Fein DW1 Wet/Dry Clean-Up Kit

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Product Description

This is a kit for the Turbo II vacuum that includes all the basic cleaning attachments that fit directly onto the 1 ?" hose that comes withthe 9-11-20 and 9-55-13 FEIN vacs. The kit includes 2 metal extension tubes, air reduction handle, upholstery nozzle, crevice tool, wet brush, floor brush with wheels, and an anti-foam filter for water pickup.

  • Basic clean up kit for 9-55-13 Turbo II vacuum
  • Fits directly onto the standard 1 ?" hose
  • Basic kit of most commonly used accessories
  • Includes 2 metal extension tubes, air reduction handle, upholstery nozzle, crevice tool, wet brush, floor brush with wheels, and an anti-foam filter for water pickup
  • Allows Turbo II to be used as a clean up vacuum
Customer Reviews:
  • You have to have this kit
    Thought maybe the price of this kit was too high but not so. I really think I got my monies worth. I have owned the vacuum cleaner for 3 years and put off buying the kit. What was I thinking? Excellent product just like the vacuum cleaner. I was very pleased when the kit arrived in just 4 days from Mike's Tools. Thank you!...more info
  • These attachments are expensive but useful!
    I have owned my Turbo II vacuum for a number of years now, and I will admit that I was never willing to spend the money for these attachments. It is true that there are many lesser vacuums out there that include the tools, but I always told myself that I would rather have an awesome shop vac and no tools versus a so-so vac with tools. Recently, I finally coughed up the money for these attachments and I am thrilled to have so much more versatility when using a favored tool. I have had absolutely zero problems with any of the attachments. It is true that there are no "positive lock" mechanisms on the mating pieces, yet I have never had the attachments come apart even after hours of continuous use. I have cleaned our cars, sucked up sawdust, and vanquished cobwebs all to my great satisfaction. The adjustable "bristles" on the floor attachment make pulling stuff off of carpet (such as dust/dirt/woodchips in a car trunk) a painless task.

    If there is a downside, it is the lack of a convenient way to store these tools "onboard" the Turbo II machine (as some other shop vacs offer). For now I am keeping the attachments in a drawer and the metal extension wands lean in a corner. But I guess this is more my problem than a criticism of this tool set. Overall I am thrilled with the performance of this product and I recommend its purchase without reservation!...more info

  • Adequate tools; poor value
    I am disappointed in the Fein tool kit for the following reasons: the devices are lacking a basic positive-lock connection feature (often incorporated in the form of that classic little round-topped chrome button that springs up into a hole on the mating piece), and they generally are (aside from the floor attachment and chrome tubes) very light gauge material. I have a ... little Eureka "Mighty Mite" compact vacuum, and its tools are actually more substantial than the supposedly "industrial grade" Fein products. Ultimately I imagine these accessories will work fine, but I am actually amazed at the high price relative to what is provided. ... Final complaint - I really can't imagine that anyone who orders the Fein vacuum cleaner wouldn't want the tools - they should come with the machine. Separating them out seems to be a way of keeping the machine's cost down - ultimately an artificial savings....more info
  • Great Product
    The Wet/Dry kit works great and was produced with a higher quality material than I imagined. I was also leary about buying from Amazon and using the free shipping but, the kit shipped within two days and arrived within five days. All in all, shopping at Amazon couldn't be easier and the Fein Wet/Dry kit is worth every penny....more info
  • Good variety of quality tools
    This kit includes a good variety of quality tools.

    The parts go together easily with only slight pressure. They stay together when you want them to, but you can still take them apart. Thus far, I have not had them stick together so tightly that I have had to struggle to disassemble them. This was a common and recurring problem with my old VAC.

    I especially like the floor brush. It has two rollers at the back of the unit that are larger enough that you can easily push it around in the typical shop floor dust and wood clips. It also has a built-in lever that permits you to lower bristle strips along the front and rear edges. The benefit is that for shop applications, you can leave the bristle strips retracted and the small wood chips won't have anything to cling to. You'll vacuum them right up. But for interior use or for fine particle dust, the bristles help attract and pick them up.

    This package is a nice addition to your Fein VAC....more info

  • Big Price BUT Good Value
    Thi of the kit is tailored to the needs associated with a woodworking shop. I find nothing wrong with any component of this kit. Quick clean up is the outcome of using this kit. There is a tool for every need and each is of high quality....more info
  • Good quality tools!
    I give the Clean-Up Kit 4 stars. Every item functions as it should and are made of high quality plastic. The extension wands are steel and the the squeegys on the wet attatchment are nice and sturdy. The favorite attatchment of mine is the big floor tool. This thing can be used through-out the entire house. It has a foot switch to raise and lower the high quaulity brushes for carpet or bare floors. The reason I only went 4 stars is because the tools are good enough to warrant the little springy balls that normally lock vac accessories together but Fein chose not to include. Alas, friction as usual will have to do.Other than that I highly recommend the kit....more info