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The Perfect Beaker is designed for measuring both wet and dry ingredients with precise accuracy. Mix salad dressings, healthy drinks or flour mixtures for breads. The narrow base ensures accurate measurements even in small quantities. The scientifically calibrated measurement guide includes cups, fluid ounces, pints, teaspoons, tablespoons, and milliliters/cubic centimeters. A beveled rim makes pouring easy. Measure sauces, dressings or marinades completely in this single vessel.Please note this item is not microwave safe.

This is a single measuring cup that will replace the others floating around your kitchen--even the teaspoons! Cone-shaped, with a sturdy base and tight-fitting lid, this little beaker is perfect for those recipes with odd amounts, such as "two cups plus one tablespoon." There's a lip around the top edge that acts beautifully as a spout--no dripping when pouring liquids, from water to beaten egg yolks. Measurements include pints, cups, ounces, ml/ccm, tablespoons, and teaspoons, and all are written clearly in black print. The lid fits snugly enough that you can snap it on and shake the beaker for easy mixing of ingredients. --Jill Lightner

  • Ideal for liquid or dry ingredients
  • Markings for six different measuring scales
  • Clear plastic, tight-fitting freshness seal
  • Top-rack dishwasher-safe
  • Made in Germany

Customer Reviews:

  • Works well, but doesn't last.
    As a measuring cup, the beaker worked very well. It's easy to read and is easy to use since it's not glass. Unfortunately, inside of six months of regular use, the plastic began to crack all around the beaker. I'm not sure if the issue was the dishwasher or the microwave or what, but I wouldn't buy one again....more info
  • great measure but I hate that it is plastic
    Great product as other reviews say but I won't replce the three I have because they are not dishwasher safe plastic. They crack after about six to eight months of use.

    Too bad ...more info
  • Nice design
    Nice design, well balanced and easy to read. Haven't found a use for the lid, but it fits tight and would probably work well for mixing (shaking) or storage....more info
  • Nice design, defective printing, don't trust plastic
    I love the design. Very nice. The plastic seems too weak. I'd be afraid to put anything warm inside it. Need to be able to measure hot items in cooking. I'd never put it in the microwave. It would be a great design to melt butter for recipes, but I wouldn't trust it to survive the heat.

    Mine was defective also. The printing up near the rim was missing. It was some printer error. The labels that tell you what each scale refers to didn't print. There was one that printed about half way (pint) but all of the others were completely missing. I'd have no idea what I was measuring with each scale: ml? oz? grams? cups? no way to know what the scales refer to.

    I'm returning it to Amazon. Maybe I'll find a glass one in a laboratory supply....more info
  • Smart-Looking and Multi-Functioning Measuring Container
    I have to admit I first saw this accessory as I was watching Food Network personality Alton Brown use it on his informative program, "Good Eats". When I saw it up close, I noticed its conical design and narrow base allows detailed markings for six measures - cups, fluid ounces, pints, teaspoons, tablespoons, milliliters per cubic centimeter (ml/ccm). It's ideal for those recipes that combine measures, e.g., "one cup plus two tablespoons of sugar". It has a lip for relatively easy pouring, though I would have preferred a more defined spout.

    If you fumble around a kitchen drawer, like me, looking for the individual measuring cups and tablespoon and teaspoon only to face washing them all later after use, then this is a tool worth purchasing. The design is attractive enough to leave on the counter, and the acrylic material also makes it lightweight. I was just praising whoever designed it in my review of "The Design of Things to Come" by Craig M. Vogel, Jonathan Cagan and Peter Boatwright because the Perfect Beaker transforms a typical cooking utensil into an ideal combination of aesthetics and function. If for the next version, the designer could figure out how one could measure out wet and dry ingredients interchangeably in one beaker, then this would be the perfect kitchen tool. I also think a larger version of the Perfect Beaker, perhaps in a stackable mode with the original, could be produced for recipes requiring larger proportions....more info
  • Beaker
    I really like the beaker, it is so easy to "see" the correct liquid meassure, there should be a set. This size should also have a smaller one with it, from 1/16 th oz to 8 oz would be a great size for a small beaker. Perhaps if "they" agree they will send one to me and all other customers of the larger Beaker. This step will greatly increase their advertisement with out advertising costs, "word of mouth is the best advertisement ever"....more info
  • A break machine baker's necessity
    If you own a bread machine or bake bread from scratch this is a godsend. This simplifies those "one cup plus two tablespoons" type measurements invariably found in bread recipes. Yes, it's made of a lightweight but good quality plastic, but that's all that's necessary. If it were Pyrex it would weigh a ton; if borosilicate it would doubtless not survive the first drop and would cost a whole lot more. Conveniently, it's just the right size to store inside the bucket of my bread machine, ready for the next loaf....more info
  • It's not perfect, but it's a great must-have measuring tool!
    I love my measuring beaker! Ok, I read the reviews and yes, there are some annoyances to this measuring beaker that I agree with, but it's still a great kitchen tool to have. In fact, owning more than one may be ideal!

    The way I prefer to rate it: Five stars on usability and usefulness. Four stars on overall design.

    The first time I layed my eyes on the beaker (received it as a gift), I was very skeptical on it's ability to last longer than a week in my home. That was two years ago. It's gone through a lot of use, abuse, and just about lives in the dishwasher. (Yes, the fill up of water in the hollow base is quite annoying, but a quick dump and rinse in the sink cures that fast enough.) The markings are still bright and clear, the plastic doesn't show any wear, and it hasn't warped in the dishwasher or with hot liquids.

    PROS: Lightweight, accurate, easy to read, easy to use, easy to clean (it's dishwasher safe!). It's quite sturdy despite it's looks. Doesn't easily tip. Can measure up to two cups.

    Cons: It doesn't have a pouring spout for liquids (although it hasn't been a severe problem with me). The hollow base fills with dirty dishwasher water when clean in the dishwasher (but it cleans out quickly). Looks flimsy (but it's not). Cap can be easily misplaced (but who really uses it anyway?)

    As you can see, the cons are not convincing enough for me to not own this beaker. It's a great measuring tool that quickly becomes a must have favorite in your kitchen!

    I hope you enjoy it as much as many other here have as well....more info

  • Versatility-Wet / Dry Measure
    I don't even look for my old glass measures. I use this for liquids and dry measures such as milk, water, flour, rice, etc. Accurate and simple to use. The lid is good when you need to store in the fridge without having to worry about spills or getting out some plastic wrap. I'm probably going to buy another one later. Thanks to foodie Alton for this find....more info
  • Great product but could be better
    This is a nice combination of accuracy and usability. It's more accurate than a typical measuring cup of this one's capacity and it's more easily used than one of those tall, thin graduated cylinders that you might recall from chemistry class. I think this design is a great compromise for kitchen use. However, there are two things that I wish were different. First, I wish that the base were flat rather than hollow so that water would not collect when this beaker is put upside-down in the dishwasher. This would also make it much easier for water to evaporate from under the base when the beaker is placed upright. Second, I wish this were made out of Pyrex or similar material. Although I haven't scratched it yet, I feel less confident of its durability than that of a common Pyrex measuring cup.

    I also wish that these beakers were available in a larger size. I find myself measuring such foods as batter with this and need to make more than one measurement to go beyond this item's 2-cup capacity....more info

  • Accuracy if the key!
    I sold my catering business 2 years ago - I only wish I would have had these many years ago - easy to use and very accurate. I love the fact you can cover and refrigerate things. Great service! Thanks!...more info
  • Great idea, but easily broken.
    I've gone through 2 of these. Each time, a crack develops - straight down one side and up the other. I have not been rough with them. In fact, the last one broke when I was washing it with a soft cloth. Functionally, it's a great idea - smaller quantities are measured with greater accuracy. But, I'm not buying more until it is made from sturdier material....more info
  • Works as expected
    I've only used it a few times, and it works as expected. I wish there was a glass version, though. I don't like how plastic tends to get scratched. I haven't tried the lid yet, so I can't say how well it works....more info
  • versatile and accurate
    It is easy to hold, fill and offers a variety of measuring increments. It is like a measuring encyclopedia at my fingers. I am glad to have found this measuring beaker!...more info
  • inexpensive, but incredibly useful!
    I got this after seeing AB (aka Alton Brown) use it on just about every other "Good Eats" episode, and it definitely lives up to my expectations.

    When I first opened it, I was put off a bit by the plastic construction. But after using it for several months, I am happy to report that I love it! For measuring liquids, it is always the first thing I reach for. The lid also allows it to make a great emulsion-maker - salad dressings, vinnaigrettes, etc. Just toss all your ingredients in, slap the lid on, and shake away! Love it.

    I can't argue with some of the comments from other reviewers - water can pool under the base when drying upside down, and there isn't a pouring spout - but is that enough for me to change my opinion? Absolutely not. It does what it does, and it does it really well.

    And heck, if it does only last 5 years, at these prices, I can certainly afford to buy a replacement. And I will....more info
  • Lid compromised by dishwasher
    Lid is not dishwasher safe, as the ad states. First time in the dishwasher, upper rack, the lid warped. Using a hand-held blender caused the liquid to splash out of the beaker. I returned it....more info
  • This is all you need for measuring in the kitchen! Perfect!
    I had one of these before that my husband brought when we combined households. After several years of use and abuse, it finally cracked on the bottom and I had to replace it immediately. Our household can't function without it! It's all you need in one product. No hassles with multiple measuring cups and is easy to store and find in your cupboard!...more info
  • Great--Wish I Had 16 of Them
    This is a fantastic measuring cup. Its shape makes it accurate for both large and small measures. It pours wonderfully, and the lid allows you to use it for storage. I really do wish I had 16 of them, because I hate when it's dirty and I have to use a traditional measuring cup....more info
  • love it
    It is never put in cabinet. I keep it on the cabinet top. I use it constantly, to measure and add water to cooking pots.It is so easy to hold on to....more info
  • Avoid the dishwasher?
    I bought this measuring cup after seeing Alton Brown use it on his "Good Eats" series. It's the most-used measuring device in my kitchen since it has gradiations for about every measuring unit on earth. But, unless the manufacturer has improved it since I bought mine, I wouldn't get it again: it hazed and crackled after cleaning in the dishwasher.

    Also, the cuplike base makes it nearly impossible to position in the dishwasher in a stance where it won't accumulate and hold water.

    Add to that, the gradiation measures are oddly offset from the tick marks, so it's not immediately intuitive as to whether there's a 1-1/4 or 1-1/2 cups in the thing.

    But, given those flaws it's still much easier to use that standard glass measuring cups or individual measuring cups.

    Whoever heard of creating a kitchen measuring device that couldn't stand up to a dishwaher?...more info
  • Handy Kitchen Measuring Cup...
    The fact that this beaker has so many different measuring scales makes it one of the most useful measuring cups in my cabinet. The curved lip pours without any drips. The one thing I dislike about it is that the base fills with water in the dishwasher. Surely they could have altered the design to keep that from happening....more info
  • too fragile for daily use.
    At first this seams like a great measuring cup. It can measure in just about every measurement and is more accurate for small measurements. The dissadvantages however show up pretty quickly. It says dishwasher safe but the dishwasher will quickly scratch it and it will appear very cloudy. It is extremly light and you will drop it sometime as a result. This thing is more fragile than glass and the base especially can break rather easily as the quality of the plastic leaves something to be desired. There is not spout and pouring sucks. In reality if it wasn't made from cheap plastic this would be just about the best measuring glass possible....more info
  • The ultimate!
    Buy several. This is a whole different world than those Pyrex measureing cups, (which you'll still need) and these just have a super cool neat-o factor to boot.
    These measure in a lot of different systems at once, they're plastic (safer) and your friends will want one.
    Love mine!...more info
  • Pkastic Measuring cup
    It is handy to have several types of measure-English and metric on one cup.
    Reading the measurements takes some getting used to. The biggest problem is
    when washed in a dishwasher the base fills with water too, spilling upon
    removal. My husbsand drilled 4 1/8" holes at an angle to allow water in the
    base to drain away(don't puncture through to inside of cup when drilling).
    This should have been engineered into the product at manufacture....more info
  • measuring beaker
    I was dissapointed with this product. for the cost I expected it to be glass not cheap plastic. The lid is very hard to put on. Almost seems like the lid is too small for the beaker. Would not recommend at the price. Maybe if it was $2.00 then it would be worth it....more info
  • Useful but has design flaws
    I use one of these regularly and for measuring it's hard to beat. My two complaints are the material (the plastic develops cracks and will eventually break) and the structure of the base (the base is a big cup, making this impossible to clean in the dishwasher).

    I want one similar to this, but with a base like a footed pilsner glass....more info
  • So simple and so cool
    One word to describe this beaker: handy. You'll be surprised at how often you convert Cups to Ounces to Tablespoons, once you know you can. Really great idea....more info
  • The name says it all!
    I was skeptical since I'm used to glass lab beakers, but this "Perfect" beaker really lives up to it's name! I like it enough that I'm going to buy more....more info
  • A must for any kitchen
    I've found this product so useful I bought a second one....more info
  • I saw it on Good Eats and had to get this
    I saw this on Alton Brown's show and thought it was a brilliant product. The conical shaped container let's you measure smaller quantities with higher precision. The lid allows you to shake/mix what you've measured into the container.

    Even if you're not a cooking geek, you'll have to get this because it will make your life in the kitchen easier....more info
  • Great, but collects water in dishwasher
    My only gripe about this beaker is that the hollow base collects
    water when it is placed upside-down in the dishwasher. Not much
    to complain about, huh?...more info
  • Nice concept but Poor Quality
    I bought two of these and they both met the same fate: a small crack in the bottom that rendered them useless. At this price I expected a little more. They didn't last more than a few months....more info
  • I hate those puddles of nasty dishwashwer water that pool in the bottom of this beaker.
    Yep, it measures just fine but I just don't understand why they make things that are supposed to go in the dishwasher with a bottom designed to catch water. You know - you roll out that top dishwasher rack and grungy water spills down the side of the beaker and all over anything under or near it. If I had realized that the bottom of this beaker was hollow, I would never have purchased it. The only reason it's still in my cabinet is I sometimes use it as a chart to convert measurements. ...more info
  • Fabulous item
    concept is great. Mine has lasted six years so far. I love it....more info
  • Perfect Design, Imperfect Measuring
    I like the design of this measurer, but unfortunately the markings on mine are inaccurate. Compared to my other liquid measuring cups, the Perfect Beaker is off by a teaspoon at the 1/4-cup mark, off by two teaspoons at the 1-cup mark, and right on at the 2-cup mark. This is pretty bad compared to other measurers I've owned in the past. If you buy one of these, compare it against your other measuring cups before you use it....more info
  • An A+ for versatility
    This is the most handy measuring unit I've owned. Measurements are clearly marked for teaspoons, ml/ccm, pint units, cups, tablespoons, and ounces. The beaker's design is sturdy and it's deep enough to securely hold a long thermometer.

    If you're into cooking and baking, this beaker is a must.

    ...more info
  • I've used this product for years!
    I have used the Perfect Beaker for many years. I highly recommend it for measuring any liquid to precise amounts, big and small. Two cautions I'd pass on, though, I wouldn't recommend microwaving in it since I think it eventually etches the plastic. Second, be sure to remove it from your stovetop while cooking because I've melted two beakers by having them too close to the oven vent! If you follow the manufacturer's care instructions and only place it in the top shelf of the dishwasher, you ought to get years of service from this item. It's really one of the few kitchen tools I would not live without....more info
  • My favorite measuring cup
    This is the measuring cup I reach for first for all but very hot liquids. (I'm afraid hot water could damage it.) I am not sure why, but it seems much easier to measure liquid with this design. I guess this is why the scientific world adopted the beaker shape....more info
  • This is just cool
    I got this after seeing it over and over on Good Eats. Now that I have it, I pick this over the standard Pyrex measuing cup every time. First, I like the plastic construction. It doesn't have the heft of thick borosilicate glass, and I wouldn't microwave stuff in it, but I'm also not worried about breaking or chipping it. Second, the upside-down cone is easier to hold steady when it's full of liquid than a heavy glass cup with the handle off to the side. I spill enough in the kitchen already, so anything that helps me be neater is a plus. Third, I love the different scales for different measures (cups, oz, tablespoons, metric, etc.). If I have multiple things to meaure in, I can just pour them in and read the scales instead of using extra measuring spoons and cups.

    I would like to have another version of this in borosilicate glass for when I want to microwave in it, but I can use the Pyrex for that. I also haven't tried putting acidic liquids in in much, so I don't know how the plastic holds up to that. So far I'm really liking this measuring beaker though....more info
  • Measuring Cup of choice
    I'd rather use this than any of my other measuring cups. It's diverse and wonderful!...more info
  • If you watch Good Eats, you already know...
    And if you don't you should try it. It makes measuring so much easier than traditional cups. And there's a lid too!...more info
  • interesting shape, great measuring
    I really like the unusual shape on this measuring cup. The only downside is that you can't fit a whisk in down to the bottom to stir together the wet ingredients before adding them to the dry, which you can generally do with the standard 2-cup measuring cups. I love that it has so many different options around the sides for measurements, including 1/8th cup marks. I have also been somewhat annoyed by the tendency of the base to collect water in the dishwasher - I'll have to try that recommendation to drill a small hole (but why the manufacturer couldn't just do that for us...) Altogether a very handy kitchen tool and I've already used it several times in the few weeks I've had it....more info
  • Easy to use
    I have to admit, after watching many episodes of "Good Eats" with Alton Brown, I looked for the beaker he used. While this is a handy gadget, it is made out of plastic. I hand wash mine, as it is a little too tall to fit on the top rack of my dishwasher and I wouldn't recommend washing on the bottom rack. The lid is handy, but I don't store anything in mine, I just use to it to measure liquid ingredients and occasionally mix items together. Overall it is handy....more info
  • More than perfect....to me.
    I was lost for 5 days without my old one, which DID break but only after 6 years of daily use. My old one didn't have a cover, so it was an added bonus to receive that with my new one. Highly recommended, especailly to someone who bakes a lot and needs precise measurements. Beats having to take out the measuring spoons sometimes and other times helps do the conversions when you need to know how many tablespoons in a cup, etc....more info
  • Defective on the original and the replacement
    It arrived for a Christmas present but the labels at the top showing the measurements were missing due to a printing error. I ordered a replacement and it was the same thing. Very disappointed....more info
  • Only dirty one piece of equipment
    Alton Brown knows his stuff. The perfect beaker is indeed the perfect way to measure out all you dry or wet ingredients. It is great to only need one device to measure out most any possible measurement you'll need.

    Plus it makes you feel like a mad scientist!!

    Great stuff....more info

  • Love it, but breaks easily
    I'm an avid home baker (bake bread weekly, big production cakes monthly) and really love using this for proofing yeast and measuring small liquid amounts. But I've gone through two of these already, and my third one is ready to crack. These break so easily, and don't hold up well to microwaving or dishwashing. So while they are fantastic to use, I'm probably going to stick to Pyrex when my current one breaks. ...more info
  • Great concept
    Despite my skepticism, this item is great and works beautifully. It is not difficult to clean as I had expected it would be....more info
  • You need this!
    If you're like me, and need to use alot of measuring implements, then this is the one for you. I cook alot and constantly needed to search for measuring cups, spoons, etc.
    I saw this originally on "Good Eats" with Alton Brown, and knew I had to have it.. I love it!!! I love it so much I bought 2!
    The cover is great, too. It keeps everything fresh and in one place until you need it....more info
  • Love it!
    The good reviews here are correct. I bought this thing on a whim about six months ago and at first I wasn't really sure what I would use it for since I already have various measuring cups, spoons, etc. I find myself using it constantly though. What's nice about it is you have a lot of different measurements in one place. Plus I've found it to be very accurate. It measures CUPS, OZ, TBSP, TSP, ML/CCM/, and PINT. I do wish it were glass instead of plastic. And yes, like others have said the cupped shape on the bottom sometimes get's dishwasher water in it, but that's not a big deal to me. I think it's a very reasonably priced item that is really handy to have if you like to cook and especially if you like to bake....more info
  • Cracks
    I've had mine for quite a while so I'll probably still get another one. It's not like it cracked quickly, but it's leaking now & I'm a bit disappointed. I'd like to echo the other reviewer about the base making it hard to clean in the dishwasher. The scale gimmick is nice but it's hardly the perfect beaker. If it were more durable, had a solid (heavier!) base & a spout it would be perfect....more info
  • Not as perfect as it claims
    One of the best parts about this (and actually draws some fire from other reviewers) is that it's plastic, which means no meniscus when measuring water. It's actually easier than a glass measure because of that.

    There is, unfortunately, a downside. It doesn't matter how easy it is to measure when it's not accurate. Because it IS so inaccurate, this piece is almost worthless for being more than a decoration.

    It's a 6-star concept. With so many possible ways to measure this thing could have been awesome, but the practical realization falls far short....more info
  • Best Liquid Measuring Device
    I love this measuring beaker!! it has everything from ounces to cups to tablespoons, ml, you name it. It is the best and you can't beat the price!...more info
  • Really the perfect beaker!
    I owned one of these for about 10 years before I dropped it and it broke. I was very happy to find this and I bought two! There are never any drips when pouring wet ingredients from this measuring cup. I use it all the time and would recommend it highly!...more info
  • Great measuring tool.
    This beaker is similar to the ones used by Alton Brown on Good Eats. The beaker is very light, but seems to be quite indestructable. There have been no ill effects from the dishwasher, either. My only issue with this beaker is that the concave bottom may retain water from the dishwasher depending on how it is positioned. I bought a second so that I would always have one available. ...more info
  • A Much-Used Item
    Several years ago I bought my first plastic beaker just like this one, except that it didn't have a lid. I have used it innumerable times to measure liquid ingredients---- so frequently that I leave it out within easy reach all of the time. Eventually it got clouded and scratched up, probably because I have used it quite often to measure boiling water and many other times to park sharp implements. Nevertheless, the markings are still very readable after all this time, and I will continue to use it, along with my brand new one. The lid that came with the new one comes in handy should I want to store something in one of the beakers in the refrigerator (for instance, leftover gravy). This is a great item!...more info
  • super!
    This is a great little measuring cup...worth the small price! I like it so much that I hand wash it and then hide it on a high shelf far from the reach of my kids who love to cook, but are destructive to my cooking tools! Great buy....more info


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