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Product Description

This traditional Eureka upright is a proven design, perfect for cleaning carpets in your home Remove all the dirt and debris from your carpets with the 5 amp motor and soft style bag 4 position carpet height adjustment Light weight design Triple filtration Filteraire bag Large 9.4 quart dust bag 4 stage height adjustment

  • 5 amps
  • Black in color
  • 11 lb
  • 4 stage height adjustment
Customer Reviews:
  • A time-tested winner
    I just moved into an apartment with a new synthetic carpet that sheds like a pack of afghan hounds; it choked my bagless vacuum in under a minute. I needed a sturdy, no-frills, bagged vacuum like the Montgomery Ward upright I used for over 20 years before it died.

    This model was almost identical, and now that I've had it for a few weeks, I'm happy as a clam. It has an old-fashioned rotating brush/beater roller, 5 carpet height adjustments, great suction for 5 amps, and comes pre-fitted with a humongous disposable liner bag (type F&G), plus a spare belt for the roller. Some parts that used to be steel have been replaced with thick plastic, but it seems plenty sturdy, and it's much lighter to maneuver and carry than my old all-steel model. The on/off button and lock/unlock for the handle are both on the base, so they're foot controls; carpet height is adjusted by a dial on the front of the base. The long cord (20 feet or so) doesn't retract, you just wind it over hooks on the handle. The spring-attached fabric bag has a full-length zipper, inside which the disposable bag (which fills the cover from end to end) slides on with another spring. Quick, simple.

    One pass with this puppy picked up enough carpet fluff missed by the bagless to knit a throw rug, but there's still plenty of room left for future dirt. It's also a lot less noisy than my smaller bagless. The only qualm I had in buying this was the lack of attachments for cleaning upholstery & suchlike, but I found an inexpensive accessory kit made for it (crevice tool, round dust brush, upholstery brush, extension tubes, looooong flexible hose) right here on Amazon: the "Electrolux Home Care 60E 6-Piece Deluxe Tool Set," so my joy is complete.

    Though the image on this page looks rather green, the vacuum is actually jet black, and the bag is a black-white-red random print. It comes in a flat box, minor assembly required. Highly recommended for those who remember how good the old vacuums were, don't want to spend a fortune just to clean their carpets, or are into retro styling....more info
  • Nice basic vacuum cleaner
    My original vacuum had a hepa filter on it that needing replacing and apparently the manufacturer no longer made them. I ordered this vacuum because all it needed was a bag. I am very pleased with it. It is fairly quiet for a vacuum cleaner, my old model used to scream like a banshee, and it doesn't have a bunch of hoses wrapped around it constantly coming loose like my old model. It cleans the carpet just as well as the old model.
    If you just need to vacuum the floor, this model is great....more info
  • great vacuum
    My mother has been cleaning houses (including LOTS of vacuuming) for years. She used a model identical to this one for almost 15 years (HEAVY use) and she cried the day it died. I began a frantic search for a replacement immediately. Finally found one here and was thrilled. Received the product quickly and was very excited to discover that the quality was the same as my mother's previous Eureka. Great product!!...more info
  • A little cheaply made
    I was looking for a cheap but decent vacuum. I was missing the old hoover from the past. A carpet installer showed up on the job with this vacuum and said it was great and he had it for years. Thought I would try it out, since retail employees go through vacuums like nothing. So for it seems to work very well. Highly recommend for the price and job it does....more info
  • lasts forever
    My mom had this vacuum for as long as I can remember. Then, when I got my own apartment, the vacuum came with me. Still works great, though our dog chewed up the hose attachement and have never been able to find a replacement....more info
  • great for the price
    owner of a cleaning business. This vacuum is light and sturdy. Works great and is easy to maintain....more info