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If building and managing cities is your passion, then Pharaoh is the game for you. It puts you in charge of building the ancient Egyptian civilization, complete with work camps, temples to Bast, and, of course, pyramids.

Unlike some games of this type, where you build one city indefinitely and watch the population climb, Pharaoh is divided into missions. Players are given a goal--a desired population, food storage targets, and cultural achievements. Play continues until the target is met, unless the city succumbs to plagues, debt, or outside invaders first.

Pharaoh is loads of fun. The mission goals are tough but attainable, and city building for a finite time span will appeal to players who find unending development a bore. The usual juggling of civic needs for water, food, entertainment, and jobs is well balanced. The range of industries, religious practices, and municipal services is engaging, and the graphics are clear enough that it is easy to tell what's going on in the city. The mission-by-mission format allows the game to present a few challenges at a time, providing novelties for new levels of play.

Take charge of the Nile Valley and become a legend! --Alyx Dellamonica

Pharaoh is a strategic city-building game set in Egypt, from roughly 2900 to 700 BC. Grow Egyptian villages into thriving metropolises and watch the economy and inhabitants of this exotic land come to life. Interact with the citizens. Observe their culture and habits. Raise their hopes or raze their homes. Manage your city poorly and watch it burn, be pillaged, or collapse in economic ruin. Manage it well, and ultimately, the greatest Egyptian structures will be built in your honor. Your rule will span generations until your dynasty, your royal bloodline, produces a Pharaoh! Pharaoh includes many features never before seen in a city-building series game, including a farming model based on the flooding of the Nile, naval warfare, giant monuments assembled over time, a unique dynastic progression, and variable difficulty levels. It uses 16-bit color graphics, large maps for seamless game play, and a proven interface.

Customer Reviews:

  • Pharaoh
    I got 'Pharaoh' just about a week ago and im HOOKED!! I showed my friends it and they started ordering it(of here) I love the game and am saving up for the expansion pack! theres always something to do on it and it NEVER gets boring. This is my fav. game ever! Other games get boring FAST and this is just like heaven on earth!!...more info
  • Excellent / Addictive
    As to not repeat too much of what has already been said by other reviewers, this is a great game. The thing about this game that is especially addictive is the monument building. What other game can you build pyramids with? That alone is worth picking up this title. This game would have received 5 stars from me, but the fighting parts of this game are cumbersome. The troops move so slowly and heaven help you if you have to move your troops across rivers with the "transports." Still a good game, but very addictive so watch out or you will be spending a lot of time in front of your computer, which for some of you is your life anyway.... B+

    Joseph Dworak...more info

  • Too exhausting to be enjoyable
    Pharaoh is every positive thing mentioned by the other reviewers. I wouldn't argue with any of them. It is a great game: "great" in terms of magnitude and scope. But it fails to be "fun." It's one of those bizarre instances where a game is addictive and enthralling but also infuriatingly difficult. I've just spent eight hours on a particular mission only to have a glitch in the behavior of the bazaar traders wreck everything. A few more courses to go on the pyramid...oops, so sorry, start over. Unfortunately problems like these have been commonplace since I started my campaign. Even when things go smoothly, most missions require four to eight hours. I'm sorry, I can't spend my life building cyberspace pyramids. Pharaoh is definitely a case of "more is less."...more info
  • bu du du dut da i'm lovin' it!
    i don't think they had McDonalds in egypt but this game STILL RULES!!!!!!!! YEAH!...more info
  • Great city-building game, similar to Caesar 3
    Pharaoh is very similar to its predecessor, Caesar 3. While Caesar 3 is Roman style, Pharaoh is in Egypt. Just as Caesar 3, Pharaoh is the game for fans of any Simulation game. As the location of this game is mainly on desert, you have to deal with small "green" area where you can put well on it to distribute the water to your citizens. One source for the food is the ostriches that are located in certain area on your map. Therefore, building your city needs a good plan to make sure your citizens are not short of food and water. I really like this game, and you may too! I was playing this game for months a few years ago and now I miss this game and want to play another mission. :D

    This game focuses on government. You are required to balance the prosperity, health, and some other things in your city. Make sure that your citizens are employed, healthy enough, well educated, have access to entertainment facilities to keep them happy. You can adjust taxes, hold festivals, open new trading route, and many more!

    If you have played Caesar 3, you'll find that playing this game is very easy. All the controls, units, and gameplay is very similar to Caesar 3. Although Pharaoh is not a new game, yet it is fun to play. With a few bucks, you can get great simulation game that might get you obsessed on it!...more info
  • Excellent game!
    Uses the same basic game engine as CaesarIII in an Egyptian setting. Great gameplay, easy to become involved in the game, and provides enough challenges and levels of play to keep interest level up. A little confusing at first to figure out the function and availability of the panel of advisors.... Graphics and sound are very good, also. Keeping all the balls in the air while monitoring the progress of the city is a good exercise in multitasking, Nile style.... Very enjoyable!...more info
  • Pharaoh RULES!
    I am a computer professional who hates to go home and spend all night on the computer. I have *never* played a computer game before, except JumpStart games with my daughter. I have also watched others play games--suffice to say they all looked either deadly boring or too much like work.
    WELL. I literally stumbled upon Pharaoh, drawn to the title because I am a true Egypto-phile.
    I am completely hooked. Last weekend I actually stayed up all night, completely engrossed.
    I like very much the fact that you can get in and start playing very quickly, you can fiddle around and learn as you go. Or you can take a more measured approach and read the manual and make less mistakes! The manual is excellent and you're able to turn directly to the section you need. Actually there is tons of help in this game; the Overlays give me more information than I can handle at this time.
    I find the graphics excellent, the sound effects are great. I love the sounds of the city; people shouting and coughing, and carts rolling, birds, and buildings collapsing.
    If you like city-building at all and even remotely think ancient Egypt is cool, you should love this game. I
    I am only playing on the very easy level, and it is plenty challenging. I cannot see getting bored or tired of this game anytime soon--however I have already purchased Cleopatra....more info
  • Simple fun building game
    Great buildup to all aspects of game = easy to learn. Simple, slightly repetative game play. Still loads of fun and slightly addictive (if one loves city building games)....more info
  • BRAVO!
    ...Great fun, great graphics, and overall, one of the most beautiful games I've ever seen.

    Anyone who loves city-building games and brain-teasing strategies will love Pharoah. I can't say enough great things about it!

    Kudos to the developers!!!...more info

  • fun but not 2 fun
    this game is fun building the buildings and stuff like that but you cant controll your army which came to quite a shock to me becasuse i have all of the age of empires games (gold edition,age of emipires one, age of empires 2, age of emipres rise of rome, age of empires the conquers)you get the point and the real setback is you cant controll the army if you could i would give the game another try, if your an age of emipires fan
    this game is not for you of course there nice buildings but 2 little battle....more info
  • Pharaoh for Windows XP?
    Does anyone know how I could get this game to function in Windows XP? I really enjoyed playing it, but I can't get it to work on my new laptop. Is there an updated version of it available anywhere? Please help!...more info
  • Be Prepared To Lose Sleep!
    I bought this game and the Cleopatra Expansion Pack not long after playing Caesar III. The graphics are by far the first thing that grabs your attention. Eveything from the buildings, to the monuments is breathtaking. The most amazing thing is watching the people that populate your towns interact with everything. From workers tending the farms, to facing incoming enemies, you could sit and watch for hours. Of course you can't. You have a kingdom to run. Build new homes, setup new roads, construct monuments, install new trade routes, build temples for gods, keep an eye on farming and food supply, watch for potentional problems from other kingdoms....did I leave anything out? All and all this is a very cool game. You can jump right in to this game and after mastering the control panel you should be all set to rule. There is a lot of trial and error in this game. It will take a lot of tries before you can really master everything and win the larger campaigns. Lucky thing Sierra provided a nice big reference manual to help you out! The main key to victory is being fast. You have to think several years ahead in the game and be one step ahead of your people's needs before you'll be running for cover. The only problem beyond the lack of sleep you're sure to have, and the amount of time that will fly by are really small. You have to continually check with your advisers, but it would help if some pop up menu would come up and remind you about setting up festivals or sending out requested goods. Also if you are working on a large mission, you can easily forget what buildings you have up or what you have in your storage yards. If there was a counter or a quicker referance system that could tell you what you have, the game might be a little smoother. Still this is a great game to play, and anyone who enjoys Egypt and wants to rule an empire should grab a copy today....more info
  • Best World Building Game Ever
    I have played so many world-building games from age of empires to civilization and PHARAOH is my all time favorite. This game enables you to create massive cities, export and import different things such as food, crops, gems, wood, stone, and much more, and develop your city making it more prosperous as time goes on. Although this game has some warfare involved, its not the main focus such as some other games like age of empires. I would highly recomend this game and i've been playing it for years. WARNING: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE ...more info
  • Likely the best game I have ever owned
    I have played games on my PC for almost ten years. Many of my games were bought, played, and forgotten, but not Pharaoh. Unlike almost all the other games, I have been playing Pharaoh off-and-on for more than five years, and I am currently working through the very large sequence of campaigns for the second time. This game may be from the 90s, but it is a fantastic game with lasting appeal.

    At the beginning of the game you choose a family name. You go on to represent this family through a sequence of city-building scenarios taking place from between the Predynastic Period to the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. These scenarios get progressively more challenging and are affected by real-life historical events.

    The mechanics of the game would seem familiar to fans of Caesar III or of other Sierra citybuilding games. It involves building Egyptian cities from scratch. Basic goals include supporting a population, creating a stable economy, pleasing the gods, and satisfying requests from other cities. Pharaoh, however, is a few steps above Caesar III in my opinion. The economic system is more complex as there are more resources and goods to produce and trade, but not so complex as to be confusing. Also, many missions require the construction of monuments. Some of the pyramids you construct are even intended for yourself! These added complexities make the game relatively challenging and at times very time-consuming, but rarely frustraing. I especially enjoy setting up a solid system of producing goods for exports so my city can make a huge amount of money!

    For a game produced in the 90s, Pharaoh is hardly dated at all. Graphics are not phenomenally detailed, but because the gameplay screen is a somewhat distant aerial view of your city this is only a minor issue. The sound is especially excellent. When you right-click on a city walker, the walker gives some opinion on your city or an aspect of it and the voices they produce sound not computer-generated, but like a real human voice. I also would like to point out that many games have soundtracks which are either very deficient in presence or quality. Pharaoh is different. The soundtrack is nearly continuous and the musical tracks set quite a great "Ancient Egypt" mood. I have no idea whether this sountrack is some type of authentic world music or not, but it serves its purpose extremely well and is even memorable.

    I personally find this game highly enjoying and addicting, but I realize that Pharaoh would probably not appeal to a wide swath of the public. I think Pharaoh suits the tastes of history buffs the best, especially if they enjoy sim-city-like games. This game also would likely suit younger people who might like Sid Meier's Civilization when they get older. (I own Civilization as well, but have spent a lot more time playing Pharaoh.)

    In short, although it may largely be a matter of personal taste, I consider Pharaoh an excellent game, perhaps the best I have ever owned. The concept, gameplay, and technical execution all satisfy me greatly....more info
  • Go hang out in Egypt...
    I love this game! I have killed you-don't-want-to-know how many hours playing this.

    It starts simple, with a cluster of mud huts along the Nile, and proceeds through centuries with ever more complex and elaborate cities. And the artwork is just splendid. The game gives you enough help so you can figure out what you need to do in each city, but actually doing it and meeting the victory conditions is like a big animated puzzle. Love it!

    I got tired of the intro movie after seeing it exactly once (a little over done), but compared to how fantastic the game is, that's nothing....more info

  • Great Game
    I had this game in the past and lost the CD, I looked everywhere for this game and found it on Amazon and I love it. Thanks so much for the game....more info
  • This game rocksssss!!!!!!
    A very good game. You become a ruler of a egyption city. Evrey level has 1-4 objectoves that u must complete them to move on to the next city. Sometimes u have to build a mounument or builed a army\navy or get 1,00 blockes of stone. In all i like it a lot i reccomend it as a gift....more info
  • Great training
    This game is a gem. If you want to learn proper planning and be the king of your own kingdom this game is it....more info
  • Hello... I'm a PHAROAH addict! (Hello, AnDrea...)
    I bought this item on a whim one day, and I've been playing it ever since! This game will make you scream orders at your panicked armies, and shed a tear about the gold miner that was attacked and killed by robbers( well, THAT may be over-the-top). I like this game so much more that any of the Sim games because you have an immediate goal to achieve. The levels are more difficult as you progress, and you gain more control of how things work. I have not purchased any of the other games by this company, so I don't know how Pharoah stacks up to Civ III etc. However, I'd advise anyone into scenario-games to look at this one....more info
  • Oldie but a Goodie
    Check the date on my review - 3 years old and this game is still fun to play. That's saying something. Pharaoh is basically SimCity set in Ancient Eygpt (or if you're really picky, it's Casear3 with new graphics). Not only does it take the great classic city-building game and place it in a compelling setting, but it also adds some much needed depth to this type of game, like huge monuments and pyramids for you to build.

    Games of this type all do the same thing - you layout streets and houses, little people move in, and you gradually add services and extras to make them happier, more wealthy. You make sure every neighborhood has a policeman and a firewatch, a market, someplace to worship, and some entertainment. Pharoah improves over Simcity by actually showing you your citizens as they walk from place to place. The streets are packed with people as they go about their business. You must also create jobs and establish industries, thus creating goods for you to sell or your citizens to use. It is a basic game that is fun for anyone of any age.

    Pharoah adds some extra features which allow it to rise above the others - Monuments, and Nile farming. The Nile works on an annual cycle of flooding its banks, so any aggriculture must be very well planned because your farmers must grow food for the entire year. Monuments are just what you expect from ancient Eygpt - pyramids, the Sphinx, Obelisx, and various Temple complexs. They are huge, and you can watch as your workers build them brick by brick, dragging the stones from quarries, up the wooded ramps, to atop the pyramids. Wonderful....more info

  • Thoroughly addicting. A rare gem.
    There are very, very few computer games that have ever hooked me like Pharaoh has during what's been nearly 20 years of playing them. This game is an absolute gem, and, for the ridiculously low price it sells for, it's also a steal. Pharaoh is very deep and engaging, and the fact that it's so chock full of history and was so thoroughly researched makes it shine even more. I should also say that time flies by while playing it like you wouldn't believe; I'll think a half hour has passed only to look at the clock and see it's been almost two. Which brings me to my warning: it's almost impossible to stop playing this game, though I'm quite happy to be hooked.

    If you like city-building games and especially if you're into ancient Egypt, definitely buy yourself a copy of Pharaoh now!...more info
  • Pharaoh
    This game is great fun for anyone interested in Geography. As well as being great fun its also educational. I used this game to help me pass my Geography exams, it taught me what people need to live and what facilities help to create a better place to live, for example good healthcare and religious facilities, as well as shops and recreational places such as bars and festivals. You can also create parks and gardens.
    The down side to this game is the time it takes to build monuments. It takes forever to build things such as pyramid complexes and temples. On the whole this game is a good investment, it provides hours of in-depth fun and education...more info
  • Great Game
    This Game may be a bit outdated by todays standards, but I consider it a great game and fun to play. The planning and building of ancient cities requires a lot of strategy and the cunning overseers rule. I find it best to start off in the easiest mode till you get used to what you are doing, then go back to a more difficult mode. This can be addicting and last for hours at a time. ...more info
    This is my very first in Sierra's city-builders line of games, and I LOVE EVERY DETAIL of it. With this game, I completely forgot that I still have to finish playing Myst Trilogy which I bought a few months back. This sure packs months of gameplay, and if you finish all the missions, you can download more scenarios from the official website and fansites, OR better yet, create your own scenarios and missions and share them to other gamers.

    I give this game 5 stars, because until now I haven't touched the other games I installed in my PC. And I can't wait 'till the shipment of my Great Empires Collection 2 arrives.

    Meanwhile, my people await and I have to oversee the building of my grandest pyramid....more info

  • Best City-building game
    This is a fun game, I played 99 times if not a hundred. I would hightly recommand it to anyone that like to build a city, rule their people, balance their budget, and some times a little bit military action. The graph looks great compare to simcity which is of small and ugly buildings. Especially when I went to a just opened new shopping mall, hey, all those building graphs are right there! The drawback is it doesn't support a zoom out to look at your whole city, and map is kind of small relative to your big buildings, I know I expand too much. But other than that, it's all fun. Oh, one more problem, when your houses upgraded to a certain level, you'll need secondary luxaries, like wines, but you have no way to get it, I guess you'll have to get into modern age.......more info
  • Obsessed Oldster
    I'm a 46-year-old who doesn't play computer games. Well, not until now. I have always been fascinated with ancient Egypt and bought this game on a whim. Now I can't stop thinking about it. I LOVE it! (Who wouldn't like a game where, if you're doing well, you're told: "People love you" and "People idolize you as a god." I sure don't get that in my "regular" life!)

    Pharaoh is one of the city-building games and has many scenarios, from very simple, pre-dynastic villages with crude huts to huge pharaonic cities with temples, pyramids and myriad industries, for you to play. You will build housing for the incoming immigrants and provide them with food, water and work. You'll have to deal with fire, disease, foreign invaders, and poor Nile inundations. Keeping the gods appeased and frequently checking with your overseers can alleviate some of these disasters.

    While I'm playing, I forget about eating and sleeping and work and chores. When I'm not playing, I'm humming the little songs and envisioning the cities and thinking about how I can improve my game. Wow!

    (I do have one concern, however. I have read that the game comes with a big manual but mine didn't have one. I want a manual! But I still love the game even without it....)...more info

  • Pharaoh
    I got 'Pharaoh' just about a week ago and im HOOKED!! I showed my friends it and they started ordering it(of here) I love the game and am saving up for the expansion pack! theres always something to do on it and it NEVER gets boring. This is my fav. game ever! Other games get boring FAST and this is just like heaven on earth!!...more info
  • You Will Be Ruled By Pharaoh
    This is probably one of the best strategy/city building games I've played in a long, long time. The possibilities and the play are seemingly endliness, and the addition of the scenario builder makes the game that much more customizable. The challenge of getting areas to develop, while keeping the gods and your residents happy, along with the rest of the kingdom will test your multi-tasking abilities. There's very little to complain about with this game, and I'm lookign forward to trying the expansion pack....more info
  • pharoah PC game
    It's a really fun game. It's a great building game, but it takes a long time. My Mom says "my kids love this game, and I prefer that they play this educational game that is fun rather than the killing games....more info
  • I love this game
    I play this game as well and the Cleopatra expansion quite often. I love all the strategy games by Sierra. I count them among my favorites....more info
  • an amazing must have...
    i'm not big on unqualified approval but i have to say that, though i've always been partial to city building games like Caesar 2, this is HANDS DOWN the best i have ever played... it's so much more intricate than all of the others before it as well as the others that were made at the same time (after playing pharaoh i thought problematic caesar 3 was a waste of money...)

    the only problems i've had is that importing can be kind of slow... some of the monuments take days to build.. .. literally.. and it's because you have to import one of the component materials.. and sometimes the population age can really mess up your workforce.. .. but only if you build in one huge spurt (which is my problem, i guess, not the game's..)

    in either case i just ordered the expansion pack.. and i'm worried that this series is going to ruin my life.. i haven't done my homework for weeks.. :) and work on my thesis is falling behind schedual.. .. try telling your graduate advisor that you couldn't finish on time because of a video game.....more info

  • If you have Caesar III, save your money!
    This game is exactly the same as Caesar III, they have just changed the interface and graphics.
    If you wanna my advise, save your money for a newer game. However, if you don't have Caesar III, it will be intersting for you no doubt....more info
  • Excellent City building game
    Pharoah was a Christmas gift to me in 1999. I wore out a copy the first year I had it, and even now, over two years later, it's still my favorite of the strategy/city building games. There's so much to it that it can take a year or more to get used to it all.

    The depth of the game is what I think I like the best. I played Caesar 3 for a while, but there was a lack of depth to it, all farms would yield the same amount of food, there was no massive project to keep you busy, the gods were all the same, and you didn't have a lot of choice over whether you had a peaceful or warring scenario. Pharoah changes that. Your farms will yield various amounts of food or goods based on the floodplain, the meadow, irrigation, or other things affecting them. Sometimes you run out of room in a storage yard or granary, and the workers in the field will stand there and be drowned. Sure, it's a little extreme, I don't expect the average citizen to allow themselves to be drowned, but it does give the "you snooze, you lose" feeling. If you can't store it, you lose it.

    The gods are much improved over Caesar 3. Each god has a personality, and they have a pecking order now. There's a patron god for each scenario, and 0-4 local gods. The patron deity needs more attention than the lesser gods, and all gods can help or harm your city. You can get double crops, full storage yards, festivals thrown for other gods and other things if they are happy, and plagues, destroyed farms, and lowered kingdom ratings if you piss them off.

    The monuments are another thing I like. You can't just meet the basic requirements; sometimes you have to build a monument as well, which takes time, supplies, and a lot of labor. It takes time to put a monument together, which is nice and annoying, if you need the time to finish up your city it's not a big deal, but if you've met all the other requirements in the scenario, the monument building can take a while.

    All in all Pharoah is a great game. My only complaint is when I start a new family and I have to go through the first few levels, which are like an in-game tutorial. If you've played Caesar 3 before, or played Pharaoh before it can get old....more info

  • Old Reliable
    I have been playing this game for over 5 years now and I have yet to get tired of it. This game provides wonderful entertainment and allows you, as the person playing the game, to be as creative as possible. In the game of Pharaoh you are given different missions in which you have to build and maintain your own Egyptian city. Another aspect of the game that I personally just found out about is that you can custimize your own mission which means that you can choose your own guidlines in which to play. ...more info
  • Excellent game--but addictive
    This is a really great game, but make sure you have a lot of time on your hands first. This game is quite challenging, but fun. Although at times extremely frustrating since you have no way to directly to help the people and finding scenarios with enough water area to help your people is tough but I guess its possible to manage. Its a great game I think everyone should get it!...more info
  • Tickled Pink
    If you like games like THE SIMS and EMPEROR: RISE OF THE MIDDLE KINGDOM you will love this....What a thriller the CD-ROM even has a copy CLEOPATRA.....and my boss wonders why nothing ever gets done...I am holding on to my job by the skin of my teeth, but I am still tickled pink about it!!!...more info
  • Best of the CITY GAMES to date
    I've owned and played this game for a number of years, and it still holds up. This is the best of the "city builder" games I've played. I loved Ceasar III, but it was plagued with some annoying bugs. Pharoah has solved those bugs. There are still some issues remaining, but this is the best even pushing 10 years later.

    The graphics are only 2D and compared to the new games, it is lacking.. but it still is visually appealing and lovely to see.

    This game is a "nit picker" .. or perhaps more correctly a game requiring a lot of micro-management. This leads to both the charm and addiction of the game. If you want to sit down, play a 30 min-1 hr game and be done, this isn't it :)

    The game requires the establishment of a "city environment" involving laying out the city "foundations", establishing the taxes, wages, providing military protection, food, finances, health, water supply, etc.. in other words all those things which will attract and hold your population at an appropriate level of happiness.

    If you live in a rough and ready town on the military frontier, you may be near "forced labor". In a religious and cultural center you may have scribes and palaces with a population of "elites" served by the labor of a large population of workers and farmers.

    At the same time you must hold the respect of your countrymen, the fear and conquest of foreign and domestic enemies with their eye on your land and goods. This is done by your military accomplishments, your charitable contributions to countrymen, tributes to the crown, etc.

    To the game's credit they do provide both "military" and "cultural" paths to completing your ascension to Pharoah. This allows you to be a GREAT GENERAL (military) or a RENOWNED CITY BUILDER (mostly peaceful) and still achive the game's goals.

    You must carefully manage trade too.. it is KEY to the financial success of every city. You have a number of choices of goods, production, and trade partners, so choose carefully.. :)

    And you must please the gods.. They can be demanding and vengeful or friendly and beneficent depending on how you manage their attitudes.

    On top of all that, you often must construct "wonders" of various sorts.. Preparing the materials, sacrifices, and labor to build pyramids, monuments, temples, etc according to the "success criteria" provided by the scenerio you are doing.. There are a LOT of them to allow for extended play. You can also adjust play difficulty over 5 levels and you can add the Cleopatra expansion to give even more options. (I recommend the GOLD editoin as it cost-effectively gives you both .. PHARAOH GOLD - (PHARAOH+CLEOPATRA, 2CDS))

    The major shortcoming of the game (which was carried through the Sierra linage) is the mechanics of accumulation, distribution, trading, and collection of goods. This can be rather "artificial" and tedious.. but if you accept the concept, you can be philosophical about it and simply accept it as just another challenge all players must solve.

    The implementation of the STOREHOUSES are the key to this.. you have to learn this as the key to game enjoyment.. it isn't well explained in the instructions, so I suggest a bit of research before you start serious play. It is the weakest part of the game, but its workable enough to allow a TON OF FUN!

    There are several excellent websites (free) that can help out in many ways and provides a TON of helpful information on all aspects of the game. This gives you a resouce if you feel you've come up against a "dead-end" This is good as the game hasn't been supported by the publisher for many years.

    As another reported, one can find that you have achieved the goals of the scenerio, but haven't got the "wonder" built. The solution to this is the analysis and early planning for labor and material accumulation to coordinate your objestives.. A lot of pleasure can be had, after you see what's required to get everything done, by going back over a scenerio and trying to beat your old performance.. this is easily done via the "replay scenerio" menu on the game.

    The game also allows you to establish several "families", each establishing the linage of a player, to play through the scenerios. This allows several players to play the same game without "stepping on the toes" of other players. Each player can even have different levels of difficulty, etc.

    Though its far from perfect, I heartily recommend it.. BUY IT, ENJOY IT! ...more info
  • LOVE this game!
    i LOVE this game! it will keep you busy for hours at a time! i LOVE city building. and this game gives it to you plus more. ...more info
  • This Game Kicks (...)!
    This game is perfect for Roller Coaster Tycoon fans. You can make pyramids, sphinxes, temples, and more! The only bad thing is that the food distribution system doesn't work well, my people are always hungry. Try fighting wars, they're the COOLEST! You can control charioteers, archers, war ships, and infanry! Totally buy this totally kick-(...)game........ NOW....more info
  • Very fun, Very cool
    I bought Pharoah about 3-4 years ago. And I still play it almost every week. Sometimes it gets hard, but I just try my best. It is very fun to play. The characters that walk around say things when you click on them. They help you know what the people think of your city. What is the funnest is building tombs and pyramids. You get to watch the peasents work on it any time you want. You just need alittle patience and you can rule Eygpt. Great game for people that like strategy and/or city-building games. ...more info
  • Pharaoh
    This is a GREAT game even for the beginner. Graphics are good. After the tutorial there are many campaigns to choose from or you can follow the scenario. Highly recommended....more info
  • This is the jewel of the sierra studios games!
    "Build a kingdome.Rule the Nile.Live Forever." It said on the cover, but what was in the disk was so much more. You have to build a city and keep it from going into ruin. It was kinda hard at first-*spoiler/tip warning*- but as long as you put up medical buildings, architect's posts,fire houses, and the like, you'll be fine! This game does take a long time, but just be patient, it's worth it.
    ...more info


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