Deluxe Stainless-Steel Biscuit Maker

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The Atlas deluxe biscuit maker comes with 20 discs. Do the math - the possibilities are extensive! This multi-purpose device is made from food grade aluminum and operated manually for simple use and maintenance. The biscuit maker is easy to clean, too, and a must-have for a serious baking tool collection. Instructions and a recipe booklet are included. Made in Italy.

In Europe they call cookies "biscuits," and you can too if you want to lull yourself into thinking you're eating something healthier than sugar cookies. With this Italian biscuit maker, it's easy to get the same size and shape of cookie every time. Just put the dough in the cylinder, choose small or large cookies, attach one of the 20 die-plates, and press the lever; the precise amount of dough is automatically pumped out onto your cookie sheet. Your cookies will look store-bought perfect, but taste oh-so-much-better because you baked them yourself. The maker and die-plates should be hand washed, and they come with a three-year warranty. --Doree Armstrong

  • Italian biscuit maker for uniformly shaped and sized cookies
  • Includes 20 aluminum die-plates for a wide variety of shapes
  • Choose small or large cookies
  • Hand wash
  • Three-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • very pleased with this cookie press
    I highly recommend this cookie press. I used my mother's old press for many years (it, too, was not plastic at all). When the handle on it broke I replaced it with a new plastic cookie press. That was a mistake. It only lasted for one use. Plastic=no good.
    I searched for non-plastic cookie presses and found this one. It works just great. You can even adjust the size of the cookie. They press out evenly each time. It is not difficult to use at all.
    This is well worth the price and Amazon has the best price that I can find, plus free shipping. I am VERY pleased with this cookie press and am so glad that I got it. If you are looking to buy a cookie press I suggest you get this one. The plastic ones do not last at all....more info
  • With a little practice, it works great!
    This is a very nice cookie press but I thought that, with 20 dies, there would be some of the old-fashioned ones, like the camel and the traditional Christmas tree that I have on my old screw-driven press, but they are missing. There is a different Christmas tree, but no animals at all. It did take a little getting used to, but I do like it very much. ...more info
  • Savvy Shopper
    Amazon should omit the words "Stainless Steel" from the item name - most parts are made of aluminum.

    Despite the above statement, this is not a problem for me since I do not put it in the dishwasher. Hand washing and towel-drying promptly after use will avoid the formation of dull, powdery aluminum oxide on surfaces - which would be transferred to the cookies when next used. I put NOTHING made from aluminum in the dishwasher for this reason. On the issue of aluminum and foods - I am far more concerned about the repeated use of "Teflon" (which is fatal to some household pets when overheated) and its long-term effects AND, unlike cookware, this item is not heated when used.

    This is the best cookie press I have ever used. It is an excellent design, has rugged construction and solidly interlocking parts, and comes with 20 different die plates. Coupled with selectable 2 sizes (1 or 2 ratchets per single press of the handle) this gives a large selection of options for the final appearance of your cookies. You simply hold the barrel in place with one hand and press the lever with the other hand to form perfect cookies.

    DO NOT discard the box. It shows each die along with the resulting cookie shape.

    Buy this cookie press after a thorough comparison with others. Plastic cookie presses often break sooner rather than later. - This one is up to the job. ...more info
  • User Unfriendly
    I should have known, after using my daughter`s identical press, as it does not perform with ease. I will get another plastic press like the one I was happy with until it broke. The "adjustment" for 2 different sizes is deceptive. The 2nd is too big, the 1st is too small, & if that isn`t bad enough, the dough will not release onto the pan surface. Having made cookies with a press for over 40 years, I realize there are many variables that can affect this process, such as pan surface temp, & dough consistency, etc. No matter which ones I have tried, the outcome is, very frustratingly, the same. It should not be such an ordeal. I liked the 20 different die choices, but ended up only using the ones that pump out dough strips. ...more info
  • cookie press that works!
    I make cookie press cookies every week and love this cookie press. The best part is that is lasts! No plastic parts to crack. It is so easy to use - not at all frustrating! Highly recommend this for the serious cookie press maker! ...more info
  • cookie press that works!
    I make cookie press cookies every week and love this cookie press. The best part is that is lasts! No plastic parts to crack. It is so easy to use - not at all frustrating! Highly recommend this for the serious cookie press maker! ...more info
  • Cookie Press
    Very well made and sturdy.Works like a charm and appears that it will hold up for years.Much better that the presses with the plastic barrel (center) that can crack.Would buy the press again....more info


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