Oxo Good Grips Potato Ricer

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Product Description

You could always mash your potatoes, but if you want a finer, fluffier consistency consider a ricer, favorite tool of fine chefs everywhere. You can use it for other root vegetables, making baby food and applesauce too.

Simply place this ricer over any bowl or pot, squeeze the gadget's handles, and mashed fruits and vegetables, especially potatoes, ooze right through. A nonslip knob helps hold it in place, and its soft handles have a comfortable grip. Great for mashed potatoes or for making your own baby food, it's made of stainless steel to withstand repeated use.

The Good Grips line features durable, nonslip, flexible handles on every product. Ergonomically designed to fit the palm comfortably, the pressure-absorbing, processed rubber handle puts less tension on the hands, while still providing an outstanding grip. Made from the same material as dishwasher gaskets, the handles are slip-proof, wet or dry, as well as dishwasher-safe. Good Grips products are moderately priced and have won the Tylenol/Arthritis Foundation Design Award. --Laurie Notaro

  • Great for making mashed potatoes and baby food
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Soft handles absorb pressure on hands
  • Fits over pots or bowls
  • Safe to use in dishwasher

Customer Reviews:

  • Potato/Food Ricer
    This product produced the greatest mashed potatoes...a great addition to my collection of gadets. Quality constructed & fairly easy to use....more info
  • kylie kwong's riced potatoes and sara moulton's spaetzle
    I'm ready!

    This replaces a 30 year old potato masher that is rusted.

    P.S. The spaetzle recipe worked despite my clumsiness. A few times, the structure of the ricer prevented my overturning the dough or the ricer in my nervousness. This is a very sturdy and well-built ricer. ...more info
  • Want great mash potatoes?
    If you want the best, smoothest, creamiest and fluffiest mash potatoes you have to buy a potato ricer. This one is perfect for home cooking. The ricer is simple yet well made, strong and reliable and produces evenly riced potatoes every time. The handle is ergonomically designed so you can repeat the same operation over and over without strain. I fit about two cooked potatoes into the ricer cup with no problem. I primarily purchased the ricer for making mash potatoes but I'm sure I will use it with vegetables too - mashed root vegetables are a delicious and healthier change from potatoes. I'm very glad that I finally purchased this ricer, I was tired of using a hand masher and whipping with a electric hand-held mixer and not getting the results that I wanted even after all the work. If you love mash potatoes then a ricer is the way to go....more info
  • Good enough for chef Michael Chiarello, good enough for me.
    I honestly only use this ricer on potatoes, and only after my "food mill" has done all the work, yet has left me with a few hard scraps that won't pass through the blade. I place the scraps into the ricer and voila, no wasted potatoes.
    I was watching Chef Michael Chiarello on the Food Network and this is the exact model he uses on his mashed potatoes. It's construction is solid and smooth.
    I myself do not make spaetzle, so I cannot comment on its uses for making that dish; however, for making potatoes, when combined with the food mill, it serves a purpose for me. If I could only afford one tool for mashed potatoes, I'd opt for the "food mill".
    ...more info
  • Use two hands!
    I bought this potato ricer to make gnocchi, but now I use it for mashed potatoes (creamiest and silkiest ever!) and croquettes. The gnocchi came out great and my only complaint is that this ricer definitely needs two hands to operate and requires some intense pressure. Great purchase though and I am going to buy it as a gift for others. ...more info
  • Expensive but good
    I like it because it pushes the potatoes iut the bottom rather than the bottom and 360 around the room....more info
  • Great Helper in the kitchen
    I am a mashed potato fan of some 50 years and historically made them with an electric mixer. This takes a little more time but the result is YUMMY. No more lumps or gooey , pasty spuds!...more info
  • great ricer
    I am really happy with this tool. It is easy to use, almost too large to be easy to grip and push down on the handle, but I've never had a problem using it. Makes great gnocchi and I am also using it to prepare baby food for my son. Cleans easily. ...more info
  • Perfect mashed potatoes
    This tool is a must-have for preparing mashed potatoes. It takes all of the effort and lumps out of making perfect mashed potatoes.

    A little bit of potatoes can squeeze out from the top of the lid as you push it down (which is why I only gave 4 stars) but since the gap is so narrow, what squeezes out is also "mashed" so it can be thrown in with the rest of the potatoes.

    My girlfriend complained that it is a little hard to squeeze when packed to the rim with potatoes, but this can be controlled by putting less potatoes in it each time.

    Overall an excellent product. Very easy to clean....more info
  • my first potato ricer
    The Oxo Good Grips Potato Ricer is the first one I've ever owned. It is a little messy and it is important to keep the potatoes warm after ricing and mixing in butter, milk, sour cream or whatever. The potatoes turn out ok. The ricer tends to be a little sloppy. but works ok....more info
  • OXO can do better
    I normally am a fan of OXO products, but this one is just to flimsy. I bent the flat steel between the handle and the disk the second time using it, now it's in the trash.
    My wife had used it maybe a dozen times before me, so maybe for a gentle person it would be fine. ...more info
  • It made wonderful creamy mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving
    I used this for the first time for Thanksgiving 2008 and it worked just great! It squeezes out a little potato around the top when you squeeze, but that doesn't bother me. You can only squeeze one medium to large potato at a time due to a small basket; but if it was much bigger, it would be hard to squeeze it shut. It does take a little arm strength, but put in less potato if you can't squeeze it with a large potato in it. If it bothers you to do a little at a time, you would probably want to buy an electronic grinder or such instead of this. My family loved the mashed potatoes and I am very happy with it, especially for the price....more info
  • Impressive!
    This is a well made product that works wonderful! You will love the way mashed potatoes come out using this, and it is so easy and quick to use. Hand wash or dishwasher....more info
  • Perfect.
    As an average chef, I must say that this kitchen tool is on my list of essentials. Before the OXO potato ricer my mashed potatoes were gummy, and lumpy. It has brought mashed potato making to whole new level. Now they have reached near perfection with just the right amount of creaminess, and no lumps. I cannot wait to try this product out on latkes, or gnocchi, or who knows? Thank you OXO for another great kitchen gadget....more info
  • You'll never go back
    Once you use the potato ricer, you will never go back to traditional mashed potato methods again. Use that extra time you save to concentrate more on the main dish. Clean up is a breeze. Does not rust in the dishwasher....more info
  • Awesome kitchen tool!
    Thank goodness for Curtis Stone!! I first learned of this kitchen tool through his show and love it!...more info
  • Potato Ricer is Terrific
    My 20 year old son has found a new toy. He thinks it is the best thing ever invented. Highly recommend. The last time we had mashed potatoes, we were able to cut down on the amount of milk and butter added. The OXO Potato Ricer makes the potatoes lite and fluffy, with no lumps. Highly recommended....more info
  • Great for mashing
    I used it for mashed potatoes for Christmas dinner. I had quite a pile of potatoes and went through them in a jiffy. The riced potatoes are excellent....more info
  • Only one size
    Nice looking unit but you really have to squeeze hard to get the food out. Also, why didn't they design it with removeable disk for different size holes. Since I'm at it, why not design a better cam action for squeezing the food to reduce the amount of pressure needed to press. Definatelly a two handed squeezer. At least clean up is easy :)...more info
  • works great
    this ricer works great i even used on sweet potatoes and carrots just don't leave sitting in the water long i think it will start to rust...more info
  • best mashed potatoes evar
    Having grown up with awful, awful mashed potatoes, I swore that I would never eat them again. Oh, but how times change. Along with a cup of half and half and stick of butter for each few pounds of potato, this ricer makes some excellent, fluffy mashed potatoes that even I will eat... and request. I'm sure the butter and half and half don't hurt, either.

    Also, I've tried to make spatzle with this, but mostly ended up with clumps of doughy noodle. The holes on this aren't large enough to let enough dough out quickly enough for the weight to pull it into the water. If you make spatzle more than once, you're better off spending the $4 on a dedicated spatzle maker that takes up little storage space, even if it is a uni-tasker.

    I love my carbs....more info
  • decent ricer
    The OXO ricer does its job. I would have preferred to have removable plates, with a choice of size, but OXO does not offer that. It would have been easier to clean this way. If you load too much into ricer, stuff comes out everywhere, so only put in small amounts, less than half full....more info


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