DeLonghi D895UX Cool Touch ROTO Electric Fryer
DeLonghi D895UX Cool Touch ROTO Electric Fryer

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Product Description

The Delonghi D895UX Roto Fryer has a large frying basket that allows you to accommodate almost any type of food. An easy oil drainage system with oil collecting container makes clean-up safe, fast and simple. The convenient oil-collecting container with nylon filter allows you to store oil for future use. The magnetic cord easily detaches from the fryer if accidentally pulled. This unique safety feature is designed with a condensation shield to prevent dripping onto the cord connection. Exterior lift handle basket can be raised or lowered with the fryer lid closed to prevent splattering Non-slip feet keep fryer in place Side handles make the unit easy to carry Stay-cool exterior walls keep the fryer safe to the touch Viewing window lid allows you to monitor the cooking process safely Two replaceable filters - Dual filtration prevents the release of oil vapors and odors into your kitchen Dimensions - Width 14.76 x Depth 12.01 x Height 9.45

This impressive appliance is designed to be easy and safe to use, clean to operate and wash, and produce exceptional food. It delivers on all accounts. The detailed instructions lead you through the process of heating oil to the correct temperature, then lowering the frying basket into the oil as the lid remains closed. This means that odors and mess are kept inside the fryer.

A Better Frying Experience

The D895UX features a patented rotating basket. This titled rotating basket revolves the food through the oil provides. The end result if that it allows you to use half the amount of oil normally required--without sacrificing anything in taste. The whole process makes surprisingly nongreasy food because the oil is heated evenly to the correct temperature. You end up with healthier, but still scrumptious, fried foods. And, the windowed lid allows you to monitor the cooking process safely.

A Host of Great Features

The fryer has a non-stick interior that is easy-to-clean, while the adjustable thermostat with indicator light allows you to set frying temperature from 300 to 370 degrees, giving you the flexibility to fry foods jus the way you like them. A built-in digital timer with bell can be pre-set; a viewing window lets you check on the food while it's cooking. Safety is built in--the sides of the fryer remain cool, and the hot oil stays inside, and non-slip feet keep fryer in place. When the food is done, there's an exterior lift handle that makes it easy to raise or lower the basket with the fryer lid closed to prevent splattering. The 1.5-pound capacity accommodates ample French fries, calamari, or tempura for four.
Easy Cleanup

DeLonghi gives careful attention to cleanup. Forget dealing with messy, hot oil. The ingenious easy clean oil drain system makes draining and recycling cooking oil safe and easy. Simple open the door on the front of the unit and drain. A tube unfolds from a hidden compartment and efficiently drains the oil so that it can be used again--a system that's both easy and clean. The lid and frying basket are dishwasher-safe. There are two replaceable filters--dual filtration prevents the release of oil vapors and odors in the kitchen—and a detachable cord with patented condensation shield. For safer operation, the magnetic cord easily detaches from the fryer if accidentally pulled. This unique safety feature is designed with a patented condensation shield to prevent dripping onto the cord connection. The fryer measures 14-3/4 by 12 by 9-1/2 inches and weighs 10.8 pounds. --Sherry Smith

  • Fries vegetables, fish, or meat with 1.5-pound capacity
  • Frying compartment is fully sealed; mesh basket rotates to use less oil
  • Sleek design in white plastic; measures 14 inches deep by 10-1/2 inches high
  • Oil draining system for recycling oil and easy cleanup
  • Made in Italy

Customer Reviews:

  • Deep frying
    This is a great product, Everything works as advertized, The only thing that I would like would be to hold more, if you try to put a little to much in it some food will not be in the oil very long and will not cook as soon as the rest. other than that I love it ,I would recamend it to anyone....more info
  • Keeping my fingers crossed.
    This is my 2nd Roto Fryer. The first had the same problem as I read about in other reviews and which a friend also experienced with hers. The rotating button seemed to lock in place, often in the middle of a frying session. My warranty had expired, and I decided to get a new one, because when it is good, it is superb. I highly recommend the Roto Fryer, but keep your receipts in case it has a problem. (I also bought the extended warranty - this time I am prepared) My friend's fryer was still under warranty and the motor was replaced, which seems to have solved the problem.
    Jerry Allford...more info
  • Cadillac of fryers!
    I recently purchased this fryer from.... I am very pleased with the fryer. This is the Cadillac of deep fryers!

    Pros: Cool touch sides. Digital timer. Rotating fry basket. Uses about ? of the oil of other deep fryers with same results, giving it considerable advantage: save money on oil. Quiet operation. Easy cleanup: simply slide out the oil container tray, slip in the container with filter and drain the oil from the drain spout. Inside the fry basin is Teflon so it simply wipes clean. Window on the top lid allows you to see your food as it cooks. Odor filter in the lid reduces cooking odors.

    Cons: Fry basket did not engage the fryer and would not rotate. However this was simple to fix, just bend the bottom of the basket slightly and the problem is fixed.

    To summarize, I have done a lot of research on deep fryers on the market and I found that this fryer was the best pick. The instructions that come with the unit are easy to read and understand, they explain the operation of the unit thoroughly. There is also a temperature and cooking time chart that is helpful. I found that the food cooked a bit faster than the chart stated. If you are looking to buy a new fryer, I would recommend this fryer!...more info

  • Delonghi Electric Fryer
    Owned this similar deep fryer before and really enjoyed using it. This fryer has a few improvements which makes using and cleaning the fryer a lot easier. Only problem with this fryer is that it was supposed to come with a oil stainer for straining the oil when you used the oil catch container. No filter was included. Called Delonghi about three to four weeks ago and I'm still waiting for the oil filter....more info
  • Best deep fryer ever
    This is the best deep fryer on the market - no exception. The rotating basket keeps foods from absorbing excess grease and the temperature control is top notch. The design for the grease drain and basket is perfect for filtering used grease and storing it. If you ever decide to purchase a deep fryer, don't waste time or money on any other product....more info
  • Cooks well, Too small. Hard to clean.
    I have owned this fryer for 3 years and use it at least once a week. OK for making food for a couple of people but the basket really is just too small. Half a bag of frozen french fires or one large potato cut up is the max. I also need to deep fry for a minute then let it heat up again before finishing to cook (to prevent the oil getting too cool- not much thermal mass). The rotor works fine and does not use much oil. I only drain the oil out when I replace it but it drains well. Easy to change the oil. The basket and rotor assembly is pretty complicated and I can understand folks having issues with it (never had any problems myself tho)....more info
  • temperature sensor
    This is an excellent deep fryer except for one thing: the temperature sensor is not sensitive enough, nor accurate enough. When set at the highest, 370 degrees F., the sign on the fryer indicates 15 minutes is necessary to come to this temp. The light goes out in 5 minutes, at 360 degrees (two separate thermometers used to check). After 15 minutes, the temp does indeed nearly reach 370 degrees, but the sensor shuts off the heat which drops the oil to 340 degrees before the sensor light comes back on to indicate the heating element is working again. It messes up the crispness of my calamari which should only take 2 or 3 minutes...limp squid. French fried potatoes are fine, since so much more time is involved that the oil can recover and do the job. Cleaning is a breeze and the rotary function is a real plus....more info
  • Great Product
    We have used this product for french fries,raw fries,potato wedges and onion rings. It did an admirable job on all. Very very easy to clean. Highl recommended to all. The only negative is the cover for the used oil container cracked....more info
  • french fries
    Easy to use & easy to clean. Made good french fries. It is the best deep fryer we have had. This makes our 4th....more info
  • Very Disappointed
    After using it around 10 times, I've found that it ceases to rotate probably 1/2 the time. It has a very small capacity (can't cook enough chicken fingers for a family of four). Also, the basket is NOT non-stick, so the food sticks to the basket and is difficult to remove. Clean up is fairly easy, that's the only positive thing to be said. As mentioned, there is no recipe book included, which was vexing. Save your money, this is disappointing in all aspects. I've had it for less than 2 months and am looking to replace it already....more info
  • Delong deep fryer
    The fryer works better then any I have ever used. I also appreciate the system of draining the oil from the unit, I helps with the clean up process. It is more expensive then others however I guess you get what you pay for....more info
  • Excellent Fryer!!
    This is a fantastic fryer. My tater tots are finally crispy! Peanut oil works the best and gives the best flavor. The fryer is very easy to clean and uses less oil than other fryers because of the tilted, rotating basket. Very clever design. ...more info
  • Extremely disappointed
    I bought this model because a friend had one and highly recommended it--but he did so before he'd used it much. I think he, like me, was seduced by the marketing copy and the purported features of this appliance (like the rotating basket which was supposed to keep the food evenly bathed in the hot oil). Unfortunately, it just hasn't lived up to its promise. For one thing, it just doesn't hold enough food at once. A batch of sweet potato chips (3-4 potatoes worth) takes at least an hour as I can only fry a small handful of chips at a time. For another thing, the rotating basket feature only worked the first time I used the fryer; now the basket doesn't rotate at all. I've tried all of the suggestions in the manual for addressing the problem, but the basket won't budge.

    On the (only slightly) plus side, it is very easy to clean, but I would not recommend a fryer on that basis alone....more info
  • Can't ask for much more . . .
    This fryer does precisely what it is advertised to do - fry foods with a minimum of fuss or mess in the (thus far) healthiest way possible.

    It excels at french fries and the like - like french fried sweet potatoes. It handles coated foods well.

    Crumb coated foods, as always, create a bit of a mess which requires additional clean up no matter the method. For these items, I prefer stove-top, hands on frying. But have to say, the filter makes clean up easier.

    For all other fried foods this is a super product and I'd venture the best in class. Easy to use, and easy to clean. Keeps the mess contained. Easy to use; wipe it clean.

    Love this fryer and look forward to years of service....more info
  • This is a must!
    I am not a fried food person, but this thing may change your mind! Absolutely fast, easy, safe(except for the fast opening lid I could do without), and just plain cool. The basket rotating actually fries food more evenly and definitely faster. No worries about being splattered or spillage, the drain system is great! I know its costly, but you probably won't have to buy another one again!!! This is a quality product that will have you wondering why they didn't invent this thing a long time ago!...more info
  • Delongi fryer
    Easy to use, and cleanup. Capacity could be bigger. Adjustable temperature setting very nice, Oil had to be changed after usage, it became dirty from chicken and fries. Instructions from manufacturer on cooking temps and times not accuate. Chicken raw and fries overcooked. Need to develop own temps and cooking times thru experience. Overall though the product worked very good no mess....more info
  • An excellent indulgence
    I am a sucker for many deep fried foods, fries, onion rings, hush puppies, etc. The first day I got this item I put it to the test. Fries and rings no problem. Hush puppies which for those not familiar with the southern delicacy are doughy ball like things made of corn meal, onion and other spices. They are doughy but the deep fryer handled them well. There was no sticking; I think the key is to get the basket hot so they do not stick. The rotation worked fine you just need to make sure the basket is seated properly. It also does a good job with less oil. I give 4 stars just because I am only allowed to use it bi weekly....more info
  • Great for first time fryers
    I have to admit, I had wanted to get a deep fryer to make my own french fries for a long time, but had the fear that sometimes goes along with one, such as the fear of cleaning up and the fear of safety. After buying the DeLonghi Fryer and using it for the first time, my fears quickly went away. This must be one of the easiest fryers on the market to clean and it's not a chore to bring it out to use it, knowing that you're going to have to clean up the mess afterwards. I've done quite a bit of frying in this fryer - french fries, sweet potato fries, donut bits, fish and battered veggies. I have not been disappointed with anything that I've made. The quality has been really good. If you're like me and you're afraid to get a fryer because of the cleaning factor - this is the one to get. You can't get anything easier to clean than this one. I also love the fact that this one uses less oil. Let's face it, deep frying isn't exactly health food, but the tilt system they use on this fryer to use less oil does help to eleviate the guilt a tiny little bit. :)...more info
  • Delonghi Fryer
    We are very satisfied with the Roto Fryer. It takes a little getting used to the fact that french fries cook so quickly. But it does a beautiful job, It is so easy to empty the oil and clean. A big improvement over some other fryers. Would recommend highly to others. ...more info
  • Flawed
    I used to own the larger Delonghi fryer but we managed to melt part of it by placing it next to a hot stove.

    Big negative: the AC power cord is only 1 foot long and attaches magnetically to the fryer. Therefore, it always falls out and is a pain to place.

    Small negatives: (1) The fryer capacity is small. (2) the small plastic feet under the fryer also fall out.

    Positive: The rotor works well and is easy to clean....more info
  • Dedicated DeLonghi User
    I received a DeLonghi Fryer over 15 years ago and still have it. I have been looking for a new Delonghi for a couple of years now since mine is pretty beat. For a long time I was unable to find the DeLonghi Fryer and was surprised when I finally found one. The only downfall I feel is the price, being a little steeper than I wanted to pay. But after much thought and knowing that If not for the DeLonghi Fryer lasting as many years as I have had it already, I considered all other fryers this was the one for me and always has been. You won't be disappointed buy this one it is well worth the money!!!!...more info
  • Very nice appliance
    I have not put the fryer to use yet but I am very satisfied with its features and do look forward to using it in the near future...more info
  • The Best Around
    If you like to deep fry food like I do, then this machine is the ticket. I have had others and they finally got old so I did my research and bought this one. Its heats up so quickly unlike my others. The clean up is also so easy and I don't have to use cheese cloth over a jar. The oil comes right out the drain tube into their container CLEAN. Wipe out the inside with paper towels and your good to go. Fish and chicken will leave some brown crumbs in the bottom, but I just wipe it out. Now, I do not fry my food with batter. I just dust my food with flour and seasonings. I think it is better for you and less mess. So if you cook that way, this machine is the best around. Makes awesome french fries and sweet potatoe fries too....more info
  • One Small Problem
    This is a great little fryer, but because of its limited capacity, it would be difficult to use for a family more than 2, in my opinion. The fryer works fantastic and I only have one complaint. There is an area on the rear of the fryer that collects oil and is difficult to clean. Imagine opening the lid and having all the moisture run to the back hinge of the lid. The oil that collects doesn't get into the rear hinge, but it collects in a small crevice that should be easier to clean. It's a small nuicance though since the fryer really works great; it wouldn't prevent me from purchasing it again. Also, the top does detach from the base which makes it very easy to clean, I just throw it in the dishwasher after I clean around the rubber seal. You can also throw the basket into the dishwasher and it comes out looking great as well.

    This is in regards to the reviewer who said the fryer has poor performace with battered foods. If you put your battered items in the basket and then drop it in the oil and don't stir it, then yes, you will have a mess as he says... However, this is easily worked around with one of two methods...

    1. In order to cook battered foods successfully, you need to drop the basket in the oil first, and then place/wade your battered foods in the oil. This may sound a little dangerous, but if you're gentle, it's no problem at all. Emeril uses this method all the time on his show when he is frying a battered item. I've done it many, many times and have never had a problem, and I batter A LOT of foods. Now, with this process they will still stick to the wire basket as he mentions, but it is MUCH less. Once the item is in the oil you can use steel tongs to move it a bit to keep it from sticking. As long as you do this in the first few seconds, it won't stick at all and the rest of the frying goes flawlessly. If it sounds hard or like a lot of work, it isn't; it's actually quite easy. I batter shrimp, veggies, & oysters, and even though they do get a little stuck sometimes, it's nothing major, and it certainly does not "destroy" the food as he mentions.

    2. The other method that I've used a lot is to not use the basket at all. Sometimes when I want to make a Blooming Onion I will need to remove the basket so that I have enough depth to the fryer so the oil with cover the onion. I am able to fry a medium onion that is battered, but it is a tight fit. In order to get the onion out, I use an "All-Clad Stainless Skimmer" that I bought here on Amazon. It works perfectly for fishing stuff out of the oil when you're not using the basket, but any similar device that isn't flimsy would work well too.

    One other thing regarding the oil. If you've never purchased large quantities of oil in the grocery store, look to see the tends to get expensive very quickly. Before I purchased this fryer, I read the reviews about it saving oil and how great that was. Well... that wasn't a big selling point for me at the time, but now, whenever I have to fill up my fryer and buy more oil, it's the feature that I love most. I really does save A LOT of oil. You can even drain the oil into the included container and put it in the refrigerator to reuse later on.

    -------4 years of use update--------

    I can't believe I've been using this fryer for 4 years! Now that I look back on this purchase, I can firmly say that I'm a VERY satisfied customer. The fryer still performs flawlessly, and it continues to see a lot of use. It's really a well-built unit, unlike some of the less-expensive models I've seen. I had some friends that wanted to buy a fryer after they saw what things I was able to cook in mine. They didn't want to pay the price for this fryer, so instead they purchased a less-expensive model. Well, the one they ended up getting was less money, but it broke after about 18 months; they are now on their second fryer. So, not only have they now spent more on fryers, but they also spend more on oil because their model does not have a tilted basket....more info
  • Simply the Best!
    This is simply the best fryer. I have had this fryer for over one year. The basket broke on the first one but it was replaced free of charge by the store. No problem with this one. The fryer is easy to clean and produces top quality results. My son purchased a less expensive clone and he and his wife say they can tell a difference in the food quality not to mention the changing of the oil and cleaning. The only con is the price but I still think it is well worth the money....more info
  • Best fryer I have ever owned
    I bought my Delonghi roto fryer about a year ago, and it is one of the best purchases I have ever made. So far it has been dependable and easy to clean, and I am LAZY when it comes to cleaning up in the kitchen. The mechanism for draining and filtering the oil is easier to use than even Delonghi's marketing materials indicate. This same mechanism makes cleanup a snap. I just squirt some dish washing fluid (I use Dawn) in the bottom, pour in a couple of liters of hot water, let it sit for 5 minutes, then just wipe with a paper towel and drain the water through the oil drainage tube, right into the sink. A couple of rinses and a quick wipe down to dry the inside, and the fryer is ready to go. And this is after using it 6 times without cleaning it, and letting it sit for a month (I told you I was lazy).

    An accident prompted me to look into getting a deep fryer in the first place. I was really craving chicken wings one night, and decided that I could use my wok-shaped stove-top pan to heat the oil and cook the wings. This worked fine the first couple of times (except for the huge mess it made), but the third time, the oil boiled over and caught on fire! It went out by itself, but I had the WORST mess to clean up. Of course, it could have been much worse, and I decided that a wok is just not a good choice for deep-frying. Safety and convenience became top priorities in my search for a "real" deep fryer.

    I use my fryer primarily for cooking wings. The only problem is the small capacity; it will only cook about 7 wings at a time. You have to lay them flat; if you pile them up, the ones on the top won't be in the oil long enough to cook. I also have had difficulty with the rotary mechanism not catching the basket. At one time, I almost always had to "assist" the mechanism by pushing and pulling on the basket with a fork while it was down in the oil until it would catch. However, this problem mysteriously vanished about 6 months ago, and it works perfectly every time now.

    Many people still believe that frying foods in oil is inherently unhealthy. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am a big proponent of low-carbohydrate eating. I have lost 50 pounds so far, and have more energy than ever before in my life. This fryer has really helped me stick to my low-carb regimen, which has lowered by blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Contrary to popular belief, you are NOT what you eat. Sugar and simple carbohydrates (white flour is the classic example) are converted into fat MUCH more readily than dietary fat, which must be broken down and assimilated before it can be converted into storable fat. The notion that foods high in fat cause heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity is actually a myth (a lot of research supports this statement). A high-fat-high-carb diet on the other hand is a KILLER. Get the carbs out of your diet if you want to be healthy and avoid the "diseases of civilization". There are lots of sites with detailed information and references on this topic, so I will not say anything more about it here, other than the Delonghi roto fryer has saved me from temptation many times, because it is just so easy to use, and the results are delicious....more info

  • Mom, is the chicken ready yet?
    I purchased the DeLonghi Rotating Deep Fryer F-895 after reading the excellent reviews in magazines and on line and liked the fact that you didn't have to use as much oil as the traditional fryers. I don't tolerate reheated oil very well so I only use the oil 2/3 times before dumping. There is NO ODOR while the food is cooking which was a plus since I don't like to smell food odors after I've eaten. I intended to only use the fryer once a week, but found myself using it 2/3 times a week - LOVE THOSE FRENCH FRIES!

    The only problem I had with it was size. I have a family of 4 and found that I could only cook small portions of food at one frying. By the time I had dinner ready, I would end of cooking about 3/4 portions which took me 35/45 minutes to complete. If I cooked chicken legs, they had to be small. If they were on the large side, it took longer and sometimes the chicken would toughen in the process. Overall, this is an excellent fryer if you keep to small boneless pieces. French Fries were delicious as well as fried vegetables.

    The DeLonghi Rotating Deep Fryer makes an excellent wedding gift for couples; however, I would not recommend it for families larger than 3.

    After watching a QVC advertisement, I ordered a cook's essentials 3.5qt cool wall stainless steel deep fryer and am anxious to see how well it fries food. This is a large fryer and hopefully I will be able to deep fry everything in 1 or 2 fryings. As far as odors are concerned, I'll cook outside.

    I will do a review on this fryer in about 3-4 weeks....more info

  • Scotch Eggs and my DiLonghi ROTO Fryer
    I produce many batches of Scotch Eggs each Christmas season, and have tried many types of deep fryers...
    I have found the king The DeLonghi ROTO Fryer, sure it only holds 1 1/2 Lbs of my eggs, bring on the next batch......more info
    This is one excellent deep fryer. It uses very little oil. The basket rotates to keep food circulating, so it doesn't become one lump of a mess. I fried chicken breast using Washington brand Chicken breading. It was great! I can't wait to try seafood. Draining the oil was a breeze. This is so much easier than draining the oil thru a paper towel and funnel like I did on my old open fryer. No odor or splatter to deal with either. Because of the smaller basket, you will have to do couple of batches. I highly recommend this deep fryer....more info
  • Better than anticipated
    This one has most of the features that you'll need & want. (I.E. adjustable temperature setting, timer, rotating basket, oil drain) I really like the rotating basket, as your food doesn't constantly sit in one place throughout the cooking process. Also, the drain system allows you to easily remove the oil (once cooled down) without the hassle & mess of other fryers. It may seem a little overpriced, but I've found its features really make it worth the extra couple bucks!...more info
  • It's just ok
    This fryer is ok, but that's about it. Instead of Easy Clean System, they should call it "It takes a long time to clean". There are so many components that need to be cleaned, it's about a 20 minute process (not counting what you put in the dishwasher). Also, they capacity is very limited. Three chicken thighs is max. So your cooking for 1.5 persons or in multiple batches. It did fry OreIda fozen fast food french fries better than McDonalds, but it's not really worth the hassle of the clean up. Would I recommend it? No. A simple frying pan is so simple to use. And now with the new recycling rules, I just dump the used oil on top of the lawn clipping in the recycle toter. It's not worth saving it in the provided container....just another item to clean later. ...more info
  • Works great, but beware!
    I now own my 2nd ROTO fryer. Why buy a 2nd you ask? Because the 1st one developed a leak on the drain stem which sent used oil all over my base kitchen cabinets!

    If you have small batches of food to fry, say <24 pieces of shrimp, then this baby works just as advertised. You might want to reduce cooking times a bit - less than packaged food suggests - because it seems to get crispy quite quickly (shrimp in 6 min vs. 9 min suggested).

    As for the drain stem: we now use an aluminum foil tray to store our unit in. I've written Delonghi and they DO NOT provide a replacement part for the rubber drain stem (it's built in and not replacable) but did give me a coupon credit on future purchases.
    ...more info
  • DeLonghi D895UX Cool Touch ROTO Electric Fryer
    bought it as a gift, they loved it, said it is one gadget that WORKS.
    Fast service. First class in every way....more info
  • DeLonghi D895UX cool touch electric fryer
    The fryer is well built with several improvements over the last DeLonghi that I owned. It has a built in timer and an easy drain spout. The temperature will heat to 370 degrees F which is about 20 degrees hotter than most deep fryers....more info
  • Neat idea - terribly cheap implementation
    We bought this fryer about 3 years ago, drawn to it by its innovative design and safety features. Unfortunately, even while unpacking, I was concerned about the cheap rubber hose used to drain the oil. However, we put the unit in service and found it very useful for our light-duty needs: frozen french-fries, Tampura shrimp, and similar items. Alas, as feared, the rubber hose has now cracked, resulting in an oil leak at the base of the unit. The rubber hose is clearly not replaceable - so a $100+ machine is dead because of a clearly cheap and callous manufacturing choice.

    While no reviewer has reported a safety issue with this design, DeLonghi has since created other fryers with an actual valve to drain the oil such as their DeLonghi D24527DZ Esclusivo Dual Zone 3-Pound-Capacity Deep Fryer. The penny-wise pound-foolish manufacturing in this model could have the potential of a catastrophic failure and certainly drastically shortens the usable life of the product. While we liked this concept of this fryer, we have replaced it with a conventional and conservative design. Unless you can afford to buy a new fryer every few years, this isn't the model for you....more info
  • Delonghi rotofryer
    i purchased this because i wore my last one out.
    i truly love this appliance
    it was less money here than anywhere else i could find
    and came very quickly. i am quite impressed...more info
  • An excellent choice for deep fryer
    This is an outstanding deep fryer. It is very well designed and built. My mother had the older model for over 10 years and used it frequently until it eventually started showing signs of wear and tear. She bought this exact model as a replacement and I recently bought one for myself.

    What makes this a particularly good choice is that the rotating basket allows it to fry with only about half the amount of oil other fryers need. You can use olive oil without spending too much money. The 2 filters placed in the lid remove most of the food smell and only steam comes out. They need to be replaced every few months depending on use but are worth the money. The window allows to check on the food while it's cooking. The cleaning system that was not on the original model makes draining and storing the oil really easy and convenient.

    The downside of this model is that it is harder to clean than the ones that can be taken apart and washed in a dishwasher. You have to be careful not to get water into the motor that rotates the basket. When maintained with some care, it will make great tasting food for a very long time....more info
  • Great Frying Machine
    The DeLonghi Cool Touch ROTO Fryer is a really great fryer. Easy to use and easier to clean up. The drainage tube and non stick surface inside makes for the easiest clean up of any fryer I have had. The adjustable thermometer, the timer, and the rotating basket are nice extras that are standard with this fryer. The only problem I have with this fryer is the rotating basket sometimes gets stuck once it takes on debris around the top of the basket. The fry debris does not allow for the basket to continue to turn without cleaning the rim of the basket, this after the first frying batch. Other than this, nothing could be better. Buy it and Fry IT!...more info
  • This fryer is great!
    My husband wanted a deep fryer so he could make fried calimari. I researched a few, and found the roto fryer to have the best reviews, and liked that it used less oil. It works great, and is relatively easy to clean. It uses about 1 liter of oil, and is designed to make draining and saving the oil painless....more info
  • Great Wings
    We've used this fryer for both wings and egg rolls. The eggrolls have a much better crunch than I managed in a skillet. The wings have very little grease left on them. Being able to use a smaller amount of grease, and reuse it is great....more info
  • Great item!
    This deep fryer is just great! It cooks food evenly with the rotating basket so you don't have to stop it and stir the food inside. Its great for french fries and even for chicken wings! There are all sorts of things that you can cook with it. Also with the unique design you can quickly and easily with no mess and fuss drain the fryer for easy cleaning. I would recommend this for anybody for their own use or a great gift idea!...more info
  • Huge Disappointment!
    I received the Delonghi deep fryer on Friday evening and had it at the post office on Monday morning. I did everything EXCEPT stand on my head to get it to make potato chips...smaller batches, larger batches, shorter cooking times, longer cooking times. What I did get, consistantly, resembled more a potato cake which was soggy in the middle. I bought a Waring Pro at William Sonoma for $40 more and had beautiful potatos Monday evening. Bottom line...Delonghi may be a bit cheaper and a tad easier to clean, but I want good tasting food....more info
  • Extremely clean and limited smell from frying even fish. I used Canola Oil not the recommended Peanut Oil. Great.
    Easy to clean, I removed the basket from the handle and cleaned in the dishwasher. Limited smell in house....more info
  • DeLonhi Fryer
    The fryer works great. Have not had a fryer in years. This one is the best....more info
  • Disappointment from DeLonghi
    I was thrilled to receive a DeLonghi D895 Cool Touch ROTO Fryer as a present this Christmas. It was beautifully high-tech and (I thought) nicely suited to making deep frying interesting. I do a lot of cooking and entertaining, and this machine looked like just the thing to make fried foods less messy and greasy. I had hoped to have fun making falafel, fritters, even sopaipillas in it.

    Unfortunately, the unit comes with no cooking instructions beyond warnings such as not to lift the basket while the lid is closed; there's nothing about how to load the food into the basket, for instance. There are no sample recipes to suggest how to adapt your own recipes to this complex machine......more info

  • Do not buy Delonghi product
    Despite the high price, my roto fryer did not work from the day one. The basket rotates when you first turn it on but it always stops working. Apparently, a lot of people had the same problem. Also, they don't have service centers in every state, so if you have a problem, it's going to be tough and expensive to get it fixed....more info
  • Designed in Italy, Made in PRC
    The product fits the description on Amazon except for the manufacturing location. The fryer is actually made in PRC and designed in Italy....more info
  • No good
    It stinks. Does bad job with battered food. Mine started to leak through the drain hose after three uses....more info
  • Neat idea but doesn't live up to the hype
    Good concept but difficult to clean. This would have been a great fryer but there is no way to remove the unit to clean or put in the dishwasher. I ended up returning the unit just for that fact. If they re-design it in the future with a removable tub I'd buy one again.

    ...more info
  • My husband loves it.
    I got this for my husband as a Christmas present. He had been asking for one but I wanted to make sure that it was a decent one. I checked all over and finally decided on this one. It works great! I use it and I never fry foods. The stuff comes out crisp and not greasy. It uses a small amount of oil and is easy to clean. Now my husband complains that I am using 'his' fryer. ...more info
  • One of the Best Fryers I have ever used
    This fryer not only cooks loads of different fried foods, but also makes them less fat by taking them out the oil one in a while. I would recomend this to anyone that has every wanted fried food with less fat. especially you Mrs. Wall...more info
  • DeLonghi Deep Fryer No. 2
    This is a very well designed product. It is actually the second one of this model we have purchased. Years ago a friend who was cooking in my kitchen was heating oil in a frying pan getting ready to cook french fries. It caught fire and she was injured. Since then I have been skittish about frying foods. This came to a head when my son was born. I decided to eliminate stove top frying from the house. I purchased a DeLonghi deep fryer (prior model to the one currently sold)and was very happy with it. We wore it out and purchased our first D895UX Roto Fryer.

    This is a well designed product that is easier to clean than my prior model. The roto feature works great and seems to minimize the absorbtion of oil by whatever is being fried. It has filters to prevent grease and oil from escaping with the steam (keeps the surrounding area cleaner). It comes with a oil storage container with lid, and a tool to help clean the drain hose. You can set the desired temperature and a LED indicates when it is ready. There is also a small timer that can be set in one minute intervals and will beep to let you know the time has passed (that's all it does, beep). OraIda Shoestring potatoes take 5 minutes to cook!

    The basket inside is removable and raises and lowers in and out of the hot oil with an exterior handle.

    To cook, 1. Put oil in fryer and turn on. 2. Place food in basket and place in fryer. 3. Close Lid. 4. When oil is to temperature, lower basket. 5. When timer beeps, raise basket, turn off deep fryer and open lid. 6. Remove Basket (remember the oil is HOT, HOT, HOT.)

    Cons: The replacement filters are not readily available and must be ordered on line. The rubber drain hose is fragile and is the major fail point in the design. If you turn the unit on without oil in it, it will immediately blow a fuse that is only replacable by a repair depot.

    I am now on my second Delonghi D895UX Cool Touch ROTO Electric Fryer so I would recommend it for your use.

    ...more info
  • Deep fryer
    I love the fryer. The food cooked quickly and browned evenly all over. Clean up was easy. It was easy to use....more info
  • Poor Performance for batter fried foods
    I thought the idea of the food not staying in the oil for the entire cooking time was a good idea; and maybe it is. However, our deep frying is mainly batter fried foods like coconut shrimp, fried oysters, etc. With this unit the batter will flow through the wire basket and stick to the basket. This makes it impossible to remove the food without practically destroying the food in the process. It seems to me a nonstick basket would be an excellent idea; I guess the DeLonghi engineers never thought of that. It may work just fine for french fries or breaded food; I don't know. If batter fried foods are your preference, stay away from this unit....more info
  • looks like a winner
    All my young college student wanted, been asking for years, but I couldn't bring myself to buy for fear he would burn his residence down! I finally broke down and after extensive research settled on this one. Lots of nice features, covered with a view window, basket lowers into oil after cover is latched, temp control and automatic off, roto basket means less oil required, and cleanup was easy because of the build-in drain tube (other reviews warn that this may leak over time, so still a concern). To be on the safe side we bought him a new kitchen fire extinguisher too! ...more info
  • Works great!
    Doesnt need a lot of oil to do its job. The rotating basket is a nice tough. The only thing I don't like is the drain. Its very tricky to pull the little red hose out and put it into a bowl or the included drain bucket without spilling any....more info
  • Great for easy frying and clean up
    I purchased this machine a few months ago. For the most part I am pleased. The only real problem for me is like all the deep fryers I have seen, you can't cook for a whole family in one batch.
    It could also use some cooking ideas.
    Cleanup is the best thing about this fryer....more info
  • Great item
    We had a fryer that was more for one or two people that was a lot harder to clean...adventually it became slower and slower before the food was done. This product is quick and easy to clean the oil (too expensive to throw away). If you use peanut oil, there is not oil taste. All and all highly recommend....more info
  • great!
    I've had other fryers in the past but this one is top of the line. Oil filtering system works perfect. It's very easy to use only as the other reviwers said pay attention to timer. when it goes off it doesn't mean the fryer is off. You need to do that manually. As always DeLonghi products are reliable and I would certainly purchase DeLonghi again....more info
  • Good, not perfect
    I bought this to replace my very old DeLonghi fryer that still works but just has so much built up oil residue the lid won't close. I did a lot of reading and was skeptical about a few features of this fryer but decided to give it a go. I like the style and features. I used to be in food service for many years and never once did I ever come across a comercial fryer that the food leaves the oil and re-enters (the rotation feature). I've done a few things with this fryer (shrimp poppers, hash browns, egg rolls and cheese sticks). The results were that everything took longer to cook than what is on the package or what I was used to. I know the manual has cooking times in it but it's a pain to keep it handy. What is GREAT about this fryer is how easy and neat it is to remove/strain the oil and clean out the unit, this works flawless. The amount of food you can do is also a minus, the basket is small and shallow (not tall) and the food has to be pushed to the outside for the rotation properties to cook the best. Now I'm not one to do an entire meal in the fryer so it's fine for Fries, etc. What would be ideal is this fryer, with all it's features minus the rotation part to allow for a bigger basket. I can deal with using a bit more oil. DeLonghi makes a lower model but doesn't have an adjustable thermostat ... a BIG minus. In my searches it appears to that DeLonghi used to make a model with all the features of the roto but minus the roto. That would be a 5 star model. All in all it's a good fryer, the cleaning feature is the best. ...more info


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