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The Hoover F4300 is your first mate when it comes to getting shipshape floors. This amazing machine scrubs, polishes, and buffs floors and even shampoos carpet, all with fingertip control. Measures 10" x 10" x 43" Wraparound splash guard Toe operated on/off switch Transport wheels Hanging handle Multipurpose brushes Felt buffing pads Cleaning/waxing pads Soft cloth pads Wide-flare shampoo brushes 16-oz bare floor cleaner 16-oz rug and carpet shampoo

This lightweight (10-pound), 205-watt machine keeps a house spiffy in a myriad of ways. Snap scrub brushes onto its two power shafts and it scours hard floors. With three sets of pads, it will then wax, buff, and polish those same floors. In carpeted areas, snap on two shampoo brushes and get the carpets deeply clean. For floors that can be cleaned with water, and for carpets, a removable 1-gallon tank serves for mixing water and floor cleaner (a 16-ounce bottle is included) or water and rug-and-carpet shampoo (a 16-ounce bottle is included) that is then dispensed using a finger trigger. The machine is 43 inches high, has a handle hole for hanging in a closet, and assembles with a single nut and bolt (which are included). An accompanying booklet provides instructions for cleaning and polishing various hard floors and carpets by using different materials and methods. Hoover warrants the machine against defects for one year. --Fred Brack

  • Power scrubs, waxes, and polishes hard floors and shampoos rugs, carpets
  • Scrub and shampoo brushes and waxing, buffing, polishing pads included
  • Dispenses cleaning solutions with finger-trigger
  • Weighs 10 pounds, stands 43 inches high
  • Assembles with one nut-and-bolt
Customer Reviews:
  • Bad news
    Bought this product as used item, but did not expect it to be broken beyond repair. Contacted the seller, who promptly issued a return label and gave me a full refund. Apparently they were not aware of the damage either. The seller even gave me a gift certificate for all the trouble I went through with this machine.

    Even if you find a new one I would not buy this product. The handle is very flimsy and wobbly. The gears are plastic and you cannot get any replacement parts for it when anything breaks....more info
  • Motor burned out on SECOND USE
    I used it ONCE, for maybe half an hour. It seemed to do a decent job.

    The second time I use it, it immediately started SCREAMING. One buffer wouldn't spin and a foul acrid smoke started coming out of the motor. I turned it off quickly, and checked it over, but the failure seems to be in the motor or gear drive. Now it's useless and out-of-warranty.

    I am very disappointed and expect better quality from the Hoover brand....more info
  • Floor Max to the Max
    I haven't quit cleaning my floors since this was delivered! It really gets the deep-down, set-in grime on the hard surfaces and scrubs the carpeting beautifully! Very easy to use....more info
  • Hoover Floormax Does A Fine Job
    I am completely satisfied with my Hoover F400 Floormax Supreme. It takes all the HARD work out of scrubbing hard floors and those throw rugs that are small enough to put in the washing machine but fall apart in the process. It doesn't suck up the water so something else is needed. I used a spong mop rinsed in clean water for my tile floors and just hosed off the throw rugs and let them dry outside. A shop vac should work OK too. But for just plain scrubbing the Floormax is well worth the money. This product was shipped as promissed brand new and ready to go to work. And a workout is just what it has gotten and it is performing flawlessly....more info
  • Not bad at all
    Good product for the dough. A bit tricky to put together, tube to the water dispenser didn't fit right, but I rigged it up and it works fine. No other alternative in this price range, I'm overall happy.
    Mike...more info
  • good price but you get what you pay for
    out of the box the tank to floor tube was cracked. Had to rig to get to work but that was the only problem (minor). construction of unit appears flimsily but for the price its what I expect. does shampoo carpet and clean the hard floors....more info
  • Floor Scrubber
    This product performs as designed and is a real time and effort saver on tile and hard surfaced flooring....more info
  • easy to use
    For anyone that has laminate flooring and has been trying to find something to clean it with, this is the way to go ! It gets the dirty residue off the floor without streaking ! ...more info
  • For oiled and waxed (rather than polyurethaned) hard wood floors.....
    I've been looking for a buffer for two years since my husband and I refinished our floors using penetrating oil and wax rather than the typical toxic polyurethane finish. I could find only commercial buffers or multipurpose cleaners, waxers, etc. Thanks to another review of this product, I realized that it might just work for us.

    I'm glad to say that it does apply wax beautifully - evenly and very quickly with much less trauma to my knees! I did not have equally excellent results with buffing, but this could very well be down to user error as I think I may have applied the wax a bit thickly.

    My only real gripes are that there is no off/on switch - you turn the machine on and off by raising and lowering the handle. When you turn it off, the whole machine spins in a circle. It's entertaining, but not necessarily easy to deal with. Also, there's no storage mechanism for the cord. I've just looped it around and hung it from the soap dispenser lever which probably is not really a good idea.

    Overall, the machine does what I purchased it to do and I'm really glad of that¬° I definitely recommend this product for oiled and waxed floors....more info
  • Dig this Hoover Scrubber
    I really feel like the tile floor is getting a good scrubbing. Downside that it does not suck up the dirty water...BUT I do a section then go over it with an old towel w/ my feet (no bending over) and actually I think this isn't too bad because when you are wiping up w/ feet you can get along the floor boards and that is something no scrubber is doing. So I Dig this hoover scrubber. Haven't tried the rug scrubber part yet but will leave feedback when I do....more info
  • Floormax
    This is a great machine for cleaning, scrubbing, and buffing. Its only downside is that it's not a wet vac, too. But it's inexpensive, so I can't complain.
    I use the scrubber for my carpet, then go over with my steam cleaner vac. I also scrub my deck with it. But I really bought it for buffing my wood floors. I can do 3 rooms in 20 minutes.
    A whole lot cheaper than an Oreck....more info
    Would have left no stars but not an option. This machine left swirls all over my wood floor that looks like wax never buffed. When cleaning the carpet it ends up with the dirt plus the water left in the carpet. Gave it a couple tries and finally I give up. Do not waste money on this cleaner. Im out a hundred bucks on this piece of junk!!!...more info
  • Hoover Floormax
    The Floormax is a basic floor buffer that is easy to use and store. We were looking for something light weight and it is perfect. Our only concern is how easily the plastic tube from the tank disconnects. ...more info
  • avoid at all costs
    Item needed repair right out of the box, had to be taken to repair center. What they call an on/off switch was defective. Actually, there is no on/off switch, you have to tilt the handle to turn it on -- very inconvenient. This seems to be a cheaply made poorly designed machine. Haven't tried it yet, really don't care how well it works, since the way it is built it won't last very long....more info
  • IT Works Great!
    It does the job. This old house has wood floors and the Hoover F4300 is an excellent tool. Spreads the paste wax and buffs it up. Nice and easy. Light weight and easy to handle. Assembled from box with one bolt. Highly recommend the Hoover. It made us all very happy. ...more info
  • messy cook
    i use the floormax in conjunction with a wet vac when doing the kitchen floors. it is a marriage made in heaven. be sure and heed the advice of the manual and do not store the floormax standing upright on the scrub brushes. i did so and one of the brushes developed a loud screech before dying and leaving me with but one operable brush and forcing me to purchase another machine in that the motor housing seems to be not repairable....more info
  • Leaky and Inconvenient
    I bought this item to scrub carpets and floors. I found that if you tighten the tank that holds water/detergent too tight, it leaks on floor when not in use. It runs automatically after plugging it in and pressing lever on bottom but it runs with less resistance backwards. It would be better to have a switch to turn on. It would be better if it ran with little resistance forward rather than backward. Since it does not pick up dirt, it would be better to buy a steamvac that actually sucks up dirty water rather than leave it in carpet or floor. ...more info
  • Hoover F4300 does a great job!
    This little machine works great. I have two kids and I needed something that would keep up with all of the gunk that ends up on my kitchen floor. This is a very powerful floor cleaner that is very easy to use. It cleans and glides over the floor like it's on ice. It's actually fun to use. I bought it about 2 months ago and I use it about once a week. It does a super job! I haven't tried it on my hardwood floors yet, but I am sure that it will work just fine. For the price, you can't go wrong with this handy floor cleaner. It gets a lot of "junk" up so you may need to sweep the floor after you use this Hoover, but no complaints here. My floor looks brand new after every cleaning :)...more info
  • Good Medium Duty Polisher
    The Hoover F4300 did a good job waxing wood floors. It is light weight and easy to move around. The included buffing pads are excellent....more info
  • helpful
    I had this product in Colombia, and when I moved to the USA I sold it there. I thought that I could not get it here, and one day very tired of cleaning the floors and the carpet and with pain in my hands and back, I decided to look for it in Amazon and I found it, Works great specially if you are into really cleaning. I use it in the hard floors as tile, brick and the garage-wich I painted with epoxy-, it also works great in carpets, this product is to scrub, and in Colombia I used to polish my marble floors. Is important to follow the instruction to take good care of parts like always.
    ...more info
  • F4300 Floormax
    Good product. I expect to be using this buffer for years to come....more info
  • Works on ceramic tile!
    The FloorMax worked on cleaning up dirty grout in light colored ceramic tile (we have five dogs!). The only downside is having to use another piece of equipment (FloorMate) to pick up the residue. That can be rather time consuming, but better than wiping it up! It does do the job though. Did not work on black marks caused by dog crates on linoleum tile. Glad I purchased it....more info
  • agreat back breaking saver
    by useing this product i use it once a mo0nth the other weeks i just have to give a easy moping...more info
  • Almost Perfect
    If you are looking for something that will help clean tile floor - especially the stone look that has lots of little ripples in it - this maching gets down in there and gets the job done. Light weight and easy to use. I love the brushes and how they scrub. I have tried lots of different products and this machine gets my tile floor the cleanest. It even gets into the grout. The only reason I didn't give it a five is because it leaves the floors very wet. Too bad they didn't add a wet vac to this product. ...more info
  • Hoover F4300 Floormax Supreme
    I purchased this machine to clean my ceramic tile floor in the kitchen. Mopping never seemd to get the ground in dirt removed. The Floormax Supreme did an excellent job. I would recommend vacuuming up the dirty water with a shop vac afterward....more info
  • great product ([...])
    Although I haven't used it yet,(due to a leg injury) I had one years ago and I found it to do a good job on carpet and linoleum. I am actually looking forward to when I can use it. The price is also well within range for the average person. I have used Hoover products regularly for most of my adult life....more info
  • floor scrubber
    excellent works great and has a lot of power for such a light machine. ...more info
  • very good polisher
    I had a shampoo/polisher years ago, The Hoover I purchased is very good but I had to get use to it not having an off/on switch, instead it has a switch that activates the machine when the handle is released. I still think it is a very good polisher and has come in very handy....more info
  • Broken within one hour
    Even though the unit is much too light weight for the job it should not have broken in the first hour of usage. I will replace it with a different unit which I intend to purchase from a local store where returns are not the problem as returns are with Amazon. In the end this was NOT a a good deal....more info
  • A GIFT
    My daughter says she loves the hoover F4300 Floormax Supreme that we gave her.Says it does a great job on her hardwood floors....more info
  • A Great Cleaning Product!
    This is a GREAT, light weight cleaning machine. I'm cleaning a house to put on the market and this little machine has already saved countless hours. The entire lower level is tile and the upper level is carpet with a linoleum floored kitchen. I got the tile cleaned in no time with this machine, it did a beautiful job cleaning and restoring the tile to like new condition. I have started cleaning the carpet and am very pleased with the results. The brushes are powering out stains/dirt that the steam cleaner wasn't getting, and the brushes have raised the carpet pile in high traffic areas that were matted down. After using the Floormax, I extract the excess fluid from the carpet with a steam cleaner and then steam rinse with clean hot water; the results are amazing. The carpet brushes get right up to the baseboard so there are no dirty carpet edges. I also cleaned the old linoleum in the kitchen and was surprised how beautiful this old floor actually is. The Floormax removed all of the old dirt and stains, a coat of Future made it look brand new.

    I highly recommend this product - it's easy to assemble, a time saver...and a knee and back saver too! The only drawback is the excess fluid it leaves behind to be wiped up....more info
  • Better than expected
    I had owned a Hoover floor scruber years ago and needed to get one recently and bought this one and it is every bit as good as I had remembered my other one was and does everything that I need it to do. Very satisfied with it....more info
  • Floor scrubber
    We did recieve the item {Hoover Floormax Supreme}
    in good condition ....I got it in time for the Christmas gift it was intended for ...Although it has not yet been used it looks to be in VERY GOOD condition ... We had been looking for a scrubber & polisher of this SIZE in our local stores & could not find one ..It was great to find it on Amazon!!!! The tracking of the item was very helpful .... Thanks again for your attention to the purchase ...
    Bob Ross...more info
  • The Pros and Cons of Hoover F4300 Floormax Supreme
    Hoover F4300 Floormax Supreme floor polisher's advantages are the ff: (1) It is affordable; (2) Does job of scrubbing and polishing the floor tiles; (3) Easy to operate. The only disadvantage is that it tends to be flimsy since it wobbles when it scrubs/polishes the tiles. But for its price and performance, it is ok. ...more info
  • Wood Floor Buffer
    I found the perfect compact machine to bring a beautiful shine to my wood floors(I have real wood, prefished floors.)It's easy to use, and I use it to buff my foyer, dining room and living room floors. My back and arms don't hurt anymore trying to use a sponge mop to get some shine. I'm very satisfied....more info
  • Hoover F4300 Floormax supreme
    This product is not worth the money. It made my floors look worse and I can not find the right floor wax anywhere to use with the buffer. I'm highly dissapointed in this product....more info
  • Cleaning up
    I have wood floors in my house and the floormax has saved me lots of down time (on my knees). I would reccomend it to anyone. ...more info
  • Fantastic!!!
    I used this product in my previous home, which was floored completely in hardwood and tile, and I had three dogs and two roommates who consistently contributed to mess and dirt. I have rheumatoid arthritis in my elbows, wrists, and shoulders, and therefore sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing floors using most traditional methods is a painful and sometimes impossible task. The Hoover Floormax was the best product I could possibly have owned! It scrubbed my floors SPOTLESSLY clean with little effort. The Floormax is so light that it practically felt self-propelled. The cleanser-dispenser can be used with a variety of cleaning products, and the brushes and pads can be removed with ease. I also own a Hoover Floormate, but found that I used the Floormax significantly more frequently, combined with a wet/dry vacuum to remove excess water and speed drying time. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Highly recommended!...more info
  • Hoover F4300 Floormax Supreme - Wonderful!
    The Hoover F4300 Floormax Supreme I ordered Dec. 29th arrived Jan 3! Using Super Saver Free Shipping!

    It wasn't due until as late as Jan 16th, but there it was.

    And it is WONDERFUL! The FLOOR I COULD NOT GET CLEAN WAS CLEAN! ...within minutes of completing the very easy assembly!

    This floor is one of those old linoleum floors with tiny grooves as part of the design...supposed to look like mediterranean tile.

    I don't plan to use it for rugs... I'll get myself another Hoover rug steamer with 5 circulating scrubbing disks for that! But for cleaning the rest of my floors, the Hoover F4300 Floormax Supreme is my baby!

    Not only did it clean like a whiz....but it was so easy and smooth to direct it was almost like using a magic wand to scrub the floor! It got right up next to the wall and pulled out hair and yuck...without splashing the wall! It was amazing!

    I had one of these many years ago, but this one is even better! It's far easier to handle and way quieter.

    My only regret is not ordering it a long time ago!

    Thank you Hoover and Amazon!...more info
  • Finally a floor tile cleaner.
    About half my floors are ceramic tile and the only way to really clean them was on my hands and knees. Now I can stand up! The Hoover Floormax does a great job on cleaning the tile and grout....more info
  • Floormax
    The liquid despenser not great. But it is light weight and buffs my wood floors nicely...more info
  • great appliance
    this is a great scrubber, and we use it whenever we need to clean our kitchen floor....more info
  • Cheap, cheesy plastic
    This cleaning machine for hard floors looks like the one your mom had in the closet 30 years ago. Don't be fooled - this is a poorly balanced, leaky, underpowered plastic replica of the old workhorse of the past. If you find a good consumer level floor cleaning machine, let me know - because this ain't it....more info
  • Perfect condition - fast shipping
    I bought this to replace my previous one bought in 1975. This is the same machine I've learned to trust. It arrived in perfect condition with scrubber and polisher pads for both floor and carpet. It arrived in about 5 days from ordering. I have no complaints whatsoever....more info
  • This is the best!
    I recently bought a house with all tile and wood floors and each needed immediate attention. This worked so well, that I had all rooms done in a matter of a week. I reccomend this item highly....more info
  • Money and Work Saver!
    My old dull wood floors look almost new! The costly job of having them refinished has been set back by years. Even cleaning area rugs that normally must be done professionally is no longer a problem. This is one product that homeowners should not be without, especially if you own an older home. It is a money saver and work saver combined!!!!...more info
  • Traditional
    I specifically went in search of the hoover floor shampooer as I remember mom and grandmom using this type of hoover. I really like the machine, my large area rugs are very clean, I find this machine easy to use and found one review fair and reasonable. I would recommended this shampooer to everyone better than my expensive 1400.oo machine....more info
  • On my 2nd one
    I can't believe that there are not any reviews for this product. I have been using this for my carpet shampooer for years. Now I am on my second one, actually my first one was borrowed and had to give it back. This shampooer actually uses brushes to get down in the carpet and get the nasty out. I do have one of those steamer things and we do use it but this comes out when the carpet gets really nasty. It is also does wonders on tile floors getting deep in those grooves....more info
  • The only thing that cleans pitted natural ceramic tile
    I have a 2700 sq ft house in AZ. Most of it is tile (entryways, hallway, large kitchen/dining room, bathrooms, all high traffic areas). I have a toddler and no longer have time to clean the floors often, and also have her contributing to the mess sometimes without my knowledge (aka, apple skins that don't get noticed until it's too late).

    Pros: Cleans the tile, all of it, even in the low areas that usually you would have to clean with a toothbrush
    - Cleans the grout
    - Can apply extra pressure by pushing down with my foot on one side of the machine (probably not recommended, but works real well on stuck-on gook)

    - Handle broke and now it no longer locks into upright position, so I have to be really careful when transporting it that it doesn't turn on
    - Spray trigger came unattached from the internal linkage. I have small hands, so I was able to jimmy into it and tie it back together with a string.
    - It doesn't suck up water (not a feature it offers)

    TIP: I use a fluffy towel when I'm using this and just mop up with my feet as I go along. Works OK for me.

    Overall, I'm very happy with the machine. It works, and that's more than I can say for the spin brush junk. If your tile is not smooth/finished, this is the only thing that will keep it clean.
    ...more info
  • good little floor cleaner
    i have only used it on tile floors and it works great, i haven't tried it on carpet yet....more info
  • Nice Shampooer
    Seems to do the job well.
    Works great if you use this in conjunction
    with a steamer, cleaner.
    Really gets the job done!...more info
  • Floormax vs. Shale tile floor
    Japannese Shale is a compressed layered floor tile of multicolors reds, yellows, browns and some black. it is laid in the same manner as Quarry tile joined at the edges with a light sand textured hydro type cement. It is a very attractive hard floor with a rough shale looking finish.

    I purchased the Floormax specifically to cleaning this floor in that shale floors presents a problem and cannot be succesfully scrubbed with conventional methods.The Hoover Floormax does anan excellent cleaning through the brushes ability to ride over and into the crevises of the tile. ...more info
  • Awful on polished tile
    I was looking for an easier way to maintain my new polished tile floor. This machine left the floor wet and streaked. I even went out and bought the lambswool attachment to polish the floor and it was ineffective. At this time I am back to a mop and bucket. Also the cord is quite short....more info
  • floor scrubber
    just sent a Hoover back to Hsn. It worked very little and was a waste of money. No more Hoover for me...more info
  • Very Happy
    I originally received a hoover FloorMATE for Christmas, but found it was too lightweight for my ceramic tile. So we did a ton of research and returned the MATE for a floorMAX. I am sooo pleased. I have a toddler and two messy dogs, and my floor goes a long time without getting cleaned. This machine scrubs up dried apple skins, bits of dried strawberry, jello, etc. I do not use it on my carpets because I have a bissell green machine that I'm happy with. But this has been a lifesaver on my ceramic tile floors. I'm so lazy, I have to admit that I actually used the floorMAX in my shower to clean the shower floor. Worked beautifully. :) The tank is more than adequate - I used only half a tank to clean my 3000 sq foot home that is about 50% tile. ...more info
  • Makes light work of cleaning ceramic tile!
    With over a thousand square feet of uneven-surface ceramic tile in our home, I was desparately seeking an alternative to cleaning with a mop and bucket. I considered the Hoover Floormate and similar products, but decided on the Floormax after reading product reviews that these products failed to clean uneven surfaces. I have to say I am so glad I got the FloorMax--it is just what I needed!

    Here's a rundown of the positive aspects: light-weight, easy to use, motor has ample power for scrubbing or buffing, small footprint for easy storage, great for price. The only negative aspects (which are minor, in my opinion) are that the cord seems somewhat short and the product does not suck up the water solution that is sprayed down--the result is a long drying time for floors or else you can wipe up the water solution with clean towels after scrubbing.

    Overall, great product! Would recommend to anyone with ceramic tile!...more info
  • Carpet cleaner???
    I recently ordered this machine on line and eagerly awaited it's arrival as my fairly new carpets now needed some TLC. It was sinple to put together, lightweight and inexpensive. I used this machine first on my harwood floors (the entire first floor of my home). It worked wonderfully, although you do need to mop/buff them dry. Then on to the rugs...the braided area rug I have was a breeze and came out beautiful then when I was about 1/4 of the way through the second room (my low pile area rug)the machines brushes would not spin along with the mechanism nor stay attached. I tried to call Hoover for help/information to see if this was a quick fix and it lookes like my 4 hour old machine will now need service. How disappointing! ...more info
  • Cleaning Carpets
    Had an older model of this before...it's long gone, gonna get another and read these reviews. Help to all about carpet cleaning with it...DON'T SATURATE your carpet. Wet it as little as possible and put 1/4-1/2 cup of alcohol in your cleaning solution. That with hottest water you can use and you'll be happier with the drying time. Using on no-wax floors---DUH! Why do you think you have to be so careful about dragging things across the vinyl floors etc? Don't keep using really hot water on the no-wax floors either, breaks down the glossy top and speeds the aging of the floor, ie dulling the finish. If you are using a good grease cutting cleaner---something with ammonia or orange type oil/grease cutter, then only tepid water is needed to clean. Best bet on the no wax floors...don't get anything with a textured finish....just grabs and builds up dirt and just about has to be hand scrubbed with no more than a rough nap towel or such...stay away from brushes to keep the finish. Hope this helps all....more info
  • Lasted Many Years
    My mother bought one of these way back in the 70s! It performed flawlessly for over 20 years and let me tell you, it's been through some pretty rough times. It's been knocked down a flight of stairs, accidently stepped on and tripped over, banged into walls and radiators, flipped over a banister and fell about 15 feet to the floor, and the worst time, my mother literally strangled my sister after she borrowed it for her apartment. It was 1984 and she had just moved into the apartment. She said she needed it to shampoo the carpets real bad cause' they were filthy. But apparently after she shampooed them she decided she didn't like the color of the carpets. So she filled up the tank with navy blue dye and turned it on. She was successful at dying all of the carpets navy blue but the entire base/bottom, scrub brushes, and the tank were permanently stained blue. My mother pulled up in the driveway one day to find the thing sitting on the porch. After seeing the condition it was in she had a nervos breakdown and brought it inside. She immediatly called my sister and caused one of the worst fights between them ever. Saying that she must "have a screw loose", she's "off her rocker", etc. etc. My sister didn't talk to her for weeks and in the meantime my mother was nagging constantly and telling the whole town about what her daughter had done to her Hoover Carpet Shampooer Machine. The day that it happened, my Aunt was visiting and they tried to clean it and removed massive amounts of dirt clumps and cat hair from the scrubber area. For weeks I never heard the end of her nagging and swearing over the whole ordeal. But it still worked perfectly for many years to come! The blue stains faded over time and my mother and sister are close again. But my mother hesitates whenever she asks to borrow anything! Sadly, the mighty maching performed it's last shampoo job the other day straining to finish the job so it could finally rest in peace after it's long, hard knock life. It was a good carpet machine and will be greatly missed....more info
  • Awesome Machine to have!
    We got ours about a week ago and spent this past weekend scrubbing our dining room/kitchen floors- self-stick tiles. Awesome job, only took about 2 hrs of slow careful scrubbing, the machine does ALL the work, you only have to move it back and forth and mop up. Should've invested in this a long time ago, sure helped make our floors shine!...more info
  • Supreme Dream
    I just noticed on the bottle of bare floor cleaner that came with this machine that you CAN use this machine on linoleum, tile, ceramic, no wax floors, etc. You can't use on wood flooring (what I thought you could only use the bare floor items on). That makes this machine even better! I love the lightweight feature of this machine and how well it cleans my carpets. I have never used the bare floor function because I thought it was for hard wood flooring only. A little bit of water will sling out onto the bottom of your furniture when you use the carpet shampooer if you get really close to the furniture. Other than that, this has been a supreme dream!...more info
  • One more thing......
    I just wanted to mention that I knew the non-carpeted areas the machine can clean were hardwood floors. I have never had hardwood floors but at the price of the machine, I knew I could not go wrong....more info
  • Supreme Dream
    I absolutely love this item! I have never used the non-carpeted floor accessories/items (ie...hardwood) so I can't comment on that but if that feature works as good as the carpet shampooer, you'd have an ideal cleaning system. This machine is so very light even early teens children could operate it. The machine does not take up much space at all. I bet it would fit in a small broom closet (we keep ours behind our bedroom door). The brushes have never come off the machine. They have always worked properly and I expect the machine to work for many more years. The tank is easy to fill and easily removed and attached. To put the machine together all you have is ONE nut/bolt! There is a cord-wrapping system on the Hoover Floormax Supreme just like a vacuum cleaner has. You do not have to use special carept shampooing cleaner if you don't want to. Use hand-dishwashing detergent; use liquid clothes washing detergent; use liquid hand soap; use bath/body cleaner (liquid). Add some scented cleaner and your whole house smells yummy! Drying time for the carpets is not as long as I would have thought it to be. Probably the only peeve I'd have about the machine is that slings water a little bit onto furniture, etc that is resting on the floor. Other than that, a SUPREME DREAM!...more info
  • disappointment
    I ordered the Floormax supreme on April 16. 02 and it was delivered within a few weeks. I used it for the first time during the Memorial day week-end, scrubbing twice the venyl kitchen floor and once the bathroom tiles floor. I also tested briefly the buffing pads.
    On June 3. 02, I started shampooing a carpet, unfortunately I was only able to shampoo 3 square feet of it, for one of the brushes was not longer attached to the shaft. After a short inspection of the machine, I noticed that one of the plastic shaft was so deficient that the brush could impossibly be fastened... What for a poor quality !!!
    Resumee : the floormax supreme does a good job. The reliability of the parts used are far below average. Why making such parts out of plastic when they are put under stress again and again ?
    The machine is now beeing serviced, by the way : it will take 3 weeks.
    Where is the legendary Hoover's quality ?...more info
  • Great machine, but could have used more info before buying
    Wrote review last week, but don't see it. Machine was simple to operate, set up and use. Very light weight. My problem was that I didn't know that hard floors does not include vinyl or linoleum kitchen and bath floors( anything that is 'no wax'). So that means you CANNOT wax, polish and buff your vinyl or linoleum floors with this machine.. It spec. says not to, I tried anyway and it dulls the finish significantly, It's great for WOOD floors, but that's it. It did scrub nicely, but there is no water extractor, so it has to be mopped dry and it would be useless for a large carpet area for the same reason. Would take forever to dry, so only good for carpet 'spot' jobs. I have now learned that 'hard'floors do not mean 'uncarpeted areas,but wood, tile or cement floors....more info
  • could have used more info before I bought
    The machine is very light, easy to set up and use, but the waxing, buffing and polishing that I wanted to do on my kitchen floors can ONLY BE DONE ON WOOD FLOORS, which I don't have. The instructions say it CANNOT be used on 'no wax floors"!(I tried it-took the shine off) The ads state you can wax and polish 'hard floors', which I took to mean non carpeted areas, so I probably would not have purchased it if I had known. There is no water extractor, so it's not good for large carpet areas. It will stay wet a LONG time. For just floor scrubbing, it's great! Light, easy, etc as above. Couldn't ask for an easier, lighter machine -- if only I could use it for more tasks!!!...more info
  • Pooped out the first use!!!!!
    I absolutely loved this machine after I shampood my carpets with ease, reloaded the tank with ease and changed the scrubber heads with ease, then came the bare floors. For some reason it decided it had had enough of me and refused to start! I tried everything and finally started shaking the thing and it finally came on! This was the first day I had it. Then it started smelling a faint odor of burning machinery, so now I will take it to a hoover repair place. What a hassle! I am not happy!...more info
  • great rug shampooer
    This machine is great. A child can use it. It was very easy to put together. Less then 5 minutes. I have 3 cats, a dog and 3 teenage girls that have friends over all the time. They all spill on my carpets and forget to clean up. My carpets had so many stains. I used this machine with the stiffest brushes and man did it get the stains out. I was amazed. I had a hoover once before and it did a great job. I was concerned this time because the unit was smaller. But it did the job just as well. I am very happy with this unit and would advise anyone to use it....more info