Cameron Cookware Stainless Steel Stovetop Smoker

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Cake pan? Naw. Stovetop Smoker. THE fast, easy, flavorful way to smoke food indoors or out, right on your stove. Healthy way to infuse flavor! No use of fats, salts or oils. No added calories. Use over any open flame or electric heat source to seal in the mouthwatering smokey flavor. Retains moisture and natural cooking flavors, so foods don't dry out or get tough. Also doubles as a steamer / poacher. You actually get 2 great cookers in one easy-to-use unit! Details: Durable stainless steel construction with sliding lid; Fold-away handles never get hot; Drip tray protects wood chips; Nonstick wire rack allows smoke to circulate; Soap / water clean-up (pre-spray with veggie oil for even easier clean-up); Dishwasher safe; Measures 3 1/2 x 11 x 15", 7 lbs. Includes recipe / instruction manual and wood chip samples (alder, cherry, oak and hickory) 1 oz. each 7-year Mfr.'s Limited Warranty. Discover the smoked taste. Stovetop Smoker

All the succulent flavors of wood smoking are now available indoors in minutes. This stovetop smoker is constructed of heavy-gauge stainless steel, and at 11 by 15 inches, it's big enough to smoke a ham or a whole fish fillet. The lid slides on for a tight seal, so food gets smoked, but your kitchen doesn't. Additional features include a drip tray rack and retractable handles for storage. The set can also be used as a steamer, poacher, or roasting pan. Instructions, a recipe booklet, and a supply of wood chips will get you started immediately on this low-fat, flavorful cooking technique. --Lynne Sampson

  • Stainless-steel smoker smokes meat, fish, and vegetables right on the stovetop
  • Durable stainless-steel pan with cover; dishwasher-safe
  • Works over any heat source, including open flame or electric stovetop
  • Includes samples of four wood-chip flavors
  • Seven-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Piss poor delivery
    Would love to give a more experienced review about the product, but after 19 days and being billed, I've yet to see the damned smoker...more info
  • Smoke your foods with less effort and time
    This stovetop smoker is amazing. We currently own the Char Broil Silver Smoker and it take 5+ hours to smoke fish and meats. The stovetop smoker can achieve the same results in about 30-40 minutes. I love using different varietities of the smoking chips and foods come out tender, juicy and full of flavor. Clean up is simple since I use foil to line the bottom of the drip pan. All I have to do is toss out the smoking chips ashes, peel back the aluminum foil, give it a quick wash and rinse to get any moisture or any food splatter on the lid and store it until the next use. This unit does not fill your house with smoke but you can smell the wonderful aroma of cedar, apple, mesquite or whatever flavor of chips you use.

    Since I have a smooth top stove and do not want to scratch the surface, I use the stovetop smoker on top of Sanyo HPS-SG3 200-Square-Inch Electric Indoor Barbeque Grill, Black and also use it on with my Weber 586002 Q 320 Portable Outdoor Gas Grill. Using it on the Weber Grill gets slower cooking results but it is great to take to picnics and camping to smoke up those fish you catch!...more info
  • Yummy!
    I bought this for my husband for our Anniversary (tin/alluminum). He loves to cook, but doesn't do it very often. I have not personally used it, but my husband says it is very easy to use. I can, however, vouch for the taste...YUMMY! He has made chicken and pork ribs in the smoker and they were delicious.

    It doesn't fill the house with smoke, but if you put in hot peppers or hot spices with the meat, it will choke you. You may need to open windows and doors....more info
  • Wonderful!
    I saw a stovetop smoker like this on Emeril live,
    and I told my son I had to have one. He gave me one for
    Christmas and I love it.
    It is a kitchen must have....more info
  • No wood chips?
    Steal a trick from Chinese cuisine, and used by Cooks Illustrated in their indoor ribs recipes -- use loose tea. It's available in bulk very inexpensively from any Chinese or Vietnamese grocery. Buy the tea on're only after the smoke, after all. ...more info
  • excellent smoker
    Excellent product. does a great job with meats and vegetables,in the oven or on the stovetop, almost as good as my outdoor smoker. ...more info
  • Very easy to use great addition to the kitchen
    Love this thing is very simple to use. It came with some wood chips get you started. It's also pretty versatile. You can smoke in it in the house doesn't get all smoky smelling, you can also use it as a roasting pan or to steam. It's very easy to use and works as advertised...more info
  • Great item
    I have had mine since fall 2006, with a selection of all kinds of chips. I love it and use it for meats and vegetables a lot.
    It is well made and easy to use, even with large items. For those, I tent the pan with foil and proceed as I would with my outdoor smoker.
    I would certainly recommend this product for people who don't have room for a regular outdoor smoker....more info
  • Awful, awful, awful....warped, warped, warped
    The smoker came out of the box warped, and when heated for the one and only time to smoke a very thin fish filet went "sproing" and not only did the cover warp some more, but the lip on the pan that holds the cover shut tight warped upward at both sides, leaving a 1/2 gap on either side between the pan and the cover. My kitchen smelled of alder smoke, the fish took over 20 minutes to cook through, and I returned this immediately after I cleaned it. I then ordered Emeril's smoker, which is cast iron, and am waiting hopefully for that to arrive....more info
  • Wonderful Smoker
    I bought this for my husband as a Christmas present since he'd expressed interest after seeing it on TV on Andre Immer's show. We've enjoyed chicken, burgers and Italian sausages so far, but we haven't had it long enough to try everything. If you aren't heavy handed with the chips, it gives a wonderful, delicate smoked flavor to whatever you're fixing. We don't have to go outside to smoke our food. A truly great product!...more info
  • Easily make delicious meals
    Using the stovetop smoker is basically foolproof, even for people who rarely cook. It gives food a great, smoky flavor that isn't overwhelming. After using this, there was a lingering smoky smell in the kitchen, but it was faint; and it dissipated after a few hours. ...more info
  • I rather use liquid smoke
    It doesn't work as well as I thought it would be. I found that easier to add liquid smoke directly on my food....more info
  • great product
    I made dinner for two friends using the smoker and both immediately ordered one for their husbands....more info
  • A nice idea
    After a few test runs I've pretty much stopped using this product. It just doesn't impart enough "woody" or smoking flavors to count as a barbeque or cooking option....more info
  • Great Idea
    I am an avid outdoor smoker. However, the last year I was laid up with some health issues and couldn't get outside to do any smoking. I saw this stovetop smoker on one of the Food Network shows. I searched the internet until I found one. It works great. I smoke the cut of meat until it is about 15 minutes from being done then I take the lid off and put it under the broiler to finish cooking and give it some color. The meat is tender and has the same smokey taste as if it had been done in an outdoor smoker. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys good smoked meat....more info
  • Not Really "Smoked Salmon"
    This is a cool device and the end result is tasty BUT if you think you are going to end up with smoked salmon like you buy in the store (as we did) you will be disappointed. It "smokes" salmon but it does not make smoked salmon. ...more info
  • Great Contraption
    I bought this for my husband and he loves it! The meat came out exceptionally tender and perfectly smoked. The recipes in the booklet it comes with are really good too! It wasn't too hard to clean up, but it will start turning black, which is ok since it shows that you're using it. And it won't affect the food in anyway....more info
  • E.A.'s
    I bought this for my husband's birthday this December. When it arrived I was dissapointed that the top of the smoker's lid had scratches on it that are very hard to ignore. I decided not to return it since it was only cosmetic, but it was still a let down. The set of wood chips were a nice bonus, and overall it looks like a great product....more info
  • Stovetop Smoker
    I have never used a stovetop smoker so I cannot compare it to others on the market. All I can tell you is that I was very satisfied with this one. It produces very little smoke and does not smell up my house. I made a brisket in this and it was in use for 4 hrs. and I could not tell it was on my stove. The flavor was good but a little strong for my liking. I think just by cutting down on the smoker chips I could rectify that problem. I did find that for me it is one of those novelty items you have in you kitchen's and don't really use that often. Kind of like the bread maker's they came out with about 10 years ago. ...more info
  • Quick and easy smoker
    The Stovetop Smoker is a smaller version of a denatured alcohol-fired smoker that I have used for about 20 years. It is convenient to use because it can be used in the kitchen or on a charcoal or gas grill. I've also used it on a propane burner normally used for crawfish boils and fried turkeys. While it will turn out delicious fish and meat dishes without them, the addition of a marinade or rub will add a lot to appearance and flavor.

    For some of the best smoked salmon you will ever taste, try this: In a large locking bag, marinate a section of Coho or Atlantic salmon fillet in a solution of :
    3 cans of Coke, 1 cup of light brown sugar, ? cup of Kosher Salt

    Stir until salt and sugar dissolve. Squeeze the air out of the bag before sealing to make sure the marinade covers the fish. If the marinade doesn't completely cover the fish add more coke, sugar and salt. Place in the refrigerator for 4-6 hours. Cover the tray in the bottom of the smoker with foil for easy cleanup. Place a couple of tablespoons of alder or cherry wood chips under the tray and place the tray, the grill and the fish on top of the chips. Close the top tightly and place over medium heat for 15 minutes and check for doneness. Use a mitt when opening the top. Check every 5 minutes until done. It usually takes 25-30 minutes, depending on temperature and thickness of the fillet. Remove grill and fillet and place on a cutting board. Slide a large spatula between the meat and skin and place the meat on a plate. Sprinkle liberally with dill weed and add cracked pepper to taste. You will find the dish moist and delicious. Serve as entr®¶e or with cream cheese and capers on Breton crackers.

    The only negative I've found is its size won't accommodate a full fillet.
    For pork tenders, sear in oilled skillet or on BBQ grill and coat with John Henry's Pecan Rub or your favorite rub before smoking....more info
  • Cameron Smoker
    This is a pain in the ___! Isn't it enough that I bought the product? It's great---ok?...more info
  • Great product
    This cooker is a wonderful addition to my cookware. I highly recommend to anyone who loves smoked food. Order it, you won't be sorry....more info
  • A Must Have For Any Kitchen
    I think that everyone should have one of these. This is just as important as a sauce pan. I have made pulled pork and chicken breasts in it. Everything comes out so nice and juicey and full of the smoke scent you put into it. We used hickory on both and it came out gteat. The only bad thing is it's a bad clean up but that's to be expected. Also, if you have one of those galss tops stoves you can't use it....more info
  • gera
    This smoker works great. I've smoked chicken, potatoes, homemade pastrami(yum) and even some cheap salami lunchmeat. It really adds wonderful flavor to anything and is so easy to do. Clean up isn't the easiest but is still worth it. I give it an A+....more info
  • 41/2 stars.. Az smoker
    I too bought for the hot summers of Arizona. Too hot to stand outside much.
    We have smoked round steak and pork ribs in the smoker. Both have turned out really great tasting altho I tend to overcook the meat. The unit will put the smell of "smoke" inside your home for a few days. The inside drip pan has warped big time but still works. The unit is a bear to clean up, so the wife handles it after soaking for a day. The look of it is "dirty" but just can't get the burnt off the unit. The dry chips which came with it work fine. I would definitely consider buying this for a gift and when and if it ever breaks, I will buy another.
    I am ready to cook a brisket next... My wife loves the smoker too. We use it on a flat top stove and have had no problems....more info
  • Great for snow country!
    We love our smoker and use it alot. Also bought one for my Dad - he's in heaven....more info
  • Surprising
    I have used it only a couple of times since getting it, but I am surprised at the flavors that come with this. In as little as 20 minutes you can perfectly smoke tuna steaks with almost no smoke leaking out of the unit and into your home/apt.

    Also makes a semi-effective defense against would-be burglers (heated or unheated)....more info
  • changed my life
    Yes, it leaks some smoke, thats why there is a fan in your venthood. Yes, it will warp, it is made out of sheet metal. But we have the best pork chops, loin, tenderloin, chicken parts and skinless breasts, Salmon ever. Been using it for 4 years on a glass top range. Yep, factory chips are expensive, but if your that bothered by it, split a baseball bat and run it through your pencil sharpener (ok, I haven't tried that, but I did take a camping knive and whittle off some chips from storebought chunks one night to avert hickory withdrawal). Yeah, maybe you can do better if you have a outdoor rig, but any smoker will tell you it's no small investment of time or money to fire up a wood pit, and I'm not likely to do it for just 4 chops. We were thinking about buying another, so that if they went out of business before this one wore out, we wouldn't be without one. ...more info
  • Awesome
    I never owned a smoker but, thought that it would be good to use with fish. (Need to lower my cholesterol) I was amazed at how wonderful the salmon turned out. Good flavor and really moist. I would definitely recommend to everyone. I will actually be buying a few more for my family members....more info
  • It's smokin'!
    I surprised my husband with the stovetop smoker, and we really enjoy it. We live in an apt., which makes it difficult to get the outdoor grill taste indoors. So, the Cameron stovetop smoker is perfect! We made salmon in it, and it was cooked perfectly. The directions were right on!...more info
  • Even if you ONLY use this to smoke salmon . . .'s worth it.

    I now wish I had bought this YEARS ago. When I look back on all the money I've wasted on inferior, expensive smoked salmon from a grocery store/deli, it makes me very, very, very sad.

    My first batch of (alder) smoked salmon was phenomenal. When it was done, I tried a small piece as a taste-test and ended up eating almost half!

    I was a bit leery about the clean-up, but I found it to be quite easy -- just watch out for the ashes sticking to the bottom of the drip-pan. Brush those off, shove the whole thing in the dishwasher and you're done.

    I can't wait to try turkey breast, chicken, ribs, pork chops, corn-on-the-cob ......more info
  • great
    Just got it and used it on thick big burgers. It works great. Doesn't leak smoke very much at all and adds a nice taste to the food.

    Used foil on the drip pan and clean up was easy. It does turn a bit black like they say but that is not a problem. Going to try some venison tomorrow and smoke the meat.

    ...more info
  • Stovetop Smoking
    Fresh Caught Wild Salmon - filet'd & brined for a few hours then placed on the Stovetop Smoker the same evening resulted in five star quality flavor w/ moistness & beautiful presentation . We reserved a small amount to savor later w/ this week's appetizers of wine & cheese.
    Aluminum foil lined along the drip pan & nonstick spray over the smoking rack made for instant cleanup. Folding handles eased the smoker back into it's box to store until our next catch !

    Elizabeth Del Grande...more info
  • Beware - product made in China! Sorry to be a spoil-sport but . . .
    I'm sure this item is all that buyer's have reported in the many positive reviews. However, please be aware that the Cameron Manufacturing (USA based company) description does not mention that this item is actually manufactured in China, using metals from that country. I only noticed this when I saw the small sticker on the bottom of the pan when unwrapping it. As is well known, and now reported on a daily basis in our consumer news, there seems to be little to no regulation on USA imports from China, especially where metals/alloys are concerned; ie: millions of China made lead toys and milk products recently recalled, etc.. During the recent Olympics, I watched an alarming documentary showing where China is knowingly using melted lead in place of stainless steel and other approved metals, for many USA bound products. The health risks were horrifyingly made evident in that documentary. Therefore, I really did not feel comfortable in using this product with my family and so I returned it for the USA made Nordicware stovetop smoker. Sorry to be a spoil-sport but thought I should note this finding for those who may be concerned regarding this issue, so they will know BEFORE purchasing. In fairness to the company, and based on all the positive reviews I have read, I did give a 3 star rating. However, I have not personally used this item and the 3 stars are only representative of my disappointment for the lack of full disclosure regarding 'made in China'. I would have preferred to leave a neutral 'zero star' rating but that is not an option for reviews....more info
  • I love this pan
    I have enjoyed the wonderful smoke-flavored meals you can make in this neat pan. Tonight, we had smoked vegetables and served them over rice. Delicious!...more info
  • Good easy smoker
    I read about this smoker and wanted it for easy smoking when I don't want to use my BIG smoker. I ahve found ti easy to use. I have only smoked fish so far, but the flavor has been real good. It does smoke some and I am still working to tweak it lid to minimize the smoke that escapes. However, I kind of like the smokey scent that lingers and my vent takes most of the smoke out

    Overall, it's and good product that is very easy to use....more info
  • Just used it,just loved it !!!
    Just inaugurated my new stove top smoker and we loved it. My wife was concerned about the smell of smoke in the house, but a kitchen exhaust fan took care of any smoke that leaked out of the pan. I've smoked outside for years, but I wanted something quick and easy. I saw it being used on BBQU and turned right around and ordered it.
    ...more info
  • Love it!
    I tried this smoker for the first time and it worked beautifully. I smoked salmon and used the recommended amount of alder chips. The salmon was moist and flavorful. I cooked a few minutes in the oven to brown and the texture was still good.

    I have a glasstop range but I do not have a bridge burner. I didn't want to risk cracking it so, I put the smoker on my electric grill. I did have to smoke an additional 20 minutes; the book says to smoke 25 minutes. All in all, it took 45 minutes; next time I will adjust the heat. ...more info
  • outsourced construction needs quality control
    First off, I love what I can do w/ this smoker. Killer for fish, great ribs, can't wait to try many other things. IT IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR A BARBECUE GRILL. That being said, it has it's uses, and does a fine job.
    My problem has been the "made in China" aspect. The first one I received, the handle bracket was attached crooked, and the handle would not stay snugged up against side of pan, flopped off at some angle. Returned that one and received a second, almost worse than the first. Called the company (Cameron Cookware) and advised them of the problem. THEY sent me another, but I must say even this one is not right. But I give up, I want the pan badly enough I'm going to keep it. I must commend Cameron for their effort to make things right tho. ...more info
  • Healthy cooking
    I wanted one of these after enjoying smoked pork chops at my brother's house. Easy to use. Makes delicious and healthful foods. Clean up is relatively painless. This size big enough for two (with leftovers.) I have been grilling for years, but now I will have more smoked options on the menu....more info
  • Cameron Stovetop Smoker
    Love it! Smoked 3 trout about a pound each. Made two different smoked trout salads with the leftovers. Also, smoked 2 tilapia fillets with 4 small ears of corn. Turned out great. Used the smoker on my range with electric burners and also used it on my daughter's solid top stove. Worked on both. Highly recommend this item. The chips are finer than the ones you use on a grill also rather spendy. Tip: run regular chips through an electric coffee grinder or blender until they are the right size. Much cheaper....more info
  • Smoker pan
    I've used the smoker pan several times, and can't get the lid fit right. Some smoke escapes. Last time I put Reynolds Wrap over the top of the lid to seal it in and that works. The pan is of good steel gauge, and the smoke flavor is great. I just wish it fit together better....more info
  • Love this smoker!
    After reading some less than stellar reviews I got a bit nervous, but I have to say after having this smoker a few weeks I couldn't be happier. So far I've made salmon, grouper, chicken, pork chops and ribs and each one came out perfect and juicy. In fact its so good for fish I would have bought it for that alone had I known. I used it once outside on my grill for ribs and wasn't happy with the results although it was probably the grill's fault. I've used it in the house all the other times, The second time I cooked the ribs for an hour inside then finished them up in the oven after taking the chips out (got that recipe from [...] from Emeril's show which is where I first saw this smoker) I've had a cold smoker in the past and while this is no substitute, it really is a great little item for cooking everyday foods. One complaint some commented on was the smell in the house when cooking, I have not noticed a problem with that at all, no more than any other cooking method. One corner doesn't seal as well as I like so I just put some foil over that part. All in all its a really good product that I would have no hesitation recommending. ...more info
    I love this smoker so much I e-mailed Cameron & told them I'd smoke toast if someone would eat it! I've only had it 8 days & I've made chicken twice, ribs, steak & potatos. It's just plain fun, easy & good!...more info
    I bought this smoker as an anniversary gift to my husband who LOOOOVVES to cook. This is our favorite kitchen tool now because it makes simple dishes simply amazing! It's perfect for busy people who have little prep time but would still like a good decent meal. If you're tired of tasteless chicken breasts, this is a good tool to bring out their flavor. Leave the chicken in a marinade and then pop it into the smoker when done...instant savory meal! Only downside is, it will definitely leave your house smelling like smoked chicken/salmon, so better stock up on Oust....more info
  • Works as Advertised
    Effective smoking apparatus for meat and fish. Easy to clean but develops a dark, blotchy patina. Some of the smokey smell is released due to gaps in the fit of the components, but this can be rectified with aluminum foil....more info
  • This thing is Great
    I've used my Cameron Smoker for a coupla of years now and have been delighted with the results.I've smoked a mess of chicken,mostly wings and breasts.Lamb,shrimp and ribs also.It will take yu a few times to get the hang of it and not set off your smoke detector.
    anyhow..I endorse this pan,100%.It's very well made and will last me my lifetime and then some.The pan with the lid closed tightly gets very hot and you can cook smaller cuts of stuff without another step.I use my Camerons for "big" stuff like chicken breasts.It gives them a great flavor and then broil them till done.Smaller goodies like shrimp,lamb or beef stew meat,marinated over night and placed on skewers, do not require cooking.They will cook in the Cameron about 10 minutes for shrimp and 20 to 30 for meat kabobs.Also,babybax need no additional cooking after the smoking process.I eat them all the time indoors now because it's quick and easy with this smoker.I love it.Salmon is next.Then I'm going to attempt a little 3lb pork shoulder.Smoke it a bit longer and perhaps put in a metal camping cup of water to keep it from drying out.I'll let you know how it worked....more info
  • Excellent Smoker-But not in the house....
    Cameron Cookware Gourmet Mini Smoker

    I wanted to try to smoke fish and after reading the online reviews, I decided to order this smoker. It is excellent! I do have some recommendations. While reading reviews, I noticed a review that said cover everything with foil and put a piece of foil over the woodchips. I followed these directions and it really helps with clean up.

    Also, even though this product was designed to use indoors, I would not. The smoke is pretty strong, even with the foil over the lid. I used it in the house only once and the house smelled like a Sonny's BBQ for about 4 days. If you use this often in your home, the smoke will permeate the furniture, carpet, and drapes.

    I use the burner on my outdoor grill to smoke fish. It takes about 15-20 minutes and is really tasty. The smoker is small (only a couple of pieces of fish fit on the grate) and I am considering buying the larger one. ...more info
  • Excellent smoker
    I bought this smoker for myself a couple years ago and it has been a great product. It's so versatile: I have used it on a gas stove top, over a campfire, on a charcoal grill, or over a sterno. It does very well with smoked fish or cheeses, as well as other meats. I haven't tried smoking almonds yet, but plan to soon! The possibilities are endless with this!

    It holds up well to repeat use, and is easy to clean. I always line the inner pan with foil, which makes cleanup even easier. I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a smoker that is user-friendly and convenient. ...more info
  • Cameron Smoker
    Well made and heavy construction. Arrived with a dent, and minus the sample smoke chips. Customer Care sent a replacement and a return slip for the damaged one with no hassles.

    My cousin has one of these and loves it, so I bought it knowing I couldn't use it on my ceramic cooktop, hoping to use in the oven as other reviwers have suggested. This did not work for me; the chips never smoked. I guess they really need the direct contact heat....more info
  • A First Time Smoker
    Saw this on Emeril and had to try it. How hard could it be to operate? Not a problem. Put two teaspoons of dry wood (alder is my favorite) in the bottom pan, next cover that with the drip pan (lined with tinfoil for ease of cleanup), then place in the grating and place in your food. I have only used this smoker for fish which I now eat without any sauce on the side. The fish is very moist and delicious after "smokin" for 25 minutes. Minimum amount of smoke escapes but not enough to set off the smoke alarm and leaves a pleasant smell in the air. Clean-up is a breeze as long as you use tinfoil in the drip pan. Don't worry about the burn stain on the stainless steel pan. It's normal and shows you are using it. A must buy and afforable for Christmas. Expand your eating experience right at home. A very recommended buy....more info
  • Better than expected and we had high expectations
    My wife and I had been considering this stove top smoker for years after seeing it many times on various cooking shows. We finally broke down and decided to buy one after we figured it would help us eat more fish and be a healthy way to prepare other meats like chicken and pork. We were really surprised at how much smoke flavor is absorbed into the meats after cooking only 25 minutes on average. We had high expectations for the product going into buying and I must say the smoker has exceeded our expectations. We use it once to twice a week and have used it with salmon filets (best I have ever had), pork chops, chicken breast, chicken wings (tossed in buffalo wing sauce after smoking), beef skirt, beef flank, sausage and pork loin. Depending on what you make some browning is necessary through other methods, so it is not necessary an easy way to prepare foods, but it is worth it. It does not take much of the wood chips each time so the cost per use is lower than we planned on....more info
  • Awesome Stove Smoker!
    This smoker is so easy to use and no, it does not smoke up the kitchen! The salmon was excellent. Usually my husband stays out of the kitchen but now he is plotting to use the smoker on the outdoor grill. We both see endless possibilities!...more info
  • Cameron Cookware Stainless Steel Stovetop Smoker
    It is absolutely terrific. I use it in my small apartment with very poor ventilation. Everything I have smoked so far is delicious, and the remaining odour is similar to a woodburning fireplace.
    I really like it...more info
  • Smoker Review
    This smoker arrived on schedule. The product exceeded my expectations in appearence, quality and performance. The instructions were straight forward and adequate. The supply and variety of wood chips are a nice touch to get started. I will look for "Cameron Cookware" products on Amazon in the future.Cameron Cookware Stainless Steel Stovetop SmokerCameron Cookware Gourmet Mini Smoker ...more info