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Listening to the unbridled grief on Electro-Shock Blues was an unsettling affair, despite the album's beautiful pop-scrim setting. So one listens to Daisies of the Galaxy for the first time with trepidation--like willfully banging on your foot with a ball-peen hammer just for the endorphin rush. But if Blues was about the descent, Daisies is about the ascension toward a fragile health. "I'm feeling pretty good now," E sings on "Grace Kelly Blues." However, the music breaks and quivers with a kind of emotional instability, undermining his assurances. It's a tender balance, and no one registers the sad-happy yin-yang of life with tenderness quite like E. Which in some ways is pretty damned unsettling. --Tod Nelson

This follow-up to 1998's grief-stricken Electro-Shock Blues finds head Eel E (that's all, just E) on steadier emotional footing, but don't expect cascading rays of sunshine to break through the clouds that cover this Southern California popmeister's world. The tone is set by the imagistic opener, "Grace Kelly Blues," which captures snapshots of misbegotten souls--a mime, a truck driver, a mall rat, the star-crossed movie star/princess who gives the song its name--before focusing in on E himself, who volunteers, "Me, I'm feeling pretty good now ... I think you know I'll be OK." From there, we're immersed in E's own version of Pleasantville, where gorgeous melodies and ornate arrangements adorn sad-sack sentiments. In the end, Daises is the work of a gifted composer/producer/performer who is indeed feeling OK. Not great, mind you. But OK. --Steven Stolder

Customer Reviews:

  • Very good album
    Nothing earth shattering but a very pleasant collection with nice melodies and a few lyrical novelties. Not truly original but comparatively original and a joy to listen to....more info
  • E's sun's here
    After the highly misunderstood "depression" of 'Electro Shock-Blues', E's made an album which may trick too, but in the opposite direction, though this IS more upbeat than 'ESB', no matter which angle you look at it from. The cover's all colours, joy and wonder. Child-like - a key expression throughout all of this albums sixteen songs, injured and wounded not, but experience and it's marks. Opens with the wee glare of 'Grace Kelly Blues'. The light tone comes to an early stop with 'The Sound Of Fear''s ridged angst, only to shift again, into the gleeful 'I Like Birds' - "and I won't listen to their words/cause I like birds". The title track's a friend to anothers helping hand seemingly not helping, but still, beautiful in it's approach. As usual, E's lyrics are highly poetical and this album also has the "Explicit Lyrics" mark - very true, very true.

    Unless you're completely opposed to E's special songwriting, this album's a must-have....more info

  • long live E!
    from the first listen this record grabs you. it's utterly original, yet somehow reminds me of a dream i had of beck and lennon&mccartney getting soused and spilling onto a bunch of great melodies. from the opening "grace kelly blues" to the sarcastic rave-up of "mr. e's beautiful blues", e scores again. the upstairs neighbors are pounding on the floor as we speak. buy and enjoy, for this is a treat for your senses....more info
  • a very good album, but not up to their previous standards
    This latest offering by the Eels is definitely a quality piece of art. The music seems more intricate and captivating, probably as a result of the heavy use of horns, than the music from their previous albums. That said, the album is still not quite as good as the previous E/Eels CDs that I have heard (A Man Called E, Beautiful Freak, and Electro Shock Blues). This is primarily due to the fact that the lyrics are nowhere near as intelligent and thought provoking as E's previous efforts. Some songs border on downright inane, in fact. That's why I don't give this 5 stars. Don't get me wrong though, it IS a very good album, just be warned that the lyrics detract slightly from its overall quality. My favorites on this album are Grace Kelly Blues, The Sound of Fear, Daisies of the Galaxy, Flyswatter, and of course Mr. E's Beautiful Blues. The album kind of peters out towards the end, but still, any Eels fan should not be without this CD....more info
  • even better live
    Just buy the thing and enjoy it all.I saw eels live in Manchester this week for a perfect night going through the songs on this album plus a truly stellar novocaine for the soul. Catch them live and be amazed.E is droll and a master of 'torch' songs(ha ha) Lisa is marvellous and Butch, Motley Crue rock!...more info
  • Eccentric and brilliant
    The Eels bizarre and indescribable sound is definitely an acquired taste, but "Daisies of the Galaxy" is proof that it's a taste worth acquiring. Even if you've heard the samples and hate them, I'd still recommend buying this album. I can't explain why, exactly, but after a few listens I guarantee you'll believe you got your money's worth....more info
  • my favorite eels
    i love all of the eels recordings, but this is my favorite. Mr. E is one of the very best songwriters on the contemporary scene, with music and lyrics that are creative and heartfelt and sparkle with a sad beauty. my 3 favorite songs of his all happen to be on this cd: "grace kelly blues," "i like birds," and "mr. e's blues." each of these tunes is a masterpiece from a truly original voice. I will end by saying: "get everything you can by eels, but the best place to start is here."...more info
  • I'm a fan now!
    I just have been turned on to this band, heard one of their songs on a movie soundtrack and got the cd. It's excellent!! The lyrics are great and the music is very catchy. I've been passing it on to friends and they really dig the music. ...more info
  • Daisies of the Galaxy
    If you liked the lovely depressing tone of "Electro-Shock Blues" you won't be disapointed by this study of unrequited love. E's twisted view of the world lend songs like "I Like Birds" and "Mr. E's Beautiful Blues" an edge that is missing from most of today's radio fodder. Who else could write a truly beautiful ballad about loss and get away with titling it "It's a Mother#&?#er"? Hurray for Dreamworks for sticking behind Eels through three glorious yet underappreciated albums....more info
  • Terrible Lo-Fi cliche
    Utterly derivative, uninventive and unconvincing, it lacks the soul and the warmth it purports....more info
  • Goddamn right, it's a beautiful album
    The word "beauty" is not enough for this album. It should be changed to "beeeeeaaaaauuuuuuuuuty."...more info
  • 15 good songs.
    I never considered myself an Eels fan. So anyways, I went to go cd shopping because i had some money to burn. I happened to walk by this album and I liked the cover. I had already heard good things about 'daisies of the galaxy' - so I bought it. Now I'm happy I did. This is a very very good pop album. E knows how to write excellent songs!...more info
  • Joy Of Life From Mr. E !
    I must be one of the few people in the world to have found the last Eels c.d. 'Electro Shock Blues' just a little too depressing to enjoy.However on this the latest c.d. from Mr. E and Butch I've found myself feeling far happier!The songs may still be quite (lyrically) melancholy but they are supported by some of the best musical arrangements I've heard in a long time.After listening to the whole album you find there is a real feel good factor to the c.d.The first two songs are accompanied by beautiful,gentle horns and great back up musicians in the shape of Peter Buck and Grant Lee Philips.They drift along in a gentle laid back way and set the tone for the entire c.d.'I Like Birds' is a delightfully 'wacky' song,very much akin to the music of They Might Be Giants.Track 7 'It's A M......' is the most haunting,heart-broken song I've heard in a long time.Lyrically it captures the emotions and thoughts of normal people in a way the Whitney's,Britney's of this world would find impossible.'Jeannie's Diary'has not only a radio friendly tune but lyrics which give a brilliant insight to the inner thoughts of Mr. E.Finally the last track 'Mr. E's Beautiful Blues'-okay it may sound a bit too like Beck but it's still a great tune,cheerfully played-but filled with killer irony about all that's not great in this world.If you are looking for loud raucous guitars,tunes of break-neck speed go elsewhere-but if you are feeling in the need of a moments relaxation put this c.d. on and feel any stress or anxiety dissappear....more info
  • Sad happyness
    E's a great songwriter! Of course, he had a hard time before, but he can express that with a great bunch of songs and some help of his friend (REM guitar player, for an instance). This is the kind of album you should hear when you had a dog day, or if your lover walked away... Then you feel how a song can join the sadness and make it softer, sweeter and better. Eels not getting behind Beautiful Freak and Electro-Shock Blues, it's getting the same or even better....more info
  • Mellow Beauty
    This album is a celebration os being yourfself, and feeling good. E is plain and simple a genius, the closest thing we have right now to John Lennon. His lyrics are touching and personal, the music hypnotic, a beautiful record. Excellent way to start the millenum....more info
  • acoustic cheese
    I hate to stand out as a sore thumb, but this album sounds more like E's solo albums than the first 2 Eels albums. This album cannot compare musically, lyrically, or emotionally to those first two Eels albums. the music is sparse, mostly using acoustic guitars, and the lyrics are pretty straightforward and bad. Souljacker (the new album) is a huge return to form though -check it out....more info
  • Another great cd from an awesome band
    I bought this album Tuesday and I can't get enough of it! If you like the eels, this is a must have for your collection. The best songs on the album (my opinion of course) are #2 and #7. You gotta hear it for yourself :)...more info
  • la verga
    after listening to e fill my room with words of poetry i had to ask myself how life could possibly be any better. i drew nothing but a blank . . ....more info
  • I like birds too.
    Having been an avid Eels listener since the beginning, there's no way I'd miss this. Daisies is truly a fantastic disc, and is easily among the greatest I've ever heard. My faves at the moment are "Grace Kelly Blues", "Estate Sale" and "Selective Memory". Eels fans should not pass this up, and everyone else should give it a spin too. An added bonus are illustrations by Adrian Tomine, of Optic Nerve fame. Good stuff....more info
  • E Equals Excellent - Elegant - Essential...
    From the very first burst of oom-pah horns signaling the beginning of Grace Kelly Blues you will feel like you are listening to something very special. And you are! There are NO bad songs here. The words might make you glad to be unhappy, but the music will instantly cheer your soul.

    I like Birds is as sweet as this level of rocker can be. With words like "If you're small and on a search, I've got a feeder for you to perch on", one cannot help but love this man's writing. He REALLY likes birds too!

    He's taken the word "Motherf*#@er"(Monster-Trucker on the edited release) and made it into one of the prettiest string infested ballads you are likely to ever hear.

    Daisy through Concrete jazzes things up a bit with some soaring harmonies and the usual stellar musicianship throughout. Jeannie's Diary is almost too pretty to bear, and you will also wish you were one of it's pages.

    The hidden track, Mr. E's Beautiful Blues is not blues, nor is it really hidden, but you will find it and play it every time this goes in the machine, which will be PLENTY!

    Every song in between the few mentioned above is as good as the rest. This is easily "Top 10 Album of the Year" on many peoples lists, and if given the chance it will be on your's too.

    If you've never before been fortunate enough to hear E or Eels music, start with this one, and within no time you will own and love them all....more info

  • The more you listen, the more you like...
    I didn't start listening to the Eels until the album Beautiful Freak was released, but since then, I have bought every one of their CDs. I bought Beautiful Freak mostly just because I wanted the song Novacaine for the Soul. But after listening to all the tracks, I was completely impressed with the rest of the tracks. The Eels have a sound and a style that is completely their own. It's almost distinguishable by their somewhat "cheery dark" sound where the music can be both dark and downtrodden, but also cheery at the same time. Add E's distinct voice to the mix and you've got a great song. The songs Flyswatter and the "hidden track" Mr. E's Beautiful Blues are, for lack of a better word, incredible. You have to listen to them really, really loud to hear them at their best, though. Also, I Like Birds, the Sound of Fear, and Tiger in my Tank are excellent works. I really recommend this album. It's one CD that I will take with me wherever I go. The Eels are great at mixing a blend of electronic music with great accoustic backing. It's hard to find a group that actually has the talent to do that these days....more info
  • Eels
    This is by all accounts an excellent record. If you like this album, try also "Good Morning, Spider" by Sparklehorse....more info
  • you bet it's good!
    A "poppy" album, less dark than electro-shock blues, more commercial in the sense that it should please more people. It sounds a bit like their first release "beautiful freak"

    An excellent album that you'll enjoy right from the start!...more info

  • On constant rotation in my CD player...
    Short and sweet: People tend to fixate on - and simultaneously condemn - the deep blue that emerges in many of E's songs. True, this isn't quite music to talk someone off a bridge with, but the fact remains that the lyrics - whether happy or not exactly so - are *sincere* and contain depth not usually found in a world where Britney Spears reigns. Dramatically underappreciated, this band, and tragically so. Their sound is so original and incomparable to any other band, and it's hard not to be impressed by the vast variety of instruments and sounds that they incorporate into each of their songs. The lyrics are superb, the melodies are distinctive and yummy to the ears...To put it plainly, this is one of those rare CDs that you can listen to, from beginning to end, and not skip over a single track. Buy it. You won't regret it....more info
  • Great album
    If you're expecting every track on this album to be like "Mr. E's Beautiful Blues," you'll be disappointed. But this is an album full of emotional highs and lows, and some really exquisite playing. I really love it!...more info
  • quality garantee
    I have never been an anyone's fan but I cannot hide my appreciation for Eels' bandleader Mark Everett. From the start when I listened to "Beautiful Freak" I have always liked his low profile and his great sense of melody following californian tradition. As Brian Wilson did he invented great tunes fullfilling them with both freshness and semplicity, a real hard task - believe me.
    The songs are very delicate and sweet. Sometimes melancholic, but mostly exciting especially "Tiger in my tank", "Mr. E's blues" and "Grace Kelly blues", "Flyswatter". Production skills underlines Everett's ability as one of the greatest arranger of our time. The lyrics shows how much bizarre a californian guy can be.
    The fifth star is missing because for considering an album a masterpiece widespread approval and success(even not only commercial) is needed and Eels will probably remain a cult band. One of my favorite anyway.
    Great lyrics, gorgeous music, higly recommended ...more info
  • Old School for E
    I bought this as soon as I could...certainly not bad. Way more jazzy, poppy...like the old Man Called E albums.

    Certainly not as depressing as Electro Shock Blues, but still...I'm a big fan. Its much more piano, less electric. Alot more like folk with the strong accoustic.

    Hey, whats an EELS album without being weird?...more info

  • Freakishly Beautiful Pop.
    i love E, and everything he's ever done. This album is much more upbeat than the previous, and for good reason. But all of them are good. This is the one i listen to most. Take my word for it: this is the best mellow-pseudo-indie-art-pop album in the world....more info
  • Beautifully Bummed-Out
    Once in a while, maybe more so for some people such as myself, it feels great to get away from the pop chart junk, settle down on the road or in your bedroom, and give a listen to one of those brilliant, obscure groups that are too honest to be molded into an MTV mainstay. For their third studio effort, the beautifully bummed-out Eels return with their most subdued, yet no less melodic set of songs.

    Like 1998's Electro Shock Blues, this album shows lead singer, E, tending towards quieter, folkish tunes like Grace Kelly Blues and Packing Blankets, with some more aggressive tracks like "The Sound of Fear." Then there are beauties such as "I Like Birds" that will inevitably have listeners waving their heads around, nodding to the hypnotic harmony.

    This album is happier than its predecessors, the brilliant debut album and Electro Shock Blues, which focused on the recent deaths of people in E's life. That does not necessarily mean that this is a happy album. E may feel as if he has failed if any Eels album is labeled "happy." Like the editorial review says above, E is feeling OK. Just...OK.

    Eels fans have no excuse to neglect this album, and with its comfortable melodies and lyrics stuffed with vivid imagery and real-life emotion, Daisies of the Galaxy will certainly calm the mood of anyone, Eels fan or not. No, it won't win album of the year on TV, but it may win album of the year in the hearts of many who give it a listen or two. That's what counts....more info

  • it's a beautiful day
    The album begins with a New Orleans funeral march, a stroke of genuis that sums up the album perfectly. This album is the light at the end of "electro-shock blues" tunnel.

    The song "Grace Kelly Blues" itself is unbelievably chipper, unlike anything on electro-shock. Conceptually, the song is kind of like "Susan's House" in that it describes a series of vignettes, only this time, E doesn't have some stupid post-modern point to make. People are down on their luck, but he makes it seem okay. Things just work out this way.

    E follows this up with a song about going on a picnic. Who could've imagined it? You can hear him leaving behind all his sadness, making a new life for himself. It's absolutely the perfect song to listen to if you're experiencing a big change in life. E's talking just to you. He reminds me a little of Stephin Merritt in songwriting style, always approaching cliched sentiments, but always able to pull it off successfully. Well, maybe not always. A song called "I Like Birds" does sound a little forced. But I guess it's okay. Who doesn't like birds. But what's this? E whistling a bird song? Cute... I guess. We see another example of E's sentimentality in songwriting with "Daisies of the Galaxy." It's a heart-breakingly sweet song about going to the Galaxy movie theater and picking some daisies for someone. Not enough saccharine for you? The daisy makes another appearance in "A Daisy Through Concrete," something I guess E wants to make the symbol of the album. The final song, a hidden track was actually the single for the album, sounds just like an attempt to create another "Last Stop: This Town," which, by the way, may be one of the most perfect songs I've ever heard. Who can blame him? "Mr. E's Beautiful Blues," however catchy and poppy it is, cannot compare to the original.

    So, to wrap it up, if you can stand all the sweetness of the songs and you don't mind listening to really weakmusic (and I mean that in the best way possible) by all means, pick up a copy of Mr. E's rebound album....more info

  • A Daisy Through Concrete
    Don't let the whimsical album cover fool you: after their disturbingly somber (but pleasantly tuneful) sophomore release, the Eels promised a more "upbeat" pop record. "Daisies of the Galaxy," while not the moribund mantra of its predecessor, isn't exactly chipper. Igniting with the funeral march horns of "Grace Kelly Blues," the Eels parade through 16 tunes that have more episodes than a manic depressive. One can credit this to the rough years piling up on head Eel, E. His life riddled with family suicides and personal nadirs, E has seen more than most of us would ever wish to in our lives. It reflects in his music incredibly - and often, quite effectively. The quiet acoustic build-up of "Packing Blankets" mixes well with the campfire sing along "I Like Birds" and the gleefully cheeky "Mr. E's Beautiful Blues." It's the lyrics that often bog the disc down. "Some people like to call me Chuck/It's Charles to you/and you're * outta luck," E croons in the otherwise snappy "The Sound of Fear." "Little field mice living under the house/never eating much, tough life for a mouse," he preens in "Flyswatter." It's almost as if he has so much to say and so little words with which to say it. If anything, "Daisies of the Galaxy" is saved by the musical arrangements. A calliope of pump organs polishes "Tiger in My Tank." The soft combination of horns and mellotrons magnifies the solemnity of the title track. While there are slivers of hope that do peek through the gloom, "Daisies" isn't quite an accurate portrait of such an accomplished band. The doom and gloom is definitely more accessible and (oddly enough) more pleasing than the peppy tracks....more info
  • Excellent! (4 1/2 stars)
    After being disappointed by 'Electro-Shock Blues', this was the Eels really needed to release as a followup. Yes, the previous album was a catharsis for E, but it just didn't seem like a CD I would listen to over and over, except for a couple of tracks. Not so with 'Daisies of the Galaxy'. It begins with a song that echoes Tom Petty's 'Wildflowers' and continues on an intriguing, off center pop trip. My favorites so far are 'Grace Kelly's Blues', 'I Like Birds' (goofy, but loads of fun and catchy), 'Tiger in My Tank' and the bonus track 'Mr E's Beautiful Blues'. Fans of the first Eels CD should eat this up. Fans that felt they were burned by the last album should give this one a try. Let the other sheep stand in line for the latest N'Sync dreck. One of the best so far of '00....more info
  • Mr E's Beautiful Daisies
    This album was my introduction to the world of the Eels. I seem to have gotten it somewhat backwards as I purchased Electro Shock Blues after I had purchased Daisies of the Galaxy; in getting to experince the wake before the funeral. I must admit that the reason that I listened to this album was not from the recognition of E - although I had witnessed some brilliance of his whilst watching Later With Jools Holland at around the time that Electro Shock was released - but rather from my admiration of Grant Lee Phillips. I must also admit that I was surprised and taken with this recording from my first listening. In three words: it was beautiful. E's Melancolic vocal hooks have lead to many sing alongs between me and my stero. His subdued guitar style, whilst simplistic, is fitting. Plus as a bonus there is also possibly the best song about unrequited attraction that this listener has heard. Thats All....more info
  • Uplifting in a depressing sort of way...
    I've liked Eels since the 'Beautiful Freak' days when they were in their more commercial era. I thought the follow up 'Electro-shock Blues' was equally impressive if not as radio friendly. 'Daisies of the Galaxy' falls somewhere between the two albums. The songs on DOTG are consistant in their lyrical brilliance and it is clear from the opening song that this album is more subtle in its greatness. It does take a few listens to get used to but that is not a bad thing as it makes you appreciate the album more. There are some of the Eels greatest ever tunes on this album and personally, I feel "Grace Kelly Blues", "I Like Birds", "Jeannie's Diary", "Selective Memory" and the bonus track "Mr E's Beautiful Blues" are all standouts. The very fact that "Mr E's Beautiful Blues" is only a bonus track should go to show how good the album is. Underneath the chirpy cover of an upbeat tune lies a darker song which really sums up the whole album. The only criticism of the album really is that sometimes the music doesn't quite live up to E's vocals and the wittiness of the lyrics. However, the album is still a must for any serious music fan's collection....more info
  • Nice garden of songs.
    The third album finds the Eels a bit more acoustic and somber, but still with some biting wit. Only a handfull of tracks, like the very pop driven "Flyswatter", hark back to the first album. The rest is made up of more adult melodies that have managed to keep the ever-present quarky edge. The disc's first radio single is actually the last "hidden" track, and tops off this well rounded affair. Guests pop up, including some guitars from R.E.M."s Peter Buck. This is a fine release from a fine band. Definitely worth checking out....more info
  • Compelling
    When I am not listnening to Dando, or Big Star, or Gram it's these guys or Radiohead. Really, quite excellent STUFF!...more info
  • Spooky, gloomy, happy, funny.
    The driving force behind the Eels, is a man known simply as "E" (aka Mark Oliver Everett). For "Daisies of the Galaxy" he is joined by Peter Buck of REM fame, and many others. The album tells funny stories, speaks of sincere emotions of love and the fear of rejection ("Jeannie's Diary"), happiness ("A Daisy Through Concrete"), sadness, and all with a sardonic sense of humor. E is the first artist I've ever heard to rhyme "bird" with "turd" or make me feel sad for lonely truck drivers "truck driven' the black night away, waiting for the light of day". He's also the first artist to make a song ("Flyswatter") that is musically just spooky. The song just sounds spooky, and it's lyrics are very angry, but too difficult to figure out. One of 2000's hidden gems that is worth taking a look at....more info
  • Gruff
    Much as i enjoy shooting down CD's, i have to grant E a pardon from the normal treatment i so joyously dish out. This is very good indeed.

    Eels took some time to grow on me. First impressions were of a sanitised Beck; the comparison is really a little too lazy (hey, they look like slackers, they mumble a bit when they sing, there's only one of them! they must be similar!) with Beck going all Princ-ed up funky (last time i checked) and E is going to an altogether happier place.

    'Beautiful Blues' is a corker and a great single. 'Its a MF' is a great song (with a bad chorus) and 'Packin Blankets is a perfect accompanyment to driving out on i90 into the mountains for the weekend.

    Most pleasurable

    Cheers...more info

  • Daisies Of the Galaxy
    The musical genius E has done it again!The mystery, the guardian angel to freaks with broken hearts. Daisies of the Galaxy is what I call a conclusion to a trilogy of what E has endured as a man in the world today. Some would have seen E as somewhat a misanthropist in Beautiful Freak and Electro-Shock Blues, but in this CD he lashes back at the slap in the face of society today with a humourous and maybe sarcastic tounge.Daisies of the Galaxy is beautiful....more info
  • Superb.
    An under-rated gem in the Eels catalog. This is my favorite Eels album. Grace Kelly Blues and Daisies Of The Galaxy are two of E's greatest songs. Outstanding....more info
  • Early pick for album of the year
    Wow, what an album! From start to finish, this album is a winner. My favorite tracks have to be Packing Blankets, The Sound of Fear, and A Daisy Through Concrete... and let's not forget Mr. E's Beautiful Blues, the chorus of which will be stuck in your head from the moment you listen to it on. If you're a fan of Beck (which I'm a HUGE fan of), you'll really love this album, espically if you liked Beck's "Mutations". If you don't like Beck, I would still recommend this album, it's a sad album, but with a huge beautiful silver lining under it. Without a doubt one of the best that has come out so far this year....more info
  • Yet another fantastic album
    When I listened to this album yet again, it struck home to me just how damn good the eels are. The melodies and lyrics are simply brilliant. Good comparisons for their work would be Beck and Tom Waits (listen to Grace Kelly Blues then In The Neighbourhood!), both of whom are excellent. After Electro-Shock Blues which I didn't find easy listening or brilliant(IMHO), this is a fantastic follow-up and just as good as Beautiful Freak which is a classic. Apart from them all, the really standout tracks are: 1,2,3,6,7,9,10,11,13 and the fantastic Mr E's Beautiful Blues - in other words, just get the album Goddamn right it's a beautiful day. Ahha!...more info


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