Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head to Your Feet

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Pajama Sam chases down some snickering cookies, only to find himself in the midst of a food squabble! Now, it?s your turn to spring into action to help Pajama Sam find the missing delegates, put a stop to the sticky quarrels, bring peace to MopTop Island, and still make it home in time for dinner.

Pajama Sam always helps those in need, and in Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat from Your Head to Your Feet, the entire food pyramid requires his aid. Fats and sweets are clashing with more nutritious foods, and an all-out war is looming. A peace conference has been organized, so the various food groups can settle their differences, but clever sabotage by the desserts has trapped the conference delegates! It is up to Sam to locate and free the imprisoned foods before the ultimate food fight breaks out.

A third-person role-playing game for children, ages 3 to 8 years, Pajama Sam 3 provides a fun test of players' problem-solving abilities while not so subtly educating them about nutritional balance and proper eating habits. Players take Sam through the terrain of a surreal human body in the search for the missing conference delegates. To liberate them, Sam must gather up clues and tools that litter this body from its brain to its toes. He travels through the circulatory system by riding a friendly chocolate doughnut named Sprinkle, exploring the body's various locales and interacting with chatty foodstuffs. The game also has a small number of arcade sequences, such as a skiing simulation and a race through a library, where you must find a book while simultaneously dodging the librarian's shelving cart. Additionally, players must find hidden box tops in each new locale that they visit.

Pajama Sam 3's challenges fall in the medium range of difficulty. None of the puzzles is very tough, and as long as players keep investigating the various game screens and talking to the other characters, they are sure to find all the tools they need to complete their quest. Characters provide easy-to-follow verbal instructions with stress on the most critical elements, making this well-designed game fun and ideal for newer players. More experienced users will enjoy Sam's adventure, but they will finish You Are What You Eat too easily, and it has limited replay potential. But for fans of Pajama Sam, or any child interested in playing while learning the basics of nutrition, this is a delightful game. (Ages 3-8) --Alyx Dellamonica

Humongous Entertainment's Pajama Sam chases down some snickering cookies, only to find himself in the midst of a food squabble! The fats and the sweets are forcing the healthy foods off of MopTop Island. An emergency peace conference has been called, to calm the MopTop Island population, but 4 of the delegates are missing! Now, it's your turn to spring into action to help Pajama Sam to find the missing delegates, put a stop to the sticky quarrels, and fix a few problems along the way. Our caped-hero is able to bring unity to the island and still make it home in time for dinner!

Customer Reviews:

  • Great,but you know how sequels are.
    I think that Pajama Sam 3 is pretty good and I just love Humungous Entertanment(the company)games 'cause it's different every time you play and I like the humor in this but like it says in my title here,great,but you know how sequels are....more info
  • Better than Pajama Sam 2 !
    This game, as are all of the Pajama Sam games, is great! It is humorous, educational and entertaining. The puzzels are a little harder than the first two games, but not beyond the suggested age range for the game. Both of my kids (10 and 5) loved it.

    In this game Pajama Sam has to help the peace delegates of the food pyramid get to the peace summit. The healthy foods and sweet foods can't seem to get along together. Some of the delegates are stuck in various predicaments and Sam has to rescue them. Sam's off-the-wall humor is as snappy as ever.

    I have to admit, I also enjoyed this game and often wonder why adult games aren't this fun. I highly recommend it....more info

  • Be sure to pack a knife & fork!
    There's food aplenty in the latest PJ Sam adventure. As with most of the HUMONGOUS ENTERTAINMENT titles, this is a RPG for kids. You have to visit all of the locations and interact with all of the characters in order to reach the climax which, in this game, is peace between all of the food groups.

    I liked how fruits & vegetables were portrayed in this game...none of that stereotypical "veggies are the 2nd class citizens of the kid food world" nonsense pervades. All food groups are treated equally, although I must admit that the so-called junk foods were portrayed, as they typically are in the media; in a rather negative light. I was surprised that the junk foods didn't speak with English accents and the veggies speak with American accents...much like the conflict between the slaves & the Romans in Kubrick's SPARTACUS.

    All in all, it was a good diversion for my child. As with all HUMONGOUS titles, when the action gets stuck in a particular place it's quite easy for grownups to access the help menu, which provides for quick solutions. Another good feature of the HUMONGOUS titles is their replayability. There are always multiple game-paths to the finish....more info

  • Excellent, but not quite as wonderful as Pajama Sam 2
    Pajama Sam 2 is a hard act to follow, and I am not surprised that the expectations formed by PS-2 were not quite met. PS-3 comes close, though, and I am happy to see my 5-year-old play this game. Pajama Sam is a wonderful role model - energetic, smart, polite, eager to help others, determined and happy to solve problems, funny, creative, and resourceful. The environment of PS-3 is just not quite as richly imagined and full of surpises as PS-2. If you have 1 and 2, you should get 3, but if you are new to Pajama Sam, start with 1 and 2....more info
  • Great fun game
    This is a great game which my son(7) really enjoyed playing over and over again. It has four different versions to keep the child interested in playing. I found that feature awesome.
    [...]....more info
  • My 9 and 7 year old LOVE it!
    we bought this about 2 years ago, and immediately my children wanted to play with it. I really love the fact that Pajama Sam 3 never gets boring, because every time you start a new game, it's a different story! Just because it says 'for 5-8 year olds', my daughter,9, STILL likes it from 2 years ago! It should be 'for 5-88 year olds'!! that's how much fun it is!! I would definitly reccomend this to parents who have kids that are bored most of the time. This will not only give them something to do, but it will also build smarts, and logic!!...more info
  • Gift for my 6-year-old's birthday
    Great game! He really enjoys it. Just beware that there are no instructions or at least there were not with mine so your child may need some of your guidance but it has been fun to sit and help him and us figure it out together. Very cute game and educational for them but shhhhh, don't tell them that :o)...more info
  • Pajama Sam is fun!
    I bought 2 Pajama Sam computer games for my grandson, age 6. We ALL love the games. It took us old timers a little trial and error to get started, but once we figured it out, we loved it. My grandson was going from clue to clue fairly easily and he, too, loved it. The graphics are great and the different clues are fun to find. We still haven't completed our first game totally, but I'm sure when the 6 year old returns for the next visit, he'll be able to do so....more info
  • Lasting fun
    This is a wonderful game, especially for the 4-6 year olds. My 4 1/2 year old has been playing this game regularly for many months. It has lots of humor, some educational aspects, games, and some of the clues are fairly difficult to figure out. I even have trouble with some. Most of the games for this age level are either too hard, too easy, or have little complexity and the kids lose interest fast. Not this one. It is our 1st Pajama Sam game and I've already ordered 2 more. We can't wait to get them....more info
  • A good time, as usual
    I expected my kids (6 and 4) would get tired of the humungous game series of role-playing games (Pajama Sam and Freddi Fish), but they don't! It seems they could play them forever, even though the basic gameplay is the same for all of them. Humungous keeps things fresh by introducing new characters and puzzle types that keep the kids hooked. The story is engaging enough that one kid doesn't mind watching while the other plays. But don't be fooled by the packaging that alludes to the educational benefit of learning about food groups--any learning that occurs will be by accident. Also, a few of the puzzles require reading skills and left my kids calling for help. All in all, a fun game that is worth the price of admission....more info
    Pajama Sam 3 is so fun, even my 15 year old friend is crazy about it! I love traveling all over Mop Top Island on top of Sprinkle, and dealing with all the senarios that come your way. All of the different places you can travel to are delightful (except the Blubberbs...ewwwww!)and like many others have said, it is very humorous. I hope you buy it, because once you start playing, you DO NOT want to stop!!...more info
  • A Great game for Children of All Ages!
    My children and I were so excited when we knew that a new Pajama Sam game had come out. My children have played it every day since we bought it and they still rave.

    In this new game, the Food Guide Pyramid, needs Pajama Sams help. The evil Fat and Sugars are making trouble for the good ole natural foods. So Pajama Sam takes a cool ride into the human body for an adventurous quest between good and evil.

    Pajama Sam and your children will learn about the difference between good food (fruits and vegetables) and junk food (cakes, cookies and chips).

    As with all Humongous games, this one is filled with vibrant colors and cool sounds. There are many fun and friendly characters all throughout this enchanting game. There are different objectives each time the game is played. You can also save the game each time you play it.

    I recommend this game to anyone with children. It does not matter their age, they will want to play it anyway....more info

  • Pajama Sam 3
    In this funny sequel to Pajama Sam 1 and 2, Pajama Sam must help the food groups get along with each other better than, currently, planning war and taking prisoners. Lots of characters each with their own personalities, cool music, cameos, romance, laughs, color, smooth graphics, and rewarding credit pictures. I'm incredibly glad I bought this! The puzzles are more obvious, and some are just plain silly. If you pay attention, you can figure out nearly every scene as a part of the body. Even older kids will like this game! It has many more animations than Pajama Sam 1 and 2, but that adds to the fun! Buy this game!...more info
    Reviewer:10 year old
    this game fun in the begining but hard in the end. I bought this game a year ago and still cant figure out how to free a person!! I was extremly dissapointed, I even asked the company people to help me . But they just ignored me !! i wouldn't by this game if you want to find all the players....more info
  • Lovely graphics but difficult puzzles
    Pajama Sam 3 is a beatifully rendered game, filled with exciting detail and lots of clickables. My only real issue is that the puzzles that must be solved are far beyond the scope of my rather intelligent 4.5-year-old. In fact, I played this game through after he went to sleep so I could help him with it tomorrow, as he was starting to get frustrated with it today. The game was challenging for ME, imagine what it is like for a four-year-old....more info
  • great fun for more experience little gamers
    If your child has played beginning level software and is ready to move on to more advanced gameplay, Humongous Entertainment's Pajama Sam series (and Freddi Fish and Putt-Putt as well) are an excellent choice. These titles take the cognitive tasks up a notch as children must accumulate specific items, navigate a number of locations, and use their problem-solving skills to help new friends and achieve larger goals. Along the way, funny and lovable Pajama Sam will meet a number of nice characters, visit a variety of interesting locations and play mini-games as he completes the larger task of getting a representative of each food group out of a pickle so they can get to an important meeting. Along the way he will solve a lot of smaller puzzles and click on many objects that dance or act out funny events. Specifics change if you start a new game, and you will want to play with your child a few times before they'll be able to enjoy it on their own, so each game is good for hours of fun.

    This is a fine game in a great series. We have all the Pajama Sam titles and enjoy them all....more info

  • fun with food
    Well my miniture pajama sam complete with his little red cape loves this one. Hes three by the way. Please note the way the characters drawn and the name it could be a sam or a samantha so will appeal equally to both.
    You begin by finding sams cape and then away you go to mop top island (if you look closely you will see its patterned on pajama sam himself)
    You start at the party and dont forget to pick up the box top as you cant come back for this one. Next is the jail and before you break out remember to pick up the box top.
    Food is the theme and you meet some great foods as you travel around from the head to the feet and a couple of places inbetween.
    Some of it can be quite difficult and some reading is required in one gamepath, but guesswork could be used for the younger kids if mum or dad or an older sibling isnt about.
    Math is required in another gamepath so someone needs to be around to help out the younger ones.
    Humour is there as always and of course plenty of click points.
    Again four things to find and two places for each to hide. The gamepaths for the hiding places are far more similar this time but its still has plenty of replayability.
    In some places picking up the box top is a little difficult as they are placed a little too close to the next screen arrow. But its a challenge to get all the box tops and see the box arrive in sams mailbox.
    The kids loved sorting the beans and enjoy getting this game path.
    They also enjoy skiing down the mountain.

    Overall its a little harder than the first two but just as much fun....more info

  • The Equal of P.S.#1, but not as good as Pajama Sam 2
    Greetings. Last Saturday (March 25, 2000), my 4-year old nephew and I went out to get "project stuff" (paint, glitter, etc.) to play with. IMAGINE OUR SURPRISE AND DELIGHT when we came across what was apparently the ONLY copy of Pajama Sam 3 in the store! (How it got there ahead of the April ship date, I don't know.) Suffice it to say, the 4-year old "rules the roost", and the pocketbook, so I bought it for him and we played it that evening.

    Pajama Sam 3 has the same level of fun and challenge as Pajama Sam 1. In #3, Pajama Sam has to find four missing peace delegates, who represent the food groups (of the food pyramid). Maybe I'm spoiled, but P.S. 3 did not live up to the fantastic work done on P.S. 2. I believe it to be an excellent entry in the P.S. series, but out of 5 stars (with P.S. 2 a solid 5), Pajama Sam 3 gets 4.25 to 4.5. The subject matter (the food group) seemed more of an attempt to get kids thinking about healthy eating, rather than the excitement of the chase. PLUS, there was nothing to print out once all of the 20 "box tops" were collected. Also, I did not notice (granted, did not look for) any additional "side games", as there was in Pajama Sam 2.

    Make no minstake about it, my nephew and I both loved P.S. 3 (we figured it out on the first run through, which took a total of 2.5 hours); but I guess I was looking for more excitement or more of a challenge.

    FINAL STATEMENT: Go ahead and make Pajama Sam 3 a part of your kid's software collection. I hope that we see many many more in the future (one new entry per year would be excellent!)...more info

  • Pajama Sam "You are what you eat
    I bought this for my grandson. He has another one I believe it's Don't be afraid of the Dark, or something like that. He loves them. He loves playing them. I will be buying the next one "Thunder and Lightning aren't so frigtening". These games really are educational when it comes to reasoning and analytical thinking....more info
  • Superb
    How do you rate a kids game?
    Simple: Do they hear you when they are playing? (No.)
    Do they cause trouble during or after? (No.)
    Do they just scream when the present was opened? (Yes.)
    My son can't take his face away from the scream from this wonderful game. Take it from a Dad. If your child is 3-7, this is THE game!

    Kevin Hogan......more info

  • Pajama Sam 3 review by Russian Blue Witch
    It's a really good game. I wouldn't say it's better then Pajama Sam 2, I'd say it's equal. I like the party at the beginning, but it took a long time for me to figure out how to get out. Then, I clicked on the cake because that's where he came in, and then he ate the cake and I saw the door. At first I thought Pajama Sam was going to just leave, but then I found out he left in a different way: Getting arested first, then getting out. I had a fun time doing everything, but I wondered how you helped the Banana who told corny jokes. Then, I figured out you could only help him if Granny Smite the apple was stuck in the pit of dancing soda cans because you needed the banana's big floppy shoes. I like collecting Box Tops and I like seeing the pretty cupcakes. Shame you have to get rid of them. This is making me hungry! *Runs off to get snack* Sincerly, Russian Blue Witch. ...more info


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