Bosch 1294VSK 2.3 Amp Corner Detail Sander Kit

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Product Description

Designed for tradesmen and serious woodworkers, this sturdy detail sander kit features Bosch's revolutionary micro-filter dust canister for cleaner material, happier sanding, and healthier lungs. A true random orbit finishing motion--not an arc or pivot-- delivers precise, even finishing in corners and tight spaces with no swirls. An ergonomic soft-grip handle and low-vibration design ensures smooth running and optimal comfort. A three-position pad extends paper and pad life for fewer changes and less downtime. Vibrating at 13,000 to 19,000 orbits per minute, this double-insulated sander ensures fast, smooth results on all surfaces. Great for reconditioning trim without making a mess of the drywall, the sander comes with an array of sheet extenders for easily reaching into fine groove details, nooks, and contours for clean, smooth surfaces ready for paint or stain. A handy dial selection lets you choose 6 different speeds for sanding a wide variety of materials. Unlike many sanding pads that wear unevenly, rendering sheets useless when most of the grit is still there, this detail sander's triangular pads turn a full 120 degrees to utilize the whole sheet. Hook-and-loop attachment makes it easy to attach and detach grits through each stage of the sanding process without ruining sheets. The purchase is covered by a Bosch, limited 1-year warranty. What's in the Box
20 sanding sheets, polishing pad, extension plate, 2 narrow extensions (flat/oval), plastic case

  • 2.3 amps and 13,000 to 19,000 OPM ensures fast, smooth results on all surfaces
  • True finishing sander motion with no arcing or pivoting; tool-free pad changes
  • Ergonomic soft-grip top designed for comfort
  • Includes 20 sanding sheets, polishing pad, extension plate, 2 narrow extensions (flat/oval), plastic case
  • 2.4-pounds; 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Bosch 1294VSK Detail Sander works great!
    After comparing several detail sanders, I decided to get this Bosch kit and I have not been disappointed! This sander is well built, durable, and easy to use. I have used this sander on a number of projects already and absolutely love the performance it provides. It sands quickly and effortlessly even on hardwoods like oak. Changing out the backing pads is so easy and requires no tools. I had to do some searching to find replacement accessories for it but finally found everything at I use extra backing pads to hold different grits of sanding paper triangles. When I switch from a heavy or medium grit paper to a finer grit paper, I simply replace the pad equipped with the desired grit instead of peeling the paper off of the pad and replacing it with the proper grit paper. It makes switching back and forth with different grits of paper easier and faster. For small projects, that is not an issue. has this sander attractively priced and the sander provides a lot of bang for the buck. ...more info
  • Santa's Little Helper
    Each year for Christmas it's my job to find the perfect "power tool" for my boyfriend. I cannot tell you how pleased he has been with this year's gift, his Bosch sander. Not only did we get the Christmas morning whoops of joy, but I hear about this project or that project on a weekly basis - so he must love it. Now if any of you out there can help me get him to understand that we ladies like jewelry as much as men like power tools, I'd appreciate your input....more info
  • Really good sander
    I ordered this through Amazon and they shipped it out fast (as usual). I tried it out and this really works great!! I had on old B/D Mouse sander that was breaking down and always got sawdust everywhere. I hooked up the adapter (VAC002) and found that it fit the tool great but the other end was a tad large for my smaller shopvac connection. To remidy this, just wrap some black tape around the end of the hose and you are ready to go. (not sure why the other guys who rated the VAC002 didn't think of that). Sanding with the vacuum on was great!! I used it on some "finish yourself" cabinates and it worked just fine. Noise and vibration are there, but not nearly as bad as one would think. The adjustable speed helps keep control of the unit as well. Wonderful little unit; if you have need of sanding and don't want the mess, you really should order one for yourself!...more info
  • Powerful Detail Sander
    Bought my kit and am very happy with the system. I followed a tip from one of the other comments and use my old Dewalt pads to make pads for the attachments. Works great and is very convenient since I always have lots of the 5" h&l pads.


    Still confused about which attachment to buy to hook the unit up to my dust collection system but you can't have everything....more info
  • Good sander some drawbacks
    I bought this sander several years ago and use it a lot at times in building guitars and other detail work. It is uniquely useful at times. It is great for shaping irregular parts such as guitar necks when one is nearly finished with the neck and for faceted curved parts.
    A few negatives tho. Dust removal on any but the shortest triangular pad is very poor hooked up to a vac. Also, very hard to get a wide range of sandpaper for all the pads. I cut up old 5 hole loop and hook sandpaper which as become tattered at the edges. It still works well. Sometimes doesn't stick all that well but very useful.
    It is very easy to burn an adapter pad and I have burned several and haven't been able to find replacements.
    Seems durable and well made. Kind of noisy but I like it's variable speed and aggressiveness at high speed. ...more info
  • Good product, hard to find accessories
    I purchased this product to resurface my kitchen cabinetry. Works very well and strips old finishes even in hard to get at corners and offsets. Sands evenly. Changing out extensions, changing speeds, etc. is simple and convenient. Nice hard, compact case for storage. Finding anything other than what comes with the kit though, is a chore. Read the other reviews for places to obtain the sanding sheets....more info
  • Great Corner Sander
    This corner detail sander is one of the best tool purchases that I have made. I used to use my hand to sand the corners, and I always felt pain in my finger tips after sanding. With the user of this corner detail sander, I don't have that problem any more. Moreover, I can sand faster and with less effort using this sander than using my hand to sand.

    This tool can kick up some dusts if you don't connect it to a shop vac. I am not talking about a lot of dusts -- much much less dusts than those coming from a circular saw or an angle-grinder. Still, connecting it to a shop vac will keep the dusts in the air to the minimum. I use Bosch VAC001 15-ft friction fit hose to connect it to a shop vac, and they work fine together.

    We can turn the triangle-shaped sanding pad around. Then we can use all three corners of the triangle-shaped sand paper. This is a necessary feature because most of the wears are at the corner of the sand paper.

    Please note that although this sander is relatively low profile, its handle is long. This means you may not be able to use it in very tight space (as in a small shoe rack). In that case, you may want to sand the surface before you assemble the pieces together; then you don't have any corner to sand.

    The only downside is that you probably cannot find the right kind of sand papers in your local stores if you finish using the sand papers that come with the kit. Therefore, you may want to order sand paper in advance.
    ...more info
  • The best corner detail sander on the market.
    I'm a professional cabinet maker and I put a lot of hours on the Bosch sander trough out the week. It is a great sander for getting into corners and detail work. This is my second one. My first one lasted about ten years and then stopped. I immediately got a new one. The new one is more powerful , quieter and smoother running. ...more info
  • A Great Detail Sander
    This is a sander that does exactly what it promises to do. It can remove stock at an astonishing rate and reach places that even Heineken can't. I don't know how I would have done some of the refinishing work I have done without it and I probably use it more than I should given the comment below.

    The attachments that come with it are critical to its versatility and I use all of them. But, be aware that you have to take good care of them. If you destroy the surface of them so the paper will no longer adhere, replacing them is so expensive you might as well buy another saw. The saw is so good and so powerful, that would be a real waste. My attachments are, unfortunately, in pretty bad shape (I found out too late)but the sander is so great that I will just have to bite the bullet and buy another complete kit since I don't want to try to live without it....more info
  • detail sander
    I bought this sander to use on metal: bronze, copper, silver. I really like it. It works well and feels solidly built. I have never used the extension pads, but they look like they may be useful someday. ...more info
  • Not to bad but not the best either
    It was rather easy to use but the sand paper did not last very long.. Over all, I would rate this tool a 3 on your scale of 5....more info
  • One of the best
    I bought the Bosch detail sander because of it's name and reputation. It performed as good if not better then expected. I finished a stairway that had a lot of hard to reach places to sand and it performed exceptionaly well. It saved me a lot of time....more info
  • Very useful tool
    I primarily construct cabinets and furniture, and I've found this tool to be extremely useful, especially in situations where I've got glue squeeze-out residue from, for instance, dadoed shelves, dividers, and cabinet box inside-corner joints. Sure, you can use a square or circular random orbit palm sander to get up to those edges, but you're either not getting right up the adjacent face of the joint, or you're leaving tell-tale scratches on the adjacent face from the side of your sander. With the Bosch tool, that problem is non-existent, since only the edge of the sandpaper is contacting the corner joint. The sander is surprisingly powerful for it's small size, and the true random-orbit action makes quick work of sanding out even the tightest corners. The hook-and-loop attachment is a very welcome feature, and the tool is quite comfortable to use, even for extended periods. I've previously owned the Ryobi corner sander, and this thing makes that unit look like a kid's toy! Very highly recommended....more info
  • nothing compares
    this little unit is really a gem. The only down side was finding sanding pads ...found the b&d mouse pads fit it i have been using those for the triangle and then cutting the scap to make profile pads...they work great and HD sells them for about 4.50 a box.....enjoy...oh and no issues with unit that others had noted...I used it for stairs, a wood ceiling and a couple pieces of old funiture i wanted to prep for refinish and even using it for 6-7 hours no problems...though i will say i wish it had a dust bag...the hose option is a bit clumsy......more info
  • Amazing detail sander!
    We are building a sailboat and had avoided buying a detail sander for three years, because the ones we'd seen had little power and were flimsy. When we needed to get into corners, we used a Dremel tool with a sanding drum. We burned out one Dremel tool, and then went through five of the (returnable) hardware-store brand. One day, a friend brought over her Bosch detail sander and we were astonished. We went out and bought one right away, and several months of hard use later we're still very happy with it. We've worn out the triangle sanding pad (esp. its corners) so we'll be replacing that, but we've been extremely happy with the tool itself. We should have bought one when we started the boat! It's as good as our Porter-Cable random-orbital, and that's saying something!...more info
  • Site for the narrow (32mm) sandpaper
    There are 3 grits of narrow extender paper that I have found:
    SDNR060, SDNR080 and SDNR120. Try and
    search on any of these 3 SKU numbers.

    All the best....more info
  • Detail Corner Sander
    This tool does a nice job, but it is hard to find sand paper for for the narrow extender attachment. I have been looking for about six months. The standard triangle paper is very available. ...more info
  • great detail sanding
    excellent design, solid construction, and good features.

    i purchased this deatil sander (+ a 5" ro sander) to recondition the woodwork in our home (trim, casing, doors, closets, etc). the sander easily handled the trim work without destroying the drywall, the window casing corners and nooks, and even the countoured trim nicely.

    some if its good features include:
    *) a dial selection of speed settings from 1 - 6.
    *) unlike the dremel this unit boasts true random orbit sanding.
    *) the main sanding pad is shaped like a triangle and can be reorientated 120 degrees to get full usage of the sanding sheets w/o tearing off the sanding sheets.
    *) good selection of sanding sheet extenders.
    *) dust port for shop vac attachment.
    *) sturdy construction.

    i compared this unit to the dremel and felt the dremel was too flimsy, especially where the sanding pad attaches to the main body. the bosch's sanding pad is more sturdy and locks into place solidly with no play.

    i am satisified with this tool, it even performed better than i expected....more info
  • Disappointed
    After a few days of intermittent use, with an "electrical burning" smell the entire time, my unit stopped running. When I returned it to my dealer, he had replaced another unit with the same problem, using his last Bosch in stock. After reading that others are also having similar problems, I switched to Fein....more info
  • great time saver
    I have the earlier model of this sander and have saved tons of time with it. Sanding action is excellent, but it tends to run a little hot with prolonged use. Maybe the newer model has been improved in this regard. In addition, it's hard to find sandpaper that fits....more info
  • Replacement pads
    If you can't find them here, you can order replacement pads from International Tool Corp. at They carry all grits and sizes....more info
  • Designed well but problems with electrical
    I love the Bosch line of tools, I need a very dependable detail sander and I am still hoping that Bosch will be the sander, I have bought three detail sanders from Bosch, two of which have failed after just a few hours of which each I smell electrical odor before they fail, I will take this last one back and get another one shipped, but there is deffinately a flaw with the electrical, probably the brushes, I was hoping others may have had the same problem??? Again I love the design but there is an electrical problem where they simply stop and just after a few hours of use, I believe in Bosch and will try again, Home Depot here we come!
    Respectfully Dwight...more info
  • Bosch 1294VSK
    I bought this sander at a woodworking show in Richmond, I had no dealer to go back to.After using up the few sanding pads from the show I could not find any at Lowes or Hd so I started using the Feine stick on pads from my other sander or making my own sticking them on w/contact cement. now that the sanding plate has been gummed up w/cement, I need a new plate. I have a email request in to Bosch about this. Lets see how soon if ever they reply.With so many other similar sanders at HD or Lowes I would not recommend buying the bosch 1294sk....more info
  • Love the sander - Why not sell the Pads?
    I don't understand why you don't sell the Hook & Loop Pads for this sander? It performs well and is highly recommended....more info
  • No Supplies
    I have a unit similar to this, uses the same pads, you sell the detail sander, but not the H&L sanding pads! What's with that?...more info