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  • Hard but fun
    Here is some data and some static and other information about this game from the mid 1990s area during the last years that supernintendo was in business before It was replace with the nintendo 64 for in between 1996 and discontinue around 2002 maybe earlier. It's popularity was also short lived. You can beat this game with only 109 shoit is if you find and use the plasma a lot on the bosses the special weapon given to you by the metroid that was captured which ironcially scarfices its self to heal you restore your health if you make it to the final boss fight against mother brain. Unfortunately ike at ridely the first time when he can't be defeated mother brained iniaties a self desctruct seqeunce upon here defeat you have about 3 minutes to get out of all the chamber on to your ship and off the planet or your toast. The original metriod in the mid 1980s was a big hit creating several sequels and prequels including metroid Prim I and Metroid Prim II. The first game is actuallu metroid prime for gamecube. Also Samus depisite the characters brod shoulders look is actually a girl. If you die in the game super metrioid her armor dissapeares and she appears naked for a few second then you must reloaded the game from the last save point used .Which this player on you tube that posted this run neglected to use thank good he always healed inbetween bose fights picked up enough spare energy packets to beat all the bosses except for the two sub bosses in about and hour the world speed recorded for this game. Also if you want to know Ridly, and Kraid where destroyed before Super Metriod in Metriod II return of Samus for either gameboy or game gear Ridly, and Krad were also boss in that game also but were somehow were clone or recreated. In between this game and the prequel Metriod II return of Samus. Got to I hope this information was helpful and interesting. ...more info
  • Best Metroid EVER!
    Super Metroid is an awesome game, with brilliant graphics, a jaw dropping soundtrack,and a huge world to explore. Super Metroid also has a ton of weapons and especially energy tanks,etc. This game blows the original Metroid out of the water!! In fact, I will go as far to say this is the best Metroid ever!(Metroid Prime is good to though, a close second). Super Metroid stands out as one of the best games for the Super Nintendo!...more info
  • This Game Deserves 0 Stars........
    Metroid Is A discrace To Nintendo Zelda Is WAYWAYWAYWAYWAy Better...more info
  • One of the best sides-crollers ever made
    You're Samus Aran on your third (and best) video game adventure as you return to the ruins of planet Zebes. A side-scroller second only to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Super Metroid can blast with the best of'em, with 7 massive areas, 5 different weapons, a grappling beam, x-ray vision (no, you cannot peak through her armor!), a swirly-swirl attack that enables Samus to soar through the air, a jumping ball-curl, tons of well-detailed underling anemies, and several excellently-detailed boss enemies. . . are you still with me? You go all the way from the surface of Zebes, through an abandoned space station and dark tunnels and lots of water, to the extremely hot pits of the planets core, where you fight the infamous Mother Brain. I'm not giving anything else away though. You have to play this plastic little gem yourself.

    Now for the bad stuff: like all her known previous adventures, Samus goes this one alone and, unlike the the Nintendo Power comic, does not interact with any other characters. This, in my opinion, can make the game feel kind of lonely, especially when there is also no sunshine to brighten the area.

    But like the ratings I gave it, this is a 5-star game and should be fun throughout the ages. Besides, it stars the arguably best (and best female) video game character to date. Go for it!!...more info

  • Super Metroid
    One of my favorites, aside from the Zelda games, and the Illusions of Gaia...Super Metroid is one of those games that I can just play for hours, and not think about anything...I still have yet to go back and get the items that was missing when I finished the game, but obviously they were not needed...This is a challenging game that anyone can enjoy, if they have the time. My grandmother enjoyed this one, but kept calling me for hints on what she had to do next. The challenge, to me, is the part that is most enjoyable...If you are looking for a game that will take a few hours of your life, this is a good choice!...more info
  • Best Game Ever!!!!!!!!
    This is the best game I've ever played. It's kinda old but that doesn't matter. It is much better than any final fantasy game you can play.If you like to play rpg's and you like playing fun games this is the game for you.Ive beaten it like twenty times but i cant stop playin it. Buy it, you wont't regret it....more info
  • Absolutely amazing
    I would without a doubt rate this as one of the best games for the Super Nintendo series hands down, and it even gets a place of honor among my current list of favorite games of all time (a list that includes the Half-Life series, Halo and StarCraft).
    The original Metroid was a side scroller, but different from the others in that there weren't defined "worlds", instead you needed to gain power items which allowed you to reach new areas or blast open doors you previously couldn't open. The game further evolved with the sequal Metroid 2: Return of Samus (sadly only on the Gameboy system), again a good game, and only worked to further tweek and advance the game play.
    And Super Metroid? It continues to up the ante, giving us smooth control, amazing (by Super Nintendo standards) graphics, awesome gameplay features (the ability to equip yourself with new beams, and even turn off weapons on a status screen), simply beautiful music, huge and challenging bosses (I mean HUGE! Some of these bosses are two screen large!) and a maze/world to explore.
    In this game, you must travel, explore, and battle through the planet Zebes (again) to find the last surviving Metroid, a being that can be used to dominate galactic civilization before the Space Pirates can use it.
    As stated, you have to explore this planet's inner maze-like structure, gather power items, defeat several major bosses and gain access to the inner levels of the Space Pirate base.
    The only thing I would complain about in this game is that the final boss at the very end of the game was a bit easy compared to all the bosses' you fought before, but I chalk that up to the game designers trying to work a story telling element into that final battle.
    One of many things that keep me coming back to this game, even after I've beaten it long ago, is the drive to find more items. There are 100 items hidden in this game, some of them simply a challenge to figure out how to get to. Plus, hidden moves (if you watch the startup screen, it'll switch to game footage after a few moments of a number of secret moves, moves you might never have even thought existed even after you've beaten the game).
    I'll dare say this game was the main reason I bought a Super Nintendo back in the 90's
    I don't know what else I can say. This is an awesome game....more info
  • Awesome game, horrible story execution...
    No matter whether or not you liked the original NES Metroid, you're probably gonna be amazed by this game. Taking a lot of elements from the original and adding others, this game is easily a million times better than the NES version. Samus' animations are silky-smooth, and her weapons are lethal. The only bad part? The story isn't really tied into the actual gameplay, forcing you to blindly proceed through the game. Grab a power-up somewhere, backtrack to sometimes 5 or more areas you've already been to, and use the power-up in hopes that it'll effect your progress somehow? That isn't gameplay. That's horrible! I've beaten the game, and I'll probably never go through the entire thing again....more info
  • Super Metriod review
    My friend had this game when I was 7 or 8. I only played the game a few times, but I saw him play a lot. What I played of the game was awesome, by far the best SNES game I had seen. Super Metriod is the BEST SNES game....more info
  • A Masterpiece
    My hat is off to the team that made thee game....more info
  • N64? Gamecube? I was still playing this game!
    Now, first off... Metroid Fusion? Metroid Prime? Metroid Stupid?
    Right! This god-like masterpiece of a video game is the reason gamers play Nintendo. See, when people play nintendo games, they are really just trying to realize that this game exists. And I pity all those fancy GameCubers who havent yet realized that this game completely obliterates EVERY OTHER NINTENDO GAME EVER CREATED!!!

    Now, Super Metroid is a game of pure excitement, entertainment, graphics, and replayability. It is full of awesome bad guys, intense and unique bosses, incredible areas, and the coolest weapons and suit upgrades that any game will ever be able to present you with.

    You start the game as Samus Aran, and must fight your way to the evil Space Pirate Mother Brain. In your adventure to find the evil space pirate, you must blast up her rich array of minions, who make your job no easy task. During your journey you will uncover countless secrets, obtain many increasingly powerful weapons and suits, fight tons of different types of unique aliens, enjoy the power of new items, such as the Morph Ball, Space Jump, Screw Attack, and X-Ray Vision. You will also encounter many a rough terrain, such as the Lava, Quicksand, Hindering Water, and many traps.

    If you are looking for a Rich, Lovely, Colorful, Creative, Unique game, then you will find none better.

    Super Metroid is truly, and I tell no lie, better than any Gamecube, PS2, or Xbox game I have, or will ever play in my life.

    Gameplay: 4/5
    Graphics: 5/5
    Controls: 4/5
    Replay Value: 5/5
    Entertainment: 5/5
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Incredibility: Ridiculously Awesome 5/5

    SNES, the system that plays the real treasures.

    I have played Super Metroid literally countless times, and it still is the most entertaining game I have played to this day.

    May you put down your funky Gamecube controller and unlock the secrets that have been hidden from you for far too long, and enjoy a TRUE Nintendo game....more info
  • super metroid super fun
    I have never been able to play super metroid because the prices are so high that I cannot afford it. I sugggest that you please lower the prices to an afforable price. by the way I like super metroid becuase it really speaks my language and it makes other games besides axlay and other shooters ect a bumer but it is great with all the shooting and the saving the world and the ending is a great mix of anime and other stuff....more info
  • Masterpiece is the right word
    This game IS a masterpiece. The scenery, the story, the bosses, the abilities, the feel of the game and the way it was pieced together. The game expresses so very much. Parts express surprise, parts express creepiness, parts express thill, parts express so much it's enough to blow you away...or just make you really want to play the game over and over again. Even the music is cool. The only problems...
    1. People complain about the "Wall Jump" being too hard to learn
    2. People complain about the world map not being precise enough
    3. People complain that they are stuck in a point and don't know what to do (you need to re-explore things as this happens)

    But this is a breathtaking game and these problems aren't anything if you know how to play a videogame. THIS GAME IS FIVE TIMES WORTH IT EVEN IF YOU FACE SOME DIFFICULTY, BUY IT NOW!......more info

  • Amazing game one for the ages
    This is the 3rd installment to the metroid series. And probally one of the best. It was the first of the metroid games to have a map of the areas and a section that told what you have collected so far. It takes place after samus aran finishes off the metroids on the planet SR388 which is roughly about oh maybe 6 months-1 year after the origional metroid. Ridley, a massive teridacle like creature (also from the origional metroid) goes to the space coloney (a massive research station used by the intergalactic federation police) to take the baby metroid which latches itself to samus in metroid 2. after samus lays some damage on ridley it takes off with the metroid and selfdestructs the coloney. samus then escapes and follows the flying feind to the space pirates own base....the origional home of samus aran! (i found that out reading some metroid manga, japanese comics) the game is outstanding. if you have a super nintendo you have to get this game. but if you dont have patience and cant exept a defeat here and there you will probally smash this game in a mad rage. but this game is the best with some seeings of some old enimes such as ridley, kraid, and the mother brain. and some new ones such as draygon, crocomire, and phantoon. this game is amazing the name is super metroid, the platform is super nintendo, and the fun level is infinity!...more info
  • My Favorite Game!
    I aboslutely love this game! It's the coolest. The graphics are great and the weaponry and enemies are extremely realistic, without there being any violence. The music intertwines with the areas very well too. All in all, this game is extremely entertaining, challenging, and a must-have for any player of the Super NES....more info
  • Samus's Second Adventure on Zebes
    Well, I got this game a few months ago, and as soon as I saw the intro flashback, I knew it was going to be a good game.

    The Graphics are similar to that of the 2 GBA Metroids (and, well, vice-versa) and so is the sound. From dark depressing music you'd expect to hear in the dark gloomy caverns of Norfair and Brinstar, to fast-paced boss themes. The enemies shriek when shot, and explosions sound like explosions.

    The gameplay is complex yet easy to learn. The biggest difference I noticed between this and Fusion (besides the lack of Navigation Rooms, thank God) is the fact that you use one button to cycle through Missiles, Power Bombs, etc. You can also turn weapons and suits off, a great way to kill yourself. Sometimes I forget I set it to Super Missles and I waste them on a Geemer, the games only flaw. Once you get farther into the game, though, that wont happen as much, and you can continue blasting enemies, collecting expansions (Percentage doesn't affect the ending! YAY!) and praying that the next room is a Save Room and not a boss. This game offers a lot of cool easter eggs too, one of my favorite moments was dropping into a room and realizing, 'Hey! It's the room that Samus escaped through at the end of Metroid 1!'. So, for people who have the original, but not this one, Super Metroid is a 24-meg trip through Zebes that offers whole new areas, weapons, gameplay, graphics, music, and enemies while still being nostalgic....more info

  • Another Pride of the SNES
    You quitly step out of your spaceship onto the sandy, damp ground of an unexplored planet. Suddenly, a giant flash of lightning appears as it starts to rain heavily. You nervously look behind you. Nothing there. In a hurry to get away from the rain, you run under a near cave. After going through an old, broken door another lighting flashes and an intemidating roar of thunder follows. You slowly continue to walk through the abondoned, lifeless cave. A slight glisting of metal appears as you approach a peice of torn machinary. Traveling depper, you find the entrence to an old advanced shelter of somekind. After exploring somemore, you return to this enterence spot. A flash of lighting lights up the place again and you find a giant insect mantis like creature staring right at you. In a hurry you fire your beam at it and destroy it. An ear-wrentching cry echoes the halls as you see there are tons more of them, crawling on the walls jumping down from the ceilings, surrounding you. In a hurry, you attack them one by one and run to the cave enterence of the place. Suddenly, it lights up with life. Giant crab like insects start crawling down the walls, trilobites flee as the abondoned bunker becomes housed again, lights flicker on and off and motion is constantly seen throught this once desolate and quiet place. Only not one human or freindly creature is moving. Thats basically the opening sequence of Super Metroid. Constantly through this game will be intense and sometimes freighting moments of suspence. There is also always very satisfying action to follow. You play as Samus Aran, who has really cool sumersaulting jumping techniques. Also, she can shoot something right at a pin of a target while sumersaulting through the air ten yards away. Shes a really cool character with a really cool suit and a really cool arsenal of firepower to go with it all. Plus, a really cool game. Most of the game will be taken up exploring places, finding new abilitys/weapons in those places, and using those abilitys to gain acces to and explore other places. Most of these enviroments are dark, suspensefull, and gloomy like the one described above. The game also features some inovative enemys that can be destroyed challengly and satisfyingly no matter how you fight them. It has some really great graphics, too. But, the one con, and its a big one to, is that after watching the opening cutscenes, theres almost no story left. You'll alot of times be wondering if youre supposed to be in an area or not supposed to be there, with no real knowlege of where to go or what to do next. Just little hints like you've accomplished a big task in an area and feel that the next big task is in another big area. Other than that, this game is a really great classic and should be played by all at least once. It really almost plays identically to Metroid: Fusion, so a learning curve would be very small since alot of people have probably played fusion by now....more info
  • Don't listen to Mr. Horrible Story Execution
    This game rocks. Plain and simple there is just so much to figure out and like most games it doesn't hold your hand the whole way which kicks butt. I played this game when it first came out and had a blast. The game begs to be played again and again until you can beat it in two hours and get 100% of the items.

    buy it and you will not be unhappy...more info

  • Best game of all time.
    I am NOT a Nintendo fanboy, but this is quite possibly the best combination of graphics (though we've superceded ourselves rather quickly by leaps and bounds), music, sound, level design and fun. The levels are designed so well that you'll never stray off course from how you're supposed to proceed, but, if you're good enough, you can push the limits of the levels and get to places you wouldn't normally be able to, if only for a short time. The story, while simplistic, is engaging. It keeps you interested even until the finale. You'll want to see the ending. It also ties into the overall Metroid storyline perfectly. The music fits the game and the world perfectly, and the sounds are, for a 16-bit system, scarily good. They make you feel like you're there....more info
  • Super Metroid
    I loved the game. The weapons, the creatures, the levels and of course the ending. Which I've beat game countless times, each time with a sense of accomplishment. You find different weapons after battling the bosses. Picking up Energy Tanks, missiles, power bombs, reserve tanks, etc. You've reached a point in the game where you've picked up all the weapons, missiles, bombs, and suits you can muster. And boy do you need it to do battle with Motherbrain! It's an all time favorite just as Zelda is. I would recommend this game to action-adventure game players who love to seek and destroy. Super Metroid is an A+++++ game!...more info
  • The First Videogame I Ever Loved...
    Super Metroid is (as you can see from the title of this review) the first game I ever loved...and the one that brought me into the videogame world...
    Super Metroid is, in my opinion, THE BEST SUPER NINTENDO GAME EVER CREATED. The music: awesome. The graphics: wonderful!(for SNES anyhow...) The plot: FLAWLESS. This game is perfect. It's got that hot bounty hunter Samus Aran, who is as good at kicking butt as ever; it's got that evil crazy old Mother Brain; it's got Ridley...basically, its got everything that you loved about the other games, but with better everything else. I haven't played Prime yet, but Metroid Fusion certainly doesn't compare to this game! Why do you think this game is still so expensive over ten years later? It's a classic, will always be one, and SHOULD be in your videogame collection. Everyone who plays this game will definitely fall for its awesome charms! ...more info
  • There is a reason why EGM Rated this #1 game of all time
    I recieved this game three days after christmas, three days later I beat the game spending around 7 hours to win. My palms drenched in sweat and my heart racing tremendously I destroyed the final boss.
    However despite my efforts I had barely scratched the surface of this truely time consumming game. There was still areas to explore and items to find.
    This game is awsome to say the least. It is the true image of what the super NES was capable of. Topping Super NES greats such as Final Fantasy 3, Legend of Zelda, and more this title proves that 2D games are better in many ways than 3D. The huge world is only second to the tremendouse areas found in Castlevania SOTN. The bosses are difficult but not that difficult, they each have a specific pattern (Except for Ridley) and as such you must find their weakness. I honestly have no complaints about this game....more info
  • Pefect Game.
    Super Metroid is one of the best Nintendo Games I have played. It's as fun and exiting watching someone play it as it is playing by yourself. Although it get's easy to beat after a few times, you can see different endings according to how long it takes you to beat it.Graphics: 2 thumbs up.Story:Great story compared to some games I know.(I not saying the story line is bad or anything, but it can be better). I say: great game.Nintendo should make a gamboy advance game for it....more info
  • Scary music+Dark background= fun? I guess so.
    I can't get past the Brinstar for beans but let me say that this is a descent game. It is extremely challenging even with a players guide but yet is so fulfilling. It really shows what happens when jellyfish go bad. This is an innovative side-scrolling shooter that keeps you happy though I could do without the creepy music. The original Metroid had more catchy and exciting tunes. There's the only flaw besides the extreme difficulty....more info
  • The Best Game EVER!
    Super Metroid for the Super Nintendo is the best game for that system! Everything about that game is awesome! The Story, gameplay, enemies, weapons, music, places, and MORE! This is a MUST-HAVE game!...more info
    This game rocks. I love it! The graphics are friggin' amazing, the music is awesome, and there is a like a hundred upgrades! Get this game now! You won't regret it!...more info
  • a classic
    one of my all time favorite snes games...more info
  • This game is indescribably wonderous.
    I first got this game about a year after it came out as a gift from my cousin, who was practically obsessed with it. I was 7 years old at the time, and I never really made it that far. I liked it at that time, but not nearly as much as I liked games like Super Mario World, and other simplistic platform games (no disrespect to Super Mario World, it is a game that works on many levels from children to adults). So it collected dust for about 3 years, at which point I had bought and gotten bored with a Nintendo 64. I had been searching for a game to fulfill my craving for entertainment, and I pulled out Super Metroid. After starting it again, I barely let the controller out of my hands for 2 weeks. By the time I beat it, I had about 18 hours on my time. Still, though, I went back again as an attempt to collect every Missile expansion, every Super Missile expansion, every Power Bomb expansion, and every Energy and Reserve tank. I scoured Planet Zebes for countless hours, until I finally collected every powerup, visited every nook and cranny of the planet, and destroyed every enemy. It was one of the most satisfying experiences of my life, and since then, I've played every other Metroid game released, from the Metroid of the late 80's, to Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion of late 2002. Every one was a spectacular experience, but none were quite as good as Super Metroid. Although it was a mere sidescroller, with mediocre graphics and mediocre sound effects, the final combination of equipment is so intensely satisfying, that even after having completed every task of the game, I could continue being satisfied just cruising around the planet for multiple hours using the Screw Attack, just stalling before the final battle within the depths of Tourian.
    If you never in your life play this game, you should consider it one of the greatest shortcomings of any field of accomplishment concievable within our modern society. And that is only the tip of the iceberg as to how incredibly fantastic this game is....more info
  • Hard but amusing
    This is another one of my favorite snes games. It is great and everything but it gets very hard and confusing after u get far enough. The graphics r just the same as all of the other snes games and the sound is a little better than most snes games but is still not the best. It took me forever to figure out what to do so i stoped playing it. Then after a few years my friend pointed it out and i started playing it and finally beat it. I love metroid and this is one of my favorite games for the snes....more info
  • Best Metroid Game EVER!!
    This game is 100% I love it. It's so cool, you get to go and fight aliens and stuff. I love the Metroid games but this is number one. Youv'e gotta beat this weird thing called Mother Brain, and if You beat the game in under 3 hours you get to see Samus in a Bikini. My favorite items are the Super Missles and the Power Bombs. If you don't have this game and you have a SNES, GET THIS!! In this Metroid game you are a girl Samus because the boy died in Metroid 2 return of Samus. The hardest boss is Ridley, even if you beat Mother Brain you still have to beat Ridley again. Overall, this is a exellent game and only gamers who like challenges, Puzzles and really hard stuff that requires full Brain Power should take on the excitement of this game!!!...more info
  • My favorite SNES title
    "Super Metroid" is one of the few games of its ilk that I can come back to and play over and over again. Sure, it's not that hard for experienced gamers -- something I used to be, but no longer claim to be -- but who cares when you are having this much fun? And I don't care how good you are; you're never going to get all the items and find all the secrets without a player's guide. "Super Metroid" built upon the success and innovation of the original NES title and ended up being a true classic, a game that, for me, always worked as the video game version of the "Alien" film series. Very few games come close to this one....more info
  • Videogame perfection in the golden age of gaming.
    Super Metroid: The overall best video game of all time....more info
  • perfect game
    super metroid appears on nearly every list of the greatest games of all time.samus aran the hero of every game in the series is a woman and despite what at least 1 other reviewer said has never been a man.due to a misprint in the instructions of the original metroid game some believed samus was a man in the 1st 2 games but by earning the best ending for the games samus is proven to be a woman.samus also never died in any metroid game.the fact that samus is a woman and kicks butt instead of being a wimpy stereotype like barbie is 1 of the reasons that this is my favorite game.the game has good graphics perfect control a great story and unlike the 1st 2 games an in game map system that shows where youve been.the metroid series was created at least in part by gumpei yokoi also known as gunpei yokoi the creator of gameboy.super metroid is the last metroid game that yokoi helped to make since he died in a car accident a few years after the games release therefore it is more faithful to the creators vision than metroid fusion and metroid prime. if you can find a copy of this game buy it you will not be sorry....more info
  • Really tight game for super NES, could use a little work
    Super Metroid is absolutely one of the best games ever made for Super Nintendo. The graphics are astounding on the system for a side to side motion game, and has many different moves and weapons, with very little violence,which makes it suitable for younger kids.
    The controls are great, but it's quite hard to bounce off walls and accend higher, and unlike Metroid Fusion on GBA there are no directions what so ever to tell you where to go, so it took me a while to find my way around in the game. But there is no doubt that this is an excellent game, but I suggest purchasing it at a local game store....more info
  • The Best Metroid Ever!
    I was never that happy with my experience with the 3D Metriods as they felt to confining,and not deep.Although I haven't played Corruption yet.But Super Metriod is the game that got me reinvigorated about the series.Its just fantastic with plenty of puzzles,great Super Nintendo graphics and great controls.You can actually wall jump.The powerups,upgrades and special abilities you can acquire,as you go,are always rewarding to find.Altogether the game is simply a quintessential platformer style shooter with timeless and addictive gameplay.Buy it!...more info
  • perfect game
    This is a great game. Though I played it many years ago I can remember all of it and I am now compleatly replaying it . I would recommend this game to anyone no matter what kind of game you like because it is fun, interesting, challenging, and runs on a great gaming style of exploration. In short, buy this game....more info
  • Another SNES Masterpiece
    I was checking up on old SNES games to buy off amazon and came across this game. It was going for $30 at the time and I was thinking there is no way I'm going to pay that much for this game. Luckily, someone on my bus was selling his old SNES games. I offered him $5 and I got it.

    What he got was $5 to buy some more weed(cause he must have been smoking something to sell me this game for $5). I got one of the best Nintendo games of all time. It has an excellent story, excellent graphics and character models(by SNES standards), and the music is outstanding. Its by far the best soundtrack for any game(besides Donkey Kong Country). The game never gets old and it never ceases to amaze me how entertaining it is. I guess SNES games are like fine wine, they get better with age.
    ...more info
    After playing this game you will feel like you have just played with a gift from is that good! Buy it and love it like I do....more info
  • A timeless classic that will be remembered forever...
    Words cannot describe how blown away I was by this game when I played it for the first time at the tender age of about 8-10 years old. Being a huge fan of the original Metroid for NES (possibly the greatest game ever made, or equal to this one), I was frantic when I saw the commercial for this game on TV (Yep, I still vividly remember the commercial, even after all these years.) When i finally was able to purchase this game, I could barely handle the excitement. Sitting down and playing it, I was not the least disappointed. The graphics were amazing, the music atmospherically beautiful, and to be honest, I was completely captivated by the awesomeness of Samus's suit. I have played most of the great NES and SNES games, but none of them stand out in my memory as strongly as this one. I still remember getting stuck in Brinstar for a long time because I didn't know pressing "B" made the character run!!( this was the first game I ever played that had a run option, i believe). I vividly remember looking in the instruction booklet and anxiously awaiting finding the powerbombs. Anyway, this game is just great, so I'll break it down for you:

    Graphics-10/10 WOW...the graphics in this game were the best a console system had ever seen at the time. (I believe this came out before Mario RPG, Donkey Kong, and Chrono Trigger.). It was the first game to go beyond 16 bits and make it to 24 bits (amazing feat back then). The backrounds are great, and while in the Norfair stages the backround is wavey symbolizing the effects of the lava and extreme heat. The bosses are absolutely breathtaking, especially Kraid. Instead of the little itty-bitty Kraid that was in Metroid one, this one has been totally redone, and is bigger and badder than ever. Samus's suit looks great, and the weapons look awesome as well.

    Music-100,000/10 The music is absolutely beautiful and extraordinary. Hearing Brinstar's green theme for the first time was just amazing, and it is still stuck in my head. The more recent metroid game, "Metroid- Fusion" had a pretty low grade, techno-esque soundtrack, but this game is totally different. The music is often times somber and sad sounding, and often dark or mysterious. Every single levels song perfectly fits that area. The music for the Norfair area is quiet and dark sounding, fitting the darkness of the area, and the Maridia music is very eerie and brilliant, fitting for a water area. Definitely the greatest soundtrack ever for a video game, and even better than a lot of other music.

    Controls- 10/10 Controlling Samus is a breeze, anyone can do it. She stops moving when you take your hand off the buttons, and runs smoothly. You can also wall- jump among other things in this game. Like I said, this is one of, if not the first game to create the ability to run, which as small as it sounds is a great thing.

    Fun factor- 1,000,000/10...yep you read that right. There are plenty of power-ups to collect, among many other things such as missle containers and energy tanks. I've beaten this game probably 15-20 times, and it NEVER gets old. In fact, my SNES malfunctioned recently , deleating my Super Metroid file i had recently started. I was near the end of the game when it got deleted, but I still found myself playing it again without being bored or sick of it. In fact, I'm glad it got deleted, because now I can play through it again!!
    Seriously though, if you do not have this game you are missing out on the greatest video game ever created, and it isn't just for kids either, I'm 18 and i still love this game after 10 years. I would also recommend getting Prime, and the first Metroid. Zero Mission is also pretty good, but be aware it is extremely short, but still MUCH better than Fusion, which was a total let-down. ...more info
  • Is the best Metroid game ever!... wait till Metroid 4 GBA
    When it came out i didnt hesitate on buying it cause i owned it on nintendo and on Gameboy and it was a challenging and puzzling game.Now this one has more of the story into it and has a lot of action and motivation into playing it.I have been a Metriod fan since i was 8 yrs old back in 1990 and never changed, im just waiting for metroid 4 for Gameboy Advance to come out and im 19 yrs old. Ive been waiting a while for the next sequel from super nintendos super metroid. I recomend this one before playing metroid 4...more info
  • This is my favorite action/adventure game of all time!!!!!
    It's sort of funny how I came to own Super Metroid. Back in 1995, I had some money and I was looking to buy some used Super Nintendo games at the local Movie Gallery. I found one that I wanted, but I had enough money to buy one or two more. I didn't really see any others that I was dying to have, but Super Metroid looked spectacular from the back of the box and I had always heard about how great it was, so I went ahead and bought it. Little did I know that it would turn out to be my favorite game of its kind, and possibly my favorite video game of all time!

    When you first start a new game of Super Metroid, a short cinema that consists of 3D pictures and dialogue will start showing and telling the story. I could tell you the story, but that would spoil it.

    Your job is to control Samus Aran, and guide her through several different and challenging worlds that mainly consist of futuristic-looking aliens as enemies. While you make your way through the game, you can always pause the game and look at the map to see where you need to go and where you're currently at.

    Samus always has a gun that you can use, but there are several other weapons and gadgets that you can find somewhere in the game, and then use. There are missiles, super missiles, bombs, super bombs, other kinds of beams such as an ice beam, new suits such as a gravity suit for the underwater environments, the ability to run EXTREMELY fast, a grappling hook, X-ray vision goggles, extra energy units, and much more.

    But it's not a piece of cake for Samus. All over the place, are several different enemies that can fly, eat Samus alive, jump from one side of a room to the other, and more. There are also AWESOME bosses that you have to defeat. These bosses can range from a towering dragon that throws claws at you, a bird that has wings that never get tired, to the all-powerful Mother Brain, and others.

    Pretty much, Super Metroid is mainly about exploring the different environments. Samus starts out at scratch, with only one energy unit and a basic gun. You must find missiles, extra energy units, new suits, and all the other items, in order to be able to use them. The more items you find, the better off you'll be, and the better ending that you'll see at the end of the game.

    There are also items other than weapons or powerups that need to be found in each world, such as save points (for saving your game), map data, and more.

    Everything about Super Metroid couldn't have been any better. The graphics are haunting, well detailed, and couldn't have been any better for this type of game. The backgrounds have great effects such as lightning or morphing effects, and the characters in the game look very sci-fi and detailed. Just like the graphics do, the sound effects and music add to the science fiction and horror theme of Super Metroid. I'm one of the few lucky people in the world who is fortunate enough to own the Super Metroid soundtrack (it was only made in Japan and it's VERY hard to find), and let me tell you, it has the best music I have ever heard in a video game. All the tracks have that horror sound to them and they're all overly catchy.

    As for sound effects, all of the sounds from the explosions, to the screeching and terrorizing voices of the enemies, are unbelievable. Super Metroid's control is slick, without being too touchy or sluggish; it's perfect in other words. Finally, Super Metroid has the best replay value of any adventure game I've ever played. I've went all the way through the game at least 50 times, and I'm still not tired of it! And I KNOW that I will NEVER get tired of playing Super Metroid. It's fun to see how many of the items you can find and how fast you can get through the game.

    If there is anything bad about Super Metroid, it's the fact that it is only a one-player game. BUT, it is still one of the best games ever made. Super Metroid is as close to perfect as any game that has ever been made, in my opinion.

    If you own a Super Nintendo, Super Metroid is a MUST-HAVE! It's not only one of the best games for the Super Nintendo, it's one of the best video games of all time, for any system. Electronic Gaming Monthly recently published a list of the 100 best video games of all time, and they chose Super Metroid as the best game of all time. That's right, they chose it as #1. When you play it, you will see why! Get it today while you can!...more info

  • One of the most classic platformer games and perhaps one of the greatest games ever.
    I could ask every I see at school if they ever played Super Metroid and out of the 20,000+ students there, I'd estimate maybe 1/500 have played this amazing game. Despite the imense popularity of the Metroid series in the gaming world, Samaus Aran's exploits are unfortunately not well-known outside of geek gatherings. So I say to you, oh one-who-hath-never-played-Metroid. YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO PLAY THIS GAME IMMEDIATELY IF YOU VALUE ANYTHING THAT IS FUN!!!! Buying this game would probably be the most sound advice I'd give to anyone who wants a game that a.) anyone can play and beat, and b.) it is fun as hell.

    As for official stuff:
    1. Great Graphics (for SNES)
    2. Huge areas!
    3. Great power-ups
    4. Challenging, but not overstressful.
    5. Great replay value (go back and find all the items, beat the game in three hours).
    6. Rich enviorments and atmosphere.
    7. Great soundtrack.
    8. Kill a giant brain.
    9. Easy controls.
    10. EVERY ELSE IS DOING IT!!...more info
    When I say this is the best video game ever, i'm not kidding. I'v played many video games for many systems like Genesis, SNES, N64, Saturn, Playstation, Playstation2, NES, Atari Jaguar, and original Atari. I recieved it as a gift and considered returning it, since I knew nothing about it. That would have been the biggest mistake I had ever made in my life. Once I started playing this, I couldnt stop.

    This game has everything a gamer can want. Awesome graphics and sound, challenging gameplay, awesome moves, and incredible bosses. I loved it so much, I couldn't stop playing. This game creates such an awesome effect, you feel like you're there. I had been looking for a game that was a little harder, and I found it. I can go on and on about how great this game is. It's more of a role playing adventure than a video game. When I finally beat it, I almost cried, there was no more Super Metroid. Ever since then I'v been waiting for Samus to return in an all new Metroid adventure.

    There is no reason NOT to get this game. I can't think of anybody that wouldn't like it, except for a small child, because it would be too difficult and probably a bit scary. But if you've graduated from pre-school yet, GET THIS GAME. If you don't like it... well since that's impossible, I don't have to tell you what to do if you don't like it. GET THIS GAME. GET IT NOW. I'M NOT KIDDING. YOU NEED IT. BUY IT NOW....more info

  • This is pathetic!
    So the other day I was strolling around the mall, cool as usual. When I came across this place that was selling
    old video games. I figured "hey why not, I'll check this out". So this guy there starts giving me crap about buying
    a game, he said that I didn't have enough money. There was just no way I was paying $5 for a game this old! Talk
    about a pain in the face, so I obtained the game by other methods. I bought it off for $24 which was
    a pretty good deal I thought. The game is pretty awesome too. I'm playing it right now!!!...more info
  • Metroid on the Super Nintendo
    It's unbelievable to me how many perfect or near-perfect scores Super Metroid has received from game players all across the internet. To this day, gamers STILL have the time of their lives running, blasting and spin attacking their way through each and every area of the planet to reach the final stage and face the evil Mother Brain.

    Now, I'll be the first to admit that this game had me totally floored back in 1994 (which led to me spending an ENTIRE summer playing the game, much to my mother's displeasure) but I'm afraid over time I've began to notice a few small problems that make it very hard for me to give the game a perfect grade. Keep in mind I think Super Metroid is still, after all these years, one of the best adventure/shooters ever made, but I can't give in to childhood memories and whip out a 5-star rating. Sorry! One problem is the challenge. This game is incredibly easy. I can't believe so many people find it difficult to progress through the game. Come on, those nasty space pirates you fight in the beginning part of the game only require ONE hit to defeat! It's funny how something so nasty-looking can be defeated so easily!

    And the easiness doesn't stop there- throughout the game you encounter simple enemy after simple enemy. It's a shame, because one of the most important things about the Metroid series should be the challenge, and when you take that away you're left with a game that feels like it's intended for 5 year olds. I just wish it was like the original Metroid in that each enemy you walk up to requires a good four or five shots to completely destroy. Shooting and killing them with only one shot is ridiculous, especially when you consider that the weapon you're using to defeat them is just your regular blaster and not some kind of special upgrade. It also drives me crazy how every enemy you defeat seems to conveniently leave you a purple energy ball, and most of the time you will receive the BIG energy ball, and as you probably know the big ball is the one that recovers more of your health. Nintendo made the game so you can't lose, basically.

    My only guess is that this "challenge" gamers frequently speak of is the difficulty in finding all the weapons and other important items because, to be fair, MANY of the weapons and items in Super Metroid are hidden quite well. Without a walkthrough it's easy to miss something, even if you walk past the same area a hundred times. This is where your weapons, such as the power bomb, come in handy. Many of the secret areas throughout the planet require a power bomb to break through sections of a wall, and some of these places are where you least expect, because many times there's no sign something is hidden.

    I've heard other complaints about this game. Granted, they're not popular complaints (and only a small amount of people actually believe them). But I happen to be one of those people, and the complaint I'm speaking of is the lack of enemies throughout the planet. Many times you find yourself walking across boring empty areas, desperately searching for something to shoot. An example would be walking from the spaceship all the way to the Wrecked Ship area. On your way you only see a couple enemies around, and if you ask me there should be a LOT more. To be fair, again, this isn't a major complaint, but the more you play the game the more you notice things like this, and in the end you wish more weird-looking creatures or space pirates were around so you'd have something to shoot as you walk to the next area. I guess this is probably just me complaining about "never having enough". Well, tough. This is how I am, so you mine as well get used to it. :)

    The graphics are phenomenal, which is one HUGE positive with Super Metroid. You've heard countless times someone refer to something as "unique" and you're probably getting sick and tired of it. Well, in this case, the graphics ARE totally unique, because I can't think of another game out there that shares the kind of graphics featured in this game. I can understand people who aren't comfortable with the music in Super Metroid and find it disturbing. Just imagine how freaky the music was for me back in 1994 when a game like this was the first of its kind!

    Anyway, the one thing that makes this a must-own game and near classic is the long, gigantic maze of a planet you need to explore. Yes, despite the lack of challenge from the planet enemies (ALL of them) and the emptiness of much of the world, exploring each new room CAN be a lot of fun. You'll want to keep searching until you discover every little missile or energy tank available, and that is what a good adventure game should do.

    One thing that IS hard is the wall jump technique, which has a tendency to baffle many people. You see, you have to jump near a wall and press certain buttons on the controller at just the right moment, and you will bounce off the wall (any wall) and repeatedly bounce in an upward direction. If your timing is off just a *little* you won't be able to make the move happen, and Samus will fall straight down (not that falling down kills you instantly, unless you land on spikes and stay there). Some gamers can't master the wall jump, while others become really good at it and think it's a nifty way to grab hard-to-reach items early in the game. I think if you practice enough eventually you WILL be good at it. It is tricky, though. But when you finally get the hang of it, you'll find out how useful it is. I should also mention that the wall jump technique is NOT a requirement (except in one area). It's just a trick to learn if you feel like it.

    I can't think of anything else to talk about... oh wait, yes, those big ugly nasty bosses you have to fight are SO COOL! Kraid, as you've read by now, is a drastic improvement over his appearance in the original NES Metroid because now he takes up TWO SCREENS! Back in the day this was known as the coolest thing ever. Unfortunately, to bring back a complaint from early in my review, Kraid can be defeated by using only a few super missiles. Once again, this is making the game too darn EASY and Nintendo should have made Kraid, along with the rest of the bosses, harder to defeat. They should have made Kraid like in the original Metroid, where you were required to waste a LOT of regular missiles in order to defeat him. I love fighting that octopus-looking thing in the Wrecked Ship level. That thing is cool. Ridley is awesome and packs a mean punch. He's my favorite boss battle because it's all about power versus power. The Mother Brain is an absolute JOKE to fight. Even if you only manage to find 100 missles (there's 230 of them total) she's STILL a simple boss fight, and this includes BOTH her incarnations. Heck, in her second form when she changes into something bigger and badder, she's actually easier!
    The different areas of the planet are beautifully designed, too. I especially think Norfair, even though it's creepy and covered in fire, is a cool looking area featuring some of the scariest looking monsters and the sweetest background graphics in the game. Maridia, the underwater stage, is another very nice looking place filled with fish and other creatures, some of which live in the sand. I'm a little disappointed Tourian has only 15 Metroids for you to freeze and destroy, which is unlike the original Metroid where you had to face 30 of them or so.

    Even though it seems I am somewhat putting the game down, I think it's a wonderful, addicting game, and it comes very close to being one of the very best shooters ever. I believe if Nintendo had worked on the challenge I would have given the game a higher score. You should buy it. ...more info
  • A Masterpiece
    Super Metroid is a Masterpiece of Sci Fi Gaming. Originally released in 1994 on the SNES, Super Metroid has withstood the test of time and inspired countless other games and media productions. Every bit of the game has been carefully constructed and fine-tuned to weave the world of planet Zebes and it's underworld web of labyrinths. The Ambient Electronic soundtrack is absolutely haunting and beautiful, one of my favorite soundtracks of all time. I love the second Brinstar theme, which reminds me allot of a more ambient Depeche Mode, and both the Maridia Themes.

    A timeless Masterpiece!...more info

    Super Metroid is one of the best games of all time. There is so much challenge. I also love the storyline. I am a big Metroid fan. Anyone who loves the Metroid series will LOVE this game. Oh and by the way, have fun using the Grappling Hook(my personal favorite item)!!!...more info
  • This is the greatest game on the snes tied with Zelda
    Well I was always a fan of Metroid and always will be. I can play this game and know the next room before I enter. I know were to wall jump and g an item before get your exposed to. I even found every thing under a 2 hour time frame. I would like to call myself a Metriod master.

    Many people don't know, and always are saying this game is to easy. Well I have found a more difficult rout through this game and not many people know of it. Or may know one else knows. You can beat Kraid after Riddley and go through the game without gettin the Varia suit. Its a though route until you get to the point of the game were you have enough power ups. But if you want to know just contact me at and I can give the simple instruction on how to play this game at whole new level. If your up for the challange and don't know this little setting and have the patince for the task then contact me. I also know even taking risk of getting upgrades to get them quicker and clearing the game in record timing.

    But otherwise this is just a challange. A whole knew look at the game. So you won't be disappointed....more info
  • Oh my God I've wet myself
    There is no possible way you could NOT like this game and actually have a mind to play it with. This is quite possibly the best platform hopper game EVER. Hours of fun exploring, and a non-linear path so always finding the way to get to where you're going is tough. This game is a must-own....more info
  • One of the Top 100 Games of All Time.
    God plays this game on the weekends. 'Nuff said....more info
  • Best game ever!!!!
    So I had a real hard time deciding between this and Grand Theft Auto 3/Vice City. This wins due to epic theme and the fantastic alien graphics. The game play is astounding. This game is moderately challenging and entertaining to the end. I cried the first time I beat this game because I didn't want to Samues's adventure to end. This game is it. It doesn't get better. I'm gonna go cry now....more info
  • A little disappointing
    Before recently beating it, I hadn't played this game since I was nine-years-old when it came out in 1994. Back then, and up until last week, i thought it was the greatest game ever. In 1994 I remember playing it virtually all day, and when I finally finished it, writing to Nintendo thanking them and giving them new ideas for weapons and territories for a future metroid game.

    After recently buying a SNES off of eBay and beating SM again though, my opinion has changed drastically. It is still a fantastic game, but it is WAY TOO EASY. I only died a few times when I beat it this time around, and it was only because I used the energy refills sparingly. The boss battles are a joke, and there is no reason to cater to lazy, unskilled gamers by including maps and energy and missle refills. The beauty of the original Metroid is that it's challenging game, with no maps, energy, and missle refueling.

    I guess video games are a lot harder when you're nine-years-old.

    In conclusion, it is still a great game, but the greatest game of all time for me is now probably MGS 1,Goldeneye, or Zelda: Ocarina of Time....more info

  • Super Metroid
    This game rocked! It was great! Samus is back on the SNES with new weapons, new monsters, a totally new world, losts of strategy and hours ipon hours of fun with this one. Honestly, I could never find pars of this game that I didn't like because this is an all out great game.

    Easily one of the best re-vamped NES games, SUPER METROID is a must have for the SNES system. Really, check out this game and while you're at it, check out the other re-vamps for the SNES like MEGA MAN X, ZELDA : LINK TO THE PAST, MARIO ALL-STARS and SUPER CONTRA....more info

  • Horrible story execution?!
    Let me give you all a piece of advice, do not, I repeat, DO NOT pay any attention to the oakdale reviewer's review. The story is just fine and is executed perfectly. I don't have the patience to go through these games without codes so of course I used the invulnerability cheat. Yeah yeah I know what you are all thinking, but I don't care what you think anyways. Either way this game was a blast to play and I always wonder why I never bought it. The graphics are one of the absolute best for the SNES, as well as the music, sound, and control. I throughly appreciate how well the control responds because in this type of game the last thing anyone needs is frustrating control. The story is definitely not as bad as that oakdale idiot made it out to be. I think there have been a couple of reviewers that have already given the story away and I'm too lazy to write out the whole thing, heh. Let's just say that when you play the game you will appreciate the storyline, but what about the gameplay? Oh geez there is a ton of gameplay to be had, there are plenty of hidden rooms, extra power-ups, etc. The bosses, the enemies, the environment, etc. all of them are graphically enhanced and move along fluidly. The sound and music together both fit the game's sometimes eerie atmosphere. I enjoy this game a lot, and it's definitely one of the best games for the now-dead SNES. Buy it if you have an extra 33 dollars you can spare....more info
  • Best game ever
    This is hands-down one of the best games made ever for any console. Buy this game!...more info


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