Eureka 3670 Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum

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Product Description

Large, disposable, easy-to-change paper bag designed to hold plenty of dirt, reducing cost and time. Packaged with standard filtration paper bags. Compact and lightweight, small enough to be set easily on a stair step, large enough to do a full sized cleaning job. Top-mounted handle for easy maneuvering. Powerful 9.0-amp motor produces sufficient power for thoroughly cleaning everything except carpeted floors. Fast and easy cord release with pivoting rear hook. Exhaust port designed to accept hose for useas a blower to remove hard-to-reach dust from items like baseboard heat elements and refrigerator condenser coils. Large rear wheels and front swivel wheel to conveniently trail behind you as you clean. Small attachments are always nearby,tucked neatly into the back of the unit. 20' cord and cord hooks for easy storage. Weighs 9 lbs., 11"H x 8"W x 15"L.

  • Lightweight 9 amp canister vacuum safely and completely cleans bare-floor surfaces
  • Power-Touch handle with easy-to-use fingertip controls; deluxe floor brush; bare-floor nozzle
  • Blower port; 20-foot cord; compact size; auto shut-off protects against overheating
  • On-board tools include a dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstery nozzle
  • Measures 11 by 8 by 15 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • The best Vac.
    I love this vacuum. I have a cleaning company and use them all the time. I have bought 2 since I opened my company. I will only buy the Eureka Boss, Mighty Mighty, or M&M. (whatever you may call it) It is the best with being light weight, flexible and easy to maneuver. Vacuum stores sell their bags. Not most chain stores i.e. Wal-Mart, Target, etc.....more info
    If you own pets it can really put a damper on vacuuming efforts until now. We have had this vacuum for over a year now. I love this vacuum!!! We have THREE DOGS and ONE CAT this vacuum works wonderfully. Now given we have hardwood floors so for those of you that own carpet I am not sure of the performance. It is lightweight and bags are at every local store. WOULD RECOMMEND TO ALL HARDWOOD FLOOR PEOPLE W/ or W/out PETS :)...more info
  • Lightweight but powerful
    There seems to be some confusion about the name, I've seen this advertised as both "Mighty Mite" and "The Boss" and the manufacture listed as either Electrolux and Eureka (interchangeable companies). The model number I am reviewing is the 3670G. Regardless of the name, I really like this vacuum cleaner.

    We recently purchased a Hoover bagless vacuum, and I was less than excited about the suction of the extension wand and attachments. This plus the fact that we are soon getting rid of a lot of carpeting in our house and I wanted to get something more suitable for hardwood.

    This is a powerful, but relatively quiet little machine. Fairly basic, but with all the necessary tools. The hose is long enough to reach the ceiling without effort. It's also removable and can be attached to the back of the machine to create a blower (not a very powerful blower, but a blower nonetheless). The suction is adjustable and far superior to that of an upright with attachments, which is exactly what I wanted. Works very well on bare floor and carpet too. Note, this does not have a beater bar, and don't think it was really designed for carpet only. So, it is not going to take dog hair, for instance, out of a carpet as well as a regular upright. For the purpose I need it for, it is wonderful.

    My only complaint is the cord, which is stored/wrapped on the bottom of the machine. I find this location to be quite inconvenient, but since the tools are stored in the back, and there is a handle on top, I guess this was the only location left.

    I am very happy with this vac and would recommend to anyone....more info
  • Ok
    You must vacuum over a spot 4 times before it picks up. The main attachment for rugs and floors is not really well designed. There are very few brushes to pick up hairs or fine dirt. It is going to work OK. It is especially for the price but I miss a more substantial vacuum cleaner. ...more info
  • "mighty"mite
    I already had one mighty might before I ordered this one. I originally bought it because Don Aslet (not sure on last name spelling) the cleaning professional recommended it in his cleaning updates. I have used the first one for over 5 years. It is light enough to carry around and up steps, etc. and yet has great suction. Sears, in our area, stopped carrying them (probably because they last so long) and I thought I had better get another one in case the first one ever wore out. ...more info
  • Mea Culpa - This One's A Keeper!
    On a mission to find the perfect canister vacuum with above-floor dusting capabilities:

    I swore I'd never own a Eureka vacuum cleaner ever again! I've had 3 that were miserable pieces of junk. However, the local vacuum cleaner store insisted that I examine the features before storming out of the store, so reluctantly I did. Not only was I surprised, I bought the thing, and it has replaced my less-than-a-year old Bosch because it's so much better.

    I need a good canister vacuum for my hard floors AND I need it to do extensive "above the floor" vacuum dusting for table tops, lamps, blinds, upholstry etc. It needs to be strong enough to remove the fur of two German Shepherd Dogs as well as seeds & feathers from my African Gray Parrot.

    The attachments that come with it are user-friendly -a crevice tool & a two-in one dusting brush / upholstry brush combo. I did purchase the better quality dusting brush as an acccessory. And, my Dyson power-head for fur removal from upholstry fits the wands perfectly. (Not so lucky with the Bosch I just gave away)

    Suction is excellent. It's adjustable for vacuuming throw rugs. Wands simply pull apart -no tabs to lock together- which makes it faster when you want to add a brush. Wands are made of plastic rather than metal & I've found they attract dog fur through electrostatic energy. So, I gave them a spraying with "Static Guard" & voila - no more fur sticking to them!

    This little guy maneuvers easily & is lightweight. It stores easily as well because of it's small size. Bags are small, but they hold an entire houseful of fur so I only have to change them after one cleaning. Some of the "bagless" vacs I've used required frequent emptying for the duration of household cleaning.

    I didn't give this little guy 5 stars because it doesn't have an automatic cord rewind. I've been spoiled by my other vacs which had them. The cord is much longer than the one on the Bosch I just got rid of. It's long enough to enable me to do two rooms, however, it's cumbersome to wrap underneath the vacuum when done. That's the ONLY fault I have with this unit.

    If you need a suction-only vacuum for hard floors with the ability to vacuum dust above them, this is the vacuum for you. It's an amazing little vac without all the expensive frills of higher priced units and does an amazing job for a tiny price tag. I think I'm going to keep this one around for a LOOOOOONG time....more info
  • Eureka-#3670 Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum
    I've had a lot of different brands and different kinds of vacuum cleaners over the years, none of which I'd rave about. This little Mighty Mite has 12 amps worth of cleaning power,and works well on any surface. It's a gem ....more info
  • Eureka, Not What It Used To Be.....!
    I have always had Eureka vacuum cleaners and have never had any problems or issues and have loved them. Historically, they have offered good value for good prices.

    So when my old Eureka Canister Vacuum finally stopped working after ten or more years of great service, I went online to purchase another. I surfed the web for three weeks comparison shopping and educating myself to all the new vacuum products and finally settled upon the Eureka Boss canister vacuum.

    When I opened the box and took the product out I was astounded at how cheap the materials are and how flimsey the entire machine a tin can...I turned it on for a few minutes to see how it worked and then promptly put everything back in the box and sent it back for a refund.

    My old cannister was a very well-built machine and lasted a good long time whereas this one I am sure would not last more than a year or two. Eureka should be ashamed of themselves as my old one was less expensive than this new one and so much better and it even had one of those wonderful power attachments that are so great on carpeting.

    I am very disappointed that Eureka like everyone else in the last few years has succumbed to the rampant greed that seems to have gripped our planet...manufacturers are now producing junk....I am rather curious if this product was made in China as they are now the undisputed leader in the production of badly made and dangerous products.

    I am now searching for a new machine and sadly for the first time it will NOT be an Eureka!!...more info
  • Good for hardwood floors
    We bought this vacuum to clean our hardwood floors and it has been very good for them. Good vacuum for the price....more info
  • Heads Up! 12 amps
    I wanted a 9 amp. Not successful. Talked directly with Eureka.
    Unless you can find an old stock 3670A or 3670F, or a 3672A, the current production model is only the 3670G - a 12 amp. Ironically when I measure the amps with a meter the "G" shows 10.2, and our antique 9 amp Mighty Mite shows 6.2.
    Great vacuums, especially in the world of the newer coffee-cup size bag models....more info
  • Itty bitty sucker
    This item works great! The only drawback is where they placed the cord.
    Having to roll the cord underneath the vacuum and then place the vacuum down on top of where the cord is rolled is not comfortable. I dont appreciate the item being shipped in its original store box. The store box is not necessarily built for shipment thru the mail. It should have been placed in a larger, sturdier, shipment type box....more info
  • Great Product - Confusing Models and Descriptions However
    Both Eureka and Amazon need to do a much better job of describing and clarifying the differences in models in "The Boss - Mighty Mite" canister vacuum series.

    Don't make the mistake that I almost did of buying the wrong model of this vacuum. There is also a 3670G model on Amazon (as of this writing) which is identical to this one but contains a 12 amp motor (versus only 9 amps for this one). For only about $5-$10 more in price, you get a more powerful vacuum with the 3670G. I'm glad I discovered the difference in time to get that one (which is a great machine!) instead of this less powerful model (which apparently also goes by the name of 3670A).

    This one may be great for those who don't need the extra power however and prefer the less expensive price instead. The price difference between the two models is so small however that I'm not sure why this smaller one is even offered. All other features of the two are identical. My review of 4 stars applies to the 3670G instead of this model and the only reason it is 4 stars instead of 5 is that I feel that the attachments should include a 4-5 " wide accessory brush instead of just the 2-3" combination tool, crevice tool and 10" floor tool currently included. The vacuum is an outstanding value in all other regards.
    ...more info
  • The best vacuum I've ever purchased
    The Eureka mighty mite is by far the best hand held vacuum I've ever purchased. It's small and powerful and perfect for any job - floors, carpeted stairs, upholstery, etc. I purchased it to replace my Shark (which wasn't getting the job done) and there is absolutely no comparison. The mighty mite is by far a superior product. I love it!...more info
  • Eureka Mighty Mite
    This an outstanding product for the money. It is lightweight and versatile. Not good for carpets, but outstanding for all other uses....more info
  • Mighty Little Vacuum
    This is just the vacuum I have been searching for. It really sucks, in a good way. It easily moves about on hard floors, has a long cord and the broom that attaches to the rod does not fall off. It is great for cleaning cob webs off the ceilings and the attachment brush fits easily onto the canister. The bag is big enough that you don't have to change it very often. The cord wraps around the bottom for storage and I dont personally have a problem with there not being a place to store the long hose. It is great for wood floors and tile floors, no more chasing dust bunnies for me. I absolutley love this little vacuum and highly recommend it to others....more info
  • Model that was not
    This vacuum cleaner, although advertised by Amazon, does not exist. It was ordered twice from two separate vendors through Amazon, and both vendors sent a different model (the 3670G rather than the 3670A which is listed.)
    Over a month was spent and the matter has yet to be resolved. The 3670G comes with tools which are inadequate for the job, perhaps in the hope that the purchaser will buy the optional parts for additional money. I will never buy another vacuum cleaner in this manner again because I would never be sure what I would end up with. It also turns out that getting the replacement vacuum bags locally (SF bay area) is a challenge. I would suggest going and buying locally and with lowered expectations....more info
  • Excellent vacuum
    Bought this vacuum for my elderly mother as a second vacuum to use upstairs at her home. She loves it. Light weight. Powerful. Nice long cord. Great value....more info
  • WOW
    I've never written a review for a vaccuum cleaner, and couldn't have imagined ever even wanting to, but am happy to put my voice out there for this one. If you have hardwood floors and are, like I was, tired of chasing after dust/dirt particles that your upright BLOWS around instead of sucking up, try this vac. It's powerful and makes quick work of what was, before, a major chore. I have sisal and dhurie wool rugs which neither of the uprights I've had before would do anything on, and this vaccuum works beautifully on both of those surfaces, as well. This is a fabulous product at a really fair price. ...more info
  • Eureka Mighty Mite review
    1. Strong vacuum power. Excellent for my hardwood floor.
    2. Good value - cost vs. performance.
    3. Portable - fairly light.
    1. Vacuum bags are not popular, had to order them from on-line store....more info
  • great vac for small places
    best for wood/hard surfaces. i was looking around for a canister vac to clean up wood and tile - the power and suction is more than adequate. the only negative is that the floor head attachment doesn't do a good job of "wiping" the more stubborn dust off the floor - there is a little strip of felt that rubs on the floor while you vac, but apparently it doesn't make enough contact with the surface to remove it. but other than that its a very strong small vac. highly recommended....more info
  • almost up to par
    I like everything about the mighty mite except it doesn't glide smoothly along the floor. It's easy to use as far as the hose, attachments and the weight of the canister....more info
  • Mighty Vacuum
    After our quite old Eureka canister vacuum had finally gone belly up, we were looking for an appropriate replacement. Because this was needed primarily for cleaning hardwood floors, there were a few critical criteria. It had to be strong, yet compact in size. It should not be too loud, and the tool assortment should be appropriate for floors and vacuuming cat hair of various furniture items. Finally, we did not want to have to mess around with cleaning out bagless vacuum containers. The Eureka Mighty Mite 3670 came through with flying colors on all fronts. It produces a powerful vacuum, easily maneuverable, convenient for storing, the noise is not too bad, and a good price. This vacuum cleaner gives an excellent value, and, certainly, gets the job done that we bought it for....more info
  • Eureka Mighty Might
    We purchased out mighty might when we first married ten years ago. Since then this vacuum has taken care of cobwebs, hardwood floors and everything in between. The vacuum has more than payed for itself. Despite several moves, falls and children- the vacuum still works. We are replacing it now because numerous falls have taken it's wheels and children yanking the cord from the wall have loosened the wires but it still works. Why isn't it available. A+ for the mm vacuum, they have our lifelong business....more info
  • sturdy and powerful; it IS a Mighty Mite
    I have owned a Eureka Mighty Mite for nearly 15 years. It's been a real workhorse and I have never had a single problem. It's powerful and light. Mine is a little banged up from all the use I've given it, but I don't need a new one. I'm just here to sing its praises. I'm curious to know why the Mighty Mite is not available....more info
  • Eureka MM shopping review
    shopping for a compact canister vacuum cleaner. The mighty mite has most of the features my wife wants for cleaning the rooms with hardwood floors, under the beds, corners, etc. The Eureka MM will do the job. A decision will be made within the next day of two. Likes the weight and price. Amps not indicated....more info
  • Great for hardwoods
    My house has hardwood floors, so I didn't want to buy an expensive upright vacuum with excessive power. The Mighty Mite works quite well sucking up dust and pet hair. A little more power might be nice for vacuuming my area rugs, but as long as I shake them out occasionally or wash them, I don't need more vacuum than this. The noise isn't too painful, either (some low-powered vacuums make that high-pitched whining noise that just makes you want to live in filth). The MM-sized bags can be a bit hard to find....more info
  • Mighty Mite
    For the money, this is a great little vacumn. I use it more than my $350 upright, since it's light and versatile. But, you may want to order better dusting and floor tools than the ones that come with it....more info