Progressive International Apple Peeler and Corer

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Apple Parer Slices & Cores In 1 Operation with Pivoting, Tension Controlled Arm which holds Paring Blade. Automatically Adjusts To Contour Of Apple, the Blade Can Be Moved In Or Out To Desired Peel Thickness. Clamps To Edge Of Work Surface.

This odd-looking contraption peels, cores, and slices a basket of apples for a tarte, a crisp, or fritters in less time and with less effort than can be done by hand. The old-fashioned apple peeler has a suction cup bottom to keep it steady on a work surface and a clamp to secure it to the edge of a counter or cutting board. To use, skewer an apple on the end of the apple peeler¡¯s three-pronged fork with the tines positioned around the core of the apple. Next, swing the arm that holds the peeling blade toward the apple so it¡¯s just grazing the skin. Start turning the apple corer¡¯s hand crank and the machine simultaneously removes the apple¡¯s skin and core while cutting it into narrow slices that are perfect for pie and desserts or dehydrating. A release button helps you to easily remove your finished apple from the fork. This apple peeler/corer is made of sturdy aluminum and weighs four pounds. Progressive provides an extra blade with the tool and covers it under a five-year warranty. --Cristina Vaamonde

  • Cast iron
  • Mount to your counter or tabletop and peel, core and slice apples in seconds
  • Includes a comfortable hardwood handle and an extra peeling blade
  • Perfect for making pie fillings or a healthy snack
  • Five-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Apple Peeling Made Fun and Easy!
    I recently purchased this apple peeler, corer, slicer after watching a friend use one at our campground. It was amazing. I love how the apples come off in spirils, they are fun and healthy! The only thing I would change is how to hook it on the counter or surface your using, it can be difficult. Over all I love this item though! I would highly recomend this item if you are an apple lover or cook with apples often! It' great....more info
  • Great for peeling apples!!!
    We peeled 6 bushels of apples for applebutter. This product made the work go 10 times faster....more info
  • I have to say...
    I had a small problem with this apple peeler, as I bake apple pies quite a bit. The blade bent, and would no longer core and peel fully. Well..I contacted Progressive, and they immediately had me send it back to them. They found the problem, let me know what it was..then sent me a new one, no questions asked. I love this I was quite happy and very impressed. The point is..if you have a problem, they will remedy it immediately. Buy this it works great, saves lots of time and you can rely on Progressive 100%! They stand behind their products..and don't look to blame you for any malfunction, as many companies do. :)...more info
  • Very Cool!!!
    This is just about the niftiest contraption I've ever used; and so easy to do so. My brother just loves my apple pies, but I spent more time peeling and coreing apples than it took the pie to bake. Now, I can peel, core and slice five or six apples in about five minutes. I used it for the first time today and it works like a charm. What's really nice is all the apple slices conform. Be sure to clean it well right away because it is not dishwasher friendly. I can't wait to bake another apple pie!...more info
  • Get peeling!
    I don't know why I waited all of these years before getting an apple peeler. This saved me so much time-I had a half bushel of apples peeled, cored and sliced in about 15 minutes. My 2-year-old daughter loves to turn the handle and it makes peeling apples something we can do together. I have already ordered another one for a gift and several of my friends are ordering one. It peels any size or shape apple and the only problem I could identify is that you have to manually peel a tiny bit off the top of the apple where it misses it-no big deal....more info
  • Apple peeler corer slicer
    It's pretty good, but the slices are not as thin as I would want them. (I have an older device -- which is broken and apparently no longer made -- that sliced thinner and had a sharper peeler.)

    Of the devices currently available, this one is one of the better ones I have tried....more info
  • Not worth it in the long run
    When I first recieved this apple peeler, I loved it. It peeled and cored apples in no time..making easy work out of pies and any dish calling for sliced apples. Well..after a few mos of use, it now stinks. It pulverizes my apples, no matter how firm. It doesn't finish coring them..instead it breaks it into pieces..leaving half a core. My opinion is..this works great if you only use it maybe once every two mos. With more use, it starts to fail. Mine is useless now....more info
  • Apple Peelers
    I've been using these type of peelers for over 20 years. While the seller did a great job in quickly sending them out, the peeler itself seemed inferior to previous peelers. Specifically, the groove in the main spindle appears to not have been cut as deeply as in the past, resulting in the apple not getting fed through the cutters once some resistance is met. This results in a damaged apple, not a peeled and cored one.

    I currently own about 16 of these peelers, but unless the quality returns, I won't be buying anymore.

    Again, the seller did a great job. It's the manufacturer that seems to be the problem....more info
  • Great gift for homes with small children
    Works easily and to the delight of the two young boys (and their friends ) to whom it was given. Works easily, they can eat the slices ot help Mom make a pie with them. Washes up easily. Can't say enough good about this useful and fun kitchen item1...more info
  • apple peeler, slicer & corer
    I have had other kinds of peelers before but this one works wonderfully. I peeled a bushel of apples in just a couple of hours. Works GREAT!!!!...more info
  • Didn't recieve pictured item (with straight blade) got one with a loop blade instead. I wanted the straight blade
    Didn't recieve pictured item (with straight blade) got one with a loop blade instead. I wanted the straight blade thats why I ordered it from amazon. I could get the loop bladed one at my local grocery store....more info
  • Very handy, but not perfect
    I have had three of this type of peeler/corer/slicer. The first was this one (The Pampered Chef Apple Peeler/corer/slicer) purchased probably at least 12 years ago which is now getting a bit dull. I bought the one that this review is for and another one (Apple Peeler Corer and Slicer Clamp Base - Back to Basics model A501) recently.

    There are two parts to this review--the first deals with this TYPE of peeler, and the other deals with this particular peeler.

    These peelers are handy. I do a lot of chunky applesauce, and the peeling/coring/slicing (especially the slicing) is very handy. They do have their problems, though:
    - The slicing blades aren't long enough. My apples are frequently too big to put in the machine until I cut them down, which means I have to peel them by hand as well.
    - You have to be careful about the coring, just like with any corer. Apples aren't all alike, and it's a little hard to make sure that you have the apple on the prongs straight. So you have to make sure (if you're not using a food mill at some later point) that you cut out whatever little bits of core are left.
    - It's a little messy. Juice sprays a bit and drips. You want to have a towel under the table, and you want to move anything a couple of feet away from the machine, unless you don't mind cleaning apple juice off it.
    - The machine always misses some peel around the stem and blossom ends of the apple. It is trickier to remove the peel from the apple manually once the apple has been sliced.

    Despite all of this, it is still a lot handier to use a good one of these than to do it by hand.

    This one is a good one. It does all that it says it does as well as can be expected. It is a little annoying that it takes two hands to make the peeling arm stay back, but that's really the only difference I found between this one and the Pampered Chef one which is a lot more expensive. It worked well, and was sharp enough, and stayed relatively solidly clamped to the table.

    It is really handy and I really like it, but because of the things listed above that are the same on all of these types of peelers (especially the bit about the blade being too short for large apples) I can't quite give it 5 stars. But I would certainly recommend it....more info
  • Grandma's apple pie is your friend....
    This thing is genius. I am highly incompetent in the kitchen and only bake pies because I like to eat them.

    Sadly, I am also lazy, tending to result in my having to wait for extended periods of time between eating pies I've baked using Grandma's tremendous recipe.

    (You see, I am very busy. The time constraints heinously imposed by apple peeling are simply too much for me.)

    It's all over now, though. Now, with the peeler, I eat pies. I eat a lot of pies. The peeler is genius. I just bought one for Grandma and Uncle Ed.

    I may marry the peeler....more info

  • Makes very quick work of apples and potatoes, but is hard to clean.
    If you like making apple pie, apple sauce, or mashed potatoes, this little device will save you lots of time.

    Basically, you stick an apple or potato and the spikes and turn the handle. In a few seconds, you have a peeled and optionally cored and sliced apple or potato.

    It's sturdy and well made.

    I'm giving it only 4 stars, though, because it's a little tricky to get it on the counter firmly and because it's a little bit of a pain to clean.

    Personally, now that I've used one, I'm never going to core and slice apples or potatoes "by hand" again. For $20, the time you save is definitely worth it....more info
  • Works ok BUT...
    I'm not sorry that I purchased it. It works, but I think that it could work better. When beginning to turn it, I find myself having to push on the blade to get a good peel going. The blade does skip here and there. I don't think the arm is heavy enough and doesn't press against the apple like it could. I find that it skips here and there and that I have to go back and repeel some times. I'll keep this one! Not too bad. A heck of a lot better than peeling by hand. Much faster too. easy to clean up. ...more info
  • The only one I would ever own!
    I leave mine set up all the time. My children love it. It really encourages them to eat apples instead of junk food. I have tried other apple peelers/corers and this one is the best. I have been using it for about 5 years. I used to babysit my nephew. He would love to wait for his apple to eat. He is now in school and still tells his mother about this 'thing' that did his apples. I am now about to purchase one for him. Thank you for creating such a wonderful and helpful product. Don't ever stop making them!...more info
  • great
    I've had an apple peeler similiar to this one but this is by far the best. I like the way it clamps to countertops and the peeler apparatus works better than the one I had before. I can peel enough apples for a pie in just minutes....more info
  • Not what I wanted
    I was very dissapointed in the international apple peeler.. It was very cheeply made and deffinately did not work well. I would not recommend buying this product to anyone....more info
  • Time saving and fun
    This apple peeler is fun to use. It is the first one I have ever owned and really appreciate the time saved over doing the same job by hand. I baked an apple cake today which called for four peeled, cored and sliced baking apples. The apples where ready within five minutes! I would recommend peeling both ends of the apple before doing the rest on the peeler, as the peeler cannot reach that last 1/2" or so at either end. Other than this minor "flaw" it peels, cores and slices perfectly....more info
  • Apple Peeler & Corer
    Easy purchase and fast delivery. A friend showed us how easy the apple peeler worked. Although we did purchase at end of apple season....more info
  • Progressive International Apple Peeler and Corer
    This is the second one I have purchased for my family and I will purchase more in the future for other family members. Everyone loves them....more info
  • Never got it
    We ordered 2 peelers, one for us and one for a friend. We only received 1 and gave it to the friend. We still haven't received the other one so I can't review it but my friend loves it....more info
  • Great design but a pain to clean
    The apple peeler and corer does what it says it does pretty well. However it has a couple of serious flaws, it is difficult to remove apple cores from the prongs, I cut my thumb badly trying to do this. More generally the design makes it very difficult to get clean and dry and, because it is made of steel, drying it well is essential. Despite my best efforts the central shaft on mine has rusted.
    Overall 3 stars, it is worth the cleaning and drying effort for doing a pile of apples, but not worth getting it out for a few. ...more info
  • great for making sauce or pie
    I had mine for 20 years and it recently broke. But heck, that's pretty good lifetime for this sort of gadget.

    On the downside, when I got it, it didn't peel very well. But after fiddling with the alignment of the blade it worked great. In addition with rough sided home grown apples, it can skip some of the peel. If you guide the cutter with your free hand it does most of the peel. Then a sharp bird's beak knife finishes the job in one or two swipes.

    For one apple it's not worth the cleanup vs a knife. For a pie with 6 to 8 apples it's wonderful. All the slices are even so the pie cooks evenly.

    I'll be buying a second one. (mine is the clamp version and I just clamp it to my pull out cutting board.)...more info
  • This is a bad joka
    I've tried this thing at least 3, maybe 4 times now. Granny Smith apples must be the roundest apples you can find. I've read some reviews about apple peelers that say round apples work best. Its also best to use fresh, firm apples.

    Tonight, I pulled this "not-so-handy-dandy" gadget out for one final try. I had a very nice, fresh Granny Smith.

    This gadget is a total waste. Its hard to get the apple lined up perfectly, as mother nature didn't grow them to be used in this machine. Even though it can't be lined up perfectly, the coring part still works fairly well. Its all down from there.

    One must swing the little cutting arm around and hold it in place as the apple rotates. So, right from the get-go, at least a quarter of the apple will go unpeeled. But no matter how you adjust the blade, it still won't do most of the apple well.

    What you end up with is a buch of rings (actually, a large spiral that can easily be cut into rings). Some will have been peeled, some not.

    Now you get to peel rings, which is 20 times harder than just peeeling the apple when it was whole.

    I can't believe how many people are saying wonderful things about this contraption. Maybe they're more talented than I, who knows? I'm gadget-happy and really wanted this to work. It doesn't.

    I don't know how large food companies peel their apples. I doubt they use this device. Someone said this was great for an older person. I can't see how. Another said that it was great, they peeled a bushel of apples quickly. Last time I used this device, I did a bag of maybe 10 or 12 apples. It seems to me that each apple is just wasting more time.

    I'm glad for the people that are happy with this product, all these glowing reviews couldn't all be fakes, written by company employees. I just don't get it. It seems to me that by its very design, its doomed.

    As far as peeling potatos with this, the first potato I tried didn't fit, too big. And not all potatos are perfectly rounded. I don't see any potential for this product

    I know OXO makes pretty good stuff, I know they make good peelers, they probably make an apple corer. If you have a good peeler (or even a crummy one like I have), you can do anything. This gadget is a time waster, and a waste of space.
    ...more info
  • fun & easy to use
    I use this to peel/slice/core apples with my grand daughter. She eats apples EVERY day now, after school. It is a great activity to share with kids, and is also a handy gadget if you make a lot of pies/cobblers/crisps/gratains.
    My only complaint is that I wish it had the suction base.
    ALSO, watch out that the picture of what you are ordering matches what you get. I ordered 1 with a certain type of blade assembly, but got 1 with a different type. I had to return the original item, and order from a different source....more info
  • You have to get one!
    This is an amazing product that my sister told me about! This peels, cores and slices the apple into one long a curly fry....all in about 2 seconds!! I highly recommend this Apple Peeler and Corer!...more info
  • Handy Dandy!
    This is a handy, dandy, time saver, hand and wrist saver! My sister inherited our dad's peeler/corer; (it's been around for....ever). I was so pleased to recieve this one so quickly. So far i have done over 1200 lbs. of apples, taking my time and canning, ect. in just one week! Whipped up a deep dish apple pie the other day, only took me 20 minutes to go outside, get 15 apples (really big pie) and have it in the oven. Trust me, if you had peeled as many apples with a knife like I have...This handy dandy tool will make you feel like your on vacation!
    note: super easy/quick clean up....more info
  • Some ideas to share....
    I purchased this through Amazon with full knowledge that there were some 'bugs'. Overall, however, I have been pleased. Progressive does send an extra blade with the peeler/corer and the blade is fairly easy to adjust. I do have difficulty trying to 'center' the item being cored. I wish the mechanism would hinge up (as a stand mixer might). It would be easier to line up the apple that way.

    Regarding the small clearance in the clamp: What I have done is to mount the peeler/corer on a heavy, old cutting board. It then hangs part way over the countertop or bake station and allows some stability as well as portability.

    I have also noted this peeler/corer will do a very nice job on cutting home fries without having to mess up the food processor.

    All-in-all, a fun gadget....more info
  • Core Appeal
    Simply amazing.
    This is a wonder for dehydrating. It took about 5 minutes to peel, core, and slice an entire bag of apples. My only complaint is with the plastic disk on the bottom side of the table clamp. It seems something that has more "grab" like a hard rubber would be more appropriate. Other than that its only weakness is with weak or soft apples, it will spin out the core and no longer be able to rotate the apple through the slicer. Although, my mistake was getting soft apples in the first place, yuck!...more info