Sly 2: Band of Thieves
Sly 2: Band of Thieves

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Sly 2: Band of Thieves is a comic crime caper that continues the story of Sly Cooper, master thief and hero! Sly's worst enemy, the powerful robot called Clockwerk, was shut down permanently, but its parts have gone missing. To make sure Clockwerk never turns up again, he and his partners in crime will go around the world to pull off a series of daring heists.

  • Combines stealth, platforming, combat and strategy -- all in a single, huge game world
  • Pull your crew together to plan and execute the most daring heists possible
  • All-new moves to help players pull it off - pick pockets, crawl through vents, hop rooftops and attack from the shadows
  • Realistic and interactive recreations of Paris, Prague, India, the Canadian Wilderness and more
  • Fantastic animation and graphics combines with a story full of twists and betrayals that leaves players wanting more

Customer Reviews:

    Sly 2 is very hard to endure. I can't even get past lvl 1!!!! I DO NOT LIKE SLY 2!!!!...more info
  • The thieves are back and better then ever!
    The thieving sly and the gang are back for another immense adventure! The Clockwork parts have been stolen and restored by the Klaww gang, and Sly the thieve, Murray the brawn, and Bentley the demolitions expert set out to steal the parts from the Klaww gang before they're used for terrible malevolence.
    Sly now as the ability to pick pocket guards and his walk is much sneakier. His binocucom is has also been upgraded to highlight where you have to go next.
    Murray and Bentley are now fully playable characters and they both have their advantages. Murray can take out guards without breaking a sweat, and he can pick up heavy objects with ease.
    Bentley can use his crossbow to shoot sleeping darts to temporarily knock the guards into a deep sleep, and he can drop his bomb to finish them off.
    You also use Bentley to sell stolen jewelry and use the money to buy different gadgets for the whole gang, like a cloud of smoke for sly so you can disappear from guards or fire fists for Murray to take out guards faster.
    Paris, Prague, India, and The Canadian Wilderness are just some of the settings in the game.
    The game does have its flaws though. One of them is the graphics. They are adequately detailed in the game, but on the projector slides they are blocky and jagged. Even though it has very unique and fun levels, the game is
    fairly repetitive. You take reconnaissance photos, then you set everything up for the heist, the heist takes place, and it's the same thing for the rest of the game.
    Even though Sly 2: Band of Thieves has its flaws, it's a sneaky thievius game!
    ...more info
  • Very Fun , INDEED! All levels are cool!
    What a spectacular game! Seriously! Sly Cooper and The Theivous
    Racconus would make you feel right in the battlefield while you
    battle through a ship town imn the middle of The Bermuda Triang-
    le, then through Mesa City in Utah, then through the mystical j-
    ungles of Haiti, then through China, then in the Krack Karov V-
    olcano in Russia. But this is better, with Sly 3 Honor among
    Thieves is being published,(the levels are through Venice and
    Holland, The Outback and China)you could be playing Sly 2 Band
    of Thieves while you fight through Paris, India, Prague (in Cz-
    echslovakia) Canada, and a blimp above Paris I think but if you
    need help on the following KLAWW gang members here it is...

    Dimitri, He was first summon a electric ring on his finger and
    will try to blast you, hide behind a slime barrel, then after
    three shots he will throw the next one and it will run out of
    juice... go to him and give him the coup de gras` watch out for
    his lunge and uppercut hand fist, when you go to round II he will have his tail swip but dodge it, keep doing this till he is
    defeated... LOCATION: Paris

    Rajan, This time you play Murray, okay, he maybe the toughest
    one on the team but Rajan can kill him! first before the duel,
    Murray get the high jump thing off the Internet in the safehouse
    okay? well he will swing the staff of Clockwerk's heart at you,
    so dodge that, give him a few more hits, then he will raise his
    staff, RUN ONTO A LILY PAD! the electricy from the heart will s-
    hock the drained water instead, repeat this til' victory is yours! LOCATION: Jungles of India

    Contessa, she has two rounds, she is the easiet one to defeat,
    she will swipe at you then stop! hit her, she will fall, run!
    the eight-legged "cow" wil try to stab you with her tentacles,
    then, victory is your by the first round, Bentley or Murray will
    do his mission then this time, when you fight Contessa, she will
    have her hypnotism power, when her tenacles get long, hide between em' then swipe her until victory is yours. LOCATION: top of Prague building

    Jean` Bison` This time you be Bentley, of course a 3.3 feet tall
    turtle can fight a 7.0 feet bisen. But Sly took the liberty to
    summon saws, lumber trees, and flames, Square is saws, Triangle
    is lumber, Circle is flames but that's what I think now, keep
    doing it till he has dynamite, watch out for that be keep givin'
    him beatibng til' he blacks out, Lumbermill of Canada

    Clock-La, Of course you were supposed to put Arpeggio out of his
    misery but Neyla, his apprentice in which betrayed Carmelita in
    Episode III, jumped in Clock-la and swiped the bird and dropped
    his eyepiece, then later you become Carmelita's Gunner, now this
    is the toughest boss in the game. So she will throw projectile,
    then she's done, shoot a bird and wound er' then she will throw
    rung with electricy, shoot the heart of the ring then let it c-
    ome to you, you will NOT take damage, then, shoot her until the
    following scene, then paraglide to Clock-La, that made me sad,
    cause all the destruction destroyed Arpeggio's blimp even the
    cut-in-half Arpeggio. When I got to Clock-La, I destroyed her!
    then, well, she falls somewhere in the town of Paris, then Mu-
    rray go's and opens Clock-La's mouth and Bentley and Sly go and
    remove the Hate Chip from the mouth, Bentley puts a Trigger B-
    omb on her and she injured Bentley, (Bentley returns in a wheel
    chair in Sly 3) then when Murray removes the mouth and gets the
    turtle they run from Clock-La while she explodes then you have
    completed the game!
    ...more info
  • Awesome!!!!
    This is the best game I ever played.You can play as Sly,Murray,and Bently.The boss battles are fun to play.The graphics are excellent.After I finished this game I purchased Sly 3....more info
  • Thief's Creed
    Yeah, you could play Grand Theft Auto, or you could play Jak and Daxter. And you could play Assassin's Creed, or you could play Sly Cooper. Basically the ideas are the same, just one is drenched in blood and the other's drenched in cartoon fun. The choice is up to you. When Sucker Punch created Sly Cooper and the Thievious Racoonus, as when Naughty Dog created Jak and Daxter, it was a great platformer, but then, like Jak II, Sly Cooper and the Band of Thieves became something more. You can argue about which game came first or which did it better, but one thing I know for sure: there are no other games like these that combine stealth action, sandbox overworlds, and fun cartoon gameplay that won't offend the parentals (although if you want a cleaner cartoon crazy action shooter without the violence of one of those "adult action titles" you can go with Ratchet and Clank 3).

    The plot this time around is quite similar to the first: retrieve the pieces and take on the bosses who have them one at a time. Only instead of somewhat frustrating platformer gameplay we have the aforementioned sandbox gameplay, and like Jak and Daxter, way more mini-games the second time around. For the stealth action you have Sly, for some techno-demolition work you have Bentley, and for smashing things to smithereens you have Murray. The switch-ups and mini-games go a long way to increase the variety of the gameplay, and after the extremes of Sly's two companions make you exercise crazy caution and bust loose when played through any of the overworlds (each one a fortress swarming with guards).

    The cartoon graphics are pretty much perfect, with no draw-in or other noticeable glitches. The cut-scenes are largely in-game engine (and you might wonder why there are any pre-recorded ones at all). The music is typical caper-film type stuff and perfectly appropriate. The controls are about as good as you can get with the Dual Shock controller.

    If this game has a flaw, it's probably the at-times ridiculous difficulty. If it has a shining star, it's the way that you can often get around that extremely high difficulty by learning all the shortcuts. You will find as you play that very often the key to solving a puzzle is to scope ahead and "case the joint" rather than running straight into a situation (unless you're playing as "The Murray"). And of course the environments at times make those "leap from a great height to your seeming death" moments possible. It may be a cartoon, but it's still fun.

    My favorite moments include Bentley's quest to save his captured friends (the cinematic made me laugh out loud), and the leap from the top of the second world with Rajaan (Assassin's What?). That and chasing Neela and running from and dancing with Carmelita (why does she remind me of Catherine Zeta Jones?).

    If you liked the first game you need to give this one a try. If you love cartoon-type games like the Jak series and don't mind some forgiving stealth action (and a generous dose of humor), you need to buy this one pronto.

    ...more info
  • Hello sly maniac here, with a review
  • awesome game , but mot much replay value
    this game is almost perfect. the graphics are cartoonish and great , and you feel like your playing a comic book . also i liked how they combined arcade with action and stealth. the game really had a stealthy and "thievie" atmosphere to it , because you had to sneak around all the time so the guards wont notice you in each level , and you can also pickpocket them to get money , or get jewels from them so you can then sell the jewels for money(you can use the money to buy gadgets for your gang ) . another thing that gives a "thief" atmosphere to the game are the missions. some missions really have the "stealthy" feel to them . there is one mission were you have to bug your enemie's office, and then at your HQ you can hear what he says. there's also another mission where you have to shoot a guy with sleep darts , then when his asleep you have to steal something from him . and there are other missions like this , and they are very well done and fun . there are also many fun minigames to play in . and people who played the previous game will be glad to know that in this game you can control sly , but also bentley and murray( your partners) you can buy gadgets and upgrades for each of them with coins you earn(as mentioned above). the game is also pretty long , it took me about 20 hours to finish it .it has 7 levels, and they're really fun . also the bosse sand characters are cool and funny . but the only, and i mean only, thing i didn't like about his game is that you cant replay any missions after you finish them , unless you start the game over from the beginning. also there aren't any unlockables for the game , so there isn't much replay value . i found this a major diappointment. but the game was really great, other then the fact that there isn't a big repaly value . ...more info
  • Sly 2: Band of Thieves.....
    For the platformers being released this year(2004), Sly 2:Band of Thieves has got a good running start on the rest of the pack. The developers fixed everything that was wrong with the first one(namely it being too short & too easy), made the graphics look even better and fine tuned the gameplay so that players will get more out of the game this time. Sly 2: Band of Thieves blends several gameplay elements together, including stealth, thievery, platform adventure, combat/fighting, strategy, and exploration, into one huge world. The tale begins with Sly and his gang discovering that parts of Clockwerk are missing, and they embark to ensure Clockwerk is never reassembled. You go across numerous locations, including Paris, Prague, India, the Canadian Wilderness and more doing your best to retrieve those parts of Clockwerk. There's even new moves such as pick-pocketing, vent crawls, rooftop chases, plus a team of unique playable characters. It took Sucker Punch over two years to make a sequel to the first game and it shows. They should be applauded on a job well done. They're definitely leading the pack at the moment so everyone else should do their best to be even better. Sucker Punch is a new developer helping to push the envelope with 3-D platformers keeping it fresh, fun and innovative.
    Sly 2:Band of Thieves is awesome.
    ...more info
  • The best game ever Sly 2: Band of theives
    I loved the first sly cooper game now they made two! This game is great you should get it it is my favorite game....more info
  • I can finally play as Bently,awsome!
    When I first played the original Sly game it was a blast. Now I play sly 2 and I like it even more. I mean I actually have a health bar now. It used to be that one hit you die, now you can take a ton of hits and still stay alive. Another good thing about this game is that you can play aas Bently and Murray. Probally the best part about this game is the boss battles....more info
  • Even better than the 3rd game!
    My son says that this game is even better than the 3rd in the Sly series. He likes the fact that Bently isn't in a wheel chair and you can play all three characters, sans disabilities...Also, Bently has a great arsenal of weapons to choose from.
    We recommend this game for the entire family....more info
  • Sly 2 Band of Thieves, Description Guide
    Now, I'm doing this for a persuasive reason... so you can buy t-
    he game which is now a member of The Greatest Hits shelf like i-
    t's brother, Sly Cooper and the Thievious Raccoonus.

    Sly 2,
    Rated E for Cartoon Violence

    One afternoon, A shadow from the past with Bentley and Murray,
    his best friends in crime, Bentley is a turtle with strong demo-
    lition skills while Murray is a brawn with the stregnth of two
    Hercules's. But after thwarking Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fo-
    x's truce and Clockwerk's hare-brain madness, he's came to steal
    the parts, but he accidently run's into Carmelita and the newbie
    Constable Neyla, here's their conversation:

    Carmelita: Freeze Cooper!

    Sly: Inspector Fox, as beautiful and unpredictable as ever!

    Carmelita: Whereas you crooks are sooo predictable, you always
    return to the scene of the crime.

    Sly: Crime? I haven't stole anything... yet!

    Carmelita: Oh really, then who broke in last night and made with
    all the Clockwerk parts? You've got the motive!


    Carmelita: Don't play dumb with me!

    Neyla: It might have not been him, Carmelita. The method entries
    and guard casualites all point to this being a KLAWW gang job.

    Sly: The KLAWW Gang?

    Carmelita: Constable Neyla, I allowed you to sit out as a stake
    out to the Contessa, I really don't need your help.

    Neyla: Oh I think you might, look at the facts!

    Carmelita: Facts?!? Sly Cooper's right here, I caught him red-h-

    Neyla: I'm just saying there's other criminals in the world oth-
    er then...

    Carmelita: SLY COOPER!!! AFTER HIM!

    In all the games in the world, this is one of my favorites, for
    a conclusion, I'm telling you the levels,

    Paris, France
    Jungles of India
    Prague, Czechslovakia
    Contessa Estate, Prague
    Canadian Lumbermill
    Apreggio's Fortress
    ...more info
  • The Best Games in Years- Sly Cooper 2
    I'm glad there is a sequel, you know the story to my guides


    Levels: (my favorite part!)

    1. The Black Chateau (Paris) 11 jobs
    2. A Starry Eyed Encounter (India) 11 jobs
    3. The Predator Awakes (Jungles of India) 10 jobs
    4. Jailbreak (Prague, Czechoslovakia, Europe) 9 jobs
    5. A Tangled Web (The Heart of Prague) 8 jobs
    6. He Who Tames The Iron Horse (Canada) 8 jobs
    7. Menace in The North, Eh! (Canadian Lumbermill) 10 jobs
    8. Anatomy for Disaster (Arpeggio's Airborne Fort) 8 jobs

    Right on q is an another game safe from harmful G.T.A games,
    since I love Sly Cooper games, I'm going to show you Sly 3.
    ...more info
  • Very Very Good
    I have been reading some reviews and it seems none of them say what you actually do. You play the game as Sly Cooper, Murray the hippo and Bentely the turtle a thieving gang who, like all thieves want to aquire money lots and lots of money. Sly and his gang go to many places in the world India,France, etc. and steal from rich people, you basically do small jobs and then a really fun heist that will usually go wrong. you end up loving the characters and even the villains. some parts are slash and hack or sit and think. all and all its a very fun game and is worth all the money you have to pay.
    ...more info
  • Really good game!
    Ok, where should I start of. Ok well this is a very good game. It also is MUCH MUCH longer than the last one. The graphics I give a 7/10, music 8/10 (you should here that song playing in dimitri's night club and when your following him, it rocks!), gameplay 10/10, and plot 8/10. Overall: 9/10. Ok now for more small things in the game that make a really good game. For one sly now walks around more like a real thief, because he ducks when he walks around, but in the first one he would just run all over the place. Making it seem less believeable. You also can now play as Bentley and Murray, so there not all cooped up in the van all day anymore. Also, the characters have lifebars now, and the henchmen are harder to knock out. So its not like one hit kills anymore. The bosses are also harder and you now actually may need to repeat the same boss over and over until you defeat them (unlike the other game). The characters now have missions, and not levels, though all of the missions take place in giant enviroments, making the clues harder to find. Some of the missions also may take a day or two to figure out or beat! There are 8 or 9 giant sized levels, which gradually get harder and harder to beat. The level are in this order: First is Dimitri's night club, then two level based on Rajan, two level on the Contessa, two levels on Jhon Bison, my personal fav, because the music and enviroments are astounding, (note the characters may run away and then you have to go to a new level to defeat them for good), and one final level based on Arpegio and a surprise character. Sly 2 also delivers a great deal of humor, even in the end credits! Sly 2 was a overall very good game, and I recommend it to everyone who likes a good adventure game with humor every now and then....more info
  • Unexpected Fun
    As a big-time fan of the Jak & Daxter, and Ratchet & Clank series, I didn't expect a game about thieves to be much fun, but I was completely wrong! Sly 2 is lots of fun and SO addictive. The game takes you to cool, cartoonish cities around the world. You play mostly as Sly, a slick raccoon, but you also have to play as Bentley, a funny, brainy turtle with allergies, and "the Murray," a chubby, but powerful hippo. Some of the dialog is the funniest I've ever heard in a game. The missions are short, but there are lots of them and there's plenty to explore. The game is not too hard, but just hard enough to be deeply satisfying. You'll want to play it again. Definitely one of the best games in my repertoire. Can't wait to play Sly 3....more info
  • Sly Cooper 2
    This is a great game. If you have Sly Cooper and The Thievius Raccoonus you have to get this one. I just ordered Sly Cooper 3....more info
  • Superb, stylish platformer
    I was a big fan of the first Sly Cooper, with my only complaint being the length of the game. With Sly 2, my issues have been addressed. This game is about twice the length of the first, and the improved script makes for a game in which we actually care for the characters. All together I was very satisfied with the game, although my one annoyance is that you cannot go back to replay some of the missions after they have been cleared. Small issue, but still there....more info
  • Tenchu lite
    I haven't enjoyed a game this much in a long while. To call SLY 2 a sequel is not giving it enough credit. SLY 1 was a fun action platformer, ala Crash Bandicoot. I enjoyed it, but this is an entirely different animal.

    To begin with, the levels are free roaming. Though compact, they are filled with details. Sly's sneaky moves are rewarded with exploration. Want to get in that castle? You can sneak across the rooftops or follow telephone wires, or crawl through a hole in the wall, or even sometimes sneak right through the front gate (if you've got the guts). The consistency of the levels is such that as you perform missions, you feel like you're actually working toward something. Like a real heist. OK, real is too strong a word. SLY 2 is a world of cartoon animals and outlandish schemes, but that's a huge part of the charm for me. Plus, I really like the characters, including the villains. Badguys and goodguys are very neat to look at and very fun in their personalities.

    There's also great versatility in the game mechanics. Bentley the turtle can't fight very well, but he's got sleep darts and explosives, an RC chopper full of bombs, and computer hacking skills that play like a simplified (but fun) version of SMASH TV. Murray the hippo is ready to pound his way through trouble, sometimes even hopping in a tank or bashing his way into solitary confinement (for a greater purpose).

    As for Sly, he's just cool. He's so sneaky, and it's fun to pickpocket a guard and vanish without him ever knowing you were there. There's loot scattered throughout the levels and if Sly can find it, steal it, and get it back to his safehouse there's a big payday, a sense of satisfaction, and maybe a new ability or two.

    The game has a little bit of everything, which could make it a bit scattered but the execution is so much fun that this game is definitely its own.

    There is only one weak aspect for me. The final boss isn't very hard, and the ending is a bit weak, almost a TO BE CONTINUED... kind of thing. I don't like that in my books, in my television shows, and in my video games. Still, I'm looking forward to SLY 3, and highly recommend this game....more info
  • Sly Cooper 2: Band of Theives
    Sly Cooper 2 is one of the best games ever! Unlike most games, it actually holds my attention! One extreme high-point is the binocucom, because you don't spend frustrating hours being lost. Sly 2 is full of various missions, and has okay mini-games. Sly 2 rox my sox!...more info
  • Kids LOVE Sly!
    Both my girls (ages 11 and 9) LOVE Sly Cooper and would play any of the 3 games all day if I let them. ...more info
  • One of the Greatest Games on PS2
    After I played Sly 1, I fell in love with the series but when Sly 2 came out, I loved it even more. I like it that its longer,no one hit kill,funnier and you have cool moves. I recommend this game for everyone and any age....more info
  • Sly Cooper is Sly! (Excuse the pun)
    Sly Cooper is one of the best games ever! Basically you play as
    Sly: Pick-Pocketing, Cane Moves, Climbing, and smoke bombs.
    Bentley: Sleep Darts, Mines, Bombs.
    Murray: Punches (basically thats all but different (fun)) kinds.

    This game begins with the gang trying to steal back Clockworks parts. Sly finds out that the Klaww Gang has stolen them. Sly sets out on a mission to get them back and this time, with the help of his friends!...more info
  • Totally Awesome!!!!
    This game is the most awesome thing I've ever played! I love it! It is so cool.. The cool thing about it is you are playing as a bad guy and you get to steal stuff. I want to make it clear ,however, that I am not a thief and do not wish to ever be one, I just think it was cool to play that side of things. My favorite characters are Sly, Murray and Dimitri. I would like to have SLY 3 . I have not won the game but I have gotten pretty far.. I would recommend that other kids buy this game. "So that is what I think about this game" ...more info
    Have you seen the new Sly 2 : Band of Theives yet?????? it's amazing!!!!!!! if you thought part 1 was good (which just went greatest hit by the way if you haven't checked it out) wait until you see SLY 2. They took the already incredible graphics from the first part, and spent what must have been hours, and hours improving it for sly 2. The game came out about a month ago, and between myself and the kids it doesn't get put down. The gameplay is great, and much longer than the original game which was already amazing...more info
  • The Truth about this game!
    Sly 2: Band of Thieves is a great game! I gave it 5 stars! Now onto the good stuff...<br /> <br /> Ages: I would not recomemend this game for anyone under the age of 13 or a very experienced gamer! It is not because of violence but because of difficulty level. The missions are pretty straight forward but some a very difficult and hard for a not so good gamer to complete.<br /> <br /> Graphics: This game has made a step forward in graphics. It uses the cell shaded graphics and it almost makes you think you are watching a cartoon<br /> <br /> Would i get this: YES YES YES! This is a perfect game for an X-mas present! but i recomemend buying this game early it may get sold out!...more info
  • Sly hit's his stride
    Of the 3 currently available Sly Cooper titles, this one is the best. The others are absolutely worth the time and money; but if you can only afford 1, start here. This game is a perfect balance of platforming, story, puzzles, and treasure hunting. A must have....more info
  • cc's review
    This is a very fun game for my 7 and 11 year old. I enjoy it as well. ...more info
  • best game
    sly 2 is so fun i've won it 3 times. it's so much better than the's so cool when you can buy the wepon's and play as sly bently and murry. you have to buy it ! P.S if you just keep runing,you'll be fine ...more info
  • A good but short game
    Sly 2: Band of Theives is about the Cooper Gang finishing off Clockwork once and for all. The good thing about this game is that you'll play as Murray and Bently, not just Sly.

    The game is mostly about stealing the Clockwork parts from the Klaww Gang, who have taken different parts of Clockwork to print money, produce illegal spice, hypnotize criminals, and chop down forests. What you have to do is stop the Klaww Gang to get the parts.

    Each episode is stopping one Klaww member and taking the parts, except for one episode where you have to spring Murray and Sly out of jail. The missions are usually quite easy, except for one here and there that poses more of a challenge.

    I really liked the game, but I thought it was just to short. I've beaten it twice in a short period of time, so now I barely play it.

    These are some Pros and Cons.
    playing as Murray and Bently, not just Sly
    good graphics
    fun and easy levels
    missions are too short
    the game is too short...more info
  • Entertaining Sequel
    I was under the impression that "Sly Cooper and the Thevious Racoonus" failed to find a niche, since it was a bit difficult for kids, and a bit too cartoonish for older gamers. Happily, I must have been wrong - "Sly 2" is as fun as the original, with some added dimensions that add to the entertainment value of the game. The game is more "open-ended" than the original. In each level, several missions are presented - usually a couple for each of the three controllable characters - and you can choose the order in which you tackle the missions. The use of 3 characters, each with his own strengths and weaknesses, is of course new, and in general it's an improvement, although it can be more difficult to get Murray and Bentley to certain places than may be necessary. The graphics are great - if anything, they're a slight improvement over the fine look of the original.
    My only complaint about the game would be the repetitive nature of some missions. At times it in necessary to do the same thing 5 or 6 times, which can make the mission rather tedious. All in all though, Sly 2 is a worthy sequel that has apppeal for gamers of all ages....more info
  • My son loves Sly!
    I have a 7 year old son who got play statation for Chrsitmas. At that time we had bought him the first Sly and he loved it. There were some parts that were difficult for him and I helped him but he got very good at it. So once he finished we bought him Sly 2 and he has enjoyed it as much as he did the first Sly. I would highly recommend it....more info
  • Awesome
    We can't get enough of these games. This one, specifically, is awesome because it just freakin' is, haha. It's just really great. Not just the characters (that we know and love from the series) but the mission, story-line, and the graphics. It's a great game. A good family game, too, everybody could play, you know, if they could play Mario or something, they can play this....more info
  • Great game if it wasn't so repetitive.
    The first Sly Cooper was a simple cel-shaded stealth that was both easy and fun. This one, the sequel is also cel-shaded stealth based game, but this time the little levels are replaced with a few giant episodes with multiple missions within that episodes.

    There are three characters that can be controlled, Bentley, a little turtle with bombs, Murray, a hippo with punching power, or the character you'll primarily play as, Sly, a racoon who can jump and pickpocket. There are eight episodes, each one requires either one of the characters to move towards one place in the level in order for the mission to start. Each mission usually consists of pickpocketting or sneaking around with Sly, smashing or carrying stuff with Murray, , or participating in a mini mission with Bentley (either a 2-D flying shooter or a low tech move a triangle through an obstacle course thingy - both are pretty boring).

    While the description is pretty basic, the unfortunate thing is that that is pretty much it. For 20 hours, you will constantly move traverse to one part of a level, which is sometimes not trivial, view a slideshow, do a few of the things described above, and repeat over and over again. The eight episodes are different looking in some aspects, but it's still the same thing over and over again. After a while I find myself screaming at the game, "Sly can pickpocket, I get it, can I do something different?"

    The good thing is that the game engine is fantastic. The jumping, the sneaking, the graphics, the controls are all well done. If they shortened the game, added some different types of missions, and removed a lot of the repetitiveness, it would be one of the greatest games ever. Another great thing is that even though most of the missions are the same, you rarely repeat parts of a mission because if you die or get caught, you usually don't have to start the whole mission over again. It really cuts down on the frustration. Also, the game is really balanced in terms of difficulty. It's never really hard at any one point, and the later levels don't leave a bad taste in your mouth like other games where the make the final parts of the game nearly impossible.

    In terms of graphics, it's overall very well done. Usually an episode consists of a small town, castle or prison that is both cartoony (in a good way), yet very detailed. A lot of time and effort was done making the episodes. The only problem I had was that color scheme was pretty similar, making it look monochromatic after a while.

    The movies are decent, though most of it was in slide shows format, but you still get a lot without interrupting the action.

    All in all, it's quite a different game from the first one. In some aspects it's much, much better, but overall, it just wasn't as fun.

    Huge levels require lots of exploring
    Good mixture of stealth and thievery
    Requires little repeating of mission
    Never really stuck at any one place
    Good graphics
    No guide required
    Good balance

    Same basic missions over and over again
    Requires traversing the same terrain over and over again
    Just plain annoying after a while
    Mini games are stupid and lame

    Time to complete: 20 hours

    Frustration level: low/medium

    Difficultly level: low...more info
    This game rocks. I love this game so much. I think it's the greatest game ever even better than the Sly 1 game....more info
  • Best Thieves Game EVER!!!!!!!!! By Waggy
    Okay here`s the scoop I thought Sly1 was good but Sly2 just blew me away. The game a (10/10) it was near perfect definitly a game having that will u hovering over it till u beat it. I call it a must get MUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get. ...more info
  • Great Game!
    This game made a nice addition for my nephew's birthday. It arrived in record time with free shipping. Thanks!...more info
  • Tons of fun
    I was very pleasantly surprised when I first tried this game. The characters and story just suck you right in from the beginning and I found it hard to put it down. The gameplay, albeit somewhat repeatitive after a while, is nonetheless very stimulating.

    Basic format: I knew nothing about the plot and characters before starting this game, but there's nothing very complicated about the story. There are comic strip-like intros and conclusions to each chapter, and it's actually more fun to discover the story that way. There is a central goal, but the game is divided into chapters, which are in turn divided into missions, which are divided into jobs. There are three playable characters, each with their particular strengths:
    - Sly Cooper (the racoon): the most versatile character, he can pick pockets, use sneak attacks and climb just about anywhere. He can also hold his own in a fight. Sly's jobs usually involve infiltrating closed areas, stealing things and chasing after characters (or running away from them).
    - Murray (the hippo): somewhat slow and heavy, not very good at hiding due to his bulky frame. Then again, he doesn't really need to hide, as he is an absolute powerhouse and can knock his opponents out in two pushes of a button. Murray is usually in charge of driving, destroying things or carrying heavy loads.
    - Bentley (the turtle): since Bentley is very weak, he relies on long distance attacks to get rid of his enemies, mostly by shooting sleep darts at them and blowing them up before they wake up. His jobs often involve strategy or shooting.

    The game takes place in a very compelling, cartoonish universe, populated with human-like animals. Despite being very goal-oriented (you are briefed at the start of each new mission), the game lets you wander around the levels if you wish, stealing some extra goodies, or completing the only sidequest (gathering hidden items in order to gain new abilities, not particularly fun, and the abilities are far from essential). There's a sense of good-natured goofiness during the larger part of the game: the characters, especially Sly, often joke around on the job, and the mission plans, put together by Bentley, are always completely unrealistic and needlessly complicated (for me, the weirdest mission consisted in retrieving radio transmitters from sleeping bears' mouths), but that's part of the fun. It's true that the missions often require you to do similar actions, yet the context of each mission is creative enough to give it a unique character. There's a great sense of satisfaction involved in sneaking around and pulling off each job.

    The game itself is pretty easy, the controls are simple and you learn them as you go along. There really aren't any frustratingly difficult jobs or bosses. I really appreciated the fact that dying does not imply starting a mission over from the beginning: you just pick up where you left off.More experienced gamers will probably find this game too easy (whereas average ones like myself may find it refreshing).

    The graphics are great, the controls are tight and the sound effects are very well suited. The different environments are huge and, while some are similar to one another, most of them have a distinct atmosphere. The voice acting is generally adequate (Sly and Constable Neyla are especially well voiced), although Murray and Bentley's mannerisms are a bit too much at times.

    This game's main flaw, as others have pointed out, is the absence of immediate replay value. I was so caught up with the story and universe that I finished it within days and then had nothing left to do but that one annoying sidequest. It's just too bad that this game creates such a detailed universe and doesn't let you do more in it.

    Despite that, I'm sure I'll be wanting to play this game again in a couple of months, it really is a lot of fun. As far as gaming experiences go, this one is still pretty complete. I ordered Sly 3 not long ago, I can't wait to play it!...more info
  • My first Sly
    I never got around to playing the first Sly game and I came across Band of Thieves and started playing and I think it's a great game. You pull off a series of big heists, just like in the old movies, and you can use all three characters and they each have a different method of dealing with the enemy. The controls are great and the cell shading really works for this type of game and it gives a comic book feel to it. Great game and I'm looking forward to Sly 3....more info
  • Worth the wait
    We had the 1st and 3rd version of this game, and my 13 year old really wanted the 2nd. He was thrilled with it, and plays it more than any other of his new games. He says it's great!...more info
  • This is a must have game for PS2
    Reviewing this game is pointless since it's irrelevant if we may like or not like a few things about it. The fact is that comparing to any other game that I and my family has played, this game is our favorite. It would be simply unfair to try to think of weak points of this game and give it 3 or 4 stars, because the fact is that in our opinion no other game deserves to be rated higher than Sly 2 (and Sly 3). We are just happy that such a great game was released, that we found it, and that we had the opportunuty to play it. Most of the other games that we bought started colleting dust couple hours after we tried them. Not this one....more info
  • Sly 2 Keeps them busy
    This is a fun game for kids, inoffensive language and graphics. Requires a lot of coordination to complete all the tasks. good "cheats" to help you find the paths. ...more info
  • The Best Sly Yet!!
    This is alot longer and more challenging than the first Sly. I was addicted after the first 5 minutes! In this game, Bently and Murray are actually in the game for you to play with! Stealth is more important and you actually get a chance to pick-pocket! ...more info
  • Skip game #1 and start here!
    This game is leaps and bounds above the frustration-fest that is the first game in the series. No more 1-hit deaths, we finally have a health meter! You really have to be careless to have an instant death as well, such as falling from a platform into water. This game is SO much better than the first. The only other area that needs help is the camera. It seems to shift into an awkward position when you least expect it. Otherwise, this game is almost flawless!...more info
  • Sly 2: A great improvment
    Don't get me wrong: Sly1 was great!...for a while. But -applause for Sucker Punch productions- this game is much better.
    I'll start with the upsides:
    First of all, you get to use all three charachters:
    Sly, the sneaky, all around cool raccoon.
    Bently, the brainy, timid turtle.
    And Murray, a big pink hippo. Well, every game has to have somebody who can easily get things done with his fists.
    The bad guys are also alot smarter... wait, let me rephrase that. The bad guys are ACTUALLY SMART! Instead of just doing a bunch of repetetive moves(as they did in the first one), these guys chase you a long way, and they need more than one hit to be killed.
    The animation is really cool, and all the places that you go to are really big and interesting. But not to interesting as to draw away the attention of Sly and the other charachters.
    The story is really good, everything fits right in.

    The downside: Once you finish the game, there's basically nothing you can do, which really stinks, since the game's really fun.

    Overall this game is pretty cool, and if you don't mind just finishing a game and then starting it all over again, then this game is for you....more info
  • Sly 2: Band of Thieves
    All I can say is WOW! This game is superb, it has got to be the best game I have ever played in my life! The graphics are great, and the plot just got better, "The Klaw Gang" has stole the Clockwork parts, and Sly, and the gang are the prime suspects, of Carmalita Fox! Sly does not want Clockwork to be built together again, so he and the gang goes to steal them back. Sly and the gang are back in yet another great game, get this game, you will be glad you did....more info
  • Very very very fun!!!
    This is one of my favorite games of all time! These are the highlights.
    1. You get a choice of three characters; Sly, Bentley and Murray.
    2. There are many different moves and attacks that are fun and make you feel mysterious and "sly".
    3. Wonderful worlds to delve into.
    4. Really cool jobs and missions to complete without a set order or limit on how much "exploring" you get to do.
    5. Cool collectables like coins, picpocketed items, booby-trapped loot, and mysterious clue bottles scattered all over the levels.
    There is nothing about this game that I don't like. It is far more advanced the the first game, and makes you feel a whole lot more stealthy. It's incredible how real it can feel when you're playing it!

    Caution to parents: Make sure your kids don't start using long, stick-like objects as weapons and make sure you explain that stealing is NOT on any level okay. Basically, the game is pretty well balanced....more info
  • Better than Ratchet
    The series of Sly games remind me of a simpler version of the Ratchet and Clank games. The graphics and storyline are a bit more cartoonish, but Sly tends to lean more on the problem solving side and less on the violent shoot em up side. Though my son loves both series of games, I think the Sly series is a bit more kid friendly. ...more info
  • SLY 2 ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sly 2 was the first game i got and it rules!!!!you get to be sly,murray,and bently.if you get the power ups it really rules.i'm on the contessa(criminal psycholigist for interpol)and the level is hard to get around.if you have this game and thought neyla was good you thought wrong!
    p.s. in the first 2 bosses if you run you won'get caught by guards.
    p.s.s.definately buy this game...more info
  • Sly 2, The return of Clockwerk!
    Here is some tips on bosses,
    Dimitri, he got the beat, he's mad! once he done with his powers
    give him the old one~two
    Rajan, he's ticked off! Murray, you get the high jump, you need
    to not get shocked from the heart staff!
    Contessa, she's twice the battles, when she falls off, take a run! and there are two battles!
    Jean~Bison, you probably will get a tip before Brains vs. Brawn
    did I mention DYNAMITE!!!
    Arpeggio, well, Constable Neyla/Clock~la kills him so he's
    replaced by Neyla and you thought wrong, Neyla is BAD!

    Well those are some helpful tips, so get back on the controller
    and read what I told you!...more info


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