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Rogue Spear builds upon the award-winning franchise success of the original with eighteen new missions. You get a huge variety of new weapons and gear requested by the R6 community. Features improved special effects, including grenades, weapons, and flashbangs.

Red Storm Entertainment and creator Tom Clancy's genre-busting game Rainbow Six combined elements of first-person shooters and tactical strategy games and grabbed numerous game-of-the-year awards. With those credentials, it was virtually inevitable that the gaming community would be graced with a brand new--and much improved--sequel. Rogue Spear, the 1999 follow-up to Red Storm's Rainbow Six follows the old adage that if something isn't significantly flawed, don't attempt repair. Though Rainbow Six featured some minor bugs and game-play concerns, Red Storm keeps the proven game play intact, but improves the 3-D engine and implements fan requests, such as increasing sniper support and adding a "peer around walls" key, to create a near-flawless follow-up.

In Rogue Spear,,players once again assume command of an elite counter-terrorist group known as RAINBOW and guide them through a dynamic campaign filled with nerve-wracking missions, such as rescuing hostages from a museum and infiltrating a hijacked airliner. Like its predecessor, Rogue Spear uses an elaborate premission planning screen to assign routes and duties to each team member. During the mission, the intensity level and graphical splendor rise exponentially. Rogue Spear eschews typical first-person shooter elements like health packs and armor power-ups; the real-world weapons ensure that one whizzing bullet could be the last thing you see. Tense, strategic missions, various multiplayer options, and a mission editor create one of the most engrossing game experiences around. --Doug Radcliffe

Six is back--and tougher than ever. Due to the team's fantastic success with defusing major terrorist incidents, the international community has come to depend on RAINBOW as the main force secretly protecting citizens worldwide. Thus, the story continues in Rogue Spear, with the team's initial missions being business as usual: a hostage situation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and an airplane hijacking. However, the team soon discovers that these crisis situations are actually related to the nefarious plots of not one, but two antagonists: the Russian Mafia and a Middle Eastern terrorist organization--groups who have, until now, been able to escape the jaws of international justice. Through a series of increasingly difficult missions, RAINBOW uncovers the terrorists' deadly master plan, just in the nick of time--to save the world again. Players have new weapons at their disposal as well as sniper specialists to properly take out deadly foes from afar, and with more than four hundred new motion capture moves, terrorists and hostages react even more realistically to you and your team. The frozen breaths of team members can be seen puffing from their mouths in snowy conditions while footprints are left behind. Guide your team with a joystick, add more terrorists with the mission editor, and send your friends a copy of your greatest attack with the cinematic replay feature. All of this and more will make Rogue Spear the greatest action/strategy game you've ever played. Just remember, if you fail, the game isn't over--the world is.

  •  Back in Full Force! The highly anticipated sequelto Rainbow Six Product Information Imbued with Tom Clancy's hallmark realismand suspense, Rogue Spear builds upon the award-winning franchise successof the original in every way. You will quickly find yourself immersedin the explosive action of an elite multinational strike force as theyenjoy countless single-player enhancements and i

Customer Reviews:

  • Rogue Spear a great sequel to Rainbow Six
    This game has done something very few games have been able to do , it has become better than its original maker. Many game companies in a hurry to make a profit,don't put as much effort or creativity into their sequels of their games, but Red Storm Entertainment isn't one of them!!!!

    Reasons why this is hands down better than the original and quite possibly the best game of the 90's: Challenging missions that combine not only action but strategy. Rainbow Six was the first game where you could actually plan out youre mission and execute it just like a top secret military team would in real life. The graphics and sound in Rogue Spear (if you can believe it) are better than the original:
    Team members talk more during tense situations ("It's ok you're safe"), their movements are very lifelike, they can blink and breathe just like a real person. You see them enter a room carefully for any danger, then they follow their plan. Before you begin a level you are treated to a musical score to get you pumped up for the action!!! It is simply inspiring.

    The levels are breathtaking, in the First level you go inside a Museum taking by Middle Eastern Terrorists, in the Second level you are on ship and must not only prevent a bomb from being detonated, but rescue the hostages in the ship!!

    Replay Mode for every mission. This is my favorite part of the game where you can look at how well or bad you completed a mission. My only complaint of the original Rainbow Six is that after you completed a mission there wasn't anything more to look at. With the replay mode, you can watch youre completed mission over and over again. Get some popcorn ready. :-)

    The challenge would give even the most experienced game player , hours and hours to try to beat even a single level. (Try playing on Elite/Veteran)

    Oh yes and there is network support for it too over the net. Multiplayer options include saving youre team captain from the enemy, wiping out youre opponents team, and a whole bunch of stuff.

    You will need a 3d accelerator card, like the Voodoo 3000, otherwise the game wont look 3d and the maps and characters wont look crisply textured.

    Finally, there are several mission packs for Rogue Spear.
    This is what 3d gaming is all about!!!
    If you're looking for an action packed game with a challenge, you're search is over. Haha....more info

  • Accurate, Realistic, and Very Exciting!!
    I spent a few years in the military (US Army Long Range Recon), and I'm very critical of military simulators that say they're the most realistic around, but aren't. I had heard a lot of Rogue Spear before I bought it, downloaded a demo, and was curious enough to purchase the real thing since the demo seemed to be acute.

    I must say, it's worth every penny!! The realism is spectacular--kudos to the motion capture that was done in the game (even if the bad guys die a Hollywood style death). The weapons , equipment, and their uses are on the mark, along with a lot of the moves (hand and arm signals, callsigns)that are done by the operators in the game. The missions are outstanding, with an unfolding storyline as you move forward through each one. The only downside to this game is the lag time when you change from training, single player (or any of the other options) to another menu. Also, the operators get stuck in tight corners. That needs to be fixed. Beyond that, the game itself is quite strong. I wouldn't be surprised if D-Boys down in Fort Bragg play this game for training purposes (and you know who you are!!).

    Overall, the best counter-terrorist game on the market today. Get it while you can!! Out!!...more info

    This is the best game I have ever bought. I always play multiplayer and a ton of other people do too. It is an excellent game. I extremely recommend it....more info
    Well, now that I got your attention, let me say that this game is as close to perfect as one can get. The realistic graphics blow you out of your chair. This is the better choice over the origional. Trust me on this one. It's worth paying the extra money. Please, don't say "well, who needs the couple extra features" because it will not satisfy you once you buy it. It's not like Windows '95 and '98 where it's cheaper and worth it to get the origional. Buy Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear and have your source of entertainment for this millennium....more info
  • Love the multiplayer!
    Not being a fan of the FPS genre, I hesitated before buying the original Rainbow Six. About 3 AM the next morning I realized this wasn't just a FPS with real world plot - this was an experience. Rouge Spear adds everything that was missing from the original, and the multiplayer experience is great.

    Highly recommended....more info

  • A Must Buy Game For Any Action Lover!
    This is incredible not only for the single play but also for the spectacular multiplayer mode. You may have trouble going back to single after a few rounds on the internet. This is a great action game that will leave you coming back for more. A great sequal to the 1st Rainbow Six. If your thinking of buying an action game for all ages, I reccomend you buy this one....more info
  • Action in a realistic way
    I still jump on my monitor when I'm shot. The variety of weapons, the reality of the game, the maps from all around the world turns Rogue Spear in to a habit. The only complain I have is the bad AI that causes problems sometimes, but most of the time they are my planning and coordination mistakes. Great game that all collectors should have....more info
    Forget everything you have ever learned from anarcheous first person blood-bath games. You will need a totally different strategy for this game because when you're dead ... well you're dead. You can't just reappear and keep playing. One shot + one kill = Realism. You will have your back against the wall, waiting to peek around the corner without making too much noise. Your heart will race and the adrenaline will flow as the dramatic music heightens the suspense of who lies around the corner, or behind the closed door ahead. You will dim the lighting in your room and turn everything else off so you can hear which direction the footsteps or the gunshots are coming from. You will be surprised, scared, shot from behind, sniped, outnumbered or out-shot. The replay value is extremely high because of the online play, terrorist hunt, and lone wolf options. Some missions are nearly impossible on the highest difficulty setting which can get very frustrating. The online play is VERY addictive because getting killed is more cause for revenge than getting fragged. I would recommend getting the expansion pack as well because of the custom mission option. This option creates at least another month of replay value alone. Can you strike hard and quietly enough, without being seen and alerting the hostages all at the same time? It's up to you to find out!...more info
  • The best tactical game ever! FANTASTIC MUTIPLAYER OPTION!
    I would surely rate this game as the best tactical game ever made. What is striking is the succes the Red Storm has had in blending top level realism and good playability. The game is structured around a basic storyline where the Rainbow anti-terrorist organisation is hunting down a terrorist organization. You have to complete 15 levels (too few from my point of wiew) in order to accomplish your mission. Each level has a planning phase where you select the team members from a force pool, choose theyr equipment and decide the action plan. A nice feature is the "Default option", so that you can go thru this phase in as little as five seconds and jump directly into action. Once the game has started you can swich between any one of you teams, a feature that enables for an incredible flexibility.

    From the REALISM point of wiew this game lacks almost nothing, exept for the flexibility of the AI. When you have played the same level a few times you realize that the terrorits are always in similar positions, and it is very easy to simply pin point every one of them. Anyway I believe that this is not to be considered a major shorfall in the game, since you are not be supposed to try over and over a mission before getting it right! Another thing I believe is great in the game is the great variety of weapons avaylable, all of them with different characterisics. This feature gives you the opportunity to customize you team and the action plans very easily, giving you the option of trying the same scenarios over and over again experimenting different tactics. Also very interensting are the TONS OF MODS FILES avaylable on the web. You can get anything from an automatic grenade launcher to a Star Wars stormtrooper laser blaster. Even if these weapons are not exactly what you would find in anti-terrorist units, they nonetheless add a completely new level to the game.

    Anyway, I believe that the best feature of the game is THE MULTIPLAYER OPTION. This is absolutey pure fun! The game is incredibly more interesting once you are playing against real humans on the web. The multiplayer version actually SEEMS A COMPUTER PAINTBALL GAME. Having played paintball for a few years I guarantee you that by playing this game you get most of the experience of paintball! You soon end up playing hours after hours of totally different games, finding players of different skill levels.

    The MISSION EDITOR, included in the game, adds another level of flexibility to the game (if you have the time and the will to learn how to use it). However, if you are interesetd, there are some free manuals on how to use the editor on the web.

    I also suggest you buy the expansion packs avayable from Red Storm, since they give you completely new levels (a little too few, actually! ) and weapons to play with.

    My suggestion? Buy it now and see ya at!...more info

  • Worth the money-one of the best
    R6:RS is one of the best FPS games out there admit some real compition in the genre. The graphics are very good, oddly it did not make use of all the shading effects possible. It also sports some really good voice acting in the briefing missions. The game play is awsome, the AI is almost perfect. While most of the tangos simply stand around their reaction to your team is very real and intelligent. However too often I would step through a door way and get killed-only my squad did not notice, they would contiue to the waypoint. Even if the tangos are in the path of the waypoint your teammates can get cut down fast if one of them does not have clear LOS. While the enemy AI is so good, it is starnge the friendly AI is a notch or two below but still better than the first R6. There are lots of little things that are cool, there is extreme attension to detail here. I really liked seeing the charactors breath and see their breath in the air! The weapon selection is really big, but only a couple of the weapons will you use. The AI is so sensitive to sound that to use something with out a silencer is asking for failure. Most of the weapons are too loud to use on most of the missions so they are basicly useless in single player. Also how each weapon sounds is very authentic and I loved to hear the SMGs just firing away! A new feature are the snipers, while this is good to use they have the same problem as above, the sniper rifles are too loud. I gave my snipers the MP5SD5 rather than the rifles they were supposed to use and it still works rather well. The learning curve is sharp, and much of the planning phase is worthless till you have played the mission a few times to understand the map. However it pays to have a good plan, and that is what really wins the game is good planning. It is extremely rewarding to see your plan work perfectly....more info
  • cool game
    Everyone who likes shooters should buy this game IT'S SO MUCH FUN
    AND EASY TO BEAT. Even if you are bad at this game you can use codes like god or invisibility. Like you need codes it's already easy enough. But isn't sniping, recon and raiding missions awesome. I gave this a 4 because it's to short, needs better graphics, more enemies in levels, and it needs to be less messed up. Watch out the replays don't work sometimes it says your killing tangos even though your shooting at a wall!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Man down.
    Essentially a series of extra missions for 'Rainbow Six', this adds some extra weapons and an extremely useful 'crawl' function, the omission of which stuck out like a sore thumb in the original game. The extra weapons (some sniper rifles, a new shotgun, many more assault rifles and some Desert Eagle pistols) are nice to have, but as with the original game you will almost exclusively use your trusty, silent MP5SD5. It has all the strengths of the original - palpable tension, some great mission designs - with some effective new locations. The wrecked, rain-lashed Kosovan city is extremely atmospheric, and there's an obligatory passenger jet-liner hostage crisis, too.

    On the down-side, the terrorists (even when they are jumped-up students) are still unbelievably accurate, regularly downing your team-members from a couple of hundred feet away, even when armed with machine-pistols. This may well be how real special forces people train, but it's offputting when you have to play the game. The less-serious 'Delta Force' seemed to get the skill-level of the bad guys right in this respect. As I have said, the extra weapons are cosmetically nice, but only one mission absolutely requires a sniper rifle, and otherwise anything more than a silenced machine-pistol is slower and less useful. Grenades, for example, are amazingly pointless. As with the original, the improved graphics are functional (although the detail of having wounded team members limp is nicely done), and some of the team AI is suspect. Furthermore the thought that you could create the best plan possible, and yet still fail a mission, is unsettling. Indeed the planning section still seems flawed - it would be better if, 'Hidden and Dangerous'-style, you could alter or generate the plan whilst in the action phase to take account of changing circumstance.

    Oddly, the stealthy missions, the 'Thief'-esque moments where you must avoid being detected at all costs, are the best of the lot - with the emphasis on solitary skill and sneakery, they're ultra-tense affairs. Another good thing is the 'lone wolf' mode, in which, 'Die Hard'-style, you tackle thirty terrorists in a location solo.

    If you have the original, is this worth a further 40 pounds? Not really - you'll probably get it nonetheless, but it's not a major leap forwards. On it's own merits it's excellent, though, a complex strategy / action game with added realism....more info

  • The Greatest Game EVER!
    To all of you who are looking at this game,look no further.I will tell you right now,if you like action,shooters,or strategy,or just fun gaming,you will love this game.And it is one of the deepest games you will ever find.It has the #1 graphics of any game right now (Riven does not count).It featers a similiar design to the 1998 Action game of the Year,and has already one alot of awards.Why?Many reasons.With special effects like rain,snow,and thunder,special character effects,and over 400 motion captures,Rougue Spear is the most realistic game on earth.Most shooters feature about 9-15 cool weapons.Rogue Spear features 27! And in Multi-player it features 33! All realistic,of course.Look,I could go on for days about the INCREDIBLE achievments of this game,like it's 16 pearson multiplayer games,that features so much.But,I don't have room,so please,go to these websites to check it out,and play the demo! Good luck,and I tell you,this is the biggest selling game right now,for good reason....more info
  • Rogue Spear Rocks!
    Rogue Spear is an awesome game, especially for online play. The graphics and feel of the game are smooth and almost lifelike. I give it 5 Stars. Visit the TigerX website to learn more about Rougue Spear...more info
  • Its Good
    Ok I bought this game almost a year ago and I still play it but it does get tiring. The best thing about the game is when you play online at the zone it is worth it but now I am sick of it.

    I put a 3 ecause I am tired of playing it now but when I first got it it would have been a 5. If you want details then it has good graphics no problems and thats all....more info

  • Simply Awesome
    As soon as I got this game I found myself playing it for hours. It has now been several months and I am still working it. The graphics and simulations are very real. I especially liked the mission aboard the Boeing 747. This game should be a "must have" for anyone who enjoys constant action in a game while narrowly cheating death....more info
  • All Teams Move out!
    I've played realistic games (ie medal of honor, Falcon 4.0) and this one takes the cake. It provides excellent artificial intelligence with extreme realism and accurate weapon effects. No power-ups, no ability to take 40-50 shots, and no medkits, it's like you're actually there taking out terrorist. With a "watch mode", sniper support, training, multiplayer and a dynamic 18 mision campaign, I highly reccomend this game to anyone who will dish out the cashola to buy it....more info
  • I am addicted!
    I don't play a lot of games. I normally get bored with the ones I do play in about a week. In my 18+ years of playing computer games, this is the first exception. I am honestly addicted. Last night I dreamed I was on the RAINBOW team, no lie. I need help!

    I played Syphon Filter for the first time last week and loved it for its "James Bond" atmosphere. Naturally, being the computer geek that I am, I wanted to find a similar game for the PC. I heard some of the reviews for Rogue Spear and it sounded OK. Boy, was *I* misinformed. Not only OK, but incredible.

    1. Great graphics - attractive and detailed. 2. Great opposition - The enemy actually thinks. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) is astounding. Only after you've played the game for WEEKS without end, you MIGHT think the computer is predictable. - The bad guys are always positioned randomly. This add immensely to the playability. What's fun about playing a board and always knowing exactly where the bad dudes are gonna be? 3. Great strategy. - A flawless attack will entail 10 minutes for the attack and an hour of planning. This is NOT Quake. However, for those who like to jump right in, it is often advantageous to actually play the mission a few times right away to get a better mental image of the map before hitting the drawing board. After this, you can plan your assault down to minute details. 4. Great weapons and equipment:

    - Frag grenades (great for those places where you simply CAN'T get an angle on Mr. Terrorist) - Flashbangs for blinding the enemy. Watch out, though, because they'll blind YOU too if you're not careful to look away or get behind a wall. The retinal "artifact" is really cool, as is the ringing in your ears after detonation if you're too close. (They call them flashbangs for a reason!) - Heartbeat sensors are immensely useful and often necessary. However, juggling HBS and primary weapon is difficult to master. - Sniper rifles. While very cool, they're not as useful in as many missions as I'd like.

    Now, I'm no professional terrorist killer, but I can only assume that this has got to be the closest to the real thing you can get. You can (and, no doubt, WILL) get capped by a single shot. And it's darn scary--and, not to mention, frustrating--to be sneaking around, 30 seconds from mission success, only to be dropped by some camping terrorist jerk! But, that's the way it goes; you'll just have to be more careful next time. And you'll ALWAYS want to try again, even though it may get frustrating.

    The only negative aspect I could find with this game is that the enemy are WAY too accurate. I've often been dropped by a shot to the head from 100 yards by a Hawaiian-shirted drug dealer with a 9mm pistol, and then only a second after he's rounded a corner and spotted me. However, I've heard their are MODs available that will curb this "over-accuracy."

    Do your self a favor. In fact, do us ALL a favor and buy this game. Buy it for yourself because it's an amazing game that's cheap at twice the price. But also buy it for all of us so that Redstorm Entertainment can continue to make software of this caliber....more info

  • If you thought Rainbow Six was good...
    This has to be the most amazing game I have ever played. The graphics have been greatly improved from Rainbow, and there is a much more realistic feel to it. The smallest details will blow you away. At times you feel like you're in Rogue Spear and you could be shot any second.

    From the New York Museum of Art, to a 747, to an ancient Persian fortress, you will be completely immersed in the game. I personally could not stop playing it. Even after you beat the campaign, you still have the option of playing Lone Wolf, in which it is you vs. 30 "tangos", or Terrorist Hunt, where, somewhat like lone wolf, you face 30 terrorist, although this time you have your normal team of 8 operatives.

    Everything in Rogue Spear is unpredictable. I can't tell you how many times I failed a mission because as I was approaching a hostage, he got up, yelled, "I can't take it anymore!", and ran off into the middle of a firefight. The terrorists are even better. They are much more real. They'll call out when they see you, use cover when guns start going off, and try to ambush you.

    Ten new team members are also included in Rogue Spear including four from the novel. There is much more variety in the area of personel. Like last time, there are Assault, Demolitions, Electronics, and Recon specialists along with a new speciality... SNIPERS! These guys are so useful on missions!

    Another new feature is the replay mode which allows you to watch either a failed or completed mission, see what you did right or wrong, save it, and send it to others over the net.

    Overall, this is the greatest game I have ever played, and I recomend it to everyone. The WORLD is in danger again, and only YOU can save it....more info

  • Rogue Spear
    Rogue Spear is one of the best games I have ever played. If you liked Rainbow Six, then you'll love this one. Its everything that Rainbow Six had and more. There is more and better weapons. The planning setup has much improved. The graphics have improved substantially. Its the best, I highly recommend this game....more info
  • The best action game ever!
    Rogue Spear is my favorite computer game of all time. Lots of action, but it's realistic too. This is a definite improvement over the original Rainbow Six. The graphics are about equal, but there are new real world weapons, more operatives, and new actions, like "snipe," "cover," and "defend." Also, I think the missions are more fun. In short, this is an awesome game, and fans of action, strategy, and first-person shooters will enjoy it. A must buy!...more info
  • A Kickass Ride!
    So you've come here to know a little more about this product... I'll give you the low down. At the turn of the millenium the amount of terrorist activities has increased. It is up to RAINBOW a black ops nato anti-terrorist task force with the most elite soldiers in the world. You are one of the team. You must assault different levels and save the lives of the innocent. If they see you coming you will be too late. The weapons you have are your only allies as you take on the most menacing terrorists in the world. The AI in the game will make you wince. One mistake will cost the lives of the hostages and your team. If you play over the internet you will come across your most deadly of foes... your own friends, who truly can and will be ruthless. Buy this game and you will truly know what combat is like....more info
  • Rainbow Six Rogue Spear
    First person sneaker, A clone of Thief The dark project. Sneak behind the bad guys and shoot them with a silencer, One flash bang weapon is just like the flash bomb in thief. The graphics and sound are good. The bad guys are very sharp shooters and just one shot is enough to get you down and you cant save the game in the middle of the mission. Single player gameplay is very difficult as you need atleast 4 persons to finish a mission....more info
  • Easily one of the best games ever
    The ease of play, the range of possible scenarios, and especially the multiplayer aspects over the internet are phenomenal. I personally love the solo missions where you can really test your stuff....more info
  • Great action!
    Great game for multi player interaction. The only thing keeping me from giving it five stars is the single player mode which while somewhat fun, is very tedious. You long for more control over your players/teams. However, it is multiplayer mode that Rogue Spear really shines. With various maps and weapons, the strategies become endless. Rogue Spear also allows player to create "mods" or modifcations that change various elements of the game thus allowing people to create new maps and weapons - inlcuding a gatling gun. The game also works well for people that do not have a joy stick. I've been able to navigate the maps with just a keyboard and mouse and still remaing somewhat competitive. I'm not a huge gamer by any stretch but have become addicted to this one....more info
  • "Alpha...Bravo...Tango...Go!"
    ...go buy this game! I'm not career military or anything, but this game makes me wish I were. The level of detail is incredible, the audio envelops the user, and the skill required to succeed (yes, there's skill required in this game) was unanticipated. It's much better than sims that use unrealistic weaponry; Tom Clancy definitely knows his stuff.

    I bought the Urban Operations mission pack for this, too. You'll be wanting for more levels and boards whatever you do, but given the configurability of custom missions, you can always create a scenario that will be challenging, no matter what your skill level....more info

  • Best Game That Is Out There!
    Rogue Spear is the most packed action PC game that I played yet. It takes you misson by misson, saving the hostages and killing the terrorists. I have to explain how awesome it is!

    There are new places you get to travel around, at the airport, in buildings etc! See, its much better when you play online to tell you the truth. Meet new people and even play with your friends. Go one on one with each other or teams. Get to pick out your own weapons and gender and even vote which level to go to. This is pretty much like Socom on PS2.

    Im a girl and I think its still cool even if im not a guy. This is NOT waste of your money....more info

  • BUY IT!
    I'm telling you buy this game it is the best game I have ever played. It is so real its unbelevable. The missions never get boring. If you like shooter games then you WILL like this one! BUY IT!...more info
  • Best First Person Shooter I Have Ever Played
    This game combines phenomenal graphics with great gameplay. Not only can you choose which equiptment you would like to use for the mission, you can also map out a plan of attack beforehand. This game is the real deal with no real dissappointments. You will love it....more info
  • WATCH OUT when buying this for Laptop use!!
    Okay --

    So I bought this program yesterday, happy as a clam.

    I installed it on my Sony Vaio laptop last night (P3, 650 MHz, 256K RAM, 12gig HD) and it ran like glue!

    I called Red Storm this morning to try and figure this problem out, and the conversation got nasty quickly. My call ended with someone named 'Zeke' stating 'we don't support laptops'.

    It turns out, in a round-about way, that most laptops CAN'T support the 3D graphics of such programs. Nothing of this sort is stated on the box -- just an obscure reference, 'check our website for supported graphics cards'. How could anyone reasonably expect that this program wouldn't run on a smokin' multi-media laptop?? They couldn't!

    Thus, I am STUCK with this program. No returns, no refunds, nothing. The tech-support people expected me as a normal consumer to have complex knowledge of the video drivers in my laptop -- something the sales rep. at the store didn't even have! Also, the tech. guy said as long as the program booted, regardless of the run-quality of the program, Red Storm viewed this as a quality sale. WHATEVER -- that's like selling a car that will drive, but not over 30 MPH!!!

    Okay then -- buy this program at your own risk -- because Red Storm certainly won't help you after the sale.

    -- a disgruntled user...more info

  • This is the best
    This is the best game I've ever played it is alot of fun. It is still fun when you've beaten it to go back and play lone wolf to see all of the details of this game yourself. I really think anyone that likes the original will love this game even more. It has more realistic sights, and the ways the people die i found hilarious. Why are you still reading this, BUY IT!...more info
  • WOAH.... Goodbye Delta Force!
    Rogue Spear is a very cool game... It's gaming-style is similar to Delta Force but it has much more depth, interaction and is more exciting. First of all, theres the wide range of uniforms, weapons and characters to choose from. Also, after each successful mission, you get an awesome full sized screen shot that you can print out by pressing Print Screen on your keyboard and pasting it into any document. It's realistic, with enemies that duck, hide, surrender and much more. The missions are preceded by briefings that you can actually UNDERSTAND and profiles of the enemy organization. The environment is just like being there, with sandstorms in Oman and rain and thunder in Kosovo to name a few.... What can I say, the only thing that could possibly beat it is actually joining the army :)....more info
  • Best Action Game EVER = Rogue Spear
    This is the only game I have ever played that actually made me break out into a cold sweat during gameplay. It will make you jump out of your seat when you get shot by a terrorist. Very realistic. If you are sick of quake-like games which take almost no intelligence to play (i.e. all you do is hold down the trigger) then this game is for you. You must observe your target's well or you are toast. It makes you feel like you are actually in the field with your finger on the trigger....more info
    When I first played Rainbow Six, I was amazed at how realistic it was, and I couldn't get enough. When I found out they were makin a sequal , I was REALLY happy! The graphics are amazing, and you cant stop playing. There are a lot of new weapons, a lot of new people to choose from, and actual sniper support. If you like strategies and shooters, and you also like suspense, this is a MUST. Red Storm, you are awesome, and please keep making Rainbow Six games!...more info
  • Best game ever made! Period
    You cannot consider yourself a gamer without owning this game. Simply put, this game is incredible. And while your at it pick up Rainbow Six the book. You cant go wrong with either of the two. This game is already a classic!...more info
  • Fun with more challenge
    Just as the other rainbow six's were great, this one is just the same, same gameplay and graphics, I was ammused with the new weapons, such as the sniper rifles and the automatic shotgun, in this one you really need to take your time and come up with good planing, this one is a little more difficult than the others but is worth it....more info
  • The Best Game Of The Millennium
    This Game is adictive, Once youve playedit youll never go back... Its got better graphics than the original along with better game play.. And if you just play single player mission dont get it, because to get the full experience you have to play multiplayer... Its years of fun...more info
  • Realistic Without Sacrificing Gameplay or Fun
    This was the first first person shooter I ever played that used a mouse to aim, needless to say, it got me hooked to the genre.

    My favorite thing about this game is how realistic it is. It's definately probaby the most realistic first person shooter I've ever played (next to Day of Defeat.) But not only that, it was achieved WITHOUT sacrificing gameplay or limiting fun. It's hard to do, yet it was achieved in this game.

    The graphics are also very nice, my older computer (I don't know the specs) was able to run the game quite well when it had problems with most other games.

    I can't really think of anything negative to say about this game.

    It deserves a chance....more info
  • Pure Class...
    This is one of the most realistic, well planned, action packed games I have ever played! Sweet grapics, decent gameplay, thorough realisim, it all adds up to this brilliant package. You can't get better if you want a game that requires you to think as well as kick ... .I'm only on the 3rd level and I consider this game one of the best I have. Buy this now....more info
  • Great game.
    Rainbow Six, and its sequel Rouge Spear are the first games in a long time to give a good realstic FPS experience. (Seal team is the only other one that I know of, and thats far in the past). The game is played either from first person, or from a slightly behind and above third person view. You are a covert operative in the hidden organazation known as Rainbow.

    In single player you must plan the missons every step of the way for every team. There are up to four teams, each of which may have up to four members. The planing is very difficult, and can take hours for each misson. The game supplies you with a plan for each misson which is workable, but not great. When the action actually comes you can either lead up one of the teams, switching between team leaders at any time, or view it as an observer giving the go commands. A very difficult, but rewarding experience. There are many training areas to get you ready for all aspects of the game, and a wonderful manual so you don't have to worry about not knowing how to do anything.

    This game truly shines in multiplayer. There are numerous maps to choose from, and an extreme variety of weapons. It is very realistic, so one round to the chest or head that penatrates your armour is a death blow. Most rounds only last for a few minutes though, so you will be back in action in no time. There are many modes of play availible. You can use a sniper rifle on sniper only servers, or a fully automatic assault rifle to charge your opponents. The learning curve for online play is generally small once you learn the basics of movement, and weapons handling. You will need a very good connection to the internet though. 56k is a bit slow...and could get you booted from a server. If you have a line that can pull down 100k or more a second, you will be fine for sure.

    Overall, a great game. Very difficult in single player, and truly rewarding in online play. This is my personal favorite online FPS. A must have for any fan of realism, military, and computer games. Be warned however, you will surely be up in to the wee hours of the morning....more info