Kuhn Rikon 7-Liter Stainless-Steel Pressure Cooker

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Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cooker 7.35 Qt. - Kuhn Rikon 3344K

Beginning in the 1930s, two successive generations of busy cooks used pressure cookers to prepare family meals. The next generation, with memories of valves dancing and hissing on stovetops, snubbed pressure cookers. Now pressure cookers have come back, those old valves replaced by modern versions that ensure safety while delivering the speed, ease, and nutritional benefits of pressure cooking. Pressure cooking also saves 70 percent of the energy normally consumed while cooking.

This heavyweight, stainless-steel beauty is a fine example of contemporary engineering and style. Its mirror finish gleams, and its black handles--including a loop handle for two-handed lifting--stay cool. Pressure-cooking traps steam to heat foods at temperatures higher than boiling. An aluminum disk in the base, sandwiched by stainless steel, speeds the process even more through fast heat conductivity. It's safe on electric, gas, ceramic, and induction stovetops. Little water is required, so nutrients, flavor, and color are not boiled away. Vegetables emerge vibrantly colored from the steamer insert. Stews, soups, beans--even meat loaf, pork chops, and desserts such as bread pudding--come out tasty and nutritious. (A booklet containing dozens of recipes is included.) You can brown meats in the pot before the lid is locked on, or use the pot without the lid. The stem of the operating valve shows high and low pressure so you can adjust heat for different foods. After cooking, the pressure can be reduced slowly (just let the cooker sit for a while), normally (press the pressure indicator), or quickly (run tepid water on the lid's rim).

Safety measures abound: the lid twists onto the pot; a rubber gasket ensures a tight seal. A vent releases steam if pressure builds too high, as does a valve that also locks the lid when any pressure whatsoever is inside the cooker. Cleanup is a bit involved: hand wash the pot, gasket, and lid with a mild detergent, then lightly oil the gasket. Normally the valve is self-cleaning, but if food passes through it, disassembly is required. Minor cleaning inconvenience, though, should not overshadow the major convenience of pressure cooking. --Fred Brack

  • Quickly and healthfully cooks foods under steam pressure with little liquid
  • Made of high-quality 18/10 stainless steel with mirror finish; steamer insert included
  • Two pressure-release valves and pressure indicator ensure safety
  • Saves time and 70 percent of energy normally consumed while cooking
  • 9-3/4 inches in diameter at base; 9-1/4 inches high; 10-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Worth the investment
    This is the second pressure cooker that I've owned and I am extremely pleased with it's performance. If you have not used one in the past, it is well worth the investment of money and time to learn how to use it. I did a lot of searching before deciding on this model, mostly due to the inordinate number of positive reviews. I was not dissapointed. You can make wonderful meals quickly, easily, and for less money that with conventional cookware. The last cooker I had was an older style with a jiggle top. It worked, but was not convenient to use, so I did not use it very often. The Kuhn Rikon is so easy to use that I've been using is several times per week and plan most of my menus around the pressure cooker. I am already thinking about buying others in different sizes. I find the 7 liter a good size for most uses. It will easily accomodate soups and stock but is not too big to use for smaller meals. For the few people that have not had good experiences with pressure cookers, I urge them to try again. It is not hard to master and the rewards are well worth it. The Kuhn Rikon is easy to use, safe, and will quickly become the primary pot in your kitchen. If you are new to pressure cooking, it is worthwhile to buy a pressure cooker cookbook at the same time. I liked Pressure Cooking for Dummies by Tom Calamita....more info
  • Excellent Product
    I recently purchased this pressure cooker and have found it to be extremely easy to use. I have never used a pressure cooker before. You will love this one. The size is perfect for most recipes. The instructions are clear and the book includes good recipes to get started. I am very impressed with the quality of this product and I am equally impressed with how quickly I was able to make delicious dinners. So far I have made pot roast, spaghetti sauce, turkey breast, risotto and chicken soup. Each recipe was easy to make--one would think I was cooking all day.
    You will enjoy this pressure cooker! I ordered this on a Wednesday from Amazon and received it on Friday--what superb service!...more info


  • Kuhn Rikon 7 qt. cooker
    we purchased this cooker 2 weeks ago. We used it to:

    make pinto beans. these were great for refried beans. they cooked up in an amazing 11 minutes. It was fast, easy and effortless. we did use the overnight presoak for the beans.

    make red beans and rice. These were the most delicious red beans we ever had. The ham hocks cooked perfectly in ten minutes. we added some portugese sausage for the second ten minutes.

    We made beef broth yesterday in 45 minutes. Also we made a whole chicken and a pot roast. Both were flavorful and tender.

    We had an old pressure cooker which was a real hassle to use. The money spent on this cooker was well worth it, especially considering it should last a lifetime. It was difficult to get a seal on the old cooker and a lot of liquid went out the pressure valve. The Kuhn Rikon cooker seals itself and there is no loss of liquid. It does all the work.

    We have an electric stove and it is a little difficult to maintain the proper temperature. We have learned to take it off the heat and it will cool down & then return it to the burner.

    Cooking takes next to no time and cleanup is easy. We used it to make a pot roast on a busy weeknight. We had dinner on the table in no time at all.

    ...more info
  • I love this pressure cooker
    It is every bit as good as they say it is. It's very easy to use. No jiggle, no hissing, just a little sound to let you know the pressure is coming up. Just two little red lines that are easy to see. 1st. line is for low pressure, 2nd. line is for high pressure. Not only does it work like a dream, it looks like one too. If all you have every owned is a jiggle pressure cooker, please give this one a try. I'm sure you will be impressed with this 2nd generation pc....more info
    When my old pressure cooker broke, I thought I'd treat myself and get an expensive one. Steam is steam though, so I wasn't really sure how one could be much better than another, except for maybe added safety features or something, but nevertheless, I splurged because I like expensive and pretty things in my kitchen. I'm a gourmet cook and use the pressure cooker a lot. It just came in the mail today. I immediately notified Amazon I would be returning it. I couldn't BELIEVE how cleap it looked when I opened the box. I cook a lot, and buy TOP OF THE LINE EVERYTHING and this was nowhere near the top of ANY line. I'm not making it up, just being honest. The stainless is very thin, and the plastic handles are cheap looking and seem flimsy, like if you set it down in your granite sink too rough, the handles could easily break. The lid design is no better than a standard $30 Presto pressure cooker's lid, therefore there are no real added safety features. I've cooked with pressure cookers for about 20 years. I'm not afraid of them in the least no matter what design, but for those who don't know what they're doing, thought I'd point out the lack of additional safety features. The thing that just blew me away was how lightweight and just cheap it was. $189 for this, no way. Save your money. ...more info
  • New to Pressure cooking
    I've always been afraid of pressure cookers. But I decided to try this product because of it's safety features. I love it! And I'm fascinated by the variety of foods (i.e. cheesecakes) that turn out beautifully. So far, it works exactly the way it was advertised. I have purchased two different sizes now so I can use more than one for a meal. ...more info
  • I'd give up every pot in my kitchen for the Kuhn
    This is the most awesome kitchen tool I've ever had, I can't say enough good things about this product. You *do* need some good books to go with it, though. Lorna Sass' "Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure" is the best....more info
  • Wonderful product
    I had never used a pressure cooker before - was afraid of them. This pressure cooker is so easy to use and I'm not afraid of using it. Throw everything in and it pretty much takes care of itself. ...more info
  • Great pressure cooker!
    I bought the Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker after the New York Times called it 'the Mercedes Benz among pressure cookers'. And even though I haven't tried any other cookers (so I can't compare) I am totally happy with it. I'm actually spoiled, I got two of these! I use them all the time! I usually make recipes out of the cookbooks 'Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure' and 'Complete Vegetarian Kitchen'. Both books are by Lorna Sass. She is an expert on pressure cooking and gives a lot of nice helpful pressure cooking recipes, tips and charts in these books.

    If you want to buy a flame tamer for your cooker (highly recommended), please get the Kuhn Rikon one! It's a bit expensive, but the two other ones I tried ended up in the trash can.

    I also recommend buying an 'Ohsawa Pot'. When you make rice straight in a pressure cooker it is very sticky and can get stuck to the bottom. With this pot (which you place in the pressure cooker), you get absolutely delicious rice (especially brown and wild rice turn out great!)....more info

  • You Can't Live Without This Pressure Cooker!
    I know it sounds silly, but I love my pressure cooker. It's easy to use and not at all intimidating. I can have a healthy meal on the table in minutes. I'm surprised....I cook with it more often than I ever thought I would. Simply, a great product....more info
  • A good pressure cooker
    This is a useful piece of kitchen tool that can save cooking time. It is very quiet when cooking. I like it. ...more info
  • excellent product -- but delivered in dubious condition
    This is an outstanding pressure cooker. It's bigger than I expected, even for a 7 liter unit. The workmanship and materials appear to be first rate. Two bits of advice: (1) you may have a hard time keeping the pressure at the desired level if you have an electric stove. My solution is to turn on TWO elements. One is set to "high" to get the pressure cooker up and cooking; the other is adjusted to a simmer setting. I simply move the cooker from the hot burner to the simmer burner once the desired pressure is established.

    Second bit of advice: watch out if you buy this device from Amazon. Mine arrived in a dilapidated box that appeared to have been returned one or more times previously, and there were abrasions and other evidence of use on the device itself. No crusted food, fortunately. Because it was in working condition, I finally elected to keep it rather than go to the hassle of an exchange, but caveat emptor: you may have the same annoying experience....more info

  • WOW! NOW you're cooking with steam! This POT Rocks!
    And I thought I knew what a `good' pressure cooker was! And boy does this save energy!

    A friend recommend this model to me when I was looking at new pressure cookers. My old family hand-me down Presto worked, but the cap with the white lines that popped up wasn't popping up - and I detest the `rocker' pots - noisy, and to me, dangerous. So I was looking for a new PC and I was on the fence between this model and the one without the long handle. GET THIS ONE. It might seem a bit awkward at first, but if you have ever lifted a pot of pot roast or 6 Liters of Bean Soup, you know how heavy it can be! - and the long handle saves the day! And I have to say that I own several `large' pressure cookers for canning, but only had the 1940's-early 1950's pressure cooker from my grandmother for cooking.

    Before I go too far I also have to say that I went to school with a friend who became a beach-bum in the South Pacific - Degrees in Environmental Engineering and Enviro. Planning from UC and she's a beach bum on a sail boat in the South Pacific while I had to teach! - Well she points out that on a sail boat, energy is precious, more so than gold sometimes - and that one of the greatest presents she ever got was a Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker - given to her by a Scandinavian who was about to declare his boat open salvage for anyone who chose to come and take stuff - and she says that this pressure cooker saves them hundreds of dollars a year in gas. WOW!

    And I've noticed the same thing - this puppy is so tight that I can put in, literally, 2-4 tablespoons of water and cook two large artichokes in about 15 minutes! Once the water boils (about 3 minutes) I can lock the top, turn the gas down, and in 15 minutes on a bare simmer I can get perfect artichokes! Carrots take 5 minutes, Broccoli about 3. A pot FULL of close to seven liters of whole potatoes will cook perfectly with less than a quarter cup of water and about 30 minutes on low flame! You can have an entire pot-roast dinner in under an hour - and that includes browning your meat in the pressure cooker, adding the veggies and spices, and bringing it up to pressure and turning it down to simmer. And it is KILLER pot roast.

    YOU WILL WANT A FLAME-TAMER (or if you have hung around bio. or chem. labs, a `flame spreader') it's one of those things you put on top of a burner that has lots of holes in it and `spreads out the heat' so you keep from scorching the bottom of cheap pans, or cook cast iron with thick tomato paste low enough so it can cook all day and not burn the tomato to the bottom of the pan. Others have mentioned this and the reason has been mentioned by others, this pot is SO energy efficient that most stoves today just don't go low enough to keep the pressure where it belongs. Older stoves do, but newer stoves don't. This is particularly true if you are cooking using very little water.

    I took out my personal camping stove - an MSR Dragonfly - and using a home-made stand, was able to make about a gallon of bean soup in an hour! And my Dragonfly was not on `scorch' - even IT was turned down to a medium flame! I tried an old soviet gasoline stove modeled after the ever famous Seva known to back-packers and campers world wide - and I made 7 liters of chicken and dumplings in an hour and 20 minutes!! WOW!

    So - is this a wonder cooker or what? Here's the deal - is it worth almost TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS FOR A PRESSURE COOKER!? - well, simply put, yeah, it is!

    Why? Because it cooks FAST, it uses very little fuel, you can cook with nearly no water for extended periods of time because there is nearly no water lost through venting - thus the FIVE part safety valves - the friend who recommend it to me had a pressure cooker blow up on her once and was a scaredy-cat. And she loves hers and is comfortable with it. I can tell you that there are enough safety features on this pot that even if you were stupid you wouldn't be able to burn yourself or have it blow up in your face - or blow up unattended in the kitchen - it would simply blow out multiple valves and not vent stuff up onto your ceilings like older designed cookers do. (I've made the mistake of taking the top off of a pressure cooker too soon - and know how scary it can be - this cooker seems to `lock' the lid until the pressure is right enough for me to take the lid off and not have the contents blow-up in my face.

    So -- this pressure cooker rocks! - and if you have never used one before - THIS IS THE MICROWAVE OF THE PAST - only it actually cooks food so that it tastes like it should! I've had mine about two years now - and I can say that it is a very rare week when I don't use it for at least steaming veggies - and in the winter - well - you can have amazing home made soups in well under an hour from start to finish - using far less than a quarter of the fuel that you would normally use! - This is a Pressure Cooker for a New Age of Environmentally Friendly and Healthy cooking! I think I have probably saved the cost of the pot in natural gas over two years -- not to mention the vitamins that are retained because you cook with so little water they stay IN the food you are cooking! (not in the water you take the 'food' out of as in older types of pressure cookers) --

    This pot rocks!...more info
  • 5 Plus years cooking with this incredible Pressure Cooker!
    We have owned a Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker for the past 5+ years and use it on average 4 times a week. That's over 1000 times we have cooked with this incredible pressure cooker.

    It has never failed us. It is easy to use. It is easy to clean. Follow the instruction book and you can't go wrong.

    This pressure cooker will open your horizons to try foods you may not have been inclined to cook because of the time required to prepare them, e.g. beans and artichokes.

    There is a large variety of beans and with the Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker you will be cooking them perfect everytime in only 10-12 minutes (for most beans) compared to several hours in a regular pot. The taste of homemade beans beats the canned variety hands down. You can even make your own Senate Navy Bean Soup.

    We have used it to cook beans, artichokes, rice, all types of soups, and for steaming vegetables and custards. With a new baby we have even used it to sterilize bottles (only 1 minute).

    Obviously, we are very satisfied with the Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker as we hope you will be, too....more info

  • Cooking like a pro
    I recently received the 7-liter pressure cooker as a gift, and every time I use it I'm compelled to call and thank my mom for such a perfect gift. The fit and finish are first rate...almost seems like a shame to get it dirty with food!

    This is my first pressure cooker, and as much as I hate clich®¶s, all I can say is "Patience is a virtue!" I learned very quickly that technique is just as important with a pressure cooker as with any other method and you must learn to adapt to the characteristics of your cook top. I hit my first snag with a beef stew that scorched. Then I did some research on the Internet and found tips for using the pressure cooker with electric burners. I tried again and made drastic improvements. I have used it four times now with amazing results. Each use brings valuable experience and improved technique. I have always considered myself a good cook, and so have the people who have tasted my cooking, but I have never received so many rave reviews.

    If I could rate this item higher than 5 stars I would (for its premium quality, and for what it's done for my cooking reputation). So if at first you don't succeed, learn how to use it properly before you give it away!...more info

  • K-R Pressure Cooker
    Tried a Presto pressure cooker first and hated the noise of the rocking valve. Things took longer than they were supposed to. The Kuhn Rikon cooked everything I have tried from rice to stock to roasts to beans perfectly. The valve is marked showing you high and low pressure is very helpful - no guess work like with the Presto. I rarely used a pressure cooker before, but now I would never give it up....more info
  • What a Lifesaver!
    I absolutely love my Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cooker! With today's busy lifestyles that sometimes leave little room for flexibility, this pressure cooker solves that problem. Whip up a main dish in no time flat when unexpected company shows up for dinner or you're just too tired to prepare it the conventional way.

    My husband has wanted to purchase a pressure cooker for quite some time. I was afraid of them after witnessing one blowup as my grandmother cooked with her's. I'm not afraid of this one. It was very easy for me to quickly figure out how to put it to use it.

    I have a gas stove so it was easy to regulate the pressure. The instructions for cooking on an electric stove in the book that came with it seem simple enough to me. I don't think it would be that much more of a challenge to regulate the pressure if you followed the advice of the experienced.

    Angela Betts ...more info
  • Get rid of your microwave!
    We got this a month ago and use it for something almost everyday. Everything cooks so quickly and has a terrific taste and texture, especially beans. It is worth every penny because there is no unhealthy aluminum, just easy-to-clean stainless steel. A must for vegetarians or those who want to eat more healthfully. Just don't forget to get Lorna Sass's cookbooks to go along with it....more info
  • Just get a Presto!
    This unit is not very user friendly. It has a spring loaded pressure gauge which is very difficult to read and has a tendency to stick therefore the feedback on the cooking process is lousy. The Presto has a gravity based juggler that rocks and lets you know everything is cooking properly. Yes the highly polished 18/10 stainless is nicer looking than the standard stainless on the Presto buts adds nothing to durability, performance or end results. The Presto will last a lifetime; this unit may drive you nuts with that gauge....more info
  • This is my first pressure cooker
    Obviously, I am no expert on pressure cookers, but this has got to be the easiest way of cooking I have ever used. The Kuhn Rikon construction is solid and durable. The operation is very simple and the valve construction allows for easy quick release.

    I am completely sold on using this cooker. I have made complete, tasty, hardy soups/chilis from scratch to the dinner table in less than 30 minutes. And with the flavor of a soup/chili that has been simmered for hours. I cook without oils and minimal salt and I find that the foods I make are still very tasty and extremely satisfying....more info

  • Top quality pressure cooker
    Like the other reviewers have mentioned, this cooker is virtually silent and you must stay in the kitchen to keep an eye on the pressure. Especially with an electric burner, since heat adjustments on these are not instant as they are with gas. It doesn't take long, however, to learn how and when to make adjustments so the correct pressure is maintained. It is one of the easiest cookers I have ever used on an electric burner.

    In addition to family meals I use this cooker to make baby food. This cooker conducts heat and disperses it evenly, making it fast and efficient. Because so little added water is needed for cooking, most of the broth goes right back into the puree, preserving as many nutrients as possible.

    If I'm cooking several meals ahead or batches of baby food, the cooker is easily hand-washed between batches. For the final wash all four pieces (bottom, top, top "vent hat", gasket) go into the dishwasher. My cooker has been in heavy use for two years, and all pieces (including the gasket) are still like new.

    If I have to make any complaint about the cooker it's that I don't own two :-) I have often wished I had a second one available... hmmm I think I'll budget for another one this year. :-)...more info
  • My Most-Valued Kitchen Appliance
    That title used to belong to my Kitchen Aid food processor, but now it's the pressure cooker that I use most often--after my chef's knife, of course. Other reviewers have hit on almost every reason why you should own one of these, but I still have a few comments to add.

    First, although people have called this the "Rolls Royce" or "Mercedes Benz" of pressure cookers, it's more like a Ferrari. This piece of equipment gives you tremendous power--over heat. You can funnel an enormous amount of energy into this pot, and that carries risks and responsibilities, just as being able to drive 200 miles per hour in a Ferrari has its risks and responsibilities. You do have to watch the pot, at least most of the time. I would expect there to be less babysitting if you have a gas stove, but I'm stuck with electric. You do have to consult the manual for the correct cooking time, lest you turn your food into mush. Fortunately a lengthy manual is provided.

    Second, other reviewers have pointed out the savings in energy gained from the fast cook time of a pressure cooker, but there is another big energy saver: air conditioning in summer. The stove is on for a shorter time, and little steam is released into the house, especially the Kuhn Rikon models. I don't have air conditioning, so I am especially grateful that I can cook beans or stew without the kitchen becoming a sauna.

    Third, there are a few tasks for which a pressure cooker is downright indispensable: making stock, beans, potatoes, and stew. In retrospect, it's remarkable I ever cooked beans before I had one of these. Although you can use the pressure cooker for just about anything, including rice and green vegetables, the real time savings lie with stock (one hour), beans (12 minutes for black beans), and potatoes or other root vegetables (18 minutes for large red potatoes). You do have to soak the beans first, but that's required no matter how you cook them.

    Last, I'd like to reiterate what others have said. It's worth the cost, and will pay for itself in energy and time very quickly. It can be used to sterilize things and for canning (provided you aren't canning many jars). It's very quiet, and only hisses loudly when the heat is too high. Since I almost always cook on the second ring (15 psi, the "high" setting), I can watch TV in the living room and turn down the heat a bit if I hear a hiss; otherwise it is silent. It can be used to make risotto, and some people think this feature alone is sufficient to justify getting a pressure cooker. It is a decent, easy-to-clean, stainless steel pot, and is a good piece of cookware even under atmospheric pressure. Since it has a sealing lid, I often use it to store soups or stews after preparation without stinking up the whole fridge.

    I cannot recommend this item highly enough. If I had to pick only three kitchen tools to live with on a desert island, I would pick a chef's knife, a cast iron skillet, and a Kuhn Rikon....more info
  • Our Favorite Cookware
    We have three Kuhn Rikon pressure cookers that we use almost every time we cook - this is the main cookware we use. It's fast, easy, and it saves energy because it takes less time to cook. And the food's great - I like eating at home better than any restaurant....more info
  • easy to maintain constant pressure on gas stove
    I've been using this cooker for about four years now and it has exceeded every expectation. Prior cookers had rocker valves that used to drive me nuts with rattling, and they released a lot of steam.

    This cooker is very easy to control pressure. It does so quietly, accurately, with smooth distribution of heat due to copper being sandwiched into the bottom. All around a true 5 star performer.

    We've used it hundreds of times with excellent results. Easy to clean, this is a cooks dreamware. Worth every penny....more info
  • Perfection in cooking
    I have been using the Kuhn Rikons for the past 10 years. They are so well made and cook so perfectly, I often use them as everyday pots, even without the lids. To this day, the blue seal shows little sign of wear and the pots are as shiny as new. I assume I will be passing these on to the kids in about 40 years: they seem as though they will last that long....more info
  • Great buy
    I've never used a pressure cooker before. I decided to try it because I've heard good things about it, and as a working mother of 2, sometimes it's hard for me to plan ahead to use the crockpot.

    This pressure cooker was easy to use and big enough to feed my family. I've cooked stews, pork roast, whole chicken, and roast beef so far, all with great results. I will use this product at least every week. It is worth the investment to buy a good quality. ...more info
  • Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker
    very easy to use and clean. Cooks foods very fast. Large beets in 10 min and large artichokes in 15...more info
  • Overpriced, Dangerous, Lousy Customer Service
    This was given to me as a gift, and it jammed the 3rd time I used it. Had to whack it open with a wrench.

    Tried to return it and ended up on the phone with the US distributor who was insulting and basically said I did not know how to use it.

    I am a VERY experienced cook.

    Threw it in the trash and bought I Presto that I am MUCH happier with....more info
  • A delicious way to save energy
    My husband and I bought this earlier this year and had it sitting around in the kitchen while I worked up the nerve to use it. I had heard all of the horror stories about pressure cookers and I was wary. Hubby got a little sick of this so he broke it in.

    What a pleasure. This cooker is easy to use and safe. It also delivers delicious food in a fraction of the time. We both love bean dishes and have used this pot for that since it cooks dried bean in minutes instead of hours with the flavor cooked all the way through. We have just purchased the 2.5 braiser and more than likely will purchase more Kuhn Rukon pots. They are solid, well made and we were able to find loads of helpful information and tips on their web site. A great product. Could not be happier. ...more info
  • Easy to Use
    My grandmother and my mother both used pressure cookers frequently. When I was younger, one of the first kitchen items I purchased was a pressure cooker of my very own (a Hawkins Futura jiggle-type, which still works perfectly).

    Recently, I decided to purchase the 7 liter Kuhn Rikon, primarily because it is larger than my Futura. Some other reviewers have noted that the Kuhn Rikon requires more monitoring than jiggle-type pressure cookers. This is only somewhat true. Jiggle-type pressure cookers release steam throughout the cooking process. This provides confirmation that the cooker is operating through sound. It IS convenient if this is what you are used to. However, these cookers require more liquid to achieve pressure and as a result, certain items can come out more watery than I prefer. You can boil away the excess liquid after releasing pressure, but then you lose some of the time saved.

    The Kuhn Rikon uses an advanced enclosed system. As a result, the "sound of pressure", or hiss is missing. A small valve with two red lines provides confirmation that half and full pressure have been achieved. At this point in the cooking process, you must turn down the heat to maintain pressure only; if you leave the heat on high, pressure will continue to rise. Without sound to guide you, one must rely on visual clues. The Kuhn Rikon makes it easy. But, it IS different than listening for the hiss.

    The first few times you use the cooker, you will need to determine how far to lower your cooktop temperature to maintain the pressure in the cooker. This does require monitoring and a little guess work. However, once you determine how your cooktop and pressure cooker interact, it is the same every time. From that point on, you simply wait for the red line to appear and turn your cooktop down to your pre-determined setting. Set the timer and you're almost done. Easy. In addition:

    1. The enclosed system is virtually silent;
    2. The enclosed system allows fast, high temperature cooking without heating up your kitchen;
    3. The benefits of a lower liquid requirement to achieve high pressure can not be overstated.

    The Kuhn Rikon system is different but produces superior results. For those who possess even a modicum of patience, I highly recommend this pressure cooker.
    ...more info
  • Best Kitchen Appliance
    This is the best kitchen appliance that I have purchased in a very long time. The Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker is quality through and through....more info


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