Nintendo 64 Rumble Pak (NUS-013)

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  • Vibrating accessory responds to game stimulus. Model# NUS-013
  • Different intensities for different game situations
  • Easy to switch off if desired
  • Batteries not included.
  • Only for use with compatible titles

Customer Reviews:

  • Rumble Pak for Nintendo 64
    This added a lot of fun to his game playing. Thank you so much for your prompt service. ...more info
  • Shake It Like It's 1997!
    Before rumble was a default in controllers, Nintendo had perfected the art of an optional add-on that would allow the Nintendo 64 controller to vibrate during gameplay. This device was simply known as the Nintendo 64 Rumble Pak.

    As some of you may remember, Star Fox 64 was the game that included this for free with the game cartridge. Unfortunately, not every game was compatible with it since it was released in '97. But after its release, many titles attempted to include rumble functionality, adding a whole new immersion of gameplay in the process.

    People take rumble for granted nowadays, so it's difficult to write a review for a product that would likely not stir up the same amount of awe it conjured about a decade or so ago. However, it is easy to pick up one of these devices for a few bucks or so, and thus, the price justifies the "time capsule" factor. Just make sure to check that the games you own or plan to own are compatible.

    The N64 Rumble Pak is not a critical add-on to any particular software, though many games utilize it in such a way that makes the price of admission worth it. For example, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, one of the N64's most popular titles, has a feature where, upon obtaining a certain in-game item, the controller will vibrate to let the player know there is a Gold Skulltula nearby. It will also vibrate in general gameplay, such as when the player hits an enemy with Link's sword or falls from a high area. Most other games have this same type of basic integration.

    A downside to this device is the extra bulkiness that tags along since the device leeches off the back of the N64 controller's slot, though it is not enough extra weight to complain about. Because it uses the back slot, this also means a memory card cannot be present at the same time (though most games save the main data directly to the game cartridge itself, anyway). The worst aspect is the fact that in order to operate, the device needs two AAA batteries. However, the batteries will last a good amount of time, and third-party options are available to those who wish to avoid using batteries altogether.

    Overall, I would suggest this for anybody who has or is building a large N64 collection. Otherwise, it is not necessary for an occasional, casual romp with the system. ...more info
  • If You own an N64 and not a Gamecube, Get The Rumble Pack!!!
    I got the N64 for Christmas by a nice worker at a Chinese restaurant in 1999. When I first tried it I was amazed. I never saw 3-D graphics since I upgraded from the SNES. Then I heard of the Rumble Pack, but I purchased a 3rd party one from Interact since it was cheaper, but it was big, heavy, and required 2 double A batteries. Not to mention, the rumble quality was poor. Then I threw it out and got myself a Naki Rocker Pack w/a built in memory card plus(this pack is battery free). I was really happy with it for a year until I tried the official Rumble Pack. At that very day, I noticed a difference (the Rocker Pack's rumble was weaker than the official one). I decided that it was time to put in some extra cash to get the real Rumble Pcak from the trustworthy Nintendo. The only problem was that it required 2 triple A battries, but at least the performance is top notch....more info
  • N64 Official Rumble Pak by Sanjay Schrapel
    Well, the Official N64 Rumble Pak is just not the best out there, to put this review in one sentence. This pak provides excellent vibration, but you need to change the batteries often. AAA batteries cost twice as much as their AA counterparts, and recharging batteries take about 11 hours per charge. My friend and I were joking the other day about having to change the batteries every time you got shot in Perfect Dark, then I showed him the Naki Rocker Pak. This pak dosen't require any batteries (gets power from console, like PSone) and the base model comes with a 256k memory card built in (there is a 1mb version as well). The Naki version is WAAAAY cheaper than this Nintendo version, and is more practical. I can't really reccommend the Official Rumble Pak. Even if you can't find the Naki version ... there are loads of cheaper 3rd party paks on the market, even here on info
  • Good product
    Good product if your favorite games support it. The PS1 rumble feature is better implemented, though....more info
  • I alway hated the fact that you had to snap on a rumble pak!
    Yes!!! honestly i hated the fact that to get rumble you had to snap in your rumble pak, to get memory you had to take out the rumble pak!!! so even though i had a rumble pack ,i really never used it much, as for the batteries boy that really sucked,then the weigh of the whole thing took some time to get use to, it's not so special once you play with a cotroller with built in rumble / tremor / vibration.
    N64 had it's time and when i had to use this technology i did!!!, now i think it sucks real bad, however it was blast kids i sure had my fun while it lasted!!!!,,, laterzzzz folks / gamers.......more info
  • Gamer from Oregon
    Delivery was quick and the rumble pack came in excelent condition.THANKS...more info
    The Nintendo 64 Rumble Pak is a great addition to use while you play your video games. Too bad the Rumble Pak only works on certain games which are indicated on the game's box. But if you play a game compatible with the Rumble Pak, it's awesome. It vibrates if you get tackled in NFL Blitz, get wrestled in WWF No Mercy, or shot or hit in other games. You'll have a lot of fun with the Rumble Pak with your N64 games....more info
  • "Rumble Paks Live Up To Their Names"
    Hey People! Rumble Paks says it all. You put it into your controller then BAM! It rocks! When you play a game with great sound effects, you feel your controller rumbling like you're actually in the game! I used this mostly on Golden Eye and Star Fox 64. Its great I tell you. The only thing is that you need 2 AAA batteries....more info
  • Cool Addition
    The rumble pack was one of the greatest inventions to come out in the video game era. Now with the more updated systems the rumble function is built into the controller. That is not so with the N64.

    The Rumble Pack was introduced along side Starfox 64. When you get shot, hit someone, get hit, explosions, and many other actions will cause your controller to shake. It makes game playing a lot more fun. It's great in a football game where your sizing a guy up for a hit, you do it and then you feel the rumble. The controller will shake more if it's a harder impact. Lots of fun. There are some cons. You have to use batteries and you have to take it out to put your memory pack in. To me the cons don't come close to the pros and fun of the controller. If you have an N64 you must own a Rumble Pack. You won't regret it....more info

  • Holy cow, my hands are shaking!
    Ah, I remember the day when I walked into Wal-Mart, saw Starfox 64 playing on the kiosk, and eagerly grabbed the controller... and to my astonishment, my hands were shaking with every explosion! I couldn't believe how much a simple battery operated shaking device could immerse me in the game, and it instantly ended up on my Christmas list along with Starfox 64 (which the the pak originally came bundled with, BTW).

    Nowadays, the novelty of rumble has largely worn off, but it still remains an important part of gameplay in many genres. The shooter genre was somewhat revolutionized when gamers were able to sense every time a bullet hit them, and take cover accordingly without even needing to look at their health bar. Racing games let gamers feel the rumble of the rough off-road terrain every time they took a wrong turn... Rumble had existed before the rumble pak, but it was the rumble pak that brought this nifty technology to the console front, and made it a standard for every controller from that day forward....more info
  • works well for me
    Im glad i got this. It really makes me feel like im in the game. Its also small and fits perfect into the controler pak, and its excellent for any games, though please note that some games won't allow it, but any way, worth buying....more info


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