Monster Cable MP HTS800 Home Theater PowerCenter HTS800

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8 AC Outlets / 1 Pair Coaxial / 1 Pair Phone Jack / Surge Protection

The fact is, analog audio equipment is sensitive to a different type of noise than video, just as video is sensitive to a different type of noise than digital, and so on. In the past, manufacturers have used filters to combat the problem of noise introduced via power sources. Unfortunately, the filters were not optimized to attenuate at the different frequencies that are unique to digital, analog audio, and video realms. Products that managed to deliver truly cleaner AC power were thousands of dollars in price, out of reach for most people. Enter Head Monster Noel Lee. An uncompromising audiophile, Lee joined forces with Richard Marsh, the world's foremost expert on AC power, to develop affordable solutions to AC power problems. The result? Monster Clean Power.

Internal View of HTS5100

Internal view showing the various filters and advanced circuitry. Pictured is the HTS5100.
Rear View of HTS 5100
Rear view showing the component-assigned outlets. Pictured is the HTS5100.
More Than Just Surge! -Monster Clean Power
The following overviews of Monster's isolated, specially tuned Clean Power filters demonstrate the methodology behind Clean Power's development. The higher the Clean Power stage, the more advanced the noise filtration. The more advanced the noise filtration, the higher the level of component-to-component isolation.

  • Isolated Clean Power Digital Filters
    Optimized to reduce noise generated by digital equipment digital filters isolate digital components from connected analog audio and video components for maximum rejection of interference.
  • Isolated Clean Power Video Filters
    Optimized to reduce noise generated by video equipment, video filters isolate video components from connected digital and analog audio components for maximum rejection of interference.
  • Isolated Clean Power Analog Audio Filters
    Optimized to provide maximum noise rejection for sensitive analog audio components, audio filters isolates audio components from connected digital and video components for maximum rejection of interference.
  • Isolated Clean Power Ultra-High Current Filter
    Optimized for maximum noise rejection, ultra-high current filters provide maximum current to high power components such as surround sound amplifiers.
  • Reference Home Theater Power
    Monster PowerCenters also offer the most comprehensive home theater system protection available, featuring higher joule ratings for faster acting, full capacity surge protection. Monster's Multiple SurgeGuard and Tri-Mode Circuitry instantly detects any voltage surge or spike and immediately suppresses it before it can reach your components. And, for your total peace of mind, the latest generation of Monster Home Theatre Reference PowerCenters come with higher Connected Equipment Guarantees (CEGs).

    Unlike other surge protectors, the PowerCenters' ultra low-loss RF circuitry provides maximum protection with virtually no signal loss, especially important with the advent of HDTV. In addition, all PowerCenters display current draw and voltage.

    Monster recognizes that convenience is vital, too. The PowerCenters feature component-assigned color coding with matching power cord labels for easy identification, and all are rack mountable, for easy integration into custom installed rack mount systems.

    Get All The Performance You Paid For
    With Monster Power's Home Theatre Reference PowerCenters, you'll get the best possible audio and video performance from your home theater system.

    • Monster Clean Power Stage 1 v2.0 filter to provide noise-free power to your sensitive electronic components.
    • 8 ft. Monster AC power cable with FlatProfile right angle plug provides flexibility for installations.
    • Color-coded, labeled outlets and matching cord labels for easy hookup.
    • Eight outlets total, including three spaced for use with AC adapter transformers.
    • Audible and visual indicators for damage, protection, and ground status monitoring.

    Customer Reviews:

    • Guess it's fine - as long as it protects my system
      Can't tell any difference as far as a cleaner signal, but as long as my system is protected from surge that's all that really matters to me. I do wonder though if this really makes a difference over a regular surge protector at a fraction of the price.

      No complaints, but also no noticeable signal improvement or cleaning....more info
    • Monster Cable Power Center HTS800
      After plugging into the HTS800, I noticed an immediate improvement of the picture on our tv. There was no more interference and the clarity was improved as well. I feel much safer knowing that the protection against spikes and surges is there too. ...more info
    • the difference is visable
      being the "techno-goober" that i am, i can tell a difference between this and the power-strip that i used before.

      this cleans the power that arrives at your devices.
      i used to have "flubs" in power going to my devices causing them to flicker, or sound to go "wonkey".

      i currently have plugged into this:
      my 32" HDTV, Digital Cable Box (with HD out) DVD/Surround Sound and my x-box.

      i've been using this for about a month now and i can tell a clear difference. a recommended product for anyone with expensive equipment that you want to keep in full working order.

      ...more info
    • monster power center
      very good product for the money, was able to velcro the unit to the back of my tv stand and you cant even see it...more info
    • Surge Protector ?
      I already had a "regular" surge protector before I bought an HDTV but I live in an area with frequent electrical storms ... so I thought that this device would keep me from having to unplug it every time it storms. Quoted from the instructions: Warning-Storm Precautions. In the event of a lightning storm, immediately disconnect your Monster PowerCenter from its power source. :( Just thought other buyers would like to know. ...more info
    • power strip
      works well as this is the 2nd one I purchased. Like all monster products they tend to be overpriced, however with exceptional quality...more info
    • It works, I guess.
      Replaced my ancient surge protector with this power strip that acts not only as a surge protector, but power conditioner. Does it really work? I have no idea. My municipal utility has always delivered high quality power, so I have no idea if the power conditioning is adding any value. Just a leap of faith on my part. I can't notice any difference in my picture quality. I figure it can't hurt and can only help.

      I do like the ergonomic features. Certainly color coding and labeling of which plug is for what piece of equipment is great! No more searching for the right plug. I also like the fact that they provided 2 widely spaced plugs so wall-warts can fit. Those design features are certainly worth a premium over your average power strip....more info
    • I Guess That it Works
      This surge protector was a "throw in" from the dealer where I recently bought my HDTV. Would I have actually bought it otherwise? Probably not.

      Sure, it's specs are impressive and it seems to be built well. I also like the fact that the outlets are spaced widely enough to plug in a wallwort power source or two.

      The "problem" with stuff like this is that, unless you have some way to test it, there's no way to tell if it's providing a cleaner throughput than just plugging your gear into a wall outlet.

      Now I certainly don't recommend not using a surge protector on expensive electronics. I have them on my main HT system, my bedroom HDTV and DVD player and my computer gear. It's certainly cheap insurance.

      Monster has been around for years and I've used some of their cables. I've often asked myself whether or not their extra cost is worth it. All I can answer is that Monster products provide me with a sense of security (falsely or otherwise) so I guess the peace of mind makes the $50 item worth more than the $10 item....more info
    • Solid Surge protector
      This is a very well made surge protector. I'm not a fan of the Monster Cable company due to their overblown pricing, but I do put my trust into a few of their products. Although I have yet to really see the benefits of it's surge protection (I'm sure it's been doing so, but of course I don't notice it), what I did notice is it's ability to clean the power going through. I have several TVs in my house and when I run the vacuum cleaner you do see some noise getting to the picture except for the one hooked up to the PowerCenter. While Monster's speaker wire price/quality ratio isn't worth it to me, their power products I do see the value in....more info
    • Shorted out in a year and a half of use
      After a year and a half it shorted out. Smoke eminated from the unit and it filled our home with an awful burnt electronics smell. I'm disappointed and expected more from such an expensive but poorly constructed surge protector....more info
    • Very Satisfied
      The monster power surge protector improved the picture and sound quality of my home theater system. The spacing of the outlets for plugs is ideal and adapters fit easily. It was a nice suprise to receive gold connecting cables with it to connect to the cable box. ...more info
    • Good Price
      Got this product to protect my new Samsung LN46A750 46-Inch 1080p DLNA LCD HDTV with RED Touch of Color.

      Pretty self-explanatory product and everything was clearly marked. As long as it does its job I will be happy.

      ...more info
    • So Far So Good!
      I have owned this power center for about a month now, and you know something is good when you don't even notice it.

      No issues!...more info
    • You pay for a lot of features that you do not need
      I bought this surge protector at a reduced price, which I thought was a good deal but actually wasn't in hindsight. After much evaluation, I feel that this product is worth at most $30.

      Features that I found useful:
      - The specification says it can withstand a power surge up to 1850 joules, which should be adequate for a thunderstorm.
      - Spacing of the outlets is reasonable.
      - The 8-foot power chord is long enough and is wrapped by plastic of good quality.
      - It has phone line protection. It is a plus for me because my phone happens to be placed right next to my TV.
      - It has power indicator light and grounding status light.

      Features that I found useless:
      - The colorful labels are not helpful because, if you really care, you should tag the cables instead of the outlets. Also, how often are you going to look at the colors once the whole thing is shuffled beneath the furniture?
      - The so-called $27 bonus value is exaggerated. The coaxial cable is hardly needed, especially if you have cable TV. The phone cable can be bought for under $2.
      - The audible alarm adds no value because, if you use the electronics, any power outage will be noticed immediately.
      - The 24K gold plugs do not seem to perform better than regular plugs.
      - The CleanPower Stage I functionality reduced the ghost shadows of my cable TV by only a little bit (like, two shadows instead of three). This product probably doesn't help much in new buildings where power supplies are already quite clean. After all, many factors may contribute to ghost shadows. Dirty power is only one of the many possible causes. (However, it does appear to stablize the power enough to allow my TV to turn on during a brown-out, which could not be done before. I don't know if it was only a coincidence.)
      - I didn't have any hope for the $150,000 warranty offered by Monster Cable to begin with, because I think it will work just like all other too-good-to-be-true warranties on the market. Read other reviewers' comments to see for yourself whether you can count on it.

      I probably could have bought what I really needed for about $15 if I bothered to spend many more hours to hunt for bargains. I feel that I paid mostly for convenience, vanity, and perhaps some false sense of assurance. This product can be a decent surge protector, but is definitely overpriced....more info
    • Burned Out After One Year of Use
      I bought this Power Center at Amazon last year at this time. Last weekend it just stopped working. There was no surge and no storm, but suddenly everything that was connected to it turned off. When we went to check on it, it was very hot, and would not reset or turn on again. It worked fine for the year that we had it, but for the price, I expected it to last longer. The HD Plasma TV works just as well and the power is just as "clean" with the Belkin PureAV PF30L Home Theater Power Conditioner that I bought at Sam's Club for $29.86. Not that it matters too much, but the Belkin is much more attractive too.
      ...more info
    • Full-function Power Supply/Surge Protector
      I bought this for a new HDTV. Picture is great so it is doing the job well! Really like the color coded outlets and the extra space for big ac adapters....more info
    • Easy to install
      The PowerCenter was easy to set up. Basically just plug in. Really did not notice in any change in picture quality after attaching the cable. The cable connections are in a slightly awkward spot, would recommend attaching them first, then plugging everything else in. Everything came on time....more info
    • Surge Protection and Power Noise Reduction
      Surge protection is not the only issue one need consider with respect to television, stereo, or computer hardware. AC power noise is another aspect to consider in order to maximize the quality and life of your investments. I found the Monster Cable PowerCenter a fine small investment for surge protection while also allowing a modest improvement in TV picture quality. ...more info
    • Great product
      Great bang for the buck if your looking for an inexpensive but good quality surge protector,also if you have an HDTV you need a special type of protector like this one,because the TV's are much more susceptible to power surges,and this Monster Cable Powercenter is meant for HDTV's and other sensitive electronics. ...more info
    • Monster MP HTS800 Review
      This power center provided everything I need for my home theater setup. The only feature I wish it had is a shutoff option for certain accessories to eliminate phantom power. ...more info
      I had this model surge protector and it does not clean or filter power! Call monster cable and ask,you need the better models hts1000,mkII 3500,and better for power filtering or conditioning. Good quality surge protector,nice layout but not worth the extra cash, you can buy a just as good quality surge protector for around $25 bucks.DO NOT BE FOOLED OR FOOL YOURSELF INTO THINKING THIS SUREGE POTECTOR MAKES VIDEO OR AUDIO BETTER! I've seen other reviews thinking it did!...more info
    • Outstanding Value
      This item is the EXACT same item Circuit City sells for $89. With the free shipping AND no sales tax, I saved big time for the exact same product. What's not to like....more info
    • Monster Cable HTS800 Power Filter
      Used this product for 1 month now. The construction of this unit looks better than the competition. Only time will tell if it actually is better. Like all Monster products, if it looks better and you feel better about it then that's all that counts....more info
    • Good Product
      Had this now for quite a long time and it's still holding up. Can't really complain about it, plenty of plug inputs and the labels are nice. Outside of that it's probably a little more than I would spend on another power strip, but for my main entertainment center I figured "why not"...more info
    • Who knows exactly how good it is?
      I haven't placed a scope on the input or output therefore, I don't know how good job of filtering and protection it provides. All components connected to it perform well. I was told by my cable co. not to put the cable or phone line through it because when the cable box is updated every few days that it will not come through this unit. Therefore, I don't run my cable conection through it. It is a very user friendly and attractive unit.
      I'm well pleased with the price from [...]....more info
    • I noticed an immediate difference, and it adds peace of mind.
      The house I live in was built in 1939; they didn't have TVs back in 1939; the outlets aren't even three prong grounded except for one the landlord had to have put in with a higher capacity circuit to accomodate that new fangled gadget--the air conditioner.

      So when I picked up my new Sharp Aquos, 1080p, 42" television I was very susceptible to the pitch that I should buy only the most expensive surge protector / line noise reducer possible, the more expensive the better--but I'm not a sucker so I didn't buy it right there and then.

      Next store, Best Buy, the salesperson recommends the HTS800 as the minimum, and he recommends more expensive ones but not with as much zeal. The difference is that the Best Buy salesperson doesn't work for commission. The logic is of course that if you're going to spend $1500 for a TV, you might as well spend another $100 or so to protect it from electrical surges and clean up the picture static caused by line noise in both our ancient power supply and by our cable provider.

      I find this on Amazon for no less than a 40 percent discount over what I can find it for anywhere else, and order it, but before I open the package I go to the Monster website to make absolutely sure this one is adaquate--and it is. The difference between this and higher end ones is the capacity and the ability for the unit to not only shut off and sound an alarm when there's a surge, but also turn everything back on safely.

      This one will turn off everything that's hooked into it and sound an alarm, besides cleaning up the line noise, but that's as far as the description goes.

      OK, so I open the package and hook it up. WOW. Absolutely huge difference in the picture on the set. I don't think a more expensive one would make a great difference or that it would be worth it for me--on my level of home entertainment--to pay more for a 'better' one.

      And then, one day soon after, I hear an alarm warning me about a dangerous surge, but it doesn't shut down the system. Perhaps just to assure me, another day it does shut down the cable box only AND then came back on.

      But the real prize is the picture. There is a huge difference between the quality of the picture on my HD television with this filtering the power and cable lines. I'm thinking of buying another one for my old TV--a Sony Trinitron--because I'm sure it must make a difference there as well.

      BOTTOM LINE: If you live in a fairly new building, your electrical system is probably not as much of a hazard as mine, but might be just as noisy. And surges are always a big risk, even if you have all new appliances. For what you spend on items like televisions, stereos, and game systems, it's worth paying a bit more to protect them from the kind of damage that insurance wont cover--wear and tear--as well as allow them to perform as intended--better than they do while on display at your local electronics store in fact.

      This item will not only protect your sensitive electronics, but make them better as well. Clearer images, clearer sound, and it's just plain smart design.

      Now that I have this one, I definitely would pay for the next level up from this model but I'm also confident that this is all I need. A higher level one has more features, but for my home entertainment purposes I doubt it would really add anything. If one day I really go all out in terms of buying a full home theatre system, I'll spend a couple of hundred dollars on the best one, but this one was made for people like me now who don't have such high end needs but want better-than-expected performance....more info
    • Monster
      It does the job. My wife did spill water on it, and it did not phase this thing. Never go cheap when protecting your audio visual equipent....more info


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