Mouse Ketch-all

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Product Description

The Ketch-All Mousetrap, by Kness, is a catch all around the clock sentry. It does not use bait, poisons or harmful chemicals and can catch multiple mice in one setting. These traps are easy to use and are reusable.

  • Live catch mouse trap
  • Humane mouse trap
  • Multiple Catch mouse trap
  • Long Life Trap

Customer Reviews:

  • 5 mice in less then 24 hours!
    I've used these traps for years but set one up last night in our farmhouse, which has LOTS of mice. 5 mice in less than 24 hours!
    Bye Bye Mice!...more info
  • NOT 100% Non-Lethal
    I just used this trap for the first time last night. This morning, there were 2 mice trapped inside. It probably would have caught more, but mouse #2 had been crushed to death in the mechanism, jamming it so as to prevent more mice being caught. Even mouse #1 didn't make it out unscathed. His tail had been caught and partially severed. In short, this sturdy trap will probably catch a lot of mice quickly rather than one at a time. But if you want to be sure you don't harm the critters, get a Havahart....more info
  • Hardly Humane Mouse Trap
    This trap is hardly humane. The first mouse was killed in the mechanism. The second mouse was trapped in the air hole-his mouth was completely stuck-I had to pry the poor guy out. The third mouse was again caught by its leg in the revolving catcher. I've had much better luck with the Victor Tin Cat. The mice live to release them....more info
  • Great!!! does what it says...
    The Mouse Ketch-all works very well, caught my first mouse the same day I rec'vd package. This is a great trap and have caught many more after..
    ...more info
  • no check in yet
    i bough this mousetrap and put it in the area that mouse visited but not a single catch yet....more info
  • Not a gentle catcher
    As a mouse catcher, the machine does the job. But the manual does not explain, that the more you wind up the spring, the more violently the mouse will be flung into the trap. It is also difficult to know when you have the mouse: The one I cought kept completly quiet, and when I gently turned the trap it held on, so I did not realize until the second day that I was starving a live mouse. ...more info
  • mousetrap
    I never got the oppertunity to witness a capture. Howerver, the idea and design seem to be sound....more info
  • Works Great!
    Caught 3 the first night, 2 the next night and 1 the 3rd night. Got this item and set it up in a corner with a cracker with some peanut butter on it in the corner so the mice would either have to go over it or through it to get to it. Think I might be getting low on mice now, but I'll keep it set up, just in case. I think if you let the mice stay in it, they are more likely to get killed when another one sets it off. Also if one got stuck in it just right, the others might escape, so you might not want more than 2 to stay in it, if possible. Just my opinion....more info
  • Great Mousetrap
    I caught two mice within the first 12 hours! I am impressed with this humane mousetrap....more info
  • As advertized almost
    Better if you add something to draw them in I placed a piece of wax paper with peanut butter in the chamber that they will not get to and had great success rounding them up....more info
  • Just buy it
    This device works. I've caught about 7 mice since having it. It requires no messy chemicals or sticky pads. The mice enter and you dispose of them (while they are still alive).

    When you place the item along the wall of a closet or pantry, the natural curiousity of the mice attracts them. In fact, the more mice you catch, the more curiosity exists.

    I couldn't be happier with a purchase....more info
  • Not Safe for Mice
    Unfortunately, this product has a tendency of trapping mice not in the enclosure, but rather between the trap wall and the spring-loaded turnstile mechanism meant to transfer the animals to the enclosure. I've found two mice dead in the trap this way, and one alive that I'm hoping will recover from its injuries.

    Also, although the manufacturer says no food is necessary to catch the mice, because the trap does not provide a visible indication that it has been tripped, a mouse can quietly expire in the enclosure if one fails to check the trap on a daily basis.

    Further, a mouse hidden in shadow within the trap may not be noticed on visual inspection through the air holes on the enclosure sides, necessitating opening the trap (and risking unintended escape) to confirm whether an outdoor release (or, if the trap did not work as intended, disposal) is necessary.

    If you are serious about catching mice alive, try Tip Trap Live Mouse Trap 6 Pack. ...more info
  • Ketchall worked when other traps failed
    Our mouse had evaded every other live trap we tried--beginning with the small plastic traps you can buy at the hardware store. The Ketchall caught the mouse the second night. The lid is easily pulled back for checking if there's something inside. Recommendation: use a few sunflower seeds in the trap to speed up the process....more info
  • This trap works as advertised!
    Bought two of the traps and caught 11 mice in a three day period between the two of them. Six at one time in one of the traps. All critters caught were not harmed by the trap. We also used a bit of dry dog food in the chamber where the mice could not get to. Easy to get rid of the critters too...just take them for a little ride in the country or to someone's house you don't like and open the sliding panel....out they drop...and they take off....more info
  • Terrific Mouse Catcher
    We saw a mouse in our storage room and put this trap out without any bait. We caught him the first night. But surprise - when we released him there were 3 mice in the trap! We haven't seen any sign of mice since. Great trap!...more info
    Works very well ! Got the first one (hmmm,was supposed to be the only one) 2 hours after setting up the trap. 1 advice - dont let them go too close to your house or they WILL come back ,hehe. Not sure what they see inside or they like the outside and are courius what's inside but they sure check it out each time they pass by and you wont miss any mouse in your house with it...took me about 5 days to relocate my family of mise to a friendly neighbourhood far from my house... :)...more info
  • The most inhumane mouse trap possible!
    I am an animal lover and bought this mouse trap in an effort to be humane, with the idea that I would catch mice and then release them into the woods near my house.
    I had a truly revolting and sad experience. A mouse got HALFWAY caught and by the time I found the little thing, he was dead, hanging upside down, and injured. I was extremely upset and called the company that produces this mousetrap, and they didn't take me seriously at all.
    Do not buy this mousetrap, please....more info
  • It works too well
    We have a farm shed that was overun with Deer Mice.
    They continually build nests inside cars and trucks and have cost us hundreds of dollars in damages, thus they had to be eliminated.
    Poison is not an option because of all the wildlife in the area.
    I wanted a mousetrap that would allow me to release other innocent small rodents uninjured so the Ketchall sounded ideal as it would catch several in a single night.
    Every night I set the trap, and every morning it was empty. The reason?
    We had so many mice that after six mice are trapped, the spring unwinds and the door stays open so that all the mice get out. I finally had to use snap traps to thin them out. It will catch from 1 to 4 mice and keep them in, but if you have a real mouse plague, this trap is not the answer. The product could be improved with some sort of catch that would prevent the door from opening once the spring has run down....more info
  • iT WORKS
    Please, this trap works. I can't believe that some reviewers were concerned that it kills the mouse when trapped. It is a rodent that is not healthy to have around and they are not endangered. Get over it! Great trap ...more info
  • Good trap
    At first the trap didn't catch any mice and we were rather disappointed considering how fast everyone said it worked. Also, it killed the first three mice we caught. However, if you put food in it (dog food works well) it works great. So far we've caught ten mice, one time having caught three at once. Also, when it has a mouse in it, don't tip the trap toward the wheel or the mice will get caught in the mechanism and die....more info
  • Multiple Catch mousetrap
    This trap will truly multiple catch. Most caught in one sitting were three small ones. Dry peanuts or fruit ( a bit messier on the clean up side though it provides water to the critters) are effective attractants.
    Be careful if you wash it and leave it unattended outside (or inside). Even with the exit door unattached and no bait, an unfortuneate local large chipmunk couldn't avoid the curiosity of the device and got caught in the spring operated paddle swing.
    Gave it four stars because:
    1. occasionally one of the more active critters will attempt to get back out through the spring activated paddle door but won't be strong enough to get back - so they get caught between base and door.
    2. the floor should be "removeable so that it can be scrub-washed independently of the spring mechanisms....more info
  • Works.
    Pretty good trap. It works. Can catch more than 1 at a time. I turn it about 20 times and let it be. If mice are in the area it will catch them. Don't have to use bait. I guess it will work better if you do. I've never had a mouse stuck or anything. Of course if you don't check it often the mice will die. They won't live long in it. ...more info
  • Seems to work fine
    I was using poison bought at local drug stores. After one mouse was killed it seems the rest learned from it and stopped eating the bait.

    A bit research online points me to this trap. I bought one and left it in the basement for a couple of days, didn't catch a thing. On the third day I got impatient and put some sweets made from peanuts in it and moved it to a different location. Caught one that night. The mouse is alive and well, I am leaving it inside the trap with some food, hoping it well attract others....more info
  • Within 24 hrs
    I've captured four mice with glue traps and three mice with the tin contraption. "Now to slip some D con in their little jail cell."

    why release them in good health? haven't you people heard of the black plaque or of the hantavirus?

    I would only release them in good health if I knew that they would spread deadly disease only in predominately Democrat voting urban areas or blue zones. Let nature help bring about a return to a Constitutional Republic
    with a free market. Let nature take care of the hordes of the Looters, of the fags calling for nationalization of industry.

    ...more info
  • killer mouse trap!!!
    My apartment building has a terrible mouse problem. I thought I'd dent the population in a perhaps futile attempt at trapping the ones I could and releasing them outside. The trap worked the first time. I caught a little bugger, and successfully let it go. All was well with that. The second time, the mouse was seemingly paraplegic with a broken tail, presumably from the violent action of the trap as it whisked the rodent into its bowels. The third time, the mouse was caught half in half out in the gears and workings of the device. It was also fatally injured by blunt trauma to the back. Its hips and legs were snagged by the trap as it squealed and attempted to escape. The trap succeeds at trapping, but I am not certain that it has much of a heart. Thanks!...more info
  • mouse mangler
    After finding 3 mice broken but still alive in this trap I tossed it in the trash. I works fine sometimes but having to euthanize a half-crushed mouse was too grueling for me. The extrication was pretty darn unpleasant as well....more info
  • Caution- This is a very inhumane mousetrap
    I am an animal lover and bought this mouse trap in an effort to be humane, with the idea that I would catch mice and then release them into the woods near my house.
    I had a truly revolting and sad experience. A mouse got HALFWAY caught and by the time I found the little thing, he was dead, hanging upside down, and injured. I was extremely upset and called the company that produces this mousetrap, and they didn't take me seriously at all.
    Do not buy this mousetrap, please....more info
  • It doesn't work with our mice
    I used it together with the glue traps. The glue traps got 2 but this one is still waiting for its first victim. The design is good but the mice are just too smart to fall into the trap in our apartment. Glue traps are better because they can be concealed together with other stuffs and the mice are less alert of them. We put them to sleep before discarding them. ...more info
  • It works
    Bought both this one and the Pro Ketch trap with clear lid. This one caught all of the mice (3 of them, not all at the same time), the Pro Ketch has yet to catch one. I like having them both, though as I said, this Ketchall Mousetrap has done all of the work.

    Put some peanut butter in it, the next day we had a mouse. Took it outside some distance from the house, and released it. My daughter thought it was a cute little guy, but not my wife. This scenario was repeated. It does work.

    ...more info
    So far so good - the trap caught a mouse as advertised within a week. I don't know if there are others in the house, but I'm satisfied so far....more info
  • Turned out to be cruel
    I dont' know if the size of the mouse matters, but ours somehow got caught half in half out in the middle of the night and we were freaked out and overall it was an absolutely horrible experience....more info
  • Hands down: Best live mouse trap ever...
    The FIRST NIGHT we tried this trap, we caught 3 mice! We were having troubles with mice in the garage - they were getting up into my mother's van, and having quite a party.. leaving dead bug carcasses throughout. Nothing would rid the garage of the little buggers - not even the farm cats! We decided this one last option (the Ketchall Mousetrap) was going to be our last ditch effort to bring 'em in alive... otherwise the sentence was surely "death"!

    We sprinkled sweet horse grain inside the trap, placed it inside the van, and the next morning we had THREE mice (together)!

    Thus, the mouse relocation program began.

    Over the next few weeks, we would continue to catch mice in multiples, then just one here and there, and then finally NONE. Relocating the mice (who were completely unharmed, and quite content with their temporary lodging and food) was effortless. They now reside in a quaint country log (with stunning lake views) 5 miles from my mom's, and have not returned!

    Releasing them is SIMPLE, and you do not come in contact with them at any point (although we did have one that tried to run back IN). FIVE STARS for this product!...more info
  • lots of droppings but no mouse
    I am so disappointed in this product. It is easy to set up. I tried it without bait and with two different types of bait. All I got was a lot of mouse droppings outside of the trap and on top of the trap, but no mouse! We either have a very smart mouse, or this thing doesn't work!...more info
  • works fine
    This trap catches about a mouse per week. The trap itself is humane, the problam is trying to kill the mouse after you've caught him. More often then not the humane part is over once I try to empty the trap.
    An ordinary spring trap would probably cause less suffering, but with two small children I cant use that. ...more info
  • 3 Mice Humanely Caught
    I've owned this unit for 9 years. Only once did a mouse get his foot caught in a space inside the unit. He looked fine when let loose. I recommend this trap! ...more info