Chef's Choice 120 Diamond Hone 3-Stage Professional Knife Sharpener, White

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Product Description

Chef'sChoice Edgecraft 120 Electric 3 - stage Sharpener offers FAST, FOOLPROOF results! 100% diamond abrasives in stages 1 and 2, combined with the unique stropping and polishing in stage 3 means hairsplitting results and highly durable edges. The EdgeSelect gives you the choice of optimum edges for gourmet, butcher, sporting and even serrated knives. A cut above the rest! Order yours today! ChefsChoice Edgecraft 120 Electric 3-stage Sharpener

It may seem like a contradiction, but sharp knives are the safest. With a clean edge, a knife is more predictable and easier to control. If you've purchased a top-of-the-line knife, maintaining the quality of the blade ensures maximum value from your investment. This Chef's Choice knife sharpener performs professional-quality sharpening on any knife, from gourmet knives to hunting knives--even serrated knives can be sharpened with this machine. For top-quality edges, there are two sharpening and honing stages, which use 100 percent diamond abrasives, and a final polishing stage. Each stage uses precision angle guides to create a unique Trizor-Plus edge for maximum sharpness and durability, while a magnetic pad collects residue so the machine is easy to clean and maintain. While a sharp knife is indeed a safe knife, it's wise to use caution with your newly sharpened knives, as they'll be sharper than you expect. --Laura Cuthbert

From the Manufacturer

For all fine-edge knives, and even serrated knives (as demonstrated in the image), the Chef's Choice 120 three-stage diamond hone professional sharpener lets you select the edge to match the need. It allows you to enjoy incredibly sharp edges that stay sharp longer for all knives. And the Chef's Choice 120 is easy to use and lightning fast.
For Gourmet Knives
  • Edges for the ultimate in effortless food preparation and presentation
  • Ultra-sharp, smooth, nonserrated edges produced by unique stropping and polishing disk of stage 3
  • Safe for quality cutlery

For Butcher-Type Knives

  • Select the right edge "bite" for fibrous foods
  • Edges stay sharp longer, even under the most challenging cutting tasks
  • No job too tough for the Trizor-Plus edge

For Sporting/Hunting Knives

  • There's never been a better edge for field-dressing game or filleting fish
  • Multi-beveled edges with micro-fluted facets stay sharp much longer
  • Perfect edges for woodworking, paper products, carpets, and more

    For Serrated Knives

  • Reshapes and realigns distorted teeth
  • Sharpens and polishes each serrated tooth
  • Better-than-factory performance
  • The Three Stages

    Stage 1
    Use for excessively dull or damaged knives or for maximum edge "bite." Diamond abrasives create first facet.

    Stage 2
    Use for routine sharpening. Finer-grit diamonds create a second bevel.

    Stage 3
    Patented material creates third micro bevel, and polished micro-flute cutters along the super-sharp edge.


    • For straight-edge and serrated blades
    • Leaves incredibly sharp edges--better than razor sharp
    • Leaves durable, longer-lasting edges
    • Unbelievably fast
    • EdgeSelect with Trizor-Plus system provides optimum edges for gourmet, butcher, sporting, and serrated knives
    • 100 percent diamond abrasive--guaranteed to never detemper
    • Totally safe for quality knives
    • Three-stage sharpening procedure covers all knife needs
    • Unique stropping and polishing stage
    • Three-year household warranty
    • Measures 9-3/4 inches by 4 inches by 4-1/4 inches
    • Three-stage precision sharpening
    • Works for gourmet chef's knives, butcher knives, sporting knives, serrated knives
    • 100 percent diamond abrasive will never detemper
    • Unique Trizor-Plus edge provides greater sharpness and durability
    • Three-year household warranty

    Customer Reviews:

    • This is the ONE!
      I have tried many different devices, this is the best ever. Yes it is expensive but if you want an easy way to make your knives razor sharp this is the device.

      I have had mine for going on 6 years, it has worked flawlessly and still sharpens my knives perfectly. In fact it may be cheaper now than it was 6 years ago!

      BUY IT!...more info
    • Fantastic!
      I have a set of Henckels that had become progressively blunter over the years. Sharpening them took longer and longer.

      I finally broke down, did the research, and purchased this unit. In one word: Fantastic! I cannot believe how sharp the knives are now!

      Some recommendations: Read the instructions and follow them to the letter. I tested and made sure that I could feel a burr along the whole edge after Stage 2. If I didn't feel a burr, I repeated Stage 2 more slowly until a burr developed along one side of the edge.

      I also recommend another reviewer's instructions to wipe down the knife blade with a paper towel with every pass, the rationale being that you remove metal particles that could otherwise mar the finish.

      To test sharpness, I used a piece of ordinary letter size paper, trying to make a cut using the whole length of the sharp edge with a minimum of force. This is of course subjective, but can give you a good idea of how sharp the blade is becoming.

      As a final test: cut a apple. You should be able to slice it in 2 with very little pressure.

      Note: I haven't tested this unit with a serrated edge since I don't really use serrated knives. This unit claims to sharpen serrated edges as well....more info
    • total disappointment
      Worst purchase I have ever made. Wheel fell off of first model with first use. I should have taken a refund, but thought I'd give it another chance. Have had this model for several years, but can never get anything decently sharp, consequently very little use.
      Called customer service today, indicating that this has had almost no use. They politely offered to check it over or repair it for standard repair fees. It never ceases to amaze me, how people can try to sell you a third time with a straight face, even offered a replacement, at a fee in excess of $100.

      There is also a lot of mixed signals as to whether to use stage one or not.
      In short, you feel you are using the item incorrectly, looking for burr etc. I even suggested that this item might be misaligned since first one literally came loose , and they may both be from same lot.(small cutlery shop, now out of business). Not even a suggestion to check the lot number to see if anything was defective from the beginning.
      Very courteous, but non-responsive customer service, hoping to profit from their mistakes.
      ...more info
    • Maybe I'm doing something wrong but...
      ... I don't find the sharpener to do that great a job. I have used Lansky sharpeners for years and recently acquired a Chef's Choice 120. Here are my impressions:


      - Does an OK job for the person with no sharpening skills whatsoever.


      - You have to get the timing just right when drawing knives through the unit, otherwise the grind is uneven.

      - If you accidentally allow the point of the knife to dip down upon withdrawing, it will excessively grind the tip.

      - The rubber feet do not do an adequate job of stabilizing the unit. It will creep when it is in use. I had to place mine on a piece of latex drawer liner.

      - Finally, and this is what I dislike most of all - it leaves longitudinal scratches along the length of the knife. The scratches are not deep but they ARE noticeable.

      My advice - Get a sharpening stone and learn to use it or if you don't feel comfortable with establishing sharpening angles, get a Lansky or Gatco sharpener. Stay away from this unit....more info
    • Makes cheap knives cut like expensive knives.
      After debating to either get the Chef's Choice or the Furi Sharpening System, I decided to spend the extra $30 and go with (what seems to be) the gold standard of home knife sharpening. This is, like what has been stated in all of the rest of the reviews, is a nearly perfect device. It is easy to use out of the box. It sharpened my expensive Henckels and Wusthof knives back to their original sharpness. Then it sharpened our old cheap Henckel's chef's knife to almost the same sharpness as the expensive ones. I would not hesitate to buy this sharpener if you have expensive knives that you want to keep sharp and to keep your investment on....more info
    • Excellent knife sharpner
      I bought this sharpner 6 months ago after reading good reviews about it, both here on Amazon and on Cook's Illustrated forum.

      The instrument is finely crafted and very easy to use. Knife sharpening is a breeze compared to the various and sundry old methods. It takes only a few minutes to sharpen all varieties and lenghts of knives, straight edges and the serrated kinds.

      Easy to clean. Keep it handy to sharpen an edge everytime before you use the knife!...more info
    • This product delivers all it advertises
      I have now used the Chef's Choice 120 Diamond hone 3 stage sharpener.
      it works amazingly, my knives come out razor blade sharp every time.
      i have sharpen every knive in my house, my brothers house, and even my
      mother's in law house, a total of 37 knives, all razor blade sharp..
      I was a skeptic initially but now i am a believer in the Chef's choice equipment.
      the only flaw I have notice on the knife Sharpener is that if you apply to much pressure while sharpening your knives you will create a cut on the plastic casing of the knife Sharpener right behind the knife opening.
      they should have placed a metal plate there to prevent cutting into the casing. other than that, this product delivers what it adverstises. ...more info
    • total disappointment
      Worst purchase I have ever made. Wheel fell off of first model with first use. I should have taken a refund, but thought I'd give it another chance. Have had this model for several years, but can never get anything decently sharp, consequently very little use.
      Called customer service today, indicating that this has had almost no use. They politely offered to check it over or repair it for standard repair fees. It never ceases to amaze me, how people can try to sell you a third time with a straight face, even offered a replacement, at a fee in excess of $100.

      There is also a lot of mixed signals as to whether to use stage one or not.
      In short, you feel you are using the item incorrectly, looking for burr etc. I even suggested that this item might be misaligned since first one literally came loose , and they may both be from same lot.(small cutlery shop, now out of business). Not even a suggestion to check the lot number to see if anything was defective from the beginning.
      Very courteous, but non-responsive customer service, hoping to profit from their mistakes.
      ...more info
    • Scratched knife unnecessarily
      I purchased this item based on the recommendation in Cook's Illustrated, and although it did sort of sharpen the blade, it also scratched the knife unevenly roughly 3/4" above the blade edge. In my case, this means I now have a cosmetically damaged -- albeit slightly sharper -- very expensive Wusthoff knife.

      And I will note that this is after extremely careful reading and following of the directions -- specifically because I wanted to avoid any damage to the knife.

      Yes, the knife is slightly sharper, but it's now ugly. Not a huge deal, but either my specific sharpener is defective, or this is a flawed product. Either way, don't risk it if you value your knives cosmetically. ...more info
    • SDG
      I bought one for myself several years ago and have loved it. My parents also liked it so I bought one for them this year for Christmas. It broke on the first use. They have sent it back to be fixed under warranty ~ do not know yet if it will be with or without complications. Hopefully the manufacturer will fix it without any problems. . ....more info
    • Pretty good
      I bought this product to replace an older version, the 100.
      The 100 was very tedious to use and took dozens of passes and a lot of practice to get a decent edge. The 120 works much better. I tried it with some old and dull Henkels, and with a lot fewer passes at each station and better directions, I got better results - though not what I would call scary sharp. I save 5 stars for scary sharp. ...more info
    • Better than any sharpener
      It does its job better than expected so, be careful with your fingers.

      It is very important to follow the instructions in the manual to get knifes sharpened as blades. I am not exaggerating: At the beginning, my wife (with a cut in her finger) claimed that knifes were dangerously sharpened, so I separated one that I don't sharp anymore. The rest of them, are maintained sharpened as blades, for my own use.
      ...more info
    • Great for those of us without stone & steel
      I've had this sharpener for about three years now and am still very pleased with it. It has kept my Wusthof knives very sharp and pleasant to use without wearing them down noticeably. I'm an enthusiastic home cook, but have no skills with a stone and steel, nor do I have much interest in learning to use them. Yes, you have to read the instructions carefully, but this is far easier to learn than manual knife sharpening techniques and does a very nice job.

      I can't speak to the level of sharpness I've achieved as opposed to the professional sharpening results others have described. I've never tried to use my kitchen knives to shave of my arm hairs or slice through a paper bag, but they do cut easily through a ripe tomato without denting the skin, so I'm quite satisfied....more info
    • Finally Sharp!
      I've been limping along with a manual ceramic sharpener and never could get a decent edge on my knives. It's been so long I'd forgotten how good a really sharp knife is. The Chef's Chocie sharpener got my blades back to ultra sharp like new condition! I'm having to relearn how to respect sharp knives again. (oh my bleeding fingers) It was definitely worth getting the more expensive model. BTW, most of the reviews (53 so far) are under the white model. I just like red better. :-)...more info
    • Awsome Knife Sharpener
      Don't listent to Alton Brown or any other snooty foodie who says you have to have your knives professionaly shapened. This sharpener is great. It makes my knives sharper than when new, and it does not scratch them....more info
    • Terrific product.
      I love things that should be sharp-to be SHARP. I had a knife sharpener, had it for years, and if it's possible to wear one out, I did. I got this for Christmas, really with a gift certificate, and I love it! The tree wheels make it a joy to use....more info
    • Met expectations
      As long as you read the directions, this is a great product. Knives were perfectly sharp....more info
    • Brings New Life to Old Knives
      We had the first generation of Chef's Choice sharpeners, and it's been sitting in a cabinet for at least 15 years. It wasn't as good as a steel (and it cost more than what we paid for the 120). So while I was reluctant, I took a chance and bought the 120. We have an assortment of Henckles, Wustoff, and 45 year-old Zylco knives. We have serrated, hollow ground, and straight edge. All I can say is that, having now sharpened all, our greatest fear is the loss of a finger.

      Even the Zylco which are truly 45 years old are as sharp as the day we bought them. A 40 year old Henckle hollow ground carving knife just sliced through a standing rib roast like it was butter. [For what we paid for the roast, it should have.]

      Even steak knives have been brought back to life.

      A not so secret secret is that we used Stage 2 on a serrated knife. It was the only way it would ever be sharp again. If Microsoft had made this sharpener, it would have calld it "an illegal practice," but it was either give that a shot or throw the knife away. It worked, and worked well. It's a bread knife that can now slice through bread in 1/4" slices with no effort or tearing.

      I cannot vouch for the two stage sharpener, but you have to remember that it was the first generation sharpener. But I can heartily recommend the 120 3-Stage. ...more info
    • Great Product
      I bought this product 2 years ago and couldn't be happier with it. It performs exactly as described. It's very easy to use and becasue of that I keep my knives sharp and that makes cooking much more enjoyable and much easier. I had one problem, the palstic guide on the front of the device failed but the company honored the three year warrenty and fixed it quickly and returned it to me. I highly reccommend this product....more info
    • CAUTION! Very Sharp!!
      My mother wanted her knives sharpened. I practiced on an assortement of my less valuable knives. Then I sharpened my mother's knives. About one week after returning my mother's knives to her, I visited her again. She had a bandage on each of two of her fingers. This sharpener works very good if you read all of the instructions and follow the instructions exactly. ...more info
    • A little Dissapointing
      As a professional chef, I'm used to straightning my edges with a steel and getting a decent edge. Getting my knives sharpened professionaly is a hassle where I live so getting the Chef's Choice Electric Sharpener seemed like a good idea.
      I must admit I'm a bit dissapointed with the results; although I will quantify that with the fact that I've only used it once and maybe I just didn't do it right. Anyway, the edge I got even when using all three levels barely equaled what I get when using the steel....more info
    • Chefs Choice 120 over rated...
      I purchase this electric sharpener after reading lots and lots of rave reviews. It's not that great, If you knives are dull ,you want to make them sharper than they were ,and you have no idea how to use a honing stone or steel; then you'll like this product. If you like a SHARP!!!knife this is not your answer. ...more info
    • A lot of hype
      I bought this hoping to avoid the boring job of sharpening my Henckels. I can do a good job with my stones, but I cannot shave with the knives. I hoped the Chef's Choice would do a better job better than I could do by hand. I read the instructions with great care and sharpened with equal diligence. I do not see how I could improve my technique. The Chef's Choice is not even close to what I could do by hand and I do not think my hand sharpening is that great. This machine may be OK for the rankest of beginners, but not if you want a truly sharp edge. Save your money. Get some good hones and put up with the chore.
      ...more info
    • Good Sharpener
      I've tried for many years, but have never been able to sharpen a knife with a stone. Decided I'd give a mechanical sharpener a shot as my kitchen and sporting knives were dull as a hammer. Ordered up the Chef's Choice 120 as I'd read some good things about it. First unit recieved had a defect, but was promptly replaced. Got the replacement and have to say I couldn't be happier. In a couple of minutes I've got a knife that will slice a tomato with only knife pressure and shave hair off my arms. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. ...more info
    • I already know how to sharpen
      even though I have been sharpening knifes for years, and have a complete
      knowhow, this just made the job easier an faster. I hate to say it but my wife thinks the knives are sharper and hold and edge longer than when I did it by hand.I don't think you can find a better tool.
      Earl Seguin ...more info
    • Just amazing
      We've never had a sharpener that truly sharpened and if they did the edge was short lived. The 120 is truly a marvel of a machine. It's fast, easy and gives a great sharp blade. Our only use so far has been for food cutting knives and they go through vegetables like they were butter. I love cutting tomatoes now. Worth the price....more info
    • A solid, solid sharpener
      The only reason this doesn't get 5 stars is that, at the end of the day, it's still over $120 (at least when I purchased it) for a knife sharpener. The quality of the item, so far, has been great. I have no complaints, the ease of use is there, and what little instructions you need are very clear. If money is not an object for you, you can pretty much call this a 5-star product. ...more info
    • One of the best sharpeners I've found
      I've read all the reviews and agree with the ones rating this unit highly. I've owned two Japenese restaurants for 5 years. I actually use the series 2000 professional at the stores and this one at home. I've noticed while watching employees trying to get the hang of it, that some people just don't get it. They push very hard down on the knife cutting all the way through the blade rest within weeks. Some complain of too weak of a motor as it won't resist the force as they lean on it. If one learns to gently twist the knife into the blade sideways and refrain from the destructive down force, it works beautifully. After all the blade is either being ground on one side or the other, not directly on the edge. Heavy handed hacks will never be able to produce a VERY sharp edge which this sharpener is capable of. As the blade gets sharp, one learns to go lighter on the final strokes. My experience is that the degree of finesse you have will determine how extremely sharp you can get it. I certainly can hold up a sheet of paper with one hand and cut through it with the knife without tearing or folding the paper. I've never owned professional knives that were much sharper when new....more info
    • Worth every penny!
      I've had electric knife sharpeners before, and have been less than impressed. This one is awesome. I'm now in the habit of "dressing" my knife before each use (taking just a few seconds to pull the knife through four times on the gentlest setting, #3) and would never consider tolerating anything less than razor-sharp again. ...more info
    • Easy and fast
      My wife uses this to sharpen the knives. They are sharp and they stay sharp. Of course she reads the directions so she does it they way it should be don....more info
    • Don't use on high end knives!
      I have always wanted to own an electric knife sharpener, and after literally months of research selected the Chef's Choice 120. I have expensive knives (mostly Wusthof)and have always sharpened by hand using Arkansas stone and sharpening steel in between. As we used to butcher all of our meat, we know what a truly sharp knife is, and that a truly sharp knife is a safe knife.

      I thoroughly read the instructions before operating the Chef's Choice 120...and was like a kid really looking forward to good results and relative ease. Rather than practice with a high end knive, my first "practice" knife was a Sabatier Chef's knife.

      After going through the entire three step process, I noted that the knife sides were becoming slightly scratched. Others had commented on this scratching in their reviews, but I had naively discounted their comments assuming incorrect sharpener usage. As I continued, the scratching became worse. I can virtually guarantee my technique was as per the instructions. My wife finally put the halt to the process, as she was in near tears with the scratches. The sharpener did sharpen OK, but not any better than a novice could do using a good stone.

      Later, without my wife observing over my shoulder, I tried sharpening a real cheap knife. Same results: plenty of scratches and a somewhat mediocre edge. I packaged the entire unit, and returned it Amazon with a note of explanation. Amazon refunded my total purchase price AND return shipping. Ya gotta love Amazon!!!...more info
    • Why not get the help you need?
      If you need a kitchen knife for more than separating the frozen sliced bread then get one of these....more info
    • This sharpener made an excellent gift.
      The Chef's Choice 120 Professional Sharpener was a gift which pleased the recipient and has performed well....more info
    • Discovery !
      After many years of buying and discarding inferior knife sharpeners I have finally found one that sharpens even my dullest knives. ...more info
    • Great Knife Sharpener
      Some of my knives had a very dull blade, so a new edge was required. This sharpener has a coarse wheel, which quickly puts a new edge on the blade, and removes the small dings I had on some blades.

      Typically, you will only need the fine wheel, and the final 'buffer' wheel to keep your knives sharp.

      The only reason I did not give (...) is you have to be careful not to press too hard or you will cut into the plastic guide slots. I did this the first few times I used the sharpener, but learned how to control the pressure. This sharpener does not need more than 2 passes on each wheel, per knife, and the directions are just guidelines. After you sharpen a few knives, you will get a feel on how much of which wheel you will need. Just be aware that different pressure will be needed on different knives, with thicker blades needing more pressure to fit in the spring loaded guides.

      Again, the first coarse wheel is rarely used, except for extremely dull or damaged (nicked) blades. This unit is so easy to use and lightweight, that it is not an inconvenience to touch up your knives quite often.

      You cannot go wrong by purchasing and using this sharpener. I have used it on Heinkels, Cut-co, Ito Chef, and on my cheap knives. I sharpened all my Benchmade, Buck, Kershaw,and Cold Steel pocket knives as well. Spyderco serrated knives are tough on the buffer wheel, so I would not recommend using this on extreme serrations, those found on Spyderco knives.

      Although the 'buffer' wheel is recommended for serrated blades, I found some serrated blades will cut into this leather-like material, decreasing wheel life. Since I don't know if there are wheels that are available for easy replacement, I would not recommend using it on serrated blades often. For straight edge knives, this is the best solution I have found. I have purchased Lansky sharpeners, Spyderco sharpeners, and regular whet stone sharpeners. This sharpener costs more, but is very reliable and produces the sharpest blade ever. It is much easier, and much faster.

      I am sure a pro or a trained whet stone user can sharpen a blade better, but for the person who is not a professional knife sharpener, this is your best bet. I can sharpen a knife perfectly in under a minute.

      I have seen 2 stage sharpeners made by Chef's Choice in some stores, but I would suggest the 3 stage for most people. It is always good to have the coarse wheel for dull, damaged blades.

      I have bought two of these models (120), and gave one away as a gift. There is a newer model, which is different, so I stuck with the model that has been proven to be a winner.
      ...more info
    • Sharp
      I needed a sharpener that did all my knives including the serrated edges. This is it! No effort required. Just glide the knife edges through. Would recommend this product. Even though I balked at paying the asking price, it was still cheaper than replacing my good cutlery set. ...more info
    • Just what I was looking for
      It's great to have sharp knifes again. And to think that I thought that I knew how to sharpen them on a stone. This is great and easy....more info
    • Chef's Choice KNife Sharpener

      So far it seems to be doing very well. I made sure to type out the review by the fella who gave the detailed directions on how to do this correctly, and yes, be sure to read the manual BEFORE you use the sharpener.
      I need to do some more reading, but all-in-all it seems to work very well. It gets the knives amazingly sharp by the end of the 2nd slot. For some reason though (probably operator error) My knives seem to feel more dull after the 3rd slot. Still sharper than they were, though! Nice device!!...more info
    • Great Product! Really works!
      I tried my first Chef's Choice 100 knife sharpener at a restaurant that my parents own and was impressed. I had not used one before and have quite an investment in some good kitchen knives that a honing rod was not doing them justice. My advice is to definitely READ THE DIRECTIONS. Once you have a handle on that, try some practice strokes on a not so expensive knife to get a good feel for the sharpener. I found that the directions were true to their word and was able to put a pretty good edge on a few older knives I had stopped using. Once you feel comfortable, you should have no problem with this sharpener. It is definitely good investment for those who have good knives that they want to keep sharp....more info
    • Excellent Sharpener
      Very easy to use and puts a very fine edge on our knives. It is also very highly rated by a number of cooking sites and chefs. Think of it as a long term investment that will easily pay itself off in a short amount of time because of it's ability to quickly and safely provide a sharp edge on all your knives....more info
    • Great Knife Sharpener
      I've had the unit for several months and found that it does an excellent job. If you follow the directions it will quickly sharpen knives that have totally lost their edge. Using the last two sharpening stages on a knife that has been used a lot but isn't totally dull, will bring back an edge that is very sharp....more info
    • This is the only electric sharpener I would recommend for good knives.
      I have always sharpened my many good knives by hand with only the best stones. I am considered to be excellent at sharpening knives by hand. I would never have considered an electric sharpener, or worse, a scraper on a fine knife, but many knives, six children, canning, cooking and commitments have resulted in my not having time to keep the knives as sharp as I would have liked. The reviews on this sharpener persuaded me to spend the money to try this machine. I sharpened every knife in the house in short order. Even the old steel butcher knives stored in the basement which would have taken over half an hour each if sharpened by hand were perfectly sharpened in just a few seconds. The edge when viewed with a good magnifying glass is scratchy, but the cutting edge is smooth which being the only important part, was smooth. This machine is more consistent than sharpening with a stone by hand and produces as good an edge in a fraction of the time. I give the "Chef's Choice 120" knife sharpener my highest rating and recommend it to anyone wishing to maintain a fine edge on their professional knives. The book must be read before using! You must be able to follow directions when using a machine of this type!...more info
    • Greatest sharpening product I've ever used
      I've tried all the other cheap sharpeners that just doesn't do it. After running your knives on this, you can shave with them. No joke, that's how I showed my friends how good it works. Shaved the hair right off my arm.
      If your looking for a knife sharpener look no further, well worth the price without a shadow of a doubt.
      ...more info
    • Sharp
      I have never been very competent at sharpening knives. I do have a Gerber diamond stone that if I spent enough time on my fish filet knife, I could get a decent edge.
      I have been wanting an electric sharpener but didn't want to spend the money on one if I wasn't confident that it would work. I have spent too much money on devices that don't work.
      On one of the threads of a fishing forum that I participate in, there was a discussion about the Chef's Choice. There were several participants on the forum that claim to be knife experts and collectors. Most of them said that they could get a better edge on a knife with a stone, but many said that they use the Chef's Choice for their everyday knives and boat knives and that the device does a very good job.
      That was enough to sell me on trying one. I ordered the model 120 from that day. It was less than $100 including shipping.
      The sharpener arrived in less than a week. I read the instructions and sharpened 10 knives in less than 30 minutes. On the first 2 or 3 knives, I would use a maginifying glass to look at the edge after each step. I was amazed at how well it worked.
      I was able to shave the hair from my arm with one of the blades.
      Highly recommended.
      I wonder if it will work on my fishing hooks?
      ...more info
    • Even better than expected - within it's limits.
      Pros: With very little work will put a wicked edge on anything. Capable of going way beyond a working edge. Good aesthetics in the stainless model. Great warranty, quick, knowledgeable customer service.

      Cons: WILL leave fine scratches on blades - not for show knives! Fixed sharpening angles not suitable for all blades, only traditional American & German blades.

      Let me start by saying this thing WILL put a "shaving sharp" edge on a knife, any knife. I have been using a Lansky sharpening kit for years and I can sharpen a knife. I'm just tired of all the work. I was looking for something to get a knife "kitchen sharp" and the M120 way exceeds this level.

      I brought the M120 home today (along with three new Wusthof Icon knives), and after reading the manual & playing with it for a few minutes I attacked an old 5" utility knife which had been so abused that it had chunks missing from the edge! It did not develop a burr in stage one for quite a few pulls, I had to work at it for about five minutes. With my manual Lansky sharpening kit it would have take an hour or more to restore the basic bevel. Stage two and three went pretty much as advertized. It be shavin' sharp! I sharpened every old cheap piece of #$^# I could find in the kitchen and my pocket knife too. Now BOTH my arms are bald as a baby's smile. I gotta find a new way to test an edge!

      Ok, so you want to know what happened to the brand new Wusthofs right? First off the bevel might be good on them but neither of the straight edge knives were "shaving sharp". Not even after steeling them. The edges were just too rough for fine push cutting. I don't know why but only Bear MGC, Kershaw Ken Onion, and Brusetto knives have come to me sharp out of the box. Anyhow after all this sharpening I got so bold as to run my new Wusthofs through stage three for a couple of pulls. WOW! The 3.5" paring knife is not shaving sharp, it's scarey sharp! And the 8" Chef's is sharper than it's got any right to be. I'm just too timid to go any farther. There IS such a thing as too sharp! As for the 5" serrated sausage knife, it seems to dress the tips of the edge to scarey sharpness. These knives now shame the Shun's that I also looked at (I'm a south paw).

      It does take practice to get the pull & pressure right, but it's not hard to do at all. Also as others have noted the M120 will leave fine longitudinal scratches on the blade. So don't plan on dressing a collectors knife on this machine, it's for work knives! For whatever reason I've noticed it takes the longest to get a good burr in the center of the blade. With my Lansky it seemed to take the longest to get the tip to burr.

      Her's some technical specs. I got from Chef's Choice and a warning about Oriental knives. The angles on the bevels are as follows:

      Stage1: 20 degrees.
      Stage 2: 22.5 degrees
      Stage 3: 25 degrees - flexable stropping disk

      These angles are NOT suitable for oriental knives which are typically 17 degrees! I was looking at the M130 which claims it is suitable for oriental and ALL knives??? Well a call to Chef's Choice surprised me! Stage one in the 130 is the SAME as stage two in the 120 and Stage 3 is the same in both. Stage two in the 130 is just a steel at 22.5 degrees! It's not even a powered device. When I pointed out the disparity of angles to the very nice customer service rep. She said that the 130 would just sharpen the oriental knives to German angles & if I needed to I could "easily" have then ground back to 17 degrees!

      My advise is to buy the 120, which I've proven will restore ANYTHING in stage one and get a separate steel for when you need an edge with more bite. I'd skipp the M130 as it has no course grind to restore a destroyed edge. If you have Asian knives I'd have a look at the Asian models from Chef's Choice. All and all I'm really pleased with this machine. Take away the blade scratching & make the angle adjustable and it would be perfect!...more info
    • Make sure you follow the directions
      I have had this model for a few years and have sharpened many knives using it. They all pass the "paper" test where you can slice a free hanging piece of paper with no tears or catches. But to make this work, almost every one of the knives had to go through numerous passes on the first wheel. You must be able to feel the burr along the entire length of the blade in the number one slot before moving on to two and three. Once you have reset the sharpening angle of the blade in number one, you should never have to go back to that wheel again (unless you are trying to cut metal). Be patient on really dull knives. They may take five minutes or more on the first wheel. Then it's just three to five passes (each side) on the last two. I know the 110 does not have this coarse wheel. I do not know about the 130....more info
    • Amazing knife sharpener!
      I've tried a host of different types of knife sharpeners over the years with very little luck. The Chef's Choice sharpener is amazing! I can have sharp knives everyday; what a difference! ...more info
    • Makes sharpening foolproof
      I think this knife sharpener is great. I went with this model with the three-stage sharpening process to help out those knives in really rough shape. It was very easy to figure out, and while Chef's Choice recommended not using the stage three sharpener, I had to for some of my knives. I am used to taking my good Henkels over to the local butcher to have him sharpen them (for a fee of course..). He did a great job, but this gets the knives just as sharp and will pay for themselves. It even worked on my little pocket knife - it just works!...more info
    • Excellent, convenient sharpener
      I've only used this on about 10 knives including 2 fish filet knives; however, it worked great. It took a few minutes to get the hang of it, then I easily sharpened the knives in about 20-30 minutes. I used paper towels before and after to determine sharpness--simply place the towel on a cutting board and, with moderate force, cut the paper. A dull knife will snag the paper and generally do a poor job of cutting....more info
    • Best I ever used
      I have had this sharpener for over 6 years and would buy another if I think this one is wearing out. I just don't use real cheap knives and certainly don't sharpen them on the Chef's Choice. I tell everyone that comes to my house that the knives are sharp, and they are. I find that I have only used the first stage one time. Its for very rough and dull blades. A good knife would never be allowed to get in the condition that stage one is needed. The second stage is what does the real cutting to keep the angle right. The last stage is the fine honing. It has a reconditioner of sorts that touches up the final stage. Its a slide on the back. Use it very seldom. In six years I have used it 4 times. Read the directions and follow them. Under do at first and take your time to find out whats what. Its worth the money and the only mechanical sharpener I have ever used that works. Cheers....more info
    • Way over rated
      I used this on a number of US made Chicago cutlery (high Carbon steel) which were very dull. Forget 2 passes, after about 20 passes, there was still little edge. After 20 or so minutes of work, I finally got a barely usable edge. Maybe if you start with a relatively decent edge its OK but if youare starting with a real dull knife, you will not get anywhere in "a couple of passes."...more info


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