Fagor Duo Stainless-Steel 4-Quart Pressure Cooker

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Product Description

Easy, safe, healthy and time-saving, the pressure cooker is a busy cook's best friend. This cooker allows you to select from two pressure settings without changing valves and it has a visual indicator on the handle to tell you when all pressure has been released. You can cook everyday recipes in 1/3 less time while retaining important water soluble vitamins and minerals. Want some examples? Okay, how about a cup of dried black beans ready in about 15 minutes, or an entire 3 lb. chicken ready in about the same? Risotto, done in 7 minutes or a 2 lb. lobster, cooked in 3?

Beginning in the 1930s, two generations of busy cooks employed pressure cookers to prepare family meals. The next generation, freighted with memories of valves dancing and hissing on stovetops, then snubbed pressure cookers. News flash--pressure cookers have come back, those old valves replaced by modern versions that ensure safety while delivering the speed, ease, and nutritional benefits of pressure cooking.

This heavyweight, stainless-steel beauty is a fine example of contemporary engineering and style. Its mirror finish gleams, and its black handles, including a loop handle for two-handed lifting, stay cool. Pressure cooking traps steam to heat foods at temperatures higher than boiling. This cooker has an aluminum disk sandwiched by stainless steel in its base to speed the process even more through fast heat conductivity. It's safe on electric, gas, ceramic, and induction stovetops. Little water is required, so nutrients, flavor, and color are not boiled away. Vegetables emerge vibrantly colored from the steamer basket insert. Stews, soups, beans--even meat loaf, pork chops, and desserts like bread pudding--come out tasty and nutritious. (Recipes included.) Meats can be browned in the pot before the lid is locked on, and the pot can be used without the lid. The operating valve offers high and low pressure settings for cooking foods at ideal speeds.

Safety measures abound. The lid twists onto the pot, with a rubber gasket ensuring a tight seal. A lock secures lid to pot. A vent releases steam if pressure builds too high, as does a valve that also locks the lid when any pressure whatsoever is inside the cooker. Another device indicates pressure and gently releases steam during cooking.

Cleanup is a bit complicated. Hand wash pot, gasket, and lid with a mild detergent. Lightly oil the gasket. Remove and clean the operative valve. This minor cleaning inconvenience, however, should not overshadow the major convenience of pressure cooking. --Fred Brack

From the Manufacturer

Fagor is Green:

Fagor's mission is to use resources efficiently to preserve the environment and save energy, developing highly efficient products that consume less and save money; contributing to a healthy planet for us and our future generations. From a social perspective, Fagor's environmental policy strategy offers advantages to both workers and consumers. It provides workers with environmentally-appropriate working conditions, which, among other benefits, minimizes and eliminates the handling of hazardous materials, while for consumers, the end-users of Fagor's products and services, it allows for efficient use of the appliances, which reduces energy and water consumption.

Fagor has manufacturing systems established to minimize environmental impact on soil, water, energy, and air during the production process. There is also proper waste management and recycling procedures in place after the manufacturing process is completed.

In addition to numerous European product certifications and environmental stewardship awards, Fagor is also notably a participant in the Energy Star program in the USA, a joint program of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department Of Energy. Products that bear the energy star label allow consumers to recognize such products that have been manufactured to save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices.

  • Made of high quality 18/10 stainless steel, can be use on all heat sources- gas, electric, ceramic and induction
  • Spring type mechanism in dial format can be maneuvered from one setting to the next without changing valves
  • Sleek black handles are ergonomically designed to make for easier handling
  • Automatic pressure release position, visual pressure indicator and safety locking handle prevents opening under pressure
  • Comes with instruction manual and recipe book

Customer Reviews:

  • So much nicer than my old Mirro!
    No "jiggler" noise like the old unit I had, just a soft hiss of steam escaping. Has 2 pressures (8 and 12 pounds), versus the old 5, 10 or 15 of the Mirro. Potatoes cook quicker, dried beans are a snap! Easy to clean, plus it looks really modern and snazzy. ;-)...more info
  • Great product, great service!
    note -- I purchased the combo which including this cooker, so I am repeating my review here.

    Fagor is the least expensive brand that I am aware of which also has the 'modern' features desirable in pressure cookers. To learn more about pressure cookers and what is desirable go to missvickie.com (a non-commercial site devoted to pressure cooker enthusiasts.) Some of these features deal with safety, e.g. you don't have to worry about plugging the steam escape with Fagor. Fagor cookers also reach a pressure of 15psi (which is important.) Unless a brand advertises that they do reach 15psi, assume that they don't. I suggest getting an extra gasket when you buy the item as you will need one at one point (they don't last forever). I must also compliment the company on its service. I bought this item, and sent in a rebate form (for a free stock pot). They sent me a nice paella pan by mistake. I was satisfied, however I called them to make sure that there was no mistake. They answered the phone right away (without the common maze of annoyingly slow and complex menu options that leave you screaming.) The woman I talked to was very personable. This woman check on what happened, called me back, and told me that they would also send the stock pot to me, and for me to go ahead and keep the paella pan....more info
  • Works as advertised
    What can I say, it's a pressure cooker. It cooks faster due to pressure. There are good instructions and warnings. Hasn't blown up yet. Yippie!...more info
  • A great cooker
    The Fagor pressure cooker does much more then I expected.
    The cooking time is greatly reduced, the food is never dry when done, and the meat is always tender. I love it....more info
  • High quality product.
    This is our first pressure cooker, so we do not have much to compare it to. While we think it is made of quality materials and is easy to use, we have not yet "mastered" the cooking method. We find normal stovetop preparations (i.e. no pressure cooker) to be of better texture. The speed is very nice, so we use the pressure cooker often. We find that it works best for vegetables and beans, but the texture of most grains is difficult to get "right".

    We are a family of three (two adults and one infant) and find the 4-quart size to be sufficient for most recipes. Making soup, and recipes with the intention of leftovers however, has been slightly more difficult, and a larger 6- to 8-quart pot would be nice. If we decide to get a larger pot in the future, I will definitely go with this brand, as we have been very pleased with the function of the 4-quart size....more info
  • Love these pans!
    Quick, healthy cooking. I also have the 10 qt and I love these! (If I had a smaller family I would have bought the 5 pc. Duo Combi set.) I've been looking for a high quality stainless steel pressure cooker that I can afford. Amazon's prices and promo discount made this possible. Great quality. Nothing like my old aluminum pressure cooker I had 20 years ago. These are so simple to use. We use them everyday. ...more info
  • NOT the advertised product!!!
    I ordered this cooker after I read a Cook's Illustrated review, but I received a basic/cheaper line "Rapido" instead of "Duo" line. Please read reviews on 10qt DUO cooker. I am not the only one who is receiving a wrong cooker!!! I returned it right away. I am very disappointed. :-( ...more info
  • A great cooker
    The Fagor pressure cooker does much more then I expected.
    The cooking time is greatly reduced, the food is never dry when done, and the meat is always tender. I love it....more info
  • A very good pressure cooker with no problems
    This pressure cooker is a good size for a single person. It works well, and the instruction manual that comes with it is good for explaining its usage. It also comes with a small cookbook to get you started. It is easy to clean since there are only three main parts. A good time saver. ...more info
  • time saver for beans & lentils
    Fagor Duo 4 qt pressure cooker is great to prepare 3-4 servings meals.

    After using it, it is a "gas-bill saver" when it comes to cooking your own beans & lentils.

    I just don't want to go back to using regular cooking pan after this miracle unit.

    It cooks foods healthy and fast. What more can I ask for?...more info
  • Fagor 4 qt Pressure Cooker
    I was expecting a clicker to show the steam escaping. What it is is a steady stream of air coming through a special escape vent. The cooker cooks well but when it is loaded, it cooks unevenly....more info
  • They're real nice unless they blow up!
    I hate to put a bad review with all these other great ones, but my pressure cooker did not serve me well. It worked great the first two times I used it. I was amazed how fast it cooked things. The third time I used it blew up!!! I was next to the stove washing dishes when I heard what sounded like a cannon going off. I could see in slow motion the pressure cooker take off like a rocket. I dived out of the way with a loud yell as it landed right in front of the sink where I was standing. The handle had busted off and it sat there steaming on the ground. The gasket had blown out (A safety feature)and the steam had propelled it upward. I'm thankful for the safety features, things could have been much worse.
    I know what your thinking: "This buffoon probably clogged up the valve cooking somthing starchy like pasta!", or "He probably had the stove on high with the cooker roaring away trying to cook things faster." The fact of the matter is I was sterilizing equipment in plain water, nothing starchy about that! I also had the stove on medium high with only a gentle steam coming from the cooker. I also checked the valve to be sure it was clear before I started the cooker. I followed all the guidelines in the book (the last thing I wanted was blown out ear drums and a flying pressure cooker!) There had to have been a defect with my cooker. I will call Fagor tomarrow to report the incedent (it only happened about 30 mins ago).
    In all likelyhood your cooker will work great like the others who have written reviews, but I feel obligated to report what happened to me. Has anyone else had such an experience? I will let you know what customer service says and if they are helpful. Good luck to everybody out there and stay safe!...more info


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