Brita On Tap Replacement Filters, 2-Pack, White

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Product Description

A package of two replacement water filters for use with the Brita 42201 faucet mounted water filter

Brita's Ultra water system not only improves the flavor of tap water for drinking and cooking, it also purifies it. Brita packages two replacement water filters together to ensure that your water filter continues to function properly and that great-tasting water keeps flowing. Contaminants such as asbestos, cryptosporidium, and giardia are removed--as long as the filter is changed regularly. These filters fit readily on the Brita Ultra Faucet Filter, which is sold separately. --Lynne Sampson

  • Attaches easily to the faucet without tools
  • Features spray & stream options for unfiltered water
  • Removes 99% of lead and chlorine
  • Eliminates 99.99% of cryptosporidium and giardia
  • 100-gallon capacity

Customer Reviews:

  • Filters, Fast and Easy
    Order 'online', save gas driving around looking, and the filters were here in 3 or 4 days at a great price. Highly recommended!...more info
  • A water filter that is doing its job!
    I have been using Brita water filter for two years. The bottom line is that it works! The water tastes fresh without the odor....more info
  • Good Price, fast shipping
    I have purchased these several times and have always received top quality products and fast shipping. Easier than shopping local stores....more info
  • Better than town water
    I've purchased these before and bought the newest ones to replace the others and Amazon had the best price/shipping. These work well if youre OK with attaching it to your faucet...more info
  • Brita from Amazon - GREAT
    I purchased the Brita filter replacements from Amazon because the three (3) local area Target Stores were stock out, so I decided to check Amazon. It turned out to be a GREAT idea, it was $2 cheaper and came with free shipping, so I got my filters delivered to my door in 3 days for less money, time, and gas than purchasing at the store.

    I'll be checking Amazon more often as my first choice of any purchase over $25, with free shipping and their awesome prices -- it's a steal!...more info
  • Best faucet mount so far
    Great price at Amazon. Has a forceful spray option in addition to regular aerated stream for non-filtered warer. The filtered stream is strong and quick with a green light indicator. Red light when played out. Easy to mount. ...more info
  • brita
    I have always liked brita. I have one in the kitchen and bathroom. I like that it tells me when I need to change. I also have the pitcher unit. Yet I don;t use that much anymore. It also works well.
    \Thank you

    God Bless You...more info
  • Brita Tap Filters
    I got the original Brita Tap Filter because my town water has a metalic taste. I knew from the Brita filtered water picher I already had, it works great. I love my morning coffee, it tastes so much better now....more info
  • Amazon wins over CVS on price, and the Brita filters are easily the best.
    New York City has exceptionally clean and tasty tap water, but running the tap through this filter makes it so much cleaner. When it comes to consuming pollutants, you can't be too safe.

    That being said though, filtering all your water is quite expensive especially when you have a stay-at-home spouse like I do (and my wife is from Japan, which has the highest per capita water consumption in the world). At CVS these filters cost over $22 each (that's one per package!); that's almost prohibitively expensive particularly since we use ours for literally all the water we consume for drinking and cooking (not cleaning of course), so we go through probably 1 filter per month where many might go through 2 or 3 per year. Simple math: 12*22=$264 per year. On Amazon it's $25 for two, so we pay $150 per year, or a savings of $114. Truth be told, my wife might be changing out filters faster than that because the flow dwindles down to a trickle before the indicator on the faucet attachment indicates it's time to change, so we save exponentially more money by buying them from Amazon (with free shipping due to my Amazon Prime membership).

    Home economics aside, I am just astounded by how well this filtration system works. The water is, without exaggeration, crystal clear. New York City tap water is already purer than spring water, and yet we can see and taste the difference between the tap water and filtered even if it does little more than remove chlorine.

    I would still be fine with straight tap water except that my wife has horrible allergies. And while the water wont trigger an allergic reaction, she is noticably healthier since we started using the Brita tap filter system.

    BOTTOM LINE: Our Brita filters are now a household essential. We've used other brands, but none come even close to providing the level of filtering that these do. And buying these on Amazon has provided us a great savings....more info
  • better then bottled
    I live in a city that has very high reviews for our water. Most of the time when I travel, I don't care for the taste of the water in other areas. I have a very bad habit of not drinking enough water so I bought the filter as a reminder for me to drink more water. I was amazed at the difference in the taste! There were always a few brands of bottled water that I thought were quite good. When I filter my city water it is every bit as good, if not better. The filter life is much longer then I expected. The price of these replacement filters on Amazon is much cheaper than I can get locally. For me it is bye-bye expensive bottled water!...more info
  • nice!
    Easy to change, better tasting water, and MUCH cheaper than I could find in stores....more info
  • great help
    Brita On Tap Replacement Filter, 1-Pack
    Great way to use tap water for drinking and cooking. Helps to free you from using water in plastic bottles and is a whole lot cheaper....more info
  • Brita Faucet filters
    We have been using the faucet filter system for years, our home is over 110 years old and some of the plumbing is probably less than desirable for distributing water but thanks to these filters there is not much if anything to worry about.They last a very long time especially if you wait til the red light flashes before changing....more info
  • Brita On Tap Replacement Filters
    Great product. I had a hard time finding it in my local stores so was very glad I was able to find it here. Good price....more info
  • Does a great job. Filters are VERY easy to change.
    We all know that the Brita On Tap is a nice water filter that gets the job done well. But it's easy to ignore changing the filter. When the time came to do so, I was impressed with (1) how easy it is to change the filter and (2) how much better the water flow was with a fresh filter. This purchase is a no-brainer....more info
  • what is there to say?
    they work, they're afforable, and they make the L.A. tap water actually taste good. the only problem is that I go through them so fast because of how awful the tap water is out here... but who cares, it's worth it. much cheaper than buying bottled water....more info
  • Brita Water Filters
    These Brita activated carbon filters for your kitchen tap really do work. They are great....more info
  • For clean tap water, a MUST!
    Tap water, in my opinion is not safe. For years, I have used water coolers and filters. I fins the Brita filter attached to the faucet the most inexpensive way to keep my family healthy since all we drink is water and I used this to cook with as well. It is easy to use and the refill filters are reasonably priced in the twin gives or months of clean non chlroinated water...I recommend this filter system highly....more info
  • Fast shipper
    This is a product I used to buy at retail stores. I found the pricing is much better online & this seller ships very fast....more info
  • Availability is the best
    The product is good. It is the best filter system I have used. But the weak point for Brita is availability, since I hardly find them at the Supermarket so I buy it from Amazon. So availability at Amazon is the best....more info
  • Much better than Pur
    After using Pur faucet-mounted water filters for years, and having to replace them every year or two due to cracks or leaks, I finally tried Brita. Much better design! Easier to replace, no leaks, no cracks, same water quality. And through Amazon, better price.


    A year later--no problems so far. One quirk of the Brita, however, is that when it's in filtering mode the stream of water is quite narrow, and forceful, so it can easily bounce off whatever it's hitting and spray around. Filling ice cube trays, for example, requires a little practice to actually have the water stay in the compartments instead of spraying everywhere else. But really, this is nitpicking. Still prefer it to Pur. And it also takes up a little less space under the faucet....more info
  • Brita on tap
    Easy to use, easy to replace. We have double filtered well water but use the Brita-on-Tap as an extra filter for our drinking water. Easy to install and the filters are super easy to replace. Would recommend this filter for anyone....more info
  • Makes water wonderful
    I live in Florida and the water in my town smells and taste bad. Using the Brita filter is the remedy. The water smells and taste better when I use the Brita filter....more info
  • The Brita Replacement Filter
    The water at my house is bad will make you feel bad, so I tried out the Brita on Tap System and it really made a different in the taste of the water real clean and fresh tasting good water I love it. ...more info
  • filters
    Received the filters quickly, they work great, just wish they had the chrome color also....more info
  • works well, lasts long
    This filter makes our yucky city water taste so much better! And the filter lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. Our water has a lot of minerals in it and I figured the filter would clog up quickly, but it lasted about three months!

    These filters are much cheaper than buying bottled water, are much more convenient, and there's less waste. ...more info
  • The taste and smell of your water will be improved
    Consumer product-review publications have consistently given Brita the highest marks for removing undesirable substances from your water. Using the faucet-mounted system takes up no room in your fridge and you never have to wait for the water to drip, drip, drip through the filter into the pitcher. Even better, no more of those little black crumbs of the coconut-filter stuff in your pitcher!

    It's also nice to use the filtered water to rinse off your dishes before they go into the countertop rack--the filtration cuts down on mineral deposits, so my glasses and other dishes have no hard-water stains.

    These filters also last a good long while (more than a couple of months in our 4-person, 2-dog household--and yes, we give the dogs the filtered water, too)!...more info
  • britta on tap filters
    These are convenient and work well. We no longer have a pitcher filling up the fridge. The refills are expensive but check around for the best deal. ...more info
  • Nice Deal!
    I always get these filters from, they are cheaper, and they ship it for free (when i buy 2 of them)......more info
  • Works good
    What more can I say, it does what it does. I've been using these for years. Brita makes some good quality filters....more info


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