First Alert RD1 Radon Gas Test Kit

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Product Description

  • First Alert Charcoal Activated Radon Gas Detector
  • Includes Initial Screening
  • Test Completed In 2-3 Days
  • Price Includes Lab Fee
  • Results & Recommended Next Steps
  • Return Mailer Enclosed
  • Results Mailed Within 72 Hours Of Receipt At Lab

    While radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas, high concentrations of radon gas in the home can be hazardous to you and your family's health. Radon can seep into your home's basement or crawl space through cracks in the foundation or walls, openings or spaces around sump pumps and drains, or construction joints or flaws. The First Alert radon test kit is listed under the EPA radon gas measurement proficiency program and can be completed in as few as two to three days. Included in the cost is the lab fee for an EPA listed lab and a return mailer. The test results are returned to you within 72 hours of lab receipt, and include the recommended next steps you will need to ensure the health of your household. --Bree Norlander

    What's in the Box
    Charcoal activated test kit, user's manual, and return mailer

  • Features:
    • Radon gas test kit
    • Safe, simple, and easy to use
    • Listed under the EPA radon gas measurement proficiency program
    • Lab test fee included; no additional fee required
    • Kit includes all test materials, manual, and preprinted return envelope

    Customer Reviews:

    • Don't waste your money. Poor Service. Get a Safety Siren Dector instead
      So the kit arrived and I followed the directions to the letter. I then sent in the kit using the provided envelope and waited.

      After 8 weeks of not hearing anything, I called the First Alert 800 line. They told me I had to call the lab that processes it and gave me the 800 number. I called that number, selected the option to get status and it rolls over to some lady's voice mail. I left a message explaining the situation with all my information. It's now been about a week and still no call back. Nothing. $15 down the drain. I might call First Alert and demand my money back - we'll see how that goes.

      So, after doing some further reading, here's some more date on Radon testing. One kit won't do it. First off, you really need to test more than just one room in your basement (and house). And, radon levels can vary over the seasons and with different weather (humidity, rain, etc.). So I added it up and figured I needed to buy about 8 test kits (and that's assuming that the company would actually provide results on those kits - which they didn't).

      Well - I finally decided to just buy a detector by Safety Siren. You plug in the detector and it gives you short term and long term averaged readings. It has an alarm and the nice thing is, I can use it throughout the year and test various places in my house. I paid about $120 (free shipping) and it arrived FedEx in three days. If you do the math, it really is a more cost effective way to test for Radon in your house. It's EPA certified and there are great reviews out there on the Internet for it.

      So, don't buy this short term test kit. Buy the plug in detector instead. It's more cost effective and you won't go through the aggravation I went through with the First Alert kit....more info
    • Worked fine
      Works, but:

      -You have to mail it in for results

      -Make sure you put the proper side up when testing!!!...more info
    • better packaging may save my time in the future
      The reason I purchased the First Alert RD1 Radon Detector was because I was trying to sell my house and needed to show that I had done testing. When I received the kit- I found that in order to do a real estate transaction you must do 2 tests. I wasn't aware of this until I opened the packaging. WHich upset me that I had to go back and purchase another one. Also I didnt realize that it was going to take me 21 days to get my test results in. I felt as though that was an over extended time, considering real estate deals can be done within a week....more info
    • Higher Mailing Costs For Analysis
      The instructions say two first class US postage stamps affixed to the envelope provided will cover the cost to send your sample for analysis. I did this. To be safe, I went in and double checked at the US Post office before dropping it in the box. I was told I had to pay $.48 additional to the two $ .41 first class stamps for a total of $1.30. The postal lady explained their rules had changed in that this item is now considered something different than a regular letter, hence their postal rates are different, higher of course....more info
    • Great kit - other guy is an idiot
      Here's a clue for the other reviewer: if you need to do 2 tests then you need to buy 2 kits.

      Here's another clue: if you need a timely response then check before you buy. If your realtor can't help you - get a new realtor!

      This kit is easy to use, simple instructions, and accurate results. The main point that I appreciate is that they don't try to nail you with extra lab costs after purchase like some other kits I've seen....more info
    • Easy to use. Includes lab test.
      The kit has easy to follow instructions. You set it in an appropriate place, wait 48 hours, fill out a form, put everything in a supplied envelope, add 2 stamps, and send it out. If a few weeks your result arrives. In my case I had to call to get it but it was available on-line.

      NOTE - other products want $ for the lab test. This product includes it....more info
    • Great value
      Most of the Radon Kits at the local big box stores cost about $5 more than this kit PLUS you had to add another $10 for the actual test. I found this kit to be an excellent value with easy directions. The only add'l cost was for 2 postage stamps....more info
    • I didn't use this one at all
      I ended up using a $5 kit recommended by the State of CA, which arrived sooner....more info
    • FYI
      Be aware that you need to put the test in the middle of the room and leave it for 2-3 days (not easy when you have toddlers). Also, it only covers that area, so you may need more than one test....more info
    • quick and easy
      This test kit was quick and easy to use. I liked that the lab testing was included in the purchase price, the envelope to mail to the lab was included and only required two first class stamps. (No trips to the post office.)I received the report very quickly via email....more info
    • The results didn't arrive and had to call several times until a copy was delivered, but eventually got it.
      The results were not delivered as promised, but after several calls they sent them. The people on the phone are polite, but they will not return the calls proactively. A little chasing was needed.

      The results were eventually sent by email, which was convenient. ...more info


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