Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss [VHS]
Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss [VHS]

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In addition to stretching, meditation and stress reduction, yoga has many other therapeutic benefits-including the power to help you naturally lose weight and keep it off. Designed by renowned yoga instructor Suzanne Deason, Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss from Video Action Sports is a unique program that works regardless of your level of fitness of flexibility.

Title notwithstanding, Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss isn't likely to promote weight loss any more than lots of other videos will. But that's not a knock--it merely reflects the fact that anyone who practices yoga regularly and conscientiously can both shave off some extra pounds and significantly reshape his or her body. With four different instructors simultaneously demonstrating a single program, each providing different modifications of the same poses, Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss delivers a thorough, well-organized practice that can be undertaken by users at all levels of experience, fitness, and flexibility. After a gradual warm-up sequence, Suzanne Deason and her fellow instructors lead you through a series of standing asanas, back and forward bends, twists, and so on, with the proper technique and function of each pose explained clearly and concisely. The result is a workout that's challenging but not overwhelming and that should stand up to plenty of repeated use. All in all, another good offering from Living Arts. --Kelly Welldon

  • Workout accommodates all levels of fitness from sedentary to physically active by simultaneously demonstrating four levels of modification
  • As your energy and stamina increase, you progress to the next workout level
  • While successful dieting can result in short-term weight loss, healthful, long-term weight loss comes with balancing the mind, body, and spirit
  • One-of-a-kind program will give you a new and more complete awareness of what your body needs to be heathly and feel good as it helps you achieve and maintain your ideal weight
  • Includes four workout variations: Fully modified - if you are tight in the hips, hamstrings or shoulders; Partially modified - if you are moderately flexible; Slightly modified - when you want to build strength and stamina; Full posture - when you are ready for a challenging workout

Customer Reviews:

  • Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss
    I truly love this yoga program! It's easy to follow and very complete...It has helped me to ease my back problems, my knee problems and my general attitude to exercise has changed.

    I am a person who has "0" motivation to exercise or commit to any kind of long term exercise program. Yet, I got this video years ago and have been using it almost weekly. Recently, I have bought the CD for my daughter as a birthday present. Not only did she become a fan of it, but also her husband started to "get into it" as well.

    I haven't lost a considerable amount of weight but it is helping me to maintain a healthy, fun to follow routine, which is what I am really grateful for. Yoga, of course, improves your general well-being and this is an incredible advantage as well.

    ...more info
  • Heaven!
    This dvd is absolutely wonderful! It demonstrates all levels...the music and scenery are very soothing. Suzanne is very special!...more info
  • favorite yoga dvd
    when i bought this dvd i fell in love with yoga, this is my favorite(yoga)dvd. try it you'll feel the same....more info
  • Too complicated to easily use
    This DVD was a disappointment. They tried to make it accessible to users of many different levels and in my opinion they made it difficult to use. They actually recommend that you watch it first before using it. I wanted to work out - not watch a work out DVD. Go for Rodney Yee instead for a good (but slow) yoga workout...more info
  • Gentle Practice
    I love Susan Deason. She is in excellent shape for her age so truly inspiring.
    This workout is pretty basic. It may work for weight loss over the VERY long haul. If you are looking for faster weight loss look elsewhere.
    I actually love Susan Deasons other workouts more. This seems like a marketing gimic by Gaaim. Just a bunch of same old yoga poses with a hopeful name.
    I do believe yoga can cause weight loss but I am not sure about this particular tape....more info
  • Defective edition
    I really love this DVD and that's why it is so sad to find out that this edition is defective. I purchased it 3 times now. Two times at Barnes& Noble and another one just now from amazon. All three skip!

    I had another edition (don't remember what year), but it is without the GAIAM logo and advertisements and that one worked perfectly fine. I gave it to my mom and now I have a feeling I'm going to request it back since I cannot find another copy of this DVD that doesn't skip.

    If you are interested in details on where it skips, I'll tell you:
    1) During the first pose of the cross leg position while doing twists to the sides. You do one side, then it skips and you start from the beginning.

    2) During the downward facing (wide leg) dog pose. It skips to a totally different pose (previously done). It is really annoying.

    There are a few others, which I don't recall at the moment.

    You can still do the routine if this doesn't bother you. It does bother me because I know how it is without skipping. It is awesome!

    I don't know whose fault this is, but I wouldn't advise to purchase this DVD. If you can find the one without GAIAM logo, get that one.

    Oksana...more info
  • Yoga for Anyone!!
    I love this yoga workout and Suzanne is the BEST! She is easy to follow and has a very relaxing voice. I love the dvd because you get to choose an instructor based on your level of flexability. I own other yoga dvds and this one is the Best one. It shows you when to use props and how to use them so its right for you. I recommend this video for anyone thinking of started yoga or for anyone who is experienced in yoga! ...more info
  • Excellent way to learn yoga
    I bought this item right after I rented it from Netflix and tried it. I was so impressed with it, I had to have my own copy. You can choose different levels and parts of the workout. The overview given by Deason runs a bit long, but I just fast-forward through. The overview's on each level, so you can't just skip over it with the menu button. Otherwise, it's a very well done project, and has gotten me (a 54-year-old) in much better condition....more info
  • A great, manageable yoga DVD for daily practice
    This video spent some time gathering dust on my shelf before I finally tried it. When I finally did, I loved it, and this may well become my "go to" yoga video for busy days.

    I happen not to like "flow" videos so much, and it seems most yoga DVDs out there are exactly about that. I love the feeling of breathing into a pose, and the challenge of using my muscles to maintain a strong pose for a little while. Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss gives me just what I need: a good combination of standing, sitting, and lying poses; lots of twisting poses (which I've also found lacking in flow videos); a few poses which gently, but powerfully, build abdominal strength.

    The video allows you to do the workout at different levels of modification, which means that you can measure yourself to someone at your level as you check your position. It's hard to know if you're doing a pose right if the only model you get a yoga master, or if the modified pose is somewhere behind the yoga master (hard to see on a small screen). Almost every breath is cued, which I also appreciate, and Deason keeps up a running commentary with advice on what you should be feeling and doing during each pose. Her voice is soft enough that you can ignore it if you wish, but I found her suggestions very useful for working on strength and balance, especially during standing poses.

    And, the entire thing is only forty-five minutes long! It really fits into a busy day, and is wonderfully restorative. I'm not sure what it does for weight loss, but I can tell you that I feel physically good after doing the video, with just the right combination of energy and pleasant fatigue....more info
  • Great Yoga
    This is a great yoga video, one of the best I have tried. It has a personal instructor and has combination poses, you can watch a certain level that fits were you are or watch them all together. When you are doing this video it does not feel like a great work out. Though every morning after I can deffinatly feel I have worked out. ...more info
  • 5+ without the technical difficulties.
    This is the THIRD copy of this DVD I have purchased over the years. Foolishly, I have replaced it thinking it was my DVD player that was causing the skips because I used it so much. I was so annoyed to rip open my new copy and find that the SAME skips occurred in the SAME places. Arggg.

    Obviously, I love the DVD and think it very worthwhile for the beginning yoga enthusiast. The different levels are great and I have enjoyed advancing over time. However, it is so disruptive to have the DVD jump and pause all the time.

    Last point is that you really can't expect great weight loss from this or any yoga routine. However, it does make you more mindful and relaxed, so that promotes healthful living habits which could encourage weight loss.

    Without the technical problems, I give this video a 5+...more info
  • A good choice for beginners
    I would recommend this for beginners. I have to keep buying this DVD since my friends and family keep taking them from me after trying it once. It gives level options that you can select and slowing work your way up. ...more info
  • Great DVD
    I have only been doing yoga since Jan.2007. This is perfect for beginners. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Good for increasing flexibility in hips and hamstrings
    This DVD is a great stretching yoga program for people with tight hips and hamstrings (like myself) or for more mature adults new to yoga. Don't plan on losing weight doing this DVD alone. As with any yoga or pilates DVD you buy with weight loss claims you will need to do cardio of some kind regularly and eat sensibly. Note: if you have fairly inflexible hamstrings you will need to purchase a yoga block for support. Other equipment you'll want--mat, a blanket to fold up, and a towel or stretchy resistance band.
    What I love:
    The instructor spends a lot of time stretching out your hamstrings--it feels great.
    There are four women showing various levels of modification so I know where I am and what I'm working toward
    Its easy to follow
    Its a relaxing series of poses
    When I am disciplined and do the DVD several times a week I become more flexible.

    What I would improve:
    There are no men in the DVD so my hubby doesn't want to do it
    It would be nice to work up a little sweat, but whatever

    BTW, I've had this DVD for 2 years. I only stopped using it when I was pregnant. It's a nice DVD to have in your collection, but don't expect much toning or weight loss from the DVD alone. Keep your expectations at hamstring and hip flexibility and you'll find it worth the money.
    ...more info
  • Very relaxing!
    This DVD is my first experience with yoga. I really enjoy it. It is great for a beginner, and is very relaxing....more info
  • The Best Yoga DvD
    I have both the book and Dvd to this series. I love the differant modifications. It makes it very easy to follow no matter what fitness level. I also love the outdoor setting of the workouts. It is very soothing and beautiful.

    Included on the dvd is a great interview with Suzanne. She talks about her family's struggle with weight loss. Her own views on weight managment and of yoga.

    This dvd is not designed to help you loose weight. It is designed for people that are overweight or even out of shape a great first step towards exercise. It is designed to help you slowly condition your body to get to the point of being able to do a regular excerise plan. Yoga is also a great way to be build a mind and body connection.

    I adore this series.

    ...more info
  • Easy paced non-flowing yoga in Sedona, AZ
    Rebecca Johnson wrote a great review, adding about it's great to have 4 different women showing different stages/types of modifications to watch. Having it be in Sedona really helped me, otherwise I would find it too jagged/boring since I do not need modification help.
    Suzanne does this in voice over. She speaks only when she has to, no spiritual/earthy words, just some guidance on how to do the poses, but for absolute beginners this may be enough for some, but not enough for those who like details & really are careful about doing it right. This is NOT vinyasa, she does child's pose or mountain in between almost every pose & the pace feels to jagged, almost but almost as bad as a gym class stretching routine.
    The active part was surprisingly hard, then again, I went as deep or deeper then Suzanne & held the poses while they were in child's or mountain pose to rest or did other stretching.

    Intro - 5 min - her talking
    Body & Breath Awareness - 11 min - sitting slight torso stretch to open chest, cross legged sitting fwd bend, easy sitting torso spinal twist, cat/cow on hands/knees & then straight single leg back & knee to chest, child's pose in 6 min, then mountain w/arm movements & breath, chair pose in/out many times in 2 min (I just held it the whole time), standing fwd bend
    Active Yoga Conditioning - 20 min - mountain, wide angle standing fwd bend, standing fwd bend, lunges, warrior 1, warrior 2, side angle, triangle, standing bend over head to knee of front leg stretch, wide angle standing fwd bend w/arms like triangle torso twist, child's pose
    Balance & Relaxation - 14 min - child's pose, locust w/upper torso up as well, bridge, knee to chest stretch, very modified boat (back still on ground), lying w/knees at 90 in air for short up/down ab strengthening, knees to side lying spinal twist stretch, 2 easy sitting spinal twists, seated fwd bend over both legs
    Meditation - 2 min - her voice still guiding & credits w/same song as meditation

    See a preview at gaiam com...more info
  • Yawn...
    I bought this DVD believing by the title that it was going to be a fast-paced yoga workout that left my muscles screaming in pleasure/pain by the end. Not so. I was bored to tears, and I'm no yoga expert - I'd say that I'm moderately skilled at yoga. Anyone who is new to yoga and wants a calming, S-L-O-W workout - this one's for you....more info
  • Yoga Conditioning -- A Must for yoga enthsiasts!!!
    I love this DVD so much. I originally bought the VHS video and absolutely wore it out. That's why I had to order the DVD. I love it, it is a gentle yoga but you can certainly feel the results!!...more info
  • Slow and deliberate
    This DVD has Suzanne Deason doing a voice-over and leading a group of 3 other women on a mesa-top near Sedona, AZ. Each of the 3 women present various levels of movement. I enjoy the DVD, but the arty camera work and the pauses between the poses lengthen the experience. This means a longer--but not necessarily better--yoga session for those of us doing it before work in the morning. Also, there is a little figure in the bottom right screen that appears occasionally, indicating that you can view a more detailed example of that pose, but I haven't been able to get it to work....more info
  • Good for beginners
    I've only been doing yoga for about four months, so this has been a good DVD to work on basic moves and stretching at home. I found her instruction to be helpful and applicable to the poses. There are reminders throughout on how to breathe and when. If you hit the Angle button on your DVD remote you can change which person you follow; each person on the screen is doing a different level of modification. The only extras you might need is if you do one of the more modified versions which suggest using a yoga brick and a strap. The instructor has alternative options if you don't have either of those items....more info
  • Okay, but special features didn't work right for me
    This would have been a much better DVD if the special features worked right. In my player, the angle button (which is supposed to take you between the four instructors) actually returns me to the main menu. It turns out that on my player, the OK button switches between the instructors -- but what it's SUPPOSED to do is take you to the "Personal Instructor" (more detailed pose instruction) when you see an icon on the screen. Therefore, I have not been able to access the Personal Instructor section. I see that at least one other person has had this problem. I bought it at Borders, and they probably won't let me return it.

    I thought the pacing was... all right, and yoga to me is supposed to be slow. I didn't expect this to be power yoga. There are a lot of standing poses like warrior and triangle, which build strength and stamina, and these will help you lose weight indirectly by building muscle. It's also great to see bigger bodies on the screen. If you are large, it interferes with your ability to do some poses (regardless of your strength and flexibility). So these were chosen with larger bodies in mind.

    However, I thought the weak point was form instruction. My only other yoga video is Seane Corn's Vinyassa Flow Yoga Session 1, which is very strong on form. I liked Seane's video much better and I wish I had bought Session 2 instead of this video. The routine is very similar, but Seane's had me sweating, and confident that my form was correct. Then again, I'm not a beginner -- just haven't been practicing in a while.

    Like many others I think this is most appropriate for those who are large, unfit, and/or new to yoga. ...more info
  • An actual beginner's workout
    I like this workout. For someone that is just starting to get into the habit of exercising, this is perfect. It's not too hard that you can't follow along. Especially with the modifications, it makes it possible to do the entire workout the first time through. Admittedly, this isn't a terribly strenuous workout, however if you are not in great shape you will feel it and it can make you sweat. It has helped my lower back and my hip feel a lot less tight and far less sore. I like this because I could do it from day one. That's the kinnd of encouragement I need to keep going. Other workouts I can't figure out the move or there are several I can't keep up with. Those get booted from my collection fast. This one is a keeper....more info
  • Disappointing..and boring
    This work out was a pure disappointment. I do not see how any weight loss would occur with this slow paced dvd. In the yoga class I took at school I was sweating and my muscles were burning. I became more flexible and relaxed. However, with this dvd I felt nothing. In addition, the dvd menu is quite confusing....more info
  • BEST all around yoga DVD for the bucks...
    I've purchased several yoga DVD's over the past 5 years. This is the only one I turn to again and again. Suzanne's cuing is great, her voice is melodic, and by the end of the program, I am in a much better place mentally than when I started. Don't let the title fool you; this is a great little yoga workout (especially for those of us over 40). Well paced (not too quick or too slow) with a good combination of poses. Really works well for those stuck at a desk all day!!...more info
  • Technical Difficulties
    I love Susan Deason's verbal pose cues and commands. However, I was very frustrated that I could not access the Personal Instructor Feature on this DVD. When I saw that logo in the bottom right hand corner, I pressed "enter" (as the instructions direct you) to no avail. Next, I tried every button on my DVD remote - to no avail.

    I emailed Gaiam about this 4 days ago and have not yet received a reply. That truly does NOT impress me.

    Buyer beware with this video!...more info
  • Yoga for all levels
    I winter in a retirement community but I am not THAT old. Our yoga class is conducted via video 3 days a week and this is one of the videos they use. I bought it for myself for when I oversleep and miss the yoga class.

    This video is especially good for the fact it has 4 different ability levels of this same routine. You can choose to follow whichever level you are at.
    ...more info
  • Pretty good, some pros and cons
    Good lead instructor
    You can choose from different levels and different instructors
    Gentle, beginners routine
    Calming music and narriative voice, beautiful scenery
    very relaxing
    Good for off-days, when recovering from illness, or need to de-stress.
    Instructors have different body types, not all are sinewy and lean.

    Not really much of a workout, don't see where the weight loss comes in unless you have never done any kind of exercise previously.
    Can't skip the monologue or ads at the beginning of the DVD
    Nothing really new in this workout, and missing a few moves I really like (DF Dog, tree, etc.)...more info
  • Relax and rejuvinate with this tranquil DVD.
    This is my all time favorite workout DVD. I use to relax, to stretch and to close out the world. I feel this DVD allows me to spoil myself. I end feeling limber, happy, free of tension and ready for bed.
    I think it gives me a mind and body connection that I do not get from my other DVDs. I had the VHS tape and I am so anxious to get the DVD!
    Suzanne voice is peaceful. The movements are fluid and I end feeling like I have had a full body massage. I will always incorporate this in to my life.
    For me (and I am fairly fit), I think it aids me to focus on my health. I don't think that I would lose much weight with this DVD alone, but I know that I wouldn't have lost twenty pounds without incorporating this relaxing workout in to my regime.
    I like everything about this video!...more info
  • Yoga Workout
    This is the best Yoga DVD I have used. It's a great workout. Suzanne Deason is a great instructor! I use it most mornings. It really works and is fun and calming.I have many Yoga DVD's and this one is one of the best....more info
  • the only one I've used more than 10 times
    I have so many yoga videos I should open a store. But this one stands out as the only one that I have used consistently. I love the way various levels of difficulty are presented using different people in a group. You can sneak up a level just by changing which person you are focussing on, so you never feel you are stuck watching one level or that you are missing something. I really love the beginning workout that is called "body breath awareness". It turns out to be perfect for getting my aching back limber. It's ironic that this breathing section does way more for my back than "back" exercises do, and is a lot more pleasant and peaceful to watch. I don't know about the weight loss part, but since weight loss starts with good habits, then why not yoga.

    I lent my CD to a friend and am buying another copy since they love it too. Beware! There is another "yoga for weight loss" with Suzanne Deason (same person) but it is not at all as good as this particular one. It's only about 30 minutes total and I found it pretty worthless. It must be a new edition or something. ...more info
  • Yoga weight loss cd
    I am very happy with my yoga CD. It was used, but the quality of the CD is excellent. The case was damaged, but this information was disclosed before I purchased the CD. Very happy with my purchase.

    ...more info
  • Great DVD - not advanced
    I did know know about Suzanne Deason before purchasing this DVD, but picked it because I wanted a general yoga DVD and this one had pretty good reviews. She is not annoying at all. You can choose to watch the DVD at several different experience levels. This is definitely not for advanced yoga practitioners, but it includes all of the basic poses, and you will definitely be feeling good when the DVD is over. The beautiful scenery in the background is calming and not cheesy at all. ...more info
  • Stress Relief = Weight loss
    My title says it all. After years of aerobics and running, at age 34 I now see a chiropractor. My muscle aches and pains revolved around STRESS mentally and physically. My chiropractor suggested YOGA as a way to "calm and relieve the stress". Each morning, I get up and do this video. This is when everyone is still sleeping and it is peaceful. This video creates a relaxing atmosphere (music and background) and explains how to fully breath throughout each move. The more you do the video, the more you learn to concentrate on your breathing, which allows you to calm yourself. The more calm you are (stress free), the less anxious you are and the less you eat (on the go or under timely situations). For those who think they will lose weight simply with the video - you won't. YOGA is only small part of a weight loss program, but this video is an excellent video with easy to learn moves (especially for beginners)....more info
  • Yoga basics
    I bought this DVD to replace the VHS that I had. It is a great workout video that is not too strenuous for a beginner, but is also not very challenging if you're experienced. It is still a great workout for anyone who is looking to shape up and improve flexibility and strength....more info
  • Outstanding video!
    I have to admit, I had this video for months before I even used it. But once I finally did I can't believe it sat on my shelf for so long! It's so easy to follow and the voice over walks you through each movement so you don't always have to keep looking at the screen. It has 4 different women all working at different levels that you can follow along with, either by watching all of them with the combined workout (which I would recommend since you may be able to do some things but not all) or by using the angle button and focusing solely on one. This video was designed to cover everyone's abilities and it accomplished it beyond all my expectations. I can't say it will help you lose weight but it gets you in a routine and that's the best way to start. Only thing I didn't like was how long it takes to get the dvd to start the workout. There are some commercials in the beginning that you can't fast forward and then there's Ms Deason's commentary. My advice is to just pop in the dvd and use that time to get your mat out, put your hair up and move any furniture you need to....more info
  • Good low impact exercise for the over weight person to begin a fitness program
    I do this work out on the days I can't get to my aerobics class or run and it always makes me feel better. More alive, and calm. I recommend it for those overweight people needing to start an exercise program but too embarrassed and heavy to go to a class. It's low impact and private and very beneficial. This combined with diet could help you get to the place where you can do more high impact exercises....more info
  • Great DVD
    The fact that this was set in Sedona is why I initally chose this dvd. Though it does state that yoga alone won't gurantee you loose weight, I've found it has helped me become a lot more flexible and I feel better after doing less than an hour of the workout. My only complaint is the fact that there is a little icon that pops up on the screen and if you push Enter on the remote it is suppose to take you to another scene where the instructor explains the move in more detail. This option does not work on my dvd play and it's only about 3 years old at the most. Other than that I'd say it's worth the money....more info
  • confusion about the Title/contents
    I watched the Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss - Deluxe DVD Edition from my Local Library.
    It was so good.For the basic Yoga poses this DVD is good, well balanced, Easy to do.It has 10minute warm up then 45 minutes yoga poses.
    It has 5 workout levels.
    1- unmodified version
    2-1/4 modified
    3-1/2 modified
    4- 3/4 modified
    5 - combined
    After doing few modifies ones I did the unmodified version an di liked it.
    Thats why I ordered 3 DVDS of the same type.
    What I got had only 4 levels.
    It doesn't have teh Unmodified version. I was so upset, I asked Amazon about this , The sent me replacemnet DVDs at NO cost.
    But those are also have the same problem.
    Contacted the CS , she said I can return all the DVDs and they will refund the money.Yes they did refund the money. I ordered 3 DVDs from AMAzon market place which also has the same problem.
    I can say the GAIM- who distrubutes this DVDS has marketed so many versions of the same DVD.They cut corners here and there.Really no body can tell what is inside the DVDs by looking at the title.
    Suggestion to GAIM- Please market 1 version with out any confusion in DVD titles.
    But Amazon did very good.They tried their best to replace the DVDs .Atlast they refunded my money.The custmoer support at Amazon is excellent!
    I can live with the other 4 workout levels.
    But What I got from local Library is the excellent one.
    Why should they market a DVD with same Title and different contents?

    ...more info
  • LOVE this DVD! But have some questions....
    I absolutely LOVE this DVD! Along with a healthy 1200 calorie daily diet, I have practiced this DVD every single night since May 22, 2007 and to date have lost over 30 pounds and 12 inches off my waist. I started with ease and have worked my way up to following Suzanne thoughout the session. My back has never felt stronger and it is finally rewarding to look forward to doing a relaxing yet rewarding exercise EVERY night. However, I would like to know what type of Yoga Suzanne is practicing so that I may add a few more difficult poses to my routine. I would also love to know, since I am counting calories, approximately how many calories are burned during this 45-minute routine? I would love to know, as well, if Suzanne has a Power Yoga DVD. I enjoy her as an instructor and would prefer to follow her as I become more and more flexible.

    Again, I definitely recommend this DVD! It has brought me confidence and literally makes me stand a little bit taller....more info
  • good dvd
    If you are like me overweight and looking for a workout that isn't one that is high impact that will make you so sore you can hardly walk the next day. I recommend this dvd its very low impact and its a good start to your day. One suggestion though get the yoga equipment that goes with it makes it a whole lot easier to do the excerises. This is a great dvd if you want to lose weight without injury I recommend it highly. ...more info
  • Inappropriate title - good beginner's vinyasa
    This is a solid and nicely-produced yoga routine for beginners. I would rate it more highly if the title had not led me to expect a more vigorous workout. ...more info
  • This was just what I needed
    Some reviewers are saying this is not a "weight loss video" but i disagree. I've been trying to work out since I was ten. Because of aerobics- I permanently ruined my left knee, for a long time workouts=pain and permanent damage. So when i bought this it was purely to meditate and stretch. After the first session, my back felt better than it had since i was a child. I have upper and lower back pain as i work on computers all day. Nothing else worked to allivate the pain but this video, so i did it all the time. To my suprise, i did lose weight. I found myself one day, lower than my high school weight. I never intended to lose weight but i am more than pleased. I believe it also helps with depression. Why well... because it brings relief. It makes you aware that you are doing something good for yoursef and your going to feel better and look better and when you feel better it starts a chain reaction it the right direction for a change.I feel like this video saved and changed my life for the better and i tell as many people as i know about it. ...more info
  • DVD does'nt work by routine is excellent
    I enjoy this routine very much. 40 minutes and a good stretch. However I keep having problems with the DVD. I have purchased three copies to date. Each has had problems operating in the DVD player. The last copy won't play at all. Very frustrating....more info
  • very nice
    I had this on vhs and decided to get the dvd version for the chaptering and for the option of which person to follow. There are 3 women with Suzanne - Suzanne does the unmodified and each of the other do either 1/4, 1/2, or fully modified (or maybe it's 1/2 and 3/4 - can't remmber). I also like the fact that 2 of the women with her are not skinny models either(and no, one of them doesn't do the fully modified)! you can also watch it seeing all randomly like in the vhs. even choosing the one I wanted to follow I still had to fastforward through her talk which I don't want to hear every time!

    you can also pick from 3 sections but I've done all 3 together for about 45 minutes of nice yoga. the first section you sit and breathe and do some seated strethes. the next part you're standing and I was lightly sweating doing some of these poses because she holds them a while. there are LOTS of standing forward bends but surprisingly no downward facing dog poses except for one and it's done wide legged and is very relaxing. the 'basics' are covered like triangle, lunge, extended right angle, fan with twist. the 3rd part is on the floor and has bridge and some ab poses and nice stretches and twists.

    the music is more calm and soothing and I usually do this one before bed, esp after working night shift because it has enough standing poses to get the stress/kinks out and enough forward bends to relax me and enough stretches and twists to feel good....more info
  • My two cents on this DVD
    I usually don't write reviews. I guess it's a bit selfish of me. But I was compelled to do so, after reading the reviews for this DVD. I felt the reviews did not do justice to the DVD. It is my favourite at the moment.

    I have struggled with weight for many years. It got worse after the birth of two beautiful children. I am 36. In the recent years I have become more aware of weight loss as a result of bringing your body into balance. Strong workout routines and diets are if at all a very small part of it. It really is a combination of many things. So if you plan to use this DVD and expect to see pounds drop off, it probably won't happen. But if you have incorporated good eating habits and are tuning into this DVD completely, you may have remarkable results like I did. Initially when I did this routine I got less than 50% of what I get today. None of Suzanne's instruction sank in, in the first few times. But I kept on doing it as it overall made me feel good. Slowly I became aware of what these poses were doing and how difficult it was to do them properly.

    I also am careful of what I eat, if I have overeaten I watch it for the next few days, But i still enjoy all the treats I like. I do some pranayama (breathing exercise) that I learnt in India in a recent trip and I use Suzzane DVD. The breathing exrecise help with the metabolism. Suzanne's focus on breathing is excellent. I think we underestimate the importance of correct breathing in exercise.

    I have lost 21 pounds and am still losing. What is amazing is that I feel fresh after every episode of this. The days I don't do it I miss it. This DVD has helped me shape my body. The twists she has, not only provide the toxin release, but have helped me in the reducing fat on the sides of my stomach area. The standing poses done correctly are very intense for a new to intermediate yoga student.

    The only thing that I may see myself doing in the future as an addition is incorporating some more specific yoga poses for a longer duration for muscle groups that I need to work on. For example I may use the cobra pose in other variations and for a longer hold to work on my arms etc. Once I became in tune with everything suzanne says on the DVD as to how to perform each pose, I couldn't believe the difference in what I got out of it versus when I had started using it.

    Honestly, what I get out of each session is completely what I put in. Holding some of the standing poses for about a minute, in my opinion was harder and had more payback than 10-15 minutes of other workouts. A slight movement as mention by the instructor completely changes the intensity. But then that is just my experience.

    It took me a while but I finally feel that I have found a way to take care of myself. Working out to burn fat is important, But I have finally understood the importance of stress relief and proper breathing in regards to maintaining a good weight and a healthy body. I had used 4 or 5 other DVDs, but I love suzzane's style the best so far.

    This routine made me sweat once I started holding the poses correctly. A few weeks into it, I felt tremedous heat from certain parts just as she mentions. It was as if I had discovered a whole new practice.

    I will continue to look at other programs for a change and variation, but for now this DVD is on top of my list.

    Hope I have helped those who read this review. Namaste...more info
  • Great DVD
    I had this video on VHS and had to purchase the DVD because I am moving overseas and can't live without it! It's very relaxing. Anyone can benefit from this because they show you poses in 4 different flexability levels. I would highly recommend this video....more info
  • Excellent overall
    For the DVD to be fully effective, it is recommended in *both* the DVD insert and the DVD video to follow a healthy diet, which is described in the guide. The user is advised to read the guide and listen to all the introductions before the actual exercise portion. It recommends further reading on weight loss by respected authorities.

    Contrary to the Amazon review which states, "Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss isn't likely to promote weight loss any more than lots of other videos will," I have practiced yoga with this DVD many times and YES it *does* promote weight loss.

    The music feels appropriate to the desert setting, which is really beautiful to see. (Suggestion to Gaiam: it could be further enhanced in future videos by subtley adding another sound layer of the natural sounds of that environment.) Overall, the production value has greatly progressed from DVDs from this company of previous years and is one of my favorites.

    Suzanne Deason, an excellent teacher with beautiful yogic form, has a gentle, pleasant voice and guides the user on how to do each pose safely & effectively. There are women of different body shapes to guide the viewer through different levels of the exercises. This is a user-friendly DVD which for viewers of varying levels --and not only for those who want to lose weight, but also for those like me who want to maintain a healthy weight as I age. I usually practice the "combined workout" segment with a friend. Since we are at different levels we can practice the same video at the same time, while follow the practitioners at different skills levels.

    Thank you Suzanne & Gaiam for another wonderful yoga production....more info
  • Shameless advertizing
    It's a good yoga workout, it works well to balance and stretch all muscles, especially lower body and the legs. I feel good after the workout, but after doing it three times a year for a year I have yet to lose an ounce or drop a size. If you just want a good yoga, this is good. But it ennoys me that every time I put the dvd on - every single time for a year now - I have to endure several minutes of advertizing. It cannot be skipped or turned off. Very frustrating practice. It seems to be Gaiam's business model, though. I just started using their Pilates DVD and that too is loaded with advertizing you need to endure before you can get to the main menu.
    ...more info
  • Yoga, the natural cure for weight loss?
    "Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss" promotes weight loss and body reshaping through regular yoga practices. The author presents a single program for all users, no matter their flexibility, experience, or fitness level. Suzanne Deason and three fellow instructors show you a series of moves that along with the proper technique may result in a challenging workout that will give you more energy and help you stay in shape.

    The author believes that in case of overweight people there is an internal imbalance between mind and body, so it uses the therapeutic applications of yoga in order to fix this imbalance.

    The workout has four difficulty levels. The "Fully Modified" workout is for people who have hamstrings or tight hips, the "Partially Modified" program is for those whose flexibility improved, the "Slightly Modified" program is for building stamina and strength, and the "Complete Workout" is for people with experience in yoga. A ten minutes warm-up and a fourteen minutes cool-down are necessary for all four types of workout.

    You also find in this material a mini-nutrition guide, a weight management guide, and tips for healthy eating.
    ...more info


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