Brita 42378 Deluxe Water Pitcher

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Product Description

Elegant, modern 3-quart pitcher Space-efficient shape fits nicelyin refrigerator Soft grip, contoured handle Flip-top lid for easy refilling Uses a BRITA pitcher filter Reduces chlorine taste and odor Removes sediment and other harmful substances. Includes pitcher and one filter. Tested and certified by NSF International

Eliminate 99% of the lead and reduce chlorine, mercury, and sediment in drinking water with Brita's Magnum II Filtration Pitcher. Larger than the standard Brita pitcher, it holds up to 80 ounces of clean, filtered water. Just pop the filter cylinder in the white plastic water reservoir, fill with cold tap water, and in just minutes the pitcher's brimming with healthy, great tasting water. Each filter--one comes with the pitcher and you can order others--lasts for 40 gallons of water. As an added feature, a filter replacement indicator relays when it's time for a new one. The sleek, clear plastic pitcher sports an easy-grip handle, while the white plastic lid features two openings: one for filling the pitcher and one for pouring. --Marianne Painter

  • Contains 1 pitcher and 1 filter
  • Capacity: 10 - 8 Ounce Glasses
  • Flip-top for easy refilling
  • Easy grip handle
  • Certified to Reduce chlorine,sediment 98% lead and more

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Pitcher
    This is a pretty good pitcher. I love having cold filtered water on hand and this does a great job at making my tap water taste better. I purchased this about two years ago and it's held up fine. I'm a little concerned how long the plastic will continue to hold up, but so far so good!...more info
  • Brita makes some great water
    If you want cleaner water to drink, or just water that tastes better, Brita could be for you. It's easy to make the water and to take care of the Brita pitcher. All you have to do is keep the filters clean and keep refilling the pitcher with water. The Brita will filter the water by itself, just fill it up.

    If you would like healthier and better tasting water, I recommend getting Brita. Both the 3-quart and 2-quart Britas are great, just decide which size you think you would need for your refrigerator....more info

  • replaced broked pitcher
    I purchased this pitcher to replace one I had for years that had a broken fill cover. While it looks exactly like my old one, they have changed the design in a couple of ways that I do not care for. When you fill it, it takes longer to go through and when you pour it pours slowly. This might be ok for some but I don't like having to wait so long to fill a small glass for a drink. It just comes out too slow. They restricted the water flow too much....more info
  • A Good Investment
    I have been using this for 4 months now and am very pleased with it. I'm not spending $15-$20/mo for bottled water and contributing to the landfill.

    Although the water tastes fine to us now, it took us a few days to get used to it; it definitely didn't taste like bottled water. Also, I was lucky to notice the teeny fine print stating not to use water over 75 degrees. Our "cold" tap water in the summer here in the desert is much warmer than that. So I've had to keep a separate bottle of tap water chilling in the fridge to use in the Brita pitcher.

    I haven't had any mechanical problems: nothing leaks, everything fits together well, nothing broken. BTW, the replacement filters here on Amazon at $13.82/3-pack is a good deal--even a few bucks cheaper than Wal-Mart if you buy 2 to qualify for the free shipping....more info
  • Surprisingly disappointing design
    After 8 years with my Brita Classic pitcher, I decided to get a newer, larger model with the built-in "smart timer" feature. After using it for about 3 weeks now, I am very disappointed in the overall design, especially considering how perfect the original Brita was. The smart timer feature is handy -- it's a small digital indicator on the top of the cap that tells you when it's time for a refill; this should work better (& cleaner) than the previous "analog" mechanism used with some Brita filters. But, that's about it as far as the good goes.

    If you fill up the basin nearly all the way, water sometimes leaks out the back of the unit from the top of the handle (and gets onto your refrigerator shelf). Much more annoying, though, is the little flap that rests over the spout. Presumably, this is there to keep refrigerator odors from entering the unit and affecting the taste of the water. However, most of the time when you pour, the flap doesn't properly open up (it sort of sticks shut); this causes the water to pour sloppily or even to suddenly gush out if the flap happens to come un-stuck in mid-pour (more spills). Finally, if you tilt the unit enough to pour out the last drop of water, occasionally the Brita filter itself dislodges from its slot and thumps into the cover of the unit so that you need to re-seat it.

    Given the great success I had with the previous unit, I was very disappointed with the overall design of this more recent version....more info

  • Good filter, poor softner
    I rec'd this pitcher as a gift and have been using it for approx. 6 mos. It does a good job of filtering however its ability to soften the water dimishes after only 3-weeks. This may be of interest to those seeking to avoid limescale build-up in coffee/espresso machines. Also, when full, it may be a bit heavy/bulky to handle for those of a smaller frame.......more info
  • Worth your money
    I am not a water tasting pro, but the difference btwn Brita filtered water and tap water is highly noticeable. Brita filtred water taste great for me and my 3 rooommates.

    It fits well in the fridge, it's easy to refill under the sink, it's durable, easy to maintain, easy to start using...

    The only consideration with this particular filter is that it's inexpensive so it's not designed for heavy usage. Four people use my Brita filter and a full filter could only fill about three large glasses. Thus, if four people are going to use this filter, they will have to refill many times to keep its water supply adequate for everyone else....more info
  • Clean, tasty water and it's easy to use
    We've been using the Brita pitchers for years and just recently upgraded to the Magnum. It's great to have that extra space--we've got clean, tasty water and we don't have to refill it as often. I used to keep mine in the refrigerator, but with this bigger model, we just leave it on *top* of the fridge and dispense from there. It works fine, and I guess room-temp water is better for you, right?...more info
  • Good for a start, but after a while....
    I brought this Brita pitcher 2 Christmases ago, and have used it ever since. However, be warned, you might have the problems I have been having. Basically, the whole top of the pitcher is broken. The little plastic piece that you open to put water in the filter broke and fell off about 6 months after I got the pitcher. Now I have to buy a new one. So be warned and try not to handle the thing too roughly, because it can't take any abuse. Of course, it still filters water, but it's a hassle just to get it out of the 'fridge....more info
  • Drink more water
    Easy to use, easy to change the filter.
    You can store it in the fridge if you like your water cold.
    It removes all tastes of chemicals from tap water and leaves you with clean clear drinking water that tastes great.

    Good water is great for your insides and gives you clear skin. It prevents hangovers, especially if you use it to substitute for alcohol. It stops you dying from dehydration. It helps you digest your food, and may help lose weight as part of a calorie controlled diet. It has not been categorically proven to cure baldness or erectile dysfunction, but you never know guys! It has been proven to enhance intelligence, athletic performance and, in the case of women, has been shown to make them more attractive to the opposite sex......more info

  • Great water, bad pitcher
    This is my second Brita pitcher. I love the water. However this pitcher has some design flaws and would not recommend it. The first Brita pitcher I owned was designed to remove the lid when filling, but could be filled to the top and the lid replaced. The flip lid pitcher will start leaking tap water into the filtered water part of the pitcher if the unfiltered reservoir is filled near the top. The other issue I have with this pitcher is that since the top is not one piece, when pouring out filtered water top there is a risk of the top falling off and the water spilling everywhere from the unfiltered reservoir if it is more than half way full. The way around this to hold the top with the non pouring hand and make sure the unfiltered water reservoir at top isn't more than half full. The first pitcher I mentioned also required both hands if the unfiltered reservoir were close to full, but all in all it was a much better fit.

    Again, I would not recommend this model and I still don't know whey Brita discontinued the other model, but I think there are better models in the Brita product line that are better than this pitcher design....more info
  • Mediocre Engineering
    The Price is decent. Capacity is ideal. Appearance is dandy. The problem is that the top will fall off unless held in place with one's thumb. For men, it's easy. For women and children with smaller, less strong hands, it's tough. Anyone with a grasp of human factors would have designed the lid with tight fit or some type of stay or clip. The fix is a bit of wax rubbed on the edge of the lid. It seems to hold it decently for the wife, but remember to get it again.

    Also, oddly enough, the filter that came with the pitcher did not fit snugly. This means that it would pop up if the pitcher was overfilled or poured too aggressively. That will obviate the whole point of the filtering water (by letting unfiltered water into the pitcher). This was fixed by buying a new filter.

    All in all, for that type of money, I'd have expected a bit of attention to detail, but it was sorely lacking. As yet, I don't know if there's a better alternative in this size, so this one is still a good buy, but go in with your eyes open, and cross your fingers that this review and other complaints brings about some fine tuning at the factory....more info
  • Great tasteless water
    This one works. The only problem is the ability to measure 40 gallons (the amount that can be filtered efficiently by a filter for the pitcher). I use it for a couple of months for 2 people at home.

    The black specks people complain about is surely there even after the first few uses but they are restricted to the top container and doesnt get into the drinking water below.

    Overall a decent buy....more info
  • It's o.k. but........
    I really like the size of this pitcher but there is one thing that I'm not too happy about. The filter doesn't "lock" down into the top and when you tip the pitcher over to pour the water out, the filter plops out of the top, causing the whole top to fall out of the pitcher. It's very aggravating and just about makes it more trouble than it's worth. The other Brita pitcher I have, the filter locks into place and doesn't do this.

    ...more info
  • Great!!
    This Brita filter is better than I thought it would be. The water tastes PHENOMENAL! I didn't know water could taste sooo good. Recently, my town has decided to add Chlorine to the water, terrible idea. So, I got this Brita filter so I could continue to drink my 8 glasses a day without feeling sick to my stomach because of the Chlorine addition. The only downside to owning a Brita filter is that you must change the filter every 2 months, and that it does get very heavy after you fill up the pitcher. Otherwise, this is perfect, and a great addition to any kitchen....more info
  • Love my Brita!
    This pitcher has saved my sanity! Unable to afford an RO system, finding the commerical water coolers too big and bulky, and sick and tired of hauling water from the store, this pitcher filtration system was the perfect answer!

    The water is delicious, the squared off shape fits the fridge well, and the filters seems to be readily available everywhere (had a similar system previously that I ended up not being able to find filters for a year later).

    Highly recommend this system for those of you who want the most convenient filtration system (without spending 1000's of dollars!)....more info

  • Great gift idea!
    I purchased this pitcher as a Christmas gift for my daughter who lives in the country and doesn't like her well water. She loves this pitcher! Says it makes her water taste like bottled water. :)...more info
  • Brita 10 cup Grand model Pitcher ( 60258 42556 on bar code)
    After having enjoyed my original Brita Pitcher for many years I
    thought I would try this new 10 cup model with digital timer built in reminding you to replace filters.
    This is an awful pitcher to use, simply tilting it allows the filter to just fall out allowing the unfiltered water to fall in to the filtered water whereas my old model it was snug and fit tight.
    I cant even believe Brita would release such a lousy pitcher. after reading the reviews it seems others have experienced exactly the same problem.
    Oh well its going back to the store where I purchased it and will be looking for alternatives to Brita products.
    ...more info
  • Healthy Lifestyle Choice
    I just bought this pitcher and I love it! I used to hate drinking water, but now I hardly ever drink anything else. This pitcher is well worth the price!...more info
  • don't buy it
    It may hold 3 quarts of water, but if you fill it all the way, it leaks when you pour. Also, the manufacturer says that you shouldn't empty it all the way because you want to keep the filter in water. You're left with about a quart per refill. And the lid broke off when I accidentally knocked it with the faucet. Finally, when you get sick of it after a use or two, make sure not to vomit in it. I don't think think it can filter out the trust you had in brita....more info
  • Bigger, but tastes like Charcoal
    In Columbia SC we have been voted to have the best city water in the nation. I first purchased the small Brita to filter out the Chlorine but dropped it so I replaced with this larger one. At first I was thrilled with the Brita but noticed in the last few months the water tastes like charcoal even after I replaced the filter and ran several pitchers through it. My husband said the same thing with the pitcher he bought for his work in Charleston, 2 hrs away so different city water, same bad taste after going through the Brita pitcher.

    I have a bladder condition so the water I consume is very important. I now only drink Deer Park water because it has a Ph of 8 and the bottles are made of less plastic than regular water bottles.

    If you still want to try this product, buy the small one first to see if you like the taste or not....more info
  • Excellent performance and value
    The Brita creates highly drinkable water very easily, and for a relatively low price compared to bottled water. While I don't think the taste is as good as Evian (a very high standard), it is nonetheless very clean....more info
  • Who designed this thing?
    Like others have said:

    1. The spout cover sticks and spills water everywhere when it does.

    2. If you fill the entire reservoir it will spill out the back of the pitcher near the handle.

    3. The 'indicator' is just a timer. Don't be fooled.

    4. The top barely fits on the pitcher. Don't even THINK about pouring a glass of water before its finished filtering the water in the top.

    All in all this pitcher was a huge disappointment. I owned the previous model for years and was happy with it. Water tastes fine but that's the easy part (its a carbon filter...not hard to design and make).

    Prepare your kitchen for wetness... ...more info
  • Brita makes coffee and tea taste SO much better!
    We started using the Brita Water Filter some time back, when our city water would taste like iodine, some mornings--I have NO idea why, but it made the coffee taste, shall we say, less than tempting. Buying water wasn't really an option--small bottles cost too much and leave too many little containers in the recycle bin, and a 5 gallon bottles too heavy for me, so the Brita it is! We have the basic model shown here, but my cousin used the counter top model for years--all you have to do is replace the filter occasionally, and your water is always fresh and delicious. (No real need to flavor it with coffee or tea!)

    My godson says he doesn't get heartburn any more since he started drinking Brita filtered water--how's that for a recommendation?

    Nice to know that according to the company "Brita pitchers employ an ion exchange resin with activated carbon granules to draw mercury, zinc, copper and cadmium from tap water, trapping these harmful elements inside the filter. Brita filters eradicate up to 98 percent of the lead found in tap water while significantly reducing other impurities and dangerous bacteria including cryptosporidium, giardia, and benzene. Additionally, the odor and flavor of chlorine are removed from drinking water." I can certainly attest to that last...NO chlorine taste.

    Who needs bleach-flavored Lapsang Souchong?!...more info
  • Good Britta
    Just the right Britta for our fridge -- not too big (about the size of 2 orange juice cartons), and has a good handle, unlike some other dispensers. The price was fair too. The resevoir holds enough water for our household (2 people) without constantly running out (we refill it every other day or so). The only gripe is that you have to fill the hopper (the top filter part) twice for the pitcher to be completely filled -- something which can't really be avoided for the unit's relatively small/streamlined size.

    Glad I got this one....more info
  • You Will Taste The Difference
    If you have never had filtered water, then you do not know what you are missing. When you use this Brita you will see and taste the difference in your tea, coffee or whatever else you use it in. I use Brita filtered water in my Espresso Machine and do not have to decalcify as often. I also use filtered water in all my cooking.

    The slim design of this Brita makes it fit in the refrigerator much better. And the timer comes in handy to remind me to change the filter. Some have said that it leaks when transporting. I simply fill it up all the way then wait for several seconds until the water goes down slightly before I lift it from the sink. Problem solved. The lid fits snug, but will come off if you empty all the water. I either hold the lid or just do not empty all the water. Again, problem solved. This is a great water pitcher and I highly recommend it....more info
  • Not Too Bad
    This is a pretty good item but it is awfully heavy when filled. Also, you need to be careful when pouring. I've had the top come off and water went everywhere. The filters last about 2 months so if you can buy them on sale, do so....more info
  • Get a Pur instead
    I had a small Pur pitcher already and was very happy with it, but I wanted a larger pitcher, so I picked this one up at Target. They didn't have any Pur pitchers and I assumed the quality was about the same...I was wrong. First off, the design of this particular pitcher is really bad. The lid doesn't fit on very securely; it tries to fall off all the time. Also, there is a little indentation that fills with the "bad" water at the top and leaks all over when transporting the pitcher from the sink to the counter. I used it for 1 month and the whole time, the cartridge leaked carbon particles into the top chamber. As for the taste, it was better than the tap, but I could still taste chlorine. It basically tasted like good tap water, but not as pure as I would like it. So, I'm back to my tiny Pur. I have to refill it often, but it tastes better and it doesn't spill when pouring or moving the pitcher....more info
  • Good Product
    It works well.That extra gallon goes a long way. Handy fill slot so cover does not need to be removed, all in all a neat filter. ...more info
  • Excellent Brita product!
    This pitcher improves the water taste SO MUCH!!! It was a really good purchase and it greatly reduces the taste due to the hardness of our tap water. Excellent product!...more info
  • Has been discontinued by Brita
    This model has been discontinued, though Amazon sent it out to me. Has no meter to show the life of the filter etc. Brita was helpful and sent the updated replacement, but the whole process took ca. 6 wks. Wish I had just bought it at the corner drugstore.

    Don't buy this model....more info
  • It's time to upgrade!
    We've been using the Brita pitchers for years and just recently upgraded to the Magnum. It's great to have that extra space--we've got clean, tasty water and we don't have to refill it as often. We keep it on top of the fridge so it's always handy--they say room temperature water is better for you!...more info
  • This is for you, Brita
    This pitcher is so poorly designed I get angry every time I use it.
    The lid is loose and falls off causing a spill.
    The small flap at the pouring end gets stuck, then opens, causing another spill.
    Water in the top section will pour out at the same time as the filtered water.
    The water doesn't really taste good at all.
    I still use this pitcher because I have no alternative.
    Don't you have anyone testing your products?
    Shame on you for making such a shoddy product...more info
  • DO NOT BUY! This new Brita is flimsy, leaky and poorly made!
    I have had an original Brita pitcher for years and only bought a new one when the pour-spput-flap broke. EVERYONE I know that bought this new Brita has had problems with this very pour-spout-flap sticking and causing "waterfall" spills. The flip top that you open to fill the reservoir is cheaply made and falls off often. If the reservoir has any water in it, and you pour a glass, the pitcher overflows because the parts do not fit tightly together.

    Get a Culligan Faucet purifier and fill up a pitcher!...more info
  • Disappointed - a dribbler
    I previously had a great Brita water pitcher and bought this one as a replacement (I accidentally broke the original). Thought this would be an upgrade but find that most times when it is used, water will flow down the pitcher from under the spout onto the countertop or wherever you happen to be when you use it and dribbles onto the shelf in the refrig. A poor design for the spout. Just proves an upgrade is not always an "upgrade"....more info
  • Win Win Pitcher
    Buying this pitcher was a "Win Win", No Brainer! We used to buy bottled water in plastic bottles and generated a whole lot of landfill material... not to mention the fuel used by trucks to get those bottles of water to the store... No more! The pitcher actually paid for itself in less then a month!
    We liked the pitcher soo much that this one is a gift for our Son who also purchased water in the bottles... he now is enjoying the same savings!...more info
  • Brita Water does a body good
    There's no doubt about it -- you need water because the human body is up to 70% water by weight. Most people love water, and perhaps coffee might be a strong second. Even if you don't like water or coffee, and you are still looking here, you need good tasting water.

    I bought a Brita pitcher originally because I was seeking the best cup of coffee. If you want GREAT coffee, water that's clean, cold and fresh is just plain essential. I found the Brita filter pitcher to deliver--clean and cold (when refrigerated), although I can't really confirm the manufacturer's claimed characteristics of "soft".

    This model is my second Brita and the things I like about it most are the space saving flat sides which take up less space in the fridge than the original rounded model, the capacity of three quarts which is enough for a couple of glasses of water besides a full twelve cup coffee maker, and the convenience of the flip top lid where you fill the pitcher.

    This pitcher gets a little heavy on the arm and wrist, but no more so than a gallon milk jug. The water weighs about six pounds and the pitcher about two pounds for a total of about eight pounds. The rubberized handle on the pitcher helps assure a good grip, and if you are in the habit of storing your pitcher in the fridge, it works best if you adjust the shelf on which you set the pitcher a little above waist high.

    Emptying the pitcher before refilling is no big deal as the filter will not dry out just because you pour out all the water. Just don't let the pitcher sit with a water level below the bottom of the filter as it is installed in the pitcher.

    One final thing is there are always little carbon particles in the bottom of the pitcher. They come out of the filter with use. Personally, I don't like that feature, but I've never been fearful of those little things because the human body is also about 23% carbon. I don't think I would see them so much if the water wasn't so clear, though. Best of life to you!...more info
  • This Brita is the Bomb
    All I have to say is that this Brita is one of the best purchases I have ever made. You can't put a price on freezing cold water on a hungover morning. I have two homes, one in LA and one in NYC, and I have a this Brita in both. The tap water in either place is not particularly good however the Brita removes the lead flavor and replaces it with tasty water goodness. In NYC, a large poland springs bottle from the deli (nice and cold) is about $2.25 on averages, so what's $25 for never having to leave the home for tasty water awesomeness. The perfect hangover remedy, while offering well needed hydration. Indeed the bomb!...more info
  • Excellent, fresh-tasting water but a few "gotchas"
    First off, I have to say Brita's filters make tap water taste really great. We had this with us in Germany, where the water is really disgusting right from the tap. That water was completely undrinkable but the Brita pitcher made liters and liters of fresh-tasting water that rivaled the expensive bottled French stuff. We felt it was well worth the real estate it took up in our typically shoebox sized Euro-fridge. And the pitcher is easy on the eyes, with nice, sleek styling.

    There are a few "gotcha's" with this pitcher. For one thing, the small cover on the spout is fragile. If you drop the lid (easy to do if wet) it will break. This is minor as the pitcher will work fine without it. The end-of-filter life is a timer, not a sensor of filter quality. If you go through gallons of water, the filter will expire before the indicator tells you. You can tell this by the bad taste. You have to watch that the filter does not dry out, so you should not leave the pitcher dry when you empty it out. This takes some discipline from the kids (and dare I say, adults) to fill it up immediately.

    The Brita does filter relatively quickly. However, if you need more than 3/4 of a gallon at a time of water, or you go through a lot of water (we do), you may want a sink filter or an in-line filter instead. But for cold, delicious water at a reasonable cost, you can't beat this pitcher. We ended up buying a sink filter instead and retired our pitcher, but it really did well by us for quite a while....more info

  • water tastes good, but watch out for the lid
    The only thing I do not like of this pitcher is its lid. The lid is not quite sealed so that the water could leak from the back and wet your sleeve. Even worse, sometimes the lid fell off. You have to be careful while using it. Not recommend....more info
  • Nice, but...
    We have had this pitcher for a couple years. It is nice to have "clean" tasting water. My only complaint is the little flap that fits over the spout; a terrible design in that occasionally sticks. When it finally opens water comes rushing out and often ends up everywhere....more info
  • Best thing since sliced bread.
    What a difference this pitcher makes in the taste of water. Since water should be tasteless in the first place, it is a shame we need this product, but I love it. Always did drink water, but now it is great!...more info
  • used!
    the one I got in the mail was used! but, amazon did overnight me a new one. just check inside the filter first to see that yours wasn't used....more info
  • Great Product
    There is no doubt that Brita makes an excellent product. Water filtration system itself is excellent. However, the pitcher is cumbersome and does not pour without dripping. All in all the quality of Brita filtration outweighs the messy pours....more info
  • Better than I hoped
    This came very quickly and I actually like this better than I thought would. It is larger and does a great job on the water here, which is no small thing. I used to buy drinking water by the gallon for coffee and ice and this is every bit as good. It will likely pay for itself on its first filter. I would buy it again. ...more info
  • Better than I expected and much better than faucet filters
    I've used and thrown away more PUR faucet water filters than I would like to think about. Generally speaking, these sort of water filters break, clog, or don't function for very long. After the last PUR filter device broke, I tossed the sucker in the trash and swore off the PUR brand forever.

    But now what I was to do? I still wanted filtered water, but refused to ever buy a faucet setup again. It turns out that my only recourse was a pitcher based unit. As a protest to those rotten PUR faucet filters, I jumped the fence over to Brita. This unit holds quite a bit of filtered water--10 8 ounce servings. It is easy to setup. You soak the filter in a glass of water for 15 minutes, slide in the filter in the pitcher's slot, add water and you are good to go.

    Filtering water isn't the fastest of operations, but if you know the 'trick,' using this pitcher can actually be faster than using the excruciatingly slow faucet method. The idea of using the pitcher is to immediately fill the upper reservoir after you poor out some water. It's not a really big thing to do, and by doing so, you can get a large quantity of water very quickly when you poor.

    The upper lid, as most have pointed out, doesn't exactly fit as snugly as it should and will sometimes fall off or loosen when you pour water. One way around this is to use the two hand method to pour--one on the handle and the other one supporting the front with your thumb holding down the lid.

    The water seems to be as fresh as the PUR system I used before and is a lot more convenient. The filters last about a month or more, and there is a little LCD timer that alerts you to when to change the filter. The filters for this unit seem to leak a few granules of carbon filter material sometimes, but if you soak your filter before installing, and wash away all the loose particle under the water faucet, most of the problems with the particles become diminished. ...more info
  • Good enough for young, broke apartment dwellers
    This Brita is ideal for my personal situation: 3 other (just as broke) roommates, highly suspect NYC tap water, and old water pipes. We needed something to purify the water, make it taste better, and not cost an arm or a leg.

    We bought the container for about $30 back in November 2004, and we bought a pack of 4 or 6 replacement filters for about $20 extra. We've gone through 2 filters so far (one that came with the Brita, and one new filter) although I suspect we should replace the filters more often (as we are big guzzlers here). Split amongst 4 people, that's only about $13 each for probably about 8 months of good quality water - each month, that comes out to less than $1.50.

    Granted, there are better quality water filters out there that remove more impurities than a Brita filter. But, usually those require hooking up the water pipes to a central filter, and shelling out close to $200...too much effort and $$ for an apartment.

    And why not those Pur water filters you hook onto the faucet itself? A lot of my friends have complained about those faucet mounts never fitting well enough around the faucet, causing leaks and sprays. Brita may be more low-tech, but it's just alot easier.

    We do refill the pitcher constantly, but it takes less than 3 minutes for all the water to filter. And, because my roomates and I don't like ice-cold water, we like to keep the pitcher, we can transport from room to room.

    So, if you live in your own home and are serious about water filtartion, buy a high end water filter you hook up to the entire water system. Otherwise, Brita is a good alternative.
    ...more info
  • Good Tasting Water
    I love this pitcher! I don't have to worry about carrying bottled water in the elevator to the 17th floor or the expense. The filtered water tastes just as good as bottled water, to me. These pitchers last forever, too....more info
  • It worked for me!
    This pitcher made my nasty water taste great. I love it. I practically gave up pop all together because of it.

    I had to fill the pitcher quite often because I drink so much water (more since I bought it). Everytime I poured a glass, I'd add a little more to filter. Even when I took it almost empty from the fridge it only took a minute, if that, to get a nice glass of water.
    You can even leave it on the counter, it's great for filling the pets' water bowls, and the temperate water taste just as fine. :)

    The spout lid did break off because of who knows what my roomate did to it, but still functions just the same.

    The filters do have to soak and such before use, but it wasn't much of a bother. If time is that precious to you, then, I don't know what would work better -- but the more power to you.

    I had the Brita Ultramax Water Filter Dispenser, which has a tap and holds a lot more water. It worked just as well, but it was such a pain to fill again, and to get to the last inch of water I had to tip the container forward, leading to a watery mess.

    I highly recomend this. <3
    ...more info
  • great pitcher
    This Brita pitcher is a great one. It is large (so if you're a little old lady type of person maybe a smaller one is best) and when full can weigh a bit but you won't have to fill it up very often. We had a smaller unit and had to fill it twice as often. My wife and I highly recommend this product....more info


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