I would not be surprised to find that Black Isle Games is either paying royalties to a number of franchises, or will soon be faced with lawsuits. There are elements from Monty Python, Star Trek, Douglas Adams, and numerous other sources that pop up at various points. Fans of the game probably consider these to be "tributes", but they strike me as copyright infringements. Don't get me wrong. I'm a big fan of the three sources I cited, but I'd prefer the writers to have some of their own ideas.

    Finally, though, the game is incredibly violent. The language is foul, and the sex-n-drugs content is through the roof. Besides being offensive to many people, it offers an insight into what the gamemaker think of human nature. The people in this game are uniformly despicable: drug dealers, pimps, porn stars, drug addicts, and various other purveyors of evil. There was some virtue in Fallout, but somehow, it was extinguished in the sequel.

    Overall, a very disappointing game. It might make a decent, if violent and gritty expansion module for the original game, but as a "new" game, it was clearly thrown together with leftover software and ideas. Very disappointing.

    If you want a better RPG (from the same publisher) you're better off with Planescape:Torment....more info

  • "There are two Types of People in this World..."
    ...Those with loaded guns and those who dig."

    This game is pure freakin' genious! They improved on the perfect Fallout and made it into something Jesus Christ himself would love to own.

    The story involves your character on his search for the Garden of Eden Creation Kit for Arroyo, your tribal villiage founded by the original vault dweller (ie: the character you played in fallout). He is your ancestor. Along the way you get to interact with many intersting characters: humans, mutants, ghouls...mutated scorpions, weird cult people, and those much hated (by me) Deathclaws. GRRR! This games is about 5 times longer than the unfortunalty short Fallout and you get a car! This speeds up movement on the game map.

    One the map...this game takes place north of the NCR area (Shady sands in fallout). If you yearn for a wonderful game where you can shoot humans, ghouls, sleep with a crim bosses daughter, or just shoot up some jet with 'lil jesus in New Reno (or perhaps tour the wonderful Golgotha cemetery, where people are either impaled on sticks or strung out for the birds), then pick up this game! Although you may want to play Fallout first...to get the full effect. I am awaiting Fallout III!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info

  • Best RPG ever
    I have played many other RPG's such as Baldur's Gate and Planescape: Torment which are some of the best of the genre but Fallout2 is the best of all by far. The story is intersting and the game is in dpth with different stat layer and lot's of side quests that affect the outcome of the main plot. It makes for many hours, days, weeks, months of gaming fun. I first got this game in 98 or 99 and it is still my favorite and Fallout 1 is really awesome too, just to short. This is a must buy for RPG enthusiasts. It may be to complex for some mainstream gamers but has been on the best seller list, top 20 for a long time, 2 years until a couple of months ago. so buy this game, maybe not from Amazon but elsewhere. PS I don't work here or for the production company. Watch for Fallout 3 and Fallout: Tactics...more info
  • follout
    i wood like too see more games like follout and baldur's gate what im thring too say is i wood like too see more games bye black isle ...more info
  • Greatest RPG ever?
    Years after Fallout and Fallout 2 came into being I had replayed the first one over 10 times. The second, several times, though not so many only because it is much longer and more in-depth. This series was so great because of the simple fact that it is doubtlessly the least linear game I've ever met. There were so many quests to complete, and each outcome small or large created repercussions throughout the game. It was hilarious but at the same time one of the most violent things of the age... OK, a very short age but still. The violence was fun, interactions with NPCs was fun, the satire of just about everything from scientology (even tom cruise and Kidman) to karate to sci-fi greats to South Park (a short "You killed Kenny, you bastard!" if you were a very evil person, if you must know). The breadth of the game still astounds me.

    Fallout: Tactics was very disappointing in its linearity, and they need to make more games like this that can engage you not by shoving you around toward a set goal, but simply letting you play . But of course doing it so well you want to come back time and time again, and can without repeating the same story over again....more info
  • Addicting
    The only BIG problem in this game is that it is VERY addicting! I've played the game through about dozen of times (and I never used patch) and I will likely install it again since there aint still no rpg even nearly as good as this....more info
  • The reason I am now addicted to RPGs
    I can't say much that hasn't been said already. If you likeRPGs or think you might buy this game and play it. In my opinion youcan find no better example of a computer RPG done right. I liked this better than Balder's Gate. One of my Favorite combat sequences: I kill a baddie with one well placed head shot with a gauss rifle and his head explodes into ... . (You can turn off the Gore factor if you want, but why?)...more info
  • Fallout 2 the best thing going for RPGers right now!
    I've played Fallout 2 for about a month now, and I have never seen a better post-apocalyptic RPG than this. All the weapons and armor really add an element of diversity that make game-play much more interesting. If you've played Fallout 1, it makes it a lot easier, though just as much fun. There are hidden jokes all throughout the game that will make you laugh, not to mention all the crazy characters you meet and missions you do. If you've been looking for an RPG that's not all fantasy and technically could happen, this is definately the game for you....more info
  • Great RPG; blood, guts, more guts and blood and even RPGing
    I remember the first FALLOUT game sat on my shelf for a long time b/c a friend, who had lent it to me, told me it was a post nuclear holocast world. Personally, it sounded too grim so I didn't check it out for months.

    Well, when I finally loaded it in, I was in for a big surprise. Shortly thereafter, I rushed out to get FALLOUT2.


    (1) Unlike most RPGs you get to roleplay with a variety of educated replies. If you pick the right ones, you get more information. And, if you screw up, too bad. You don't get to ask the other questions for the most part. I always hate in the RPGs where you tick off a person and then ask them another question and they act like you're their friend.

    Even better, if you have a high intelligence or good speech skills, you're rewarded with more dialogue options.

    (2) great graphics; great noises; all the weapons and noises of dying people, if that's your thing, are fairly believable. You can even click BLOODY MESS as a perk to see some really gruesome visuals.

    (3) you can have more allies; you can outfit them with better armor and weapons; all have different personalities which means they may or may not be good in combat; may leave you if you tick them off;

    (4) opponents are tougher; you get away with less mistakes; positioning is much more important;

    (5) the storyline is multilayered; the game lasts about three times as long as the original fallout; much more to do;

    (6) as it is longer, you effect more of the world at the end of the story;

    (7) new and better weapons to penetrate power armor; a problem in the first FALLOUT;

    (8) less linear; there is a time limit of sorts but only for about 10% of the game; thereafter, you can meander all you like w/o running out of time;

    (9) more perks and such to make yourself toughter; look for THE SLAYER!;

    (10) less bugs; be sure to go their website and get the PATCH update if not included;

    (11) get to use a car in this game to drive around and move quickly;

    (12) usual opponents from FALLOUT are turned on their head; the enemy isn't always the enemy;

    (13) chance to meet more women in the game if that's your thing;

    (14) much tougher wandering encounters; happens more often, too;

    (15) bandits are much tougher; watch it!

    (16) the game rewards you if you choose to go down the dark path or the path of light


    (1) You need a lot of time to play this game; like 50 hrs I would say or more;

    (2) If you're big on logic or environmental issues, there are too many monsters and no creatures to prey on except a small number of humans. I walk around fighting things left and right and then find some safe peddler out in the middle of nowhere. Geesh.

    If you can overlook that though, not a big deal.

    Overall, a great game with lots of RPGing. Five stars and more. You will love....more info

  • The best CRPG... ever.
    This is simply the best, most immersive, gorgeously detailed, and lovingly crafted computer role-playing game ever. Fallout2 is the next best thing to pen and paper RPG's in my opinion, and is actually better than quite a few classic RPG's I could name. I was hooked after the first 5 minutes and spent about 8 hours a day on the computer until I finished the game, then played some more. That was another beautiful thing about fallout. You can just keep right on going after you beat the game. The character interaction was the best I've ever seen in a CRPG and the combat system is near perfect. Combine this with a complete array of non static skills and tons of detailed weapons/items, as well as a lushly rendered world setting, and you get a CRPG that is unparralelled. At least until Fallout3 comes out....more info
  • One of the best CRPG ever...
    The original Fallout was the best RPG of 1997, almost by default. Fallout 2 is basically more of the same, which is good. However, it also revived a slew of minor upgrades from enhanced NPC control to extra animations.

    The most notable and important change in Fallout 2 is better NPC AI and controls. In the original Fallout NPCs were almost useless (except Dogmeat). You control options from chemical usage to weapon selection. In the end, the truth is that Fallout 2 is another outstanding RPG and expands on its predecessor impressively with more places, graphics, sounds and gameplay. If you like RPGs at all, pick up Fallout 2. You won't regret it....more info

  • You Want RPG; You've Got RPG
    This game's great! Some people are complaining that it's just about the same as the original, but how do you improve something that's perfect? Plus, it's not just the same as Fallout 1, mainly because of its many, many subplots that you can be involved in. I think the subplots are even more fun than the actual story! You'll find yourself saying, "To heck with the stinking starving villagers. I've got to become a Made Man for the Wright Family!" (or whatever your current situation is). Regardless of whether you played the last Fallout or not, it's a great game worth buying....more info
  • The heir of Wasteland
    The game Wasteland has been considerd by many to be the classic computer based RPG, it was MAD MAX meets TERMINATOR. A nuclear war had been fought and mankind was struggling out of the wreckage but was suddnely faced with the threat of annihilation by the machines. That was were you came in to save the day by journeying through a world after the bomb. It was in depth and exciting with alot of replayability. But after Wasteland there was a void there were some good RPGs but none had the "magic" that Wasteland had that is until now. Fallout II is one of two best RPGs I have ever played (the other for sentimental reasons is Wasteland). Some of the annoying features of the first Fallout have been remedied such as being able to pick your traveling companions weapons and armor. There are alot of subplots within the game as well as the main plotline so you always have something to do, I never really experienced a deadend when I didn't have a clue what to do. The storyline is alot like Wasteland with an after the bomb theme and the need to save the surviving world from some ominous "threat". I had hours of enjoyment journeying through towns that looked like they came out of a Mad Max movie and then suddenly finding towns and settlements that had preserved technology and civillization. The interaction with Non Player characters was very nice with important characters having animated sequences when you spoke with them, this was cool from an enterainment standpoint but also let you know when you had found someone important to solving the game. Combat was very efficient with lots of weapons and weapon options. Be advised the combat can be GORY but there is a feature to disable it for those who prefer a santized version....more info
  • Incredible Game!
    Wow! This is a great game. You play as the Chosen One of a little village and get to run around, doing seriously ANYTHING. It is the FULLEST game I've ever played, in the sense that you can really be whatever you want. You can be little goodie-two-shoes, solving every wrong you see, or you can be a hardcore badass, killing when you feel like it and stealing from everyone. It is SO much fun and can be played over and over!...more info
  • A Must Have
    This is by far the greatest RPG game of all time! It never gets old. You can continue to play it over and over again! I highly recomend this great game!...more info
  • A nice sequel
    This game is the sequel to the first fallout released in 97'. This game connects the 2 storys together great. The post-apocalyptic storyline after wwIII is great along with the character creation and all the NPCs in the game make it a sure hit. I also love the invintory in the game with the nice picture as well as the description. I also love the fact that some of the weapons in the game are real. Such as the FN-FAL, Desert eagle, Thompson M1 tommy gun, FMJ ammo and much more. The level up system is also great. This is an excellent sequel to the first and a great game for RPG fans. Even if your not into RPG games you be sure to like this one. And for the price now its very much worth it....more info
  • The GOD of rpg
    I am a RPG fan (also enjoyed great titles in action like half-life). Fallout2 is by far the greatest game I have even seen. I have at least played this game 10 times. And I am still going to play it again. RPG is all about story-line and character development. Fallout2 has the most complex story so far. The design of sub-quests makes a lot of sense. In my opinion, it is much better than the Baulder Gate, which is so repetitive with all these Fedex quests. The game is overall difficult, but not overly difficult.

    The garphic is neat enough that you will not regret the fact that there are no eye candies. What a relief! Games nowadays likes to have 3D high-tech cookies only for the sake of high-tech.

    Actually I played fallout2 before the original fallout. How could I not buy fallout after I played fallout 2 :). The original fallout is way too short, but still better than 99% of the PRGs on the market.

    My recommendation is that fallout2 is a must have for any rpg player. Me? I cannot wait for the release of the new game "Arcanum", which is produced by the three gurus in fallout group....more info

  • After all these years, this was the best game I ever played
    I think its been 10 years since this game was released, so I thought I should write a review, since none of the front page reviews do it justice.

    To argue which of the fallout series was best is irrelevant. Its been 10 years now and both are one and the same concept. Play both, enjoy both and marvel in a world that is astonishingly engrossing. A post-nuclear environment, dark, violent, and obscene. It oozes atmosphere. The desolate landscapes, paranoid androids, and the filth and scum in between. There is remarkable insight into the societies at large. Communities that build walls to protect visa approved 'Citizens', ravaged towns filled with junkies, bums, thugs, whores and gangsters, secret brotherhoods and tribal villages, a decaying military faction, slaves, mercenaries.... the list goes on. Riddled within the world, are traces of old and new technology. The Mad Max influences are all there. Salvaged ammunition, restored handguns, modified equipment, armor, explosives, foods, drugs, alcohol,.... whatever you can find, steal, trade, buy, or kill to survive.

    And that is just what lays before you as a distraction. You can just about do anything. The main objective is a deep and character driven story which requires a plethora of other side-quests. So you can quickly see how interactive and time consuming this game will become.

    The character himself is riddled with quirks, skills, gifts, and character points. Its a subdivision of the game itself, to deliver and develop a character of sufficient capabilites that best suit your gameplay. A master thief, quick shooter, charismatic merchant, an incredible hulk, kung fu fighter, intelligent geek, a porn star (believe it), a tactical sniper, a outdoor scout, a cocaine addicted "tony montana"... again the list goes on. How you play the game, shapes who you are, and the quirks that are made available to you. You even have a reputation to keep, whether it is legendary, feared or downright "wanted".

    The gameplay is unique to this series. It is vaguely similar to the Final Fantasy series, freestyle when you are walking around, but during fights, it changes to a turn based setup. All of a sudden an interface pops up and your character's traits and skills give rise to a subdivision of options. There are many things to consider, like action points, luck, trademark blows, health, and zoning in (body\head\limb shots)... the list goes on and on. Within this there are quirks that can help even more (e.g. there is a quick draw quirk you may obtain that can allow you to draw first blood in most fights)... you can even close shop and try to run! Also take into account the many many many different weapons available to you from knives, guns, explosives. Boost your stats with some drugs but risk getting addicted (you will have to continue to find and use). There is so much here and the interface makes it so easy to access and utilise all of it.

    The graphics are obviously outdated but suprisingly I prefer it to the 3D rendering of todays RPG's. It is based on photo-realism 2d art (think Mortal Kombat 1) that used to be utilised back in the mid 90's. There is an advantage to this... it feels so much more realistic. Just take a look at some of the death animations... gruesome...
    Even with all the shortcomings of this obsolete 2d technology, I think it brings more life to this post apocalyptic world.

    In the thick of it all is the opportunity to meet an array of characters. Some you may allow to join you. Again you will need to manage and provide for these characters. Each with their own personality.... which brings me to my final point about this game. Something some of the RPG games even today dont have... like Grand Theft Auto. Personality. Playing this game is like reading a book. YOu become heavily invested in the characters. There is so much tongue and cheek humour, so much history (by the time you play fallout 2). Im not talking about storyline, but the characters themselves. Current generation games seem not to go past stereotypical meet and greet characters who are more interested to give you your next objective (checkpoint). Its uncanny how right they got this game. Its unjust how wrong they were to abandon Fallout 3. Interplay went bankrupt and I believe the licence has been given to another software agency to pursue Fallout 3. I have been waiting for the third one for 10 years now, every once in a while checking the computer games catelogues... Ive given up hope of a great sequel, specially in the hands of a totally different production team.

    Enjoy this if you havent already

    ...more info
  • One of the Best RPGs
    What can I say about this great game? Well I can say a lot about it but I'm going to keep it short. Well lets take a look at the game concept. Well the Fallout 2 takes place after the hero of the first Fallout has saved everyone from the muntanes(can't spell it). Well anyways it's been awhile and you start off as a descanted from the hero of the first one. Well you have get a this kit to save your tribe. Of course the plot thickens and you have all those fun side quest. Well what makes this game better then the first one is that the map is much bigger and more places and quests you can go to. Plus you get a car. You have different type of weapons and the same old ones. There are NPCs you can work with so that another plus. There are many more postive things about the game. But I have how some complaints the engine of the game wasn't very good it was the same engine as the first one. I mean come on I want to see bullets hitting the wall and stuff like that. They could of made it when you used the aim shot and you aim for the leg you see the guy grap his leg. They could have done so much more. Well that's my mind on the game....more info
  • The most groundbraking game
    Fallout 1 and 2 where groundbreaking.And for me it still stands as the most groundbreaking games ever(if you like games that could happend in the real world(many years from now) not that wow/oblivion thing - even though thats a complete other catagory and not my point to diss just point out the differ).
    I remember when fallout 1 come out it was so new and so rough so violent,so real it dragged you in for hours.Junktown was a blast kill them all ore get involved("Mcgyver" even had a voice as a shop owner in junktown how cool is that?ore not..:).Way cool the hub got blasted in the end of Fallout 1.Stupid sheriff and police officers of hub think they had a chance against the remains of masters army:):)...

    Even though fallout 1 was not the biggest game it's still amaze me how much they make out of apparently so little compare today standars.The games where and still are groundbreaking.Remember the waterchip?:)

    Back to fallout 2
    The only problems with fallout 2(if i could think of any and name some. not all)

    - new reno .Ok mobsters brought some cool things inn but it make me feel like it was not fallout more like a mafia game it really confused me certainly something where missing where was the muties and raiders gang?he,he(But that mike tyson boxer in the basement was cool kind of fallouty even though the boxing mini game was crappy.

    - And the yakuza?(lol - you could meet them in the desert and collect there blades but never meet them in a town/base ore something where was they hiding?:):)a lose end i guess..),

    - NCR(shady sands in fa1) was a kind of strange with that lol police uniforms and the randi/mr westin raiders plot - randi from shady sands ncp from fallout 1.
    And what the hell hapend to brotherhod of steel?they got lost inn lost hills ore wut?Small outpost in some cities and one lameass guard(unrealistic the slavers in the den would have killed him long ago:):).

    And speaking of den - the ghost there where foolish - ).It might as well be good that they stay out of focus the enclave was indeed way cooler then the brotherhood even though the ending of fallout 1 was cooler then fallout 2(Remember the master's voice:"Join.Die!.Join.Die!") .But if the enclave where the remains of the us govurment why did we not hear about in fallout 1 ore the brotherhood had heard of them(unrealistic and dont stick to the story i feel from fa1 it dont really says any info about the president in fallout 1)??

    - And what about the Gun Runnerst.There are someone like them outside Ncr but it is not them(they are lamer) - not a problem but hey the deatchlawmission in Fa1 where cool:))i missed the blades to it looked like the yakusa entrance in the desert where a mock up of the blades(?)

    Thats also a big differ beetween fa1 and fa2 in fallout1 you get the feeling the state has vanished and the vasteland with all its mutations and thirld world cities,and a selfish military organisation know as a brotherhood of steel(remains of the us military see the us annex canada he has brotherhood armour) And the master with its mutant army is all thats is left(he dies in fa1) and in fal2 the enclave suddenly appairs with vertibirds and a a platform.And the president's plan of killing evrybody with a virus to start over and get rid of the muties( even though its 100 years later from fallout 1)it makes some sense not the biggest sense

    And if you read the holo disc in the old military base you got that info that Frank horrigan is a Mutie(he must have taken plenty steroids as well) even though he calls you a mutie and tries to diss you(give him your muated toe and he would die)...

    - aliens(wanamingo they looked like the aliens in the alien movies - pop culture ref - thypical fallout but this was a bad one) and geckos(fire geckos the most anoying).
    The creatures looking like masters pet where great why couldent they make more like these.
    I remember in fallout 1 you found that alien blaster. If there where aliens out there why did they not have a alien blaster instead of trying to bite you?(the enclave patrols tried to blast you with their blaster but it's not the same - and i notice a bug ore something else innside the puzzle in the oilplatform thats makes you have the alienblaster inn fallout 2 as well it hapend to me several times(:)))

    All and a all a great game.The graphics are old but the story and characters are very strong.Go play and pray fallout 3 be just as good...
    the end......more info
  • Fallout 2
    Plain and simple people, ive played this game on and off for about 5 years, buy it, give it a try, and welcome to the world that is Fallout. Forget sleep, maybie even bathroom trips, because your not going to belive how amazing this game really is for its age....more info
  • Best RPG, ever!
    There is nothing for me to say that already hasn't been said by the other reviewers. Just know that if you like rpg's at all then you'll most likely love Fallout....more info
  • Greatest computer game in history!
    200 Snazzes on the 100 Point Snazz-o-Scale! OFF THE CHARTS!

    Fallout 2 is one of the greatest computer games ever made in the history of history itself. Computers were invented SOLELY for the purpose of playing Fallout 2. The game is perfect in every possible way. It can be played multiple times and there are always new things to discover, new ways to win the game. It's absolutely enjoyable from start to finish.

    The graphics are fantastic. The details astonishing. The sound is great. The story interesting and complex. The humor wonderful with several eccentric characters and numerous in-jokes and pop culture references. The character generation and advance system is superb. You can be anyone you want to be. From a great champion of the people to a drug abusing thief to an evil psychopathic killer. There is one main plot, but many many ways to reach the ending, many side quests to explore, do, or ignore.

    In Fallout 2 you start as a simple tribesman from a small tribe that's dying in a post-apocalyptic California. You have a spear and your fists. You are sent out into the world to try to save your tribe by finding the Holy GECK, the Garden of Eden Creation Kit, a bit of pre-war technology that will help restore prosperity to your village. Your journey will take you to many fascinating locations, with many amazing people (and Mutants and Ghouls), and eventually you will save the world from a terrible menace.

    Countless things make Fallout 2 superb and unique. There are hundreds of ways to improve yourself. As the story advances, your skills improve, as does your equipment. You may advance to machine guns to plasma cannons to mini-guns. Your armor improves from leather to power armor. But just gaining experience and solving quests have multiple options. If you want a particular item, for example, you can buy it. Perhaps steal it. Kill the owner and take it. Maybe lie or bribe your way into getting it. You can gain experience from talking to people. You can gain small amounts of experience by performing first aid upon yourself, by picking locks, by theft, by exploring, by taking someone on date, by getting someone to join your party, and yes - by killing the Bad Guys. Too many ways to get XP to list here.

    As you evolve the world evolves around. Your reputation precedes you, whether you're a grand hero or a scum of the earth. If you become a nasty killer, wanted posters go up all over, and powerful bounty hunters come after you. If you become the heavyweight champion of California people might greet you on the streets. If you become a porn star people might compliment you on your recent performances. People might comment on your companions and the company you keep. They might comment on the clothes you're wearing. Whether it's day or night, what season it is, all have effect on the game.

    Fallout 2 is definitely an adult game. Though there are violence and profanity filters, the game involves gangs, crime lords, drugs, prostitution, slavery, pornography, alcohol, and lots of violence. And those are it's good points!

    One game of Fallout 2 will give you many hours of entertainment, and it can be played multiple times with more and more to see and do. At its current price, this is one of the best investments in entertainment you will ever make. "Computer games are you best entertainment dollar value. Go buy some computer games today!" Especially this one, you will not regret it.
    ...more info
  • Fallout Forever
    I love Fallout, exspecially Fallout 2. I bought Fallout 2 because I play Fallout and loved it. If you've played Fallout before Fallout 2 you'll find that Fallout 2 is a lot more discouraging. It's a lot harder to develop a new character. You'll never reach a point where you're immortal (eg. you can kill anything with ease). But anyway Fallout 2 is still great. I let my friend play Fallout 2 and he had a sleepover at my house just so he could play Fallout 2. Everyone I know loves Fallout 2....more info
  • A horrible disappointment after the original
    I'm sure everyone's going to click NO to "Was this review helpful?" because that's the way things work on here, but I'll state my opinion.

    Fallout 1 is the best RPG ever. Fallout 2 screwed things up. Yeah, it's a lot bigger, as big as I wish Fallout 1 was, but Fallout 1 will always be the best.

    Fallout 2 -- what's wrong
    1. Tribals (of the hackneyed "stupid injun" variety)
    2. New Reno
    3. San Francisco
    4. Talking Deathclaws
    5. Old West towns
    6. It went overboard with the profanity, drugs, prostitution, and so on, so much so that people think excessive cursing and sex and drugs are what Fallout (along with the ultra-violence) is all about.
    7. Too many easter eggs
    8. Too many pop culture references
    9. Not as dark as the first
    10. The wasteland of FO2 is a much more civilized compared to the lonely and desolate feel of the original
    11. Stupid encounters such as aliens and fire-breathing geckos (which you fight), and a ghost.
    11. The writing sucked compared to FO1 (too geeky and adolescent with lots of stupid dialogue and a disjointed plot)
    12. The ending was lame compared to the profound ending of FO1
    13. Did I say tribals?

    What's good about it? Well, like I said, it's bigger, though of course in this case that doesn't mean better. Also, it allows you to keep playing even after you've finished your ultimate quest. All in all, a big disappointment. I've played Fallout 1 literally a hundred times or more. I've played Fallout 2 from start to finish only once. And that pretty much sums it up....more info
  • Political Bias Ruined It
    I would have given this game 5 stars were it not so blatantly hateful of Republicans. The last portion of the game gave the character no option but to spew venom, hate, and lies about Republicans. I only finished the game anyway because I had already bought it and thrown away the receipt. Otherwise, I would have returned it.

    In the future, with regards to the rumoured upcoming Fallout 3, I will keep the receipt and do internet research about that game before deciding to keep it for good.

    While fatally flawed by its undisguised bias, the game, in its time, was excellent. The mixture of realistic weapon, sex, graphic violence, post apocalyptic storyline, and rpg elements make this an almost great game.
    The graphics were quite dated and the sound effects often cut out, but this was not the game's fault. I bought this game long after its time. Unsurprisingly, the intervening years since the game's first release saw graphics and sound standards rise dramatically. My soundcard also was not supported for by the game. Again, not surprising and not at all the game's fault....more info
  • Wow. I need a sixth star here...
    Some games rise above others, but there are a precious few that look down from above the clouds. Fallout 2 is one of those. The best thing about it is that everything matters. If you make a smart, fast character, you'll never carry a lot of gear or use a lot of the bigger weapons. If you make a strong, tough character, you'll be too dumb to notice special little things or to convince people to help you out. That's simplifying it, too; there are tons of available options and your character is fully customizable, and all of these details have tangible game effects.

    Fallout 2 is also pretty hard, but not too hard. I don't enjoy cakewalk games, and this definitely isn't one. Your companions have an annoying habit of getting themselves killed, and it's up to you to keep it from happening. If you do stupid things, the enemies WILL kill you too, and quickly.

    Last but not least, the humor--sometimes cornball and sometimes not--that permeates the game draws from everything from Monty Python (you can meet the bridgekeeper from Holy Grail! ) on down. I've laughed myself to tears a couple of times.

    This game lacks only one thing: stunning visuals. And I promise, you'll be too engrossed in the game to worry about those. Fallout 2 = Must Buy....more info

  • A worthy successor to a groundbreaking RPG
    Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 are available in a cheap bundle pack, but the bundle apparently does not include the amazing game manuals.

    The Fallout games rank among the top few computer RPGs ever created. When the genre was in a slump, Fallout breathed fresh life into it. Fallout's originality, gritty post-apocalyptic environment, brilliant plot, and open-ended non-linear gameplay left an indelible mark upon the face of role playing. Anyone who appreciates Fallout 1 will enjoy the much larger Fallout 2.

    Fallout has an isometric three-quarters view and features turn-based combat.

    Fallout 1 began the great saga. When nuclear fired rained from the heavens, incinerating most of humanity, a lucky few reached the safety of underground bunkers. The player character, later known as the Vault Dweller, was born and raised in the womblike Vault 13. Fifty years after the war, the vault's water chip malfunctioned, and the Vault Dweller was sent outside to find a replacement. The hero fought terrible enemies in the chaotic wastelands of California and suffered greatly during [...].

    Fallout 2 takes place 80 years after Fallout 1 and 130 years after the nuclear war that nearly exterminated the human race. The heroic Vault Dweller founded a primitive tribal village in Northern California, and taught the tribe to live in peaceful seclusion, before wandering into the wasteland once more. You are the Vault Dweller's descendant, the Chosen One. You must quest for a Garden of Eden Creation Kit that may save your dying village. You depart alone into the hostile wasteland, where corrupt societies tempered by constant warfare will challenge your naive upbringing. Many dangers await you: mutant beasts feed off of unwary travelers; the few decent farmers who plow the barren soil are murdered by barbaric raiders; criminals overpower lawmen; and an ancient power pursues a sinister agenda.

    In a CRPG market dominated by fantasy archetypes of elves and wizards, the Fallout setting is radically distinct. It revitalizes tired fantasy conventions: the fallen, legendary kingdom is America; dark undead-infested dungeons are replaced by crumbling mutant-infested sewer systems; there is an unconventional stronghold of armored Paladins and Knights; and ancient buried scrolls are supplanted by scientific holo-disks.

    The Fallout world is highly stylized, blending many influences into a unique package. It melds futuristic and retro styles, reflecting a futuristic post-apocalyptic world as imagined by 50's-era Americans, complete with vacuum tubes, blasters, giant mutants, and war propaganda. Fallout also drew inspiration from westerns, Mad Max, cheesy sci-fi movies, Monty Python and Douglas Adams.

    The unique character creation system does not involve classes or races, and focuses instead on attributes, traits, skills, and perks. It is simple to use and allows endless customization: a perceptive sniper can target a Radscorpion's eye across the screen, a skillful thief can creep past guards and rob merchants blind, a martial artist can kick highwaymen in the groin, and a diplomat can end conflicts without violence. Any combination is possible. The game's non-linear plot rewards unique characters by allowing multiple solutions to each quest.

    Players have unprecedented freedom to shape their destiny without being herded along by a forced plot. Actions bestow a positive or negative reputation, and people react accordingly. Become a champion of justice or an enemy of decency. Free the slaves or join the slavers. Secure an alliance between two towns or set them at each others' throats. Nearly anyone can be killed, but prepare for the consequences. Become a sheriff or a porn star, or both. Also, play at least once with minimum intelligence - this limits conversational choices to grunts and causes people to treat the character as an idiot.

    Fallout 2's low-resolution graphics were obsolete when it was first released, and may disappoint gamers who have been spoiled by modern graphics. There are few character models; towns seem to be populated by clones. Fortunately, the technical shortcomings are overcome by the brilliant art design. The original environments are visually compelling and the visceral death animations enliven combat.

    The moody music helps create an immersive environment. The voice actors and sound effects are superb.

    The NPC allies in Fallout 1 were notoriously unreliable. They shot the player in the back and blocked doorways at every opportunity. They could not wear armor and did not gain levels. Fallout 2 improved them, allowing the player to change their combat behaviors, push them out of doorways, upgrade their armor, and watch them grow stronger. However, even Fallout 2 NPCs should not be trusted with miniguns.

    The game manual (which may or may not be included) is wire-bound, thick, well-detailed, humorous, and illustrated. Game companies no longer produce manuals of this quality.

    Fallout 2 has even more graphic violence, sex, and language than Fallout 1. Some adult content can be removed through the control panel.

    There exists a debate as to whether Fallout 1 or Fallout 2 is superior, and consensus will never be reached. Fallout 2 has much greater scope, with more towns, quests, NPCs, and guns. It has a much improved party control system. Fallout 1 is more cohesive thematically, while the sequel went overboard on non-thematic elements such as pop-culture references, Easter Eggs, mobsters, and yakuza. Fallout 2 suffers from a boring opening area, the Temple of Trials, which is especially dull when replaying the game for the fourth time.

    While the settings for both games are fascinating, Fallout 1 proves more loyal to classic survival themes. Fallout 1 takes place soon after the nuclear war: resources are limited, shanty towns contain warring factions, little communication and trade passes between towns, and barter systems are rudimentary. Fallout 2 takes place much later: unified city states control advanced technology and uniformed armies, regular trade passes between strongly allied governments, and gold currency is widely accepted.

    Both games are amazing and should be played in their proper order, as the sequel continues the plot to a great conclusion. Fallout 1 and 2 are perfect games for anyone who likes creative RPGs, post-apocalyptic themes, and imaginative stories.

    -Zach Zelmar...more info
  • follout
    i wood like too see more games like follout and baldur's gate what im thring too say is i wood like too see more games bye black isle ...more info
  • A great computer role-playing game!
    Fallout 2 is a great computer role-playing game. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world of mutants and machine guns. Character generation is brilliant, with a wide range of statistics that can be developed. The skills that you focus on really make a difference in this game. For example, a character with a high charasma and intelligence will get entirely different dialogue options than a character with a low charasma and intelligence. Plus, the quests that you choose to do will totally change how other characters treat you. You can be either a do-gooder or a heartless thug, and the NPCs treat you accordingly. The plot is well-written and entertaining. Fallout 2 is a must-buy for any computer gamer....more info
  • Extremely addicting
    In my whole life of being a gamer, this is my favorite RPG ever! The game is non-linear at all, meaning you can do whatever you want (and i mean what ever you want!) You can go from being man-hunting slavers, professional boxers, and even being a porn star for crying out loud. The endless possiblities of choice is what makes this game incredibly unique.

    The combat system is surprisingly smooth, and its fun shooting people in the groin to stun them. I must warn you though, this game is meant for very mature players. The vision of a post-apacalyptic wasteland is not for the casual gamer. Explicit language is very common, as well as gore (but the graphics are laughable compared to today's more modern stuff,) and abuse of women, and drugs. I can guarentee you that this game is unlike any other you've played.

    Simply amazing.......more info

  • Great Non-linear RPG
    You'll be playing this game over and over again, thanks to the limitless possiblities of how you can go about winning. If you like non-linear RPG's, pick this one up now! - ... ......more info
  • Sex, drugs and great big guns in the nuclear wastes!
    After solving "Fallout" shortly after reviewing it some months ago, I immediately loaded "Fallout 2" and set off on the second part of the adventure. Since then, I've been far too busy to review anything, until I solved it last night. "Fallout" is just the trainer for the big one!

    "Fallout 2" uses the same engine as the original, and was easy to slip into, since the commands were all familiar, but because the initial release is notoriously buggy, make sure you install the patch before you start. Set 80 years after the events in "Fallout", your character is a descendent of the Vault Dweller who, with some refugees, had established a village far to the north when expelled after saving Vault 13. Over the years, village life had become increasingly tribal and memories of Vault 13 had slipped into the murky realms of mystical memory. Drought had set in, crops failed, children and cattle were starving when a chance viewing of an old holotape revealed the existence Vault 13's Garden of Eden Creation Kit (G.E.C.K.) - just what was needed for a bountiful existence. After surviving a difficult test, your character, the Chosen One, is sent off, with few skills and little equipment, to locate the Holy Vault 13 and return with the G.E.C.K. Of course, it is not quite as easy as that, as you gradually find out the Master in "Fallout" was a pussycat compared to your ultimate opponents.

    This is definitely a game for mature people who can laugh at themselves - sex (straight and gay) and drugs play a major part in the story line. There are twists and turns that will have you falling about laughing, and some repellent attitudes that will sicken you. You have to lie, cheat, steal and fight your way through pretty nasty scenes, and delicately negotiate your way through others. Good deeds are rewarded (if you help out Frank in the Den, go back and visit him later when he's made good - his generosity is a huge help), and bad decisions are paid for (leave that Pariah dog to his own fate). There are quite a few chance encounters, some screamingly funny (especially for fans of Monty Python, Star Trek, etc.) and, for a basically moral character, some pretty distressing, where you are completely powerless. And though it's pretty gory, nothing's funnier than the way some of these critters fly apart after a good critical hit.

    "Fallout 2" is a much larger game than the original, and to make traversing the vast distances easier, after several quests you actually get - wait for it - a car! Many differently skilled NPCs are eager to join you; how many you can have in your party depends on your charisma. Where you had little control over NPCs in your party in "Fallout", in "Fallout 2" you can get them to wear improved armour, select better weapons, and they sometimes actually increase their skills when your character levels. I developed a tight little bunch, consisting of the loyal Sulik (give him a SuperSledge and watch him go!) and Vic (whose Repair skill is essential until yours is developed, if you can tolerate his sucking up and constant whining about Sulik), Cassidy (much better with weapons than your character when you find him) and after I solved all his town's problems, Marcus the Mutant, entertainingly voiced by Michael Dorn (Worf from Star Trek). Hint: if you do have Marcus join, take his minigun away before he shreds your entire party and give him a more focussed weapon, but he is very picky.

    The great thing about this game is that it is non-linear, and you can switch between good or evil as the whim takes you. However, it became evident after quite some playing time that I had not developed my initial character's attributes or skills in the direction I wanted to take, so with the knowledge gained, I started again with a character who relied less on strength and endurance, but was more intelligent and perceptive (but not too weak, as some of the best perks have minimum requirements). This tradeoff made the initial stages very difficult, but really paid off later. Choosing three Tag skills was hard - scientific skills, both medical and technological, were more important than some combat skills, and quickly developed thievery skills were essential, as everything was so expensive, but these were useless without good weapons, negotiation and survival skills. A thorough reading of the excellent, spiral-bound (yippee!) manual before developing your character really saves a lot of time. And watch the wonderful introductory scenes for a lot of clues.

    My advice to adults who love RPGs is to forget the quasi-medieval, sword and sorcery worlds and get into the post-apocalyptic life of sex, drugs and great big guns as soon as you can!...more info

  • If you liked Fallout, then the sequel is worth playing.
    Set in the same world as the original, Fallout 2 places you as a descendent of the vault dweller from Fallout 1. Your village is dying, and you are sent into the world to find a Garden of Eden Creation Kit. Your quest takes you all over the ruined Midwest and West coast. The only downside is that it's just like fallout, with only small improvements to the character interaction modules. A great game? No, but a good one, and worth the money if you really liked the original....more info
  • Man o' Man, you need this game...
    Ok, lets put it this way, this game blows every other RPG out of the water. It has excellent visuals and sounds, plus a viriety of installation methods. With 100 different weapons and military devices, you can be a walking army. I got this game close to a year and a half ago, and couldn't stop playing for 6 months. The great thing is, once you beat it (and it take forever to, becuase of all the quests and such) you can keep playing! There are so many different characters that there is an unlimited supply of people to talk to, barter with or kill. I had no idea how they had the capacity to make such a great game. Just buy it, you'll see ;)...more info
  • Not As Good As Fallout I or Fallout Tactics, Still a Blast
    Fallout II, while falling short of the original Fallout, or the squad based Fallout Tactics, is still a fantastic game, definitely worth a look. It plays similar to the first installment, but boasts better graphics and richer character dialogues (The two things going for it.) I recommend purchasing the dual package, which contains both Fallout I & Fallout II. It is worht the price for the first alone, and the second is a nice bonus. Four stars, highly recommended....more info
  • My All Time Favorite Game
    What makes this RPG so much better than it's competition? Story. A completely immersive, and interesting world with a plot that drives you on. The 'Chosen One' (your PC) evolves more than any character of any RPG I have ever played, by the end, you will look back at how your character started, and how far he's come and you will be amazed. Full of little cookies and distractions as well. You will not miss the fact that it has no multiplayer, nor will you be disappointed with it's simple interface. What other game lets you become a kung-fu master, a Mafia made-guy and a drug addict all while toasting your enemies with your trusty flame thrower?...more info
  • Spifforific
    My all-time favorite role-Playing game for the PC. The level of customization is amazing and the freedom you have makes it fun over and over again....more info
  • Awesome role-playing for a PC
    I love this game. From start to finish, I have played this three times. The option to keep playing after the game "ends" is a great improvement over the first "Fallout" game. It can be brutal, so keep your companions alive as long as they are usefull (everyone who sucks up another attack is one less for you). On the down side, this game is addictive. The variations can cause a different tack to be taken every time. The blood level can cause the squemish to shy away, but players can use the options to reduce it a little. On the other hand you can totally annihilate an opponent in a very gruesome manner (ever see a ganster turned to slag, or blown to bits?) and still take time out for the ladies. Character interactions with the NPCs are a vital part of the game, for good or bad, and are just as important as the combat side of things. All in all, brutal, bloody, and fascinating. Great game!...more info
  • Fallout 2
    Good bloody and raunchy fun!

    I don't know too many PC RPGs out there that lets you become
    a famous/infamous porno star, or lets you get down and dirty
    with some of the local hookers. Or get your way by fooling
    around with a slave trader.

    If you happen to not be overly interested in anything like that
    the blood and guts make for some entertainment. But if gore
    isn't quite your cup of tea, you can always turn it down. But
    I do suggest that you pick "Bloody Mess" as a trait--regardless
    of if you like gore or not.

    On top of that, you've got a wide variety of different skills,
    traits, and all sorts of things you can play with in the game,
    not only giving it a really good replay value, but making it
    one of the best games I've ever played.

    Oh, and get the kama sutra skill......more info

  • Totally Immersive, incredible depth
    Although the graphics are showing their age these days, this game is still as incredible as ever. You will never play a more atmospheric and immersive game. The post apocalyptic world just sucks you in and never lets you go.
    One of the key elements to the Fallout series is the fantastic character creator. You are givemn a massive amount of freedom to create the kind of character you want and yoru choice has a massive bearing on the way you can complee certain tasks. Any given task will have several possible solutions, some better suited to diplomatic characters, some to combat characters and some to stealthy characters. Or you could just go for an all rounder. The game is totally non linear with your character's ability (you constantly gain experience) being the only real limitation.
    The numer of things crammed into this game is just insane. There is a ridiculous number of weapons. There are so many side quests as well and it's simply impossible to complete all of them in a single sitting. I think I covered just about everything after playing through it about four times. The amount of text is breathtaking and some of the characters really come to life through the dialogue.
    The game is not without it's problems. I remember the unpatched version of this being incredibly buggy so the patch is a must. The NPC control system is also pretty woeful.
    Still, I can't allow any of these things to detract from the score because this is quite simpl one of the finest games ever made.
    ...more info
  • Post-apocalyptic rpg set in the wastes of California
    This game is pretty cool. There are a lot of really great atmospheric effects (music, sound, etc.) that add to the game. However, it's a pretty hard game to beat, with a lot of combat and not many situations you can talk your way out of....more info


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