Black & Decker DB200 DustBuster Cordless Vac

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Product Description

As every cook knows, part of cooking is making a mess. The lightweight DustBuster is ideal for flour and sugar spills and any other small, dry, irritating messes. Its easy-to-hold handle makes it simple to quickly pull it out of its recharging carriage, use it, and then return it for recharging. For hard-to-reach corners, a crevice tool is included that fits snuggly into the mouth of the vacuum. When cleaning, simply remove the filter, shake out its contents, and return it to the internal cavity of the vacuum. One warning: it's meant for indoor use only. --Teresa Simanton

  • Great for small messes around the kitchen
  • Comes with 2 filters
  • Battery-charging carriage is wall-mountable or sits on shelf
  • Includes extra crevice tool for corners
  • Full 2-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Good value for the money
    I sew and have an eternally shedding cat. Wanted something to make the place more presentable without dragging out the standard vacuum. No problem at all sucking up cat hairs, threads, and dust bunnies. I consider it a good value for the money - got what I paid for....more info
  • Good and light, uses cheap refill filters
    I recently replaced my old dustbuster (which would no longer hold a charge), with this new one. I bought this unit because it uses the old style (and much cheaper) filters (which I had a few left over). What can I say, it works....more info
  • What did you expect?!?!
    For the price and size of this black and decker, I think that you get exactly what you pay for. I use it instead of a dustpan, for spilled odds and ends, lint on rugs and various other tasks. [It]has more than payed for itself. I think that we have to be reasonable and know that if you are planning on doing some major cleaning, skip this and get out your kirby!...more info
  • Can't live without it
    I'm on my third DUSTBUSTER in about 15 years. In the past, I received two washable filters with my purchase. with the latest one, about four months old, there was only one. Big mistake. I inadvertantly threw it away with the dust and now I'm having a heck of a time finding a replacement. Meanwhile, I cut a piece of non woven paper towel and placed it over the motor. Not bad. Necessity is the mother of invention....more info
  • Good for lightweight usage but that's about it
    We purchased this to keep in the kitchen by our cat dish to pick up the dry food that got on the floor. That honestly is about all it picks up. It lacks suction and the power runs out on it very quickly, after just a few short term uses. We are already searching for a replacement (not a Black & Decker) as we are just not at all impressed with it's lack of usability and convenience. Definetly not money well spent....more info
  • Surprised by the criticism - it works fine for me.
    I'm planning to buy another one and read the reviews, not realizing that I already had the exact same model (the website pointed out that fact to me). This dustbuster has suited my needs (i.e., as a replacement for a dustpan in the kitchen, dining and lving rooms). I would get another one for these uses. However, I'd never use one of these on rugs or carpets in any event, so I can't comment on their use for such purposes....more info
  • this thing doesn't pick us anything, and that's not a good thing
    My dust buster is more of a work out routine which includes bending and squating and messing with it, then finally going back to get the broom, or big vaccume. Don't bother with this thing, the older models were great, but someone "improved" on the design and now they well they don't pick up anything!!!!...more info
  • Low power and questionable quality
    Rather underpowered and, after only two months, the charging station stopped charging the unit. So much for this device - money poured down the drain....more info
  • Needs more power
    I bought this Vac to keep near the cat box as my cats appear to actually throw litter onto the floor for fun. Its not very powerful but will get some of the litter. Now I find myself using a broom in-between BIG vaccuming as this doesnt do the job well enough. Buy this if you need an item to put you into the free shipping price category. (its like getting it for free)...more info
  • batteries
    Black & Decker cordless vacuums are great for the kitchen or on bare floors(no carpet)which is what is was intended for. The problem comes after 2 to 3 years when the batteries can no longer hold a full charge, runs down before you are finished. The battery pack cost about $16.00 + shipping. You would be better off buying a new vacuum....more info
  • Great for the car but not the living room...
    I've had this vac for awhile and though it is great for cleaning out the car it doesn't work very well when trying to clean anything out of your well traveled carpet or kitchen for that matter. Though you'll experience some success cleaning up after yourself in the kitchen I would buy this exclusively for your car and maybe for some hard to reach areas in your home....more info