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Balance Board is the perfect exercise equipment to develop your balance and coordination. Balance Board Surface is high quality hardwood plywood balance board surface includes anti-skid strips for better and safer control minimal assembly required - roller only balance board is completely finished using a high quality polyurethane excellent for the skiing enthusiast or anyone who wants healthy Exercise. It can be used in a standing, kneeling, or sitting position weight limit is 300 pounds game Size: length 31 1/2"; width 10"; thickness 3/4"; height with wheel 6 1/4"

  • Great exercise for kids of all ages
  • Used by trainers for years
  • Develops coordination
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Supports up to 250 pounds

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Fun for Everyone!!
    I could stand on this thing for a whole month and I wouldn't get bored with it. You can do it while watching TV, while studying, or while sucking a lollipop. I love it, and I hope you love it too....more info
  • Balance board a hit!
    Sometimes with toys, the simpler the better. This is a simple toy that was a hit with the grand neices ages 7 - 12. ...more info
  • fun for the whole family
    This is great fun for all ages, my 10 yr.old son balances on it while he plays his X-box!!...more info
  • balance board
    I had one when I was a kid. You can't beat this action packed activity! It brings hours of balancing fun. My children love it too! I purchased it for my ten year old. The whole family uses it..when I'm not on it....more info
  • Kitten's Review
    This toy is a lot of fun. My friend got one and i stepped on it once and was hooked from that moment on. If there is any toy you should get this Christmas it is this....more info
  • Not What I Expected
    Well I read the reviews and it sounded like a fun toy. So I tried it out before I gave it to my kids. Well the kids never got it. I almost broke my back on that thing. Sounded like a fun toy to practice balance. Is it really possible to balance on it without holding on to a wall or something? If so, please enlighten me. Sounded fun but after I tried it, not so much. I left it outside and my dog thought the wheel was a chew toy. =0) I also thought the wheel was somehow attached to the board. It is not so when you lose your balance the wheel goes a flying. If you like a challenge then go ahead a buy it. If you value your spine, then I would think twice....more info
  • Great for all ages FUN!!!
    This was a great gift for my six year old and he and his dad can
    play on it all the cousins ages 5-17 played with it for hours at
    a party!!!...more info
  • Great for the family - a skill builder
    This balance board was recommended by a teenage friend who is a good snowboarder. She said that using this balance board off-season made a big positive difference to her. My kids need help with their balance so I ordered it - I must say, it is a great balance/reaction builder that is fun. You can up the ante by playing video games or playing catch while balancing. Very well built and definitely worth the money!...more info
  • The Balance Board is the Best!
    We are ages 12 and 10 and we adore the Balance Board. We got it as a gift from our friends. I (the 12 year old) have to for school write down how much excercise we do each day. The Balance Board is the perfect activity for when it is raining, snowing, etc. I (the 10 year old) am a competitive gymnast and the Balance Board is a great way to get stronger and have fun too!
    As you can see, we both love the Balance Board but we wish that you offered it at a cheeper price. Thanks....more info
  • Tricky but well-made
    This is well-made and sturdy, from solid wood. It's trickier to balance on than the one I used in P.T., probably because the wheel is larger. It will take a few days, but if you keep trying, you'll eventually be able to stay balanced for 30 seconds or more. My grandkids love to try it when they come over, but they're not as good as I am--yet! Should be good for the "core" muscles....more info
  • Anonomous
    FABULOUS!!! I bought this for our 9 year old...No one can resist practicing balancing on it, often for long stretches of time, and including not only our child's freinds, but often their parents, and even grandparents! Everyone loves this balance board. It's extremely sturdy/heavyweight/durable, seems to be a professional quality sports item- just like you might see in school gyms, or in use for professional sports players training. Seems fine for younger children too. Seems indestructible. No reqrets on this purchase- well worth the investment!...more info
  • Well balanced fun
    I bought this last Christmas for my 10-year old nephew and now every time I visit their house, I'm on it and it is addicting even as a supposed adult. I keep thinking 'ok I've mastered it I can stay off it and let the kids play', but I keep begging them to let me have a turn. It is excellent for developing balance skills and we all have fun encouraging each other and taking turns. Now my 6-year old would like one and I sure hope Santa brings us... I mean, her one this Christmas.

    As for durability - it has always been kept inside and used on carpeting, doing it on a smooth surface is still to challenging for me. It has held up well even with all the adults using it too. ...more info
  • Balance Board Fun
    We have an eight-year-old and ten-year-old. This toy is a hit with them and with us as well. It is always out, visiting friends can't resist hopping on. This toy is also recommended and used in the "smart school" program for increasing balance skills and overall physical well-being. You can't go wrong with this one!!!!...more info
  • balance board is awsome
    The balance board was fun and challenging. It is even enjoyable if your watching some one do it. It can keep you busy for hours. I also would reccomend a pogo stick if you like this....more info
  • WOW is this fun!
    Woaaaaaaaaaa! Woooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaa! I am 35 and that is what my friends are saying when they get on it. It is fun...really, really fun. Unfortunately you'll be waiting in line to use it. My husband and I use it, our neighbors use it, my 2 1/2 year old uses it, and my five year old and her friends use it (It takes a while to get it, but with practice and patience, it's doable). This is going to be one of those things that just doesn't get put away. It is pure unadulterated fun, and very basic. If you are using it correctly, you'll be breathing harder afterwards, and your abs and thighs will burn. Very good exercise. Good price for the product, esp. with the good reviews and competing items for double the price....more info
  • Challenging!
    This is a great toy, but definitely physically challenging. I'd rate it at 9 yrs and up, but a younger persistent child would also enjoy it. It would damage a hardwood floor. You need a carpet or area rug to use it on, close to something to grab on to for balance....more info
  • Unexpected consequences
    I bought this balance board as a Christmas gift for my very coordinated 8 year old granddaughter. What I did not expect was that she would have to compete with her Daddy and her uncle for a turn on it. They LOVED it. In fact, her uncle suggested that I get one for him for his birthday, which was the following week. Go figure.......more info
  • Excellent Toy/Sport Crossover
    Not only do my kids (and I) love this, but it's great for strength and balance training. A great gift for that active kid who can't get enough skating, biking, etc......more info
  • Balance Board
    This toy is exactly like the Indo boards that are almost twice the price. It is SO much fun for anyone, but it is also wonderful for skateboarders, surfers, dancers, any athlete, and anyone who wants to improve thier balance. Physical therapists often use a board and a foam roller to help patients. I would not recommend it for anyone under the age of 8, but you can hardly seperate kids from them. Is a great ab and thigh exercise you can do while watching tv. Make sure to try on a carpet surface first. Board can shot out suddenly if you lean over to far. Need at least a four or five foot open space to do it safely....more info
  • Didn't Expect
    As a child I had a friend with one of these, I LOVED hers. When I saw this one, I was elated. it looked like a good flat board on a solid roller.
    Boy was I surprised when I got it. It has a RAIL so there is no difficulty and the roller is 4 plywood circles with 6 plywood squares as spacers. Really cheap. I didn't expect that and am very dissapointed. I would recommend shelling out the extra $50.00 and getting an INDO board.. ...more info
  • Balance Board
    The board was easy to put together. It has been in constant use. It is a fun activity for everyone in the family. The board has few parts so it seems to be holding up fine.
    The board arrived in a timely manner following the order. The one thing that bothered me was that the website said the item might not make it before Christmas and recommended shipping express; even though I still had two weeks until Christmas. I did not go for the express and extra charges and the board arrived days before Christmas.
    ...more info
  • Pretty well built, but...
    Every once in a while, there is some extra friction between the roller and the plank. Probably some sanding will take care of it. No problems with delivery. Pretty much like I remember it from my teenage days, in other words, great exercise and not too easy......more info
  • medieval punishment
    I had a dangerous experience while testing this product. I bought the balance board with excitement because it resembled others I have seen before. I had an elementary aged child test it out. He was so enthusiastic! I held his hand as he got on the board, when he felt comfortable he let go. Oh my goodness! That board went dangerously fast left and then right. It slid out from under him. He landed on his side on our carpet and was---thankfully---fine. After telling this story to an experienced skateboarder and hockey player, he asked to try the balance board on carpet as well. He is an adult with much 'balance' in his life. The board went wild under him and was difficult to control. He agreed, not a good fit to use unless surpervised by an adult with elementary aged children. It is dangerous. I suppose if you are an adrenline junky, this might be fun. And a good project for children. Tell them the story above and have them problem solve how to make this balance board better. As I believe the top is good, but the circular cylinder underneath creates hazardous curves. Children will explore the world around them trying to figure out balance. A wonderful thing for the brain and then maybe they can create a better balance board for the market!...more info
  • Fun and addictive for all ages!
    I LOVE this balance board. I got it for myself (an adult) and I use it to supplement other really gives your ankle & leg muscles you don't ordinarily use a great workout! It's challenging but not exausting. I have set it up on the carpet in front of the TV and once I'm on, it's hard to stop! I also put down an old bathroom mat underneath to protect the carpet. I imagine it would be a lot more challenging if it were used on a hard, flat surface like linoleum or wood but don't have that option in my house. The "wheel" part of my board came in the box fully assembled, so I'm not sure what happened with the reviewer below who had to assemble this piece herself. Don't know how durable it is since I've had mine less than a year, but so far so good. A word of warning, if you have little people or curious pets in the house, make sure they are well out of the way since you can lose your balance quickly and send the board flying out from underneath you. Overall, highly recommended!!...more info
  • Old dog and new tricks
    My father made a balance board much like this one when I was much younger. In my progressing age, I have knee problems and thought how a balance board would help strengthen the knees and develop balance and torso strength. It was like riding a bicycle - it wasn't long before I was holding a good balance. My teenaged adult child commented that I ought to take up snowboarding! Hint - don't look down at your feet. Focus straight ahead and the balance will come to you. As a child, my siblings would fight to ride the board while watching TV. The rule was, if the board touched the ground, you were off....more info
  • great investment!
    I bought this "toy" for my 6 and 10 year old girls - they love it! My kids are very active and this is a great way for them to burn up that extra energy. Everyboby in our house loves to play on this, even me! In fact I kind of hog it! Anyways the only thing we have to be careful of is our 15 month old daughter. Since the board does rolls, it can easily crush little toes standing too close. We put down a sturdy rug and our rule is that no one go on the rug while the board is being used. Easy solution! Hope you enjoy this as much as we do!...more info
  • Great gift!
    We have had our board for about 2 years. It is still in great shape with no splinters or anything coming undone. My 3 boys (ages 12,8,and 3 at the time) were a bit leary to get on it at first. Once they did I couldn't get them off! At first I helped them by holding their hands but after only about a week they got the hang of it and we were timing each of them to see who could stay on the longest. I have a hard time with it but my husband loves it too. It is great excercise and allows kids to learn how to keep their balance when it starts to slip. I am buying 2 more boards for my nephews for this Christmas....more info
  • Praise from Guam
    I ordered this for my 3 sons (ages 7, 5, and 3) as a "family" Christmas gift. Everyone loves it! Adults visiting for family parties, my 3year old niece, as well as all the other kids and adults in-between.
    When first taken from the box, the item seemed very simple and not at all sophisticated (okay--primitive!!). However, once I set it on the carpet the kids immediately wanted to give it a shot. From there, it has been nothing but constantly used. We leave it right on our living room floor so everyone who goes by it has to try it at least once.
    I have just ordered 3 more as gifts for the other cousins who can't seem to get enough of it when they come to our house....more info
  • The Best
    I got this just a few days ago and I love it! It is so fun to rock back and forth on it and stay still. I can even jump on it! It takes awhile to get used to it but you get the hang of it. A lot of people go near a wall and hold onto it but that is cheating! Just practice it's the best ever!!!!!...more info
  • Very Good... with a few issues
    I bought this product because it was the least expensive balance board I could find. I'm hoping it will improve my balance and also prepare me for learning how to snowboard (I've read elsewhere that it is supposed to be good training and strengthening) So far I absolutely love it. It is a GREAT workout, and it doesnt seem to get boring...even though its basically a piece of wood on top of a cylinder lol

    I did have a few problems... When I first ordered the board, the one that came was defective. The screw in the cylinder part was stripped, and when I was on the board, it kind of um... fell apart. BUT, it really wasn't a problem because when I called the customer service number that came with the package, they sent me a brand new board and cylinder completely FREE. And the new one is built sturdy and is fine. Another problem is that the board I'm using is starting to appear somewhat doesn't lay flat on the floor anymore... this really isn't a problem as far as performance, but I'm wondering how long the board is going to last.

    A few recommendations:
    1. DO NOT use the balance board on any rough surfaces, it will ruin the wood of the cylinder.
    2. The board is best on a smooth surface...wood, vinyl, tile, cement, or a very thin flat rug. It moves too slow on carpet.
    3. Be prepared that the first time you use the board you might feel a bit dizzy lol I did at least... but it goes away the more you use it and the more comfortable you get
    4. Start off holding on to something lol otherwise you may go flying... But again as you get more comfortable it becomes A LOT of fun... Some people can even do tricks with it... No clue how lol but that's what Ive heard...

    So overall I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who is looking for strengthening/training in balance, a good workout, or just some fun. Even with the minor problems I've had, it is still a great product and a lot less expensive then other balance boards out there....more info
  • Disappointed in Balance Board
    I grew up with a "bongo board" which is the same as the balance board. Except the "base" (ie the thing the board rolls on) is terrible. It comes in multiple pieces of circles you have to assemble to make it. The wood shreds when you roll on it. It also doesn't feel very stable. I wished I had spent a couple extra dollars and gotten the "all plastic" one or the "pivet board". We haven't even really used it because it makes a mess and I am scared it will break. This is one item I may have to bring back. I LOVED my bongo board growing up and it was so much fun. I thought it would be fun for my children too. Unfortunately I picked the wrong one....more info


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