Eureka 54312-12 Vacuum Cleaner Belt

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Belts for Eureka models only. 12 packages per case. No. 52100B 12: For model No. 600, 1400, 1900, 2000, 2100, 4000, 5000, and 6400 Series. 2 per package. No. 52201D 12: For model No. 1200, 1500, 1700, 3900, 8200, 6860, 6880, 6885, 6993, and 6998 Series. 2

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Customer Reviews:
  • Super Vac!
    I have been using my Eureka 5843 for over 7 years. The original belt just burned up this past week, and that was not because of poor design, or product quality.

    My wife drops the vacuum down to the lowest setting, meant to be used on hardwood floors and tiles, even on shag and pile rugs. After putting up with the added strain and friction caused by this type of use, the belt overheated and smoked, after 7+ years!

    This is not the manufacturer's fault, nor does it indicate poor quality on the vacuum or belt's behalf. All equipment relies on the user's ability to read and follow the included instructions....more info
  • Eureka belts
    We bought the vacuume cleaner from Costco less than a year ago,
    and the belts break every so often. I wonder why. We never had to change belts when we were using Hoover's....more info
  • I keep buying them, so what does that mean?
    Ok, I have had my upright for about 3 years and go through a belt a month. I have it in right, and even took it to the shop to let them put it in, and it still breaks or burns up in a month. I don't blame it entirely on just the belt, I'm sure the sweeper plays a part.

    Minus the shipping charges, Amazon does have a good price on them....more info