The Sims - The People Simulator from the Creator of SimCity

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The ultimate goal of life is to achieve happiness, and the way to achieve happiness is to buy stuff. So says The Sims, a game that lets you create, direct, and manage the lives of SimCity's residents.

The game begins with the creation of your simulated people: pick a name and a gender, decide on personality/astrological sign, and then choose a look from a variety of heads, bodies, and skin tones. Name, gender, and appearance don't affect gameplay much, but personality determines how your Sim plays with others. A serious, neat Sim might go crazy living with a sloppy party animal--or opposites might attract, and the two could end up falling in love.

After creation, the next step is to find a place to live. Again, the player can choose from among the empty houses in the neighborhood or decide to buy some land and design a dream house. Building houses is a blast, and the easy-to-use house design interface could almost be its own game: players design the floor plan, put up walls, pick carpet, wallpaper, and siding, and fill the house with furniture, decorations, fixtures, and appliances. You're limited only by your imagination--and your Sims' pocketbook. But the choices you make in designing and decorating your Sims' house are vital.

A good general rule is that the more expensive the object, the better its ability to satisfy Sim needs. Each little Sim person has needs (Hunger, Comfort, Hygiene, Bladder, Energy, Fun, Social, and Room) which can be satisfied by interaction with other Sims or purchased objects: throw a party with the help of a rockin' stereo system, and watch your Sims' Social and Fun ratings improve. Have one of your Sims whip up some food from the refrigerator, and you'll satisfy the Hunger needs of your guests. Or have your Sim engage another Sim in a game of chess: not only will their Fun and Social moods improve, both Sims will gain some points in their Logic skill rating--which might help on the job.

One gameplay goal is to improve your Sim so he or she can climb a career ladder, which nets him or her more money, which allows the purchase of higher quality stuff, which lets you improve your Sim even more. With proper care, your Sim can have a mate, kids, and a mansion with an indoor pool.

Mismanage your new, simulated family, and you'll be faced with the worst of MTV's The Real World: jealousies will ignite, fights will break out, jobs will be lost, and the house will fall apart. Bringing about such a calamity is almost as much fun as guiding your Sims to material paradise, and takes considerably less time.

Triumph or tragedy, each significant event in a Sim's life is captured in a snapshot and saved in a photo album for later viewing. Players can also take photos any time they wish. The photo album feature is cool by itself, but the best part is that you can upload the album to and share your Sims' sagas with the world. Entire families can also be uploaded and downloaded, as can houses. Want to re-create and manage your own version of Friends? Download the free face and body editor and make Sim clones of the Ross, Rachel, and the rest. Want to perfectly re-create the set? Snag the free wall and floor texture editor. Feeling a little silly? Add Darth Vader to the family and see what happens. With The Sims, you can create whatever--and whomever--you desire.

Toying with the lives, successes, and emotional states of dozens of little Sims is undeniably fun. In the same way that SimCity players develop a condescending attitude toward real-world city planners, The Sims players will begin to see life as a series of needs-satisfying challenges; the game gets in your head. But that's OK: limitless gameplay, endless variety, imaginative Internet features, and the ability to play matchmaker/landlord/counselor/God makes The Sims a great way to increase your own Fun score. --Mike Fehlauer


  • Unique, addictive, fun gameplay
  • Included photo album feature records triumphs and tragedies
  • Free uploads and downloads expand the game and allow swapping with other players
  • Sims are smart--it's sometimes best to just let them act on their own
  • Addictive gameplay may cause loss of sleep, job
  • Complex behavioral modeling program--requires serious computing power
  • No pets other than fish

From Will Wright, the creator of SimCity, comes a strategy game that hits close to home. You are in charge of a neighborhood of Sims, and it is up to you to show them that they're living in your world now! Force them into a life of crime or help them live life in the fast lane. Build them a sprawling mansion or dump them into a dilapidated shack. Let them party like swinging singles or fall in love, get married, and raise a family. They can live out your wildest dreams or experience your worst nightmares. It is up to you to decide--their fate is in your hands.

Get the best-selling PC game of all time and all seven of its expansion packs! / Rated T: Teen With The Sims - Unleashed you'll add a furry friend to your Sims family. Housebreak your pets, train them to do tricks, buy them toys, and do your best to keep them from destroying the house! The Sims - Superstar lets you experience the lifestyles of the rich and famous and guide your Sims to superstardom. Become a movie star, rocker, or supermodel and spend your cash on extravagant new items for your home. In The Sims - Makin' Magic you'll cast spells, hypnotize friends, and even turn a neighbor into a frog. But watch out, spells can go haywire if you're not careful. The neighborhood will never be the same!

Customer Reviews:

  • This is not a fast-paced game
    I give this game 4 fun stars out of 5 because the slowness can become tedious once in a while. It takes a long time to make friends, build skills, get promotions (just like in real life), and if all does not go well I get discouraged. Luckily you can choose to leave a family that is giving you trouble and play with a different one. I enjoy being able to build my own house, create characters with different personalities, and micro-manage every aspect of their lives. The game works well on Windows XP, but I would recommend a very good graphics card and 512MB of RAM to make it run smoothly.

    I had a couple of technical issues with it crashing, and a house and family disappeared from the neighborhood (though their neighbors can still call them up, strangely enough). I contacted EA and they were very unhelpful in resolving the issue. The game does have some bugs that can be fixed with downloadable patches. Plus you need to download a lot of things to make it more interesting, such as wall lights, new furniture, different wallpaper and flooring, etc. What comes with it is limited. I suppose this is why expansion packs are made. Four out of 5 stars overall because of the technical issues and the limitations....more info
  • Better than the sequel!
    I love this game and have been so depressed since my new computer won't play it (stupid Vista). It has a simplicity and freedom the newer versions can simply not match - you are in complete control of your world. Help your sims fall in love, rise to the top of the career ladder, and create a happy, healthy family...or set them all against each other and laugh as they burn (literally). It's all up to you....more info
  • Sims game rules
    JUst a blast to play. This is a game you could play for hours....more info
  • This is my Favorite Game
    This is a VERY good game. It's addictive and fun.

    You get a sim, manage their life, get them married.. Just help them through life. Although you could just kill them off.


    Although this is a good game, I am giving it four stars overall. Why? Because it freezes- atleast twice when I play it. I'm not sure if it's my computer or what. I only downloaded one object for it, and even when I deleted that it still froze. It may be my dad's loads of useless junk filling up the computer, but it still bugs me.

    Other than that, it's awesome. I'm getting two expansion packs to add to the fun, too, and I recommend you to do the same- Because it does get boring after a while....more info
  • This game was fun... but not with the Sims 2 out n about!!
    I thought that this game was the best game in the world until its sequel hit stores!! This is a great game, if you're talking 2001, 2002! Get updated!! SIMS 2!! AND SIMS 3 IS COMING OUT IN FEBRUARY 2009! So you can imagine buying "The Sims" when "The Sims 3" is going to be on shelves!!!...more info
  • =D
    okay so overall, i think this game is ultra sweet. :) My sister got it for christmas like 3 years ago .. & I became ADDICTED along with my cousin. He would come over after school,, or in the morning on weekends & we'd play NON-STOP. It was crazy. Just last year, my mom bought me the Unleashed expansion pack & I was even MORE addicted to it. Now, I'm hopefully gonna get the rest of them && the Sims 2 Holiday Edition for this year's christmas.

    Something weird happened with my game last year too ..

    Like I made a family called the Monopoly family, & when i went back to play it later, two weird faces were on the overview, rather than the family's faces. the faces had like a red background to it & they were upside down.. im still not sure what they were but it was really freaky so i decided to check it out, & when i clicked on the house to enter it, it threw me outta the game. so i went back in & deleted the family & everything else with it. so now im kinda like "whoa" with this game ... but its still fun. (:...more info
  • EPIC
    This game is one that you would think to be just another fun game to play whenever. WRONG, this game is way addictive. You tell yourself you want to play for 10 minutes and you end up playing for 2 hours. Anyways here are the pros and the cons.

    The most addicting game you will ever play
    Its a life simulator, you do everything you do in your life, just sped up by like 15Xs
    Its rated E unless you try really hard to make it T (it takes skill)

    you will have no social life
    your family will get mad at you for being on the computer too long

    overall I give this a 9.8/10 there are a few very minor glitches but seriously, GET THIS GAME....more info


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