Misto Gourmet Brushed Aluminum Olive Oil Sprayer

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Product Description

Sleek Aluminum Design, easy to use Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer by Misto.

For spreading olive oil evenly on bruschetta, focaccia, and grilled or roasted vegetables, and for spraying muffin and cake pans with vegetable oil, this dispenser is a nifty tool. A plastic cap underneath the sprayer's top twists off so the sprayer can be half-filled (1/3 cup) with oil. Inside the top is a plastic tube that fits over the spray nozzle. Push the top up and down to pump air pressure into the canister. Then spray for 10 seconds and pump up again. It's simple, ingenious, and practical. With its cap on, the sprayer stands just 7-5/8 inches high, so it tucks away easily on any countertop. Made of satin-finish aluminum with a black-band accent, it's sleek as well as utilitarian. --Fred Brack

  • Pumps up to spray any vegetable oil
  • Spread olive oil on focaccia or spray muffin pans
  • Satin-finish aluminum
  • 7-5/8 inches high by 1-7/8 inches in diameter
  • To clean, fill with hot water and a drop of mild detergent, and spray

Customer Reviews:

  • Works just fine
    Okay, you get a little arm workout when pumping this thing, but once the resistance is there, it sprays oil out like a charm. It really does the job when you need a light mist of olive oil on vegetables, or need to spray coat a pan for baking. Now I feel like there is just enough oil there, instead of my old method of using too much by putting things in a plastic bag w/oil & shaking it around, or dipping a paper towel in oil and smearing it over a pan to coat (kind of a waste). This item is pretty economical for what it does, it's attractive, and it works. If you do need to do multiple sprays the pumped air can run out pretty quickly, but that's a small thing. 4 stars for the little sprayer (5, minus 1 for the workout). ...more info
  • I'm completely satisfied with my Misto
    I bought it to reduce the amount of oil I use in cooking and it works wonderfully. I've had mine for 4+ years and it's showing no signs of wear. Fill it about halfway full, pump it up pretty hard, next I spray a little into my sink to make sure it's misting. If it isn't pump it up a little more and give it another short spray in the sink and it should work. If you have left it sitting for a long time with oil in it and haven't used you may have to pump it up turn it upside down (with spray nozzle at the bottom of your sink), press the sprayer and clear the tube, it's never failed for me. At the end of each use, slowly replace the top while pressing down softly, twist the top back and forth until it is seated, it's well worth the few seconds of effort.

    Don't get me wrong, it works as you expect 99% of the time, but the above steps are for those rare occasions when it doesn't.

    Think of the savings, a fine mist of oil where previously you tried to pour just a little bit on. The benefits aren't just with the cost of the oil, but the lighter more delicious foods, that still inherit the taste of your extra virgin olive oil with a fraction of the calories. Of course as some of the other reviewers have pointed out you can have multiple Mistos for other oils.

    A light spray of oil, refillable so you aren't adding the waste problem, works for years with absolutely minimal maintenance, and less than $10. You really can't ask for more.

    Bon app¨¦tit...more info
  • Works great.
    I'm not generally a 'kitchen gadget' type....but if you're an olive oil user,....this really comes in handy....more info
  • Bought this before there were reviews.
    I bought this before there were written reviews. Like a lot of other people, I had to go through all sorts of experiments to try to keep it working. It never had broken pieces, just stopped working. I used very light oils, too. Nice idea, but it's still just an idea, not a reality. I can't believe they're still selling this junk....more info
  • Sir
    Excellent product. The Misto spray does a great job of dispensing just the right amount of oil. The two we bought are as gifts, as we are delighted with the one we've had for a long time....more info
  • Great idea but doesn't work
    I wanted so badly for this product to work. I've always hated the idea of using the canned pan sprays, but I also didn't like dropping in big dollops of oil then tipping the pan back and forth to coat a pan. After a couple of months, this just stopped spraying and started dribbling instead. I did find a solution: I'm now using a silicon brush to lightly coat a pan with a much smaller dollop of oil than is needed to coat the pan by tipping. ...more info
  • Very Pleased
    Great sprayer--Works exactly as advertized--and at a very reasonable price. Very happy with this purchase --bought one for olive oil, and one for canola, both work great....more info
  • "Dribble-O" or "Squirto" maybe. Mist? Don't bet on it.
    So Misto promises to replace expensive store-bought aerosol cans with a product that will spray a fine mist of oil just like they do, but for only (in the long-term, anyway) pennies a can.


    I followed the directions verbatim, but no matter what kind of oil I tried... corn, canola, olive..., and no matter how much I pumped it up, all it would do is dribble out a pathetic stream.

    Possibly the most undeservedly-hyped product I've ever fallen for... should be ZERO stars!...more info
  • Problem free so far. Good mist with canola oil
    I have not tried this with olive oil, but with canola oil it gives a good mist and doesn't take much pumping. So far after about a month it still works fine. There is a tiny bit of a stream in the center of the spray, but it is overall a really good mist and spreads evenly....more info
  • Absolutely Works!!
    This product works great! I was a bit nervous after reading some of the other reviews (the bad ones) but this works perfectly.
    You fill it, pump it...and bingo...it works. The only disappointment...I didnt buy more (but I plan on correcting that mistake). Thanks....more info
  • Great Product!
    This is my second of these sprayers. The first lasted 2-3 years, and then stopped pumping. For the price, I don't mind splurging for another one. It's a great product. I did notice after I purchased my second one that you can buy a replacement pump for $5....more info
  • not good at all
    I didn,t like it at all I hope amazon takes it back too much pump action!!...more info
    I decided to get this several months ago even though some of the reviews were not real good. Well it has been a great little sprayer for olive oil for me. ...more info
  • Say goodbye to aerosol cooking sprays
    and get one of these. It was a little touchy until we learned the ropes, but if you follow the instructions it does just what it's supposed to do - at a reasonable price.

    Getting used to how far to fill it and how much to pump it took a few tries, but it works just fine. Don't ever fill it over HALF full with oil. The container has to have room for the air you're pumping in or it won't spray. Also, depending on how many times you pump it, it sometimes delivers a very fine mist compared to a product like 'Pam'. Just go over the cooking surface a few more times and think of the money you're saving on cooking sprays....more info
  • excellent for a diet
    excellent for people who's on diet or can't eat any other oil but olive oil is permitted....more info
  • Sorry...but this thing is worthless
    I followed all the instructions for how to get this to work properly and still find it to be worthless. I owned a Misto a few years back and it was worthless but then I came across all these instructions for how to use it so thought I'd buy another and give it another try. No such luck!...more info
    I own a Misto, and have been using it for some time. It works wonderfully, and I have not had any problems with it at all. It produces a good even pure oil spray, and it saves money. I used to use "olive oil cooking sprays", however those products are expensive, and most are not pure oil. Oils have boiling points and flashpoints, and the use of impure oil makes cooking like rolling dice. if you're serious about cooking, use the real deal....more info
  • Works well when it works, doesn't work too often
    This is a touchy little gadget which I've retired to the back of the cabinet and will likely freecycle in 2009. If it is used daily, it can work fine, but if it is not used for even a week, I have found that the spray simply doesn't work. When I first used the Olive Oil Sprayer and it stopped working, I called the company and received instructions to get it pumping. Unfortunately, I found that the time it takes to clean out the system and get it operational is better spent doing other things, so I simply use an alternative to spraying the oil. I really wanted to use this can all the time, but it became a nuisance. I do have a little sprayer which does work great and was sold in a martini set. I suspect it's because there is no oil messing up the system....more info
  • Can't live without it!
    I have had olive oil sprayers before. They usually clog up and then don't spritz right anymore. I purchased this one and it's been working great for over 6 months now. I only fill it up half way and I make sure to release all of the pressure after each use. I like to give it a thorough cleaning every now and then too. I can't live without an olive oil sprayer because it really helps me use less olive oil while cooking...and I for sure can't live without olive oil! ;)...more info
  • Works great for years
    I have had this product for about 8 years. I liked it so much I purchased a bunch of them for my relatives for X-mas one year. We've used ours continuously in the last 8 years and still going. However, my sister said hers does not work and sprays a stream. I think hers may have clogged. I pump it 10 times before each use, when you cannot push down on the top anymore is when you should stop. I use it on pots and pans. I also use it on bread pans, rectangular and bundt; and cookie sheets. I use it everytime I make a bundt cake and have had great luck so far. Sometimes I do so many loaves that the unit runs out of air and I get a stream of oil coming out. Then I have to repump it to get it to spray again. Do not store it full of air as it may cause clogging. I am purchasing another one for a friend for X-mas....more info
  • spritzy
    I am only giving it a four star because it does sputter a bit and it is a bit of a pain to pump the thing. I am still giving it four, though, because I love it. It looks nice on my counter top, and I use it on everything. It puts out just the right amount of spray without ending up with too much. You just have to keep spritzing until it is the right amount. I pump it about 9 times each time I use it and it usually is enough to spray whatever I am cooking (before having to re-pump it).

    I pop popcorn in a microwave air popper nightly and coat it with this (shaking the bowl after each sprit) and adding a tiny bit of salt. Much healthier than most bagged popcorn, and tastes great. Hint use Extra Virgin Olive Oil (healthier for you than "non - virgin"). I also use it on all my veggies, and it gets rid of the nasty slimy mess you have from too much oil. So, while it isn't perfect, I give it a huge thumbs up. ...more info
    I ordered three of these. One for me, my daughter and daughter-in-law for Christmas. I am surely enjoying mine....more info
  • took a long time to ship
    I like the product; it does what it's supposed to do. However, it took forever to get to me in the mail....more info
  • oil sprayer
    This works like I had hoped! I did notice a bit of clogging after a few seconds, but that is remedied by re-pumping and also cleaning the sprayer with hot water!...more info
  • It's too much of a pain to use
    When I first purchased a Misto sprayer, it was around $25.00 but even at less than half the price, I still wouldn't buy it again. I absolutely loved it at first but way too much effort in trying to figure out how to keep this thing working! Also, when I hadn't used it in over a month, some sort of mold was growing on the plastic tubing inside, yuck. The mold turned me off for life so now I buy a similiar product in a see through sprayer WITH the olive oil included at Marshalls, TJ Maxx or Home Goods for $4.99. ...more info
  • Olive Oil Sprayer with Fine Mist
    The Misto Olive Oil Sprayer has an even fine mist that coats my popcorn perfectly without adding many calories, and the aluminum covering goes well with the decor in my kitchen. It makes going low-cal fun!...more info
  • Worked Great - Broke Quickly
    I had a Pampered Chef oil sprayer for a few years and needed a replacement so I bought this. I knew about releasing the pressure when not in use, etc. My PC one lasted a long time but wasn't great at spraying. I got the Misto and it worked great, for 3 months, and then the plastic ring that creates the suction for pumping up the pressure cracked and split. No pressure, no oil spray. So much for that $10....more info
  • Love It!
    I've been using this about a month, with extra virgin olive oil, instead of aerosol cooking spray and I love it! No weird chemical smells, easy to refill, haven't had any trouble with it spraying or anything, works beter than I expected!...more info
  • works as advertised
    Just got Misto and the thing actually works. It's very straightforward to use. The spray isn't as fine as with a can of Pam but I feel better not polluting the Earth with dozens of empty steel cans. The spray is good for everyday purposes. It's well made and even looks elegant with the stainless steel appearance so I can leave it on my countertop with my spices. It does take a little bit of work to pump air into the canister to get the pressure but it's small price to pay for a reusable canister. I put regular vegetable oil in it and used it for frying eggs. I plan to use it for a non-fried baked chicken recipe. Normally I drizzle oil on breaded chicken and bake it. I expect it will be better with Misto because I won't have to use as much oil. Great product. Wish I had discovered this years ago. Arrived in perfect condition.

    ...more info
  • Really works
    Product works fine if you only fill it 1/4 to 1/3 full of oil and release the pressure after each pump up....more info
  • Good as far as I can tell.
    This was a gift for my daughter-in-law so I haven't actually used it. It did have the highest rating of all those I researched, but all reviews seem to complaint that eventually the oil in the mister comes out in a stream. Hopefully, if my DIL follows the directions, that will not be a problem....more info
  • Great at first, then useless!
    It worked well for two or three weeks, then---no matter how carefully we cleaned it---it only sputtered pitifully....more info
  • Great for the price!
    I looked at a lot of reviews and decided to try this. I bought it at a local store for $9.99 but still the same model. I do like it. It keeps my husband from "dumping" oil in the pan for cooking. It doesn't seem to have the nice fine mist that Pam does, but it does a fairly good job for $10. And I like the non-aerosol taste! You do need to release the pressure before putting away. 10 pumps isn't usually enough as the directions tell you. But 15 is plenty. ...more info
  • misto oil sprayer
    I really like this, is not the first one I have purchased, they kinda dissapear from home (my mom and friends always steal them from me!!!!)...more info
    I found this product to be really good IF you follow the included instructions to the LETTER!! However, on different websites I went a searching and found such a fluctuation of pricing I couldn't believe it! One place sells this for $30.00 bucks.....I thought to myself - if this is what the chefs use....but did a little more research and found this item on a website called Net.shops.com for a mere $6.00!!! Anyway, chef's normally BRUSH their olive oil on their cookware and utensils anyway.....and their food! Happy cooking and sorry Amazon....I still love ya!:)...more info
  • Fair...
    I was hoping this would work better than the plastic one I used to own from Pampered Chef. I'd have to say it works just as well, so I'll rate it as fair. For all the pumping I don't seem to get a reliable spray. Sometimes it's a mist, sometimes a thin stream, big drops, etc. I've only filled it once, so cannot comment on whether or not it gets clogged easily yet....more info
  • Misto Magic!
    I am SOOO very impressed with my Misto!! No more buying the non-stick canned sprays! I bought 2- one for my olive oil, one for my canola oil. The spray mist quality is excellent; the Misto makes it a snap to apply a thin, even layer of oil (you really don't use much actual oil!)--all with no preservatives/artificial mystery ingredients as you get with the canned sprays. I can feel good about what I am adding to my cooking (natural, heart-healthy OMEGA 3s!) not to mention, a HUGE $-SAVINGS-$. Your Misto will pay for itself over and over in no time. Makes a classy gift, too!! I will be getting one for my friends and family as gifts this holiday season, along with a bottle of high quality olive oil. My only regret about this product is that I didn't I discover it YEARS ago....more info
  • Misto
    Rsvp Stainless Steel Olive Oil, Salad Dressing, Vinegar or Syrup Pouring Cork Cap PairJust pump it and it sprays Inm well satisfied...more info
  • This has worked just fine for me
    You do have to not overfill the oil in it, but it's clear that you need an airspace over the oil to pressurize it anyhow. Haven't had any problems with it clogging. Have used it for about three years. Had a different model olive oil sprayer before that came apart after four or five years. Remember that the actual functioning bits of these are fairly soft plastics, the metal is decorative....more info
  • Good product
    I bought this about 2 months ago and really like it. It does take some getting used too, but after a few days of use it works great. I bought 2, one for olive oil and one for canola oil. I just wish it had come with labels so that I could remember which is which....more info
  • Wife loves this item..
    After reading other reviews I was sure to follow the directions to the tee.
    Misto works flawlessly everytime! We use a lot of olive oil in food prep so this is in use a lot. Just pump it up when needed and the spray is nice and fine. Use in place of the fake stuff (pam) whenever possible. Great to stir fry or when just a small amount of Olive oil is needed. Can also use to coat a salad when not wanting to pour it on. Definitely a good buy....more info
  • Love this!
    So easy and much more economical than buying canned cooking sprays easy to clean! Arrived fast!...more info
  • Misto Olive Oil Sprayer
    We haven't had this for long, but it seems to work ok. Unfortunately, it came with now instructions on how it works. It took a fair amount of trial and error to get in working....more info
  • Works well
    I have used the sprayer for a couple of weeks now and I am very pleased with it. It is best if you keep it nearly upright. It seems that if you tilt it too much you start getting drops instead of sprays. But all in all does what it is supposed to do. The container seems quite thin and fragile however. ...more info
  • Piece O' Caca

    I'm planning on returning this if possible. I read all the reviews, but their promises that this puppy actually works were wrong. It's like the others we've tried: Follow the directions, do as you're told, even try the secret tips provided by other reviewers, and you still end up with a pathetic little drizzle in your pan. It would be great if someone someday figures out how to make a mister that performs as promised, but so far, this one ain't it....more info
  • Terrible ...
    The bad reviews are right ... works at first BUT soon leaks, gums up, clogs, lid does not stay down because of the pressure ... don't waste your money. I eventually threw mine in the trash....more info
  • Misto olive oil sprayer
    I like the product; this is my second. They don't have a long life, the plastic parts break. But it works and I haven't found a better alternative. It would be nice if there was a way to get parts. They're cheap but it still bothers me to throw away the aluminum or stainless cannister because a cheap plastic piece can't be replaced....more info


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