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Instant Developing Spectra Platinum film for Polaroid cameras (Package of 2) Glossy finish 10 exposures per cartridge Each exposure requires approximately 3 minutes developing time Compatible with these cameras - Spectra AF, Spectra 2, Spectra Pro, Spectra Law Enforcement Kit, Jewelry Pro, HealthCam, ProCam Image, Image 2, Image Elite Two film cartridges are included in this discounted package

The Polaroid Spectra Platinum Twin Pack Film set comprises two boxes of the highest quality instant film Polaroid has ever made. This is a general-purpose, high-speed, medium-contrast, integral film for high-definition instant color prints. The film is balanced for daylight and electronic flash exposure. It is specially designed to bring more color and greater sharpness to your photographs faster than ever before.

  • Film for instant cameras--2 packs of 10
  • 3- to 5-minute developing time
  • Better color performance
  • Sharper image

Customer Reviews:

  • Polaroid's best integral film yet
    When Polaroid introduced the SX-70 in 1972, its self-processing "integral" film represented a major backwards step for instant color-print materials. The need for the dyes to migrate through a titanium dioxide layer before reaching the receptor sheet caused a significant loss of sharpness, as well as a creamy "bloom" in areas of fine detail against a light background (eg, bare branches against the sky).

    Polaroid has not been able to make an integral film that matches the overall quality of their peel-apart materials. The latter have detail and a vivid edge sharpness the integral films will probably never achieve. But the current Platinum film is unquestionably the best of its type.

    Color rendition is noticeably improved. Platinum film can tolerate direct comparison with the Macbeth color chart without suffering acute embarrasment. The tonal scale has been lengthened without a loss of saturation. (The 150-speed Time-Zero material has a noticeably shorter scale, often producing excessively contrasty prints.) Sharpness is better than any previous integral film (including the 150-speed), and the "bloom" is lower than ever.

    Nevertheless, Polaroid's integral materials do not match the overall quality of modern color-negative films. The latter have multiple layers and complex chemical interactions among the layers that allow both a wide tonal scale and high saturation. It's unlikely Polaroid films will ever be able to perform these chemical feats, so the gap between conventional and instant-picture quality will continue to widen.

    On the other hand, Polacolor (both peel-apart and integral) has a quality rarely seen in negative films -- it looks almost three-dimensional. There's depth -- an almost-palpable "roundness" -- you don't get from Kodacolor or Fujicolor. The latter look flat by comparison.

    A note about processing... Although Polaroid integral films give good results over a wide temperature range, the highest saturation and cleanest colors occur in the high 70s or low 80s. (I discovered this when I threw several developing prints on top of a warm amplifier in a cool room. The pattern of the amplifier's vent holes appeared in the print, with the areas over the holes noticeably more vivid.) A warm Spring or not-too-hot Summer day gives the brightest colors.

    If you haven't taken Polaroid pictures in a long time, try the Platinum film. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised....more info

  • Polaroid Spectra
    It appears Polaroid has stopped production of instant color films. Civilization declines a tad. Few will care. Bless you Edwin Land and the Germans who developed the original technology....more info
  • Spectra Film
    This is an old film. I have opened the pack so I am keeping it. The colors are all brownish hue after curing. First I thought maybe the light or exposure, but its on all pictures taken any time. ...more info
  • Terrible customer service and product description
    For someone who was buying polaroid film for the first time, the description was awful. No where did it say it did not fit a 600 camera. When the film arrived and it didn't fit I called Ace right away and they refused to give me a refund and told me I should have known the film wouldn't fit. I was put on hold numerous times, not alowed to speak to a supervisor and utimately hung up on. I will NEVER shop from them again. ...more info
  • Spectra film
    I use this particular polaroid film in my sandplay psychotherapy practice. I order whenever I open the last package. My new film arrived within a week; no delay. I have ordered from this company before and find them to be timely and efficient....more info
  • $99!!! KMA
    The product is great, but the fact that these blood suckers are taking advantage of the downfall of Polaroid instant film makes me hope their business follows suit with the Dodo or Pepsi Clear....more info
  • Great film and color
    This is a great film the colors are great and sharp this film is the best...more info
  • Spectra and ny Colorshot printer
    Provides very nice results with my Polaroid Colorshot printer which I'm still able to use under Windows XP even though there is no driver...

    The trick is to download and install Microsoft's FREE (yes FREE!) Virtual PC Software and install Windows '98 on this virtual PC. You can then install Polaroid's 98 driver on it as well and continue to make "real" photos until the film supply runs out......more info
  • not cheap
    I've had this instant picture taking camera for over a decade. You just can't beat it for on-the-spot pics. Only prob, not making film anymore. Amazon was the lesser of the evils for purchase of the film. So I took out a loan, bought the film. Ha, ha....more info
  • spectra film
    please be advised that this film does not work with the Polaroid 600 spectra camera...more info
  • Awesome Film
    The Polaroid Spectra Platinum is the best Instant Film I've ever used.

    I use this film for my Polaroid Colorshot USB Digital Printer. What I see on the screen is what I get on the film. It is the most perfect transfer of digital imaging I have ever seen.

    Printing digitally on this film has it's advantages. No need to worry about running out of ink. The film is instant. The film is resistant to water because of it's built-in protective coating of plastic. The image reproduces very quickly. Whereas a ink jet printer would take minutes...

    I also use the film for my Polaroid Spectra 1200si which I love as well. The photo is just as sharp as on regular film. The color is perfectly balanced and the image quality is extremely sharp.

    This is a great film by the great company Polaroid for either instant traditional of instant digital photography. I would recommend it to anyone on the planet....more info

  • Polaroid Film
    With Polaroid stopping production of it's instant film I was happy to obtain it now....more info


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