NEW Sega Dreamcast VMU Visual Memory Unit Card Blue

List Price: $9.95

Our Price: $3.99

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  • Take parts of a game with you and play with them away from home
  • Virtual Memory unit has its own microprocessor, screen, memory and controller
  • 200 blocks of memory space
  • Hi-resolution LCD screen
  • For 1 player

Customer Reviews:

  • Telling You How It Is
    It's easy. You want reliability, buy this VMU made by Sega. If you want to see hours and hours of bad-guy bashing go to waste, buy an unreliable memory unit from Interact or other Generics... ...see? Easy. BTW, these memory units are probably going to be cheaper than the generic ones also.

    On the down side, its memory capacity is rather limited (200)....more info

  • It's Great
    This is OK and the bad thing is sometimes you have to replace the battery which allows you to play the mini games....more info
  • Great Memory Card
    This is the best memory card I've ever used on any system. There are 200 blocks on 1 memory unit and that is alot. Some games take up only 2 blocks, like Virtua Tennis, while some take up more than 100, like NBA and NFL 2K1. I have 2 of these and i have about 12 games. BUY IT!!!...more info
  • pretty good
    It was a great product until a couple I used, it broke. when I tryed to use it when it was not in the controller it did not turn on. But I can still save like any other memory card but it wont be a vmu it would be a mu....more info
  • Sega VMU in blue - Awesome!
    The Sega Visual Memory unit is a great memory card! The LCD screen is awesome! It shows neat little graphics when you are playing a game, and there are mini-games you can download onto your VMU! The VMU might be the most advanced memory card on any gaming system out there right now! The only thing I don't like about the Sega VMU is that it only holds 200 blocks of memory. That's only enough to store one 2K2 sports game. But otherwise, this is a perfect memory card....more info
  • vmu-the best memory card
    the visual memory unit (vmu) for dreamcast is one of sega's greatest achievments. it lets you display secret data during head-to-head matches with other players. it also doubles as a mini gameboy,only cheaper. it only has one flaw:only 200 blocks of memory. and with games that take up 180 blocks you'll have to buy lots of 'em if you are a serious gamer. but overall it's a must buy for dreamcast gamers....more info
  • BULL!
    So what is the matter with it? No they are wrong, I saved one 2K2 game and one Capcom vs. SNK 2 game on the same VMU, believe all when said "A must have!" It truly is!!!!!...more info
  • VMUs are probably the coolest idea since games on CD...
    The VMU is not only a very cool idea, it's essential if you want to play just about any game on Dreamcast. If you're used to a cartridge-based system, allow me to explain. Unlike on a cartridge, there is no space to store any save data on a CD-ROM (or GD-ROM).. the ROM is Read-Only Memory, meaning you can't write. So, you're playing ... Sonic Adventure, or Shenmue, or any game that lasts more than about two hours.. and you've been playing for a long time, you're tired, you want to do that unknown thing called sleep. You go to save.. and scream. It says that you need a VMU to save. AAaaarrgh! Some features of games can also only be unlocked using the VMU - you can download minigames to it, and play them like a Game Boy. If you examine it closely, it kind of looks like a Game Boy, actually..

    Now, let's say you have a VMU. Not the Sega one, mind you, but a third-party one that has about 100x the memory. Great! ..Till you wake up in the morning, and it says "Save file corrupted". This time, you scream so loud you can hear it in Russia. I can't stress this point enough - ALWAYS get first-party memory cards. They're much more reliable .. and that 100x Super VMU Bango Whiz Gee Oh! that you bought doesn't have a screen to play games on. - Again, you also fall in love with that COOL blue color :P...more info

  • Sega VMU is the most advanced memory card for any system
    The Sega VMU is simply amazing. It is not just a memory card, but it also shows the last time you used your game, a clock and games that you can download of Sega Net. It also has a great LCD screen which you can use to choose your plays in football games so your friends don't cheat. The only problem is the battery power is weak and it the VMU only holds 200 blocks which is just enough to save one Sega Sports 2K2. The Sega VMU is still a great deal ......more info
  • Most Bang For The Buck
    An excellent product for it's price.

    The only improvement I could think of is to increase the memory capacity and sell for a higher price.

    Sorry to see the Console Empire of Sega has fallen....more info

  • It works great!
    I like the way it shows different graphics when you play a different game....more info
  • A Must-Have For Dreamcast Owners
    When I first heard about the VMU I was skeptical about it's usefulness. Boy, how I was wrong. It's great! You can download characters off of your games, make competion with your friends much more interesting, holds a heck of alot of memory and information and is very inexpensive if you can find a discount video game store which still sells them used or new...So, if you don't have this yet and you have a Sega Dreamcast, by all means get the VMU!...more info
  • The best memory card yet, in different colors
    Considering past memory cards for past systems may not have had all the memory one could have hoped for, Sega decided to change things up when they released the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast VMU (Visual Memory Unit) is a step ahead in designing home system memory cards. Included is a small LCD screen with working buttons to play mini-games along with other features (for example raising Chaos in Sonic Adventure or playing a Pac-Man type game with Namco Museum). You can take the top off the VMU and transfer files into another VMU or link it up to play mini-games together. The VMU can hold up to 200 blocks of memory, and while this may seem like a lot, most of Sega's 2K2 sports titles take just about 200 blocks of memory just to save options let alone a team season. Not to mention that after a while the battery life of the VMU LCD screen will die, and that happens quicker than expected, but the LCD screen isn't necessarily needed if your just using the VMU as a memory card and nothing more. All in all, I would recommend at least 3 or 4 VMU's for Dreamcast owners; they're cheap and affordable and you can still find them at game retailers....more info
  • It's an okay memory card, but...
    This memory card (or Visual Memory Unit/VMU) is an original idea for saving games. Now you can play minigames, custimize your existing game, and hook up to another VMU to trade information, or just delete save data. In some games, this memory unit shows info (for instance, In Resident Evil Code: Veronica, it displays your health). There is one problem: Memory space. There is not enough space. 200 blocks just doesn't cut it. Example, most minigames require 128 blocks of memory. Then you get a game like Dino Crisis and it's 8 blocks. So far so good....until you get a game like Shemmue, which is 80 blocks. So, you didn't have enough space to save Shemmue because of the minigame, and now you need to delete memory or buy another card....Frustrating, huh? If all your concerned with is memory, get a 4x card. If you care more about a LCD screen and some buttons, get a VMU. Your choice....more info
  • The VMU
    V ery
    M uch
    U nbeatable

    The VMU is the best memory card I have ever used. I have not had any trouble saving data. The only problem is that it only has 200 blocks of memory. It has a very good price. It has a built-in screen that displays the game you are playing. You can also use it as little gameboy. Just download a game to it (from Sonic Adventure for example), take the VMU out and play the self-contained game.
    V ery M uch U nbeatable!!!...more info

  • Great item.
    Item works great, Seller sent item fast. Everything want well. Would buy from again....more info


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