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The world leader in flight simulation for the PC pushes technology and realism beyond the horizon. With a global database of scenery and airports, pilot-tested flight models, detailed instrument panelThe world leader in flight simulation for the PC pushes technology and realism beyond the horizon. With a global database of scenery and airports, pilot-tested flight models, detailed instrument panels, and a fleet of challenging aircraft, Flight Simulator 98 is simply as real as it gets. Whether you're an airline captain or a student pilot, you want to fly with the leader. Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 gives you cutting edge graphics technology combined with worldwide scenery and airports.s, and a fleet of challenging aircraft, Flight Simulator 98 is simply as real as it gets.

Flight Simulator 98 may not be the newest entry in this venerable civilian flight simulation series, but you sure get a lot for your money. Never mind that thousands of airports scattered around the entire earth are available for your exploration, or that you can use several prop planes, jets, or even a helicopter (oh, and don't forget the sailplane) to get there. Forget about the detailed avionics, online play, and smooth 3-D accelerated graphics. The real draw of this simulation is its open-ended design and phenomenal gaming community that has designed thousands of new planes, cockpits, graphics packs, and scenery enhancements that are all available for free on the Internet.

Take air-traffic control, for example, which is completely missing from the initial release of Flight Simulator 98 (unless you are flying one of the canned adventures included with the game). Last time we looked, there were nearly a dozen add-on packages that tack an air-traffic control model onto the game, either for free or for a small shareware fee. There are programs that let players plan flights, import real-time weather conditions that change realistically as you fly from place to place, and do just about every other thing you can think of to this simulation. If you never explore the add-ons available online, Flight Simulator 98 is still a fantastic civilian flight simulator that can provides months of high-flying enjoyment. Venture online, however, and this game reaches heights that competing products can't touch. --T. Byrl Baker


  • Plenty of planes to fly
  • Thousands of add-ons and enhancements available for download on the Internet
  • Convincing flight models
  • Many new products compatible with Flight Simulator 2000 won't work with this product
  • The lack of built-in air-traffic control makes for lonely skies

The world leader in flight simulation for the PC pushes technology and realism beyond the horizon. With a global database of scenery and airports, pilot-tested flight models, detailed instrument panels, and a fleet of challenging aircraft, Flight Simulator 98 is simply as real as it gets.

Customer Reviews:

  • Sort of Disapointed
    I guess this is an ok game if you just like to fly around over boxy, grainy settings. The graphics are not good but this is an old game so what can you expect??? I bought it because it was so cheap. There is no limit to where you can go in the world on this game though, fly anywhere!! I recomend a newer version, it is worth the money to buy Flight Simulator 2000 instead of this 98 version....more info
  • The BEST Flight
    I just finished a flight that was so exciting, it took me 10 minutes to decide if I should quit playing . I love my MFS and I hate to stop playing. My wife hates for me to sit at the computer for hours on end and fly. This game is so realistic that I study my flights to help with my pilot training....more info
  • real stuff
    as a private pilot, this is the best, or better than fs 2000 in many ways.
    the ifr approches are as real as it gets.
    having done real ifr approches in a cessna 172, i recomend it highly....more info
  • Flight Simulator 98
    It is impossible to navigate in FS98. Graphics are detailed, but the buildings and the land has no height! It's like flying over a map. The sound is realistic and there is one for everything. With headphones, it sounds like I'm flying. You dont have full control of the aircraft, but you do have control of the rudder, elevators, alierons, spoilers, flaps, autopilot, pitot heat, and thrust. You can request to take off, but ATC just says taxi to a runway of your choice, and about 5 seconds later, tells you that you are clear to take off, even if there is a plane in front of you. Spend the extra $20 and get FS 2000 or better yet get FS2002. Ive heard that the Professional Editions aren't much better than the standard editions....more info
  • Off we go into the wild blue yonder...
    I upgraded from "classic" Microsoft Flight Simulator to this edition recently. MFS only gets better and better. The best part of the software for me is its incredible adaptability and expansion opportunities. There are dozens of software packages for sale to add on to it and literally thousands of files on internet sites to download. I have spent hours alone downloading a huge fleet of aircraft! If you doubt your computer is fast enough for MFS 2000 or the price is too high right now, this is a stunning substitute for the meantime.

    The only criticism I can level at the product is the manual. The '98 edition's manual is a thin leaflet with some maps in it and instructions for installation. My classic edition's manual was thick with instructions on flight and aircraft parts. This info now appears in the "Inside Moves" book that Microsoft sells. A gimmic to get you to buy more? Perhaps. But this product is so stellar, the gimmic is absolutley tolerable. I bought the book too....more info

  • What a great game!
    Really great game. i can now fly all the big jets and dowload airplanes without even leaving my oh so comfy swivel chair. MICROSOFT RULES EARTHLINGS! i play all day with my friend and we fly together over the internet! REALLY COOOOOOOL!...more info
  • Almost best flight sim on Earth!
    The Reason It said almost on the title is because it is almost! fs 98 (Flight Simulator 98) is almost the best for 1 reason: Microsoft has recently (in October) released fs 2000 and fs 2000 p! which have more fuctions (like better graphics more airports and scenery it comes with more aircraft, but in any fs by Microsoft you can download new aircraft, panels,utilitys like scenery, panel, aircraft, adventure creators, and stuff that give you better clouds, and scenery if you choose. I have owned it for quite a while and would rate it the best flight sim to come out (till 2000) One thing better about fs 2000 is you can download weather from the area you live! Also if you have fs95, 98, 2000 2000p you can play online with up to 8 people!...more info
  • Mild fun
    This game has fairly bad graphics and unrealistic flight.
    For example, I can park a Boeing 747 JUMBO JET on Water without sinking. All the water is blue ground. Flight simulator 2002 beats this game in all catagories except one:crashing. In 98, when you crash your plane flies apart. In 2002 it stays in one piece.
    In this game it is almost impossible to land because of the unrealism. In 2002 it is easier but is still challenging.
    It is a fairly good game....more info
  • nice game but not compatible
    Nice game, on a different PC, it is not as compatible as the box leads you to think and the disc is not just a game it is an extension. You need the original game inorder to 'add-on' this one....more info
  • Cool Planes, Bad Graphics and Handling
    Yeah the planes might be cool, but all the other graphics stink. It looks like you're high above the city, when you're really 2 inches from crashing into it! Another thing is when you're in the air and you slightly tap a turn key, the plane starts going all over the place. And when the planes crash some of them don't even break!! Bad game Don't get it....more info
  • Gret entry in the series
    Your sitting at the control wheel of a Cessna Skylane sitting at the southern end of Meigs Airport on a sunny but otherwise nondescript sort of day. In the distance, the mammoth hulk of the Sears tower looms. For many flight simulator fanatics, this has been the start-up screen as far back as 1987 (when I got my first copy of FS1. FS98, is the 7th incarnation of the game and, though it starts just like every previous version of Microsoft Flight Simulator, the difference is how much farther it will go. As can be expected, FS98 allows you to fly more planes than before, from more airports than you knew existed and with greater graphical realism than you could have expected. If you're unsatisfied with what's offered on the game (including the sailplane, 737, Learjet, and the Bell Jetranger helicopter) or the scenery available, a host of 3rd party files (both free and pay ware) is widely available. There's so much offered on FS98 in terms of location and aircraft, that you may easily resist the impulse to drop cash for the latest "new" version of MSFS (and for a new system to run it). Currently, my top adventure involves reenacting the "Deathstar Trench-run" using a Long EZ kitplane and the Ginza district of Tokyo. The helicopter is a bit of a disappointment - it's the first helicopter to come with the game, but sim pilots have been able to fly 3rd helicopters on MSFS since 1992, and the Jetranger included on FS98 doesn't seem to fly that much differently than the one I downloaded for FS4b back in 1995. Game controllers weren't much of an issue for the game, which is to be expected since joysticks and other input devices have to be recognized by Win95, which like FS, is a solid Microsoft fixture. For the helicopter, though, you may want to invest in a set of rudder pedals. I ran this program with few problems and acceptable frame-rate on my P166mmx, though more power (and hardware acceleration) is never something to balk at. Unless you're running a Celeron with 450Mhz, you probably won't have enough power to run FS98's successor, FS2000, though you might be able to run Combat Flight Simulator, Europe. CFS relies on a somewhat upgraded graphics engine and more demanding play, but also offering the ability to run 3rd party aircraft, scenery and adventure files. With FS2002 expected to be released for the holiday season, the price of FS98 could take a further hit....more info
  • Great simulation
    MSFS98 is a very good simulation. I liked it mainly because I love airplanes. I wish they had more planes though. I really want a 747.......more info
  • In a techno world, 2 years is a very long time.
    Frustrated with trying to run Microsoft's power hungry monster Flightsim 2000 on my PII, 450mhz system , I thought I'd give '98 a try. Frame rate was explosive but it's anemic virtual world left me flat. Flightsim '98 is only a couple years old but in todays high end visual universe, it looks and feels nothing short of drab and dated. So long old friend, the time has come to move on to the budget software bin, your time in the sun has sadly passed....more info
  • Horrible.
    Don't waste your money. The game is made so it is horribly complicated and only the most dedicated player (after a long wait)can figure out how to guide the plane. My Father got me this for Easter, now it's Dec. 24 (Merry christmas!) and I still havn't figured it out. Of course, after the first two or three weeks I stopped trying (to set the record straight). As of the guide-book (which we so carefully read, well, actually my Dad, because I never wanted the game in the first place)the instructions were far to complicated. MY instructions are not to buy this game....more info
  • Flight Simulator 98. Just ok
    I got this game years and years ago. I do think that the handling is real but it needs about 4 more aircraft.Another complaint is the graphics, it totally stinks and is like a 96 sim. Also the cockpit is unreal too. I also don't like the radio thing, it's too complicated....more info
  • 3rd graders review
    If your looking for a flight simulator,this is the one you shoud get!It has great graphics & a bunch of planes! the only & I mean only problem is that sometimes it's hard to keep yourself from crashing in windy weather. So no matter what you've read this is the review you should listen to! ...more info
  • Nothing's better than Microsoft's Flight Simulator
    This game is not really a game. It is a simulation. So, if you really want to play it'll take you a while. Last FS I've played was FS4 and this sure is a lot better! If you are planning whether to buy FS98 or FS2000, buy FS2000 if you only have a state-of-the-art computer, because even 98 requires a lot of power. The JetRanger helicopter is impossible to fly without a joystick so be prepared for that. This game becomes even better if you download add-ons and aircraft from the internet. If you are an international man who wants to see the world, then buy this!...more info


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