Zojirushi NHS-10 6-Cup Rice Cooker/Steamer & Warmer, White

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Product Description

Plump, tender and moist grains of rice, with the option of colorful steamed veggies, can be yours with this cooker/steamer. No need to worry about rice drying out and sticking to the sauce pan either, as the "keep warm" function will maintain ideal temperature and consistency until you're ready to serve. Use the steamer basket for chicken, seafood, or vegetables - healthy cooking was never this easy!

From carrots to cauliflower, cabbage to eggs, and rice to potatoes, this 6-cup cooker/steamer and warmer from Zojirushi steams foods to perfection and keeps them warm. The set includes a removable steaming tray, nonstick cooking pan, measuring cup, and spatula--the removable parts make this steamer easy to clean, and a removable cord makes it easy to store. Watch the foods while they cook through the clear glass lid or watch the cooking switch that pops up when the food is ready. There's also an automatic keep-warm system activated immediately after rice is cooked, and durable stay-cool handles make for safe handling. This attractive rice cooker measures 9-1/4 by 9-1/4 by 9-1/4 inches. --David Drury

  • 6-cup cooker/steamer and warmer steams foods to perfection and keeps them warm
  • Stainless steel steaming tray and removable, easy-to-clean, nonstick inner cooking pan
  • See-through glass lid and automatic keep-warm function that activates immediately after food is cooked
  • Durable stay-cool handles for safe handling
  • Includes measuring cup, spatula, and removable cord for easy storing

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Rice Cooker
    This is my first rice cooker. I spent a lot of time searching for an affordable rice cooker that could get the job done. I have found that this cooker meets my needs perfectly.

    The key thing to this cooker (and I now believe with any rice cooker) is that you use quality rice. You don't have to look too hard to find it, most stores carry some sort of "specialty" rice these days. I have switched from using standard "American" rice (I tried it - what a mess!) to Jasmine or Basmati. The cooker handles these without any boil over or gooey starch mess. 1 1/3 cups water to 1 cup rice seems to be the trick with most types of rice that I have tried.

    I have only cooked 1 to 2 cups uncooked rice. It handles it beautifully, making this the perfect size for an individual or small family. The warming feature is great, especially when I followed the advice of another reviewer and fluff the rice at some point after the cooking cycle has ended - anywhere from 5-15 minutes. I have then left the rice warming for hours without trouble.

    Clean up is a breeze with the non-stick pot. Both it and the lid can go right into the dishwasher, although I do tend to wash out the pot by hand, hardly a chore.

    You do have to plug it in to start (and make sure it is set to cook rather than warm) and unplug it to turn it off, however, it's hardly a hassle. It's relatively small size and light weight make it easy to store and use.

    All said, this is great bang for the buck....more info
  • Not what I expcted from reading other reviews
    Most reviewers before me loved this product. I was not at all satisfied. I cooked brown rice. I rinsed it before putting it in the cooker. I read and followed all directions. Here's the problem: The cooker put out a lot of steam from the vent hole in the cover. After steaming for a while, it started spitting. I actually held a rag above the cover for a while so the counter didn't get messed up. When the cooker clicked off, the rice was not completely cooked, probably because too much water had vented out as steam. Adding more water would probably solve that problem; but since I don't want to stand by the machine with a rag each time I cook rice, I rate the product unsatisfactory. ...more info
  • Zojirushi 6 Cup
    This is a nice Rice cooker for the money. For the record this unit like previous versions does spit water out from the lid. My old unit, that I had for 9 years did the same thing. Our solution has always been to cover the lid with a dish towel until cooking is complete. If you are willing to overlook this issue you will be happy with this unit. I would recommend this unit for small families or singles who don't need to make large amounts of rice on a regular basis. If you follow the instructions you will get perfect rice every time. The size was another plus for me as space is at a premium in my household. We have used the unit 3-4 times and there is no indication that this unit will have any problems. Zojirushi the only way to go even on a budget....more info
  • Works, but has problems.
    This was my first rice cooker. I bought it based on the reviews on this site. The two problems that stood out in other reviews was the spitting steam hole and the possibility of burnt rice at the bottom of the pot. I thought they didn't sound like deal breakers. With a few adjustments I could deal with those problems or fix them.

    Well. The spitting steam hole is a major irritation. Especially if you cook brown and black rice. I prefer to not rinse my rice either, so that probably doesn't help with the spitting. I had black spots up the wall, under the cabinets behind the rice cooker, all over the counter and even on the floor. It was a MESS. Stained the wall. I now have a towel that is specifically for covering the cooker.

    As for the browned or burnt bottom of the rice, that is just a waste of about a cup of rice. I can live with that and am still tinkering with the water amount. Who knows, maybe i'll get the exact amount of water someday, so i'll have perfect rice.

    And yeah, use good rice. I cooked with some old rice and YUCK...gelatinous goo. The new stuff comes out pretty good.

    If you can find another cooker that doesn't have the spitting problem and is around the same price, i'd say buy that other one.

    ...more info
  • Truly non-stick!
    My last non-Zojirushi rice cooker was supposed to be non-stick, but each time I use it, I end up with so much rice sticking to the base of the inner pan (enough to fill one bowl)!

    I've used my new Zojirushi 6-cup rice cooker twice so far... once to cook two cups and the 2nd time to cook one cup of rice. The rice was cooked to perfection each time with not even one grain of rice sticking to the base!

    ...more info
  • excellent cooker
    I am very happy with my rice cooker.
    It works well, cooks rice, oatmeal and steams vegetables.
    This is just what I was looking for....more info
  • If I wanted to think about cooking rice, I wouldn't have bought a rice cooker
    Cooked brown rice in it according to the special brown rice directions. Spat water all over the counter. Extremely disappointed in this product....more info
  • Love it!
    I like this rice cooker and even better that it can be used as a steamer. I like that the rice doesn't stick to the bottom. ...more info
  • That's a nice rice cooker
    It cooks rice excellent and is easy to clean.
    The only problem for this cooker is when you cook 4 cups or more,there'll be some water come out~...more info
  • Easy/Great Rice/Messy
    First of all, this rice cooker is very easy to use and I was very happy with the results on the first try. I cooked brown rice and it turned out fluffy with just the right amount of moisture left behind. It took a little longer to cook than what the instructions indicated, but that wasn't a problem.

    I read a lot of reviews before purchasing this model and a common complaint was the mess that was made during the cooking process. I agree with those comments. This rice cooker did splatter pretty much everywhere. Using the rice spatula that comes with the unit to cover the exhaust hole in the lid (as another reviewer recommended) did help somewhat, but there still a pretty big mess.

    However, the mess cleaned up very easily and I was very surprised with how easy it was to clean the cooker itself as it had a lot of residue on it as well.

    I was very pleased with the amount of rice that this cooker made. The amount of rice is easily enough for a family of four if you are using the rice as a side dish and not attempting to make four large bowls of rice. ...more info
  • Easy, good rice
    We have used this a couple times now to make rice for family functions and it has worked perfectly! It cooks the rice quickly, evenly and keeps it warm in case the rest of the dinner isn't quite ready! I love it....more info
  • Overall, very happy.
    I purchased this rice cooker over three years ago, we use it about once a week either for rice, or steaming veggies. It spatters water through the vent, but a dish towel draped over the lid took care of that problem. Its quiet, and it prepares rice to the perfect done-ness quickly. As for the browning issue by other reviewers, I stir once about midway, and that problem is gone too! And sooo easy to clean! Compared to several other brands I've used, I've been very happy with this one. ...more info
  • satisfied
    Plus--Cooks rice to the correct consistency when following directions

    Minus--like many rice cookers, pressure release hole tends to sputter ricey water all over counter on which it rests...more info
  • Excellent quality rice cooker
    I have used a Zojirushi rice cooker in the past and have found them to be very good and consistent. I hadn't had one for a while up until buying this one a couple of months ago.

    When using a regular pot I often burned the rice after forgetting about it in the kitchen. With this rice cooker you cannot burn it. It shuts off automatically and just keeps the rice warm while it is plugged in.

    It comes with a plastic rice scoop so that you do not scrath the interior of the cooking pot. It also has a nice steaming basket which I have used often to steam spinach.

    This is a great rice cooker/steamer for the money....more info
  • Best Simple Rice Maker
    Through college and the years following I have used many different rice cookers and this one is by far the best.

    Using a 1 to 1 ratio with regular white rices and 1 to 2 with brown rice has always yielded perfect rice every time. The rice has never burned (assuming you stick to the ratios) and never sticks to the container.

    An important note: Make sure you ONLY USE PLASTIC OR WOODEN UTENSILS! While I personally haven't experienced this, metal utensils will scratch the non-stick lining on the pot.

    That said, I have been using the same rice cooker for 4 years now and it still works like the day I bought it....more info
  • still waiting for perfect rice
    I've waited to review this product for a while hoping to master "perfect rice" Although this does make pretty good white rice, I actually purchased it to make brown rice. It has yet to present perfect rice. It always browns the bottom rendering that rice inedible. I have experimented with different ratios of rice/water and always rinsed my rice as directions list. I bought this product with the expectations of perfect rice, with a long holding time. If the rice is brown at bottom directly after cooking, how will it be after holding an hour? I made better rice stove top, and will continue to cook it that way.
    Does anyone want to buy a cheap rice cooker? LOL...more info
  • Love it
    Easy to use, easy to clean, perfect for work, where you can make a quick meal with almost no prep time, and save a LOT of money (guess where this one is going...)
    Definitely a recommended buy.
    We have one in my current common room (3-cup model), but I'm switching buildings, so I decided to buy one for the new common room, and get the bigger model so i could steam some vegetables and eggs in there....more info
  • great traditional ricemaker
    this is the fourthe ricemaker we have owned and I did quite a bit of research before purchasing it. I didn't want lots of extra "bells and whistles" - just a good solid rice maker and that is exactly what this is - it makes great white or brown rice in a short amount of time and can also steam veggies in a convenient tray on top at the same time. It cleans up easily - goes easily in the dishwasher. My only complaint is that For the first couple of times you use it it sprays quite a bit of steamy water around the edges - but that stops after the third use....more info
  • Makes good rice, but splatters on the counter
    We read the reviews pro and con, and were concerned about the reports of sputtering on the counter, but decided to give it a try since most of the reviews were positive and some stated specifically they had not had this problem. Well, we should have listened to the warnings. For the first 2-3 months, the cooker was fine, with no splatter. Then, for no apparent reason, it began to splatter nearly every time we used it. We have no idea why this happens, as we have not changed the type of rice (even the brand is the same), the amount of water, or anything else. Totally bizarre (not to say annoying). We have "solved" the problem by placing a small piece of aluminum foil over the handle on the cover, so that part of it extends over the "blow hole."...more info
  • Zojirushi Rice Cooker
    In general, this product works well except the heating system is too powerful that the steam/water from the rice always spill over my countertop.

    What bothered me the MOST was the product description did not say it was made in Thailand. I assumed I was getting a good deal for a Japanese rice cooker. DISAPPOINTED!
    ...more info
  • Not Worth the Mess
    I purchased this after looking at all of the reviews. What a mistake! After using this to cook single cup servings of several types of rice, there was one thing in common - a huge mess. Even after rinsing the raw rice several times, the unit still spatters out to about a two foot radius. I may try it with a wet dish towel on top to contain the mess, or I may just stick it in the basement and forget about it....more info
  • Just the thing for fast, easy rice!
    This was our first experience with a rice cooker, having never used one before. We were blown away with how simple and fast it is to cook perfect rice. The instructions are very simple, but also include directions on steaming vegetables, cooking eggs (you can actually hard-boil eggs with this!), and miscellaneous other things. The unit is very easy to operate, and extremely easy to clean as well (although I do not recommend putting the pan in the dishwasher since it might get scratched). We have not had any trouble with it ever boiling over, even when making a full batch of rice. And neither have we had trouble with it splattering water on the counter around it.

    In case you haven't used a rice cooker before, this unit makes the rice very quickly. It takes maybe twenty minutes, and the rice is done! Much faster and easier than cooking it on the stove top. And the quality of the cooked rice is perfect, neither gummy nor undercooked.

    This unit is just the thing when you want good, fast rice without any hassles. It takes care of the guesswork and produces consistent results every time. And its cheap too!

    Highly recommended!...more info
  • Good Basic Rice Cooker
    I have been using rice cookers for over 20 years now, and owned more than 10 rice cookers. I have been using this one for over 4 months, and use it every other day. Now, I can say, this rice cooker is a good basic one, makes good rice, and meantime, inexpensive.

    The only complain I have with it is it is kind of small when you use the tray. Also, if you want to make congee, this rice cooker is way too small.

    Next time, I would buy a 10 cup one. ...more info
  • Best Simple Rice Maker
    Through college and the years following I have used many different rice cookers and this one is by far the best.

    Using a 1 to 1 ratio with regular white rices and 1 to 2 with brown rice has always yielded perfect rice every time. The rice has never burned (assuming you stick to the ratios) and never sticks to the container.

    An important note: Make sure you ONLY USE PLASTIC OR WOODEN UTENSILS! While I personally haven't experienced this, metal utensils will scratch the non-stick lining on the pot.

    That said, I have been using the same rice cooker for 4 years now and it still works like the day I bought it....more info
  • Don't need anything more...
    Very good and easy to use. The rice gets ready in about 15 minutes.
    Good value for the money....more info
  • very happy with this rice cooker
    I never give anything 5 stars for a review with the feeling that nothing is perfect. However, I have no complaints with this unit. My former cooker made the a golden crust on the bottom that was a pain to clean, not this one, the Zojirushi is very easy to clean, even the steam vent which is removable. I had considered buying one of the fancier Zojirushis but was concerned about the ease of cleaning, having had a deep fryer constructed the same way (attached lid) that was impossible to clean. The non-stick coating on the cooking pan makes for perfect release everytime. The rice is perfectly cooked, we use only Jasmine rice and I have found that I need to add just a touch more water than it calls for however. I am looking forward to trying brown rice in it. I am very happy with the unit and would recommend it to others. ...more info
  • low volume only,otherwise messy
    cooks rice perfectly but splatters alot ,only good on less than 2 cups of rice. Also must disconnect the minute it's done or develops crust on the bottom.( must be good for individuals only ( no family portions).Does have a nice compact size....more info
  • Perfect for the basics
    This is a perfect product for those who want a rice cooker, but don't need something as expensive, large or all-inclusive as a "fuzzy logic" cooker. Cooks both white and brown Asian rice perfectly (but do follow the directions) and steams food well. Very easy to use. With a little adjustment of the liquids, it will also cook pretty much any other kind of rice or quick cooking grain (I've cooked quinoa, bulgar, rolled oats, couscous and kasha in it). It does not work too well for the long cooking stuff, like barley or spelt, but I don't really cook those often enough to warrant a fuzzy logic cooker. The 6-cup is a great size for a single person or a couple; it's very easy to cook just what you want and no more. If you regularly cook for a family, I would suggest going up to the 10-cup cooker. The only negative is that it "spits" a bit through the steam hole and around the edges of the lid and can make a mess if you aren't paying attention. This is easily fixed by draping a paper towel over the lid- lets the steam escape, but catches the mess. Highly recommended....more info
  • Fantastic little cooker
    This is my second rice cooker and I strongly recommend it to anyone not quite ready to sink the money into a fuzzy logic model. I would have given it a five star if not for the price (I think this should retail for $39.99) and the initial learning curve.

    Let me just say right off the bat that the instruction manual and included measuring cup are virtually useless. Those are the only two flaws.

    When I first tried the cooker out I struggled as I was accustomed to using so much water on the stovetop. As others have mentioned this is not the case with a rice cooker. For short grain Japanese style rice I'm fluctuating between 1.10 and 1.15 cups water to 1 cup rice. It is imperative that Japanese or very starchy rice is washed before going into the cooker. For Jasmine and Spanish rice I use 1.25 to 1.30 cups water to 1 cup rice.

    I've made plain rice, rice with beans or meat, rice with vegetables, and jambalaya in this. All came out perfectly. I was a touch leery about steaming eggs but they came out perfect (20 minute cook time at least) as did steamed vegetables. I use this cooker to boil water for ramen and somen all the time and have had no troubles but I wouldn't use the cooker as a straight up soup pot.

    Cleanup is simple, especially for someone as lazy as I. Everything is nonstick and can be washed off with merely hot water although I use detergent. Recommended, although if you have enough cash on hand to get a fuzzy logic then purchase one of those instead....more info
  • Awesome cooker
    This cooker has made perfect rice every time, except for the time that I made the full 6 cupfuls; the top layer of the rice didn't get done. I would recommend this cooker to anyone - just make 5 cups or less. The bowl is so easy to clean. The rice in the very bottom only turns very slightly brown, hardly noticeable. ...more info
  • rice cooker
    Use this all the time, works great and is easy to use and clean up. The rice does get slightly brown on the bottom every time. I have tried to problem solve to prevent but haven't been able. The rice is not dry or burnt and it never seems to affect the taste. ...more info
  • Poor light design, noisy/messy, browns the bottom of the rice
    -When you plug it in, the 'warming' light comes on, even though it's not doing anything. Really irritating if you set it up early, and don't realize it's not cooking (becuase you look at see a light on, which is will be when it's done)
    -When cooking, the vent in the lid 'whistles', and moisture sputters out of it
    -The rice at the bottom is typically 'brown' and stuck together...more info
  • Excellent rice cooker for less than $50
    I owned a large, family-sized Zojirushi rice cooker several years ago and liked it. This cooker makes rice just as well as its more sophisticated (and considerably more expensive) brother, and is just right for a one- or two-person household. I have used it several times now and have produced excellent results each time. Steamed vegetables come out very well, too.
    My biggest concern was how well it would do with one-cup loads, but they come out just as perfect as any other size.

    The only special thing I did was go to my local Asian mart and pick up 2006 new crop jasmine rice from Thailand. Just follow the directions, and you'll have perfect rice every time!...more info
  • Much better than your stovetop!
    I must admit I was a little skeptical about how a dedicated rice maker was going to improve the quality of the rice over my trusty stove pot. I mean, it's just boiling water, right? But after using my new Zojirushi rice cooker I can honestly say the rice is vastly superior to my old school method. The rice that comes from is cooker is perfect!

    I wrestled with whether I needed the fuzzy logic but I don't really eat enough rice to justify the additional expense. This cooker/warmer is simple and works effortlessly.

    BTW, get the 6-cup model. It does the warming and it's still small on the countertop....more info
  • Excellent product
    My wife, the amateur chef, and I, the professional eater, love this product. Makes great rice every time; even brown rice which I never used to like much (too hard and dry when made the old way). The steamer basket is quite handy. Still learning how to use it to make all kinds of stuff come out right.

    Don't understand other reviews which complained about the hole in the lid. Advice: WAKE UP!!! This is a whistle which lets you know that things are going well.

    We got the small size for just two people. For any more, get the large size....more info
  • fails out of the box
    I filled it up with the proper amounts of water and rice as directed. I plugged it in and depressed the lever so the "cooking" light came on. Within seconds, that lever popped up and then the "keep warm" light came on instead and the lever did not return. If I depress the lever again so the "cooking" light comes back on, within seconds that lever pops back up again and the "keep warm" light comes on. I thought maybe this is some sort of safety feature like you have with some electric heaters where it shuts off if it gets too hot but when it cools down acceptably, they cycle back on again. Of course, I thought it odd that sufficient heat would build up to shut it off so fast. Anyway, no matter how long (over half an hour) I leave it plugged in, once that lever pops up, neither the lever ever goes back down nor does the "cooking" light ever come back on again. Nor does the rice cook. Water stays lukewarm....more info
  • Can't go wrong with Zojirushi
    I have had many other rice cookers but I am a fan of Zojirushi. I have their bread machine also. This cooker model is a little more expensive than similar cookers because you are paying for the Zojirushi quality and name. My Aroma 10 cup cooker heat function cracked from the heat and my Salton 3 cup cooker heating element stopped working after a short time. I like the fact that I can put rice in the bottom and fish or veggies on the top steamer and have a complete meal in one pot. Definitely make sure that you get the teflon coated bottom as it makes a world of difference when it comes to cleaning (I have had both) and this model cleans like a dream. I also like that it stays warm for hours, but you have to unplug the cord to turn the warmer off(?) Maybe Zojirushi will take note of this. The 6 cup cooker size seems to serve a medium to large sized portion meal (both top steamer and bottom cooker)for two people and an extra large meal for one person. I am looking forward to a long lasting relationship with my Zojirushi. ...more info
  • Love it
    Easy to use, easy to clean, perfect for work, where you can make a quick meal with almost no prep time, and save a LOT of money (guess where this one is going...)
    Definitely a recommended buy.
    We have one in my current common room (3-cup model), but I'm switching buildings, so I decided to buy one for the new common room, and get the bigger model so i could steam some vegetables and eggs in there....more info
  • Great Rice, makes a mess
    The rice that we've made has tasted great. The problem that we had was with the water that comes out of the thing. We washed the rice as told in the manual and by other reviewers, but we still have water that leaks all over the counter when you make it.

    It seems that it needs a heavier lid or one that fits better to stop the water that spatters through. A bit comes from the hole in the lid, but the majority of the mess comes from around the lid. Putting some weight on the lid while cooking, or even lifting the lid for a few seconds to release some of the pressure helps.

    If it didn't leak so much water, I could give it a 5. Needs some minor redesign and it would be great!
    ...more info
  • Very Good
    Have had it about 6 weeks and no problems. Rice does not stick to container. Rice cooked according to rice container instructions comes out great. Easy to clean. ...more info
  • Great Rice Cooker
    I have had this rice cooker for over 4 years and it is the best! Normally I am not one to get an appliance that does only one thing but I am glad I got this. I have the 6 cup size and researched the web first. I bought the one most recommended. I'm glad I read the comments because the liquid level does have to be adjusted to US standards of rice, not what the instructions say. We like a combo of wild & long-grain brown rice. So I use 1/4 cup wild rice and 3/4 cup brown rice with 1 cup organic chicken broth and 1 & 1/3 cups water. It cooks deliciously perfectly every time! And clean-up is a snap!...more info
  • I really like this cooker
    Typically I just make one cup of rice. However it does just fine for that amount. I agree with others that this is a fine piece of equipment. I just wanted to add that it works well when you primarily cook for only yourself (and cook mabye a cup of rice). You have to plug it in (it does not have a power switch). I would rather have that, but no big deal. You flip a switch down to cook, it does the job (quickly) and the flip switches up and goes into warm mode. I just unplug it, the rice stays warm for awhile even if you unplug it, I don't want to forget about it and leave it plugged in all night. The non-stick surface works fine. Just don't use metal items in it. I know people that do that, and you see that they scratch the non-stick surface after awhile. I expect that if you are careful about not scratching the surface (and not putting the bowl in the dishwasher), and don't drop the glass lid, you will get a long life out of this. I know the company has a reputation for that. Based on my experience now, this is the brand name I would look for if I needed another....more info
  • Teflon comes off pan
    Most of the time I used this unit for steaming vegetables, and less often for cooking rice. I always used the rice paddle that came with it, never a metal utensil, and I washed the pan by hand. Within 6 months the teflon coating started to bubble up and then peeled off in spots. Zojirushi replaced the pan under warranty, but accused me of using wrong utensils with it and said they wouldn't replace any more pans under warranty. I soon had the same problem with the replacement pan. I can order a replacement pan from Zoji, but with shipping it would cost me even more than purchasing an entirely new rice cooker.

    I think the problem is that when the vegetables have finished steaming and the unit shuts off the cooking cycle, the liquid in the pan is entirely gone. Even though I unplug the unit when it switches to the warm cycle, the bottom of the pan gets too hot during the cooking cycle for the teflon coating. If I had used the rice cooker exclusively for cooking rice and grains, perhaps the teflon wouldn't have peeled off. I'll never know.

    The only rice I cook is brown or wild. I'm happy with how my rice cooks in this unit. I usually soak my rice overnight, which improves it's nutritional benefits and is a traditional way of cooking it. This minimizes any splatter problem. Because of the problem with the teflon, I wouldn't recommend steaming in this unit. I use a Black & Decker steamer now for cooking vegetables, and I'm very happy with it. ...more info
  • Nice little rice cooker.
    This really is a great item to have. Not too big, not too small. Just the right size for 2 to 3 people. My wife and I have used this cooker several times already and we haven't experienced the venting or burning problems that other people have had with this unit. We have followed the other reviewers advice though, and have added a little extra water to the mix, and the white rice comes out perfect every time.

    The other bonus is that the actual cooking bowl is non-stick, and removes from the cooker for an extremely easy clean up. Yeah, it might have been a little nicer if they designed it with an on/off switch. But how hard is it to plug something in to turn it on, and unplug it to turn it off? So in my opinion, spend the money on this one!

    ...more info
  • What's the point?
    Too small for a family of four. It's very messy - goop all over the counter and floor. And, after I bought it I found out that it's really only meant for white rice. We mostly eat brown rice. Overall, the old fashioned method with a pot and stove works much better. I'm not really sure what the point is for a rice cooker.......more info
  • Great rice cooker!
    I've had various rice cookers over the years. There's always been some problem mainly not cooking the rice well. The last one was Faberware which often didn't cook the rice completely so we'd have to recook it. Brown rice was even worse. The new Zojirushi has cooked white and brown rice excellent - perfect every time, just one click. Just make sure you follow the directions for brown rice and put the right ratio rice to water. I highly recommend this one....more info
  • One of my best purchases
    I LOVE rice. This is one of my best purchases ever. I cooks rice as good as or better than I can. I have owned this rice cooker for more than two months and I am VERY impressed! It just does its thing and the rice is better than I could make it on the stovetop.

    There is only one thing to be aware of... to avoid the ricey steam deposits from the steam hole in the lid you should cover the top with a paper towel. Otherwise you will have a ricey layer on any nearby surface.

    I don't see any manufacturing solution to this...steam has to escape somehow.

    Overall this is a great appliance. Easy to use and to clean....more info


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