West Bend 82306 Stir Crazy 6-Quart Popcorn Popper, Black

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For a tasty snack or movie-time treat this Original Stir Crazy 6-qt. corn popper is the ticket. It pops 25% more popcorn than other poppers while using the same amount of popcorn and less oil. Clear cover lets you watch popcorn pop then flips over for use as a serving bowl. Includes a nonstick popping surface, built-in butter well, motorized stirring rod and a 39" electrical cord.

West Bend has improved on the classic corn popper design by adding a motorized stirring rod which ensures that every single kernel pops, every time. In about five minutes, the Stir Crazy Popper produces up to 6 quarts of perfectly popped corn, using one tablespoon of oil per 1/4 cup corn. You can clean it with just a quick swipe of the sponge. For added flavor, place a bit of butter in the butter well to melt over the corn as it pops. The plastic cover doubles as a serving bowl, so when the cycle is done, just flip it over to enjoy popcorn that's guaranteed to be good to the last pop. --Larisa Lomacky Moore

  • Popcorn popper with motorized stirring rod to ensure all kernels pop
  • Produces up to 6 quarts in about 5 minutes; built-in butter well
  • Nonstick coated popping surface
  • Heat-resistant handles and base; plastic cover doubles as serving bowl
  • Measures 12 by 8-1/2 by 10 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper
    Before purchasing this particular popcorn popper, I did all kinds of research. I was looking for something easy, that made GOOD POPCORN. I found it!! No burnt popcorn, easy to clean, fun to watch, the bowl is attached . . . the only problem I have is the stir stick sometimes gets hung up on a kernal and stops stirring. Otherwise I love it!! I would definitely recommend it!!!...more info
  • Great corn popper!
    This is the second one of these I have owned. My first one lasted 5 years and as of lately, it didn't seem to get hot enough to pop all the popcorn so I replaced it with the same item. We love it!...more info
    This is the best popcorn popper I have ever used. You have to read and follow the directions. Fast popping, large amounts, only a few unpopped kernels left. Delicious! and healthy! I would buy this again, and I would give it as a gift....better than microwave! I cannot say enough good things aobut this item...if you want a good popcorn popper...then go for this one!...more info
  • West Bend Popcorn Popper
    This is a great popcorn popper, doesn't take up as much counter space as the 'movie stand' type of popcorn poppers but the flavor is excellent....more info
  • Best popcorn maker ever!
    I've had my Stir Crazy for over 25 years (that's correct!) and it still works perfectly. Super easy to use - just put a couple of tablespoons of oil and 2/3 cup of unpopped corn in the bottom of the popper, put the dome on (make sure to remove the plastic top lid or you'll have soggy popcorn), and plug it in. About 5 minutes later you'll have perfect popcorn, with very few unpopped kernels. The automatic metal stirrer is the key. And cleanup is easy. I just wipe the popper with a damp cloth after each use; the dome cleans easily with soap and water. I put my dome in the dishwasher, but I don't know if the newer models are dishwasher-safe.

    A couple of hints: Don't make a 6-quart batch (1 cup kernels), it'll overfill the dome. 2/3 cup kernels works much better.
    Don't put butter in the top to melt while popping. It's messy, clogs up the vent holes and doesn't melt fully. Better to melt the butter in the microwave while the corn is popping and pour it over the popped corn.
    Don't wait for every last kernel to pop. You'll get burnt popcorn. If there's more than a second or two between pops it's time to unplug the popper, put the plastic lid on the dome, and flip the popper over ASAP.
    Follow these hints and you'll have perfect popcorn every time.

    I, for one, cannot stand the smell of microwave popcorn with that weird artificial butter odor. The Stir Crazy popcorn has a wonderful fresh smell instead - much more appetizing.

    I've read the few negative reviews and the complaints seem to be: the teflon coating coming off, the stir rod not working properly (kernels getting stuck underneath causing too many unpopped kernels), and the dome getting too hot. Fortunately I've never had any of these problems with my popper. I believe that West Bend has cheapened the design somewhat and outsourced the manufacturing to China in order to keep the price down. My 25 year-old popper was made in the USA (probably to higher standards) and is still going strong. I would recommend checking on eBay for a "vintage" Stir Crazy (it has a yellow dome) and you'll probably wind up getting a better popper.

    The day my Stir Crazy finally fails will be a sad one, but it doesn't owe me a thing. And it's given me 25 years of the best-tasting popcorn around....more info
  • Good popper
    This is the third Stir Crazy that we have bought over the years. We like this model....more info
  • works great
    I received my popcorn popper quickly and in good condition. It works great. I was very happy with my purchase....more info
    West Bend 82306 Stir Crazy 6-Quart Popcorn Popper, Black Works great for me every time. Easy To clean. Best electric popper I have ever used. Good to the last POP. DON PATHER....more info
  • Great Investment!!
    I bought mine this morning at Target and we LOVE it! It's fast and convenient! Simple to use too! My son loves watching it as it starts to pop. No kernels left either....more info
  • A terrible poper
    I was impressed by the description of this popper when I ordered it. My opinion dramatically changed after the first use.The rod that stirs the corn keeps falling of causing problems with popping. The little black bowl cover will not stay on when serving the popcorn.Never,never buy a popper that cant be cleaned in your dishwasher.I would throw it out but I have to much invested....more info
  • Classic form and function
    I purchased this popcorn popper because it reminded me of the kind my mom had in the 70's. If you're looking for movie-style popcorn, then there's no better machine. My 5-year-old son loves watching the popcorn pop through the see-through lid, which doubles as a bowl. The top of the bowl has a butter melting chamber that allows butter to drip down during the popping process. Additionally, this machine has an rotating aggitator that allows almost all of the kernels to pop without burning. My complaints are minor: I wish the bowl were glass instead of plastic. I think that over time the bowl will lose it's transperancy due to scratching. (Make sure you use something soft to clean it). The aggitator didn't work perfectly-it was higher on one side than the other, causing the kernels to pass under on one side. This can be easily fixed by simply bending one side down. A good machine overall and worth the price for the delicious popcorn it produces....more info
  • Best Popper Ever
    This popper makes a nice sized batch of popcorn. You can melt butter on it--optional. The popper is a clear bowl so it is fun to watch the kernals pop. I had previously had the whirly pop---do not get that product...my first one only lasted a year, my second one caught on fire and it was a disaster!...more info
  • Best popcorn ever
    Stir Crazy is one of the best popcorn makers available. Our family has popcorn several times each week. We give Stir Crazy as Christmas presents as soon as the grandchildren are old enough to enjoy it. The results are terrific and the snack is healthy, delicious and lesss expensive than the typical snack foods. We serve the popcorn with very little salt and butter, accompanied by sliced apples, pears or dried fruit....more info
  • fun and tasty
    Our neighbor raved about her stir crazy popper and said she would never go back to microwave popcorn....so I had to try it. So easy to use and fun to watch. My grandchildren came to visit and loved watching the kernels pop. Just be sure to slice your butter extra thin if you are using the melted butter feature on the top. Also very easy to clean up afterwards. The Stir Crazy Popper works exactly as it is suppose to.
    LOVE IT...more info
  • I will never use another popper!!
    This is my second one, the first one finally gave up. I will never own any other type of popcorn popper. This is the best ever! Just FYI I use only white popcorn, it taste much better than yellow....more info
  • Great popcorn
    The Stir Crazy worked better than expected. I used less than the suggested amount of kernels but the Stir Crazy was almost full. I was amazed that there were hardly any unpopped kernels and no burning. This was a good purchase. I have thrown away several hot air poppers that do not make good popcorn. The Stir Crazy does a super job with only a small amount of oil.West Bend 82306 Stir Crazy 6-Quart Popcorn Popper, Black...more info
  • my review of the stir crazy popcorn popper
    my husband USES this popcorn popper EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!

    we really love it because it is fast and efficient and you can adjust the amount of oil that you want to use and also control hte amount of butte you want to use.

    It is much healthier than microwave popcorn! ...more info
  • Don't hesitate to buy this
    I did not purchase this on Amazon, but bought it directly from Target, this is an excellent popper. Very few unpopped kernels using nothing other Kroger brand popping corn. I am sure a gourmet brand would be even better. If you love popcorn, this is the popper to buy. Stirring rod works great, easy clean-up, simple directions. I haven't tried the butter melter in the top of the popper as I would rather just use a pot on the stove or cup in the microwave. ...more info
  • really poorly made
    We bought this popper after our kitchen aid one broke from over-use. The reviews convinced me to try this one but it definitely hasn't been a good experience. After the first time we used it the non-stick surface was scratched by the bar that moves the kernels, even after adjusting the bar it its still making scratches, seems like maybe the moving kernels are doing it, the surface is like a paint layer. plus cleaning it is akward and the materials used are cheap and wear fast. The popcorn takes forever as well. Don't bother....more info
  • 6 Quart Popcorn Popper - West Bend Stir Crazy - IT'S A 5*****Not a 2 -
    Wanted to say that the one we just purchased was a replacement for our previous one of the same name. We needed to replace our old one because we dropped it and cracked it and felt it was dangerour. Now if we didn't like the old one we would have never repurchased the same thing. We have never had such a wonderful popcorn popper as this one. It is the best ever. We bought an 8 quart one for our three children and their families because we were so happy with ours. CAN'T BE BEAT. IT'S THE BEST!

    John and Jan...more info
  • Poor Popper
    The stir stick is weak and turns very slowly and at times stops and thenreverses it self. It doesn't seem to heat up as hot as the old one we (built in USA, compared to China) had and worn out after 16 years of hard use. The new one leaves alot of unpop kernels, and being from the midwest that is totaly unacceptable. We are looking for a replacement after only a few uses. ...more info
  • Great Popcorn!
    Over the years, I have owned an air popper and reverted to microwave popcorn when that wore out. Both the air popper and microwaved corn turn out tough and dry. Because of the problem with microwave popcorn and the difficulty getting popcorn that is a "natural" flavor (nothing beats real butter and salt)without all of the additives in microwave corn, I began search for a popcorn popper. After reading some reviews on line for this machine, I felt comfortable. And it was well worth the wait! Corn pops nearly 99% and is light, fluffy and crisp. Letting the butter melt in the top hopper applying as it pops is ingenious. ...more info
  • This is the One
    I am a popcorn lover, from a family of popcorn lovers, and trust me this is the One to buy. It is so convenient. Just plug it, it stirs itself, melts the butter, applies the butter automatically; and then you just flip it over and use the top as the bowl -- no need to dirty the popcorn maker and then a separate bowl, this has both built as one! That is not the reason to buy it though; hands down the top reason you should buy this is the way the popcorn tastes. It is close to the fluffiness of an air pop, but has a little bit of the crunchiness of a stove-top model. mmmhhh yum. I debated over getting this for a while, but once I did the only regret I had was not getting it sooner!...more info
  • Popcorn that taste like you are at the Movies!!
    Okay I got this popcorn maker at TARGET and wanted to beat the taste of microwave popcorn that sticks in your throat and taste awful.
    I started searching on the web thru reviews at Amazon , etc. and ran out to buy this maker. At first I used the popcorn and oil that target sold and tried adding the melted butter thru the lid while it was making....but it still did not taste AWESOME....soooooo we ordered the 4oz. gold mega popcorn kits (36 kits in a box) (below) at Sam's Club and just made our first bowl....all you need is the kit and it TASTE LIKE POPCORN FROM THE MOVIES... you do not need to add anything....makes a complete bowl full - do not get the 6 oz. size you need the 4 oz. Do not get another brand. This is it!! enjoy!!!

    [...]....more info
  • 2nd time around
    We have used a stir crazy popper for years but after dropping it on a tile floor twice and breaking off large chunks of housing material including the handles (it still worked) we finally bought a new model. We like the (new to us) automatic reversing feature that ensures complete popping. The instructions are very explicit & easy to follow. If you like old fashioned hot buttered popcorn using a dependable popper this is the one to buy. D & J B

    Mr. Coffee VB series Programmable Pause N' Serve Coffeemaker, Black. Found this unit on sale at Target for $25. This makes excellent coffee and is easy to use. . We really like the 2 hour turn off feature - no more burned carafes. Why spend big bucks when a good brewer is so affordable? D & J B....more info
  • Good popper
    This is the third Stir Crazy that we have bought over the years. We like this model....more info
  • my review of the stir crazy popcorn popper
    my husband USES this popcorn popper EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!

    we really love it because it is fast and efficient and you can adjust the amount of oil that you want to use and also control hte amount of butte you want to use.

    It is much healthier than microwave popcorn! ...more info
  • just as described
    This is a great popper. It takes ordinary store brand popcorn and makes it taste like the premium brands. That's because it gets very hot very fast. One warning, the outside of the pot is not very well insulated so it's possible to get burned by touching or bumping into it the wrong way.
    I would recommend keeping and using it out of the reach of small children. At least show them where the hot spots are. Then if they decide to make popcorn when you are out of the house and make a ladder out of chairs and boxes to reach your "safe" storage spot, they will know how to use the popper safely. Having read the other reviews, I knew to adjust the stirring wire for optimum performance and had no problem on that score. The idea is that the wire should pass below the popcorn, not over it. (When it passes over the kernels, they pile up and jam, scraping the teflon lining away.) This machine works fast, about sixty percent of the time it takes a microwave, and very few unpopped kernels. I glad that I bought it. One of the reasons that I bought it is that I live in a high-rise and many of my friends cannot tolerate salt or butter. With this popper, I can make salt and butter free popcorn and my friends can flavor their bowls to taste. this is a big plus over microwave popcorn which is drenched in cholesterol and sodium....more info
  • First class popcorn machine
    Having read some of the earlier adverse comments, I took a few minutes to adjust the stirring rod so that it had a uniform clearance throughout the circle. When put in service, the popper produced excellent popcorn with very few, if any, unpopped kernels. There was no indication of the stirring rod scraping on the bottom and consequently no fragments of teflon coating in the popcorn. An excellent buy. ...more info
  • Great popcorn popper
    Purchased this popcorn popper, nothing but rave reviews from my family. Works great, fast, easy clean up, no hassle....more info
  • Good popcorn
    This popcorn popper is easy to use and easy to clean. It makes good popcorn cheaply....more info
  • Terrible, terrible, terrible! Unless you like to eat Teflon...
    I bought this for my husband who loves homemade popcorn and after a few uses, it began to shed the Teflon liner inside very badly. I emailed West Bend but could not get my money back (or receive credit). Instead, they tried to tell me Teflon is safe (to eat!) and wanted to send me another one! And this was coming from the "Consumer Sales Coordinator." No thanks! (Nice customer service!) The design makes it inevitable that this will occur. Do not buy this as you will be out 30 bucks, not to mention have Teflon coating your popcorn so that it looks like somebody ground black pepper all over it. After their customer service, I don't plan to buy anything West Bend again. We bought an air popper at Wal Mart for 15 bucks, by the way, and it still works like a charm. ...more info
  • West Bend Popcorn Popper
    This is a great popcorn popper, doesn't take up as much counter space as the 'movie stand' type of popcorn poppers but the flavor is excellent....more info
  • A terrible poper
    I was impressed by the description of this popper when I ordered it. My opinion dramatically changed after the first use.The rod that stirs the corn keeps falling of causing problems with popping. The little black bowl cover will not stay on when serving the popcorn.Never,never buy a popper that cant be cleaned in your dishwasher.I would throw it out but I have to much invested....more info
  • Love My Stir Crazy
    I love my Stir Crazy. The taste is great. This product takes almost as little time as microwave pop corn and it is healthier and tastier. The only problem I have is the unpoped corn can drag under the stir arm but so far this has not damaged the teflon....more info
  • Stir mechanism jams
    We owned one of these years ago and after it gave out after several years of heavy use we went to buy another. It was a great popper. The popper, however, had obviously undergone a redesign on the stir mechanism. The popcorn kernels now got jammed in the mechanism causing it to stop. It happened with every use. This forced me to shake the unit while it popped to avoid burnt and unpopped kernels. Unfortunately, this shaking allowed the oil to get down into the base where it accumulated over a few uses. The oil in the base began to smoke and drip out of the bottom, so I ended throwing the unit away. Too bad they had to change a working design....more info
  • Works great
    Bought this item for our one year anniversary, and she loves it! She's pregnant and didn't want anything else for the one year so that's what she got....more info
  • Use it several times a week!
    I asked for this machine for Christmas and have used it nearly daily since then. I love it! It is fast, efficient, and produces delicious popcorn. I've even found that you can use less oil than it calls for most of the time.

    There are some drawbacks, though. One is that it really takes up a good amount of space on your countertop. If you use it often and don't want to have to put it away and get it out everyday, you need to keep in mind how large it is. Second, the butter holes in the bowl don't really work that well. You can't just put the butter pats in there and let it go, you have to work it with a spatula or brush to get the butter to run through. Lastly, the lid for the bowl doesn't really snap on like you'd expect it to and falls off easily, leaving you with a mess in your lap.

    A plus is that I have run my bowl and lid through the dishwasher many times and it is fine. I wouldn't recommend the heated dry for it but the regular cycle has done it no harm.

    Overall, I would say this is something I would recommend!...more info
  • Great popcorn popper
    I really enjoy using this popcorn popper it is slower thn the Nordic Microwave one that I also use but it makes alot more and is very good. The clean up is easy. I would recommend this popper to anyone who enjoys popcorn and not microwave bag popcorn. Can not beat popping your own the taste is much better....more info
  • disappointed
    I'm disappointed with this popper. My main concern is that the coating on the inside bottom of the popper peels off after a few uses. Am I eating this gunk? Now I know why they call it "Stir Crazy". What's this stuff doing to my brain? Will not purchase another one of these!...more info
  • We like this popper!
    We took a tip from a previous review and made sure the stirring arms do not rub and we love the way this popper works....more info
  • Popcorn Popper
    This is fun to watch and the popcorn turns out pretty good. The popcorn does burn easily, though. The popper is a real pain to clean. I gave it away to a family member that has children as it is too much trouble for just one person....more info
  • Best Popper ever!
    Have had several poppers over the years and this one is the best. Pops quickly and there are Never any unpopped kernals left. Amazon's price was better than Box stores! I find it best to clean fairly soon after you eat popcorn (Don't let it sit over night --to clean Manana.) We do not use the dome lid as a bowl (would be more apt to break lid)...just use a large bowl and any extra popcorn we put into baggies for lunches.(Better than Chips for you). My husband cooked corn with sugar too and it was just like kettle korn from the State Fair. ...more info
  • West Bend Stir Crazy 6 qt Popcorn Popper
    I love this popcorn popper. It really does pop almost every kernel, which is much better than the air popper has been doing. We use olive oil to keep the snack more healthy. It's a good way to get whole grains into your diet....more info
  • So easy & produces delicious popcorn
    This popper just could not be any easier. Plug it in, pour in the oil and popcorn and then sit back and watch! My kids love to watch it pop. It can make a small amount for a snack or a huge bowlful for the whole family on movie night. There is hardly an unpopped kernel left after it has finished popping. The popcorn is fluffy and can be evenly coated with butter if you use the simple butter dispenser on top. I highly recommend this popcorn popper and it's a great price....more info
  • Great Popper
    Have had several of these poppers and they make great popcorn. I grow my own and it is always a favorite among family, friends, work and church so I use the popper a lot! The last one I just bought had a floppy pan which I thought just hadn't been tightened down properly during assembly. Should have returned it, but thought it would just be easier to take it apart and tighten the nuts. Well, one was cross threaded and although it was turning off, it also twisted off leaving no fix to that bolt so there is now only one nut holding the pan to the rest of it. Also found out that the pan was warped and couldn't seat properly even if it was tightened down. You can see the red hot element through the space between the pan and the base. Pops great though - live and learn!!...more info
  • Great popcorn! Pops well! A little dangerous...
    I absolutely adore this popper. It's perfect -- and you can use less oil than described (I generally go for almost 1 cup popcorn to 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil -- salt it up after, and it's perfect). BUT and here's a big but -- I'm not entirely sure why it hasn't been recalled yet.

    You see that convenient area with the stirrer, where you put all that nice popcorn and oil when the popper is right side up? Well that thing becomes a skillet.
    Now turn that upside down when the popcorn's done, and TRY to get that thing off without risking burning yourself.
    It's a very complex dance to not get steam burned (from lifting at the handles --thereby letting the steam out upon your poor fingers) or touching the skillet area itself while trying to remove a hot griddle and flipping it back over. That bit his very difficult. Heaven help you if you lose your grip and drop it.

    I'd like to give it 5 stars (because the quality of the popcorn it turns out is phenomenal) but can't due to the danger involved in operating it. Sigh.

    One last note: Skip the butter dripping feature. If you want butter, melt and pour it on after.
    I can't recommend enough using olive rather than canola oil -- it adds a certain movie theatre quality that butter doesn't quite provide (given that movie theatre butter isn't actually butter anyway)....more info


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