Zojirushi SNAE-B45 4.77 Quart Stainless Thermal Cooking Pot

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Product Description

An energy saving, healthful way to cook. An inner pot is used to bring foods to a boil. Complete the preparation process by placing the inner pot in the vacuum insulated outer container and seal until cooked. Capacity: 4.77 quart / 4.5 litters. Heat Retention: After 6 hours - 156.2F. Color: Stainless Steel.

Along the lines of a crockpot, this stainless-steel insulated cooking pot continues cooking soups and stews after an initial quick cooking period, and then it keeps the food warm. For example, to make chicken soup with garlic: fill the inner glass-topped pot (which holds up to 4.5 liters) with chicken pieces, garlic, water, and veggies; bring to a boil; boil for five minutes, then remove the pot from the heat and seal it into the insulated container. Leave for two hours and then enjoy. This is also a terrific way to make sticky white rice. --Dana Van Nest

  • 4-1/2-liter thermal cooking pot made of durable stainless steel
  • Inner pan used to bring foods to a boil; can be used on stovetop burner
  • Place pan in insulated outer container and seal until cooked
  • Prepare healthy foods while conserving energy
  • Measures 11-3/4 by 11-3/4 by 9-3/4 inches; 5-year warranty on heat retention

Customer Reviews:

  • very useful cookware
    In Taiwan and Japan, almost every kitchen is equipped with a thermal cooking pot and this one is the most popular one in Taiwan. But you have to pay more if you buy it there. So far, I have tried beef stew and braised pig hocks and they came out beautifully. This pot is good for anything that you have to cook for a long time, because you can cook the food in the inner pot for a short time, then put it in the outer pot and "forget about it". My friend cooks multi-grain porridge in the inner pot for 15 minutes and put it in the outer pot for the night and enjoys very hot delicious porridge in the morning. The trick is you have to fill it with liquid (water) almost to the top in order for the thermal process to function to the fullest extent. ...more info
  • Excellent Way to Cook and Keep Food Warm
    I wish I had discovered this Zojirushi 4.77 Quart Stainless Thermal Cooking Pot a couple of decades ago. As one of the reviewers here noted, it's not a Slow Cooker: it won't cook big slabs o' meat. Instead, it's a really intelligent way to cook, simmer, and keep liquid-based foods (soups, stews, chilis, cereals, etc.) warm. Instead of cooking food in a pan at the last minute and keeping a careful eye on it while it simmers, with this, you cook the food well ahead of time in the inner pan, make sure everything's covered with fluids, and put the inner pan into the outer insulated container to simmer. No watching the pot to make sure nothing burns. No need to worry that the gas burner might have gone out. And, no additional energy expenditure. Two things to note, though: the pot is taller than it is wide (so there's limited space for the initial browning/searing), and because it's sealed up while simmering, there's almost no evaporation (on one hand, that's good -- on the other, you have to watch how much water you add or your sauce will be too thin (remember, though, the food must be completely submerged to simmer properly)). Still, I rate this at an Excellent 5 stars out of 5: every kitchen should have one....more info
  • GREAT!!!
    The thermal cooker is a GREAT cooking pot. It saves you cooking time and uses very little energy. The food turns out to be moist and tender. In fact it is so good that I ordered three more thermal cooker as gift to friends.

    e.chang...more info
  • Top of the line...
    OK. Admittedly, I don't do much of the cooking around the house, but my wife makes great soups using this Thermal Pot.

    Now... I'm not giving this pot a 5 out of 5 rating because of the great soups. I'm giving it because IF you use this cooking pot correctly, it will save you time and energy.

    When I first met my wife, she owned one of these pots (which she bought many years before in Hong Kong). It was also a Zojirushi. However, she got careless one day and left it on the stove while going to bed. Needless to say, she destroyed the pot. (Can't blame the pot for that) She claimed that under normal use... She would leave it on the stove top BOILING for 1/2 an hour and then put it into the thermal container before going to bed. In the morning, it would still be boiling (or close to boiling) and the soup would be great.

    So.... The pot was destroyed. She decided to buy another, but could no longer find a Zojirushi (They don't sell them in Canada) She decided to buy a Shuttle Chef. Crap! The soup was barely warm in the morning. She thought she made an error and didn't boil it long enough. Next time she tried... Same thing. It couldn't retain the heat. Well... it was just a matter of time before she left that pot on the stove before going to bed and completely destroyed that pot as well. (Oh... By the way, I have smoke alarms that don't work I found out that night!)

    Anyway... to put this long story to rest, I found this Zojirushi thermal cooking pot on Amazon that almost resembled her original pot. I decided to buy it as a Christmas present for my wife. She was estatic and started to use it immediately. (This time I always check the stove before going to bed myself!) Anyway.... We placed the pot in the thermal container overnight and... voila! A steamy hot pot in the morning, just like it's suppose to be.

    This pot will work if used properly. A lot of people make the mistake of taking the pot off of the stove immediately when the contents boil. This is not sufficient time for the bottom plates to store the heat. (There are 3 layers on the bottom) You must leave it on the stove top for 1/2 an hour (while boiling) and this will ensure continual heat while inside the thermal container.

    Wow... I wrote quite a bit!
    Anyway, Here's the summary:

    Zojirushi - 5 stars (if used properly)
    Shuttle Chef - 1 star (even if you use it properly)

    Boiling on stove for 1/2 an hour before placing in thermal pot - GOOD.
    Leaving pot on stove overnight - BAD!...more info
  • Why isn't this product better known?
    This must rank as one of the greatest kitchen "appliances" ever invented. The idea is so simple, it's a wonder it's not used more. Essentially, this is a crock-pot that cooks food on it's own. You boil the stuff on the stove for 10 minutes, and then you remove the pot from the flame and set it in the insulated sleeve; when you get back from the office, voila, dinner's ready. We've cooked ratatouille, lentil soup, curry, vegetable stew, and many other items. In fact, in many ways, this pot produces BETTER food than if you had left it on the stove for a few hours: 1:- the potatoes and other vegetables don't disintegrate even after hours of sitting, because there is no constant boiling 2:- vitamins are not boiled out of the food (apparently), and certainly the flavor is better preserved 3:- color is retained 4:- by the time you're ready to eat, the temperature is just right, not scalding. On top of this, it's much safer: you can "cook" and leave the house. We also use the thermal sleeve as an ice bucket and wine cooler. The whole unit is perfect for "pot luck" dinners; we brought over the Thanksgiving veggies this way last year. Finally, of course, this product is a wonder for SAVING ENERGY! The inner pot is deep, has a thick bottom, and holds a lot; it is not flimsy and so will not scald in the places directly under the flame. It seems to be made of a special stainless steel that retains heat much more than average. This product deserves 10 stars - ...more info
  • Good quality, works well.
    As is common, Japanese manufacturing has highly refined this product -- the handles on the inner pot may look awkward, but they remain cool and make it easy to move with two hands instead of using a loose loop handle. The top of the outer container comes off easily in case it needs to be cleaned. The insulation (4.77L version, there is a smaller one) is rated to keep the inner pot at 160 (F) for six hours.

    I cannot confirm that rating, but during my first trial dish I found the contents to be still very hot after a couple of hours. It was nice to be able to cook some soup during a warm day without having heat coming off the stove for the entire cooking time....more info
  • The Best Cooker, Ever!
    This cooker is the best ever. You start cooking your meal in the included stainless pot on the stove. When the food boils or just before boiling, remove the stainless pot from the stove, place it in the insulated cooker, cover it and in an hour or two, you will have a delicious and effortless meal. I've made beef stew, chicken soup, spaghetti sauce with meatballs, and pot roast...all came out perfectly done without the use of gas or electricity for the major part of the cooking process. I would highly recommend this product, you will love the results....more info
  • Soups, yes...Slow Cooker, no
    I purchased the thermal cooking pot as a gift for my husband. He loved our old slow cooker that finally gave up the ghost. We used it for roasts, chili, soups, stews, burrito meat, and inexpensive cuts of meats.

    I knew that this pot would do just fine with chili and stews, thanks to the excellent reviews already written. So, I wanted to try it out with our other slow cooker favorites. I grabbed some vegetable broth and a roast, placed them into the cook pot, and had to guess as to the time for beef (there are no beef recipes in the booklet nor online). Based on the 20m suggested for pork, I cooked the beef on our cooktop for 35m. From here, it went into the outer sleeve and was left all day. After 9 hours, I opened up the lid to find that the beef looked lovely! Gravy was made, roast on the table, kids ready to eat...bright red & bloody on the inside of the beef. (It was a leftover pasta night after that.)

    I wrote to Zojirushi to see where I had gone wrong and received:
    It all depends on how you like your beef. Do you like it well-done and coming apart? Or do you prefer it somewhat rare? The unit acts more as a thermal heater so cook the meat on the stove until your liking and then you can take it off the heat source and seal it and it will continue to simmer. There is no exact time. ~Jerry Brewington, Zojirushi America Corp., Customer Service

    Unfortunately, I don't *want* to cook the beef on the stove to my liking and then put it in the thermal pot. I want the thermal pot to behave like the slow cooker it is advertised as. I wrote back:
    I fear I'm still a bit confused. The Zojirushi website states, "this Stainless Thermal Cooking Pot works like a crock pot" and "Just heat up the contents in the inner pan directly on the stove, place the inner pan inside the outer body, seal and the contents will continue to cook by its own heat." The recipe booklet tells us to cook various meats, such as chicken or pork, for 10-20 minutes prior to sealing in the Grandgourmet. The meat is to finish cooking inside the unit, as this small amount of time on the cooktop would not be sufficient on its own.

    If I were to cook the meat on the stove to my liking, doesn't that defeat the purpose of having a cooking pot that works like a slow cooker? At that point isn't it no longer a cooking pot, but a warmer?

    In the morning, I used to place an inch or so of vegetable stock in our slow cooker, place a 5 lb roast inside, add vegetables and turn the pot on low. By that evening, the roast was done.

    How do I achieve this with the Grandgourmet? How long should I simmer the roast on the cooktop?

    Jerry's kind reply:
    10 to 20 minutes of cooking will be fine. That is enough heat to fully cook the contents off of the heat source.

    Unfortunately, the above described fiasco tells me that 10-20m of cooking time is insufficient. And so, the cooking pot will be returned to Amazon. I'm a little disappointed that it wasn't able to fully live up to the description.

    So, if you're looking for a true slow cooker I suggest that you skip this product. However, if you only require something for soups and stews, this thermal pot should be excellent....more info
  • Incredibly good, incredibly simple, no energy waste
    The idea of self cooking has been in use for centuries where energy is expensive. It makes total sense. Why blast heat on one surface when the food can uniformly cook itself with its internal heat ? So logical Spock would love it. Here's the deal. Heat your meal in another pot on the stove until it reaches about 1/3 done, you can use the Zoji pot however it is shaped a little too tall and narrow for good stovetop cooking, meanwhile prewarm the inside of the thermal cannister with hot water from the tap and pour it out and wipe it dry with a cloth, then pour or ladle the soup, stew, or whatnot onto the Zoji pot and fit the glass lid on, then place it into the thermal cannister and close the lid. I often put a folded towel on top of the closed lid for a little extra heat retention.... this jobbie will hold a LOT of heat for a long time... and it has to be the mellowest, gentlest cooking on the face of the earth... you won't believe how much nutritional and flavor essence gets boiled out of most stovetop food... you can prepare most of dinner before you leave in the morning, put the cannister out of the way... no cords, wires or dangerous heat... can't burn or dry out, scorch or bake a crust like heated cookers... so gentle a cat will go to sleep next to it... you can take a little braised meat and mix it with soup and in 8-10 hours it will pull the flavor out into the soup without burning off the finer vegetable tastes... so you can get master chef results with a little practice and about zero hassle... I own two of these.... wouldn't be at all surprised if they were one of the secrets in the top kitchens in the restaurant world... because it is so easy to preprep sauces and free of the stove surface, then ladle out what you need as you go... pure genius... one hint though... food will cook differently and you will have to practice, for example I experiemented with overnight oatmeal to see what would happen... it was so uniformly cooked in the morning it was sort of like oatmeal jello... interesting but unusual......more info
  • This product is AWESOME!!
    This is my first Amazon review, but the product performed well beyond my expectations, I had to let you all know. I just received it this morning and cooked my first stew for dinner tonight. Everything was cooked perfectly. The meat so tender, I cut it with the spoon. The veggies were cooked perfectly including the potatoes (they weren't overcooked like I get when I do the stew in the crockpot.) I followed the earlier review's advice and let it boil for about 30 minutes before putting it in the thermal enclosure and let it sit for in there for about 6 hours. Just as a test, we took the stew's temperature when we opened it and it was 160 F. I especially liked it because I was able to perfectly season everything before I let it sit for the day. Usually with the crockpot, I have to taste and season just before serving. On a hot day, this was also great because it did not add heat to our kitchen like a stove top stew or crockpot stew would have....more info


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