Polder 77-90 Diet Utility Scale, White

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For health-conscious cooks concerned about accurate portion control, Polder's little scale is just the ticket. Small enough to tuck in a drawer, its plain design and light color blend in on the countertop as well. The bowl is detachable and dishwasher-safe--just wipe down the scale as necessary--and the red dial is easy to read, measuring in both ounces and grams. Not just for dieters, it also works well as a first kitchen scale for bakers who want to see if weighing ingredients makes a noticeable difference over standard measuring cups. --Jill Lightner

Diet Utility Scale for your basic weighing needs features a large bowl with pour spout as well as a calibrating wheel.

  • Sturdy white plastic construction
  • Large bowl with pour spout
  • 18 oz capacity for your basic needs
  • Reads in 10 g increments
  • Calibrating wheel for recalibration when needed

Customer Reviews:

  • This is not a childproof scale!
    I purchased this scale so I could weigh my food portions and my husband's. I was quite happy (like other reviewers) with its price, size and functionality until my 2 year old handled it. Within moments she had removed the cardstock placard (where you read the ounces and grams)and plastic cover. It was impossible to replace the card and plastic cover and rely on the scale anymore. Now that I have had this scale, I realize children's fascination with such a kitchen tool. If you have young children, I would invest one of the more expensive scales that cannot be taken apart easily. My 4-year old's friends were also very curious about it and wanted to touch/play with it all the time....more info
  • Great simple food scale that gets the job done
    If you want an inexpensive food scale to measure portions, this scale is perfect. It has a simple zeroing dial in the back and the plastic bin can easily be replaced with another dish. Great for dieters who are trying to guage what an ounce of food looks like....more info
  • Perfect Little Scale
    This is the perfect little scale to weigh your food. It is just the right size and nice size bowl to hold the food....more info
  • Food scale, not "diet" scale
    Unless you plan to measure out what you eat 6-7 oz at a time, this isn't for you. Great food scale though, its simple and accurate.
    I guess a digital scale would work better for dieters/bodybuilders
    ...more info
  • Perfect!
    Items were delivered quickly with no problems. This scale is the perfect size and price!!...more info
    It will get the job done. It is a great design, and doesnt take up a lot of space on the counter or cupboard. It is nice because it has removable bowl that is machine washable.
    The dial on it is flimsy, and you have to recalibrate it before each use, which is super easy. The bad thing is that you have to look from the exact angle that you recalibraated it at because if you walk away and come back,m or even stand up or down a little it will give you a false measurement. It will get the job done if you are a patient person, if not then this isnt for you and I would recommend you get a digital scale....more info
  • WOW, A Bona Fide Bargain
    For the price, you just can't beat this little powerhouse of a scale. It's nice to look at, sturdy, cleans up quickly, and it really does the job. We liked it so much we're buying two more -- one to measure pet food for our Border Collies and one for a gift. If you need a small 18 oz. scale for any reason, you can't go wrong with this one by Polder. Anything comparable is at least double the price in kitchen specialty stores or diet institutes and probably not as nice....more info
  • Small and Cheap but Big on Usefulness
    I have been using spark people to manage my weight with success, and decided that it was time to purchase a food scale to be more accurate with my calorie counting. I'd never weighed food before, and wanted something inexpensive to start with. This little scale is just perfect and I doubt I will be upgrading any time soon.

    It comes with a bowl-shaped top that is removable, and it is easy to put a plate or your own container on top, adjust for the different weight, and measure food that way, as well which is a great feature.

    It has been very helpful, and is VERY accurate - if all you want is something to weigh food, why pay more?...more info
  • Handy Scale
    I love this little guy! Does just what it's supposed to do and take's up very little space. Great price as well....more info
  • Small Kitchen Food Scale
    The small kitchen scale is exactly the type of measuring scale I was looking for. Amazon comes through once again!!! I am using it mainly to measure a specific amount of walnuts twice a day. I wasn't sure how to gauge whether the "handful" was an ounce. Now I know I am eating the right amount....more info

    Amazing little scale for the price. I love the basket which is easy on and off. Big enough to grate cheese right into and then weigh. Cleanup is easy. For stir fry I have weighed cut foods and instead of emptying for each item just keep adding to the basket and watch the scales to see how much of each. Then a quick drop into the pan without dirtying more bowls. If you want a easy weigh and drop item this is it....more info
  • Gives me success!
    This is really worth the money. We had a scale from Weight Watchers from years ago, and it finally died. This one is even better. It measures everything just as the WW food scale did, and it's smaller in size. I was able to fit it in our cabinet without moving things around. I weigh everything I eat and tend to use the bowl to eat cereal and such. It's perfect, since I never eat more than a pound of one food at a time. Being easy to weigh foods with or without the container (just a simple turn of wheel), it's helping me follow my food plan successfully....more info
  • Simple to use
    I purchased this to use for making bread with my bread machine. It does a great job and is very easy and simple. Just add ingredients to the cup, measure, then I dump them into the machine. Since I've never baked a loaf of bread before I am amazed that, so far, every loaf has been a success!...more info
  • very useful little thing
    Been using this for over a month - and its very very handy. I love this little gadget enough that I got a second one - to take with me on my trip to India - intend to give it to my Dad.

    A must get if you are looking for a personal food scale - for calorie counting (say)and/or are thinking of going on a diet.

    ...more info
  • Perfect!
    This is exactly what I wanted. It is easy to use and clean, accurate, takes up little counter space and does everything I need (afterall, I'm weighing portions not freight). Simple, functional, and value priced. A very good buy....more info
  • timely delivery, un- stable product
    The dial on this scale is not very sturdy and the overall product seems very delicate to use. I dont trust it to be accurate as it gives different amounts when redone with same weight. However, I must say, The seller is prompt and the product was delivered right away. ...more info


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